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Finishing School 5

by Rbbral

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Storycodes: F+m/m; latex; bond; fem; bagged; cons/nc; X

Part Five

We must have drifted off to sleep for a while but I awoke with Sarah’s whispering in my ear, her tender cheek resting against mine.

“Turn over,” she said, “turn over.” In my half sleep I turned over the tight collar of the rubber bag we were locked in stretched and adjusted as I twisted round. Still half asleep I wondered what she was playing with behind me. She started to slip on top of me and my head is pressed into the rubber pillow. I felt her weight on top of me and she gently took my wrists and then cross them behind my back and grip them firmly.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I murmur.

“Ssshhh, sweetheart, lift your knees a little now, my darling.” I bent my knees slightly and my backside is now raised up, my face in the pungent pillow. I felt her weight rise off my back a little but she retained a good hold on my wrists. I feel something hard against my anal passage. Oh, no, what is she doing to me? I thought.

I tried to raise my head to say something but I felt pressure on my back, as she licked the back of my neck. She pushed again and I heard her giggle quietly as I squeezed my sphincter to try and stop this assault. She giggled again and I felt the cock breach my rear by about an inch. This is my girlfriend and lover, what have they turned her into? She’s a very strong, fit girl and in the position I am in it is difficult to fight her. She pushed on inexorably, the dildo moves up the rubber sleeve in my rear as my anal muscles weaken. I heard her groan and sigh with pleasure as she embedded herself in me. I felt I was split in two, sweat pouring off my face to the pillow below me.

What an odd sight we must have be, two white heads stuck out of the rubber bag, writhing, wriggling, groaning and sighing.

“Come on baby, it’s me, remember?” She whispered; I am hardly likely to forget and I let out a squeak, part muffled by the pillow. Then with a groan she pushed into me up to the hilt and slowly started to ride me hard.

“Oh no, oh no.” I repeated as she ground on. Impaled on my girlfriend’s false cock I began to weaken, as she seemed impervious to my pleas. She loosened her hold on my wrists but I was weakened and she still had her upper body over mine with one hand gripping my outer wrist. Then I felt her familiar hand around me and then plant itself on my cock, which I was amazed to notice was still erect. Her breaths and thrusts increased apace, and mine increased too, and then she brought us to a joint climax. I cannot believe I have come while being anally raped by her, but I have and there it is. She relaxed and lay on my back, her arms around me.

“I love you.” She whispered. I feel she may have found an original way of showing it, but as she withdrew gently I drifted into a fitful sleep.

But all was not finished, the rubber seemed to have energised her and not much later I felt her turning around in the bag, her back now to me. She looked back at me in the dark and whispered.

“Well, what are you waiting for? It’s there for the offering, I know you want to do it, so go for it, come on. Fuck me big fella, come on, in my arse, now!” She stuck her rubber-covered bottom back at me. I was hard again almost immediately. My cock pressed between her cheeks and I felt the same sleeve there that I was wearing. She pressed her head into the rubber pillow and raised her rump at me; I padded one hand under her and felt between her legs, searching for her bud at the same time pressing in with my cock. We had experienced anal sex before. Not on many occasions but I had quite enjoyed it and Sarah did sometimes too, depending on her mood. I don’t know how she had prepared for this but the sleeve was well lubed and gently I eased past her tight ring, I felt her relax to accommodate me as the head of my cock slipped into her. I could hear her pant and whisper oh oh oh, as I pressed on. I rubbed and pinched her clit and she responded by thrusting back at me, impaling herself.

And so we made the beast with two backs. Having experienced both being the giver and the receiver I can say that for me at least it is better to give than receive! So I kept thrusting in and out accompanied by her gasps. I didn’t want to hurt her of course and she did seem to get a lot of pleasure although my fit was very tight. Finally I came and she did too, whether from the anal thrusting or from my fingers on her clit I don’t know. I withdrew and she turned and lay on her side next to me. She put her arm around me and we lay there, sated. She kissed me hard and told me she loved me and I said something like not as much as I love you, and then we drifted off into a deep satisfied sleep.

When we awakened Emma and Peggy were standing over us. Emma grinned.

“Wakey, wakey, my little lovebirds.” Sarah grins and grabs my cock, but there is no time for fun. They unlock the bag and help pull us out. Emma made a face.

“Phew, what a smell and what is that mess in there. You’re a bad couple.” She laughed as we backed out. We were both soaked in sweat and other juices and I noticed Sarah had the dildo harness in her hand. Peggy put an affectionate arm around her and Sarah smiled mischievously, as she rolled her finger up and down the shaft.

“Come on, there’s a lot to do today, no time to waste.” Peggy held open a rubber dressing gown and Sarah stepped into it then she came to me, kissed me long and firmly on the lips and said.

“Hope to see you later.” Then they both left, Sarah whispering in Peggy’s ear, probably something about our night time adventures. Emma wiped me down and as I wrapped a dressing gown around me a young girl, barely eighteen, and wearing a classic maid’s outfit of short shirt and pinafore came in with a breakfast tray. She bent over and I saw a flash of bare thigh above the stocking tops and below the frilly red panties. Emma dismissed her and she did a sweet curtsey and clip clops off in her heels. We sat down and ate, discussing the day ahead. It was to be a full one. The film session with Peter had to be over by 10 am as Miss broad wanted him out and taken home by then. As it was a short timeframe I said that we would have to get some really powerful images that would convince any viewer of Peter’s involvement.

I had originally thought of a story, man and girlfriend caught by wife, then lots of rubber and punishment but now we didn’t’ have time for that so I suggested a couple of pretty strong scenarios and Emma, eyes raised in appreciation, nodded her agreement. After eating I stripped off and before taking a shower Emma applied a touch of depilatory cream to my face, just to make it nice and smooth. As I waited for it to take effect she took the shower first. I followed her in and took a long one, shampooing my hair and still not yet used to my completely hairless body and face.

Emma was dressing herself when I returned; mine was laid out on the bed. She was in white rubber bra and panties and then put on a white loose blouse with buttons up the back and I helped button her to her collar. She slipped on a garter belt and a pair of grey latex stockings with a black seam down the back. She looked up and saw my cock hardening, smiled and said.

“Seams straight?” I nodded and she smoothed them out and then stepped into a wide flared skirt, which came down to just above her knees. She tucked in her blouse and looks almost chaste, in black and white, like a young debutante. Placing her feet in 4 inch black pumps she then pulled short black gloves on and tucked then under the sleeves of the blouse. Then it was my turn.

She picked up an old-fashioned full length corset with padded breasts and suspenders. It is of black rubber and heavily boned. I steadied myself on her shoulder and stepped into it. It barely got to my thighs before getting stuck.

“I’ll never get into this.” I said.

“Of course you will, we’ll just have to work harder.” With a lot of pulling it settles around my frame and I am already feeling its rigid grip. She started pulling on the rear laces as I raised my arms. There was a small gap between the laces initially but this was soon closed as she grunted and swore and pulled it tighter. I started to feel a bit faint and took short breaths, I felt her heel in my back and I could hardly bend. Finally she tied off the laces and adjusted the shoulder straps. She felt my breasts and moved her hands down to my slim waist.

“Excellent, quite the figure you have now.” I looked down at my cock, still free and saw her smile and hand me a pair of white rubber panties. She said.

“In light of what we discussed earlier maybe you should wear these during the filming; we may need your assistance in some of the scenes.” I had an idea what she was getting at for I had discussed some pretty heavy scenes with Peter and I may have to get involved as the time frame was so short. The panties were tight and high cut and hid my cock and balls quite well although there was a definite “mound” visible. I noticed that my erection was almost continual now and I could only wonder if this was the effect of the rubber on me.

I sat down, my back straight as a ramrod and she helped me into matching grey stockings with a rear seam. The dress was very simple, black, high necked and long sleeved with a short flared skirt to my mid thighs. I stepped into the skirt and she zipped me up the back as I pushed my arms through the tight sleeves. She handed me short gloves like hers and I tucked them under my sleeves. She gave me identical black pumps but I have now graduated to 5 inch heels! I walked around a little and quickly got the feel of them, though I was a bit wobbly. I was encased in rubber again, only my head and between my panties and stockings were not covered.

It soon warmed up and I felt the damp on my back quickly. I sat in front of the mirror and she said.

“Go ahead, you don’t need me, you can do it.” And so I applied my make-up, slowly and I hoped meticulously, cream, shadow, liner and lipstick. She sat watching me, was I getting too good at this? I pouted my lips and smeared it evenly, I pressed them together and stretched them, I looked a little bit whorish but not too much, I quite liked it. I used some gloss and painted it on, shining up my lips nicely, brushed my hair and clipped the large gold ring in my ear. I was done and sat back to look hard in the mirror. Emma was at my side looking in the mirror also, an approving grin on her face.

It really wasn’t me there, although it was. The thing was, not once did she have to beat or cajole me to do this. I dressed myself and made myself up. I don’t consider myself vain or narcissistic, but….this was different, this was my alter ego, someone else…and yet me. And the truth was that I really liked what I saw. I stood up and walked, almost pranced around the room. I glanced at Emma and she said.

“Pretty soon you won’t need me around,” she had a tinge of disappointment in her voice, but cheered up a bit, “you’ve acclimatised faster than anyone we’ve ever had here, you’re a natural.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment but I don’t really know what to feel right now, things are happening so fast.” She took my hand, like a big sister and sat on the bed next to me – two “girls” in their rubber gear and stockings and heels.

“There you go again, fighting this. Why question anything? Enjoy, that’s all, forget the guilt, there’s far too much of that around. Are you harming anyone now? No, so why the guilt? You think you are the only person on the whole world who likes dressing up like this? There are thousands, thousands like you, and none of them I will bet look as good as you do.” She kissed me on the cheek, demurely. There was a knock on the door and she gripped my hand and opened it. Morag and Amanda were there with Peter and what a sight they were.

The girls were dressed for work, red rubber T-shirts tucked into white rubber jodhpurs under knee high black boots with 4 inch heels. They both had black shoulder length gloves, and looked ready for the day. Peter or I assumed it was Peter did not look so good. Amanda held her former boyfriend by a leash attached to a metal ring around his cock. There was also a metal ring round his balls and it looked tight and very uncomfortable. He was squeezed into a black corset and his hands were manacled behind his back. Over his head was an inflatable rubber helmet, with no eye or nose holes, just a small valve at his mouth and clearly attached to a very large inflated gag. He breathed with difficulty in great wheezes through the gag. He wore nothing else. Amanda said chirpily.

“Ready for movie history? Maxine you look great.”

“All her own work, I did nothing.” Said Emma and the other two looked me up and down with approval. They asked me about my ideas and I said I would tell them when we got to the flat over the old stables now the showers. So we left together, Amanda placed Peter in four inch heels and then draped a cape over him with a double zip at the front leaving a gap of a couple of inches to pull the leash through. Then not too gently she pulled on Peter’s cock leash. I walked fine now in the heels, I was really getting used to them, even the 5 inch ones. We must have been quite a sight as we passed a number of other pupils, but they just glanced and said nothing, not wishing to cross any of the prefects.

We made small talk as if out on a Sunday walk, ignoring the plight of Peter, it was all very bizarre. We arrived at the flat, which had three bedrooms but we would use only one, and the living room. I explained a couple of scenarios I had thought up and they happily agreed, seeming quite impressed. Firstly I suggested that Amanda be masked for all the filming, someone might recognise her on the video if it ever did get out, and that may not be such a good idea for her career. She quickly changed into a scarlet red catsuit with attached gloves and socks, and then added a matching mask with eye, nose and mouth holes, and five inch red pumps. She looked stunning, the tall, statuesque model.

Morag quickly dressed as a French maid with saucy short skirt, white stockings and long white gloves.

The others, and me, didn’t care if our faces were seen, I doubted if anyone would recognise me like this anyway and Morag and Emma liked the idea of showing their faces, they certainly weren’t the shy types. Peter’s helmet was removed and I saw he was no longer the arrogant bastard of earlier. Now he was cowed (rightfully) and I got a sense that he really wanted this to be over with a fast as possible. He now realised how tough these women were and it was not a game, for him anyway. We also removed the cape and now he stood cowed in corset, gloves and heels, with his cock and balls still ringed.

So the scenario began, Peter and Emma with Morag as the maid. They are having problems with Peter and they decide to dress him as a maid as well. They dress him, slowly and methodically for the camera identically as Morag – white stockings and gloves and a short black dress with white pinafore. They remove his cock leash but leave him pantiless, then they make up his face garishly, he does not offer resistance now and he looks a little silly. He is then gagged with an inflatable cock gag without straps, his cheeks puffed out to the extreme. Finally he is cuffed at ankles and wrists and sent about his duties cleaning the flat.

He minces around doing the dusting, Emma thoroughly enjoys castigating him, slapping his bare behind and mocking him. She is still displeased with his performance and decides to call her friend, the domina, played by Amanda. We stop filming for I am to play Amanda’s maid, and Morag will take over the filming. We resume with Amanda arriving resplendent in red and me trailing her, still in my short black dress and grey stockings. Amanda takes over and playfully teases Petra as she is now called. Amanda and Emma have drinks served by Petra and I. Emma plays with me, lifting my skirt and exposing my tight white panties, pulling the edges and letting them slap against my cheeks. I quite like this playful attention and there is still no indication to the camera that I am a man.

We moved to the bedroom for the final scene that I had suggested. They drag him to the bed and make him kneel on it, Amanda then pulls on a surgical glove, raises his skirt and begins to ream his rear – one finger, then two and finally three. He groans into his gag but can do nothing to stop her. Pleased that he is now well loosened Emma hands Amanda a double dildo with harness; she smiles and unzips her crotch, bends and slowly inserts it in her, then straps it firmly to her thighs and waist. The larger of the dildos now sticks out, at least six inches and perhaps one inch in diameter. She moves in behind him, he can do nothing as I am kneeling at the head of the bed holding his shoulders firmly. With a cruel smile Amanda eases her cock into his rear, at first he is resisting but slowly she eases into him.

It is here that we veer away from my script for Emma orders me, as the maid, to take off my panties. I shake my head vigorously and hesitate, pleading but she gives me a look of “don’t mess with me now”. I ease them down and pull them off, now I know why I was not wearing the pussy pants. While I was doing this she removed Petra’s inflatable gag and replaced it with a ring gag, pulling it tightly behind his neck. Petra’s mouth is now wide and inviting in an extended “O” and dripping saliva. We don’t want you doing harm to Maxine, she giggles as she raises my skirt and folds it under my belt. I am now fully exposed and to the viewer this will come as a huge shock that I am a man. I am not erect, not now at least and Amanda pushes Petra forward with her cock in his rear. Petra looks at my cock in front of him, shakes his head violently and groans through the gag. “Please” I plead to Emma but she orders me to hold Petra’s head. I grip him on both sides as Amanda pushes him forward; he (Petra) moves his head to my cock and slowly takes the flaccid member into his mouth. I feel his tongue under the head and then the shaft, I can’t believe this is happening! I am not gay and have never had those inclinations, I close my eyes and try to think of myself as Maxine, not Max, this is not happening to me, it’s just a dream.

Despite all my concentrating I notice, with amazement and a little horror that as he sucks and licks and Amanda continues to bugger him hard, I begin to harden! This is not happening! I try to hold back but poor Petra is doing a very good job and I am now rock hard. With more intimate attentions and despite my efforts I finally spurt into his mouth as Amanda pushes him forward. He’s truly impaled now and begins to writhe, he can’t breathe. Emma orders me to make him swallow it and as I withdraw I hold his head up by his damp hair and look down into his defeated, glazed eyes as I watch him swallow.

The girls are very happy with the scene but it is not over as Emma pulls off her panties and picks mine up from the bed. She then calmly folds them and, one following the other, crams them into Petra’s mouth. She then says, “say goodbye to Amanda” and pulls the suffocation helmet over his head. He writhes and rocks his head as he breathes and tastes the rubber and scent from Emma and I.

“Time for packaging”. Emma says and they fold his unresisting body double, tie him with firm rubber straps and place him into a latex lined large sports bag and zip it up. The filming ends.

I was still in shock; I had never thought they would put me through this. Emma placed her hand on my shoulder and passed me a new pair of panties. I sat down on the bed, Emma and Amanda either side of me with Peter below us on the floor.

“I don’t think that was very fair.” I said. “This was supposed to be my scenario.” Emma placed her hand on my thigh and replied.

“We needed to do it, now there is no way he will get back at the school when we have this stuff on tape. I’m sorry Maxine, but we discussed it earlier amongst ourselves and decided it would be best if we didn’t tell you before. But remember Maxine, much as we like you and you have been fabulous up to now, you are still a pupil here and you will learn to take orders just like everyone else.” I nodded slowly but still felt awful at the way I had been duped.

Amanda had now changed into a long sleeved grey latex dress, stockings and knee high leather boots. She was unmasked and looks cool as cucumber now. She raised me from the bed and gave me a gentle, sympathetic hug. Emma said.

“Amanda, I think Maxine needs a treat. She should go with you to town to dump off the package and then you can leave his car there and come back in Maxine’s together. It’s only about half an hour there so you should be back by mid-morning.” Amanda nodded enthusiastically and I have to say my spirits were raised a bit.

To cover up our rubber clothing we pulled on full-length capes down to our ankles, then applied our make-up and were ready to go. We each took a handle of the sports bag and half carried and half bounced him down the stairs, chuckling at his predicament. We dumped him in the trunk of his car and Amanda led the way into town. It was strange driving my car again, not least of all dressed fully in rubber with an all cover cape. Only my head was exposed and my gloved hands through the slits in the cape. From a distance I looked like a woman ready for the rain, gloved and caped. In traffic at a couple of lights I managed to get some wolf whistles, and I didn’t quite know how to react to that. I kept Amanda in view all the way, I could of course have “escaped” but that would have left Sarah there and all my personal effects and the thought never really crossed my mind. I seemed to be getting used to my new “existence.”

We arrived outside a block of apartments and we pulled the bag from the trunk. There were people on the street but no one seemed to take much notice of two beautiful (yes, I think I was) women in full capes enter the building and take the bag to the elevator. Once in his apartment Amanda wasted no time. She unzipped the bag and partially extricated Peter from it. As he sat on the ground still dazed, gagged and masked Amanda took his head in her hands and gave him one final short speech.

“So Peter, this is goodbye for good. You know what we have on you, it would be very foolish to try and seek revenge, and we shall call it quits, yes?” He nodded slowly and she placed a key to his cuffs in his hand. It would take him a while to free himself and we left him there, returning to my car. She leaned over and pecked my cheek.

“Thanks for everything Maxine, you have been great, and I know it has been very hard for you this last hour.” I don’t know why but somehow I felt a lot better, having a beautiful woman kissing you certainly helped!

I drove back to the school, again the thought of “escaping” not crossing my mind. Strangely I was actually interested in seeing what there was in store for today.

20.05.06 continued in part six

* * *

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