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Finishing School 6

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; M/f; latex; bond; fem; cons; X

Part Six

I pulled the car in front of the gym and was delighted to see Sarah and her new “friends” emerge from their ballet class. I looked at Amanda, my new minder, and she smiled and nodded. I gave her my cape and approached Sarah, who saw me and gave me a sly grin.

“I was hoping you were going to accompany me in my exercises.”

“I would have loved to but….I was unavoidably detained on another exercise.” Amanda grinned and Sarah got the message. She was now wearing standard issue rubber panties, blouse, tunic with short flared skirt, gloves, stockings and high heels.

“You look wonderful,” I said, “are you getting to like those clothes?”

She answered almost immediately.

“Yes, I suppose I am, they are quite flattering, form fitting. I feel quite sexy in them. If only I could get at you.” She giggled playfully and slipped a hand round my waist.

“What, like last night?”

“Yeah, didn’t you enjoy it?”

“Yes, I suppose I did, but your….behaviour surprised me a bit.”

“Yes, and me too. I’ve learnt a few things about myself here, and about you too.”

I nodded in agreement.

“You know I don’t really regret falling into the hands of all these lunatics here, although having said that I probably will now. I’ve had some amazing experiences here.”

“So I’ve seen – and me too.” She smiled evilly. “Maybe we can experience some of them together.”

“I hope so.” And I meant it. She pecked me on the cheek.

“I’ve got to rush now, they have me enrolled in a bondage class – sounds interesting. Can you believe it, hey maybe you could come along,” she smiled again, “and I could try things out on you.”

“Maybe, I’ll see what Emma has in mind for me. Take care, I love you.” She turned as she left and blew me another kiss, saying.

“I love you too, dressed like that you can be my lesbian lover,” she giggled, “or sister – or my domina! You know, I think we are going to have great times together. See you later.” Amanda took me back to Emma’s room where we found her dressed as before and touching up her make-up. She looked at me and smiled

“Well you look a lot better than before; again I am sorry but we felt we had to do what we did.”

“I understand, I think anyway.”

“So, the package was delivered all safe and sound?”

“Yes, no problem, you won’t be hearing from him again.”

“Good, so how about a wander around the grounds?”

I wasn’t sure how to broach this but I blurted out.

“Well Sarah mentioned that she was going to a bondage class and I was wondering…..?”

“I can’t believe my ears,” she laughed, “the pupil is now outpacing the teacher, well okay; we’ll have a wander around there and see what’s going on.” She put her hand in mine and we went out into the sun.

I was now really quite content to be with Emma, the thought of escape never occurred to me. I seemed to be coming one of their converts and Emma seemed to sense my thoughts.

“You really know how to carry yourself, how to walk, you are quite the find.”

“Thanks, I am even surprised at how I can walk in these heels.” She seemed to think on this for a while and then said.

“I really like you Maxine, or Max, I know you are very….attached to Sarah, and she is one lucky girl. But, I don’t know….sometimes I wish there was….hope for me.” Suddenly Emma looked so vulnerable and fragile. Was this the cruel mistress that had depilated me and transformed me into rubber feminisation?

“You really are quite something; torturer, dominatrix and now my….unrequited admirer. What can I do? Have you now tired of your little torture games?”

Had I gone too far? She looked quite hurt at my outburst. She changed her pose and looked me squarely in the eye.

“I hardly expected that reply, I make a speech of affection and you slap me down.” She gripped one of the gags at her waist belt. “You say any more like that and I will be forced to shut you up.”

“Okay, don’t gag me, I’m sorry. My mind is in turmoil. I’m still guilt ridden and yet can’t help but admit that I am enjoying so much of this. Now you start opening up to me and I don’t know how to react.”

I felt her relax again, she gripped my arm again and somehow I felt a true affection for her, despite all the attentions she had bestowed on me the last two days! I was her charge, she had moulded me, and I was her perfect pupil, her slave, perfect in her own image. And now had she fallen for me? And as a man or as a woman? It was all very perplexing.

The hot sun produced droplets of perspiration down my back, and down my stockings. On the gravel driveway I wobbled slightly in my 5-inch heels. She steadied me and affectionately ran her hands through my hair, hair that she had perfectly designed, in fact created. She touched up my make-up from the pouch at her waist and I compliantly rolled my lips. She stepped back and approved.

“Well, you want the bondage class, you get the bondage class. You realise of course that it is a practical class, a….hands-on class if you see what I mean.” She smiled cutely. “I think all the girls would just love to get their hands on you Maxine. Still want to go?”

“Oh yes.” I didn’t hesitate at all, I actually quite liked the idea of it, either doing the tying or being the one tied up; yes I was changing all right. I was looking forward to it! Emma looked at me again.

“I thought I had you figured out but you always seem to be one step ahead of me. Okay, once more into the breach, but don’t expect me to run to your defence. You’re on your own in there. Whatever ideas they come up with it’s all part of the open forum, there are no limits there. You might find it a little surprising and perhaps…..a little uncomfortable. I can’t wait to see what happens.”

“Thanks, now you make me feel a little nervous.” We entered one of the large former classrooms and the sight I could hardly believe. There were twelve students in the room with two prefects. The room was basically cleared except for various pieces of “furniture” to assist the bondage of the unfortunates. Each of the girls had been paired off with another and seemed intent on their task, hardly noticing Emma and I enter. Emma said to me.

“If any of the girls fail in the stringency of the bondage then the others put her in deep rubber bondage for the remainder of the day. So that is quite an incentive. I glanced around the room and saw Sarah, dressed in her schoolgirl uniform of tunic, blouse, gloves and stockings, unceremoniously stuffing an attractive brunette of 25 or so dressed in bra, panties and self hold stockings, into a bright red rubber straightjacket. Her arms were already in the sleeves and Sarah, glancing back at me and smiling was zipping her up the back. She then pulled the crotch piece between the girl’s legs, almost pulling her in the air and fastened it at the rear. Instead of pulling the girl’s arms in front of her, she pulled them behind, and then, excruciatingly it seemed as the girl winced, pulling the ends round and strapped them at the front. The girl, with her breasts thrust out, could not move an inch.

Sarah stood back, gave it some thought and then calmly crammed an inflatable gag into the poor girl’s protesting mouth. She pumped it to the limit until there wasn’t a peep from the victim, just glaring eyes and sweat already on her brow. A prefect came over and checked the straps, nodded approvingly at Sarah and motioned the poor bound girl to sit to the side. Sarah came over to Emma and I, a sheen of perspiration on her brow.

“I must admit, I quite enjoyed all that.”

“So I can see, my dear, you really are entering into the spirit of things here.” I said somewhat sarcastically.

“From the way you are dressed, my darling, so are you.” Sarah said with a chuckle.

“Touche.” I said and clammed up. Dressed in my rubber dress and stockings and high heels I knew I was going to lose that argument! The three of us watched the next couple. Here, a muscular girl, with strong thighs and arms was clearly outmatching a tall, slim girl of about 18, with long straight blonde hair. She was already seated on a high backed chair as the muscular girl had already wrapped a thin nylon rope around her body. Her arms were pulled over the back of the chair and then the rope was tied to the front legs. The rope was passed under her armpits around her, tied at the front and then down between her legs and back up to her shackled wrists. She next tied her elbows together, thereby pushing the slim girls breasts out, another rope was then passed over her thighs and under her seat. The girl wriggled as best she could, but could barely move at all. The prefect came over to pull on the ropes, but the muscular girl stepped in front of her, saying.

“I haven’t finished yet.” She wrapped another rope round one of the girl’s ankles, and pulled it back hard under the seat of the chair until it was flat with the seat bottom, then secured the rope to the girl’s ankles. The girl moaned quietly, her eyes closed, as the muscular girl repeated the process with the other ankle. All she could do now as move her head, her knees looked as if they would almost snap. The muscular girl stood back, satisfied and then sat down next to the girl who had been straightjacketed by Sarah.

The third had also finished. The victim was lying on the floor on her front, her wrists firmly tied behind her back and her legs pulled back and attached to the wrists by way of a rubber tube. The stress on her wrists, ankles and back must have been excruciating for she was bent back like a bow so that her breasts barely touched the floor. I found myself becoming quite aroused at the sight of this poor victim. Every time she tried to stretch out the rubber tubing and give her back and arms a break, it would draw her back again. Her tormentor seemed very happy with herself.

Victim number four was tied to a thick post with horizontal cross piece. Her arms had been drawn backwards over the cross piece and then pulled forward, wrists tied in front of her and fastened to a rope at her waist. Her arms were secured further to the cross beam and then the other girl, who couldn’t have been more than 18, drew back the girl’s wrists and tied them to the cross beam. The victim, about 25 and quite cool looking wasn’t too pleased at being abused by such a young girl, let out a screech as she was now suspended above the floor and supported by the beam. The younger girl giggled at the older one’s predicament and grabbed a ball gag and stuffed it into the older woman’s mouth; she tried to wriggle but it was useless and she just hung there, mouth puffed out by the gag. The younger girl smiled proudly, as if she had just passed a school test, which I suppose she had, and then sat down with the others.

The training of these girls was obviously going well, as the prefects could find no weakness in any of the victim’s predicaments.

Victim number five was bent double over a high stool, legs and arms outstretched, and torso strapped down on the seat and legs. Her lovely bottom stuck up in the air and her school skirt could not cover her embarrassment, the white flash of her thighs I found very arousing. She was not capable of any movement, save for shaking her head.

The girl who was putting victim number six to the sword was obviously a bit more of an artist, or sadist, and she was taking her time. She had short-cropped black hair and was tall and very fit. The victim was also tall, with wavy red hair and white unblemished skin. She was kneeling on the floor and her knees had been stretched wide apart by means of a spreader bar attached just below her knees. She was therefore kneeling in the effective position of a tripod, the third “leg” being her toes. Around her waist was a cinch belt pulled tight and passing through her crotch was a long narrow piece of leather attached front and back to the belt. It dug deeply into her shaved pussy and between the cleft of her cheeks. The girl’s arms were rudely twisted in front of her neck and the wrists pulled back behind her. There was a ring attached to the girl’s pinioned wrists and this was attached to a leather strap and this in turn was tied to the girl’s cuffed ankles. The effect was the girl was drawn backwards until her head was nearly touching her ankles. She gasped as the dark haired protagonist pulled one last time and almost got her head to touch her ankles.

Although the redhead was clearly very flexible this did not deter from the fact that this form of bondage, with her torso now almost horizontal, was very uncomfortable. The girl was now just gasping and straining to stay still, but this did not stop the dark haired girl, who appeared to have lesbian tendencies by the way she moved her hands over her body, from gently moving her hand to the girl’s rubber covered crotch, tightly stretched by the spreader bar. The girl groaned and clenched her eyes shut, her breasts heaving under the white rubber bra. Satisfied, the dark haired girl stood, looked down at the redhead as if she could eat her (and maybe that is exactly what she wanted to do) and sat down with the others.

It all seemed to be over now, and the prefect in charge indicated that the six poor victims could be released. She commended all the girls on their bondage talents as slowly the victims were released. Again I noticed no real hard feelings between the girls, they all seemed to take it in their stride, perhaps knowing that soon they would get the chance to do the tying! They returned to the make-up mirrors and applied it where necessary, and those girls who had been in underclothes dressed again in their school uniforms. Shortly they joined Emma and I. They looked at me appreciatively and I got a certain sense of pride in this, surrounded by twelve rubber-clad beauties and three prefects, including Emma. Sarah, rather protectively, put her arm round my slim, corseted waist and pulled me closer to her, making a clear statement that I was her possession. Emma spoke.

“Well we have a half hour to lunch, what shall we do?” There was a roguish hint in her voice and I had an idea what was coming. I think she wanted me to be the next victim! The young blonde, all ponytail and innocence said.

“We could always have a little practice on Maxine here, his…..her body would look so good all trussed up. Please Emma.” She dropped her head to the side, all coquettish innocence; butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, right? The other girls all chorused in unison “yes, please, oh please Emma.” I felt very vulnerable indeed and blurted out quickly.

“Now wait a minute, why is it always me? Why pick on me again? You’ve had your fun. Try someone else for a change.” I was really quite indignant and my outburst seemed to surprise them all. After a thought Emma said.

“Well Maxine has a point, girls, she has had it pretty hard since she got here. Now as this is a bondage class and as she has to pass it before graduating from here then, let’s face it, she must be given the opportunity to show us some of his…..her talents, yes?” There was silence for a second or two and then the older woman who had suffered at the hands of the blonde teen said.

“Well, if she’s going to learn, then who will be her….sacrificial lamb?” There was silence as the girls looked at each other, each reluctant to “volunteer”. Then Sarah, still gripping me by the waist looked at me lovingly, said very quietly.

“Why me, of course, aren’t I the perfect candidate?” She touched her hand to my cheek. “I wouldn’t want….her to do it to anyone else. I can’t imagine a more….fun experience.” She smiled at me impishly, pulling me to her as the other girls clapped their approval.

“No, no I can’t, not yet.” I struggled, and I saw that Sarah actually looked a bit hurt by my reluctance and she pinched my rubber bottom.

“But you must, you must, don’t you see this is what I want. To be made completely immobile, completely in your power, to do with me as you please.”

It was Emma who spoke next.

“I’m afraid Sarah has made the decision for you, Maxine. You must, or I will get the other girls to think up an appropriate punishment for you.” I clearly now had no option, and knowing my fate Sarah took my hand and led me to the centre of the room while the other girls arranged themselves around us in a circle. She stood like a mannequin in front of me, smiling.

“Well, I’m all yours.”

“Give me a minute, will you, for God’s sake. I have to think of something. If I don’t do this right then I get to be the victim, right Emma?” And Emma smiled.

“Absolutely Maxine, we have to make it fair for all, but I have confidence in you.”

I wanted to devise something that was not only effective but artistic as well, something to show off Sarah’s superb body. I knew she was extremely flexible, all the ballet training had seen to that and over the time I had known her we had taken full advantage of that in our lovemaking.  Now I really wanted to show her off to the others.

She stood in front of me, arms akimbo; ankles crossed in a purposefully provocative way, licking her lips, a faint smile on her face daring me. Okay, I thought, I’ll call your bluff; I’ll wipe that smart-arse grin off your face!

“All right, first things first, your outer clothes will have to come off. They’ll simply get in the way.” The other girls cheered as Sarah undid her tie, slipped out of her heels and unzipped herself out of her tunic, draping it carefully over a nearby chair. I had seen her do that a hundred times and it never failed to arouse me. Then she unbuttoned her blouse slowly, not taking her eyes off me. The other girls watched this in silence, enjoying the little play between us. My cock, in its warm, damp enclosure wanted to escape, but to no avail, getting an erection now would be quite painful. I tried to concentrate on the matter in hand. After draping the blouse over her tunic she stood still, dressed now in elbow length gloves, self hold stockings, bra and panties, all in black except for white frills along the edges of the pants, the tops of the stockings and the tops of the bra cups. She looked absolutely divine and my cock surged again in its latex prison; I wanted to jump her right there and she knew it! I handed her a pair of ankle cuffs, cushioned on the insides and with D rings stitched into them.

“Put one D ring facing the front and one to the back.” I said. As she bent over, her arse invitingly in the air, tight in its rubber skin, she smiled again. She tied the anklets tightly and I handed her a pair of matching wrist cuffs that she strapped tightly round her wrists.

“Now Sarah, I want you to do the splits here, the full splits, I know you can do them.” She looked at me quizzically and then as if part of a circus act, slowly lowered herself into the full splits, one leg extended in front of her and one behind. She could do it with relative ease and I peeked down at her womanhood now firmly planted of the mat. She looked up at me, and I nodded approvingly.

“Excellent my love, now let’s get you into this.” On a table, together with the ropes and cuffs an interesting looking helmet which had given me an idea. It was without a zip and covered the full head, leaving the face exposed. It was made of thickest of black rubber and embedded at the crown there was a large steel ring. She looked at me a little less confidently as I squatted in front of her, arranged the helmet at her crown and in one slow, firm movement pulled it down over her head. It fitted her like a glove; a thick glove, and I had difficulty in tucking her hair under the long collar. She said nothing as I did this and when finished I looked down at her. Her head was now completely enveloped in the thick black rubber, only a small triangle extending along her brow and down to her mouth was exposed, her cheeks squeezed by the tight covering. She looked like a little lost child now, almost cherubic.

“Put your hands behind your back, please.” I said and she quickly obeyed and I clipped them together. As I moved to the table again I heard a voice, the voice of the young blonde, the aggressive eighteen year old. She was smiling, somewhat cruelly at me.

“What about a gag? Well?”

“I really don’t think that is necessary.” I semi-stuttered as I saw Sarah look up at me, I then glanced at Emma who looked at the bondage instructor, yielding to her senior in this matter.

“This time I think we should do it properly. In severe bondage, compassion can be a sign of weakness. This girl is your slave, to do with as you please. To stop her speech, to make her dumb, to fill her mouth until she is silenced is merely an extension of your power. She should be silenced, mute, and so you will silence her……or else.”

The threat was clear and so I selected an inflatable gag with a myriad of attached rubber straps from the table and approached Sarah. To my surprise she smiled up at me, and although I could see concern in her eyes she said.

“Come on sweetheart, I’d rather you do this than anyone else, stuff it in, I can take it, and more.” I truly admired her fortitude and I slipped the soft bladder into her open mouth. She adjusted around it for comfort and mumbled.

“Come on, hurry it up.” I pulled the rubber straps over her head; they passed either side of her nose and over her head to join further straps from under her chin and around and over her ears. There were no buckles and the rubber was thick and tight, so it took me a short while until all was in order. She didn’t take her eyes off me, and although there was now only a small portion of her face visible I knew that look well, she was excited and hungry for me!

Now was the moment of truth. I took the bulb in my hand and looking down on her gave it a squeeze, then another. I watched her head jerk as the air filled the balloon in her mouth and began to push out her cheeks. I squeezed three more times and a startled look came into her eyes as her cheeks bulged even more within the helmet. I started to unscrew the bulb when I was pushed from behind and who should it be but the young sadistic blonde from earlier.

“That’s no gag, stop being soft on her, I’ll show you all what a gag is.” She straddled Sarah’s thigh and seized the inflator. Sarah looked quite alarmed at this and I turned around to Emma to seek help, but she gave me a tight-lipped smile and shook her head, as if to say, leave it. Sarah tried to wriggle, but could go nowhere, her right leg stretched out in front of her on which the blonde was straddled, her left stretched out behind her and her arms cuffed behind her. The blonde giggled and squeezed the bulb twice more as Sarah squeaked into the gag and shook her head, the only movement she was capable of. I pleaded with Emma again and this time she intervened.

“Zena, I think that is enough, thank you for your help, now get off Sarah, you’ve had your fun.” Zena did so, smirking at Sarah’s plight. Sarah’s face, or what could be seen of it behind the helmet and the gag straps, was pink and her cheeks bulged incredibly; whereas before there had been a squeak from her, now there was just a faint moan and she breathed in short bursts through her nose. I put my finger to her cheek and felt how hard it was.

“You cannot complain Maxine, Zena did your job for you there. You were weak with Sarah, which I can understand, but Zena was strong. You will learn, now Sarah is made mute and perfectly dumb, you can continue.”

So I unscrewed the inflator bulb and gently pressed Sarah’s head down onto her thigh just above her knee. I then passed a short piece of rubber tubing through the ring at her ankle cuff and back through the ring at the crown of her helmet and pulled in both ends. There was no sound from her and although she is incredibly flexible she must have been in some discomfort. I tied the ends and sat back on my haunches. Her head, breasts and stomach were pressed down hard on her thigh and I watched her diaphragm move slowly as she breathed heavily, her head to the side, her eyes still on me. Now with more rubber tubing I tied one end to her cuffed wrists and passed the other end through the D ring at the back of her left ankle cuff. Before pulling on it I heard sounds of approval from the audience. They could see where this was going. I drew slowly the tubing in, at first Sarah did not yield but then she bent her knee back as I continued to pull. She really was very flexible and there were a few appreciative “ooohs” and “ahhs” form the girls watching. I pulled until her ankle rested on her buttocks and now there was only a four inch gap between ankle and wrists. I tied the ends, stood up and looked down at Sarah, stretched out at my feet.

She must felt as if she was on the rack; back, thigh, calf and hamstring muscles stretched to the limit. There was absolutely no movement from her, just the steady rise and fall of her diaphragm and the noise of the air passing through her nostrils. My heart went out to her and yet I did feel highly aroused by her utter vulnerability.

Clapping and cheering broke my reverie, Zena looked on, clapping and smiling at me, I think perhaps sizing me up for the future. Emma looked very proud of her pupil and I smiled a little sheepishly. The prefect in charge of the class moved forward.

“Apart from the little hiccup with the poorly inflated gag Maxine has really extended herself, or should I say Sarah (laughter). She is proving herself to be a star pupil, I cannot improve on this position at all.” She knelt beside Sarah and felt the tension on the two rubber tubes that resembled bowstrings now. She tried to pull on them but there was really no give at all. She laid a hand on Sarah’s head.

“Sarah, you have quite the boy….girlfriend there. I think we can all learn something from her. I think you have already (more laughter). At some future date we must give you the opportunity to turn the tables, that should be interesting.”

There was an approving murmur from the assembled girls, I got the sense they would like nothing more that to see me at the mercy of Sarah. I saw Zena kneel down beside Sarah and feel under her crotch, moving her hand along the mat. Despite her bonds Sarah moved slightly and mmmmed through her gag. Emma shouted at her.

“Zena, that’s enough. One more move like that and I will ask Maxine if she can think of something to keep you under control.” I relished this thought as this cruel girl withdrew her rubber gloved fingers and smiled, holding them up for all to see them wet and glistening. I have to say that did surprise me. Emma now spoke.

“It’s time for lunch now. Off you go girls.” They did so, taking one last appreciative look at my handiwork. I was left alone with Emma and Sarah.

“I’m giving up being surprised by you, Maxine.”

“That Zena, she’s some girl, why didn’t you intervene?”

“Don’t get too big for those nice shoes, Maxine dear. Zena just did her job, if the prefect in charge had checked the gag for tightness and it wasn’t sufficiently inflated then you would have been in trouble. It’s no consolation for Sarah but Zena saved you from a good punishment, you can release Sarah now.” Then Emma began to look pensive again.

“You know Maxine, Max, I have a great affection for you, I really do. But I can see I will get nowhere while Sarah is here…..pity”

“Well Emma, I….like you…a lot too, and maybe under other circumsta…..well, you know…I don’t..”

Then she just touched my face.

“Let’s not get too soppy, you’ll have us both weeping.” Impulsively I kissed her on the hand, holding it for a second, it was a silly gesture, the hand being clothed in a rubber glove but she smiled at my gesture.

“You’re the best girlfriend, or boyfriend I ever had, Maxine.” She put her arm round my waist.

“I find that hard, impossible to believe Emma. Frankly you are beautiful, funny, witty…and kinky. What man couldn’t fall for you….or woman?” she looked down at her feet.

“Well, it’s a long story, believe me.”

“Tell it to me, and Sarah sometime. I want to be your…friend, well I hope I am already. I’ll be happy to be your girlfriend Emma. All this stuff doesn’t bother me now, as you can see. And Sarah, if she could speak….jeez we’re going to have to release her, or I’m at least in big trouble…well Sarah I’m sure would say the same. Look Emma….we could introduce you to some of our friends. Don’t look so shocked. I assume someday we will leave here, not for good, I hope. The world is full of men that would fall for you. I know they would. I nearly did…but I love Sarah, you can see that. Now you could make my life miserable here and Sarah’s but I know you wouldn’t do that. The rubber, the bondage, the slavery, the transvestism, I can take all of it and as you can see so can Sarah. You have got yourself a couple of converts here, probably the fastest you’ve ever had.” My speech seemed to have perked her up and she looked a lot happier. I kissed her on her cheek and she said.

“Now while we are having this little love-in, Sarah is a bit uncomfortable and probably getting madder by the minute. Here, use these scissors to cut the tubing.” I did so and Sarah’s head jerked upwards. There were no tears, but saliva streamed down from the sides of her mouth. She looked at me mutely and I kissed her on her forehead, then cut the rear tube and her foot slammed into the mat, she winced. I released her wrists and she slowly stood, stretching, not even attempting to take the gag out. She was a very sexy sight in rubber stockings, gloves, panties and bra - and with the full head mask and gag. She pointed to her gag and I released the valve, and then pulled the tight straps over her head and the gleaming gag plopped out. She smiled ruefully and massaged her chin.

“I can’t wait to get hold of Zena, the bondage was pretty rough, but the gag. It’s the biggest thing I’ve had in my mouth since your coc….oops sorry.”

“Sarah! Please!” And we all laughed. Sarah took my hand and looked me hard in the eye and with a sinister smile on her face, said.

“Max…ine, while I was stretched out there I managed to come up with a couple of interesting positions for you. I would suggest you do more ballet, or maybe yoga in the next day or so, because I’m going to have you doing a very good impression of a pretzel pretty soon! Right Emma?”

“That’s what we promised, I shall just be an interested observer.”

“I bet you will.” I mocked.

“Come here.” Sarah said and grabbed me round the waist, giving me a hungry kiss. “I feel as if I have been bent in two, I need food.” She put on her blouse and carefully tied her school tie. Then her tunic and then her heels as if nothing had happened; she was incorrigible. It looked very strange with the full head mask that she then, with some difficulty, pulled off. Her hair was matted and she shook her head to give it some body.

“Here, I’m getting good at this.” I said, and applied some make-up to her perfect features. She cheekily pursed her lips and I applied some lipstick.

“Come on, there won’t be any food left, let’s go.” Said Emma. “I can’t show my true affection for you both or I will be under the whip and probably demoted to student, so lead on.” Sarah on impulse kissed Emma on the cheek and then after a second, on her lips. And so we left together, Emma trailing us by a step. Sarah did not turn to her but spoke aloud.

“You’re not such a tough nut, Emma. You are a warm, affectionate, intelligent woman, and sexy, with the emphasis on sexy. I think we can find someone for you, maybe who can accommodate your “strange” sexual desires. I don’t think we will have any problem at all.”

“That would be nice, but I like a challenge, Maxine here was a challenge.”

“And you triumphed.” I said knowingly. “The problem is you have a very willing victim!”

We joined the rest of the school at lunch; no comment was made of our late arrival and the meal passed without event. During it however, glances passed between the three of us, and it seemed as if a bond had been made, based perhaps on the strangest foundation.

20.05.06 to be continued in part seven

* * *

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