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Finishing School 4

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; F+/m; latex; bond; bagged; susp; fem; cons; X

Part Four

It was a strange sensation as I left the gym, surrounded by six very attractive young women and two prefects, all in latex. They made me the centre of attention and I was first embarrassed but then began to take pleasure that they should show so much interest. We walked languorously back in the now strong sun. I noticed almost at once the girls who had been beaten in wrestling or by the cane showed no animosity to the other three, although they didn’t know precisely who had beaten whom. With the prefects they were fairly cool; they knew the power they wielded and were keen not to transgress any lines. Emma was happy and at ease, proud of her little plaything (me). We passed the old schoolyard where the two girls I had seen earlier in tennis whites had finished and now joined us, so we were now a group of eleven and quite a jolly group. We arrived at the showers and toilets and without warning we all went inside. I hesitated at the door but Emma said.

“Well, you want to go before lunch, don’t you?” And I did and nodded nervously. While the girls were in front of the mirrors doing their make-up and hair and adjusting their costumes Emma accompanied me to a small cubicle without any door and said.

“Well, you’re a big girl, you know what to do.” I turned to face her and raised my short skirt, pulled down my plain white panties and sat down. I knew the end of the pouch was attached to a small tube to the outside of the “pussy” but I still felt a bit nervous, particularly as Emma was still standing in front of me and other girls passing by. Nonetheless I spread my rubber labia and I pissed as best I could, and out it came! It was the weirdest sensation and I held my head low, my newly coiffured hair dropping either side of my face and partially hiding it. Emma gave me a smile of approval as I dried myself, stood up and raised my panties, adjusted my suspenders and smoothed out any creases in my stockings. During this time I got several comments like “nice legs” and “what a pair’ and “gettemoff” as well wolf whistles. I realised when you get a group of women in a bunch amongst themselves, that really they are no different to men! Emma led me to the mirror and got out her make-up bag and placed it in front of me.

“You’d better start getting used to doing this yourself. I can’t do it for you all the time, here.” She handed me the lipstick and I applied it as best I could, smoothing and licking my lips, applied some eyebrow pencil, mopped my brow and nose and smoothed my face with a dab of face powder. Emma looked at me in the mirror and nodded.

“Very good, very good, are you sure you haven’t done this before.” The other girls watched, waiting for my reaction.

“No! Of course not, what do you take me for.” She stepped back in a theatrical manner and placed her finger to her chin as if in thought.

“Well, I don’t really know, most would take you for a very attractive young woman, dressed voluptuously in rubber!” The others laughed at this.

“Okay, touché, point taken, you win.” I passed a comb through my hair, in its new pageboy cut, straightened my tie and adjusted my “breasts” and nodded to her. Emma smiled and turned, and I followed her, the chain jangling between us, and our heels pounding out a rhythm on the wood floors. I was actually now getting used to the heels although my calves were pretty sore. And I knew I would be “elevated” to higher heels soon. We entered the main hall and there hanging from the balcony was the rubber bag with poor Felicity in it. The bag swung slowly from its chain and I could here a faint whimpering from inside. It must have been very hot and wet in there and the smell of the rubber would have been overpowering. Emma approached the bag and trying to gauge where Felicity’s backside would be, gave it a fearful slap. There was aloud yelp from inside.

“Only 21 hours to go Felicity dear, I expect you are learning your lesson eh?” A voice muffled by the rubber replied.

“Oh please, please let me out, I will do anything for you.”

“No chance dear, 21 hours more and then you will come out a changed woman. I’m sure.” Emma now approached Judith; standing to attention in her inflatable rubber bag, dribble now dripping from her mouth tube as she took deep breaths. Emma put her hand over the end of the tube and watched as Judith struggled for air. She wriggled and squirmed and Emma then let her go and she let out a loud groan.

“Three more hours Judith, you are doing very well. Just remember when you come out of this, who is the boss here, otherwise back you go! And I don’t think you want to do that.”

There was a grunt from the rubber mummy, previously a bright precocious young woman, now a powerless pawn in this strange game being carried out. The school were now assembling in the dining hall, the two girls who had been stuffed into the single rubber suit with three legs staggered in, already seeming at odds with each other. Peggy led in Sarah and I looked across at her, giving a short wave of acknowledgement but then having seen me she looked truly shocked at my appearance and for this I couldn’t blame her. Peggy put a motherly arm round her and led her to her seat, whispering in her ear.

I saw carol in her black latex suit with the two inserted vibrators. She was in an advanced state of excitement, her hands clawed at her groin, but she could do nothing, a prisoner of perpetual arousal. She had lost her arrogance now, all right.

Miss Broad was last to enter the hall. She passed Felicity in her bag and gently massaged the outside, speaking to her quietly through the air holes. She had now changed into a superb scarlet pencil skirt, knee length and barely allowing her to walk, so tight that it was. She also wore a bright pink loose blouse, tight at the wrists and waist, and a pair of matching pink stockings. Her hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail from her crown. Taking small careful steps she came right over to me and placed a red-gloved hand on my cheek.

“Maxine, my dear, I can’t get over how good you look, such a figure and such classic bone structure. You were made for such a place as this, rubber shows off your figure so well, don’t you think?” I hesitated and looked around me before replying, I saw Sarah stare at me and then my reply even surprised me.

“Yes, yes it does Miss Broad.” Miss Broad smiled as if a small victory had been gained, which I suppose for her had been. Emma sat at the end of one table and I sat on her left, they had split Sarah and me up, for she was on an adjacent table but within my eyesight, and I couldn’t stop from glancing over and trying to catch her eye. Thankfully my lunch was not of the liquid variety administered by a tube through a gag and down my throat, but solid food, and it was really pretty good.

This time everybody was allowed to talk and there was a lot of animated chattering among the girls. They really seemed quite chirpy. I found this so odd, it was just like a normal cafeteria or refectory and the girls were behaving “normally” as if they weren’t prisoners in this bizarre school of discipline and rubber! Shortly we were finished and Miss Broad stood as the assembled girls went silent.

“You now have one free hour at three the lectures will begin. Some of you will go to the gym for ballet and some for bondage classes. Now, go on your way.” The girls dispersed noisily, and Emma asked me if I wanted to go to the library.

There were several girls there in the small room, with magazines and books on shelves and I also saw rows of DVD’s and videos. There was a bay window at one end and a large table with several chairs occupied by girls of varying ages reading. In the window were three armchairs and in one a girl of about eighteen was reading. I sat down opposite her; I raised my skirt slightly so the cool leather of the chair was touching the area between stocking top and pants, which I found very pleasant. I crossed my legs as demurely as I could which was not easy as the skirt was so short. The girl looked up, saw it was me and smiled in a friendly way.

“Hi.” She said and glanced at Emma clearly hoping not to incur her wrath. She was wearing the standard uniform of black skirt, white blouse and white stockings. I spoke quietly, asking what she was reading.

“Nothing much, just a magazine, here.” She handed it to me and I saw it was a bondage magazine, the front page a picture of one girl, kneeling and rubber clad, being gagged by another standing behind her. I looked back, a question clearly on my face.

“All the mags and books and the DVD’s and such are on the same….themes.” Then Emma interjected.

“Tamsin is right, it’s all part of the education here,” she pointed to the shelves, “all these volumes are of erotic content, BDSM, transvestism, rubber immersion, enemas, and infantilism; everything we do here. The girls read them on a daily basis, and it works into their system, it helps their imagination wander, maybe it gives them tips on bondage, of others or of self bondage. It makes then feel they are not the only people in the world who feel this way.” I reached behind me, brought down a magazine and thumbed through it, watched by Tamsin furtively and by Emma more openly, clearly watching for my reaction. I had to chuckle when I saw it was a story in photographs and captions of a young man being forced by his girlfriend and a female friend of hers to dress in rubber as their maid. I have to say the man looked pretty good as the maid, but maybe….not as good as me! I tossed it on the table in front of me.

“Too close to home?” Emma chuckled. I smiled back.

“I don’t have to look at it if I am living it, do I?” Emma nodded.

“Touche.” Glancing out the window I saw Peggy walk past with her arm on Sarah’s shoulder and I wondered where they were off to, Miss Broad had mentioned ballet classes and Sarah had done ballet since she was five. She had been very good at it but had simply grown too large, or at least too large for the leading men to lift her with one arm! She still did it though as she loved the discipline of it, and it was tremendous exercise – her body was proof to that.

I picked up another magazine that contained certain bondage techniques with very attractive models demonstrating them. There seemed to be nowhere I could turn to get away from this, and I suppose this was the whole point about the indoctrination. I suggested a walk in the sun to Emma and she nodded, so we left Tamsin with her rubber bondage magazine and went out into the hot sun. Quickly the droplets of sweat rolled down my back and my arms but were unable to escape and lodged themselves in my pants and at my wrists. Certainly in my pants I was warm and very wet. Suddenly Emma said to me.

“It’s getting really hot. I’m going in to change, come on.” I had little option as I was still chained to her and so followed her, as quickly as I could in my three-inch heels to her room on the second floor. The room contained two bunk beds with rubber sheets and pillowcases. She saw me looking at them.

“This is where you sleep tonight, although….unfortunately….there won’t be any chance for any hanky-panky.’ She pinched my buttock mischievously. “I’ m going to devise something rather special for you.”

I didn’t like the sound of that, Emma was a striking girl and given different circumstances I would have had no hesitation in making a play for her, but not here and not now. By way of a key in her bedside table she unlocked my cuff and said.

“There you are, you’re free, fancy making a run for it? I bet you could overpower me.” She stood in front of me, hands on her hips smiling happily and almost challenging me, but I was no fool, dressed like this I surely wouldn’t get far, and I would be leaving Sarah.

“What, and leave Sarah? That wouldn’t be very gallant, would it? No I’ll stay if you don’t mind, you don’t have to worry about me doing a runner, not now anyway.”

“Good for you, although I think the reason you won’t run is you rather like it here!” I sat on the bed and said nothing, seeing as I wasn’t going anywhere I decided I would watch Emma change, that in itself would be an entertainment. She was in no way embarrassed in this and took off her belt from which hung the gags, bladders and cuffs. She dropped it on the bed and turned her back to me.

“Here, unzip me please.” This odd, almost domestic request I found hard to comprehend but I stood up and unzipped her down from neck to waist. She pulled her arms out of the sleeves, exposing her tanned body covered in sweat. She was a stunning sight and I felt my cock harden in its tight sheath. I now saw she did not wear stockings but tights in brilliant white to match her shoulder length gloves and bra and that was all. I sat down again to watch her and she peered over her shoulder and saw this, then approached me, turned her back, bent over and stuck her shiny white bottom right in my face!

I was going to lean back but for some reason didn’t and I held my head there, my nose in the cleft of her cheeks.

“Breathe in…through your nose.” She said and I did so, I didn’t have to, I could have leant back but I breathed in the strong pungent aroma of the warm latex and I didn’t recoil. She turned round to face me, satisfied with her experiment.

“Mmm, you’re coming along very well.” She raised my short skirt and looked at my groin covered in the two layers of rubber.

“I just bet he wants to pop out right now, sorry, not possible.” She pulled off her gloves and then without ant shyness, as if I wasn’t there her bra. Her breasts were firm and brown and damp with sweat; she rolled her nipples between finger and thumb, slyly looking at me. Then she rolled out of her white tights that were awash with her sweat and stood naked in front of me. She placed her clothes on a hanger and said, while she nonchalantly towelled herself off.

“The nice thing about being a prefect is that you can always get one on the girls to clean up after you,” she giggled, “ I will get one of them to wash my clothes and powder and shine them up.” She applied a liberal amount of powder to her body, all over and then rummaged through her closet which I could see was crammed with latex clothing – dresses, skirts, blouses, catsuits and even masks and helmets. She pulled out a one-piece bright yellow leotard, a good choice, I thought, as it would show off her fine tan. It was cut high at the sides exposing thigh and hip; a high polo neck, but with no sleeves and a cut that would expose her shoulders and there was a short zip from her shoulder blades to her neck. I was wondering how she would get into it, but as she stepped into it I could see it was very flexible.

“I’ll need your help here.” She said as she pulled it up over her muscular thighs and I held the sides as she wriggled and pulled it up, pushed her arms through the narrow shoulders and then I zipped her up. This was almost as arousing as taking it off, I thought.

“Thanks.” She said.

“My pleasure.” I replied and I meant it.

“Yes, I bet it was.” And smirked again, smoothing out the creases, which she hardly had to do as it fit her as if it was painted on. It showed off her fine boobs and flat stomach and was very tight around her crotch and I noted…….hid nothing. She drew on a pair of yellow gloves to over her elbows and then a matching pair of pumps with astronomical heels, about five inches at least. She released her black hair from her tight ponytail and just let it fall to her shoulders, shaking her head. She looked wonderful and she knew exactly how to show it off.

“Well, what do you think?” She asked, twirling.

“Are you kidding, stunning….and even if I wasn’t your prisoner and plaything…I would say that.”

“Well thanks.” And she looked genuinely pleased with my compliment. “Now one good turn deserves another, you look pretty hot in that blouse and skirt, we should find something for you.”

“Thank you, yes, I’m beginning to wilt.” I wasn’t sure whether I was pleased to be getting out of my clothes or ashamed that she was treating me as a girlfriend, which I suppose was the whole point. But she helped me out of my blouse and skirt, first releasing the metal belt from my waist. And so I stood in front of her a little embarrassed, wearing shoulder length gloves, corset with false boobs, two pairs of pants, stockings and heels, and with my ankles still fettered by the short chain. She inspected me hard, appraising me, seemingly aroused, but then why should she be, dressed as I was.

“You can take the gloves off.” I did, my arms were pink and wet. “I think the white stockings should stay, your legs look great in them, firm and slim, and you’re made for them.” I didn’t feel particularly proud at the compliment but I knew they looked pretty good.

“Okay, let’s see what we have here.” And she started rummaging again in her closet. I stood there watching her, feeling a bit silly; I straightened my stockings and drew them up a bit. Finally she seemed happy with what she had and drew it out. I can say that it only really resembled a French tart’s dress. She smiled and rested it against my shoulders and seemed to approve. It was essentially in two pieces, the dress was ridiculously short, in red and black stripes. The top was in bright matching red with a black ruffled neck and ruffled elbow length sleeves.

I stepped into it carefully as my ankles were still fettered. She pulled it up over my thighs, the waist was tight and she pulled it hard to get it over my hips. My arms went through the sleeves and she zipped it up the back. I adjusted it for comfort and was shocked to see the skirt barely covered the tops of my white stockings. I tried to pull it down, with no luck, the rubber just bouncing back. Emma was amused at my embarrassment.

“We don’t want to hide your beautiful legs, now do we? Don’t be shy; a little flash of thigh will do no harm.” She replaced the metal belt around my waist and attached it to her wrist. She looked at me as if to say “well you had your choice, slim though it was, and now you are mine again”. She passed me a pair of shoulder length gloves in red that I carefully drew up my arms and under the sleeves of the dress.

“You did very well in your low heels today (low! I thought) so I think we can promote you to these now.” And she passed me a pair of four inch heeled red shoes that I slid into.

“You said I was going to wear something a bit cooler, I don’t feel any cooler at all.” She laughed at my comment.

“Don’t whine Maxine. Well, when I saw your body again in your underwear, I just couldn’t resist dressing you as a French prossy, sorry but you just look too good. Come over to the table here and I’ll touch up your make-up.”

I tottered over to the table still taking small steps because of the short ankle fetters and she did my make-up quickly and efficiently, wiping away any perspiration, and making me look as good as new again. She stood back and helped me out of the chair, pecked my cheek and we returned downstairs with me going very carefully in my new heels. Emma turned and smiled as I made my way, acclimatising to another inch on my heels.

I didn’t feel much cooler at all, but then I was their rubber dolly to do with as they pleased, so I really didn’t have much of a choice! Felicity’s bag was now motionless, and she was clearly resigned to her fate, while Judith stood next to her, her breath coming in a wheeze, and saliva dripped from the tube. Her lenses had now misted up and I wondered if she could see anything at all. I looked closely into them and wondered what torment she was going through. I saw nothing, just a black void behind the condensation. Emma watched me tolerantly as if knowing my thoughts. I rested my hand on the inflated helmet, and there was no movement.

We went outside. The sun was hot as I wobbled on my heels around the building; I heard a couple of wolf whistles but could do nothing with my miniscule skirt and I knew there would be flashes of thigh and stocking top. Emma was taking me back to the gym.

We entered the rear door, it was blissfully cool and I took in a deep breath. The ballet class was now in session and there were six girls doing their bar exercises, knee bends and leg stretches. I immediately saw that Sarah was one of them, as I had hoped. It was easy to pick her out, she was far superior in technique, God, she was unbelievably flexible. One prefect was playing the piano and Peggy was giving the lesson.

Inevitably what caught my eye were the girl’s costumes. It was the standard tights and short sleeved leotard, but in shiny white latex, plus a frilled tutu! Sarah was intent on her exercises and looked stunning in her tight white costume. She looked up and saw me, did a double take and then looked down again, almost in shock. Peggy saw us and motioned for the music to stop.

“Ah Maxine, just the girl we want, we need a strong girl to help the girls through their lifts and you will be perfect.” I wasn’t so sure but I had little choice in the matter.

“Now I do like your outfit very much, very sexy and it shows off your legs wonderfully but the ankle fetters and the heels are not very practical. You don’t mind Emma if we borrow Maxine for a while?” They had probably planned this before but Emma played her role to the hilt.

“Of course not, I’m sure Maxine will be perfect, she certainly has the legs for it.”

Emma unlocked my ankle cuffs and my waistband and I slipped out of the heels, which was blissful for a moment. Peggy brought over a pair of ballet shoes and squatted down in front of me and laced them on. Emma brought Sarah to the centre of the room and Peggy led me to her, so we now faced each other, two feet apart. She looked divine in her white tights and leotard and her hair pulled beck in a tight bun. A flood of emotions went through me and I tried to communicate my love to Sarah. I saw a faint almost sympathetic smile on her face, and my heart rose. I hoped that she knew my feelings for her had not changed, in fact they were stronger and that I had very little say in how I was dressed and made-up.

Nonetheless, seeing your boyfriend in front of you dressed as a French whore with corseted waist and big false boobs, tight dress with miniscule skirt and tight shiny stockings and gloves together with a page boy haircut and full make-up can come as a big shock to any girl!

I had seen her work on her routines many times before and therefore had an idea of my role that basically was to support and lift and catch when required. So, as all the others watched in a group, and with my heart pounding she raised herself on her toes and raised her arms above her head and began her routine as I supported her when needed.

And as we continued I began to forget about the others watching, and my ridiculous costume, but concentrate on my beautiful girlfriend in her rubber costume and in my arms. She also seemed intent on her craft but when our eyes did make contact and she nodded for me to raise her or allow her to drop in my arms there was the faintest of smiles. The others were in a group so I was able to manoeuvre her away slightly and with my back to them I raised her above my shoulders, the tutu was above my head and her crotch right in my face, I buried my head in the folds of rubber, nosing and nudging her pussy through the two layers. I knew her body so well and I wanted so much to please her then, but the pungent rubber was an impenetrable barrier. I lowered her and our eyes met again.

“Sarah, I love you more than ever, please don’t forget that.” I whispered, barely moving my lips. She looked at me and then over my shoulder at the group and gave me a small smile and nodded imperceptibly. We continued, me feeling her familiar body, tightly wrapped in latex; despite this I smelt her familiar smell mixed with the rubber. By the end, it was maybe twenty minutes we were both bathed in sweat. As if surprised at my strength and dexterity, and the clapping of Emma and Peggy, Sarah said a quiet “thanks” and joined Peggy. Emma rejoined me and fettered my ankles, replaced the ballet shoes with my four inch heels and dabbed the sweat from my face as Peggy announced.

“Well, Maxine has real talent, maybe we should get you into tutu and tights and you can join us tomorrow!” I had mixed feelings, I wasn’t crazy about the tutu, although what I was wearing wasn’t far removed from that anyway, but I wanted to be close to Sarah again, so I surprised myself and blurted out a quiet “yes”. I looked across at Sarah and I saw a wide grin and my heart rose. Emma and I left the girls continuing their exercises and went back out into the sun. After the exertions of supporting Sarah I was saturated and hot in my rubber costume, Emma dabbed my face again and touched up my lipstick (I hoped the others didn’t see traces of it on Sarah’s crotch!). We saw Carol come tottering towards us, her face red and sweaty, she was still wearing her “arousal suit” complete with front and back vibrators and prongs caressing her breasts. She was very agitated and took hold of Emma’s arm.

“Emma, oh God, you have to get me out of this, please. I must have come twenty times I feel so weak now. Please let me out now, this is driving me crazy.”

“Don’t be silly Carol, you know the rules, 12 hours, and that means 10 o clock tonight, about four more hours. Then we will have you where we want you, just putty in our hands. You won’t be quite so horny for the other girls after this will you?”

Carol gripped her groin, trying to pull the vibrator at least part way out, it was no good, the suit was so tight that all she succeeded in doing was to pull it in and out, exciting herself further. She tripped away and I saw her lie down on the grass and try to keep calm in the warm sun. Emma chuckled.

“They all learn in the end.” She said and took my arm and we sauntered on. In the distance I could see the two girls who had been placed in the three-legged suit; they were still out of step and out of sorts with each other. It seemed they were getting fed up with each other’s intimate company, and they still had 16 hours to go. I heard the sound of tennis balls being hit and Emma took my arm and said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Come on, let’s see who is playing, maybe we can get a game.” The prefects were playing tennis dressed in whites, latex of course. There was nothing really odd about that but my attention was caught by the net. It consisted of a long single sheet of rubber, stretched from one side to the other, but at intervals of about five feet and a few inches below the top, holes had been cut. Stuffed through these holes, and sticking out like coconuts at the fair, were the heads of eight of the pupils! Four were facing one way and four the other, their hands cuffed behind their backs as they knelt down, dressed only in latex bras and panties, their heads immobile by the tight net. It was bizarre to say the least, on either side of the net one could see, alternately, four kneeling headless figures spaced between four heads. They could not say anything for each was gagged with an identical rubber ball with a strap pulled behind their heads. I don’t know how long they had been like this but they didn’t look too comfortable.

The two prefects seemed unperturbed by this and carried on with their game, going to the net to pick up the balls and patting a head while there. Seeing Emma and me, they invited us to play doubles and pointed to the changing rooms where there were tennis shoes and racquets. I was not keen at all, particularly dressed as I was, but Emma, inevitably, obliged and took me over there, and removed my ankle cuffs and belt. So we practiced for a while, me in my silly tart’s dress with the fake boobs and with the stockings and gloves, I was already sopping wet.

I was trying my best to clear the net with plenty to spare, not wanting to hit the poor pupils, and Emma saw this and suggested a proper game, but with a real incentive, the victors to pick the punishment of the vanquished. It was the wrestling match all over again. What was interesting was that the prefects didn’t seem to mind handing out punishment to each other. So we began to play for keeps! And what a sight we were, me in my black and red tart’s dress and stockings and gloves and Emma in her high necked leotard and gloves. Of the four of us, I was the best player, I had played when I was younger and it came back to me quickly, although gripping the racquet with my rubber gloved hands and running around the court in my gear and my fake boobs was not easy. But each point was hotly contested and it was evident that neither team wished to lose. I could no longer cross the net by three feet and many times the ball hit the net, or occasionally one of the girls. I hit a couple on the head and also the back and buttocks, accompanied by muffled squeals from the poor girls.

They would see the ball coming but simply could do nothing, there would be a muffled scream and a gnashing of teeth around the red ball gag and a glaring of eyes but that was all. The other three simply ignored this, although making the odd comment when one got hit in the backside; they seemed to be having a great time. The most uncomfortable time for me was when I was at the net, looking down at the defenceless heads and backs barely two feet away from me, their eyes pleading for me to miss them. Yet I have to admit as the game wore on, I got faintly aroused by the view. Anyway I was playing as hard as I could and concentrating on winning the game.

Finally after some close rallies, Emma and I won 6-4 and therefore we had the choice of punishments. I didn’t want any part of this, as I knew the prefects had the power to get their revenge on me later. But Emma was insistent and even more strangely, so were the other two prefects. It had to be a quick discipline as the prefects were in charge of the eight girls trapped in the net, so Emma suggested a short, sharp caning.

Without so much as batting an eye the two prefects smiled and turned around and bent over the net between the girls already trapped there. Emma smiled and said.

“Hey wait a minute, maybe they should be gagged first, you should get some practice at gagging someone Maxine, you’ve been at the receiving end, this is even more fun, you’ll see.” Both prefects stood up with looks on their faces that said, “well, thanks Emma!”

“Bladder or ball?” Emma said impishly, and I replied without any hesitation, I don’t know why.


“Mmm, you’re developing into a real pro.” And she handed me a bladder with head harness and inflator bulb.

“Take your pick.” She said pointing at the two prefects who had little smirks on their faces, as if they were enjoying this as much as Emma was.

“You.” I said pointing to the smaller of the two, she had short blonde hair, almost a crew cut and a cute pixie-type face. She stepped forward, her hands behind her back like an obedient pupil and opened her mouth; I believe she was actually looking forward to this. I slipped the bladder in and she closed her mouth around it. I then adjusted all the straps of the harness, either side of her nose, under her chin and behind her head until they were snug.

“Okay?” I asked and she nodded. The straps pressed into her cheeks and chin and she was now breathing slowly through her nose, almost as if going into a trance. I screwed the inflator into the front of her bladder, our eyes met and she gave me a cheeky wink. I felt my cock harden in my tight and now wet rubber pants. This now was the moment of great power, I was to make dumb, utterly speechless, a mute – and I found that I was revelling in this power, this strangely sexual power.

Emma was slightly ahead of me and I watched transfixed as she pumped up the bladder in the mouth of the first prefect, her left hand gently resting on the girl’s head. Her cheeks started to billow out but Emma grinned and continued, with three more pumps her cheeks was now bloated and stretched wide and there was not so much as a squeak from her. Emma felt the girl’s cheeks and nodded, unscrewing the inflator.

“Your turn now, Maxine.” Imitating Emma, I placed my rubber gloved hand on the prefect’s head and gently squeezed the bulb a couple of times, nothing seemed to happen and so I gave it a couple more and then saw her chin drop slightly and the cheeks expand. The next two squeezes brought a noticeable bulge and a squeak from her, but now I continued. My cock wanted to escape its tight sheath as I was becoming highly aroused at this sight. The other prefects and the girls at the net seemed to notice this and watched in silence, twisting their heads for a better look. I squeezed again and the prefect tried to move her head back but I held her fast with my left, and said.

“Now, scream.” She looked at me quizzically. “I said scream.” This time taking one of her nipples through her tennis costume and giving it a pinch. And she tried to, but only the faintest sound came out. Satisfied, I unscrewed the pump and smiled at my handiwork. I don’t think she expected me to be quite so thorough and frankly neither did I, but I got carried away, as I was, in all honesty, really enjoying it. I just hoped I didn’t step over the line, for I would surely pay for it later.

Already the girls were dribbling from their mouths, and we cuffed their hands just to ensure they didn’t try and cover themselves during the beating, a stupid thing to do anyway – but I liked to see them cuffed. We turned them round and leaned them over the net. I could see the other girls stretching for a better view; no doubt they would like to see a prefect whipped for a change! Emma faced me across the net, the gorgeous bottoms now up in the air and inviting a good beating. She handed me a cane and I folded back the short tennis skirt and was rewarded with a pair of tight white latex panties and two firm buttocks above two nicely tanned thighs. Emma did likewise and said to me.

“You should be thankful you learned to play tennis when you were younger, to the victor goes the spoils.”

“Hey, you should be the grateful one. I carried you during the match and if it wasn’t for me your arse would be the one in the air!” I realised I may have been pushing it here, but Emma just laughed and said.

“True.” And then she brought the cane down on her prefect’s backside with a loud whap! There was no scream, but a jerk from the girl draped over the net. I looked down at the gorgeous inviting bottom in its shiny white armour; not very good armour for what was to come, I thought. And I could resist no longer. I brought the cane down hard right on the button and watched the girl spasm on the net, but stoically retain her position.

In unison Emma and I applied six of the best, neither of us holding back, in a nice tight grouping. I felt almost released as I helped my girl up. There were tears in her eyes and her face was red, but there was no evidence of any venom there. Oddly Emma and the other prefect were hugging each other and when Emma released the girl’s gag she gasped.

“My God, Emma, you get better and better, I don’t think I’ll be able to sit down for the rest of the day. My arse is on fire.”

My prefect raised her head and as I pulled out her gag, wet with her saliva, she was massaging her rear with her cuffed hands. She took some deep breaths and said to me quietly.

“Jeez, you didn’t hold back did you? I think I’m going to have to keep an eye on you.” It was as if she was admiring my handiwork, but somehow I didn’t think it would end there, I felt she would come looking for some revenge in the future. She was very attractive, petite and pixie-like with a short muscular body and a faint Scots accent. I found her intriguing, the way she had taken her punishment so acceptingly, and she seemed interested in me, whether as a man or a woman I don’t know. We released their cuffs and Emma said.

“We have to get back, diner is in an hour and it is evening dress tonight so we’ll need the next hour to look our best.” She glanced over at me and winked. The three prefects released the eight girls from the net; they seemed relieved that it was not them that had received the caning. Then they were led back by the two prefects to their dormitories, hands still tied behind their backs and mouths gagged. Emma and I returned too, her arm around my waist. I had noticed that she had not cuffed my ankles nor replaced the steel belt around my waist and I could see that she knew I was thinking of this.

“Not thinking of anything silly are you?” I suppose it did cross my mind but I just shook my head and she nodded as if she knew I was going nowhere without Sarah.

“I certainly am glad we won that game, although you know I think Morag took quite a shine to you. You’ll have to watch her, she’s a little devil.”

We entered the shadows of the old hall again, Emma without a moment’s hesitation gave poor Felicity a good hard slap on what appeared to be her backside, there was a yelp from the rubber bag but we moved on without comment. Once in her room I sat down on “my” bed and took off my heels and adjusted my stockings. After the ballet and tennis I was really quite tired.

“Come on, you don’t have a lot of time to shower and get you dressed.” I helped her peel off her yellow gloves and then with some difficulty draw her out of her yellow leotard. Her firm body gleamed with sweat.

“Okay, you next.” So she pulled off my stockings; once off, my legs looked almost out of shape – without their firmness and sheen. She unzipped my tarty dress and I too was shining with sweat. I pulled off my long gloves, careful not to rip them, and somehow missing their firm grip.

“Now I don’t want you to get too used to life without a corset, or at least a basque, so another one goes on after we shower. We’re really going to transform this body of yours; all it needs is some training.” She unlaced the corset and I could feel the release on my stomach and hips. I stepped out of the white pants and then, finally the pussy pants. My cock looked a little forlorn after all the attempts it had made to go hard and been denied by the pants. We now stood opposite each other, both naked, I was a man again, yet still strangely emasculated. She took off my one earring and we went next door to what was a private shower. She quickly wiped off my entire make up, it was a strange sensation having this done to me by a naked woman and I felt a quick surge in my groin.

“Mmm, looks like you need a cold shower down there. Now we want to keep that light beard of yours well under control so I will top you up with a new coating.” She chuckled, then slid on a pair of surgical gloves and began to apply a thin coat of depilatory cream just to my face. This whole act had an obvious sexual connotation but Emma stayed quite business-like.

“Okay, while that’s working its wonders, I’ll have a shower first.” And she pulled off her gloves and took her shower while I stood watching and feeling the cream begin to warm up and itch. Shortly it was my turn and I washed and shampooed my “new” hair and then stepped out, clean and not a hair on my body, to brush my teeth. We returned to her room and she had already prepared my under clothes. She held up a white heavy rubber boned corset shaped to accentuate the buttocks and boobs. She held it up.

“Oh yes, this is definitely for you.” She handed me the pussy pants first and I stepped into them, sliding my cock into the tight but now slightly familiar sheath. I raised my arms and she wrapped the corset around my torso and began to lace me up. The cool grip of the rubber began to really grasp me.

“Oh, this is getting very tight.” I said, breathing Slower now.

“We have a way to go yet.” She said and pulled harder, almost knocking me off balance. My waist was visibly diminishing and at the same time my buttocks seemed to expand and my boobs rise and get larger. I had to admit it was a very clever design. By the time she seemed satisfied, I was in a solid vice of rubber. My figure was not (yet) an hourglass but the transformation was quite alarming, a full rounded pair of breasts, slim hard waist and ample hips. I couldn’t help but actually admire myself. I ran my finger down my rubber labia and at the same time felt my rubber boob, I could actually feel my cock try to harden!

She slapped my hand, almost playfully and handed me a pair of tiny white panties and I stepped into them, having difficulty bending due to the corset. She helped me pull them up and over my fake pussy, although the outline of it was clear under the thin latex. She returned to the closet and brought out a riveting white full-length evening dress. I stared at it.

“Yep, all for you.” She giggled. It was cut to sit just above my corset back and front, exposing my shoulders and a good portion of “breast”; there were tow spaghetti straps and an almost invisible back zip. It was ankle length, form fitting from breast down to below the knees where it flared marginally o the ankles. I wondered how on earth I would get into it. It was the subtlest form of bondage, as good as having my ankles fettered; I would be able, at best, to take 12 inch very feminine steps. No, I would not be running off anywhere.

She opened up the dress and I stepped in, the latex coolly caressing my bare thighs; it was very tight and she slowly eased it over my hips as I threaded my arms through the straps. She straightened the creases at front and sides and drew up the zip. I kept my feet together as she pulled it up to my shoulder blades. It clung to my body, as if painted on; I took a couple of steps and found that maybe I could step 10 or 12 inches, that was all. I could not deny however that I looked stunning, a tall, slim, busty cool thing in shiny white armour. She brought over a pair of white five inch heeled pumps and I stepped into them; now I was even more imperious. Wobbling a little I took a full circle in front of the mirror.

“Okay, okay that’s enough of you, now me.” She pulled out a long red latex dress identical in style to mine. She was naked as she stepped into it and I zipped her up the back. She looked fabulous as she stepped into red heels. We admired ourselves together.

“The terrible twins.” She giggled and told me to sit down in front of the mirror so she could do my make-up. With a comb and dryer she perfectly set my hair in place then expertly applied make-up. While I pulled on a pair of shoulder length white latex gloves she did her own make-up, allowing her black hair to fall to her shoulders in a styled “unkempt” look. The final touches were a single gold ear ring to my left ear and a choker, one inch in depth and made of hundreds of fine gold strands. It was heavy, expensive beautiful, fir tight round my neck and a subtle reminder of my subjugation and obeisance.

Yet, more strangely, I did not feel humbled or humiliated I felt beautiful and attractive, which is what I clearly was. I could pass off anywhere as a stunning woman! The latex was now warming up and I started to relish its firm caress. I licked my lips and tasted the familiar gloss. She expertly pulled on a pair of matching red shoulder-length gloves and took my arm.

“Well Maxine, shall you accompany me to dinner?”

“I’d be happy to.” I said, and meant it. Passing down the stairs I took them very carefully one at a time; the dress was amazingly tight but there was no sign of my manhood, no panty line and no sign of the corset that gripped me so irrevocably. My breathing was getting better as I adjusted to its grasp.

As we walked down the stairs, other girls were coming down and I could feel their eyes on me, a couple of them smiled in a friendly way. We want into the common room where all the school was assembled, sipping sherry or martinis in a very civilised way, all the girls done up to the nines in fine latex creations and expensive jewellery. I looked around for Sarah and she finally came in, with her constant shadow, Peggy. I was stunned to see Sarah was dressed identically to me, in a white sheath and gloves and with fine gold jewellery. Her fine blonde was pulled back loosely and fell to her shoulders. I felt a surge in my groin and tried to suppress it, knowing my cock was going nowhere, trapped in its latex sheath.

She picked up a glass and looked around, saw me and rather than be repelled gave a small smile and came over. The four of us made up an odd group, Emma and Peggy closely watching the reactions of “two” beautiful women dressed identically.

“Hello.” She said tentatively.

“Hi, Sarah….you look…fabulous.” I said trying to break the ice again. “Better than I think I have ever seen you.”

“Thanks,” she said sheepishly, “there’s something about this material, isn’t there? It really can flatter the figure and it’s so….I don’t know….sensual. It makes me feel so feminine and…sexy.”

“Yes, I er know what you mean.” She laughed out loud at my little joke, God, I loved that laugh.

“If I didn’t know that was you, I wouldn’t believe it. You fill that dress as well as I do, you look incredible. If I fancy you like that does it make me a lesbian?” She giggled and I felt her gentle warmness touch me. “And your hair, it’s so cool. Emma does a wonderful job.”

“Well he helped me a lot.” Emma interjected.

“Really? Well darling, tell me how you actually feel.” She placed her hand around my backside and patted me tenderly. She looked hard into my eyes. I was used to this kind of questioning from her, she did this when she was genuinely interested in anything.

“Well, how would you think I feel? I feel quite embarrassed standing here in panties, corset, high heels, gloves and latex dress, not to mention the hair and make-up. Actually I’m sort of getting used to it, I know it sounds crazy, but knowing that everybody is watching and I am unable to do anything, for myself or for you, it’s all very strange.” She smiled ruefully.

“Yes, it is, I know. We’ve been through quite a lot in the last 24 hours haven’t we? I can’t believe it has been only 24 hours, yet it seems like a week. Butt plugs and beatings – I won’t forget that in a hurry. Nor the ballet, I….really enjoyed that though, to be carried and assisted by you was wonderfully comforting.”

“Me too, you looked fabulous in that outfit. If you are exercising tomorrow I would love to come too, if Emma will let me.” I glanced at her and she smiled.

“Oh, I think that can be arranged.” She and Peggy seemed to be enjoying this little scene. Sarah continued.

“Your make-up is really good and how on earth did they get you in that dress, you have quite the bust!”

“Don’t even imagine how I got into this.” I replied, my hand touching my groin.

“Yes, how did they take care of your…..tackle, so to speak?” She seemed amazed there was no bulge or mound there. Emma interrupted.

“Oh, it’s all tucked away safely out of harms way.”

“Pity.” Said Sarah, with a knowing smile. My heart rose at this blatant invitation. I passed a hand down my dress.

“You know, despite all this, you know I still love you more than anything. I see you in that dress now and I just want to ravish you.” She looked at me for fully ten seconds, as if appraising me and then said with a smile.

“That was entirely my thoughts as well.” Then Peggy took her arm and said.

“Okay, enough of this love fest, let’s mingle.” And they left. Did that mean that she wanted to ravish me in my dress or plain ravish me? I didn’t know but I was very heartened by our meeting, all seemed to be well with us, it seemed.

All of us now walked through to the dining hall, which had been beautifully laid out, even with candlelights. We sat down at the tables taking the same positions as before. Miss Broad entered, we stood up and she took her place at the head of my table, resplendent in black latex evening dress and gloves. She sat and we all followed. The food was excellent and the meal passed pleasantly enough. The conversation was limited to school activities and the latest punishments, a few compliments for my dress and hair and what everybody would be up to the next day. Deep conversation about the school and why everybody was here, and whether she wanted to get out did not occur. And this was probably through fear of reprisals of some kind. The meal ended and Miss Broad stood up.

“Tonight there will be a film in the main hall, all will attend. It is called “Maitresse” a French film you may have heard before. I think you will find it educational. Emma, Maxine and Morag, I would like you to come to my room. Dismiss.” We followed Miss Broad back to her study, past the hanging rubber bag holding Felicity and the inflated rubber statue that was Judith, both immobile and silent.

Miss Broad sat down behind her desk and told us to sit. We were a strange sight, all in evening dress and gloves, Miss Broad in black, me in white, Emma in red and Morag, the tough, pretty Scottish girl in yellow.

“Well Maxine, have you enjoyed your day?” I thought hard at this question.

“Well, um, I can’t say I have enjoyed all of it, but I have to admit that certain elements were, well….interesting. I have never had a stranger day, that’s for sure.” They all smiled.

“Yes, I can imagine that. But you really are a big success, a natural for this. I would have never believed the transformation so fast either, nor Sarah I think. Although she finds you a little bit more intriguing now, perhaps a new facet of your personality that she, or you for that matter, was not aware of before. Anyway you have progressed beyond our anticipation and we are very pleased with you, and Sarah too, although I do admire that spunky streak in her. But I have not asked you here for that. Amanda, who I think you met in the wrestling practice this afternoon, our stunning model, is due to go home this evening. Two months ago she was brought here on the instructions of her lover, Peter, a rather nasty fashion photographer with lots of money. He felt she was not submissive enough and he wanted some of her assertive instincts controlled. Peter paid extremely well and we took her on. She has been a model pupil, excuse the pun, she loves bondage, rubber and the masochism. She also has a dominant streak, she’s a natural, just like you, Maxine.” She gave me a sly smile.

“So she wants to stay on as a prefect, and still do some modelling assignments when the urge takes her. We are happy for her to do this; she’ll be excellent at this. Peter is the problem; he will come here very soon, expecting a compliant docile submissive Amanda. I, with your help, will persuade him she wishes to stay. If he says okay and is on his way, fine, but I have a feeling it will not be so easy as that. So we will have to…persuade him of his errors of judgment.”

“We do not want him going away and seeking some revenge on us, that could be embarrassing for us, so we may have to invite him to stay and Amanda has volunteered to educate him while he is here, for what will be a short duration, we hope. If he makes a scene and needs to be brought under control, that is why you are here. Maxine, how do you feel about that?”

I didn’t know what to say, but had to admit it sounded quite intriguing.

“Well, I don’t know what exactly I could do to help, I’m not going to stand in your way though.”

“I admire your honesty. It is all happening a bit too fast for you, no doubt, so I won’t press right now. You may however watch the proceedings; I think they will be interesting for you. Meanwhile Emma and Morag can change here now, if he should put up a struggle then evening dresses are not the mode of apparel.”

I watched as Emma and Morag helped each other strip down and select their clothes, brought down to her office earlier. They were both in black; long sleeved dresses nipped at the waist and wrist. They helped each other into a pair of grey tights and low-heeled shoes, and then stepped into the dresses. They looked fit, sexy and ready for anything.

There was a knock on the door and Amanda came in, looking stunning. Like all models she was very tall and slim with long brown air and the face of a 16 year old. She was dressed in a full-length bright orange evening dress, low cut with long sleeves.

“Well Amanda my dear, are you sure you have made the right decision? You can go with Peter if you wish.”

“No Miss Broad, I want to stay. You have said I can leave when I want to do assignments, and I love it here. If Peter makes a scene then we will have to educate him here, I think, don’t you? Frankly I’m rather hoping he will.”

“Good, everyone knows the drill, so we only have to wait for Peter.”

Amanda sat beside me and spoke quietly.

“I love your hair, you know you shouldn’t be embarrassed or shy, you look great. God, I could get you assignments as a model, you have great skin and with a bit of dieting and more corsetry, you could pass off anywhere in the fashion world.”

At first I didn’t know whether to be flattered or offended, but my inner self took it as flattery. Coming from a looker like Amanda it was a real compliment. The phone rang and Miss Broad answered it.

“You can come in Peter, I’ll open the gate.” She pressed a knob under her desk and smiled.

“He’ll be here in a couple of minutes.” Amanda looked a little nervous while Emma and Morag conferred quietly amongst themselves.

There was a knock and a prefect led in Peter. I was surprised at what he looked like, quite non descript, about 5 feet 9 inches (much shorter than Amanda) slim with long blonde hair, and dressed in sneakers, jeans a T shirt and red sports jacket.

He was full of confidence, with a real cocky streak, almost a swagger. I took an instant dislike to him, as he leered at all of us. He looked at me for a full five seconds; I wondered if he could tell I was a man under all the rubber and make-up.

“Miss Broad, good to see you again.” He sat down in the chair opposite her, and next to me.

“Well, this is quite the welcome committee. Aren’t you going to introduce me?” Miss Broad took it all in her stride.

“Of course, forgive me. This is Emma and Morag, my trusted assistants.” he nodded at them with a confident smile.

“Great outfits, you know we’re even getting into rubber in the fashion business, for our more edgier clients, I love the stuff, the models look great in it.”

“And this is Maxine, who has only recently joined us and, well, is making great strides.” My heart was beating like a drum as our eyes met and he gave me quite the examination.

“Hello indeed. What a dress and I love your hair, you know I could get you some modelling work when you get out of here. You’ve got a fuller figure, nice complexion, good bum and boobs; there’s plenty of work out there for a girl like you.” All four women beamed, enjoying their little secret.

“Well thank you, I’ll give it some thought.” Then he looked up at Amanda.

“And there’s my baby, hi doll.” Amanda smiled and replied.

“Hello Peter, how are you? Been worrying about me while I was here?”

“No love, knew you were in good hands,” he giggled and looked at Miss Broad, “look, sorry about all this kidnapping and training and all, but you’ll see it will work out in the end. Come here my beauty, you look great.” She moved towards him and he stood to admire her, grabbed her round her pink rubber encased buttocks.

“God, this rubber dress does wonders for the figure, eh? Well, look we must be going, Miss Broad, thanks for all the help, although I have to say you charge a pretty penny, but then we are dealing with expensive goods, eh?” Again he gave a silly giggle and slapped Amanda on her behind and I saw her wince.

“Just before you go Peter, I think Amanda has something to say.”

“Thank you Miss Broad,” Amanda said and looked coldly at Peter, “firstly I don’t regret you sending me here. In fact I want you to know how grateful I am. You see, I’ve grown to enjoy it here, to love it. The clothes, the discipline, the bondage, the role playing, I enjoy it all. So much so that….I have decided to stay here.”

“Eh? You’ve what? Hey snap out of it, kiddo. You’re coming with me, now!”

“No Peter, I’ve decided, I’m staying here. Now you can go now, but on your own.

“Like hell I am, you’re coming now.” And he then slapped her, hard, across her face, there was silence for a second, but no one moved. “Miss Broad, I thought you took out some of her spunk?”

“Oh, I did Peter, but she doesn’t want to be with you. That’s all.” Now she leaned forward coolly from behind her desk. “Now we would like you to leave, on your own!”

“Don’t be crazy, what, you’re going to stop me taking her back.” By now Emma and Morag had moved closer and the tension in the room was palpable. I stood up and went to the side of the desk; this was going to get very interesting. Amanda, her cheek now a bright red, calmly said.

“Please leave Peter.”

“You silly cow.” He replied and hit her again, and she fell back into the chair. Morag moved in. He saw her coming and, with a punch in a million, hit her sharply on the side of the jaw. She went down as if shot, out cold. Emma grabbed him from behind, but he simply elbowed her in the stomach, thumped her behind the ear and then pushed her onto the floor where she lay gasping for breath.

This had barely taken five seconds and now Miss Broad and I looked at each other. He had managed to neutralise the welcoming committee in five seconds, Emma and Morag in particular were out of it and Miss Broad would be no match for him, tough cookie though she was.

“Come on babe.” He said and grabbed for Amanda, suddenly for no conscious reason I moved to him. He looked at me as if ready to punch me out too.

“What about me?” I said. Miss Broad looked aghast.

“You’re a cute one you can come along too, be an interesting threesome.” He laughed and moved close to me. I felt his lips graze mine as he squeezed my buttocks. I opened my mouth and felt his lips press and his tongue start to flicker….then I brought my knee up hard into his groin! He bent over with a gasp and I punched him hard behind his ear. He went down with a thump and we all looked at each other in silence. Miss Broad moved first, she pulled open a drawer and shouting my name “Maxine” tossed the collar and cuffs that had so efficiently subdued me earlier.

I caught them and knelt by Peter who was bleary eyed and gasping. I couldn’t straddle him as my white rubber dress was so tight. With Amanda’s help I pulled the mask over his head and then wrapped the collar round his neck, pulled his arms behind his back and cuffed his wrists up by his shoulder blades. Then we both stood and took stock. Morag was coming to, and I helped her into a vacant chair. Emma was now on her feet, holding the back of her neck. Miss Broad came round and approached me.

“Maxine, my goodness, you are full of surprises.” She placed her gloved hand on my cheek. “We most definitely owe you one; we got in a real mess there for a minute and you saved the day. Don’t think, please, that this changes your position here, however I am….we are, very grateful to you, and I assure you we will not forget this. What made you do that?” She looked at me closely, clearly surprised at my actions. I didn’t know what to say really. Impulse, or seeing women being beaten by a man? I tried not to make a big deal of it.

“Well, when he started to kiss and feel me up, I realised he wasn’t my type and I had to teach him a lesson.” The others laughed and Amanda came close to me, her cheek now losing some of its redness.

“I won’t forget, that’s for sure; that’s was getting nasty there. Thanks.” She pecked me on my cheek. It was strange feeling, her pink rubber dress rubbing my white on. “But maybe we could have that wrestle, that would be fun, I think.” She replied with a twinkle in her eye. Now it was Morag’s turn; she seemed fine after her few seconds of having her bell rung.

“I guess we are even now, after the beating on the tennis court. I was rather hoping to wreak some revenge but you’ve evened the score all right.” She went on tiptoe and pecked me on the cheek too. I was beginning to like all this attention. Emma too was recovering.

“I’m getting very proud of you Maxine, you’re going to make it difficult for me when I will have to punish you! I’ll have to watch for that right hook of yours.” She put her arms around me, her flat groin against my flat groin and her hands on my backside, her bust against mine. She kissed me gingerly on the forehead, and then after a moment’s thought, on the lips, hard.


“I don’t know why I did it, really. But I couldn’t just stand there and watch him eat you all up, he was too tough for you and had that element of surprise, plus….he was fighting dirty. If he had walked out I wouldn’t have stopped him, but you just don’t take a swing at….a lady.”

“Gee, I’m a lady, thanks Maxine.” Emma giggled.

“Well, that’s the way I see it, but even if you were beating up on me, and you haven’t really physically yet, except for the paddling, I wouldn’t punch you out or kick you, I just wouldn’t do it.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t be telling us this.” Emma chuckled and I smiled too.

“Look, you know well enough that I am pretty well powerless here most of the time; you are very well organised and if I wanted to escape it would have to be carefully planned. And it would include Sarah, I won’t leave her here and you know this.” I stared at them. “It can’t be done physically, I’m not going to club you over your heads and run, I won’t harm you. You can do what you damn well like to me, and I know you will but I wouldn’t resort to that. That’s just my code of conduct, or whatever.”

There was silence for fully ten seconds. I don’t know if they had gained their respect or they thought me weak, or a fool. It didn’t really care. Then I broke the spell.

“Well, what do we do with him?”

“He’ll have to stay here for some training, then we’ll break him down into the puppy we want and then send him out.” Emma said.

“Wait a minute, send him back to what? His ex-girlfriend will be staying here and he will be out there. She will not be able to exert any power over him from here. He could be trouble and may come back looking for her, even with some friends or the police. We have to have something on him to keep him quiet so he doesn’t come back. I have an idea, how about we take some photos or a video of him in some compromising positions, so we can blackmail him by keeping them over his head.”

I don’t know how I had come up with all this, but the girls and Miss Broad seemed suitably impressed.

“Maxine, you are amazing, one surprise after another. It’s a brilliant idea and we will start tomorrow – or tonight if you want. I’m sure we can find some volunteers to act out some roles. Maxine, this is your idea, maybe you would like to direct it.”

Well, this was a turn up! I have to admit that this rather intrigued me and so I nodded and the other three girls smiled. There was a groan from the floor; Peter was starting to recover. Miss Broad leant over and patted him on his rubber-covered head.

“You’re in for some very serious punishment Peter. I am going to encourage the girls to think up something suitably incriminating and nasty. You really shouldn’t have hit Amanda and the others; you will surely pay for it. Do as you will, girls. We will meet at 10pm in the hall after the film. We must release Judith; I think she was only meant to be in her inflatable bag for 12 hours. Felicity can wait until tomorrow.” She put her hand on my shoulder, smiled and walked out, leaving us with Peter. Amanda said, looking down at the wriggling figure.

“I can’t believe I could fall for a jerk like that. The way he punched you two was unbelievable; he’s going to pay for that. We’ll take the fight out of him all right. Any ideas before we put him to bed for the night and think up something nasty for tomorrow?”

It was Morag that spoke.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with a good caning…is there Maxine? You’re pretty good, I can tell you! Let’s start with that and then a high colonic before bed.”

“Sounds good to me.” Emma said, and I just nodded, I wasn’t sure of my role here; all of a sudden I was a prefect! Emma could sense this.

“Maxine, we’re very grateful to you, you saved our bacon there. You may not want to get involved but once you see us getting going then I think you may want to….contribute. In the meantime you can handle the cameras, Mr. Director.” She laughed and I rather liked that idea.

They began to take off Peter’s clothes; he was wriggling but not too violently, instead concentrating on breathing evenly and they were able to do it with relative ease, releasing him and then cuffing him again. Soon he was naked, save for his suffocation mask, the collar and cuffs. Expertly they leant him over a chair, his bare backside up in the air, an inviting target. As Amanda held him down with her hand on his back, the other girls armed themselves with canes. Morag handed me the video camera and briefly showed me how to use it. Emma handed Amanda a cane, saying.

“I think this is your honour, you first.” Amanda, in her pink evening dress and gloves, needed no encouragement, saying to the black helmeted figure.

“Peter, you will never touch me again, ever. This will be a reminder what will happen to you if you do.” She gave him six well-practiced swings, accompanied by flinching from Peter and muffled screams from the mask. He tried to wriggle and stand but the other two held him firm. Emma followed and then Morag; all were very proficient, and Peter’s arse was now striped bright red. Morag came to me and said quietly.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t like pumping that gag up in my mouth this afternoon, and giving me a good caning. So what about it now? You probably think it is evil, or perverted or decadent, but really when you get down to it, you want to do it, right?”

I looked at her and then at the other girls. They knew human nature and they knew me.

“Give me the cane.” I said to Amanda and she handed it to me cheerily, patted me affectionately on my backside and took the camera from me. I lined myself up with the red/blue backside and swung, slowly, deliberately six times.

“Sometimes, I don’t know what the hell I am doing.” I handed the cane to Morag who gave me a knowing smile. Emma came close to me and laid a hand on my shoulder.

“Sure you do. Smarten up Maxine, you are enjoying this. If you weren’t then you would have gone to the movie by now. You’re drawn to this and you can’t do anything to stop it. Now you will help us to give this prick here a high colonic, and you will continue to film it so that Peter here will not make our lives difficult in the future.” She was right of course; I wanted to be part of this.

We took Peter from Miss Broad’s study straight to her bathroom; the bedroom adjacent was locked.

“We’ll do it here in Miss Broad’s bathroom, it’ll take too long to get him to the showers and this is perfect.” Morag pointed to the ceiling and I could see several hooks.

“Miss Broad administers herself an enema now and again and of course she has some fun with “Pet” in here.”


“Oh, right, you haven’t met Pet yet, well that will be a treat.” Emma took my arm and spoke quietly.

“I’ll tell you later.” Amanda brought in several chains and padded cuffs.

“This is going to be perfect for the idea I have; we cuff his feet and hands and suspend him above this big bath, arse towards the shower head so that when he evacuates we can shower him off at the same time.

Amanda nodded and laughed.

“I’m all for it.” I stood back with camera in hand as they cuffed the unresisting and groggy Peter. They attached the chains to the ceiling hooks. Then they manoeuvred him into the bath and raised him between the three of them attaching wrists and ankles to the hanging chains, then adjusted the length of the chains until satisfied. His head was about 4 feet off the ground and his feet about so he was suspended at an angle of about 30 degrees with his feet about 4 feet apart, his cock and balls very vulnerable and about two feet from the showerhead. His head had fallen back and Amanda (how thoughtful of her) had laced a thick posture collar round his neck and attached it to a further chain from the ceiling. Morag seemed in her element.

“We’ll give him a good high colonic, let the gravity do the work and give him a second one just for fun; after he evacuates, he should then be clean as a whistle.” I leant against the washbasin, in my white rubber dress and gloves, not really relishing this but fascinated by the efficiency of these girls, not women to mess with! While I looked as if I was ready for some social function, albeit in rubber, Peter was being humbled, humiliated and shamed; dominated and subjugated by three strong, cruel and beautiful women.

“And now ladies and gentlemen,” laughed Morag, “the apparatus, comprising a wide rubber nozzle, long rubber pump, tube and container, which takes about two pints. So while I fill it up you girls can decide who gets to lube the patient!”

Emma and Amanda looked at each other and smirked. Amanda said.

“I think I would like to.” And took the rubber glove that Morag had provided, and then scooped a dollop of lube from a pot Emma held. She stepped into the bath between Peter’s outstretched legs, and then spoke loudly.

“Peter, I hope you can hear me, what you are about to feel just about sums up how I feel about you right now. This is all it has come down to Peter; I want you to remember me for this.” With her left hand she squeezed his cheeks apart and poked her rubber-covered fingers into his rear and probed his anal passage. He wriggled and screamed into his suffocation helmet but could do nothing as his feet were so spread apart.

She seemed to take great pleasure in this. She thrust in and out, and then round his loosening ring, finally withdrawing with a slap on his exposed buttocks. She seemed very pleased with herself. He groaned inside his mask, he must have been very how in there. Morag now took her place at his backside and it was then that I spoke.

“Don’t you think his face should be exposed? I mean he could be anyone with the mask on right now. If we are going to film him now we have to get a good look at his face.” They stopped and looked at me, with a definitely renewed respect. Amanda spoke.

“Of course Maxine, silly of us, we’ll take the mask off and gag him really well. Thanks Maxine.” As Emma got an inflatable gag from the closet in the bathroom (all the rooms seemed to contain closets and all contained rubber clothes or discipline equipment!) Amanda released the posture collar around his neck and then began to pull off his suffocation mask.

“For Christ’s sake Amanda, let me go will you, what the hell are you doing here?” He pleaded; his face red with sweat and effort. She smiled down at him, resplendent in her pink rubber evening dress and gloves.

“I’ve come to my senses Peter and the fun is only just beginning, for me that is. Open wide now, in we go.” She grinned cruelly as she crammed the flaccid gag into his protesting mouth.

“For crying out loud…arrgghh…ggghhh….mmmfff.” And then there was just a faint moan as she continued to briskly pump up the bladder in his mouth. His eyes were almost popping out of his head but she showed no pity. I continued to film, and also for a strange reason found it quite exciting, and I was aware that Emma and Morag were looking at me, reading my reactions. The gag needed no strap as it was inflated so highly it would now have to be deflated to remove it; his cheeks were puffed out like a squirrel with too many peanuts! Amanda leaned over to Peter, her face inches from his.

“You can’t imagine how much I loved that.” He moaned faintly but she ignored him as she replaced the posture collar and attached it to the hanging chain. Morag had remained at his backside, hooking the hot water bottle above him and then she slowly pushing the tube up his rear. He tried to clench his muscle and she smiled at this small effort of resistance but Amanda’s reaming of him earlier had relaxed the sphincter perfectly. So she pressed on until the full four inches were embedded in him. They all got out of the bath and admired their work; I continued to film poor Peter’s demise. Emma turned to Amanda.

“Well, your honour Amanda.” So Amanda leant over and released the clip on the tube and took the pump in her hand. She smiled down at Peter who stared up at her, mute and powerless and looking very worried.

“You’re not going to like this Peter, but I am.” She squeezed the bulb violently three times and Peter jerked as the hot water gushed into him. The tall elegant fashion model gave a yelp of delight and squeezed three more times as Peter, red in the face and groaning, wriggled in his bonds.

“Here, I can’t have all the fun.” Amanda said and Emma took over at the bulb, Amanda moving down to Peter’s head where she placed a finger on his bulbous gag.

“Oh you really don’t like it at all, do you? And again, Emma. How does it feel, Peter? To be at the mercy of four real bitches like us. Tonight and tomorrow we’ll come up with some more delectable tortures for you. You’re going to wish you never came here, and we’ll make sure you’ll never return.”

Emma handed over to Morag who carried out a methodical administering. Peter was no longer wriggling, just moaning quietly. His stomach was already distended and he must have been very uncomfortable. Amanda seemed totally unconcerned as she watched his face closely. Morag had now finished and looked at me, her eyebrows raised.

“I don’t think I could, I’ll just keep on filming.” I hesitated and Emma laughed.

“Oh, you mean you can knee him in the balls and knock him out, to save our bacon I may add, but you can’t clean him out. Sounds like double standards to me.” She joked.

All right, dammit, let me in, you can carry on filming.” I took the pump in my latex gloved hand and looked down on Peter, now gurgling through his gag and with sweat glistening on his face. I squeezed hard a couple of times and watched as he jerked in his chains, saliva dripping from his mouth. I squeezed again and again.

“Amanda, I see Maxine is getting into the spirit of it.” Emma said approvingly, I squeezed twice more until the pump inflated no more; we were out of water. The two pints formerly in the hot water bottle had been viciously transferred into the stomach and lower intestines of Peter.

“Let’s leave him for a few minutes and the water can do its work…and then we can repeat it.” Amanda said cheerily and we returned to Miss Broad’s study, all rather quiet but enjoying the power we had just exerted over Peter. Emma approached me and in a sisterly fashion dabbed at my make-up.

“It’s about 24 hours since you arrived here, Maxine, quite the day for you eh? Do you really hate it, I can’t believe you do, in fact I’d go so far as to say you are getting hooked on this place, just like the rest of us here.”

“I don’ know, it’s hard to keep your senses intact when things are happening so fast. Some of today’s activities have been fun though; I’m almost ashamed to admit.”

“When you are having fun shame isn’t a word we use here. You do what you want and feel what you feel; the pious, sanctimonious uttering of a hypocritical society don’t mean anything here. We have our own standards and rules, maybe strange sexual ones but in whose eyes? We are adults and we live by our own code and we don’t mess with other others.” Emma sat silent for a few seconds, as if a load had been taken off her and the others nodded quietly in assent.

“Come on, let’s clean out Peter and give him a second helping.” When we entered Peter roused himself, turning to Amanda and groaning.

“Not yet Peter, we need to be protected first.” Morag handed the three of us gas masks with real metal filters. I pulled mine over my head, adjusting the straps tightly. I breathed in and smelt cool faintly rubber-scented air and watched through the large single lens the other girls do the same. We must have been a strange sight, evening dresses (Emma and Morag in short dresses and tights) and gloves and then the gas masks. Amanda aimed the nozzle of the showerhead at Peter’s rear and turned it on while Emma pulled out the tube and Peter relieved himself. For fully five minutes he emptied himself, groaning; then Morag dried him off and Emma filled the bag again!

There was little fight in him this time as Amanda pushed the tube up his rear and the four of us took turns to squeeze the water into him. When finished we returned again to Miss Broad’s study, took of our gas masks and adjusted our hair. Morag opened a bottle of wine from a cabinet and said.

“So we are taking in fluids and Peter is too! Although I think I prefer our method, cheers!” We clinked our glasses and relaxed, seemingly unconcerned of Peter’s torture next door. Then I said.

“You mentioned someone called Pet, what is the story there?” the others looked at each other, as if giving away some sort of secret. Then Emma spoke.

“Well, she’s going to get the story in dribs and drabs over the next week, so she might as well know now, so shall I tell it?” The others grinned and nodded.

“It’s quite a story patched together from what we all know, so….Peter will have to wait!” She refilled her glass and began.

“Miss Broad set up this school about five years ago and I think it was in part a reaction to her relationship with Pet. About six years ago she had this affair with Pet; we have to keep calling her that because we don’t know her real name, nor much about her. Anyway it was a very passionate affair, with Miss Broad being her elder by about ten years, around this time Pet must have been nineteen or twenty. It was a very torrid sub/dom affair with, I think, Miss Broad the dom most of the time but maybe not all. We don’t know the reason why but one evening they had a blazing row, a really violent one and in the fracas that followed Miss Broad was stabbed. No one really knows the details, but she made it to hospital, never pressed charges and Pet just disappeared.” Emma took a sip of wine.

“So Miss Broad set up this place, she has some private money and is now doing very well indeed. But she couldn’t get Pet out of her mind, because you see, she never really stopped loving her and in a way she forgave her for the fight and her flight. So, she set a company of investigators to find her, it took a long time, a couple of years I think. Anyway the upshot was she found her and about eighteen months ago she engineered her kidnap and she was brought here. Now the difference here is that she is not part of the school but is kept in Miss Broad’s quarters here as her, well…...private pet. None of us have ever seen Pet’s face, she is kept here and when she comes out into the school, well you won’t believe what you see. Miss Broad has had designed a number of similar doggy suits of rubber that she puts Pet into and then takes her out into the grounds for exercise.” Here Amanda chuckled.

“Yes, they’re really ingenious; they are all the same just different colours. She doubles her legs back to her buttocks, and stuffs her into this short legged doggy suit, the sleeves for her legs have pouches so you can’t even detect her feet folded back to her buttocks. Her knees are well padded and have a kind of paw-look about them and so do her hands, which she stuffs into tight sleeves with reinforcements at the elbows, so she can’t bend them. Then there’s the tail which is basically a big butt plug with a rubber poodle tail sticking out; you have to admit it looks funny when it wobbles as she walks around but you also have to feel sorry for poor Pet. There’s a fake rubber pussy adjacent to her own pussy so she can pee and it allows access for Miss Broad when she wants to play with her.” Now it was Morag’s turn.

“And the mask is something else. It’s very tight latex with small floppy dog’s ears, which Miss Broad likes to scratch. The eyes have lenses so we have a feeling that they limit her vision somehow. She has a short snouty-type nose and that forces her to breathe in a forced manner and she probably gets a good dose of rubber. Her mouth is open but we’ve never heard her speak; we think she can but we heard in the past that whenever she spoke – anything at all, even a “please” Miss Broad would viciously gag her and give her a real beating around her backside. When they are out for a walk together she still keeps an inflatable gag on her belt, but she hasn’t had to use it to my knowledge for months.” Now Emma continued.

“She’s pretty good on all fours, gets around at a good clip, Miss Broad lets her off the leash and she wanders off for a pee or whatever. None of us speak to her, if we do we’re toast, but we can pet her if we want. Miss Broad pierced her nipples and they poke through two small holes in her rubber boobs. Sometimes she clips bells onto them and you can hear Pet coming before you see her. So, that’s been her life for the last eighteen months. When she’s in Miss Broad’s quarters, well we really don’t know what happens, no one ever goes in there. There’s rumoured to be a large rubber floored kennel by her bed and the other rumours are that she occasionally takes her to bed with her. She’s not in the suit all the time, I’m sure, her legs wouldn’t take it, Miss Broad has various exercise machines in her rooms and I’m pretty sure she straps Pet into them to keep her fit.” Amanda took over again.

“But you know the odd thing, the really odd thing is that Miss Broad clearly loves this girl, yes she does. She dotes on her, she offers her little treats out of her gloved hands and she pats and talks to her all the time. But she can’t get to forgive her for everything, not really the stabbing but the fact that she left her, bleeding. She does love her, but she can’t trust herself to release her. I think she is frightened that Pet will somehow run away, and you know the other really strange thing, I don’t think she would run away!” The others nodded and Morag said.

“I agree, I think now that Pet is older and more mature, she’s probably in her mid 20’s now, I think she truly loves Miss Broad but can never get the opportunity to tell her, or is frightened by being rejected. Oh, it’s a strange relationship all right, really weird, you want to tell both of them to shake hands and forgive but one of them has to take the initiative and both of them seemed trapped by their roles. So there you have it.”

There was silence for a few seconds as they looked at me digesting this bizarre tale.

“I don’t get it, why doesn’t Pet blurt it out that she loves her? Surely Miss Broad will soften.”

“We haven’t heard a peep from her for months, they both seem almost afraid to bury the hatchet, we could scream sometimes, as they would be, or at least the rumour is, perfect for each other, they just need a prod. And in the meantime Pet waddles around the school in silence with the tail wagging and a big posture collar around her neck with “Pet” in big white letters. She tries to communicate through body movements, she puts her head on Miss Broad’s thigh and she gets her ears rubbed. She rubs up against her leg and then Miss Broad keeps giving her treats, but they won’t go the final step. Anyway Peter is waiting, in agony no doubt so we should go and rescue him.” She chuckled. I got up too and asked nervously what was on the cards for tomorrow; I wanted to clear the image of poor Pet from my mind. Emma took me by the arm.

“Well, first you’re going to direct and film a session with peter and we may get you to join in, and then maybe a little ballet and Miss Broad did mention something about chariot races!” I could imagine what she had in mind so I did not press the point.

“Don’t pout Maxine, you’ve been the star today and I’m sure you’ll pass your tests with flying colours. You’ll even like it, I guarantee it. If only you would admit to yourself that this has been the most amazing day of your life; the clothes, the dressing up doesn’t mean you’re a transvestite just that well, let’s say you have a heightened sense of the….diverse, the bizarre and the erotic. Life isn’t dull here.”

“I’ll second that.” Morag said with a chuckle and an impish grin.

“Me too, you saved our bacon earlier Maxine and after what you have been through today no one would have been surprised if your loyalties lay elsewhere, but you pulled through for us and we won’t forget that.”

We donned our gasmasks and moved to the bathroom, where Peter hung, groaning quietly. Emma removed the nozzle and the shower was aimed at him as he evacuated. When he was finished Morag dried him. Emma glanced at the clock on the wall as we removed our gas masks.

“It’s 10 o clock, which means we’ll leave him here while we attend in the hall as Judith is removed from her inflatable body bag. Carol has to come out of her arousal suit too; she’ll be a bag of jelly by now.”

We left Peter hanging over the bath and went to the hall where the whole school had remained after the movie, still dressed in their rubber finery and jewellery. Miss Broad entered; I was hoping to see Pet but still she was alone.

“Well girls, I hope you had a good day and learned much. I know Maxine did and I can’t tell you how much we are all impressed with her, she’s a model pupil and a pleasure to have here.” I glanced across the room and saw Sarah. She probably didn’t know what went on earlier but there was the jungle telegraph so she may have had an idea. In any event she gave me a warm smile and I felt better immediately.

“Carol, 12 hours ago you were happy to try on our little suit here, I wonder if you are as happy now?”

Carol was bent over slightly, face in a grimace, her hands at her groin. All day the plugs had been whirling inside her and the little rubber needles had excited her breasts.

“Oh no Miss Broad, I was stupid to challenge you. I know better now, please release me from this.”

“Twelve hours it is, Carol, come here.” She unlocked the padlock at her neck and Carol almost ripped off the suit, not caring about her nakedness in front of the whole school. The inside of the suit was soaked with her sweat and there was the unmistakable smell of her juices as she stepped out of it, gently easing the vibrators out of her orifices. She took a rubber dressing gown from a prefect.

“I think Carol has learned her lesson, now we will see if Judith has done likewise.” Miss Broad moved to the shiny black mummy held erect under the balcony, saliva still dripping out of the mouthpiece and settling in a pool on the floor. Morag released the chain and Miss Broad opened the inflation valve and air rushed out. As it began to slowly deflate the body inside, before barely noticeable, now began to move as if waking from sleep. Miss broad unzipped the chest zipper and called to Judith.

“You can come out of your womb now Judith, it is time to be born again, so to speak.” Judith lifted the upper half and poked her head through, then her shoulders and arms. The suit was lowered and she stepped out, groggy and supported by Morag. There was no real expression at all on her face, she seemed stunned, exhausted. Sweat poured from her body and I saw fully a pint in the bottom of the bag. Morag handed her a towel as Miss Broad enquired.

“Have you learned the error of your ways, Judith?” Judith looked at her as if not understanding the question at first.

“Oh yes, yes, just don’t put me back in that bag please, please.”

“You go off to bed Judith, there’s a good girl.” And Judith wandered off, as if in a daze. I hoped she would be a bit livelier in the morning. Miss Broad continued.

“It has been a good day, I think. Both Sarah and Maxine have performed very well indeed, Maxine way beyond our expectations. Tomorrow we have more challenges for them both, and for all of you, which I am sure you will accept with fortitude. From tomorrow I am delighted to say Amanda has joined our merry band of prefects. Her first charge, somewhat unexpectedly, for him at least, is her former boyfriend, who will be starring in a video epic directed by Maxine. Once we have some good footage and I understand we already have, of a particularly nasty caning and a prolonged enema then we will send him on his way, never I’m sure to trouble us again. We thank him however for bringing us Amanda. She will have much fun with him tomorrow. Now girls, off to your beds. Amanda, Morag, Maxine and Emma, please join me in my study.”

The girls dispersed, herded away by the other prefects. What a fine sight they were in their rubber gowns and jewellery. Sarah was taken away by Peggy again, her ever present shadow. I waved and she caught my eye and blew me a kiss as she disappeared upstairs. The four of us returned to Miss Broad’s study and then her bathroom. She watched him swing over the bath.

“Now what do you propose to do with him tonight?” I opened the discussion, perhaps foolhardily.

“Well I’m sure Sarah can vouch for the efficiency of the rubber over sheet that you put her in last night.”

“Yes Maxine, I like that idea.” She looked at me approvingly.

“I know it is not a good idea being gagged at night, but what about a full head mask just leaving the mouth open. Perhaps if we plug his ears as well then that will increase his sense of vulnerability.”

“I can hardly believe my ears, Maxine you amaze me.” I thought about this for a second.

“Look, I realise it is pointless fighting you all Miss Broad; basically I’m here for as long as you choose, unless you make a very big mistake with me and Sarah at the same time, and I don’t see that happening. So I see no harm in…..contributing, if it makes my life here a bit easier.” She nodded at this.

“Well said Maxine, honest and to the point; very well I’ll leave Peter in your capable hands and see you tomorrow.” She winked at Emma as she left for her locked bedroom, no doubt containing Pet. I had a feeling that Emma and Morag had a plan of their own, and somehow it involved me! Amanda said.

“I would like to be near him tonight, perhaps with Peggy in her room with the three beds?”

“Sounds like a good idea,” said Morag, “I’ll go and tell Peggy to prepare your two beds. We’ll find somewhere else for Sarah tonight. Maxine will sleep in Emma’s room.” She left and Amanda went over to Peter, still gagged and hanging form the ceiling. She leant close to him and I took up the camera again.

“I’m going to release your chains now Peter; there is no hope for escape so don’t do anything silly.” Peter did not wriggle and showed little emotion, I think he was so exhausted. Emma said.

“How about a nice butt plug to widen his backside overnight?”

“Sure, good idea.” Amanda agreed as Peter groaned, and Emma returned with a nasty looking black plug at least five inches long and at its widest point an inch and a half diameter. It was attached to a belt of rubber straps and a locking device at the waist. She showed it to him and he wriggled and writhed again. She handed it to Amanda saying.

“All yours, my dear.” She dipped it in a jar of lube and approached Peter’s raised rear. We watched in silence as she slowly impaled her former boyfriend on the huge probe. On she pushed, whispering something to him we couldn’t hear, and I continued to film. His sphincter already heavily abused was stretched wider and wider to take in the intruder. Finally it was in to the hilt and Amanda pulled the straps tight around his hips and waist and then locked the waistband. By using his stomach muscles he tried, uselessly, to eject it, for it didn’t move a millimetre.

Peggy came into the room, I hadn’t seen her, close up at least for a while.

“Ah, so here are my sleeping partners for tonight at least. Amanda, I see you’ve got Peter where you want him, excellent. Morag and Sarah have gone to get beds for the night.” She turned to me and smiled, in a friendly way. “Maxine, I’ve been hearing great things about you all day, particularly about your escapade with Peter here. Even Sarah seems very impressed, and is now over her initial shock. She was talking about the ballet all afternoon. My, that dress really does something for you.” She stood back and admired me. It was Amanda who spoke next.

“We’ve plugged him nicely now, so we need to earplug him, hood him and then release him, ready for bed.” And they did just that, Emma sticking plugs in his ears and then shouting one last warning.

“In a second we will release your gag. You are not to say anything, at all – not a word. For safety reasons you will not be gagged overnight. You make a sound and you will be severely punished. I think you know by now that we are very good at what we do here, yes?”

He nodded and Amanda released his gag, he licked his lips and swallowed, glared at us but said nothing. Amanda produced a black rubber mask, displaying it in front of Peter, who turned his head away. Amanda leant over, placed it on his crown and pulled it down over his head. It fit very snugly round his head and neck down to his shoulders, the only hole being at his mouth, quite large and leaving him plenty of room to breathe. It had large pads at the eyes (and at the ears) so he would not see a gleam of light. It was moulded round his nose but he wouldn’t get any air through there. He seemed to panic at first and then settle, breathing evenly through his mouth. They released him from his bonds; he stood up groggily and Amanda cuffed his wrists behind his back. It happened fast and efficiently with Peter providing no real threat.

“I think we should cover up his cock and balls, we don’t want him playing with himself, and he’s not here to have fun.” Amanda suggested and Morag got him to step into a pair of red rubber panties, pulling them high up his waist and completely covering his dildo belt. They put a latex cloak over his shoulders and led him out of Miss Broad’s quarters. They held him firmly by the arms as we all went upstairs and into Peggy’s room, replete with three beds.

One had been prepared with a latex sheet and small pillow. They sat him down stretched his legs to the corners and cuffed them, then released his wrist cuffs and lay him back, cuffed his wrists to D rings at the sides of his rubber panties. The familiar latex sheet was now produced and his head pushed through the hole near the top and then all the girls, while I continued to film, pulled the sheet tight over him and attached it to the D rings at the sides of the bed.

Now he was flattened to the bed, incapable of any movement, a mound only with a black helmeted head sticking out, trying to breathe slowly and calmly. Amanda leaned over him, placing her hand over the helmet as if trying to what his feelings were underneath. She bent down and pecked his rubber-covered forehead.

“Good night Peter, sleep tight.” She giggled quietly. “Thanks girls, especially you, Maxine.” She kissed me on the lips. God they were tempting my loyalty to Sarah! Surrounded by these beautiful women, and dressed in their shiny tight rubber, yes, I was sorely tempted. But I loved Sarah so much – and Sarah in rubber even more! She then pecked Emma and then Emma and I left for the night. Emma put her arm through mine as we walked back in our heels.

“Quite a day.”

“Yes, yes, one I won’t forget….ever.”

“I feel very lucky to have been with you today Maxine. You could have made it tough, don’t get me wrong, I think I could have handled you and brought you under control…..but the day has gone really well and tomorrow will be even better I think. We’ll have some new clothes and new experiences for you, and you get to video Peter which should be fun.” We entered her bedroom, with the two beds and latex sheets and pillows.

“Now, in all the excitement today, I haven’t really thought what I am going to do with you for the night.” She sat down on the bed, crossed her legs, looked at me and gave it some thought. I sat down too.

“Well I don’t think I should suggest anything.” I said.

“Ha ha, no, although you have proved that you have a very inventive imagination up to now.”

“Mmm, maybe not when I’m the victim.”

“Sit here in the chair and you can take your make-up off.” I did so and removed the single earring, choker and then with some cleansing cream, my make-up. I found this exercise very calming and Emma said nothing as I completed it. I stood and she unzipped the dress, but left my corset and gloves on. She eased her fingers under the corset and pulled down my white panties and then, mercifully my pussy pants. My cock looked a bit withered but soon got some colour back, and Emma giggled when she saw me fondling it

“Actually I’m telling a lie about tonight,” she grinned, “I had it figured out a little earlier with Peggy and Morag, and Miss Broad has given her approval. You might even like it too.” I wasn’t quite so sure but kept an open mind. She pointed to the bathroom with a smile and I went and did my ablutions. I did what washing and cleaning I could, and brushed my teeth, and then combed my new hair style. I returned to the bedroom and Emma had lain out my “clothes” for the night.

”I think we should put a little make-up on you, just a touch to make you nice and feminine, for the night, okay?”

“I nodded and sat down again and she applied a little pink lipstick and dark eyeliner.

“Now, to finish your dressing.” I already had my white latex corset on and was quite used to it holding in my waist and pushing out my “boobs’ by now, I also had the shoulder length gloves but nothing else. She passed me a pair of white latex stockings already powdered and I sat down on the edge of the bed and rolled them on, straightening and gradually easing them up my legs to the top of my thighs. They were tight and gripped like a vice. Emma looked on approvingly.

“Perfect, you won’t need any suspenders, gosh they do wonders for your figure, you have great legs, and how do they feel?” And if truth be told, I felt really very good; I liked the cool grip as my legs gradually warmed up the shiny armour.

“Fine, I feel, well, good.” I ran my hands down my legs and loved the smooth cool cling. What was happening to me here? Emma could see my reaction and gave me a knowing smile. The next article was really a very strange one; she held it up in front of me rather proudly.

“This is an interesting one. We girls sometimes wear one; only you wear it back to front. It’s just a pair of nice rubber panties with a reinforced hole at the front, for you to pull your cock and balls through and here, at the back is the fun bit. You see this empty sleeve, rather like a thick condom, well this goes up your arse; we have it up our pussies lucky us. Once I push it up inside your rear I will withdraw the probe and you will have only a thin sleeve of rubber up your bum. You’ll hardly notice it, for now.”

I didn’t argue with her, although I didn’t like the sound of the “for now” comment. I stepped into the panties and drew them up my legs, the sleeve, like a hollow tail about 5 inches long hung down from my rear.

“Okay, bend over.” She said and got a vibrator from the bedside table and slipped it up the condom.

“Just be thankful I am not turning this on, it would send you crazy. Believe me, I know.” She giggled and slowly pressed it against my sphincter. Progressively it slipped in until there was nothing hanging down, and then she carefully pulled out the vibrator, leaving the sleeve inside me.

“Excellent, how do you feel?”

“Okay, I think. I’m just waiting for what is going to come.” I said a little nervously.

“Well you won’t have to wait long. I’d better get ready for bed too, unzip me please.” So I unzipped Emma from her black dress until she was in her black tights only, which she immediately rolled down and stepped out of, now completely naked. She towelled off and rummaged in her drawer for her night clothes. She produced a one-piece suit, which I can only describe as a type of romper suit in bright pink latex. It even had attached feet and gloves and covered her from neck to toe.

She held the sides and stepped in, the suit was quite loose but was cinched at the ankles, wrists and waist where there were rows of bright red latex ruffles. The bootees and gloves were skintight and I zipped her up to the back of her neck where there was another row of ruffles. She looked gorgeous; although the suit was baby-like the body inside was most certainly not. She rubbed herself all over to get the chill out of the cool rubber.

“Mmmm, snug as a bug, nice and cosy.” There was a knock at the door. “Ah, perfect timing.” She said laughing and opened the door. Standing there and looking a bit nervous was Sarah, and behind her stood Peggy, dressed like Emma, ready for bed and with a large rubber bag draped over her arm. Peggy gently eased Sarah into the room. She was dressed identically to me, white corset, stockings and gloves and even panties, as I could see her blonde pussy hair through the reinforced hole in the panties. I wondered if she also had a rubber sleeve up her bum. Almost subconsciously I covered my cock, now hardening fast at the sight of her in her rubber finery. She smiled and said.

“You really don’t have to hide them you know, I’ve seen them before, in fact you could say that I know them fairly intimately.”

“Yes, I suppose you do. God you look great, those clothes….well…. do you like them?”

“Well yes, as a matter of fact I do, they really flatter, they’ve done wonders for your body, quite the transformation!”

“That’s an understatement.” I replied, peering down at my body encased in the tight rubber. “I hope you don’t hate me for being so weak and not putting up more of a resistance.”

“Hate you? No, what can you do? These girls here hold all the cards and I know you well enough.” She thought again and smiled. “You look pretty stunning yourself you know, tall and slim with a nice set of boobs. Look Max…Maxine, whoever, I still love you, Max or Maxine, it doesn’t matter. I feel rather guilty actually, like a forbidden love; it’s like loving your girlfriend or your twin. I’m pretty broad minded you know, and this opens up all kinds of kinky fun don’t you think?”

It was Emma who spoke next.

“Speaking of which, Miss Broad felt, we all felt, that you both deserved a treat tonight. Maxine saved us all from a possible messy situation earlier, and you both have exceeded all expectations so tonight you both can sleep together. We must however maintain, as always, the element of rubber which you are both wearing and stunningly I may add, and the element of bondage which Peggy has provided.” She held out the sack.

“This is quite simple, a large bag with an external zipper and two holes strategically placed for you to put your heads through, that’s all.” It did not seem too bad at all, I would be with Sarah all night, and locked in a rubber bag!

“Caps first, I think.” Said Emma and produced two matching white rubber old-fashioned bathing caps with chin straps; we smiled at each other and pulled them on together, tucking in our hair and fastening the straps by our ears. Now we looked even more alike, our cheeks bulging slightly with the pressure of the tight rubber.

“Okay, in you go Maxine.” I needed no encouragement and slid through the zip into the darkness of the cool, pungent bag. I saw light to the side and aimed my head there and with their help from outside pushed my head through. Sarah was next and she snuggled in as well, pushing her head through. She was facing me, her face six inches from mine; she gave me a naughty smile and raised her eyebrows, this was going to be an interesting night I thought. Before zipping us in and locking the zip Peggy said.

“Here Sarah, tie this around your waist, you may want to use it later.” She winked and slid something through the zip to Sarah before locking us in. The latex fit quite snugly round our necks and it would be difficult to get out when the time came, but it was possible for us to turn round within the bag. Peggy came closer and kissed us both on the lips.

“Happy dreams, although how much sleep you get, well……” There was no jealousy between us now and we said good night as she closed the door behind her. We still stood there, our rubber capped heads just six inches apart, I held Sarah round her waist and she snuggled close and tenderly took my already hard cock.

“Well, there’s your bed, I suggest you get comfortable. You look quite the pair of rubber-clad twins. Now I don’t want too much noise from you tonight, you hear?” And she chuckled as she pushed ear plugs into her ears and pulled an identical bathing cap over her head and fastened it to the side. She then came to us, smiled and kissed us both, tenderly and with feeling, which I think we both reciprocated. She then lay on her bed and pulled the latex sheet over her, said good night and turned the light out. In the dark we shuffled over to the bed, Sarah giggling nervously. I held her in my rubber arms and she held me in hers. We dropped to the bed and slid on our sides.

“You all right?”

“Never better.” And I meant it, I felt her hands on my cock and I moved my fingers gently inside her.

“It’s a pity my head and mouth are up here.” She said.

“We’ll make up for that, don’t worry, I’m sorry I can’t get at your boobs.”

“That’s okay, just slip your cock in here, I’m dripping wet.” And she was, I slid inside her warm familiar pouch and she took a breath and kissed me hard on my lips, her lipstick mingling with mine. She kissed my eyes, neck and ears, she sucked on the rubber cap, she was voracious. I didn’t know if it was the rubber that was the catalyst but we were in a world of our own right then.

“Take it easy, we have all night.” I said but she wouldn’t slow, our rubber covered bodies, stockinged, gloved and corseted, were now warm and moist in their latex envelope, and my cock pumped in and out of her moist channel. We ground away for long, wonderful minutes, rubbing our latex bodies together. She wrapped her legs around me and I ground away, sweat rising on my brow. This was like a dream, I was doing what I wanted to a woman I wanted. The latex clothes rather than hamper me enhanced our senses and urged us on. Finally I exploded into her as she gasped and shook in an orgasm I’d hardly ever seen her have before.

We lay in each other’s arms, a flood of emotions passing through us.

And that was how Sarah and I completed the first 24 hours of our attendance at Miss Broad’s finishing school for young ladies. It had been an amazing 24 hours, painful and pleasurable, and we had learnt a lot about each other in that time. But there were more adventures to come for both of us in the ensuing days, again painful and pleasurable!

08.05.06 continued in part five

* * *

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