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Finishing School II part 6

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/m; FFF/f; latex; bond; cube; enclosed; cons/reluct; X

Part Six

Once she had gone, Sigi said.

“Mmm, you nearly tried to give the game away there, Maxine. Well it is too late now, your fate is sealed and there is no one coming to your rescue, you’ve run out of chances now and soon there will be no need for secrets.” They took the reins and resumed their seats. I felt the shocks in my arse increase in frequency and power, and we were off again. This time she began to whip my rear, as if to teach me a lesson and I had to go faster and faster, with Sarah at my side trying to keep in step. We ran by classrooms, and past staring, giggling and shocked faces.

Quite a sight we must have been. We stopped in the playing fields and the women got off and lay in the sun for a while, I didn’t how they could do it in all the heavy rubber they were wearing. We stood still again, like dumb, obedient horses; the rain had now dried off our sleek bodies. I saw again the glistening juices on the tops of Sarah’s thighs and I knew that the hard running had at least provided her with some pleasure and well as the numbing pain! Soon I began to sweat in the hot evening sun; the warm, familiar, pungent aroma of rubber assailed my nostrils.

They took us back to the stables slowly, I thought of it as my last time in the grounds as a man? Can this be really happening? It was too outrageous, surely. They unhitched us and took off the bells and reins and Uta, with a gleam in her eye, took away Sarah (I could only imagine what she had in store for her). Then Mia and Sigi took off my head harness and before I could say a word had replaced the big cock gag with a red ball gag. They then led me up the stairs to the rubber room!

They had a lot to do, so quickly and efficiently they stripped me. At no time was there a chance for me to escape, they put cuffs on my ankles and before I knew it I was upside down with my legs spread and my rear exposed. I now watched them dress in nursing outfits all in latex, a strange tableau when one is upside down. They quickly put on white garter belts, white high-sided panties, bras and then thin white stockings followed by light blue blouses with button up front.

Lastly came a full length tunic, knee length and extending to above their breasts with two crossover straps over their shoulders. It was a classic costume and they looked superb in them. I was just digesting this scene – upside down, naked, cuffed and ball gagged, when Uta entered and that was when my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

She was wheeling Sarah into the room. I say wheeling, because Sarah had been crammed inside a glass cube on four castors. The cube was about three feet square and of very solid construction. Sarah was dressed in a tight full-body bright red catsuit and she sat inside the cube in the kneeling position. It didn’t actually look too bad, her knees and calves were on a firm cushion, and were spread by a bar below her knees; and her hands were by her side, cuffed to the bar. Her ringed nipples were exposed by cutouts in the suit and two narrow tubes extended from noticeable bulges in the front and rear of her suit through watertight connections in the glass wall behind her, to two inflation bulbs. It was evident that both her anal passage and pussy were filled with inflatable dildos. But it was the lid of the cube and her head that caught my eye. The lid had been slid into position on top of the sides and padlocked. Her head extended through it, and her neck was encased in a contoured rubber collar. It cushioned her head at the back, and it was slightly elevated so her head was marginally raised at the front. Again, it didn’t look too uncomfortable, relative to what we had endured before.

But in front of her upturned face there was another cushioned area attached to the lid. It was clear that this was where someone, probably Uta, would sit…..and where Sarah would pleasure them. Sarah’s head was encased in a tight rubber full head mask, black with red edging around the eyes, nose and mouth. Talk about vulnerable - locked in a glass cube, her head and mouth exposed and available for all kinds of punishment not to mention the inflatable dildos in both her orifices. She could move her body a bit, and her head also, but not much else.

As she was pushed towards me by Uta, I could see her eyes widen as she saw me elevated upside down in front of her. She was not gagged but said nothing, I think she knew as well as I did that no amount of imploring or pleading would make any difference to these women at all now. Uta was already dressed identically to Mia and Sigi but having rolled her to just in front of me, she made a very dramatic display of raising her tunic and rolling off her white rubber panties. I knew, and Sarah knew, what was to come next. Uta turned to Sigi and with a wicked smile said.

“You don’t mind while you give Maxine her enema if Sarah gives me some lip service, she is really so good at this?” 

The others laughed at her pun and Sigi said. “Of course not, dear, one must take advantage of the local talent when available, and we can take care of Maxine easily here.” Mia and Sigi donned red rubber smocks, gloves and surgeons masks, then Mia got a jar of lube and scooped two fingers of it out of the jar and thrust it inside my rear. She could now easily push two, then three, and then four fingers inside me, and she rubbed my fast loosening ring vigorously. On withdrawing, Sigi rammed an enema tube deep inside me. As the water seeped into me, and my stomach became distended she fondled my cock and balls.

“Say goodbye to these, Maxine dear.” She chuckled and I looked over to see Uta raise her tunic, exposing her white stockings and garter belt and sit down on the cushion in front of Sarah’s face. She settled in, dropping her tunic over Sarah’s masked head. I saw Sarah clench her cuffed hands and her head under the tunic move from side to side. But Uta calmly took it between her hands and guided her to her sweet spot. There was a quiet moaning from Sarah, and then silence and her head was gently coerced into action.

Meanwhile the water continued to enter me as Sigi massaged my stomach and gave my nipple an occasional twist. I clenched my teeth around the ball gag, but could say nothing, swinging in my bonds. Finally the bag above me was empty and the tube withdrawn. Mia calmly pushed in a thick butt plug, my arse now accommodated these probes quite easily. Sigi and Mia then left me, and I continued to watch Uta sitting on the glass cube, facing me and moaning quietly, her hands guiding Sarah’s head, hidden under her tunic. She opened her eyes on occasion and would give me a smile, knowing the power of having my girlfriend, my loved one, between her legs, pleasuring her.

Sigi and Mia returned and upended me, warned me not to expel the plug. Mia accompanied me to the bathroom and, still cuffed, I do my ablutions, which took a while – not an easy exercise. Before returning, I inspected myself in the mirror – bald, tattooed on arse, crotch and breasts, and pierced and ringed, quite a sight. She led me back to the rubber room where they wheeled in an operating table under a bank of bright lights. Next to the table were two trolleys of sterilized surgical instruments, looking like instruments of torture. The glass cube was at the bottom of the table and Uta was still availing herself of Sarah’s considerable talents.

“We’ll prepare you for your transformation Maxine, by dressing you for when you wake up. It will be rubber of course, and female clothing.” With my hands cuffed and still gagged I had no opportunity for a last ditch effort at escape and I allowed them to dress me in garter belt, tube corset (not too tight) stockings and push up bra with nipple holes exposing my rings, all in white latex. With Sigi saying she didn’t want any “mishaps” they bent me over and pushed a butt plug up my rear, my sphincter gripping the end tightly. They followed that with shoulder-length gloves, and they placed me on my back on the rubber sheet of the table.

I was now in a form of dreamlike trance, or nightmare, where I couldn’t wake up and end it. Maybe I should have fought more, yes, I should I suppose, but I had seen how tough these women were and I would have ended up on the table anyway, with perhaps a few more bruises. So it was with a sense of impending doom, of inevitably, that I lay back on the table and stared into the bright lights.

The leg section of the table separated so I was now in a Y formation exposing my genitals. Then they raised the sides and strapped my ankles, calves, thighs and then my wrists and forearms to the sides. Finally straps passed over my waist and chest until I could only move my head. There was not a hope in hell of escape now.

“Uta my dear, it is time to go to work now, you should give Sarah a rest.” Laughed Sigi and Uta gently patted Sarah’s head and raised herself, pulled on her panties. She leant over and took Sarah’s head in her hands and gave her a long kiss. I could see the area around Sarah’s mouth and nose smeared with Uta’s glistening juices. After all the affection that Uta had shown Sarah it was then strange to see her push a inflatable gag in her mouth and pump it up – but then love is often shown in strange ways. Sarah rocked her head from side to side but that was all as Uta said.

“I shall miss you Sarah, but I have to do this as we have to concentrate on Maxine here. We don’t want to make any mistakes and you shouting in the background will not help at all. And we have a special treat for you” She patted her cheek affectionately and then, squatted down behind the cube and with a pump in each hand gave a couple of extra squeezes to the dildos embedded in her. Sarah mmmffed into her gag and wriggled her shoulders, but that was all. She just had to kneel there and suffer.

“Now Sarah, as a special treat, what we are going to do is to open this cap here,” she unscrewed a cap in the lid of the box by Sarah’s head, “and we’re going to pour into your glass box here a specially prepared compound that will harden around you, so we will create a nice semi solid block, with you in it!” She giggled cruelly.

“Now don’t worry dear,” she continued as she dragged over an electric pump and attached tube, “it’s not concrete, that would be no fun at all. No, it’s a silicon/wax mix that will seep into every little crevice, except those that we haven’t already plugged,” she chuckled again, “and harden to a consistency of very thick treacle. You will be able to breathe and move slightly, but it will be an effort, I’m afraid. It will be amusing for us at it is nearly transparent so we can see you struggle inside the cube. And after we leave tomorrow, your friends, Emma and Amanda and whoever, are going to have a devil of a time extricating you from it. But what the hell, we thought it would be fun! It will look as if you are in a block of ice really.”

As she was saying this, she had placed one end of the thick tube in the large tub in the bathroom, where evidently they had prepared this stuff before, and the other through the hole in the lid of the glass cube, and turned on the pump. I watched fascinated and horrified as the thick goo started to fill the box and surround Sarah. She squirmed and mmmffed into her gag, rolling her head, but in no time at all it was over her breasts and then shoulders. As it began to ooze out of the entry hole Uta turned off the pump, wiped the hole and replaced the cap. I could see Sarah try to move within the cocoon, but as it seemed to harden, her efforts were nullified, and she just stared at me, mute and with alarm in her eyes.

Uta again showed her “affection” by taking Sarah’s head in her hands and kissing the top of her masked dome and then, as if on an afterthought, gave her gag an extra pump. Sarah mmmmed and moved her head, but her body was now stationary within the cube.

All three now changed into their surgical gear, taken from sterilized bags that Mia had brought over. Firstly full-cover white smocks from neck to knees, then strange full-head white rubber masks with no zips, and holes only at nose and eyes. They were very tight and they helped one another to dress, tucking in their hair and neckband under their collars. Finally, the surgical masks over the helmets and then their gloves, and they were ready. I could only move my head and I stared up at the white masks and the unforgiving eyes, their masks billowing in and out as they breathed in the pungent rubber through their noses. They stared back at me, their hands raised up, in the traditional surgeons pose – faceless, bland and frightening.

I looked down at Sarah and saw her try to wriggle in the cube, a futile effort now, it’s far too late for that, she mmmfffed into her gag and I saw pain in her eyes. Mia produced an awesome looking helmet and I bit down on my gag as she described it. Her speech was muffled by the mask, but I heard her say.

“This is the anesthetic helmet; full head cover with a back zip, and lock of course. There are two lenses here and two tubes, one from the gas, and you breathe that in and when you expel, it goes into this bladder and we can see how you are doing. There is a long, curved tongue depressor here to stop you swallowing your tongue, we recommend you breathe through your nose initially, it’s a quicker anesthetic and you’ll smell the nice rubber as well. Now we’ll strap it on.”

As Uta removed my gag I had no chance for any last words as the mask was placed over my face and the tongue depressor touched the back of my throat. I breathed in the heady aroma of rubber as the face piece clamped itself onto my face, and then the deadly click of the padlock as they locked it behind my neck. I didn’t really mind the rubbery smell, I had got used to that by now, it was what was to come that terrified me. Mia was the anesthetist and sat down to my left, arranging her cylinders and connecting the tubes. She seemed very professional, I hoped so – I wanted to wake up again – even as a woman!

Uta then had a whispered conversation with Sigi who nodded.

“Perhaps this will be a bit too traumatic for Sarah so Uta will roll her next door before we start. We’ll roll her back in when we have finished and you can be together during the night and into the morning.” Sarah rolled her head and mmmfffed again, but Uta calmly patted her cheek, turned the cube and pushed her into the next room, then returned. Now I was alone with them, powerless and prepared by them for my transformation. Sigi leaned over me, through the narrow portals in my mask I could see her eyes locking on mine. I heard her voice; it seemed like from a long way away.

“Well, Maxine, are you ready? We’ll put you out now and you will wake as a new woman. We will remove these,” I felt her roll my cock and balls in her rubber palms, “and create for you a false vagina. It will take two to three weeks to get used to, there will be a couple of operations to follow to structure it perfectly; we will fix up a time for them once we see how everything has gone, and of course there are the hormone treatments. Lessons in deportment I don’t think you need. You look and behave quite like a lady already” She chuckled.

“But this is the big one, once we are over this it will be plain sailing. When you awake you will have a catheter in you so you will have some discomfort and we’ll keep the plug in your rear too, we don’t want any mishaps. But when you awake, to all intents and purposes you will be a woman and a beautiful one too, I may add. So say goodbye to these.” She gripped my balls, chuckled and raised a scalpel in her hand. I tried one last time to plead, screaming into the mask but with the tongue depressor all that came out was a loud aaaahhhh. Sigi chuckled and turned to Mia.

“All right Mia, put her out, we have a lot of work to do.” Mia nodded and began to turn screws on the cylinders. I continued to breathe slowly, looking up into the masked faces above me. Then very quickly, all went blank.

04.09.06 continued in part seven

* * *

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