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Four Play 4: More Games With Sophie

by Rbbral

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Storycodes: M/f; FF/fm; latex; catsuit; stockings; gloves; heels; cape; handcuffs; public; shopping; tease; gag; mast; denial; climax; cons; X

story continues from part three

Part 4: More Games With Sophie

Now that a decision had been made by the guys, Sophie and I could resume our tit-for-tat games and their consequences. At first I couldn’t believe how she had completely embraced it all; the dressing up, the role playing, the anticipation and the reward. She liked to play the dom but was equally comfortable in the role of sub. She was, in fact, ahead of me in her total acceptance, even love of it all. I knew within a short time that she would want to buy more latex clothing, for her to play out more roles, and to keep it all fresh.

One thing I did notice a couple of weeks later was that one morning when dressing to go to work she pulled on a pair of white rubber panties and then a white rubber bra. She looked at me as I watched her, just gave me a wry smile, and then said.

“I’ll be ready for this evening when you get home.” And she continued to dress like this, not every day, but on occasions.

I did get my “revenge” on her for the marathon session I had been subjected to in the rubber body bag. It took a bit of planning and the cooperation of the elements but I think it worked out quite well. It started out after lunch on a Saturday. The weather was turning nasty with a Summer downpour forecast. Perfect, I thought. I told Sophie to wait in the kitchen as I laid out on the bed the clothes I wanted her to wear. Before I called her up, I stripped and with the help of a lot of talc wriggled into the catsuit without mask, gloves and socks and tucked the high collar inwards. I then pulled on a pair of light denims, a long sleeved thin sweat shirt and runners. There was no indication of what I was wearing underneath but I could feel my body already warming up the latex. I then called her up. I heard her run up the stairs, excited to be playing again.

“Mmm, this looks interesting. Not much there.” She said as she stripped off. I helped her talc herself and she gave me an evil look, then she sat on the bed and pulled up the long black latex stockings. She knew that I loved watching her do this, stretching out each leg in the air and easing the tight shiny material up her thighs. She slipped a garter belt up to her waist and attached the stockings to six suspenders on each side. Next came shoulder length black gloves and she took her time pulling them up to just below her armpits, smoothing out the wrinkles. Then she slipped her feet into four inch black pumps.

“Is that it? No bra and panties, mmm, this could be fun. But what about you?” I smiled and raised my sweat shirt and she saw my latex suit underneath.

“You are covered and I am not, hhmm interesting.” She giggled.

“Let’s go down, you will be covered all right, but in a different way.” As she went down I took the ankle length rubber cape from the closet and followed her.

“Looks like rain… so you’ll need this.” I draped the cape over her shoulders and she shivered at its cool touch.

I knelt in front of her, gave per pussy a little kiss and pulled the full length cape up from the ankle length hem to the high collar at her throat. Then I pulled the hood over her head, kissed her lightly, pulled it down and then drew the wide face strap across, covering her lower face to over her nose. All that peaked out now were her eyes through a narrow gap.

“Oooh, I love that. I’m feel so protected and yet so… vulnerable. Mmm.” She gave a quick shiver as the cold rubber slowly warmed up around her. I could see that the rubbing of the cold cape on her bare nipples was already taking its toll.

“Come on, I thought we could go for a walk and then maybe some shopping.” I could see from her eyes that she was grinning broadly.

“Okay, let’s go.” I had decided before that we would take the car part of the way, and walk the rest to the shop I had planned. I wanted to see Sophie strutting her stuff in the rain, and the reactions of passers-by of course.

We drove in the rain for a short while. It was not a long trip to the car park. She said nothing but I could see that she kept her gloved hands under the cape and I saw some movement around her crotch area. Well, I would take care of that, I thought. I noticed on the way, as we were at a set of lights she got some interested looks from people in other cars, all that was visible of her being her eyes.

Soon we pulled into a multi storey lot, but before we got out I handed her a pair of handcuffs that I had put earlier in the glove compartment.

“I can see you are having far too much fun, so I need you to put these on. No, no, behind your back.” Again I could see her eyes light up, she was really enjoying this. She had released her seat belt and opened her door and all she had to do was lean forward and slide her gloved hands into the cuffs behind her back. She did this, and I felt them to make sure they were on properly. No, she had done a fine job, not too tight.

I grabbed an umbrella, for me, she certainly didn’t need one and we went to the street. Despite the rain there were plenty of people out, all with brollies or at least dressed for the foul weather. I gently pushed her forward, saying.

“Off you go, my sweet. We have quite a way to go, don’t mind me, I’ll be watching you.” She pouted for a second, but then turned and began to walk slowly along the pavement in the rain.

She was a really fine sight. The rain splattered down onto her shiny bright hood and cape, the hem of which almost touched the ground, so that all that could be seen were the toes and heels of her pumps as she coolly led the way. She walked erect and the cape was voluminous enough that it was impossible to detect that her hands were cuffed behind her.

And the looks she got. We were in a fairly funky part of the city, but that didn’t stop a good 50% of the passers-by turning their heads, for the most part, I think approvingly. Maybe some of them thought what a sensible outfit, and maybe others I wonder what she has underneath that?

Anyway I was having a great time watching it all, I was now nice and warm in my latex suit and the umbrella was protecting from the rain which was getting heavier. A few times Sophie looked back to see where I was, I would nod and she would continue. I knew that although she was cuffed, the swish of the rubber on her nipples would be exciting her, as well as the idea, of course, that the passers-by would not know that she was in bondage, and basically naked.

After a while I caught up with her, put my arm around her, feeling her cuffed arms through the latex and gave her a hug.

“Enjoying yourself?”

“Mmm, oh yes. My nipples are so sensitive right now, and I am almost dripping.”

“Well, my dear you will have to wait. We have a bit of shopping to do.” I slipped my hand through the side panel and patted her bare bum tenderly. She hadn’t kept her bearings for where we were going as very quickly she was outside the first shop we’d been to on our first shopping trip. She turned to me and I nodded.

“Let’s see if they have anything interesting.”

“Oh yes.” She replied eagerly. We went in and met the same sales girl as before, Judy, who quickly remembered us from the last time. She admired Sophie’s cape, and I mentioned that she would take it off for her, but unfortunately she was being disciplined and was cuffed behind her back. Judy took this all in her stride, saying with a twinkle in her eye, oh lucky girl but Sophie, for the first time, seemed just a tiny bit embarrassed. I unclipped the chip strap from across the lower half of her face and lowered her hood, then gave her lips a peck.

“Now let’s see what we can get you.”

We sauntered up and down the rows of latex, Sophie a step behind me, still unable to move her hands from under the cape. Two items caught my eye. One was what I would call a gymnast’s suit; cut high on the thigh, long sleeved and high necked with a short zip to the back of the neck. It was in dark crimson latex and when I folded the crotch portion inside out we saw that there were a series of hard rubber bristles that would brush against and up inside her labia and above them in the approximate location opposite her clit there were longer nodules, and we both knew exactly what they would do. When I showed these to Sophie she smiled and nodded, yes, she said, she liked it. So we put that to the side to try on.

Next was what I could best describe as a romper suit. It was a full body suit in shocking pink latex, complete with thumbless mittens and attached feet. There were strong elasticized frills at wrist, neck and collar. At the end of each mitt and at the toes of the feet there were heavy spring loaded “D” rings. And I also noticed the same “D” rings at her shoulders, and four locations at the pulled-in waist. There was a single rear zip from above the waist to the rear of the neck and again two “D” rings at the top. Clearly after being pulled on the suit could be locked at the neck. A small second zipper was located from crotch to arse providing easy access to those areas.

Although this appeared to be a fun item for bed, it clearly had other options of the bondage variety! I really liked this! Sophie seemed to take a while digesting all this but finally said that she thought it looked like she could have some fun with it. I certainly thought I could!

We took both to the fitting room, where I released her cuffs with the key I had brought. She smiled evilly and leaned into me, grabbing my crotch. I have to admit my cock was hard after imagining Sophie in all the latex on the racks. Now we would try the gymnast suit and the romper suit. She stepped out of her cape. It would take all day for her to get back into the stockings and gloves so I suggested she keep them on.

We tried the romper suit first. I bent down and held the neck portion open. She placed her hand on my shoulder and placed her latex covered leg through the gap and into the suit legging, she had to push hard to get past the elasticized ankle before settling her feet in the bootee. She repeated this with the other leg and I pulled it up her thighs and waist. She pushed her arms through the sleeves then past the elasticized wrists and into the mitts. Then I zipped her up the back to the neck. The two “D” rings I pulled together with the end of the zipper and with a simple press of my finger and thumb, locked them together. She looked at herself in the mirror, doing a slow twirl. I told her she looked fantastic. Although it was a little loose, the elasticized waist, wrists and ankles accentuated her figure and there was no hiding her prominent breasts.

She looked divine – pretty in shocking pink - perhaps a little vulnerable and although everything except her head was covered, to me at least, she looked incredibly sexy. She could see my reaction and flapped her useless mitts then gave me a hug. Well, that’s decided, I thought. It was a lot harder getting her out of the suit than in, but soon it was done and now I got her to step into the crimson gymnast outfit.

Again she kept her stockings, garter belt and gloves on. This was a lot tighter, figure hugging at hip, waist and with firm cradles to support her boobs and push them out. I pulled it up over her hips and the nodules inside the crotch area were pushed firmly up against her now moist love nest. She took in a deep breath. We took a while pushing her gloved arms through the tight sleeves, and then I pulled the short zip up to her neck. Again I was happy to see two identical spring loaded “D” rings to the romper suit and so I pulled them together and pressing thumb and forefinger together, locked her in.

Wow, she looked great, her breasts thrust forward, her nipples clearly outlined, and her black gloves and stockings nicely offsetting the crimson. She placed her hand on the covering of her crotch and gently rubbed it along her labia.

“Ohh, if I keep this on for long, I’ll go crazy, these little rubber knobs are just right over my clit, ohh.”

“Okay, so we’ll take this shall we?” I asked, fully knowing the answer. She nodded, and I stepped behind her, passed my hands round her, fondling her breasts, then her hips and buttocks. She leaned back into me and slyly I pulled her arms gently behind her, and cuffed her wrists together again.

“Oh, you beast, what are you doing? How can I take the suit off now?”

“You’re not going to, you’re locked in it now until I decide it comes off.”

“Oh, no Al, this will drive me crazy.”

“Then you’ll have to control yourself my sweet, wouldn’t want you to make an exhibition of yourself in public, now would we?”

I got her cape and spread it out for her to step into, which she did, pouting a little. Before zipping it up to her chin. I gave her splendid breasts a last fondle; she wriggled a bit and chuckled, and I knew she would be just fine. I pulled the hood over her head and fastened the face strap, and now all that was visible of Sophie was a gap exposing her eyes.

On the way to the counter I saw that the shop had bed sheets and pillowcases in black latex for sale. Well, how could I refuse? So I bought a top and bottom sheet and four pillow cases and we were done for the day. At the counter as we totted up the bill, Judy gave Sophie an appreciative smile, knowing that she was now wearing the gymnast’s suit, with the crotch additions and also knowing the effects they would be soon be having on her.

So we left the store with me loaded up with her romper suit and the sheets and pillow cases, Sophie took care of the gymnast’s suit! It was still raining so I had the umbrella up and Sophie walked beside me, snug as a bug, and now with an extra layer of latex. I loved the reaction of the shoppers passing us, they would try not to stare but there was no doubt that her appearance was certainly attracting lots of attention. Water streamed off her hood and shoulders, but she was perfectly dry… well not totally, for after a while she started to take short breaths and said from behind her chin strap.

“Oh, you bast… these rubber knobs are sending me crazy, I am wet inside the suit here, we have to stop for a bit.”

“Not far to the car, love, hang on, few more minutes.” So she carried on, walking to my side taking hesitant steps and short breaths, I have to say it was a great feeling having her near eruption and no one the wiser. We came eventually to the car and I loaded the goodies in the trunk. She was standing by the passenger door, waiting and I came behind her, taking her in my arms, there was no one about and I squeezed her breasts hard through the two layers of latex.

Then I raised her long cape at the rear and placed something in her cuffed hand. Sophie’s eyes looked perturbed as I dropped the cape and went to the driver’s side and got in, revved the engine, started to back out and lowered the passenger window.

“Sophie, my darling, in your hand you have the cuff key, now don’t lose it sweetheart as the other is at home. Now you remember where home is, don’t you?”

“What are you doing?” Her reply came, muffled by the high face strap as she leant forward and stared at me from the window.

“You seemed to be having such a wonderful time in the suit and cape I thought you could walk home, come on, it’s not far. It’s still raining but you are nice and dry. If you are very clever with your fingers you may be able to feel for the hole in the cuffs and twist the key to get them off. But you’d better not drop the key otherwise…..”

“You must be crazy, you want me to walk what… five kilometres back to the house like this? I am wearing high heels… and not much else. I could fall over, I could get grabbed and raped for goodness sake….”

Now she was going a bit over the top, I thought.

“Sophie darling, the roads back to the house are all busy, there will be people about everywhere, that is half the fun, you see. Just be careful where you step. No, I don’t want you falling over, but you haven’t yet, have you, so you are going to be fine. Anyway, if you want you can always ask someone to help release you, which should be very interesting.”

“Ha ha, very funny, you beast, this suit is awful, I’m right on the edge here, I’m just about dripping and you laugh, you pig.” I began to move the car out.

“Be good, my sweet, I’ll see you shortly, you should take an hour, maybe longer, now don’t get lost. I shall be at home ready for you, I’ll put the sheets and pillow cases on the bed and we can have some fun, if you’re not worn out that is…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of energy. You just keep on joking, remember it will be my turn next and on the way back I’ll have plenty of time to think of something. You’ll find out soon enough.”

“And I love you more than I can say, sweetheart, hurry home.” I blew her a kiss and watched her in the rear view mirror standing still in the lot. For a second I wondered if I was being very stupid but I was glad that she seemed to be entering the spirit of it all. I had a feeling that her outrage was all a bit of an act and she was really quite excited about trooping across three miles of London, cuffed, caped and hooded from top to toe in latex and on the constant verge of an orgasm - and maybe going over.

I returned home, I figured I had maybe ninety minutes so I took my time stripping the bed and laying the latex sheets and placing the four pillow cases at its head. They looked spectacular, jet black and glossy, and gave off the now familiar smell of latex. Then I laid out the romper suit for Sophie, I had a couple of ideas to christen it with her. I stripped off my street clothes and now just wore the latex catsuit. I munched on a sandwich, had a couple of glasses of wine and watched some TV.

I must have dropped asleep as it was past six, when the door bell rang, that meant she had been away about three hours. Oh God, she was going to give me hell. 

I leapt up to let Sophie in. I peered though the eye in the door and saw her, covered in her latex cape with only the small gap at her eyes visible. I took a breath and opened the door.

“Hi Sophie, darling, you made it.” She glared at me through the narrow gap in the hood as I stood back to let her in.

“Surprise!!” I heard and Mandy and Suzi leapt out from either side of the door and laughing, rushed into the house behind Sophie. I closed the door behind me and followed them into the living room. They looked really frisky and Suzi approached me, I was only wearing the latex catsuit, so nothing much was hidden, gave my crotch a gently pat and said.

“Hi Al, well we’ve brought back your cute little latex slave… hey, is that a banana in your suit or are you just happy to see us?” She giggled. I now felt quite uncomfortable in my own home, dressed as I was, and with Sophie next to me, not having said a word. Mandy also approached me.

“You do look very yummy, I have to say. Sleek and shiny, doesn’t hide much, that suit. So you were going to have a right old time with Sophie here, well don’t let us stop you, I think she ready for a good rogering, although Al, that suit is incredible. Sophie couldn’t make it here in one go so came to my place, and we got to try it on. I tell you, Suzi and I each want one of those, that latex and those hard rubber needles can drive you crazy. I just might have a taste for the latex.”

Well, I thought, I hope you do, I hope you do. I was still wondering why Sophie hadn’t said anything, when Suzi approached her and released the face strap, saying.

“Oh, and Mandy added a sweetener to her outfit, we thought you might like it, I’m not sure Sophie does”. And I saw that Sophie’s mouth had been crammed full with a bright red rubber ball attached to a strap going behind her head. Her mouth was fully extended and her teeth exposed as they gripped the hard rubber. Saliva escaped down the sides of her mouth and dribbled down her chin and under the cape. Sophie was breathing heavily through her nose, partly through the effects of the large gag but also I’m sure through the effects of the rubber needles at her crotch. I felt a little sorry for her, but also had to admit that I found the sight of her, gagged, bound and cloaked in rubber and at the edge of an orgasm, very exciting.

“Hi darling, good to see Mandy and Sophie have been taking good care of you.” And Sophie grunted and glared at me. I kissed her gently on her gagged mouth and she tried to wriggle away, but I think it was a token gesture, for there was a sheen of sweat on her face and I could see she was excited.

“Well I guess we should leave these rabbits to it, eh Suzi? Or throw a bucket of water over them, though that wouldn’t have any effect with all the rubber they are wearing. Guys… Suzi and I want the names of the shops where you bought all this stuff. I’m sure Tom and Gerda know it too. Oh, and you can get the gag back to me any time.” There was a twinkle in Mandy’s eye, as she patted my rubber-covered bum, pecked Sophie on the cheek and left. Suzi followed, first running her hands over the shoulders and chest of my tight suit.

“Mmm, I love it, have fun you two. Sophie, I want a report tomorrow….”

After they had left I held Sophie close, looking into her eyes, seeking some kind of message. She grunted and moaned and waggled her arms and I realized she was still cuffed. I took her by the arm and said.

“Let’s go upstairs.” I thought she might demur, but she coolly led the way as I turned out all the lights and followed her. I was a bit nervous as I knew she probably wasn’t too happy about traipsing across London dressed as she was, and being cuffed and at the edge of orgasm. I released her cape and lowered it, and she stepped out, then kicked her high heels into the corner. I saw her reaction to the romper suit lying on the bed and the bed laid with the rubber sheets and pillows, and that gave me heart as I noticed a little smirk appear on her face around the large gag.

“I think you need to shower and freshen up, yes?” And she mmm’ed into the gag and nodded, and waggled her closed hand. So I opened it, took the key and released her wrists. She coolly rubbed her wrists and then lowered her head and undid the strap of the gag. It plopped out, dripping in saliva and she waggled her chin and swallowed a couple of times. She gave me a look that said, oh boy, are you going to get it, and I’m going to enjoy every second of it too!

I leant behind her and unlocked the collar of the suit, pulling down the zip and she pulled her arms out of the sleeves. I loved the smell of her, standing so close to me, the warm latex and her body aroma. As she stepped out of the suit I saw the inside of the crotch and her thighs covered in her juices. She saw me looking at her and quietly said.

“How do you say… I am truly shagged. I don’t know how many times I have come, so if you are planning on fucking me to submission tonight, I am already there, I can tell you. So you can tie me up whichever way you want but I am dog tired believe me.” There was a small smile on her face; I think her anger, if it was anger, had dissipated by now. I took her in my arms and she leant against me, now dressed only in stockings, garter belt and gloves, her head on my shoulder. I kissed her again.

“Go and have a shower and wash the latex, love, and relax. We have tons of time. Then come and get dressed for our night session and I promise you it will be a lot of fun, just let me take control, okay, go along for the ride. Now I will go down and get a bit of food and a bottle of wine and we can relax before getting into it.” She seemed satisfied with this, gave me a wry smile and began to remove her stockings and gloves as I went downstairs.

I took my time, prepared some fruit, nuts and cheeses, and a fresh bottle of wine. That should do the trick, I thought. When I returned she looked a whole lot better, fresh and sparkling from her shower and energized. I could see her clothes hanging in the bathroom so we were ready to go.


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