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Finishing School 8

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; latex; bagged; fem; cons; X

Part Eight

After the endeavours of the afternoon and evening I was hungry and very tired. I went to the dining room and it was empty. I passed into the kitchen and it too was empty but I helped myself to some fruit and a glass of milk and sat down on my own in the dining room. I felt a bit lonely, I had to admit, after all the excitement of the day. I was hot, sweaty and I needed a shower and some sleep. But just then a voice cheered me up.

“A beautiful girl all dressed up in rubber gear eating alone – doesn’t seem right.” I looked up and there was Emma with a broad smile on her face.

“Need some company, I’ve missed you, have you missed me?”

“Actually, yes I have, please sit. Can I get you….”

“No, I’m fine, so how did it go with Pet?” She sat close to me and I was truly happy to see her again. She looked as if she was ready for bed for she wore loose pyjamas of thin yellow rubber, with frills at neck, wrists and ankles. She looked very cute and almost innocent, which I knew she wasn’t!

“It went great, we had a super time. I fed her some candies and she had some water and we enjoyed the evening sun.” I stopped there and we made eye contact.

“And? Come of Maxine, I smell something here; I think I know you well enough now. What’s up?” She placed her arm around me; she was very good at this I had to admit.

“Nothing, nothing is up.”

“Oh dear,” she giggled, “am I going to have to punish you, to get the truth out of you?”

“Don’t be silly, nothing happened, really.”

“What if I said I promise to tell no one else at all if you tell me the truth?”

“Why would I believe you?”

“Ah ha, so something did go on, I knew it. Come on, out with it, or I’ll have you in that inflatable rubber bag in the hall by morning – and you can stay there all day.”

“I’ll probably be there anyway, without your help.” I mumbled. I took a deep breath; I was toast, one way or the other. “All right, here’s what happened.” And I regaled her with the story, leaving nothing out, including me bringing Pet to an orgasm in the woods and, I couldn’t believe myself here, leaving them together in Miss Broads study.

She was silent for a while, I think trying to believe if I was telling the truth and yet knowing I couldn’t make this up. Then she smiled and hugged me; it was not what I was expecting.

“Oh, you’re so silly, don’t you understand that this is what all of us wanted, the prefects here have wanted for months; that Miss Broad and Pet would come to their senses. None of us had the courage to confront them…..but you did, Maxine, you did and you have only been here a few days. I don’t know what will come out of it; I suppose we will find out tomorrow. Look I promise I will tell no one at all of this. We will just see what transpires tomorrow, all right? But you have to be prepared to take your punishment, we all hope that they can reconcile but if Miss Broad doesn’t concede, I guess you know you’re in for it, and none of us can help you.”

“Gee, thanks Emma, I never thought of that! Of course I know I am on my own here, not for the first time either.” Emma looked saddened at my outburst.

“Well, I’m sorry Maxine, but that is the way it is, all right. We all really like you and Sarah but you went out on a limb there.”

“And if I hadn’t then Pet would have to carry on her life just as it is now, and with you lot doing nothing about it at all.” I accused her.

“Touche, yes, I suppose you are right, so shoot me.” She was hurt I think and I didn’t want that but it was my neck, or cock, or whatever that was going to get the punishment. I dismissed it.

“Anyway, forget it, what’s done is done. No one forced me to do what I did….unlike a lot of what has been done to me here.” I smiled ironically.

“Look, I’m really tired, after all the filming with Peter, dumping him off at his flat, the bondage class and all this with Pet, I’m finished. Could you just put me to bed now, whatever you have planned for me I don’t care, I really don’t, I could sleep for 12 hours straight.”

“Gee, and I had such big plans for tonight!” She smiled and gripped my corseted waist. “Lighten up Maxine, it’s not the end of the world and yes, all of us prefects are wimps. I have some ideas for you tonight, nothing too strenuous and we can go up now if you want.”

“Yes, I would, thanks.” So we left the dining room, her arm still around me. We passed Miss Broad’s room and Emma gave me a sneaky smile as we went up the stairs past some girls chatting in groups. We made it to Emma’s room and she helped me out of my clothes. This was done in relative silence, I was not really mad at her, just tired and a little nervous about what might happen in the morning. She helped me out of the corset and the relief I felt was enormous. Finally I peeled off my gloves and stockings and without any embarrassment stepped out of my panties; after all I had nothing to hide from her now.

I did my ablutions, brushed my teeth and then took a long, very hot shower, still not quite used to my hairless, smooth body, but getting there. I dried off and returned to the bedroom, a bit nervous for what she had planned for me.

“You should be able to relax in this.” She said, pointing to the bed. Laid out was a tight, black rubber body bag with attached full head mask. It had a single front double zip extending to the bottom of the neck and narrow single leg. It was open and I could see two attached sleeves inside. The attached mask had eye, nose and mouth holes and would have to be entered through the narrow collar in the bag. Once inside I would be going nowhere! Frankly I was so tired after all the excitement of the day that I was quite looking forward to snuggling up inside it and dropping off for the night. I needed no encouragement to sit in the bag and slide my feet into the single leg. I shivered as the cool rubber caressed my legs, and I felt a stirring in my groin. Emma saw this and smirked.

“I’ll have to get you zipped up quickly before you start doing some damage with that.” And she gently slapped my hardening cock. As I sat upright she brought the head of the bag up to level with my shoulders and raised it above my head.

“All ready?” I nodded and I pushed my head through the narrow neck and she adjusted the tight mask to my features. When satisfied I nodded and said “okay” and slipped my arms into the attached sleeves, then lay back, my head resting on the rubber pillow. The open zip extended from just below my crotch to my neck and Emma placed her hand on my cock, now hard, gently pushing it down and then drew the double zip up to my neck. I was now very efficiently imprisoned. The rubber quickly began to warm up as Emma, with a cheeky smile, ran her hands over the bag.

“You look and feel like a sleek seal, all sinew and muscle underneath, but so smooth and sexy on the outside – and so vulnerable down here!” She ran her finger up and down the outline of my hard cock through the rubber. I groaned with pleasure and was almost ready to come there and then, but she thankfully stopped.

“Don’t want to make a mess; we’ll leave that for later.” I wondered what she meant but was now so comfortable I was almost drifting off already. It had been quite a day – all the adventures with the filming of Peter’s demise, the classes and then with Pet and Miss Broad. Within seconds I was asleep, comfortable in my rubber womb.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep but I was roused when I felt hands rubbing up and down my smooth body bag. I stirred and said something to the effect of “who’s there?” Then I heard Sarah’s voice.

“Hello, my rubber lover.” In the moonlight I felt her lie by my side; the bed was easily wide enough for two. Her head was next to mine and she continued to rub her hand over my trapped body.

“Emma said you were a little tired from all your endeavours today, and were stressed about something between you, Pet and Miss Broad. She wouldn’t tell me what it was but that it was very important and that she thought you needed some relaxation. She also said you needed a big reward and could I think of anything. I said I may be able to come up with something, so…..we decided to change places for the night. Emma and Peggy trust us implicitly now and know we are not going to run off; well we aren’t, are we, not yet anyway. So she’s with Peggy and I, lucky me, I’m with you.”

Then I felt her move her body straddle mine and lips clamp on mine and we kissed hungrily, it’s amazing how when you feel tired something can somehow make you feel very alert again! As we broke for air and she sat back on my chest I saw she was wearing a sexy little baby doll outfit in bright yellow with short ruffled sleeves and frills at her bust line. It barely covered her crotch and she coyly lifted the hem so that I could see matching yellow panties. She looked good enough to eat, which I’m sure was going through her mind too!

With an evil grin she swivelled and slid her backside up to my face as she dipped her head out of sight. I felt the zip being released around my groin and a rush of cooler air. Then with a giggle I heard.

“Now then, what do we have here? Mmm, this is a big one, how on earth am I going to get this into my mou…..mmmmm.” And her warm, moist mouth was on me and her tongue was rubbing the underside of the shaft. Oh my God, how could I hold on? She continued to giggle and play; she was having a great time. She withdrew and then licked the end and then tenderly bit and nibbled. But she knew me too well, and when I was on the edge she slid her fingers under my balls and pushed hard against that smooth area between my sac and my arse. I don’t know what they call it but it worked like a charm and I was stopped from coming.

“Let’s not rush this, eh rubber lover?” She then returned to pleasuring me with her mouth. Soon I started to groan.

“Oh god, please Sarah I’ve got too come….”

“You’re making too much noise sweetie. I’m going to have to quieten you, I know what; this should keep you quiet and give you something to concentrate on.” She laughed and slid her body back over mine until her backside rested on my face. The panties were gossamer thin and I could immediately feel her pussy lips against my mouth. I pushed my tongue out and she laughed.

“Mmm, that’s good, now work away down there and I won’t suffocate you by clamping my nice rubber buttocks over your face, work hard now, and if you are a good boy I will give you a reward.” She laughed again and then her lips were over my cock again.

Her panties were so thin and flexible I was able to ease them aside with my nose and tongue and work on her clit, the aroma was intoxicating, a pungent mix of rubber and Sarah herself. She was now soaked and close to an orgasm, but then rose up.

“Okay, time for some exercise.” And she turned round to face me again. She dexterously pulled off her panties and thrust herself down on my cock with a squeal of delight. She rode my prone figure like a horse, gripping with her knees and bouncing on the bed. My hands and legs were useless, I was just a cock! But this did not deter her and she came once and then again, and then again.

I could not hold back anymore and started to make quite a bit of noise that seemed to amuse her. She giggled and then leant over me and before I could close my mouth she had stuffed her panties in it. Rather than deter me, the taste of her juices mixed with the rubber made me more aroused, and very shortly I came with a muffled groan. Then she leant over, withdrew the panties and kissed me tenderly through my tight mask.

She lay by my side again for a while, then stretched over to Emma’s bed and pulled off the rubber sheet, laying it over the both of us. I was so hot now I didn’t need it but it must have given her some warmth in the cooling night air. We drifted off to sleep, for a while!

We made love - or at least she made love to me, for I was still enveloped by the bag and my contribution was not as much as I would have liked - four more times that night. I do not consider myself a stud, far from it. I don’t know what it was though – maybe the fact that I was immobile and completely in her hands that she was voracious.

She could of course have released me from the bag, I was only zipped in and there were no locks, but it didn’t seem to cross either of our minds. We bathed in this novel approach and she loved running her hands over my rubber-covered body. She faced me; she faced away from me; she lay on me; she sat on me, with my nose firmly between her bum cheeks as she gave me precise instructions as to what I was to do with my tongue. She used her mouth, tongue, teeth, lips, fingers and nails (oooh). We didn’t seem to tire, but between sessions we snatched naps.

30.05.06 continued in part nine

* * *

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