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Finishing School 9

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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Part Nine

We were woken by the early sun and as we drifted in and out of that wonderful mid sleep/awake feeling Emma returned.

“Well I hope you are relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time, because we have a big day ahead.” She pulled back the rubber sheet and playfully slapped Sarah’s backside, now covered in her flimsy panties again.

“Poo, what a stink, I don’t even want to know what you have been up to, although I can guess. Okay, Sarah, up you get and off to Peggy, she’ll get you showered and dressed while I deal with this sleek seal here.” Sarah stood and bent over to give me a last kiss, then winked and left. I heard her run down the corridor; she must have been a fine sight in her yellow baby doll and panties!

Emma, still in her loose yellow pyjamas, soon had me out of the bag, making disparaging comments about the mix of sweat and….other juices. Some poor pupil would be cleaning it soon, I thought. Before showering I noticed a very faint return of my beard line and asked Emma for some cream. I had no hesitation in removing my light beard line, if I was going to present myself as a woman I had long decided I would be as beautiful one as I could! After I applied it, I waited while Emma showered, then followed her in.

By the time I had returned to the bedroom Emma was already dressed in her uniform of black blouse and short flared skirt, with matching grey gloves and stockings and four inch pumps. Around her waist was the belt with the assorted gags and cuffs. She was finishing her make-up and pulling her hair back in a loose pony tail; as always she looked fresh and cute.

“Your uniform is on the bed, come on, let’s get going.” I have to say that my cock and balls were a bit sore after all their exercise the night before and it was with some care that I pulled on the pussy pants and slid my cock down the internal sleeve. She grinned without saying anything as she handed me the standard issue white panties. Emma then helped me draw up the black stockings and don the corset with the breast implants. As she laced me up, I could detect again that perhaps my waist was reduced by another half inch.

While doing this I attached the stockings to the six suspenders of the corset. I felt the boobs of the corset and was amazed at how normal they looked and felt. I put on the white blouse and buttoned it to my neck. It was quite form fitting and it certainly didn’t hide my ample bosom. I then pulled on black gloves and buttoned the sleeves over them at the wrists. I stepped into the flared black skirt and fastened it at the side; it came down to my mid thigh, but I was now getting used to wearing skirts this short. Finally she handed me a rubber school tie and I had to chuckle as it was of the same colours as my old school tie, light and dark blue diagonal stripes. I straightened my collar and now looked quite the saucy schoolgirl. All that was needed was the make-up, which I applied now myself, under her instruction and we were off down to the dining room.

The thirty or so girls, dressed similarly to me, but with the odd variation assembled and stood at the long tables, the prefects, similarly attired as Emma at the head. In silence we waited for Miss Broad. I could feel my heart pumping. How will she have reacted to the events of the previous night? And how was I going to be treated?

The answer was not long in coming.

She entered the room to an audible gasp from the assembled girls. As she strode to her place one step behind her strode a beautiful young woman head held high. She was dressed identically to me, white blouse, blue tie, short black skirt, and black stockings and gloves. She was tall, six feet at least in her heels and had fine angular features and short, wispy light brown hair. Her body was slim, her legs long and well muscled and her breasts ample. We all knew who this was, it was Pet!

As Miss Broad motioned us to sit, they remained standing. I looked at Pet and she caught my eye, she smiled shyly and gave an imperceptible nod, then looked around the room slowly as if orienting herself, which I suppose she was, for all she had ever seen of the school outside her rooms had been from the vantage point of her doggy suit. Miss Broad broke the silence.

“Good morning, girls. You will see today that standing beside me we have a new student. Her name is….Camille.” Camille smiled here. “It is no secret to any of you that she has been with us for the last eighteen months as……well….my Pet. However….” She seemed to be having trouble forming her thoughts. “Events over the last day or so have led me to realise that….I had made a big mistake in my judgment of…Camille. I stand before you now and admit that.” She turned to Camille and they exchanged a look that only lovers can do.

“What is in the past will stay there, mistakes made….and forgiven.” Here Camille nodded slightly.

“We both felt it right that if Camille continues to live here she should do so as a student and…graduate like all the rest of you. She is happy to do so, the only proviso being that her quarters remain with me.” Miss Broad glanced round as some of the girls exchanged looks and then knowing smiles.

“However I want to make it perfectly clear to all girls, and particularly prefects, that she is during the day to be treated no differently than any other pupil. She transgresses, and she will be punished, and it was Camille that was adamant that it should be so.”

I caught Camille’s eye again and smiled back at her. She had told me of course that she was a natural sub and I had a sense that she might even transgress, just a bit, to test her boundaries with the prefects.

“There is really little more to say, she is now one of you, a student here to learn and be subject to all the rules and regulations of the school. Now eat, and we will assemble in the hall after breakfast.” Miss Broad then, at last, glanced over at me, our eyes held and I had a sense that the meeting in the hall may just have something to do with me!

So, as everyone else settled in to their breakfasts, chatting away at the big news I managed to force some food down, in the knowledge that something was round the corner. Under the table, Emma gave my thigh a friendly pat and she gave me an encouraging smile. When finished, we all assembled in the large entrance hall. Miss Broad leant against the long table. She looked very cool and rather stern in a tight chocolate brown latex dress which flattered her fine figure. It extended down from a high mandarin collar to her knees, over coffee coloured gloves and stockings and dark brown shoes. The school stood around her in a large semi circle, Emma was on one side of me, and then I noticed Camille move to my other side. Miss Broad spoke.

“We have only one discipline for today, and that will be brought on Maxine.” I felt the eyes of the school on me, and Camille exhale; I swallowed hard and stared at Miss Broad as she continued.

“Maxine and I had a……..contretemps….yesterday. I…..won’t go into any detail about the nature of it; it is of no consequence to anyone else here. The reason that it will be administered here and not my study is a timely reminder that no matter what your position here and in what regard you are held, everyone is accountable for their behaviour. Suffice to say that this….punishment will be the first and last remedy for her…..indiscretion. Maxine, step out here, please, and Camille, go to my study and get the leather paddle from my desk.” There was whispering from the assembly as I looked at Camille, who did not move but stood there, biting her lip. Miss Broad spoke again, quietly addressing Camille.

“I won’t ask….order again, Camille.” And with this Camille turned with a flourish and went to the study, as I stepped forward, my heels echoing in the now quiet hall.

“Lean over the table, Maxine, spread your legs, wider now. I shall administer……eighteen strokes with the paddle, one for each month that I have been foolish to keep Camille as my pet.” There was a low gasp from the school, as Camille returned and, head held low to avoid eye contact with her mistress, handed Miss Broad the paddle.

She raised my short skirt, exposing my white panties backside and stockings to the whole assembly, I had expected a titter of amusement, but there was none. I saw out of the corner of my eye Camille step back and join Emma. Then Miss Broad swung her arm. There was a loud slap and I spread my arms for better balance as the pain worked through my system. Then as I tried to breathe steadily she took up a slow rhythm of swings, the target changing from one cheek to the other and then a little down to the tender exposed flesh of my thighs between pants and stocking tops. I started to count but soon as the pain increased I simply clenched my teeth and waited for it to stop. It probably only lasted a minute but it felt like an eternity.

When she finished she laid my skirt back down and I stood, my arse on fire and my cheeks flushed. Miss Broad looked me in the eye and then addressed the assembly.

“That is all for this morning, we have classes for this morning and activities for this afternoon. “She smiled conspiratorially at Emma. “Emma, come to my office please and bring Camille and Maxine, the rest of you are dismissed to your classes.”

The girls parted as she strode through them to her study, paddle in hand. Emma and Camille approached me as the others dispersed. Emma dabbed my flushed face with a paper towel from a small pack at her waist while Camille placed her arm around me.

“Well, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised at the outcome, I’m so sor……”

“Forget it. “ I said. “I knew what risk I was taking. If this is the only discipline then I think I can take it, God, my arse is on fire.” Emma chuckled and pecked me on the cheek.

“There’s my Maxine, toughing it out.”

“So,” I said to Camille “if I’m not being indiscreet, and seeing how I just paid for it, how was last night?”

Camille grinned from ear to ear.

“I hope it will assuage your pain if I tell you it was fantastic. I kept her in the chair, gagged for a while. I have to say that I quite enjoyed the dom role if only temporarily. After I got her hot and wet, I eventually worked off the velcro cuffs with my teeth, she removed her panty-gag – I really liked that touch Maxine, and we, how do they say….retired to the bedroom. It was a wonderful night and we didn’t stop talking, well except to….” And she laughed.

“Well, mine wasn’t too bad either, Emma here conspired to get Sarah to share the night with me, so we also, well….” Emma interjected.

“So am I the only one that didn’t get any fun?”

“You will soon, Emma, just leave that to Sarah and me.”

“Come on, we have to see Miss Broad.” We then walked to her study, knocked and entered. She was behind her desk, reading letters, and raised her head as she saw us.

“Take a seat Emma and Camille, Maxine come and lean over here.” She pointed to her desk and I thought oh no, not more of the paddle! Camille spluttered.

“But Linda, Miss Broad, you said….”

“Quiet Camille, silence! Are you going to turn into a difficult student?” Then I felt my skirt raised, my white panties pulled open and something very cold slipped between them and my pussy pants underneath. She had slid a cooling ice pack down my panties! I groaned in relief as the cold dampened my fire from my cheeks.

“Now stand there Maxine, I don’t expect that you will want to sit for a few minutes. I assure you in a short while you will be fine.” She sat at her desk. “Now let me explain something to you. This school is run on one thing, discipline. Should that be breached then you have chaos. No, Maxine, I didn’t want to do what I did….but I did what I had to – to keep the integrity of the school. That may sound silly to you now but it is important to me. Believe it or not I could have tanned that pretty backside of yours harder. So it is over, and I want to thank you for your courage and foresight to see what Camille and I mean to each other. We have turned a new leaf and we owe it to you.”

Camille rose and pecked me on the cheek.

“What can I say….ditto.”

“All right now ladies, I have an assignment for you.” She looked at the paper in front of her. “We have a pick-up this morning. Emma, I spoke about this to you yesterday. Now this is what I have thought. Normally you take Peggy and one of the other girls, but I was wondering how you would feel about taking Maxine and Camille on this one?”

We all knew this was the test; we had to leave the school, pick up some unwilling new victim and bring her back. There would be endless opportunities for escape. And yet, I knew Miss Broad didn’t really consider it a risk at all, she knew me pretty well now, and Camille too. Emma, without hesitation glanced at us both and said.

“I think that would be a great idea, we’ve seen Maxine handle Peter and I’m sure Camille will be a great help, yes, I’m for it.”

“Good, well Emma you are familiar with the file so you had better apprise the others and make your plans. The father has been informed of your arrival, the mother will not be there – too traumatised - nor any others except the poor unknowing Imogen, who I think we can be assured will not be too willing, so be armed and plan well. Off you go now; I have to plan this afternoon. Oh, before you go, Maxine, you might want a fresh one of these.” She stood and opened a mini fridge behind her and gave me a fresh ice wallet. I eased the already warming one from between my panties and we exchanged looks as I replaced it with the cold one. As we left, Emma patted my padded behind and said.

“Feeling better?” I nodded, for I did, a lot better.

“Good, because I don’t want an invalid on our trip! We’ll take the Range Rover; all the stuff we need is in the back. I put it there last night. I will prep you on our victim and the family and how we will operate on the way, it’s a good hour to get there and you will be well prepared by the time we arrive.”

We were walking to the car, I had to chuckle as the ice wallet moved between my two layers of panties, but it had done the job and I was feeling a lot better. I was quite excited at this, a chance to get out, and frankly the idea of a kidnap and subsequent rubber immersion (consented to by the parents) of a young tearaway girl kind of appealed to my new, pervy senses!

I could tell that Camille was excited as well; she took my arm and said.

“I can hardly believe this, yesterday I was still in my doggy suit and now – thanks to you, Maxine – I am upright, dressed to the schoolgirl nines in rubber and am about to leave the school under my own steam for the first time in eighteen months.” Emma opened the back of the car and tossed us each a large black rubber garment, which turned out to be a long cape.

“Put these on now. In case we get stopped or some “nosies” peer in at the window, dressed like that you two will give them a heart attack. We chuckled and helped each other on with the capes, which covered us from the high collar down to our ankles, there were slits in the side to allow us to push our arms through but all that remained exposed was our faces, Emma also donned one as well.

“God, I feel like a nun in this.” Said Camille, and Emma and I both glanced at each other, before I said.

“Considering what you were up to last night, I hardly think you fit that description.” She playfully punched me on the arm as Emma told us to get in the back. She would drive as we studied the file together. As we drove off I felt a sense of excitement within me, here we were all geared up in rubber going to kidnap some poor girl and bring her back to our “institution” to be transformed. It was all very naughty and no doubt illegal.

Imogen, the girl in question, was all of eighteen, just out of high school and ready for university. But Imogen had a mind of her own, although obviously very bright and more than qualified had fallen in with the wrong crowd, as we read this I looked at Camille and she raised her eyebrows, now seeing perhaps why Miss Broad had sent her on this mission. Imogen was into drugs and there was only one way from there - down. Daddy was a Sir John something and had pots of money and a reputation to uphold, which his daughter could very easily ruin. Simply, Imogen was to be brought in line, to learn the error of her ways, a wayward child to be brought back onto the rails. Sir John was very rich and was going to pay the school a lot of money to transform her child back into an obedient, appreciative daughter again.

My backside was now just a warm throbbing feeling and I gingerly removed the ice wallet with relief, now I was ready for action. Emma said.

“So we have to be prepared for some resistance, but we are used to that. The less the father sees of her as we take her away the better, we don’t want a change of mind to deal with. There’s a ton of rubber stuff in the athletic bag and we will play it by ear once we get her subdued. We drove on in silence, each with our own thoughts. Although the air conditioning was on I was, and I’m sure the others were too, very hot and I could feel the sweat build up under my clothes.

Finally we came to a long driveway and at the end a large house in seclusion. Emma parked outside and we exited the car, Camille taking the heavy bag. We took off our capes and would put them back on when we left. Emma rang the bell and turned her head, raising her eyebrows as if to say “showtime!” the door was opened by a well dressed man in his forties, whose eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw us, he stood back and let us in.

‘”Good grief, you had better get in quickly, Miss Broad told me she had….unconventional uniforms….and methods but well…I hadn’t quite expected this.” I couldn’t blame him. Camille and I were dressed identically in our uniform of white blouse, blue tie, short skirt and stockings and gloves of black rubber. Emma was in her prefect’s uniform of black blouse and skirt and grey gloves and stockings. Emma introduced us and we shook hands, Sir John barely taking his eyes off us. He took us into the lounge and we sat down, demurely pulling our shot skirts down to cover our legs as best we could. Poor Sir John was almost salivating. He explained that Imogen was upstairs in her room and that we were the only others in the house. The story among family and friends was to be that she would take a six month break abroad at a language school and everyone had accepted this. Only the wife was aware of the real story.

Emma said that we would go upstairs, explain the situation and invite her to join us, if she was reluctant then we would use as little force as possible. She recommended that Sir John remain in the lounge and we would come and see him when Imogen was safely in the car. He seemed to buy this, and nodded, not seeing at all what could happen and the kind of persuasion we were capable of, but still transfixed by our appearance, I could see that despite our reason for being there he was turned on by our outfits.

Emma further gave him the school spiel that she would be fine and he would be sent weekly reports on his daughter’s progress. It was all very business-like and I wondered how many parents actually knew – or cared – what really went on at the school. But then as they always say, it’s the results that count, and Miss Broad produced results.

So we rose. Pulling down our skirts again and left him in the lounge, with just a twinge of guilt on his face and quietly went upstairs. It was clear which room was Imogen’s from the blaring music and we smiled and prepared ourselves as Emma gripped the door handle, turned it, and we followed her in.

I suppose it was like any teenagers bedroom except with perhaps a few more toys like computer, TV, DVD player and so forth. She was lying on her bed smoking what smelt like an illegal substance, and on seeing us nearly gagged on the fumes. Camille closed the door behind us as I dropped the bag on the floor and turned off the CD player.  Emma sat on the bed, giving Imogen the steel eye.

“Hello Imogen, you look a little stunned, as well you might. I’m Emma, this is Maxine and Camille, and we’re here because your parents are worried about you. You have been very silly and got into drugs and other stupid things and so we are going to help you get over this difficult phase of yours.” Amazingly, I thought anyway, Imogen said nothing, just stared wide eyed and open mouthed at us. “So….your Mum and Dad have paid us a lot of money to take over your education, and so….you are going to come with us to our school. It’s a very different school to the ones you are probably used to, very different to all other schools actually. It’s….well, a school of discipline where wild and wayward girls such as you are taught the rules of obedience. Now I can see you are starting to get over your initial shock and are thinking of shouting for help, but that won’t work, for we are the only ones here, and your father downstairs, but he will not be of any help to you; in fact you are an embarrassment to him Imogen, so he is the one behind all this. So Imogen, the big question, and I suggest that you think hard before acting on it, are you going to come quietly with us or are we going to have to….persuade you?”

We watched in silence as her startled eyes passed from one of us to the other, sizing up the opposition, so to speak. And I have to be honest I was rather pleased with her reaction, for it meant some exercise and sport for Camille and me!

“Wha…. You have to be kidding,” she started to rise; “you don’t seriously think I’ll play along with this, another of my crazy parents’ schemes to keep me in line. You are as crazy as he is. Now I like the outfits, latex right? I see quite a bit of that in the clubs now, but sorry, ladies there’s no way I’m coming along with you to some prison cum school, so get the fuck out of my room or I will call the cops on you, never mind my father.”

She grabbed her cell phone and began to touch in some numbers. Emma coolly nodded at me and I gripped her wrist and took the phone. I admired her spirit but there was only one way this would end, and poor Imogen hadn’t realised that yet. As I twisted her arms around behind her and she began to scream and wriggle Emma with a very practised move pulled down her chin and pushed into her mouth a large red rubber ball gag, deftly slipping the thick elastic straps over her head. Imogen grunted and gurgled but couldn’t expel the ball and glared at us. She was a skinny thing, with a pretty face but I could see on the inside of her arms telltale marks and I twisted her round so Camille could see.

Camille took the girl’s face in her hands and said.

“Look my dear, you may not appreciate this now, but we are saving your life, I know because I have been there, yes, me.” And Imogen stopped struggling for a second as if trying to make sense of it all, but then began to struggle again. Emma had dumped all the contents of the bag on the floor and I could see that Imogen would be leaving here all dressed and ready for the school, for the clothes were identical to those that Camille and I had on.

The three of us did not take long to strip her of her clothes, she fought hard at first but that is hard to do with your hands cuffed behind you and against three larger “girls”. We went about our job in very serious manner; while there was titillation displayed for us to see, we concentrated on her dressing and subjugation.

We wanted her out of the house in as short a time as possible so we could get her back and really under control. Soon we had her in the standard issue white panties and black stockings, then the garter belt. She still wriggled and kicked and Emma reminded her in a rough tone.

“Now behave your self Imogen, otherwise I’ll push a butt plug up your rear and that will give you something to really wriggle about.” She clamed a bit as the bra and blouse came next. Then we expertly released her hands long enough to place them into gloves, and then she was cuffed again. Her resistance was now token and the mews from her gag were more pleading than outrage. We stood her up and placed her feet in the shoes then buttoned up the blouse and tied her tie. Emma wrapped wide cuffs above each knee, connected to a three-inch chain. It would allow her to take small steps but nothing more.

Emma then draped a long cape with a full hood over her shoulders and pressed the studs up to her chin, now all that was exposed were her head and ankles. She looked forlornly at us, all the fight gone; she was woefully mismatched and knew it. Tears were welling in her eyes as she no realised she was just a package ready for transportation. We collected our stuff and took her downstairs, carefully negotiating one stair at a time. She was still mmmffing into the gag and dribble and tears were dripping onto the cape. We stopped outside the lounge door and Emma smiled grimly.

“Now this is the hard bit, this is where they start getting second thoughts, I’d rather take her with us without this but it’s considered good for then to have a last goodbye.” Imogen mmmffed through her gag and pleaded with her eyes, yet knowing it was all past that now. Emma knocked and Sir John opened the door, again almost falling over in shock at the sight of his daughter dressed, gagged and packaged for transport.

“Oh my Go…”

“Don’t fret Sir John, it looks much worse than it is, she is now dressed for school, she has come to no harm. She was a little reluctant at first and we can all understand that, this is all a bit of a shock for her. The gag is simply to keep her quiet in the car; we don’t want, and I’m sure you don’t want, us to be stopped by the police, which would be very….unfortunate. If we raise the cape like so….you will see she is dressed like Maxine and Camille here, ready for school, where she will make many new friends. ” He examined her rubber attire – the short skirt and the shiny stockings, the knee cuffs, and noted the wrists cuffs behind her back.

“Again, another precaution, once in the school they will come off. We noted syringe marks on her arms Sir John, and I think you can be assured that we will have her off all those substances very shortly. Camille is our expert in these matters. You know this is the best way, a shock to the system, but the best way.” Imogen was pleading and mmmffing through her gag but Sir John stayed his ground.

“I love you Imogen, sometimes I don’t perhaps show it, but I do. Now you will be cleared of all your silly habits and we will welcome you back, by which time I’m sure you will appreciate what we have done for you, good bye sweetie.” He kissed her on her forehead and with a tear in his eye, real or fake, I don’t know, and returned to his study.

Camille and I slipped a hand through each of the slits in Imogen’s cape and held an arm each and half led and half carried Imogen back to the car. Emma tossed us our capes and we put them back on, leaving Imogen standing there, looking rather miserable; then the two of us got in the back with Imogen between us and Camille pulled the hood over Imogen’s head, very effectively covering the lower half of her face and the gag. All an unsuspecting driver could now see through the lightly tinted windows would be four attractive women out for a drive, prepared for the weather.

This had all happened inside an hour and we all felt very pleased with ourselves, it had all gone very well, though perhaps not for Imogen!

And so we made our way back, happily chatting among ourselves, with the mute Imogen moaning quietly, now realising that this wasn’t a dream and she was an unwilling kidnap victim being taken off to a school inhabited by women with some very strange rules. I placed my arm round her shoulder to discourage too much movement and Camille, with an understanding smile, had her hand through Imogen’s cape and resting goodness knows where! She continued to moan quietly and open and close her eyes, perhaps in reply to Camille’s attentions, but did not provide us with any trouble. She was now probably exhausted with shock.


The journey passed without any real incident. A couple of times when we came to a set of lights some guys in the adjacent cars peered in and gave us the whistle but we just gave then our glowing smiles, waved and moved on. Imogen did not attempt to escape (which would have been impossible anyway) or attract attention, and I noticed Camille continued to keep her hand under Imogen’s cape – maybe that is what kept her quiet. I wondered what she was up to, whatever it was, it worked.

Finally we arrived back at the school and we all took off our capes after alighting from the car. Emma released Imogen’s knee cuffs, knowing she wouldn’t get far if she attempted flight. We left her hands cuffed behind her. She moaned into her gag but Emma said.

“We’ll leave that for Miss Broad to remove, or your personal prefect.” We marched her into Miss Broad’s office, where we found her behind her desk. I was happy to see Amanda, of modelling fame and ex-Peter fame, standing behind her, dressed identically to Emma, for now this was her first day as a fully fledged prefect. She beamed at us, came round and hugged me. Clearly my treatment of Peter had made a lasting impression. Miss Broad didn’t seem to hold any grudges with me and smiled as we examined poor Imogen.

“Well done girls. Emma, how were your assistants?”

“Excellent, Miss Broad, just great, I think they really rather liked the idea of a stealthy kidnapping and then stripping the victim and forcibly dressing her in rubber and gagging her, I know they did.”

I was about to protest but looked over to Camille, and she grinned and nodded. I, of course, did thoroughly enjoy it, and my protests would indeed be hollow, so I stayed quiet.

“Maxine come here a second.” Miss Broad said and I approached her. She lifted my skirt and examined my rear, the exposed areas still very pink. I was a little embarrassed but stayed still.

“Does it hurt a lot still?”

“No, not much now, the ice packs certainly helped.” She smiled and I knew that our “relationship” was back on a solid footing. I realised she had to do what she did to enforce her position, and now I didn’t feel any animosity at all.

“I’m sure this is all a bit of a shock for you Imogen dear, but you will get used to it quickly. We have one simple rule, do as you are told, whatever the order, and then we will get on fine. Learn obedience, which is all, no matter how strange the orders may appear, obey them. Now Amanda has asked especially if she could have a charge to look after during the first weeks as this will be a period of acclimatisation. And Imogen I think will be a perfect candidate for you.

Amanda beamed again and thanked her.

“Regarding Imogen’s penchant for illicit drugs and her rehabilitation Camille here will be happy to help you.” Camille nodded and Amanda said she would be happy for any help.

“Good, well we have a very full afternoon, so before lunch I would suggest Amanda, you take Imogen for a walk of the grounds and then join us for lunch, you can take the gag out, Amanda. Imogen I’m sure you have lots of questions and maybe you feel like a good scream at us. It’s all very humiliating for you, the gag, the cuffs and these strange clothes. But for now I will demand silence, it will allow you to contemplate your future here. On your tour Amanda will fill you in on all the important information that will hopefully keep you out of trouble. So are you going to keep quiet?”

Imogen was pretty well beaten by now, she had seen the school as we entered and saw other pupils and prefects in the grounds, so she knew the level of organisation into which she had just been inducted.  She nodded slowly and Amanda removed her gag. Dry tears stained her cheeks and saliva covered her chin and white blouse. Smartly, for her sake, she said nothing, as Amanda tenderly wiped the stains and saliva off her, taking time to pass her paper towel over Imogen’s blouse.  She didn’t look eighteen now, she looked about fourteen, poor thing. Amanda took her by the elbow and gently led her away, saying she would see us at lunch.

Emma, Camille and I were now left with Miss Broad.

“Camille darling, you look so wonderfully sexy in your uniform, come here and give me a kiss, believe it or not, I missed you this morning.” Camille went round the desk and kissed her mistress tenderly as Miss Broad slid her hands up her skirt. I looked at Emma, who gave me a look back, and I nodded.

“Well, we’ll be going, see you at lunch.”

“Oh yes, thank you girls, a job well done, off you go.”

We had an hour or so to kill before lunch and we now seemed at a bit of a loss. Emma suggested the gym, with a sly smile but I agreed anyway, thinking that maybe she had something up her sleeve. When we arrived we saw that there was another bondage class, nearing completion, this time with a different set of girls but the same instructor. Emma nodded at her and, yes, I saw Sarah amongst them, clearly she was getting as much practice as she wanted!

“Oh, I get it,” I said, “mmm very clever, Sarah gets her revenge before lunch, very subtle.” The instructor and Emma beamed, very satisfied with each other, Emma said.

“Maxine, we did promise Sarah her chance, now you don’t want to be a spoilsport, do you?” She gave me a very fake pout and behind her I saw Sarah with her hands on her hips and an evil smile on her face.

“I really don’t have much chance, do I?”

“Slim and none,” giggled Emma, “and slim just left town. Now Sarah has been thinking up something all morning I’m sure, and we don’t want to disappoint her, now do we?” I eyed Sarah.

“No, I would never want to disappoint her, and I have a feeling she won’t disappoint either. Okay, do your worst.” The girls in the group cheered, they liked the idea of Maxine getting the tables turned on her all right.

Sarah hooked her finger and said.

“Come over here sweetie, I’ve got something special for you, I think.”

“I bet you have.” I said. She put her rubber-covered finger on my lips and said.

“No more talking now, lover, from now on you are in the capable hands of your dom.” She patted my cheek tenderly.

“Now then, other than your shoes, you don’t have to take any of your clothes off, I like the idea of a sexy little schoolgirl in my clutches, especially one as pretty as you!” As I stepped out of my high heels, she told me to place my hands behind me back. I put my palms together as she slid a thick rubber monoglove over my hands and pulled it up my forearms and then to my upper arms.

“I hope you have been stretching…Maxine, because these arms are going to meet in this glove!” She began to squeeze my arms together and pull the single zip up, firstly over my wrists and then gradually up my forearms which were now touching. I gasped and leant over a bit to ease the tension.

“Not done yet, darling.” She grabbed both of my biceps and pulled them back; raising me back to standing upright, then zipped another three inches or so. I felt as if by boobs were going to bust the blouse, so far pushed out they were. There was a murmuring of approval from the gallery standing around us. God, I thought, she’s going to pull my arms out of their sockets, but she didn’t, she took her time and waited for my muscles to adjust. She pulled them back again and drew the zip up another couple of inches, then finally a few seconds later the zip was at the top.  Then she pulled two straps under my armpits and crossed them across my “breasts” and attached them to the monoglove over my shoulders. My arms were virtually glued together, almost as one. But she wasn’t finished, oh no, for the monoglove had straps and buckles along it and she began to pull them together and buckle them together, wherever she felt any give, any slack, she cruelly pulled in the strap. Within a couple of minutes my arms were rigid and literally touching each other.

She seemed pleased with herself, but she was not finished by a long chalk. Next she got me to step into a pair of knee length rubber boots. The length did not perturb me but what I saw amazed me were the heels, for these were the infamous ballet boots. The heels were fully nine inches and the toes pointed straight down to a strange point with a round hole right at the end. I had no idea how I would keep my balance, I had done well with five inch heels but this was an entirely different proposition.

But she leaned me against a wall in the gym and proceeded to lace up the boots to just below my knees. She laced them good and tight, but I soon noticed they were very flexible rubber. She repeated the process on the other leg and soon I was perched, floating on these precipitous heels, with my arms in a horrendously tight glove behind my back. She leaned into me, as I was supported by the gym wall behind me.

“And there you have her, what a pretty package, so vulnerable. I can do anything I want. I can…squeeze her boobies like this or…..I can slip my hand under her skirt like this and stroke her lips….mmm, she’s all mine.” My complete vulnerability in her hands was actually exciting me and she was getting off on it too.

“Or you can just stroke her pretty face and give her a kiss, she’s all yours.” She leant against me, her hand up my skirt and ran her lips over mine. I closed my eyes, it was as if no one else was in the room, there was silence as she eased my lips open with her tongue and we kissed. The soreness in my calves, stretched by the ballet boots, seemed to disperse as she ran her fingers over my imprisoned cock and we kissed.

“And is that it, Sarah?” We were broken out of our reverie by the instructor, and her somewhat sarcastic tone. Sarah gave her a dirty look and said.

“Come on sweetheart, let’s show you off and get you used to those heels. You look so good in them.” She took my pinioned arms and gently pulled me from my support as I staggered, wobbled and wavered around the gym. The girls parted and watched my progress as I tottered around on the heels. She led me round a few times, showing me off as I got slowly better and better at my balance.

“Good, good, okay, I have to finish you off now, come over to the mat. Now on your knees.” I did so and she gently took my shoulders and lowered me face down onto the mat.  She drew my legs together and with a self-closing wide D ring tied them together.

“I hope you have been doing your stretching exercises, sweetie.” She whispered as she raised my ankles and laid them back on my thighs. Then came the tough bit! One hand raised my feet and pulled them back while the other gripped a ring embedded in the end of my monoglove – then she pulled them together! I gasped as my chest was raised off the mat as she pulled my mittened hands back to join my raised booted toes.

“Come on baby, just a couple of inches more, come on.” And then I heard a click and my mitts were now attached to the D ring at my toes. I was now tied in a painful hogtie, my thighs raised…and my chest raised, my boobs an inch off the mat. Sarah was not finished though, she knew that the instructor would want a gag and from the bench she brought over a flaccid piece of black rubber.

“Sorry sweetie, but rules are rules.” It was a full head inflatable helmet with a steel D ring at the crown. She placed it on the top of my raised head, gripped the collar and eased it down. It was a tight fit but once past my nose it slid down and fully covered my head. I very quickly found in the smelly pungent darkness that I was thrust into, that the helmet had no eye or nose holes. But opposite my mouth there was a flaccid balloon and I knew this to be my lifeline. I opened my mouth and sucked it in, then breathed through the narrow tube.

“Well done Maxine, got your air, have you?” I heard her say, almost as if in the distance. “Now I’m going to blow you up, nice and firm.” And I heard the air from the inflator bulb enter the helmet and the inner skin begin to press against my face, tighter, tighter, until it felt as if my head was in a rubber vice. I felt her pat the hard rubber globe and then her voice, seemingly a long way away, say.

“Mmm, tight as a drum, excellent. Now the gag, sweetie.” And the flaccid balloon in my mouth leapt to life as she pumped air into it. I slid my tongue under it to try and get comfortable (?) as she continued to pump and fill every cavity. Seemingly satisfied that my mouth was well plugged, I felt her unscrew the pump.

“Now the last bit.” I heard her say, and my helmeted head was pulled back. She must have gripped the D ring in the helmet and was drawing it back. With a chain or rope she attached it to large ring at my toes and mittened fingers. God, I was in a neverland! Stretched to the limit, my arms already sore and my calves aching from the ballet boots, now I was gagged to the limit and my head was pounding inside the ultra tight helmet. I felt her sit beside me and roll me very gently on my side so that my head must now have been on her lap, and then heard her say.

“There you are, how’s that? Do I pass?” Of course she knew she did, there was no need for the instructor to check the bonds. I tried to breathe as best I could, of course I as still in my uniform with my tight corset underneath. She cradled my head and I felt her hand move under my skirt again, trying to ease my discomfort. I bit down on my gag, my whole body already sore, and then I heard the instructor say.

“Excellent, Sarah. Now girls, this is punishment bondage at it’s most extreme, and it should not be used for any length of time, we are not here to permanently harm our victims! Sarah has illustrated it brilliantly, but Sarah, we have to release Maxine now, we don’t want any torn muscles or ligaments.”

And with an enormous sense of relief I felt my bonds released, one by one. She helped me rise, slowly took off my monoglove, then I heard and felt the helmet and gag deflate. She pulled it off my head and I saw her beaming face. I wrapped my arms around her in a tight hug and she kissed me hungrily.

“Mmm, I taste rubber.” And she giggled. “Are we all even now?”

“Sarah, you were always my equal, and more.”  Then Emma said.

“Well, that was wonderful, but we have to get to lunch now. Maxine you look pretty good in those ballet boots, you might as well keep them on for lunch, you’ll be changing after anyway. Come on everyone.”

So we left the gym together, Sarah helping me totter in my heels. We met Peggy on the way and Sarah peeled off and went with her. I didn’t feel bad about that; she was my girl but Peggy was her prefect and we all went by the rules here! I told Emma I needed to pee and so we went to the toilets. We found there Amanda and Imogen, who was sitting on her toilet, her rubber panties around her knees, and her arms still behind her back, looking very embarrassed and having a pee in full view.

“Hi guys,” said Amanda chirpily, “Imogen had to go, are you done dear?” Imogen nodded and Amanda took some paper and wiped her as she stood up. Then Amanda pulled up her panties, saying.

“My, you have quite a bush there dear for such a young girl. That will get in the way I’m afraid of panties and….other things so I will give you a short trim later, make it nice and pretty, maybe give you a design, a heart or something. She pulled her panties up and gently patted her mound.

“Yes, we have to get that a bit flatter, show off your pretty lips.” Poor Imogen looked to be in complete shock. They then left and I did my business pulling down both sets of panties. Emma helped me with my make-up, which had been smeared by the helmet and gag. Now we were ready and we joined everyone in the dining room.

The meal went without incident; Imogen was introduced by Miss Broad to the other girls, and was then fed morsel by morsel by Amanda. Clearly having her still bound a conscious effort to instil in her the rigours of the school.

30.05.06 concluded in part ten

* * *

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