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Four Play 8: Acquisition, Transportation and Rubberisation

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2015 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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story continues from part seven

Part 8: Acquisition, Transportation and Rubberisation

The week before the vacation began there was a lot of nervousness between Sophie and me. I think we both wanted to get it going. She spent some evenings out with her girlfriends, and I knew they were doing some shopping, no doubt spending a lot of money – our money – on latex for the guys, and probably other “equipment” too. It made me a little nervous as I knew Sophie had a very fertile imagination. But fair’s fair, we could have them for five days, and it was fair that they could have a crack at us for two but I had a feeling that they would learn a lot during their adventure, and it would rebound on us…..

Anyway we had signed the deal, and there it was. I hoped we would all get a lot of fun out of it. I spent several evenings going down to the farmhouse and taking clothes and equipment with me, and preparing the house. A couple of times, Tom came with me, he seemed the keenest to get this going and had definite plans for the girls’ arrival and preparation.

By Friday evening Sophie had accumulated a large box of stuff by herself, which she sealed and forbade me to look into, but I knew she had been shopping for stuff, and she told me that this was to be left in the stables for their use later. She winked at me, and said that the other girls had similar boxes and they would be put to good use. I could see from the very start that the women weren’t going to be passive participants, well perhaps more passive in the first five days, but when their time came I’m sure they would be very inventive.

This made me both nervous and excited.

Our last night, Friday, we made very gentle love, no bondage, no latex, and while we both enjoyed it, I could tell we both were thinking of Saturday and the start of the vacation. To be honest I didn’t sleep that well, and neither did Sophie as I could hear her fitful breathing next to me, but we were now all committed, and I’m sure it was just first night nerves and they would pass with time. We would see.

Next morning we were both up early, showered and fed. There was very little conversation between us; actually I thought Sophie was more excited than I was, for I was still nervous. She was now flitting around the house, cleaning it here and there and putting stuff away. She was just wearing a dressing gown, nothing underneath. We had not advised any of the women how the day, the first day would go, and it seemed to me that they hadn’t given it much thought.

Around lunch time there was a knock at the door, Sophie was running around in the kitchen and I shouted to her to get it. She opened the door without looking through the peephole and there stood two masked men! They both wore t-shirts and shorts and runners, but also full head transparent rubbermasks. Our front door is fairly well secluded from the road and they had backed up a large van right to the door. For a second Sophie stared in silence and then shouted my name, turning. I was right behind her. One of the masked men said, chirpily.

“Good morning, we have a pick-up for the rubber dolly club??” It wasTom of course, and I could just make out his features behind the transparent mask. Sophie was now in my arms, clearly very surprised and now wriggling, but I held her tight as Tom, from a small bag in his hand, produced a black, double skinned inflatable helmet, and very efficiently placed it on Sophie’s head and began to pull it down. I then realised it was fortunate that she had short hair, as did all the girls, as they would be wearing a lot of latex on their heads from now on!

Sophie continued to wriggle in my arms, but I held her tight.

“Oh, oh, what the fu… merde, you bast….”

“Sophie darling, what did you expect, you are being abducted to become a rubber sex slave…” I said calmly, and with a whiff of irony. She continued to wriggle, and then I saw her head being quickly enveloped by the snug rubber of the helmet.

“Did you think we would take you to the farmhouse in a Rolls? Ha ha get with the programme darling, from now on your concerns are of no interest to us. From now you are our rubber slave…” And I gave her a playful pinch.

She continued to wriggle, but must have realized that it was pointless against the three of us, the third being James. The helmet was now down to her mouth, and then tightly around her neck. There was a pump at the mouth with a hole for breathing through, and a pump at the crown of her head and nothing else, no nostril holes and no eye holes.

“Oh…. gggrr… nnnnkkkk…”

And now Tom aligned the inflatable gag with her mouth and pushed it in, quite roughly I thought, then inflated the gag, while James began to inflate the helmet and I held her arms behind her back.

“Ggggrr…. mmmmff… mmm… mmm.” But finally she stopped to squirm in my arms, concentrating on her breathing, and just a nice hhhmm coming from her. I carried her into the living room, her head now just a shiny black oval of rubber. We laid her on the floor and I took off her dressing gown. She was still resisting, but in a half hearted way, as I think she was concentrating more on getting plenty of air through the breathe-through gag of the helmet. She really looked wonderful lying on her front, her strong tanned arms and legs now held firmly by James and Tom. James pulled her arms back and with my help he pulled a latex monoglove up her forearms to just below her shoulder blades. We then began the lacing at her wrists, moving up and methodically bringing her elbows together. Again she gave a token struggle, wiggling her legs, which James quickly quelled by sitting on them.

“Wow, she is really flexible.” James said as her elbows came together without any resistance. We tied it off at her shoulders, and turned her over. Oh, what a sight, her breasts pushed out and pointing to the ceiling as the monoglove stretched her shoulders back. Now Tom looked at me, a gleam in his eye as he handed me another rubber garment.

“You want to do the honours?” I opened it out, it was a pair of latex panties, high waisted, and with two plugs strategically placed at the crotch.

“This should keep her perky during the trip.” James said jokily and held her ankles, as I slipped her feet into the panties, then drew them up her legs. Then suddenly, when the two plugs were at her pussy and tight bum hole she began to struggle and mmmmph again.

“Let’s get her up.” I said and we lifted her to her feet. To behonest the plugs were not large at all, just a little gentle rubbing inside her two holes, but then I wasn’t the one wearing them….

As they rested at the top of her thighs, Tom handed me a latex surgical glove and a tube of lube. I pulled it on quickly and squeezed a good amount onto my fore and middle fingers. They leant her over still struggling and rocking her head from side to side, until her body was parallel with the floor and I placed my fingers at her tight rosebud. Quickly she squirmed again, and I ran my fingers around her sphincter, then pushed them past her tight ring and moved them in and out, slowly loosening her. I extracted them and then checked her pussy.

Well now…. she wouldn’t need lube there, as I pointed out to the guys the moisture coating her labia… hhmm, what a naughty girl she is. On a nod from me, Tom and I pulled the panties over her hips and with a loud hhhhhhmmm from Sophie the front plug slipped in easily being gobbled up hungrily by her pussy. The back one needed a bit of help from me as she wriggled and hhhmmphed, but quickly her tight sphincter surrendered and the plug plopped in, the sphincter gripping the narrower base.

Tom now produced the final transportation garment, a latex monoleg, similar to the monoglove but with a single rear zipper from knee to upper thigh and a series of rubber straps and buckles at four inch intervals. Now we placed her face down of the floor again. There was still a bit of a struggle in Sophie, but not much, and we quickly had her legs tightly together and encased in it and her zipped up to the top of her thighs. It was then easy to bring the straps together and pull them nice and tight. All we needed to do now was pull her feet back to rest on her thighs and James attach a short chain from a ring at the end of her monoglove to an identical ring at the end of her monoleg. James pulled it nice and tight and now Sophie was pulled back in a not very comfortable condition. We sat down for a few minutes, enjoying the wonderful sight of Sophie mewing into the gag, and…. naughty girl… rubbing her groin into the floor, what an incorrigible girl!

Well, there was nothing left to do now, except shut up the house, which we did. I took Sophie’s large cardboard box of her recent acquisitions out to the van, opening up the back. I was shocked to see, and very pleased, three similar squirming latex clad beauties on the flatbed of the van. It was impossible to see who was who, as all three were identical, in latex inflatable helmet, panties (with presumably the same plugs front and back) and monoglove and monoleg. All that I could hear was a low moaning as they wriggled futilely in their bonds. Near the front of the van, behind the front four seats were three similar cardboard boxes, no doubt the purchases of our three slaves, and to be used on us. I was tempted to look in them but resisted.

Although I was excited about the next five days, the following two when we would be at the disposal of our lovers, were beginning to make me feel a bit nervous. The guys appeared behind me, with Sophie squirming in their arms and they, somewhat unceremoniously I thought, dumped her in the back, next to her friends. They had now taken off their transparent masks, not a good idea to be driving around like that. They had worn them just to see the reaction on their girls’ faces during the acquisition and said that it had been well worth it! It was clear that all the girls had expected a much more “accommodating” abduction. But this I thought would be good, for now, the game was on, and, yes, although we were playing, we were playing some very adult games. The drive to the farmhouse went without incident; Tom kept below the speed limit for the first time in his life. Oh, if only we had been pulled over… try explaining the cargo to the local bobby! We didn’t speak much, all with our own thoughts. Were there any regrets? Not then I think, just a few nerves… Pandora’s Box had been opened, and for now anyway, there was no going back.

The smell in the van was, certainly for me, almost overpowering, but it also acted like an aphrodisiac. The women were sweating, wriggling and hhhmmming, and their latex was heating up, as were they, so there was in the van an intoxicating blend of pungent sweet latex and women’s musk, a combination that I find absolutely irresistible….

Early afternoon we arrived at the farmhouse. We would prepare the girls for their rubber slave hood in our games room. This was the old cellar where the family probably had hung their meat or game or maybe it served as the old coal cellar, or for wine. We had it cheered up a bit by stripping everything out, sand blasting the brick walls and turning it into a games room, with snooker table, ping pong, and a big screen against one wall. We had moved all the furniture to one side and now the thirty feet by fifteen feet room was ready for more adult games….

It was plainly furnished with brick walls, hardwood floors, and old oak cross beams with plenty of hooks for hanging things… yes, we figured these would be put to plenty of use. In the walls were old iron rings at regular intervals, the original function of which I had no idea, but again, these would come in handy over the coming period. Chains and thick wires now hung at various intervals from the eyeholes in the beams, several attached to winches on the adjacent walls. Yes, we had worked very hard preparing this room.

Taking a bundle of latex femininity we quickly had the girls down in the basement playroom in no time. We placed them gently face down on the floor,and there was a lot of mmmmfffing and wriggling, but really not too much movement with their arms pulled back so far and attached to their pulled-back toes imprisoned in the monolegs.

We took our time in placing all the latex clothes that we were to dress our dollies in on the couch, now pulled to the side of the large room. We would make a pleasant evening of it, there was no rush, and from now on we were white slave traders, masters to our captives.

Preparing our RubberDollies

For me, latex would be a very important part of the next five days so I went upstairs to my (well our – Sophie’s and mine) bedroom. I knew the other guys were well into the dressing and role play bit but I think I was a lot farther down that road, along with Tom of course, who was a bit of a mystery.

This was going to be a relaxing evening, for the guys anyway, so I dressed in my full body catsuit, with attached full head mask. It had attached feet and gloves and a double zip from middle of back to the crown of my head. It is of thinner rubber and is wonderfully stretchy, moving easily over my skin, and making me very horny. As it is so stretchy it is quite easy to put on, despite its skin-tight qualities.

I am also getting more flexible and it is now quite easy for me to pull down the zip from my crown to meet the zip at the small of my back. Once inside I warm up very quickly. There are eye, mouth and nose holes and a smaller zip going from crotch to anus, so I can wear it a long time if I wish.

It does take a while to get in; more to smooth out all the air holes in legs and arms than anything else, but once inside it’s as if a sea of calm passes over me, for the feeling is sublimely warm and comforting. This is hard to explain to the uninitiated but I found within seconds that I was rock hard, my cock trapped behind the latex against my stomach – such was the effect of latex on me.

I went downstairs and was pleased to see the other guys were entering into the spirit of things and had changed as well. Tom had put back his transparent mask, as had James, and they both wore what I would call a latex wrestling outfit, gripping their upper bodies, with sleeves to wrists and leggings to mid-thigh. Tom’s was red and James’s deep green. Pete had a latex long sleeved loose t-shirt and shorts both in sky blue, not exactly perverted, but he looked very comfortable. Someone had opened some wine, and they were sipping when I entered. There were a couple of raunchy comments concerning the mound at my crotch, which I deflected, wanting to get to work on the girls, who still lay…. mmmmmfffing and grunting, face down on the floor.

I went over to the prone girls, oh, they looked so vulnerable. Under their imprisoned arms and pulled back feet I could see the outline of the buttplug in their latex panties. I squatted next to one of them (I think it may have been Sophie but it was very hard to be certain) and gently felt the base of the plug. At my touch she grunted and wriggled but could do nothing else, I have to say I enjoyed that simple example of the power we would have over the next few days.

But we had to get going, so I encouraged the guys to each choose a “partner” and we could get them dressed. We now each knelt next to a squirming girl and released the chain between fingers and toes. They was a communal groan of relief as we stood them up and, it must have looked very funny, helped them hop over and stand in a line under one of the large ceiling beams.

We now had them about four feet apart, all looking identical, wobbling on their bound feet. We ran a series of chains from the ceiling and attached them to the rings at the end of their monogloves, then pulled them up, and attached them to the rings in the walls, so that the girls were now bent over, their bodies horizontal. Quickly we released their monolegs and they were able to balance themselves better.

I saw no point in wasting time so for my dolly I powdered her body, up to her neck, when I got to her breasts I gave them a firm massage and she grunted and tried to give me a quick kick, but that didn’t work.

Then I picked up the first part of her outfit. These outfits that all our girls were to wear were identical in every way - that was the wholepoint of them. They were identical tar-back latex catsuits, with gloves attached to the wrist and latex feet attached to the leggings at the ankle so they would be fully covered. They were going to be wearing them a long time so strategically placed at armpits and in the soles of the feet were a multitude of small almost invisible holes to drain of as much sweat as possible. We knew that the girls would be sweating a lot and this would help as least a little. There was a high reinforced rubber collar, under which the mask would be tucked later.

At the crotch there was an oval hole with the edges of the hole in thicker latex, and the same was for the oval hole opposite the anal passage. There were also two smaller one inch diameter holes for the nipples to poke through. The latex was quite thick as we all knew it was going to put undersome stress in the next five days; it was very strong, but also very pliable, perfect for the job to come. At the insides of the wrists, ankles and elbows there were spring-loaded D-rings embedded into the latex, making it extremely easy to render them helpless very quickly.

The girls continued to mmmmfff and grunt as we powdered their torsos and legs, but soon we were ready to get the suits at least on the lower half of their bodies. For this we paired up, two of us to a girl each.

The first act was however to pull off the latex panties, which proved a lot of fun. Tom and I paired up and we each took a side of the panties of our first dolly and began to pull them down. There was a moment of resistance as the butt plug was held by her sphincter, but we carefully eased it out, accompanied by a groan from the girl, and we then pulled the pants down to her ankles and she stepped out of them. We both noticed the juices on the vaginal plug and gave each other a smile. We tossed this to the side, to be cleaned later by one of the rubber dollies, after all they were our slaves now, and we could put them to work!

We repeated the exercise with the second dolly, again noting the girl’s juices smeared on the inside of the panties. I thought that if they were this aroused with just a pair of panties and an inflatable helmet, then we would be in for an interesting few days. We wiped them down, powdered them and then got the first to step into the leggings of the suit. With two of us working on the one girl this was done quite easily, for she now put up no resistance. I think the restrictive inflatable helmet and gag probably had something to do with that….

The dressing went very smoothly, we were not in a hurry and with the dollies still with their monogloves pulled tight behind them, they weren’t going anywhere, so we took a couple of wine breaks. Releasing them from their monogloves and pushing their arms through the sleeves of the suits was a bit harder but by now they were clearly resigned to their fate. We zipped the suit up to their necks and smoothed out all the wrinkles in the latex. Now we pulled their gloved hands in front of them, cuffed them via the spring-loaded D-rings, attached them to the overhead chains and pulled them tight in the air until they were back on their rubber tiptoes.

They were now very vulnerable, stretched upright in front of us, arms pulled high above them, their heads still shiny black ovoids of rubber, only a light hissing and occasional mmmmmff coming from their gagged mouths, saliva dripping from the breathing holes. We each smoothed our hands over their gorgeous latex clad bodies,

I felt a shiver from my girl as I adjusted the latex over her breasts allowing her hard nipples to pop out through the reinforced holes in the suit. I could hardly keep my hands off her, but the reason for the stretching out was that the next piece of apparel was a thick reinforced rubber corset that I placed around her waist. It extended down to just above her pubis and up to support her firm breasts. It was double laced at the back, each lace meeting in the centre, at her waist. Again there were D-rings placed strategically at the front and on the sides at waist level, as well as at the rear at the bottom of the corset.

Again, we took a doll between the two of us and simultaneously pulled in the laces. There was plenty of grunting, from both Tom and me, and not surprisingly the doll, and it took a while. Finally satisfied, we tied the laces off and then pulled a zipper closed from hips to below the shoulder blades and locked it off, pulling in two self locking rings from either side of the top of the corset… now she would be in this corset for as long as we chose….

The process was repeated with the remaining rubber dolls, again we took our time, copping a good feel of bottom or boob along the way. They were now beginning to take shape; for clad in the figure-hugging latex, heads in inflatable helmets, waists pulled in, and breasts thrust out, I had now forgotten who was who… and more important, I simply couldn’t tell any more.

The next part of the doll to attend to was her head and for this we took advantage of some of equipment Tom had got hold of. The week prior we had taken from his office an old and no longer used gyno/ob chair that a friend had left in storage at his surgery. We set it up in our games room. Needless to say we had “adapted” it by adding straps along the frame, leg stirrups and armrests as well as the headrest. We released the first doll and guided her, blind and mute to the chair.

This would be the location where we would have a lot of action in the coming days. We laid her back and strapped her in, pulling her legs wide and into the stirrups of the chair, then straps were applied around her waist, below and above her breasts, then wrists, and biceps. Now there was very little wriggle in her. And she was wonderfully vulnerable, with her legs pulled high either side of the chair, her exposed vagina positively gleamed under the lights above.

We deflated her helmet and gag, and gently pulled it off her head… and there was Gerda, looking actually quite unperturbed. I had always thought that Gerda (and maybe Sophie) would be the one that would lap all this up. She took a deep breath, licking her lips.

“Hi guys, well this has been fun so far. Hhhmm I love the suit, so what next?” Tom leaned over her, taking a breast in one hand, and gently pinching a nipple.

“Now we have to address your head and face, and I have to say I’m pretty proud of this.” Tom said, staring down at his girlfriend.

“As the dentist to all of you, I have taken impressions of your teeth upper and lower in the past. And from these I have created soft rubber gum shields for both your upper and lower teeth and gums. These are similar to those worn by boxers and will fit perfectly over your teeth, there is a small locking mechanism at the back, by your molars, and with a simple twist of this tiny key they will be locked on. You will be able to open and close your mouth normally; it is your bite that will be affected.”

“Now what you may ask is the purpose of all this? Well, they make your bite nice and soft, so that once my cock, and any other cock, is in your mouth, you will be able to give him a nice smooth, soft blowjob. Hmm, well I can’t wait. Okay, so open wide and I will place the rubber shields over your teeth.”

I thought Gerda might provide some resistance, but no, she opened her mouth wide and Tom, carefully, like the very good dentist he was, separated her lips gently and placed firstly the upper gum shield and then the lower one over her teeth and gums. For a few seconds he pressed and adjusted the bite. Then he ordered her to bite down hard which she did with a grunt. He opened her mouth further and with a small stainless steel key locked the shields onto her back teeth. They were a beautiful, snug fit now. She closed her mouth and rolled her teeth over each other, getting the feel. The “teeth” were a very bright white rubber and the perfect facsimile of real teeth, with indentations to give the impression of real, separate teeth, rather than a single covering.

“Everything okay? No areas of pain?” She shook her head.

“No, it’s fine… if you can call this stuffed into your mouth fine.” She spoke drily in a rather muffled way, slightly slurring her speech, as if her mouth was partially full…. which of course it was.

“Well it won’t be the only thing stuffed into your mouth, my sweet, I can guarantee you.” Tom chuckled.

“And now the piece de resistance. Well we have a nice mask for you, make you completely anonymous and you’ll be our first rubber doll we can play with.” I think he was trying to instil a bit of fear or nerves in her, but it wasn’t working, not with Gerda, she was actually lapping all this up.

“Hhmm, sounds interesting, well bring it on.” She said through her rubber gums, looking up with a wide grin.

“Well you may not be saying that in a few days, we’ll see, shall we?” He pulled her short hair back, smoothing it down, and then opened up her full head mask for her to see. Then he began to explain it to her.

“As Al briefly explained last week, these are fantastic masks. They are absolutely anatomically correct, with identical skin colouring and features. They are like the perfect mannequin doll face, no zip at all, but really stretchy and with a long neck. See here a luscious mouth with beautifully painted red lips, eyebrows and bright blue eyes, they have smallish pinholes for the eyes and short tubes for the nostrils, and there is a slit for the mouth here. They fit absolutely perfectly, drum skin tight, but very flexible too. Once we have you all in them you will be identical, we won’t be able to identify any of you… and you, of course, will be able to play out your role, your fantasy.”

Gerda looked closely at it, almost approvingly, then she smiled and dipped her head obediently so Tom could draw the mask over her forehead and began pulling it down. I helped him fold her beautiful jet black hair as with some difficulty he stretched and pulled it over her head. He gently drew it over her ears and nose, then down over her chin. He calmly aligned her eyes, then tenderly pushed the short nose tubes up each nostril.

As he smoothed the latex over her head, there actually very few creases as it was so tight, Gerda breathed calmly through the nostril tubes, then poked her tongue through the red rubber lips, now slowly getting accustomed.

The ultra-tight mask looked as if it was glued to her face. No, that wasn’t right… it looked as if it was her face! Gerda had disappeared.

She had been transformed into a rubber mannequin doll. The face was beautiful, impassive, almost inscrutable. The bright blue eyes stared back at me, the bright red lips had just the faintest of smiles perhaps and were very slightly parted, the skin a perfect light pink/brown tone. There was no indication of a “live” Gerda encased within. I had seen the pictures on the net, but up close I couldn’t believe how amazingly life-like the mask was. We all gathered round and stared at her, I suppose she must have felt like some strange piece of art, and of course she was, a stunning apparition.

“Incredible.” James whispered, almost to himself, and we could all only agree.

“There, all snug, oooh, you look so good like that my love, now we need the collar to make sure you won’t be tampering with the mask.” A two inch deep rubber lined steel collar was now placed around her neck. There was a single hinge, almost invisible, at the side and the connection was on the opposite side with a seamless two pronged insert that could then be locked with a small Allen-type key. There were four rings about one inch each in diameter welded to the front, back and both sides, just in front of the side hinges. It fit very snugly around her neck, trapping the collars of the suit and mask underneath, and now with an audible “click” she was imprisoned in the suit. Tom stood back, as did I, and we admired not the beautiful Gerda but a beautiful impassive latex doll.

“Now…. you will be just our rubber slave to play with, anonymous to us, to do with as we wish…. which is the whole purpose of this exercise…..

“All right, almost done, now the last thing is the method I have devised to control your voices, and make you nice mute dolls, and again it’s very simple.” He held in front of her a large bottle with a spray attachment.

“We use this quite a bit in our profession. They spray is a local anaesthetic, a very strong anaesthetic which coats the back of the throat and is specifically designed to eliminate the gag reflex. When we have to work at the back of the mouth, it is quite natural for the patient to reflexively gag, so this does the trick.” Then he smiled. “Interestingly there are two other effects…. one is, depending on the strength of the dose, as it can be so powerful it can last up to six hours. And the other is the really fun bit, if the spray is applied further back in the throat, it coats the vocal chords, and it renders the patient mute…. and for the same length of time.” Tom looked atthe rest of us gleefully.

“So what do we have? A completely mute rubber dolly that can provide a wonderful soft-mouthed blowjob without the occasional unnecessary side effect of gagging on the cock.” He held his arms wide. “Perfect!” And the three of us nodded in agreement, truly admiring his ingenuity.

“So, to put it to the test, open wide for me Gerda my love, you are Gerda now but in a few seconds, you are going to be transformed into our silent and acquiescent rubber slave.” Gerda’s impassive face looked up at him, and shesaid, somewhat muffled by the gum shield and restrictive mask.

“Oh, I don’t know…. I mean, this better be safe… otherwise….”

“Oh, you’ll be fine, my love, don’t worry.” And he held her mouth open with thumb and forefinger while giving a good spray from the bottle. There was a gurgling sound from Gerda for a second, some wriggling, then a couple more, and then…. silence. Tom leaned down and said to her.

“We’ll give it a few seconds, okay? You’ll just feel a coolness then a numbing sensation.” We all waited in silence for maybe a minute, glancing at each other, all full of anticipation and exhilaration, then Tom said.

“All right my voluptuous slave, now say something, anything.” And Gerda’s impassive latex face looked up at him and mouthed something…… and not a sound came out, not a whisper.

She moved her head from side to side, clearly stunned at how easily she had been rendered mute by the effectiveness of the spray, and offered no fight as we released her from the gyn/ob chair. She stood up a little groggy as we placed her gloved hands next to the D-rings on either side of the corset and attached her wrists there. Now she was helpless again, and she stood there, mute, as Tom leaned over and kissed her pink rubber lips, holding her for a few seconds. Gerda responded, moving her rubber lips over his, pressing her tongue into his mouth, then Tom separated and said.

“Hhmm, an interesting sensation, the rubber teeth, quite fun, I can’t wait to have them round my cock.” She stepped back and sat down on the couch, a strange sight for sure as we took the next rubber doll in line.

We proceeded throughout the afternoon at a leisurely pace, dressing our dolls identically, turning girlfriends into anonymous, silent rubber dolls. The reaction from each of the dolls was slightly different as Tom explained what they were going to be wearing over the next four days. I don’t think they had quite imagined that Tom, or the rest of us, would be quite so thorough in reducing them to mute rubber sex dolls.

I was a bit surprised that they did not seem to dislike the latex masks at all. And they took to the suits which showed off their charms wonderfully. The tight corsets got different reactions, but generally there was not much fight over them. But the rubber teeth covers and the throat spray did not go down quite so well, and had they not been strapped to the gyn/ob chair we might have had a bit of lively struggling.

Again I was very pleased to see that Sophie, my dearest Sophie was probably, after Gerda, the most accepting of her fate. She wriggled a bit and gave me an imploring look before the rubber teeth were placed over hers, and she seemed truly shocked when the effects of the spray turned her into a mute, but there were no histrionics. It had been a long day for them all and I think they were tired and ready for some rest.

So eventually we had them lined up in a row, under the big oak ceiling beams, wrists fastened to their corsets.

I couldn’t believe it, I really couldn’t. And I don’t think they could either.

They really were identical.

When this was planned I did note that they were of similar height, and basically similar build, but a bit different in the boob and bottom department, but with some corseting, masking etc they might easily be confused for one another.

But this was beyond my expectations. The latex suits, the corsets and most important the identical latex doll masks simply had removed their identity.

So I was stunned when they stood in line before us, and I think the other guys were likewise speechless. Covered from neck to toes in tar-black shiny latex, waists pulled in to what appeared to be a similar waist size, boobs pushed out, nipples surrounded by reinforced rubber, and with identical impassive rubber mannequin faces, only their tight bum holes and pussies exposed. I was very pleased to see that a couple of these pussies (could one of them be Sophie? I didn’t know any more) were gleaming with moisture.

We decided that it had been a long day, and we had four to go, for today counted as one, so there was no need to rush, and that the girls could go to their quarters in the old stables and have the “night off”. We took them upstairs to the main floor, each of us taking a doll, and out to the stables, now converted to “guest” quarters. The dolls of course could say nothing, and on the way I explored the latex clad body of the one I accompanied, tweaking her nipples and squeezing her bum. She wriggled but only half heartedly. As we unlocked the door to the suite we unlocked their wrists from the corsets and led them in. With a wry smile I said.

“Ladies, the night is yours, I would suggest you get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow your trials begin. All your needs are catered for here, food is in the fridge and cupboards, but I have a feeling that with your rubber teeth covers, from now on a liquid or semi liquid diet will be all you can handle, so we have tons of yoghurt, fruit and supplements for your pleasure. Your sleeping arrangements are up to you, there are, as you know two large beds in the one room, so go for it. We will return early tomorrow and you will begin your next four days of mute rubber slavehood. Good night.” And with that we left, returning to the old farmhouse.

What the girls didn’t know was that we had installed mini-cameras in the bedroom, kitchen and living room, and hooked them up to our computer in the farmhouse’s living room. We grabbed another bottle of wine as James, our genius engineer powered up the computer which was connected to a large screen TV. It was very interesting watching them “acclimatize” to their new lives. They couldn’t talk to each other, and couldn’t recognize each other so they settled in by using some sign language, pointing at each other as they paired off for bed partners. One of them raided the fridge and placed 4 bowls on the table, ladling out some berries and yoghurt, and cracking a bottle of white wine. Trust the girls to be so domesticated!

They sat down in complete silence and began to eat but quickly it became apparent that chewing with the rubber teeth covers would need a lot of practice. They did persevere but two of the dollies decided that a smoothie would be the better route!

Later we watched them ready for bed. We had provided mouthwash, no need for toothbrushes for now and we watched them return from their ablutions. They had communicated as best they could, which wasn’t very well, and now they had a final, touching group hug, holding rubber gloved hands in a circle, preparing for the days to come. It was a very arousing scene, and I was certainly getting ready for the coming days, as four identical latex clad beauties hugged each other good night. They paired off and with a final cheek peck went to bed.

We went to bed early too, for the dollies weren’t the only ones who would need their energy tomorrow.


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