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Four Play 3: Decision Time

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2015 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; latex; costumes; nun; catsuit; hood; tease; bdsm; spank; sleepsack; encase; gag; dildo; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

story continues from part two

Part 3: Decision Time - But First Sophie And I Play Tit For Tat

Not surprisingly over the next few days we experimented with our new found bag of tricks!

I did get to give her a good spanking over my knee again, but this time I sensed that her pleas and squealing were more of a token. We dressed separately which I think adds some tension and excitement to the proceedings so when I walked into our bedroom dressed in my black catsuit with my head unmasked I saw that she wore the white blouse, with crimson tie and flared skirt, over white stockings, gloves and white panties. But as a nice touch, I thought, she added the brilliant white mask and as she stood in front of me, head slightly bowed and hands behind her back, I could see her smiling lips painted a scarlet red stand out in bright contrast. She looked gorgeous.

The preliminaries were over fairly quickly, Sophie acting out her role, what a bad girl she had been etc and saying it was necessary for her to be punished. Shortly I had her slipping and sliding over my rubber covered thighs, her wrists gripped in my left hand as I folded her short skirt back, exposing her white panties. I admired her shiny white latex encased bum and eased my hand into the cleft of her cheeks and then between her thighs. Far from struggling now, she spread her legs to allow me access to her love channel, which as I pressed my fingers in I could tell was already very moist. I heard her moan quietly and watched her shiny white head rock slowly from side to side. I had hardly done anything and she was close to coming.

So I thought I would bring her out of her reverie and brought my palm down hard on her bright white bum! I repeated this five more times and while she squealed and writhed I got the sense that she was really quite enjoying being punished while so powerless.

Then I raised her up onto her knees, she rubbed her bottom like a child would, but didn’t appear to be in any real discomfort, I thought then that I would have to give her a few more whacks next time. As she knelt between my legs I leant back and took the ring gag I had brought with me to the bedroom and showed it her.

“Open wide.” I said, and she needed no further threat. She smiled evilly, opened her mouth and I slipped the gag behind her teeth and pulled the strap over her head. She was completely unperturbed by these events and calmly unzipped the fly on my catsuit, and my hard cock sprang out.

One of the many things I love about Sophie is she takes great pride and pleasure in giving good head. Many women will be good, and some will like it, many not, but will give it to keep their man happy. Sophie simply liked it. I watched her shiny white dome lower itself onto my rigid cock and felt her warm mouth suck me in. Over the time I have known her she has overcome her gag reflex and can take me right to the back of her throat, and further, calmly holding her breath as her windpipe is blocked. And this she did for a few very pleasant minutes.

However while I love her doing this I had other more elaborate plans for our enjoyment. After while I picked out more of the items that I had brought to the bedroom, and withdrawing myself slowly, for she didn’t want to let me go, said to her.

“Here, put these on.” I tossed a blindfold and a pair of the rubber mittens to her. She quickly pulled the blindfold over her eyes and settled the strong rubber strap behind her head. I then watched as she fumbled for the mittens and succeeded in pushing her gloved hand into each of them. I pulled the straps tight at her wrists and leaning over her, drew her hands behind her back and connected the two D rings. Then I told her to stand and spread her legs, felt under her short skirt and pulled down her panties. She stepped out of them without my command.

She now stood in front of me, very vulnerable, blindfolded, ring gagged, cuffed and with her sex naked. She breathed slowly through her gag, clearly very excited. She was wearing no bra under her white latex blouse and I could see her hard nipples showing through. Her sex was almost dripping. I lay back and taking her by the hips pulled her onto the bed. She quickly got the message and straddled me and by some sort of internal GPS system detected my erect cock and sank down on it. And that is how we spent the next I-don’t-know-how-long. It was slow and sensual, her sex gripped me in its warm, wet hold, and she took her time, moaning quietly through her gag, while I massaged her breasts through her latex blouse.

Before we came I lifted myself up and removed the blindfold and gag, but left her cuffed. With a broad smile, she dropped and showered kisses on me, then finally we both came. We slept like this, I removed her cuffs and she snuggled up to me and drifted off, neither of us in any mind to remove our latex clothes. The next day we were up, cleaned and talced the clothes, showered, and were out of the house to work, like any other couple!

* * *

The next night was even more interesting. This time it was her turn to select the scenario. I thought she would seek revenge and want to give me a good whacking, but no, instead she wanted me to seek penance! I was ordered to dress in my full cover catsuit, the super-tight one with full mask, gloves and socks attached. I did the best I could using lots of talc but the mask was tough and I left it hanging below my face on my chest. I was really getting to like this suit, it was so tight and flexible it took me no time to warm up inside it.

And what a vision awaited me when I entered our bedroom, for Sophie was dressed, perfectly, as a nun, a latex nun. I had seen her like this in the store when she had tried all the costumes on, but in the comfort of our own bedroom, and with me in my latex as well, it brought on a completely different feeling. Covered from top of head to the ground in black and white latex, only the portion of her face from eyebrows down were now showing. The cowl, tabard and full length gown were all in black, with just a small section around her face in white. Without a word she went behind me and as I dipped my head she pulled the sweet smelling mask over my head, and I felt the zips, bottom and top, come together. Then I heard a faint click and I moved my hand behind me and felt a tiny padlock there.


“We’ll look for the key in the morning, my sweet.” She replied with a chuckle. “Now, on your knees and pray at this altar.”

I dropped to my knees and she raised the ankle length portion of her costume. She was wearing black latex stockings and four inch black pumps… and no panties. Not exactly your average nun’s attire. Before I could do anything further, she dropped her skirt over my head and I was enveloped in complete darkness. I didn’t panic, on the contrary, I breathed in the sweet yet pungent aroma of the latex which I was now beginning to like and then nuzzled up to my lover’s pussy.

I gripped her latex covered thighs and drew her to me, my face pressed to her moist nest. I felt her hands rest on my head under her skirt and she pulled me closer to her. There was very little air under there but I was too busy enjoying myself.

After a while she raised her skirt and I sat back on the side of the bed. She moved to the closet and returned with the body bag and removed it from the hanger.

“Come on, lover, let’s see if we can squeeze you into this.” We had bought it, at least I had thought, for her, and I wasn’t sure I could get into it least of all wearing the full body catsuit. She opened the zip down to below the crotch and I stepped into it, then she yanked it as hard as she could and I slipped my arms into the attached sleeves. I knew that once inside, with my arms trapped at my side there was absolutely no possibility of escape. She slipped the top over my shoulders and then, very slowly drew the zipper up, beyond my crotch, stomach and then over my chest. Finally she closed it under my chin.

It was extremely tight and I could barely move a muscle, my legs glued together and my arms trapped in the sleeves. She giggled, gave me a peck on my lips and pushed me backwards to fall on the bed, then she lifted my legs, aligned me up in the centre of the bed, and knelt next to me. She ran her gloved hands over my shiny black prison.

“Mmm, my sleek seal, can’t move an inch, can you? I have you at my mercy, maybe I will leave you like this for a couple of days to stew and I can come and play with you when I feel like it. Would you like that, mmm?”

She wasn’t looking for an answer, just playing, and I smiled and said.

“You’re in charge, mistress, I can do nothing to stop you.” The idea excited, and just a little, made a bit nervous as well, for I knew dear Sophie to have a naughty streak, and I was sure she had an interesting time planned for me, and of course for now I was just her plaything.

“That’s right, my sweet, you can do nothing.” She said as she moved to the closet and returned with something hidden behind her back, an impish smile on her face. She straddled my chest, pulling her long skirt around her, then leaned over and whispered.

“Open wide now.” I really had little option, trussed as I was in this super-tight latex sheath.

“I hope I’m going to like this.” I said a little nervously.

“Oh, my love, you will, but perhaps not as much as me, now come on, open nice and wide.” I complied and from behind her back she produced the full head mask with the attached internal gag and external dildo. I already had on the full head mask of the suit, so this was also going to be a really tight fit. I obediently raised my head off the bed and dipped it into the mask, feeling for the stubby penis gag. I opened my mouth and it slid in. Sophie pulled the edges closed and then drew the zip down the back of my head.

Then she lowered the zip of the sack, tucked the neck of the mask underneath and pulled the zip back under me chin. She carefully aligned up the eye and nose holes then leaned down and gave me a broad grin. Then she took the cock in her mouth, salivating on it and making it good and wet. I could breathe all right but the tightness of both the masks and the suit and body bag made any kind of movement almost impossible, and I was beginning to get very hot, in more ways than one.

But now she was going to have her fun. She raised her long latex skirt and draped it over my head and I was, again, plunged into pitch darkness, with the attendant aroma of latex. I felt her wriggle forward and raise herself up, and settle down on the long rubber dildo on my face. Through the two masks and the long skirt over my head I heard her moan as she impaled herself.

I could do nothing, barely able to raise my head, or even bend my legs, I was just a nice rubber cushion for her to gently bounce up and down on. But that didn’t stop my cock going rock hard, trapped under two layers of latex. I breathed in slowly through the small nose holes of the masks, just hoping that all Sophie’s movements wouldn’t shift them, and I could continue to smell the heady mix of latex and Sophie!  This went on for quite a while, she was in no hurry at all, as she rose and then lowered herself on the thick probe glued to my face.

And then while I was servicing Sophie, miles away in my rubber cocoon, breathing in the aroma of her and the latex, something I didn’t expect happened. I felt the mattress move, and I knew straight away that someone else was now in the room, and on the bed.

What the fuck!!

I mmmmfed into the gag, but Sophie simply sat down further on my face, almost smothering me. Then I felt the zip at the crotch of the body bag slide down followed by the zip to my tight latex suit. My rock hard cock was sprung from its prison and I felt cool, slick rubbery hands fondle it. Who could this be, who was in sexual collusion with Sophie, the two of them had clearly planned this little evening from the start.

I thought of Suzi, or Mandy… or Gerda. Well I had seen Gerda in her latex cloak and hood, and found out from Tom later that apart from gloves and boots she had been naked underneath, so she clearly had a thing for rubber, and so she was the prime suspect. But what did I know of Suzi and Mandy? Well, I thought I knew them, but then I thought I knew Sophie. So, basically it could be any of them! And I could do nothing about it.

Through the two masks and Sophie’s long skirt I could hear very faint whispers and giggling. Then I felt the other girl move over and straddle me, and suddenly my cock was enveloped it a warm, moist grip. Whoever it was had just impaled herself on me, and now she began to slowly ride me.

Now this was certainly something I hadn’t envisaged, and all this was clearly being done with the approval of Sophie, so I could be hardly to “blame”. Now I was pleasuring two women, one with a rubber cock and the other the flesh variety. There was nothing I could do, nothing at all. So they rode me as they wished, slowly, then a bit faster and then they stopped for a while taking a breather, I could hear them whispering to each other, and even giggling, clearly having a good time.

Then they started up again, and finally after what seemed an eternity, a very pleasurable eternity, I heard some grunting and squealing, which I took to be them coming. I didn’t recognize the second “voice” but Sophie’s sounds she made when taking pleasure I knew fairly well.  After a short while, the second participant, perhaps Gerda, but I didn’t know for sure, withdrew, and I felt a warm mouth descend on my cock, lick away my come and calmly return my cock back behind the two layers of latex. Then there was a bit more very quiet talking and she was gone!

But Sophie wasn’t finished yet and continued to ride the rubber cock in her own time. I mmffed into it, trying to communicate and breathing hard through the small nose holes in the two masks, but she blithely ignored me, intent on her own pleasure.

Soon she came again and I felt her clench her thighs, holding my head in a vise like grip. She raised herself, pulling back her long skirt and lay down beside me. What a sight we must have been, a latex nun, next to a very effectively cocooned rubber toy. I could do nothing, not even roll to my side and so I lay there, the lower half of my face sticky with her juices. I mmmfed into the large gag, seeking some relief, or even some attention, but Sophie just laughed.

“Oooh, pauvre Al, you have been properly cooked this time, my love. I bet you are wondering who my friend was, mm? Well, my lips are sealed my love, you will never know. But I can say that she was very pleased with your service, yes, very happy indeed. But isn’t this the ultimate fantasy of all men, mmm? To satisfy two women at once, so you should be offering no complaints, ma cherie, we aren’t. And you have to remember that women have fantasies too, you should not forget that.”

No, I wouldn’t, I thought as I sweated in the formidable rubber bag I was stuffed into. Well, my time would come, for sure. Revenge is a dish best served cold, it is said, but I wanted my dear Sophie thoroughly cooked some time in the near future, and as I lay, mute and unmoving in my latex cocoon, some ideas were fermenting.

Sophie was however unperturbed, lying on her side in post coital bliss, running her gloved hand over my smooth shell, quite pleased with herself, I’m sure. After a lengthy, silent reverie Sophie carefully removed my dildo mask. I took a few lungfuls of air and Sophie brought me over a large glass of water and lifting my head allowed me to re-hydrate, my attentive latex nun at my side.

“Wow, that was incredible, Sophie, my love, look you have to tell me…”

“No, no, my sweet it will be my little secret, with my friend of course. You don’t have to feel guilty in any way, I am happy to see her well satisfied, and she is happy too, no more needs to be said.”

“Okay, okay, no more will be said, well now I think it is time for bed, I am beaten.”

“Yes, I can see that.” She smiled down at me. “But you look so beautiful like this, all wrapped up like a nice Christmas present just for me, that I think I will leave you like this.” She leaned over me and kissed me on the lips.

“Oh, come on Sophie, please. Let me out, I’ll be drenched by tomorrow.”

“But that is good for you, sweating it out, opening all your pores, no ma cherie, I like you like this so you will have to suffer for me, yes?”

I was hardly in a position to argue, but some time in the future revenge was in the cards. She pecked me on my rubber-covered forehead and went to the bathroom, where I heard her disrobe and take a shower, and at the same time give her nun’s clothes a good clean. She took her time (I was going nowhere), and finally emerged wearing a pair of white latex panties and bra. As she lay down beside me and pulled a single sheet over us, I noticed that the panties incorporated a large imitation latex labia. She saw me glance at them, giggled, then turned off the light.

I lay on my back in the dark, not really tired but excited at how the evening had gone. I don’t know why Sophie had decided to invite a friend, but if it was all right with them then it was fine with me.

“How do you say? A penny for your thoughts?” Sophie whispered. Her hand rested on my groin, my cock trapped under two latex layers. “I bet you are planning a sweet revenge for your lover, yes? Good, you are very imaginative Al, so I look forward to it, we are going to have many fun times together, I’m sure.”

“Count on it.” I laughed as I could feel her move a finger up and down my shaft. Gradually I drifted off; despite my predicament - or because of it - very content.

Sometime during the night, I don’t know when, I was awoken by stirring by my side, first I felt the zipper of the body bag open, then the zipper to my tight suit. It took me no time to become hard as I said.


“Sshh, sshh.” She said and eased my cock out. Then she took me in her mouth to get me nice and wet, and within a few seconds stretched the rubber lips of her panties apart and lowered herself onto me. Again I was simply a firm rubber cushion for her to gently bounce on, which she did for a long while, taking her time. Finally she came in a stuttering series of gasps, slumped over, resting her arms on my chest, then climbed off, licked the mingled juices of my cock, tucked it away under the two layers of latex, kissed me on the forehead and laying next to me, drifted to sleep. No word was said throughout.

The next morning when she helped me out of the bag and the super-tight suit, my sweat had collected at my feet; there must have been a cupful there. We washed them together, dried and talced them and showered. We dressed (in “normal” clothes), shared a cup of coffee and were on our way. When we parted on the underground Sophie pecked me on the cheek and whispered.

“Your turn, my love. Don’t disappoint me.”

* * *

The following Friday evening I met Tom in our local. This was after the previous revelations in the pub when the girls had given away a lot of their secret fantasies. Tom had a crooked grin on his face.

“Well well, had a good week did we?”

Okay, let’s stop the game already, what’s up?”

“Had a chat with Gerda last night. She and Sophie had been on the phone for a full hour I suppose, seems you had quite an evening the other night.”

“Christ, are there no secrets left in the world? What did she tell you?”

“Don’t get your back up Al, everyone honours everyone else’s privacy, even though we are all the best of mates. But Gerda and Sophie seem to be “like” spirits. You know they chat all the time, and I’m sure Sophie meant no harm in telling her some of the evening’s fun. Never mind how much she said, it sounds as though you and Sophie have quite the relationship going, yeah?”

“Tom, we have a fantastic relationship… which I don’t want to mess up.” Tom held his hands up in mock surrender.

“And you’re not going to, Sophie told Gerda that it was the best time she has ever had, okay? You know Gerda is into the edgy stuff, the latex and the bondage, and so am I – anything to keep the crazy woman happy, I told you that Sophie looks upon her as a friendly listening post. So relax. I understand you got into some major latex and bondage play, good for you old pal. No one forced the other party, everyone had a great time, so chill out Al, okay?”

“Talking of “parties” Tom, did Gerda mention anything about a third party?”

“What? Third..?” He seemed surprised and then a wide grin covered the lower half of his face.

“You mean… there was… you had a threesome with Sophie and……?”

“That’s the point, I don’t know who? I was, well, unable to identify the other “party”. I was, let us say, immobilized, and otherwise engaged with Sophie and then, this other woman hopped on for the ride. Sophie was thoroughly impaled on my face, getting fucked by a rubber dildo mask that she had zipped onto my head, and this other woman, who was clearly in it from the start, and had been hiding in the house somewhere, unzips the rubber bag I’d been stuffed into, pulls out my cock and rides me like a chariot.”

Tom just about spluttered his mouthful of beer over me, as he burst out laughing.

“I had heard from Gerda that you had been on a bit of a shopping spree, I know because you went to a couple of places that she and I go to. But I didn’t realize that you had made quite the investment, rubber body bags, masks with dildos, sounds like a whole load of fun. It certainly didn’t take Sophie long to get up to speed.” He laughed.

“Like a duck to water, Tom, she’s bloody possessed, but don’t get me wrong, I’m loving every second of it. But who was the “other” woman? I have to be honest with you, I figured it for Gerda as, well, she’s not the person who hides her sexuality, if you see what I mean.” But Tom was no wiser.

“Could have been, certainly, but she hasn’t told me, and she won’t if she chooses not to. But Al, I wouldn’t put it past either of Suzi or Mandy either, really. They may not parade it like Gerda, or to a degree Sophie, but that little episode could easily have been either of the other two. Anyway, we’re never going to know, unless they want us to.”

“Do you think I should tell James and Pete?” He didn’t take a second to think.

“It was your night of joy, Al, so it’s up to you, my lips are sealed but I don’t see any problem in it, as we all know by now, we are all pretty broad minded”. So later on when the other guys arrived, very slowly after a couple more beers, I told them.

Their reaction was identical to Tom’s. Neither seemed in the least bit concerned that the other party could have been their girlfriend. It wasn’t as if I had anything to do with it - and they were right! Pete said.

“Well, I say lucky you, as we all said the other night none of us would turn away the chance of pleasuring any of our ladies.” And it was James of all people that followed up, which seemed to get the whole concept rolling.

“And, it seems now, that they wouldn’t turn away the chance of having their way with any of us, at least Al anyway… so maybe there is an opportunity for a bit of fun and frolics there.”

And so a “plan” was formulated. Over the next two or three weeks we discussed the pros and the cons. We fine-tuned the scenarios, the preparation of the summer house and Tom (and me to a lesser degree) were deemed in charge of the acquisition of all the clothes and all the other “accoutrements” and equipment.

Finally, we met again to make the final decision, one which we would all have to agree to. The other three were all in, now it was me…..

“Hey Al, helloooo, ground control to Major Al, are you hearing me, Major Al?” I had been miles away, going back to our times at college, and the unbreakable friendship that we had built up. I looked up at them all.

“Sorry guys, just thinking, sorry.”

“Well you have been out of it for about half an hour old mate, so it’s time for a decision, we think, but no hassle, take your time.”

“No, no, I’m ready, really, there was doubt at first, yes, but I’m in guys, I’m in. But remember we may have agreed to this, that’s the easy part, what about the girls? This all falls flat if they don’t buy into it.” They all clapped me on the back.

“That’s where you come in, Al. You’re the advertising man, eh. What’s it you do, you get people to buy into stuff they don’t need. This is the same, you get to convince the girls it will be all great fun, finally living out their fantasies.” Tom said.

“And if they don’t buy into it?”

“Aaah yes, well then we have to move to Plan B, which this was all about, yes? Anyway, they’ll buy into it, you are going to convince them Al.” He seemed very confident, but I was not so sure, Plan B could go very bad, with a lot of nasty repercussions.

And so the wheels had been set in motion. The clothes and some of the equipment would take a while, several weeks to be made, but we knew all our girls measurements and within a few days they had been passed on to the various parties.

* * *

A few years ago we had jointly bought an old farmhouse south of the city and within walking distance of the coast. In fact there was a tiny, sandy bay, well hidden from the adjacent dirt road that we had sort of adopted, and no one had ever passed by while we were there.

It was a big old pile within a few fairly secluded acres, mostly treed. We all had a 25% interest in it, but it needed work and we spent many weekends and the odd week working on it. We did nothing fancy to it, just made it waterproof, comfortable and livable, warm in Winter and cool in Summer. It had four good sized bedrooms with large king beds, two full bathrooms with separate showers and large living, family and dining areas downstairs. The kitchen was large, with a five feet by ten feet old dining table in the centre and eight old wood chairs with arms surrounding.

The house could therefore accommodate eight people easily, which it had done in the past on many occasions. There were old exposed beams on the upper level and on the lower level supporting the upper floor, and these we had retained, together with the original hooks and rings embedded in them for I don’t know what.

Adjacent to it was a barn/stable building. Over the same period we had adapted this to garage facilities, and a small suite, living quarters and one very large bedroom. The suite stretched at least 60 feet by the building’s 20 feet width together at one end with a large bathroom with big whirlpool (to accommodate at least eight!) WC, bidet and shower. It was great for guests and if they didn’t mind bunking together could look after at least four adults as we had placed two king sized beds in the single bedroom.  The garden was big, not very well kept but we had a small swimming pool put in which was fun on long summer evenings. We had pumped a lot of money into it but there were four of us sharing costs so it worked out very well.

Well before our latest plans we had all planned to spend three weeks there at the end of August, all the girls were up for it, and we had coordinated our schedules so that we took it off at the same time.

Other than the selection and ordering of clothing, accessories and equipment pretty well everything else carried on as before. We all had our work to do, we’d meet in the pub and have the odd dinner or lunch together, we’d get on with our lives as normal… and Sophie and I explored our new-found interest in latex bondage games!

James and Suzi, and Pete and Mandy didn’t give much away but I sensed that they were more adventurous than the average couples and could be in the experimenting mode as well.

Tom and Gerda? Well, I had a pretty good idea what was going on over there now. While the clothes and other goodies were being put together, life carried on much as before.


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