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Four Play 7: Sophie is as Good as her Word, and Better

by Rbbral

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story continues from part six

Part 7: Sophie is as Good as her Word, and Better

I knew after our marathon session that Sophie would take her time in planning her “turn”, her revenge. As with my earlier session, I knew this also meant there would be an escalation. This excited me but also made me just a little bit nervous.

The days passed and we had our “normal” sex, with the occasional bit of latex thrown in. We wanted our latex and bondage sex to be exciting and fresh and didn’t want it to become routine. So I didn’t expect Sophie to rush into her turn, I knew she would have it well planned.

However we were now just over a week away from our vacation. All eight of us were looking forward to three weeks at the house by the sea. The guys of course had plans of their own and things were coming together, much of the equipment had arrived and we had taken it to the house and had begun to install it. The clothes and various accessories were ready for pick-up, which Tom did, having to make two trips.

We had our usual sessions in the pub, ragging each other, and sometimes the conversation would turn to sex, including our previous discussions on bondage, and Sophie and my shopping expeditions to the latex stores. James and Pete gave me a sly look, and Pete winked, and from this I could tell that they had been told by Mandy and Suzi of their evening trying on the latex gymnast costume with Sophie – and then returning her to bondage, gagging her, cloaking her and driving her back to our home. They had also probably told them about my latex catsuit that they caught me in.

Everyone seemed pretty cool with it all – and I detected they were becoming now much more experimental, as they say. Regarding Gerda and Tom, well we knew that both of them were into everything. But now I got the distinct feeling that both James and Suzi and Pete and Mandy were “experimenting” in a big way. Sophie said nothing to me, would give nothing away, but it was just a feeling I got, and the way they all exchanged glances.

And ultimately I hoped that this would bode well for our three week vacation.

So the decision had been made, and it would be broached to the girls at the dinner we were to have a week before we left for our vacation. We had decided to have a last dinner at my house, the eight of us. There, it would be up to me to “persuade” the four women of our plan.

Would they buy into it? They had talked and talked about this sort of thing for months now, at least it seemed so, and now we had put it into motion… and it had cost us a lot of money, buying clothes and equipment, and lots more.

Finally, the dinner went well, lots of wine, which I hoped would loosen up any inhibitions the girls may have to our plan. At the end, Tom nodded at me and I stood up, ready for my speech.

“Dear friends.” I began to a groan from the girls. “Hey, give me a chance at least. We, the guys, have been talking something over for the last few weeks.”

“You never stop.” Sophie interjected, laughing.

“Thanks, love. Well all of us have been talking a lot about sex recently haven’t we?”

“And doing it too. “ Mandy laughed, a bit the worse for alcohol, I thought.

“Yes, that too, and no complaints from me. So anyway, all of you… .” And I looked to the girls, one by one. “… .have been going on and on about your fantasies. These forever seemed to run around abduction, kidnapping, bondage, sold into slavery, forced sex with men or groups of men, right? Am I on the same page here?” They looked at each other, a couple of them giggling.

“Sure.” Suzi said. “Women are no different than men, we have fantasies. You know we’ve talked about it, even with you guys. The problem with all fantasies like that is, Al, they can all get very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, and who you are doing it with, right?”

“Absolutely, well we have been discussing it too.” I said. “We thought it would be fun if we could help you out there. Now hear me out. The guys here are all best buddies, have been for years, and you girls, well you’re like sisters. You trust us, don’t you?” They all nodded quickly. “And we you. Now just bear with me here, supposing we could fulfill those fantasies of yours in a completely safe environment?” They glanced at each other, and then looked at me to resume.

“In other words, if I read you right, you want to be abducted, we abduct you; you want to be abused by white slave traders, well that’s us; bondage? That’s us. We have a vacation in a week, let’s just suppose you are abducted and taken to this country retreat and made slaves to the four male occupants there? Still with me?”

The room had gone quiet and for a second I thought my plan, our plan, had hit a real road block. The women looked at each other, their faces were mostly impassive, there wasn’t any disapproval, they just seemed to be thinking on it. It must have been a full thirty seconds before one of them spoke. Strangely, it was Mandy that spoke first.

“So you want us to be your slaves, playthings, this vacation? You have to be more specific Al, this is quite a thing you’re putting on us here.” I held up my hands.

“I know, I know. Give me more time. Now I’m going to be very frank with you.”

“And you haven’t already?” Suzi laughed.

“Suzi darling, there’s more to come. All the guys here love our soul mates, absolutely, and we hope that is returned.” Thank god the women nodded in agreement, looking at their various mates. “But, here’s the difficult bit, we men find all of you women… extremely attractive, and we would, with full permission from all the… ”

“Well we love you guys too, I wouldn’t mind a horizontal bop with any of you, just raw sex, don’t worry James darling. You want an orgy, hahaha. I’m in.” Shrieked Suzi, and everyone laughed. Then Gerda spoke. Quite seriously.

“Ladies, we are all women of the world, yes? We have desires, we love our menfolk, love them to death.”

“Vraiment.” I was happy to hear Sophie say.

“But we have naughty desires, too, dark desires that Al is talking about, yes? That sometimes we fantasise about having a different man, different men, and we like to be tied up, yes? Well I certainly do and I like to do the tying as well. Now we are all consenting, so this is not unhealthy. And what Al is suggesting, if I am right, is that these desires can be played out with them, in a… controlled environment.”

“Well yes, sort of. I’m not putting this very well. What I’m suggesting is this. All you girls are very  similar size, height and frame… a couple slightly bigger in the boob department.”

“But who’s looking, right?” Mandy laughed, and did a theatrical stare at Gerda’s boobs.

“Well supposing there was a way that you could become our sex slaves, now here me out, for the vacation… but as our anonymous slaves.”

“What do you mean, anonymous?” Suzi asked.

“Well, supposing you were dressed and masked… identically, so that we didn’t know who you were. With me still? So we keep you in our… harem or prison, for a better word and call on you for favours and you are the anonymous one, because you would look pretty identical in your costume, still with me?”

“What sort of costume? It would have to be pretty good.” Mandy asked.

“Oh it’s good all right; it will make you all look pretty identical. I don’t want to give the game away. It will be a nice surprise, but let’s say it involves… latex.” And once the penny had dropped within seconds the women all looked at each other, with big grins on their faces. And I thought, well we may have a good chance here. Gerda was way ahead of us, and I knew she was a latex fan, big time.

“So… we dress up in latex, we are masked, so you don’t know who we are, and you… share us between yourselves… we are your rubber, I don’t know, dollies, slaves. You are playing with us, fucking us, but you don’t know who we are, just a dolly, yes?”

“Erm, well, yes, Gerda dear, I think that is about it.”

“To do with as you wish. No boundaries, for the vacation. Well…” Gerda grinned somewhat sheepishly. “I need to speak to my girlfriends here, but… I, for one, for me, find this quite interesting. You know I love latex, and Tom and I have a very er, interesting er love life, and I like to be adventurous, very few limits with me, that’s my feeling anyway.” The other women looked at her and it was Sophie that spoke.

“Moi aussi. I love my Al very much and will always love him. But I like to try new things too, and of course I have fantasies, and we are becoming more adventurous daily, so I would not say no, at all, but I need more information as to where this is all going.” It was Suzi who came up with the next idea.

“I think we women need to talk in private if that is all right with you. This is a big deal, for all eight of us so we need to be on the, how do you say, the same page. So this will be the deal. If even one of us has any hesitation, then we are all out, we are the female musketeers, all in or all out, right? How about giving us half an hour, to discuss this.”

“Yeah, good idea.” I said and grabbing another bottle I nodded at the guys and we left for the den.

“Well done mate, that went well I think.” Tom said. “I think Gerda is definitely in, and probably Sophie too, I think the others will go for it, Mandy and Suzi are always up for something new.”

I wasn’t so sure, but James and Pete nodded, so all we could do was wait. So we sat and waited, and drank.

It was less than half an hour before Gerda came and called us back, saying.

“Don’t look so miserable guys, we have a lot of questions and some erm, requirements, but this may be a go.” My heart just leapt out of my chest, yes, we could be having the vacation of a lifetime coming up.

The girls had now moved to the living room and had taken over the table with paper and pads. At the top were their signatures but underneath there was nothing else. It seemed that Sophie (of all people) along with Gerda, had taken control. Sophie began.

“Well we won’t keep you in agony. We’re all free spirits, and have pretty dirty minds  ha ha, so we agree… but there are a number of “terms”, some of which you will I’m sure go along with and others maybe you will not like so much.”

“Okay, try us.” I said, thinking oh oh, what have they come up with?

“Well for starters, we don’t want to go the three weeks, that’s crazy, if we are fucking and ucking and frolicking for three weeks we’ll all be finished. No way.”

“No, no, you got me wrong, we were thinking 10 days, we all want to have a regular lazy holiday as well, and this will be a long enough period to feel it out, so to speak, okay?” But Sophie was adamant.

“No, no, still too long I think, 10 days, no way, we want to ease into this. We all want a holiday as well, I think. It sounds like you’ve invested time, and a lot of money in this but we do need a holiday you know, and anyway, if we like what you come up with we can do it again. Can’t we? So what we suggest is, let’s say five days, if we know you guys, we’ll be exhausted by the time it’s over. And anyway if we get to like it, we can spend more of the holiday later on like this. Yeah?” She smiled.

I nodded and looked at the other guys. And they nodded too. Frankly we’d have liked a week, but we were not in a position to argue, the idea was to get them on side and not frighten them away. You can do a lot in four days. I thought.

“Now, do’s and don’ts.” Gerda took over. “There has to be some boundaries here. So these are ours. No permanent harm to your “slaves”. We can take a bit of spanking and bondage, and we are okay with multiple partners, but no piercing, tattooing, branding or anything like that, nothing permanent.” Jeez, I thought, Gerda is well ahead of us here.

“I know what can go on between master and slave, Tom and I have talked about this in the past, and if truth be told we have done some role playing.” Here Tom looked a bit sheepish. “If we want it to succeed we have to have complete trust in you, all of you.”

“I agree absolutely, we all do. We mess this up and we could lose you all, and that is what none of us want. We agree to all that, nothing permanent. We have some costumes for you all that we hope you will love, latex of course to show off all your talents, and in which you can play out several scenarios and really get into the role playing. Now there will be bondage, which may be severe.”

They looked at each other for a few seconds.

“Hey come on, you are slaves after all, but there will be rewards too, you’ll see. There will be some discomfort, definitely, maybe a little pain, spanking, whipping. But you expect that, right?”

There were a few seconds of silence again, but I could see that these were adventurous girls.

“Okay, now let’s get to the sex bit. Are you all okay with having any of us as a… partner? The point about some of this is you will be blindfolded quite often during the game playing, so we will not know who you are, because you will be masked… and you won’t know who we are, and for me anyway that’s what makes it interesting, very interesting indeed, don’t you?” They all thought on this for a second.

“You know.” Mandy said. “I quite like the sound of that, we can both be anonymous to each other, so… then we have no inhibitions. I can pretend that my… slave owner is my boyfriend… or not. Actually I quite like that idea, I can really fantasise.”

“Yes.” Suzi followed her sister. “This could work, might be quite fun, we may even be having sex with our lover/mate and not even know it. I kind of like it.”

“Okay.” I continued. “Any sex that you will not agree to?”

And this got them thinking.

“Not for me, I will do all three available orifices, and have.” Said Gerda with a smile. The others gave her a doubting look. “Even at the same time. Come on girls, let’s live on the wild side at least once in our lives, and remember it’s with these guys, and be honest, haven’t you thought about this, come on?” Sheepishly the others nodded.

“I’m not super crazy about anal, I mean I’ve done it a few times and its okay… if you don’t split me in two, and lather me up with lots of lube, and take it real slowly then I’ll stay in the game.” Suzi said. The others nodded. I had to say I was amazed we had got this far, I looked at the guys and they nodded for me to carry on.

“How about more than one partner?”

They looked at each other and I saw a sly grin on their faces begin to form, so we were going to be all right there.

“So while one master covers you, so to speak, another may be servicing you in the mouth, okay?”

“Gee I love the way you say that Al, so officialese.” Suzi laughed. “Hey, sounds good to me, so far, sure, absolutely. One thing for me though, no piss or scat, no way, I’m not into that, each to their own but not me, okay?”

“Well yeah, me neither.” I said, and waited for the others. Interestingly there was a bit of hesitation for a second and then we all nodded.

“We were planning on you all sharing the stables, king-sized beds in the bedroom and all other facilities. Then we come and pick you up, whichever one we want and have our way with you. During the days you will be with one or more of your “masters” and during the night you may be returned or may get to stay the night with a master, if you behave yourself and please your master.”

“Now here’s the important thing, there will be a lot of role playing, once we are into this, there is no getting out for just one of you. If it gets too heavy and one of you wants out, then the whole thing comes to a halt, which is fair for everyone. Okay with that?”

They thought and nodded again, this was going quite well, I thought.

“How do you make us look the same, you know, anonymous?” Mandy asked.

“Well, you will be wearing latex suits for most of the time, these are great, you will love them. Now once you are fully covered, including a full head mask, you will be completely anonymous and you can play any role you want. On the internet I have found the most amazing latex facemasks.. I know you will love them, but I’m not going to give it all away, it’ll be a nice surprise.”

They didn’t look quite so convinced, but Gerda gave an evil smile and I knew she was up for it.

“Now your hair will be covered all the time, but not your erm, pussies. I know Sophie is shaved, and Gerda too?” I looked at Gerda who smiled back, she was enjoying herself. “But Suzi and Mandy, what about… ”

“Don’t worry about us Al, we’re like new born babes down there… only bigger, hahaha.”

“Well then, once in the suits, you will be identical, well just about, anyway.”

“Are we going to be gagged all the time? Obviously our voices are different, how are you proposing to deal with that?” Gerda asked, very businesslike.

“Good question, and no, you can’t be gagged all the time, but Tom has devised something clever and we would like to keep it a secret, but it will mean that we men won’t be able to identify you through your voices or sounds.”

“I don’t know about that, sounds pretty creepy to me.” Mandy said. “I don’t want any secrets before, we’re going to have to trust you four.”

“I agree Mandy, absolutely, let me promise you, no one will come to any harm at all. It’s just that there have to be some surprises, if we are working to some script then there will be no spontaneity, we’ll just be acting it out, you are meant to be our slaves, you can really get into the role, and have some fun, but if everything is laid out I think it will just not be as much fun.” I said.

“Again, no one will be permanently harmed, god, we all love you, why would we do that?”

“You said “permanently” just then. So we could be hurt?”

“Look, you will be subject to bondage, which may be stringent, and there may be, probably will be, some corporal punishment, some spanking maybe whipping, as I said earlier. There will be times when you may be thinking that you are in too deep, but you have to trust us. Isn’t that the whole point of this? To expand our boundaries, I thought that was what we all sought… finally, we don’t want to lose you all, what would be the point of pushing the limits too far, if that was the result.” They looked at each other again, I could see some were keener than others. Certainly Gerda, and to a lesser degree Sophie, were in on it from the start. Then they all nodded again.

“Okay, then that’s all taken care of. If you want to write that up Sophie, I’m sure we will sign it all as a formal arrangement.”

“I’m okay with all that as we all are, I think.” Said Sophie, seeing all the girls nod again. “But there is one part of the contract that we have not brought up yet.” And here she gave a conspiratorial smile to the other girls.

“Oh, well okay sweetheart, what is it?” Sophie smiled again, a smile I had seen before many times; something was coming, something big. She leaned over to me and put her hand on my knee.

“We are going to be slaves to you masters for five days, and that could get pretty torrid, you could get up to all kinds of things that maybe even you haven’t thought of yet, so… as a show of our faith in you, and yours in us… for let’s say for two days after our slavehood, you will be ours! Then that will leave another two weeks for the holiday, and who knows, we might want to carry on voluntarily with more role playing, we’ll see.”

There was complete silence in the room now. Each of the girls was looking at her partner now. Somehow I had a feeling that this was going a bit too easy. Tom then said.

“So Sophie, you want us to be your slaves for two days after your stint? You want us to be your sexual slaves?” Sophie nodded assertively, looking at her friends, who in turn looked at their partners again, sensing for a reaction.

“Exactly, and on exactly the same terms and conditions as our slavehood.” Again there was a long silence as everyone digested this.

“Come on guys, we are prepared to put ourselves in your hands for five days, what’s the big deal with two for you? We change places with you in the stables, you wear your latex, and maybe you will be blindfolded, maybe not. Of course, you will not be anonymous as you are different sizes, and I assume your cocks are different, ha ha. I know my Al’s cock pretty well. So we’ll probably know who you are, but on some occasions you won’t know us, but that’s no big deal for us.” Again the others nodded.

“Bondage, punishment, but not permanent, multiple partners, you only have two holes, so if you couldn’t handle a buggering you’d better say now, because it’s part of the deal, hahaha. Right? All in or all out?”  Well this was all a bit of a shock, I was beginning to wonder who was now in charge. I asked for a few minutes to discuss with my colleagues, and we left again, to small, knowing smiles from the women.

“Well I didn’t see that coming I have to say.” Said Pete, and James nodded.

“No, me neither, it all seemed to be going so well.” Tom then said, with an evil grin.

“We could always go to Plan B.” This had been the forcible drugging, rubberisation and abduction of the women. It was a crazy idea, but one, in our fantasies, we continued for some reason to discuss. But one which could go horribly wrong and in all honesty I wasn’t sure that we would ever proceed with it. I spoke.

“No I don’t think so, come on, Tom that would be too much now. This has to be based on trust, and they’ve shown theirs. This is only for two days, what can happen in two days?”

“Are you kidding? With these women, a lot, you’d better believe it.”

“I don’t mind being in bondage or the latex, that’s cool, would be fun, and there’s a bit of the sub in me, I have to admit, but I do not like the idea of an arse fuck. No way.” Said Pete, who then smiled. “Well, receiving rather than giving I mean.”

“No, me neither, although the effect may be different if it’s given by a girl with a strap-on. With a bit of luck, it won’t get to that… I hope. Look, it’s all in or not, we’ve planned this for a long time, and I don’t want to give in now. Sure they could come up with some serious stuff, but weren’t we going to do that anyway?”

“If Sophie wants to fuck me in the arse, then it’s not going to be fun. Jeez, I don’t know, she says she likes it, but then that’s Sophie. But what the hell, at least it’s Sophie bumming me, who knows I might get to like it.”

We all looked at each other, and knew that I didn’t believe a word I was saying!

“Anyway, fuck it, we’ve spent too much time and money on this, and I trust them, well at least I think I do, so… .” I took a deep breath.

“I’m in.” I said. I sounded a lot more confident than I was, but I had spent a lot of time and money on this, I wasn’t quitting. I trusted Sophie, but what about the other girls, they may want to have some dirty fun with me.

“I’m still not so sure, they could force us into some guy on guy action, and I’m not into that. No bloody way.” Pete said.

“I don’t know if they would do that, or why, they have four guys at their mercy, they are going to want to play with us, not amongst ourselves… fuck, at least I hope so.” I was sounding more convinced that I actually felt.

“Well, we’re either all in or not, we get five days, and they get two, doesn’t seem too bad, and the fact is it will keep us honest, knowing that whatever we get up to, they will get their chance later, to get back at us. I have to say, Gerda and Sophie frighten me a little, given a free hand.” Pete said. I had to agree with him, it could get hairy, but I was in, come hell or…

We thought about it for a while longer, we certainly weren’t quite as chirpy as before, but we finally agreed, with plenty of reservations and we returned to the living room. The “contract” was already written, a few lines and their signatures already there. I looked at my dear Sophie.

“Well, we knew you wouldn’t give up the idea of having four gorgeous women in your harem for five days, so we wrote the contract while you were away, haha.” Sophie laughed, she was having fun. But Gerda was now all business.

“You have spent a lot of money on our costumes and, as you say, equipment, so it is only fair that we get to spend some of your money too, a lot of your money. So in the next few days we’ll be buying some latex and other goodies for you guys too, we know the sizes of our lovers so it shouldn’t be too difficult. I know some places in town that have some interesting stuff. My dear friends, you can expect a large credit card bill next month. And as you are taking all our new clothes to the house, you might as well take all your own that you currently have, and some of our private stock we all have. We want to be comfortable when it is our turn.”

She laughed as all the guys looked at each other, knowing we were cooked. I nodded.

“Seems fair, Gerda. I think this could be an interesting holiday.”

We tried to relax again, once we had signed the “contract” and had some more wine. But there was a sense of tension, or maybe nervousness, and was also a tremendous sense of anticipation too.


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