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Four Play 2: An Evening at Home with Sophie

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2015 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; latex; maid; tease; bdsm; spank; bond; cuffs; revenge; shopping; costumes; catsuits; hoods; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

story continues from part one

Part 2: An Evening at Home with Sophie

It was only about a week after this night at the pub that I came home quite late after beating myself to death at the office. I was dog tired as I entered the house. The lights were on and I could hear Sophie in the kitchen. I shouted out a hello, dumped my stuff in the hall and joined her. I turned the corner and was stopped in my tracks.

“Christ!” My mouth dropped. Sophie turned to me, her head lowered and said in a whisper.

“I’m sorry my master, but rubbermaid forgot to make you your dinner. I think I need to be punished.” To be honest I had nearly forgotten her little speech the other week, I can’t imagine how anyone could forget that image, but for my sins I did. Now she stood in front of me, in all her latex glory, a sly smile on her face. I felt my heart skip a beat as I inspected her closely.

“Does my master approve of what he sees?” I tried to find my voice, but could just nod.

As she said she would, Sophie was now dressed as the “classic” French maid, but all in the shiniest latex you could imagine. Starting at the bottom, she had on black pumps with, at least I think, five inch heels. I don’t think I’d seen her in such high footwear and the effect was very strange, for she stood now taller than me!

Above that was the sleekest pair of black latex stockings. I knew they were stockings and not tights as the skirt portion of the black latex dress was flared and so short I could see the stocking tops and a small flash of Sophie’s tanned thigh. The dress was tight around her slim waist and bust, extending to a high frilled white collar and white cuffs above her elbows. There was however a heart shaped gap at the chest allowing me a glance at the top of her breasts, which were held in a firm latex embrace. On closer inspection I could see the outline of her nipples through the smooth black covering. On her hands and extending to under the cuffs at her elbows she had shiny latex gloves, smooth and sleek, without a crease, to match her stockings. How she got into the gloves and stockings I don’t know - but that was not something I dwelt on. Round her waist there was a small white pinafore pulled together in a bow behind her.

I was speechless.

“I have laid out your bedclothes master, do you wish us to retire to the bedroom?” She smiled coyly; I think she was having problems keeping a straight face, and she held her face down, with her hands obediently behind her back. She had noticed I hadn’t said a word and my face must have been a picture. Well I thought, this is going to be really interesting. Anyway, with a smile I turned the lights out and then proceeded up the stairs.

It was then, as she passed me, and I looked (up!) into her eyes that I got the first whiff of the latex. It’s funny, I had always thought of it as pungent, perhaps even unpleasant - associated with inner tubes or inflatable boats, but as she swept by me the aroma was sweeter, not unpleasant at all, perhaps because it was mixed with Sophie’s delectable scent. In any event, she passed me with a sweet smile and a wink in her eye, and I followed.

On looking up I realized why she had preceded me. She took the stairs very slowly, because of the heels or because she wanted me to have a good stare, I don’t know, but I had a good stare anyway. It was almost impossible not to take a grab at the treat displayed above me.

My view confirmed my observation about the stockings, held up by six suspenders each, she must have had fun pulling them on and keeping everything straight and creaseless. Above them however was another treat, for she has squeezed herself into very tight white latex panties with frills at the hems. I say tight as they explored right into her anal crack, and I’m sure her pussy too. As I followed her slowly, not in any hurry, again the sweet tang of the latex drifted down to me.

We entered the bedroom and I saw she had cleared the bed and now only the bottom sheet and pillows remained. The top sheet remained at the foot of the bed, all other linen gone. She placed her hands demurely behind her back and faced me, still very much in character.

“Master, I have put your night attire in the bathroom, perhaps you would like to wash and ready for bed, before you reprimand me.”

Hhhmm, okay, I thought, let’s play along with this, could be fun. So I went to the bathroom stripped, showered and brushed my teeth. Clearly the latex, or Sophie in the latex, was working on my libido, for throughout the shower my cock stood out like a tent pole.

Draped over Sophie’s towel rail were a pair of shorts, which I assumed was what she meant by attire. They were just like running shorts, mid thigh length with elasticized waist, and at the crotch there were no zipper or buttons, just a fold and flap similar to that on “normal” underpants. I say normal, as these were clearly made of latex, and coloured black. Hmmm, I thought, well this will be interesting. I wouldn’t say by any means that the next couple of minutes were an epiphany, but the sensation of stepping one leg, and then the other into the pants and then drawing them up my legs, was something I couldn’t remember ever having before.

They were like silk - no, satin – no, like nothing I could imagine. It was the strangest moment for me. The cool, smooth material swept up my thighs, and then I had to press my erect cock to my stomach as I pulled it over my groin and up to my waist. They were loose fitting, but not too loose, as I could feel them rustling over my buttocks. All very strange, I thought. They certainly didn’t help in reducing my erection, which was now resting sideways on my abdomen, trapped under the latex. The pants weren’t thin, or thick for that matter, just… well, right. I took a breath and returned to the bedroom.

Sophie was standing by the bed, still in her heels, with her hands behind her back. She asked sheepishly.

“My master looks wonderful in his new pants, would he now wish to discipline me? He can sit on the bed, yes? And I will place myself on his lap ready to receive my punishment?” She gave me a little smirk, but was still in role. So I sat at the end of the bed, feeling the latex pants now fully against my skin, their cool cling being replaced by a warm glow. Sophie stood to my side and lowered, almost fell onto my lap. It was then that I saw that she had handcuffed herself behind her back. I blurted, my first words for a long time.

“Sophie, what have you… where are the keys?”

She wriggled to make herself comfortable, her stomach and lower chest now draped across my knees, her head on its side and resting on the bed. She said, calmly.

“I am rubbermaid master, the keys are on the bedside cabinet, and I am cuffed so that I will not escape your punishment.” I realized I had gone out of character for a second and quickly replied.

“Good, rubbermaid, okay, aaah, erm… and are you ready to accept your discipline, no matter how painful it may be?” For a second, I could see that she now realized that I was going to give her a good spanking. The fantasy was over for now and her cheeks were going to get a good warming.

“I think six on each cheek, for starters.” I said, and saw her about to argue, but then she bit her lips and closed her eyes, perhaps wondering if all this was a good idea after all. She nodded.

“Oui, my master, you must… do what you think is right.” I drew back her dress, exposing her frilly white panties, so tight they were stretched like a drum across her firm buttocks. Before starting I pressed my hand between her thighs and she parted them slightly. I moved my hand up and pushed my thumb between her cheeks, pressing down on the tight latex as I ran my forefinger and middle finger up and own her latex encased labia. She gasped and clenched her cuffed hands together and I could see a sheen of perspiration on her forehead already.  

I did this for a few seconds, her eyes were now closed and she was breathing in short gasps, I’d seen this a hundred times before and never tired of it. But I decided to break the reverie. I placed one hand on her cuffed wrists and gripped them hard and brought the other down, hard I have to say, on her right buttock. There was a loud slap, the latex more than the hand I think, I hope. Her head jumped off the bed and she yelped.

“Merde! You fu… oh, that hurt, you, you.. beast?”

“But you said that Rubbermaid required discipline and punishment and that is exactly what I’m doing.”

“But… but this is too severe, this is not fair, that was… OW?” And I had landed my next slap on her left buttock. I was certain the loud slaps were an exaggeration of the effects on Sophie’s backside, but I have to admit, I was not just gently tapping her. I was enjoying the feeling of the tight latex under my palm, She was beginning to wriggle, waggling her legs to try and squirm off my lap, but I held firm on her wrists. I gave her two more quickly, one on each side.

“Wiggling won’t make any difference, twelve I said and twelve you’ll get.” And I gave her two more, half way there now.

“You pig, you, you… English pig, you.”

“Scottish actually, and there’s no need to play the race card.”

“Ha ha, very funny, you wait til… OW… OW!” Two more landed on the bulls eye. I have to say that I was loving every minute of this. Perhaps I was getting taken away by the moment, I certainly was “in the role”. I gave her two more; we were now up to ten.

“Oh, you bastard, merde, my bottom (I love the way the French say ‘bottom’) is on fire, you’ll have marked me for life.”

“Well the next two won’t do any more harm then.” I replied and finished her off with two quick ones. I looked down and saw there were tears in her eyes and her face was flushed. She looked at me as if she would gladly murder me there and then.

“Be careful what you wish for darling, for it may come true.” I began to gently massage her inflamed, I’m sure, buttocks. I ran my thumb up and down her rear crack, pushing in the tight latex, and ran my fingers up and down her labia, gently pressing the latex between them. In mere seconds she was beginning to rub herself on my lap. I released my hands from her cuffed wrists and she made no effort to squirm away.

We were both silent now, her rubbing on my lap had transported itself to my erection, which had never subsided and my cock was seeking escape from the latex pants, unsuccessfully. We carried on like this for a couple of minutes, she was now breathing in short bursts again, not through pain, but I could see she had moved into another world completely, her eyes were closed, a half smile on her face. I felt her shudder.

As I continued to calmly massage her inflamed buttocks and her pussy, I realized how much I was enjoying the feel of the smooth, warm latex in my hands. It was as if she had been poured into it, or been painted with it. I ran one hand down her shiny thigh, and my other hand moved up her forearm. My cock was ready to burst its latex prison. I heard Sophie let out a quiet groan of pleasure, and I leant back to get the keys to the cuffs. She saw this and said, quite firmly.

“No, not yet, help me up, cherie, onto my knees.” I did this, gently easing her down to her knees between my legs. She saw my cock sticking out from inside the pants, gave me a look and licked her lips lasciviously. I started to move my hand there, but again she said.

“No, leave this to me… master.” And she dropped her head and nuzzled her nose between the fold at the front of my pants. She continued to push her head forward, breathing in the aroma in the air pocket of the pants. Like a dog nuzzling away after a rabbit down its hole she continued to burrow. And then I felt her warm lips, and then her tongue wrap round the end of my cock and gently, oh so gently, began to pull the fellow out of my pants. I heard her giggle, as she gripped me a little harder with her teeth, and then she emerged, triumphant, with my cock firmly wedged in her mouth. She raised her eyebrows as if to say and off we go, hang on for the ride.

I looked down as she sat on her haunches, her hands manacled behind her back and her head slowly bobbing up and down on my cock. This went on for a couple of minutes, she knows me so well that when she felt I was near coming, she would simply withdraw her mouth and look up at me, pursing her lips as if to say oh no yet, we’ve a way to go.

After a couple more minutes, she drew back and whispered.

“Help me on my feet.” I did, so now she was standing between my legs, I folded the front of her very short dress over her pinafore and her white panties were now a couple of inches from my face. I could smell the now familiar aroma of latex and the even more familiar smell of my dear Sophie.

“Now take off my panties.” I thought for a second, who is the master here now, but the offer was not going to be refused. I slipped my fingers either side of her panties and drew them down. They were tough in coming, as they were so tight. But quickly I was staring at her pussy. She generally shaves it clean and leaves a little stripe about a couple of inches in length and an inch wide down to her labia. She was soaking wet, as were the panties which I lifted onto the bed beside me. I twisted her briefly to her side and looked at her buttocks, which to my shame were bright red. I felt immediately horribly guilty that I had taken advantage of her plight and apparently gone well beyond her wishes. She however seemed unconcerned now.

She stretched her legs wide and straddled my thighs, then lowered herself onto me. She was so wet and aroused that I slid into her almost without knowing. In this position we didn’t get the deepest penetration, but that didn’t bother us as she likes to grip the end of my cock in her lower lips and move up and down barely an inch. I placed my hands at her waist, enjoying the smooth feel of the latex dress, and helped her raise and lower herself. She still had her hands cuffed behind her but this she seemed to barely notice. She came again instantly, nodding her head and gasping for air.

I lowered my head to her latex covered breasts, the dress was so tight that I couldn’t ease them out of their firm embrace, so I took one latex covered erect nipple into my mouth and sucked hard. It was a strange sensation sucking on the latex, but certainly not unpleasant. I then gripped it between my teeth and rolled it.

“Merde, no, no… aaahhh.” And I felt her shudder again and looked down to see her legs either side of mine doing an insane dance. As I rolled her nipple, and then the other one in my mouth, I continued to breathe in the heady smell of the latex. Yes, I was in a bit of a daze, and yes, I suppose I was in a kind of heaven, but I couldn’t stop the thought of my strange reaction to this material passing though my mind. It’s just latex, just rubber for goodness sake.

But now, with my face buried in her latex encased breasts I began to see, perhaps, why these “fetishists” had a thing for it. Now I wasn’t a “fetishist” whatever that is, at least I didn’t think so not yet at least – and who cares anyway, but to see Sophie in her latex, to feel her in her latex, to fuck her (sorry) in her latex. Well, nothing more needed to be said.

I couldn’t go on any longer. With Sophie gripping the head of my cock and moving up and down, side to side she knew exactly how to ring my bells. She knew the power she had over me, and she knew I knew. But the thing is, I am more than happy to succumb to her skills. Yes, I am her sex slave, and willingly I place myself at her mercy.

She looked down at me, I saw she was tired too, sweat dripping down her face, she smiled and ground down. Believe me; she can grind down of your cock, hands cuffed behind her back or not, better than anyone, and exhausted, I came.

I fell back onto the bed, and she fell on top, giggling and rolling on her side. I could see she was now uncomfortable so got the keys to the cuffs and released her. She immediately went to the bathroom and cleaned herself then returned with a beatific glow to her face. We said nothing for a while, just lay on our sides looking at each other and savouring the last half hour.

“So, you like my uniform?” She enquired, knowing the answer full well. I said nothing, just smiled and took her breast in my hand and twisted gently on her covered nipple. Ow, ow, she mouthed silently, then rested her head on my shoulder and we drifted off.

We slept for perhaps an hour and then I was awoken as I felt her rubber gloved hands gently take my cock and rub it against my pants. I immediately became hard again, and she laughed.

“Bien, we are ready now, are we?” I certainly wasn’t going to argue. And she moved over on top of me, straddling my stomach and kissing me greedily. I felt her latex covered body rub up and down on my chest as she moved my arms above my head, my face now embedded in her chest. I breathed in the heavy aroma of the latex, my vision lost for a few seconds.

Quickly, far too quickly I heard two faint clicks, and immediately knew that she had now cuffed my wrists together through the rods on our headboard!

“You little minx.” I said, my voice muffled by my face being embedded in her chest. She laughed and sat back on her haunches, straddling me and looking down with a big grin on her face.

“Oh dear, look what I did. The big strong rugby player is now at the mercy of the cute French rubbermaid. Cherie, my bottom is really quite sore you know, so I will have to seek revenge, I’m afraid. An eye for an eye, I think is the term.”

She leapt off the bed and went to the closet, bringing back two leather cuffs attached to two lengths of strong rubber tubing. I got the immediate feeling that this had been planned long before!

“Now just what do you expect… Sophie, don’t you dare.” I began to wriggle around on the bed, but she was very adept at straddling me again and, despite my kicking (in the air, I didn’t intend on kicking her) slipping one cuff and then the other around my ankles. Then she quickly drew the end of the rubber tubing through the headboard and pulled my leg in the air. When it was at a 90 degree angle she tied off the tubing. Despite my evasive action she quickly repeated the procedure with my other leg, and within a few seconds my legs were spread wide and pointing to the ceiling. During all this she was giggling away like a naughty schoolgirl.

She lay on the bed next to me, now completely confident in her power over me. She leaned over me and her hand moved to my pants where she felt my hard cock through the rubber.

“Aaaah, I see, the head, it protests, but the real answer comes from the cock, this does not lie.” She laughed and gave me a hard squeeze. She knelt to my side now, and withdrew my cock from the pants. Holding it firmly in her latex gloved hand, she said.

“It will be better for you, I think, if you do not move around when I punish you, you bad boy.” Then she raised her other hand and brought it down on my raised buttocks.

“Ouch, hey, you devil, you just wait.” But my little outburst didn’t deter her at all, and she then, with a metronomic rhythm, beat me on my backside. I yelped, for I didn’t expect her to hit so hard, and she didn’t hold back, despite the latex pants I was wearing. After I don’t know how many, she stopped, leaned over me, and said.

“I think now we are even, my love. Now we can get back to business.” My bum was stinging, but the pain began to dissipate when I watched her pull on her panties again, wriggling into the tight fit, and straddled my chest again. This time she turned her back to me, raised her skirt and placed her rubber covered arse right on my face. Having settled in like a hen lowering herself on her eggs she leant over and taking my cock in her gloved hand drew it into her soft, wet mouth. I could say nothing, and see nothing, with her bum clamped over my nose and mouth, all I could do was breathe in the heady small of the rubber. She pushed herself back a few inches and now her pussy, encased in latex covered my lower face.

“Work hard my love, push hard with your tongue and nose, see if you can make me come, otherwise I will not reward you at this end.”

Well that didn’t seem fair, I thought, but persevered, probing with my tongue and nose as best I could, while she took her time sucking my cock. I was just about suffocating under her latex pants and skirt, and then I thought, well, this is as good a way as any to go.  The aroma was certainly strong but to be honest I was getting to quite like it, to my own surprise, and I was enjoying the feeling of the smooth rubber pressing down on my face.

We must have been quite a sight, me tied to the bed, my legs spread apart and up in the air and Sophie dressed in her latex costume stretched across me, her face on my rubber covered lap and her groin clamped to my face. After a while she said.

“You have not done very well, my love, have you?” I heard her say. “So we will try something else.” She raised herself from me, and slowly eased herself out of her panties again, and I saw that I had made at least some headway, for the insides were shining with her juices. She straddled me again, with a wicked smile on her face. She rolled the panties into a ball, with her juices outermost, then leaned over, close to my face, her knees either side of my head.

“Open up now, my sweet.”

“No bloody way, I’m not having that in… mmmm.” She had placed her left latex covered hand firmly over my mouth and nose, and pressed down hard. She said calmly.

“Just tell me when you want some air, my love.” I couldn’t move, my head being trapped between her thighs. I looked up, imploringly, which did no good. After maybe ten seconds, she said.

“Now, are you going to behave, hm?” I nodded feebly and with her still holding one hand over my nose, I opened my mouth.

“Sophie, please… aaargh… mmmmff.”

“No, no, no, you bad boy. Come on, wider, wider.” And she really crammed them into my mouth, pushing down with her thumbs. She seemed satisfied when most of the latex had disappeared into my maw! She then sat back, took my cock (still hard), rubbed it along her labia and then with a sigh, slid it inside her. I wasn’t able to eject the huge gag and could only look up at her, mute. The taste in my mouth was a cocktail of the tangy latex and her heady juices. Again, it surprised me that, although I was completely under her control, I found myself aroused – maybe because it was because I was completely under control.

So she sat back, still dressed in her incredible latex maid’s dress, stockings and gloves, and calmly, in her own rhythm, rode me. And, truth be told, although I was trapped under her, my arms cuffed behind the headboard, my legs swaying in the air either side of her and my mouth stuffed with her panties.

The funny thing about these bedroom games, no matter how weird, is that while they may look downright bizarre to the onlooker, if you are on the stage, so to speak, and in the role, then it simply doesn’t feel that way at all. The trick is to enjoy them, play the role to the full, and not to question how silly they may appear. If you start thinking too hard and analyzing, then the illusion and the fun are lost. In short…… who cares what anyone else thinks!

And I was now in the role and, needless to say, having a whale of a time. So, it seemed, was Sophie. Another thought whipped across my mind, sometimes you may know your partner, or think you do, but I’m not sure if you will know everything there is to know about them. And that is the great thing, because there is always something to discover in each other, and this discovery I had made of Sophie had a good chance of changing both our lives.

But all good things come to an end, and eventually she came, timing it perfectly with me, and she lifted herself off me, then without a word, released the cuffs from my ankles and then reached over and unlocked my cuffs over my head. Then she lay by my side and teased her latex panties from my mouth. I took a few gulps and swallowed hard then placed my arms around her latex covered torso, and kissed her deeply. For a while we lay like that, then she said.

“So we are even now?” She asked.

“No way.” I replied. “I get spanked and gagged and stretched out like a fish on a slab. You got away lightly. So, prepare yourself, there will be revenge, some time down the road.”

“I feel my bottom now, it does not feel light to me.” She pouted. “All right, I’m ready for you, my love, you bring it on, as they say. Give me your best shot, but it better be good.”

And I thought about that comment, and decided that it would indeed be good!

“I don’t really want to get out of my pretty costume but I am a bit sticky so let’s shower and go to bed.” That sounded good to me, and we did just that, with me helping her strip out of her tight clothes, the warmth of her body enhancing the pungent aroma of the latex. We cleaned and rinsed the latex and hung it to dry, then showered slowly and sensually – being very careful to gently soap our inflamed buttocks. Very little was said, I got the sense we were both mulling over the previous couple of hours.

After we had dried off and prepared for bed I was amused that both of us, at the same time, reached for our latex pants and we both put them on. A minute later we were under a single sheet in the dark, holding each other.

“Sophie, we have had some wonderful times together but that was something else. But I have to know. What made you choose the latex?” I asked as I ran my hands through her hair. She replied after a few seconds thought.

“Well, I have known that some people get a high from wearing it and I saw it in the window of the shop in Soho, so I thought I would give it a try, why not? It is sexy to look at, it’s shiny and it hugs me in all the right places.”

“I’ll say it does, it probably makes an average body look great, and a beautiful body, like yours my love, look positively incredible.” She hugged me.

“You think I look incredible? What else is there about it?”

“Don’t go fishing for compliments. You know I do. Well, all right, the smell you think you’d dislike, the pungency of it, but I didn’t think that at all, I actually liked the aroma… particularly mixed with your personal musk!”

“Okay, you like me to wear it, you like the way I look and smell, right? Well do you like wearing it too?” She asked, looking intently at me. And strangely, I didn’t have to even think about my answer.

“Well, I have only tried the pants, but yes, I kind of like the smooth touch and the coolness of it, and then the way it warms up. Yeah, sure I could try some more, absolutely.”

“Okay,” she smiled, seeming very pleased with my answer, then slipped her hand down my chest under my latex pants and onto my rigid cock, “then me must go and get some more.” And as she dipped her head under the sheet and moved down to my cock, I thought that was a very good idea.

A Shopping Trip With Sophie

The next weekend, after our “night that changed our lives” we did indeed go shopping. Sophie had planned it all and she seemed quite excited, saying it would be a lot of fun. While most rubber clothing and accessories seemed now to be bought over the internet, there remained in London a few shops still catering to the walk-in customer.

The first shop we went to was what I would call a fun store. The clothes were brightly coloured and inventive, the assistant, a pretty girl no more than twenty decked out in a tight lime green ankle length long sleeved latex dress. There was a lot of giggling as Sophie tried on a number of increasingly fun outfits. Oh my goodness, there was a rubber nun’s outfit in shiny black and white, covering all of Sophie except an oval around her face. Then came a schoolgirl’s outfit comprising a white long sleeved blouse, and crimson skirt, barely covering her bum and showing off her white stocking tops.

I really liked the sexy nurse’s uniform in sky blue with white shoulder length gloves and stockings. I sat back and enjoyed the interplay between the two, Judy, the assistant helping Sophie with the talc and squeezing her into the latex.

I loved her in all of them! And I could see that she loved them too, flaunting herself saucily in front of me. A few other people came into the shop while we were there, singles and couples, and couldn’t help but notice Sophie model the uniforms, one after the other. They seemed very appreciative.

So there had to be only one result, I bought them all. And in addition, she bought a few pairs of latex panties (hiding their design from me), gloves (wrist and shoulder length in white and black), and more stockings, and some very high heeled pumps, in black and white. It was a major hole in my account, but I was so happy that dear Sophie was almost dizzy with delight.

But we were not finished, not by half.

The next place we went to was more utilitarian, for both men and women – capes, macs, boots, catsuits, jumpsuits, hooded anoraks, most of which were in black rubber. Sophie pulled a cape off the rack, ankle length, with a front double zip and side panels for the arms to poke through. It had a full hood and it appeared very similar to the one I had seen Gerda wearing at the rugby game. I remembered what Tom had said about Gerda being naked, except for gloves and boots, and envisaged Sophie likewise, maybe handcuffed as well. I got hard just at the thought. Sophie wanted it, of course.

“It’s just like Gerda’s.” She said and we’ll look like twins when you play rugby next time. That idea also appealed to me – Gerda and Sophie, both in latex, protected from the elements, and both handcuffed. Phew, I was getting hot again.

“Come on, we’ve got to get a few things for you.” I wasn’t aware that we were shopping for me as well, but liked the idea now, and she seemed excited at the prospect and disappeared down a long aisle. Shortly she came back with an armful of black rubber, smiling broadly.

“I have some different designs, but I’m pretty sure of your size. Let’s go and try them on.” I was feeling perhaps a bit nervous but also I have to admit quite excited as we went into the changing room, which thank goodness was large and could accommodate two easily. I was soon stripped off and she helped me smooth on plenty of talc, having a quick feel of me as well.

She opened out the first catsuit, which had a front zipper to an open neck and no feet or gloves attached. As she helped me pull it up my thighs and hips I began to feel myself harden. I couldn’t believe it, could this material simply do this?

Well, it appeared so.

Once we had pulled the zipper up to my neck the latex was already warming up. But I felt it was a little large, so we quickly stripped it off and then Sophie helped me into a size smaller.

Wow, now this was my size. We pulled it over my thighs and I tucked my hands down into the sleeves, then the zipper was drawn to my neck.  I looked in the full length mirror, it looked like I had been painted black, the latex was so figure-hugging. I ran my hands over my thighs and then up my torso, I felt as if I could come just by touching myself. Was I becoming a fetishist?

Well, it appeared so.

I wanted it. Quickly, careful not to tear it, we pulled it off and now that Sophie had my size, held out another suit for me, saying with a lascivious grin.

“I really want you in this one, come on.” I noticed immediately that this one had attached gloves, feet, and… a hood. The double zip started at the waist, went under the crotch and ended at the nape of the neck.

Slowly, with more talc we pulled it up my legs, getting all the air bubbles at as we went along. Once over my hips I dipped my hands in the sleeves and the same process or squeezing out all the air was repeated. To get into the hood therefore required me to dip my head. The suit was already fantastically tight. I stared down at the loose helmet, hanging down from my chest.

“I’m not sure if I can do this.” But Sophie chuckled.

“Sure you can… I want you in this no matter what it takes.” She gave me a stern look and resolutely gripped the opening of the helmet, and as I dipped my head she tugged it over my head. I thought she would pull my ears off, but the rubber expanded surprisingly, and within a couple of seconds I was looking out the two eyeholes. There were also two small holes at the base of my nose and an oval gap opposite my mouth.

“Now this is the fun bit.” I heard her say as she went behind me and rather than zipping up the lower zip, zipped me down, so the two zipper ends met at the small of my back. I let out a sigh as Sophie came round and admired me in the mirror. I was a shiny black statue, not a wrinkle, not a seam showed. The initial cool cling was turning into a warm caress as my body heated up inside it. Sophie gripped me at the waist, staring into the mirror.

“My own sleek, black, sexy seal, mmmm, yummy, good enough to eat.” She noticed my erection imprisoned within the rubber, flat against my abdomen and gently ran her forefinger up the shaft.

“Jeez, don’t, don’t or this suit will need cleaning.”

“So, how does it feel? My lover, you look fantastic, smooth and sleek, I want you in that tonight.” She kissed me hard through the mask, I was indeed ready to come, having Sophie so close certainly helped, but I could not deny having every square inch of my body covered by this enticing material was a contributing factor! I ran my hands over my head, then held them over my mouth and nose, now breathing in the heady aroma.

Slowly, very slowly Sophie helped me extricate myself from its firm grip. I now had two suits to take home. And Sophie had her cape, together with all her costumes from the first store. I was just about done for the day, and frankly wanted to get home and fuck dear Sophie’s brains out.

But Sophie had one more stop and said this would be a treat, and who was I to argue? The car was creaking with the weight of all our goodies and as I parked it I was hoping no one would steal the thing, for if they did they wouldn’t believe what was in trunk.

I had no idea how she had found this one on the internet but from the street you wouldn’t know what was behind the plain black door. She buzzed the intercom, identified herself, she was apparently expected (!) and we entered.

Now this place was not for the faint of heart. This place was for the heavy rubberist! I wasn’t sure that Sophie was really up for this stuff as some of it was very weird indeed. But it appeared that my darling Sophie had a good idea what she was looking for. She walked over to a large bin and delved into it. The bin was full of masks and helmets, far too many to describe all their features, suffice to say there was a mask in there to satisfy the desires of any latex fetishist.

“Al, my dear, don’t you think people are more… uninhibited if they are masked, if they are… anonymous? They are someone else, unidentifiable, so they can do anything, or have anything done to them….” She raised her eyebrows and put her tongue between her lips, almost challenging me. She had clearly thought this through before, and, well, I think I was going to be up to it.

“I think we should get a few, don’t you?” She placed her hand through the neck of a brilliant white full head mask, holding it up in front of her. She smiled, unzipped the back and dipped her head into it.

“Help me, please.” I tugged the edges of the mask and tucked her hair inside as best I could. Then I tugged again, and pulled the zip down.

“Ooh, this is tight, I like this, maybe I should get my hair cut short then it would be easier to get these on.” Hmm, that was an interesting comment I thought, as I noticed the very slight hump at the back of her head where her hair had bunched. As the zip closed at her neck, she ran her hands over her shiny white head and turned to face me.

“So? You like?”

“Oh, I like…… you look incredible, you can wear that with your nurse’s outfit, or maybe the schoolgirl’s.” I ran my hands over her shiny dome, feeling her features just millimetres under. It was a wonderful sensation, she was anonymous behind the mask and yet, she was dear Sophie.

“Okay, let’s try some more.” She continued to rummage away, and then grabbed something more.

“Ooh look, this one we have to get, I want you wearing this one. Lower your head.” I did so, not really getting a good look at the mask, which I could at least see was black. She drew it up over me face and I felt something nudge my lips. Instinctively I opened my mouth and I felt something thick and rubbery slide in.


“Open wider, sweetie.” I heard and did so, and a large thick rubber cock stretched my mouth wide and pushed my tongue down. Quickly Sophie tugged at the ends of the mask and then pulled the zipper down, pushing the cock to the back of my mouth. I breathed slowly through my nose, certainly not used to having a large cock in my mouth, rubber or otherwise. The mask felt tight but quite comfortable although the large cock allowed no room for my tongue to move and when I turned to the mirror I saw why Sophie wanted me to buy this one. For sticking out of the front of my mouth was another thick rubber cock, about six inches long. Yes, I was sure dear Sophie would look forward to sitting on my face (she does anyway) with this cock stuck to it. She cheekily kissed the end of the cock and helped me out of the mask.

We bought a couple of others, including a black one but with a transparent facepiece, one evil looking anatomical one, with no zip, and no eye or mouth holes, just tiny holes at the nostrils and a third even nastier, a zipless one made of two skins or rubber with an inflator at the crown, there were no eye holes, but just an aviator type mask over the nose and mouth portion of the mask with a metal attachment to a re-breather bag. I noted the bag’s air intake could be adjusted to control the oxygen. This looked very heavy duty, particularly when I opened the inside of the mask and saw the stubby penis gag. So the only air would be through the wearer’s nose and would be rubber scented. This was not for the faint of heart, but it didn’t seem to put Sophie off at all.

She couldn’t seem to resist a number of gags. Firstly, a plain red rubber ball with single rubber strap then a meaner looking inflatable gag with a series of straps, under the chin, either side of the nose and over the head and around the ears, and a large ring gag to go behind the teeth leaving the mouth gaping and ready for any intruder!

She bought a couple of plain rubber blindfolds with double rubber straps to go behind the head, She also bought thick rubber cuffs for ankle and wrists, and fingerless, thumbless rubber mittens, with straps at the wrist and self-closing D rings at the fingertips. Simply by pushing the rings together the spring loaded section would snap closed. Very easy to put on, very difficult to take off…..

I was pretty exhausted by now, on rubber overload, but the final purchase, at least for this day, was a tight, thick rubber body bag, with internal sleeves and a double front zip up to a high collar. It seemed on the small size, okay for Sophie certainly, but for me, I wasn’t sure. Once in that you wouldn’t be going anywhere. I fantasized stuffing Sophie in that for a while and letting her simmer, maybe opening the zip at the crotch and playing with her at my leisure - but the look she gave me was one that suggested that she wanted me in it.

We were finally done, and having filled the car we made it slowly back to the house. We didn’t say much, perhaps each of us was planning an assault on the other. I rather fancied giving Sophie a good paddling as a schoolgirl, while she was thoroughly gagged and masked. What she was thinking I didn’t know, but having seen her now race through these shops, being very clear on what she wanted, I got the feeling that maybe she’d been to them before and therefore our latex adventure was not an initiation for her. There was more to this than met my eye, I thought.


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