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Finishing School II part 7

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: MFFF; F/f; latex; bond; cube; enclosed; fem; cons/reluct; X

Part Seven

I drifted in and out of sleep and didn’t remember much of the night. As the sun rose and came through the single high window I started to gain my senses and looked to my side where I saw Sarah. She was still encased in the glass cube but her headgear had changed overnight. She still had the tight black and red rubber helmet but strapped around her nose and mouth she had an aviator’s mask, the hose of which led to an inhalation canister attached to the side of her glass box. I didn’t know what was in it, but I surmised it would be pungent rubber. Her cheeks were also puffed out and she was plainly well gagged underneath. The front of her mask was now covered in dried juices and I could only imagine how she had spent the night. She seemed to be asleep or at least dozing and I chose not to wake her.

I was still lying on my back on the rubber sheet over the hospital bed. They had joined the leg portions of the bed so now my legs were partly closed. My arms, legs and torso I could feel straight away were still locked to the raised sides. Apart from my head I could hardly move at all. As I wriggled I could feel that I was dressed as I had been the night before; white latex stockings, tube corset, garter belt, gloves and push up bra, and I could feel the butt plug embedded in my rear. My gas mask/helmet was still padlocked on, I could feel the tongue depressor in my mouth, but the aroma I breathed in was the heady pungency of rubber; they had obviously hooked my hose up to a similar casket to Sarah’s.

My groin was sore but not as sore as I had anticipated. As I looked down I saw a metal plate over my groin area and attached and locked to the sides of the gurney. It was about three feet long and covered me from mid calf to below my bra. Underneath that was a heavy rubber sheet stretched across my lower body. Without the keys to all these padlocks I was evidently stuck here.

Sarah was in no better position; she was locked in the cube and how we were going to chip her out of her block I didn’t know. I watched her stir and our eyes focused. She mmmed and I aaahhed and that was pretty well the extent of our conversation. I could see her clench her eyes and try to move in the glue she was stuck in, I saw her fingers slowly open but she was clearly in some very thick and heavy stuff. She stopped and continued to breathe slowly the pungent perfume of the rubber through her mask. 

An hour later, maybe more, who should arrive but Emma, my lovely, loyal dominatrix. She was dressed in a variation of the prefect’s uniform, but all in black – very appropriate I thought – a very short flared skirt, stockings, panties and high heels, and gloves tucked under the sleeves of a loose blouse. She had pulled her hair back in a loose ponytail and looked divine. On seeing us she looked shocked and immediately approached Sarah’s box.

“Oh my God, they’ve really done a number on the two of you, jeez, how do I get you out of this?” Sarah mmmmed through the gag and the aviator’s mask and Emma got the message and unstrapped that first. Under the mask was a tight rubber strap across her mouth and round her head. Emma pulled this off and then I could see as she prised Sarah’s mouth open it was stuffed with one…, two pairs of sodden panties. Handling them gingerly she threw them into a corner, as Sarah gasped for breath. As Emma tried to push Sarah’s head forward to get at the back zip of her mask Sarah coughed and croaked.

“Never mind that, get me a glass of water, juice would be better, I’m parched.” Emma ran to the kitchen and Sarah looked at me and smiled wryly – I don’t know how she could do that but that was Sarah for you.

“Hello darling, so… was your night?” Even I almost laughed at her attempt to lighten the situation as Emma returned with a glass of juice.

“God, I don’t think I’ll ever get the taste of Uta out of my mouth…….or the others. This canister is full of their used rubber panties, and yours as well, by the way. They had a gay old time last night on the bed after finishing with you, and before leaving. I didn’t think I had those….skills, and I’m not sure I want to exercise them quite so much in the future.” Then she looked at me. “Oh…sorry love, I didn’t mean that.”

I knew what she meant – would she be happy to go down on me in the future, and would I be able to get any enjoyment from it?

“Look, first things first Emma, could you deflate the two bulbs behind me, they are attached to a couple of dildos plugged in me and I feel as if I am about to lay an ostrich’s egg….from both holes!” She was making light of it but I knew she must have been in considerable torment. Emma squatted and carefully unscrewed the valve on the bulb.

“Aaaaahhhh, oh, oh, that’s better, oh God, that is much better, thanks. Emma on top of Max….ine’s metal cover, there is a letter from the girls. I think you should open it now….and then I’m going to tell you what happened, I think you are going to need a chair.”

Emma still seemed to be in shock; she approached me and held my head for a second, gave me a comforting smile, I could see she was trying to put this all together. She opened the letter and began to read it aloud.

“I expect it will be Emma or perhaps Amanda who opens this. It will be a shock for you to see Sarah and Maxine like this I’m sure. Firstly we all want to say what a fantastic time we had with Sarah and Maxine, quite the best we have ever had and we hope we can come back soon. Sarah has made quite an impression, particularly with Uta, who will sorely miss her. Firstly, the padlocks, they are of tempered steel and quite thick so I don’t expect you will have cutters strong enough so I wouldn’t bother. We will send the keys and another letter to you later today by courier, it should arrive in the afternoon sometime, in the meantime we want you to bond together, and discuss your futures…”


Emma looked up and said.

“What does she mean by that?” Sarah looked at me and just said.

“Never mind, I’ll tell you in a minute, carry on.”

“Well there’s not much else.”


“Everything went well and according to plan last night, Maxine will be quite sore for a while, she is cathetered now and we have given her a couple of hormone boosters so her boobs may be a little tender.  I hope we will see Maxine shortly for follow-ups. Sarah, I’m sure will look after her. Love to you all, Sigi.”


Emma looked a bit stunned, trying to sort everything out in her head. It was now Sarah that spoke.

“Max…ine can’t speak, she has a tongue depressor in her mouth to stop her swallowing her tongue during the……Look Emma, there is no easy way to say this. Remember you told us way back about Sigi’s medical background, well……”

Emma’s eyes popped open, then her mouth.

“No….no, no, you can’t mean…you are telling…..they didn’t ….on Maxine? No, they wouldn’t do that, it was just a rumour that they did….they couldn’t….not against his….her will, no.”

But Sarah, now with a tear in her eye, just nodded. Emma came to me and took my head my head in her hands, then leant over and hugged me.

“I’m so sorry Maxine, oh, I’m so sorry; I don’t know what to say.” She looked down at the steel cover and then under the bed.

“Yeah, these are pretty strong padlocks; I don’t think we have cutters for these. I really can’t see anything at all under here, we’ll have to wait for the keys, I’m afraid. I can see a catheter going up from a collection bag here, that’s about all. Well…..let me think….we shall have to set up some communication here, remember the slave language Maxine….oh look I’m sorry I’m being so thoughtless, but we have to talk somehow….so one ahhh for yes, and two for no, okay?”

I had to love Emma; she was taking control straight away, she had me locked to a gurney, dressed in my rubber finery, having just had a sex change operation, and she had Sarah locked in some thick glue in a glass box, and she was setting up lines of communication. Yes, I loved her for that. She was clearly in shock, but holding it in very well.

“Okay, okay, let me think now.” She paced up and down by my bed. “Okay, now Sarah, what can I do for you? How about this mask here, oh jeez, I can’t get the bottom of the zip.”

“Never mind that Emma, look, I’m fine. Perhaps you could get me another drink and give the mask a wipe. My face has been jammed between the legs of three women for what feels like the last day. I didn’t realize that women could…..taste….so different. By early morning even if blindfolded I could have told if it was Uta or…..well never mind.”  Emma shook her head and left for a couple of minutes. Sarah called out.

“How are you doing sweetie, are you okay there?” Well all in all, I suppose I was all right, considering, so I ahhed once.

“You know I don’t have to say this, but I love you….every bit of you, all of you……if you have a sweet little pussy instead of a cock and balls…..then …fine by me. After the last couple of days I have been……honing my pussy skills……and I have to say…I feel embarrassed saying this ….but I really got to quite like it… if it is okay by you, get ready.” It was an amazing thing for her to say and I loved her for it, did she really mean this? I suppose only time would tell, but I knew that I still loved her and if she would have me…..I looked over to her and nodded as best I could, and I saw her smile.

Emma returned and began to wipe Sarah’s face tenderly, as a mother would a child.

“Mmmm, if these caked juices are a sign of your……skills Sarah, well…you must have quite a talent.” She smiled evilly and pecked her on the lips. “Now what can I do with this glue you’re stuck in? How are you feeling, can you breathe all right?”

“Yes I’m fine. If you can say being stuck in thick transparent molasses is fine.”

“Now, how are we going to get you out?” She unscrewed the cap by Sarah’s head and dipped her finger in.

“Yeah, this is pretty solid; it’s going to take a while to dig you out of this all right.” She screwed the cap back on and then thought a while, I knew she was readying herself for a speech and it seemed to pain her. She sat by me and looked down.

“How can I say this, I feel we have betrayed you. We are a school of discipline, submission; yes it’s all a bit strange I admit, the rubber indoctrination and slavery, but….we would never approve of anything like this, never. When Miss Broad finds out she will be absolutely furious. She may have a soft spot for Sigi, but you, both of you, have really made an impression on her, particularly you Maxine, in getting her to see the light with Camille, I don’t think she’s ever been happier, and now this happens. She’s out this morning, she left very early to interview a new client. He has a young wife who has been playing around and wants her brought in line and thinks this is the place to do it. Miss Broad will check him out and see if he’s a potential client, she should be back later this afternoon, maybe we’ll have the keys by then.” She gently ran her hand over my mask.

“How can we make this up to you? Well we can’t I know…it is done….so we have to look forward, yes?” I nodded and Sarah said. “Yes, we must.”

“You will have a….new life….as a….woman. Look I’m sure Miss Broad will be happy to have you stay here, you can make a new life here….both of you. Oh, God, I’m blathering like an idiot, I’m so selfish, and I should leave you to talk.” But no, I wanted her there, she was good company and I was pleased to hear Sarah say.

“No, stay here Emma, stay. If we have to talk, then you should be here.”

“Okay….well, are you comfortable? I know I can’t do much here; I can’t even give you a drink. What about me releasing this tube so you can breathe air instead of the rubber aroma?” Frankly I wasn’t bothered about that, the rubber aroma was actually quite comforting….so I actually aaahhhed twice. She gave me a knowing smile and nodded.

“So, we’ve made a rubber addict out of you, have we? Well, at least something good has come out of it.” She grinned again. “You know there is all the rubber you will ever need right here.” I knew it was an open invitation and right then, I knew it would be hard to resist. My life before was over and I had to start from new, I would have to think about my job (former job?) and my apartment, friends etc. What would they all think?

I had come to really like this school, I was now truly immersed in the rubber indoctrination, the bondage, the pony races, the transvestism (although I suppose it wasn’t cross-dressing any more!) the whole thing. Could I go back to the “real” world now? Me - tattooed, pierced and ringed, shaved and as a woman, it would be a very different world. Probably not, I thought, but what about Sarah, she had her own life and I had no right in forcing anything on her. Sarah, not for the first time, seemed to read my thoughts.

“We’ll survive, darling. You’ll see, we’ll be fine; we have each other. I love you, whoever….whatever you are, okay? If you want to disappear from the world or stay here, I’ll be with you…if you want me. I’m fine with this place as well; I’ve had the most….extraordinary experiences the last few days.” She blew me a kiss and I felt a thousand times better. As we were thinking of our futures, Emma stood up and said.

“Well, as Miss Broad is away, and I am in charge, I think I will call a meeting of the war council!” She smiled ruefully. “Don’t panic you two; I’m going to get Amanda and Camille. I’m going to need a lot of help extricating you from this, Sarah and we should all talk I think. You know you two, you have your best friends here, we will do anything you want, so it’s time they were informed, and I’ll do that. We’ll keep it to ourselves today though.” She pecked me on my forehead and kissed Sarah too, then left.

We were silent for a while; I was hot and clammy under my rubber sheet, I couldn’t imagine what Sarah was feeling like. I looked at her and despite being locked in her gluey prison she smiled at me. Then something strange happened. Although I felt sorry for her there, I also found it, for some reason, quite erotic. I would have loved to sit on the cushion in front of her and have her perform oral sex on me, I would have loved that all right, and then I felt a stirring in my groin! I have read about people, after having a limb cut off, feeling “phantom” pains; was I feeling the same? Sarah seemed to read me again, it was as if she had a key into my mind, it was very freaky sometimes – I was never able to lie to her, not that I ever wanted to.

“I may give you a treat darling sometime, I bet you would love to have me in here and sit on this cushion in front of me – you know I’d like that too. I think I am up for it.” I actually laughed into my mask; she knew she had caught me out. Actually if truth be told, I would have loved to be in the box with Sarah sitting in front of me, for I wanted to test my skills against Uta and the other girls. I promised myself when we were out of this I’d give her a treat all right. We continued to look at each other in silence, our thoughts somehow crossing the void.

The discomfort in my groin seemed to be lessening, or maybe I was now used to it. I could feel the catheter in me, but had got used to that too. The anal plug – well not having one inside me would have been strange! I could tell that Sarah was tired and I breathed in the rubber aroma and started to drift to sleep myself. It had been a hell of a few days!

I don’t know how long we were out but we were woken by Emma, returning with Amanda (with Imogen in tow) and Camille. Poor Imogen didn’t know what day it was; she had been in the school only a couple of days and, my goodness what she had witnessed, and now Sarah and I! Amanda now had her in a bright yellow catsuit, which certainly showed off her young curves. She didn’t need a corset, but Amanda had squeezed her into a yellow and green one, to match her green high heels and posture collar. Her wrists were cuffed to D rings on either side of the corset, giving her a few inches of play. She was not gagged, but a couple of days with Amanda, the world famous model turned domina, had taught her to keep her mouth shut. Her mouth dropped when she saw Sarah and I, but she kept quiet as Amanda told her to sit in a chair behind me.

Emma had clearly told them both the full story, but this didn’t stop them from being shocked and horrified. Camille, who still felt she owed me so much, immediately came to me and caressed me head, her face a picture of sympathy. She looked as if Emma had interrupted her as she was going for a run, for she wore a bright red rubber halter top, shocking pink tights and a pair of runners – nothing else. Despite the fact that she had worn the doggy suit for so long she had a fine, hard body; it must have been all the hours on the running machine that did it. She looked lost for words and just held me. I looked up through my lenses and saw her ample breasts filling out the halter top and again, very strangely, felt a funny feeling in my groin, it was a kind of sharp pain rather than a dull one, as if someone had stuck some needles in my cock, which was impossible of course.

Amanda was with Sarah, and as she pecked her lips she examined the box. She had the same uniform as Emma, all in black, her long, slim legs disappearing up her mini skirt, the blouse emphasizing her very un-model like breasts. At her waist were the gags, blindfold and whip, and I’m sure Imogen, poor little eighteen year old Imogen had learned the hard way already not to cross her. When Camille had stood up and gone to Sarah, Amanda came to me as well, she thought for a second and said, I think to lighten the mood of a strange situation.

“Well Maxine, I told you before, if you want a job on the runway I can get you one, and now you are…..well, we won’t have any of the other girls getting worried that there is a man in the room as they go through their changes. I’m not joking Maxine, you can do it….if you want. It is a terrible thing that has happened but… is done……and you…..and Sarah have to look to the future. You’ll need plenty of time to think this through I know, but there is work there for you, not all the houses want stick insects for models, you would fill a real need. Maxine love, I owe you a lot, you got Peter off my back for good, so I will do anything I can, whatever you want, sweetie, okay?”

I nodded, I almost felt tears in my eyes; these were my friends all right. Sarah I could see was also very appreciative of the attention, but smiled and said in a gruff voice.

“Hands off there, girls, she’s mine all mine, for good, remember that!” They laughed quietly and the room was far from filled with gloom. I thought again that when you are surrounded by friends, no matter what the circumstances then life is a lot better. We must have slept a while because Emma said it was lunch and Amanda ordered Imogen into the kitchen to help her. Imogen seemed only too happy to get away from this strange scene. Amanda sat by me and Camille by Sarah, as she told the whole story. They said very little, but just looked compassionately at me. Sarah told of her night, glued within the box and forced to watch the three women on the latex waterbed. When each took a break they would sit on her cushion, take her head and force it down into their moist caverns. She couldn’t remember how many times this happened, for the women seemed insatiable. Sarah shook her masked head.

“It was a very strange night, I got to learn the shape and contours of each woman, and their taste and smell….and then what it took to make them come. I couldn’t fight them of course, here I was in this glue, unable to move, with my head held and maneuvered between these thighs. And they kept giving me tips, move here, lick there, don’t stop, bite tenderly here, blow there.” The room was very quiet as she told her story.

“And then…..” She swallowed. “I realized that I was enjoying it, that after a while they didn’t have to coach me, I knew whose pussy was in front of me and what it required.” She was silent for a second. “I don’t know what to think, part of me is ashamed and part quite thrilled by it….I hope you are not mad at me sweetie.”

And of course I wasn’t; you do what you have to do to survive and if you get pleasure on the way, then it’s okay by me. I aahhed twice loudly and shook my head. She smiled.

“Thanks, the things a girl has to do to survive around here.” They others laughed quietly and Sarah said, tenderly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you, we have some catching up to do.” Emma returned, followed by Imogen who was holding a tray of food in her cuffed hands, there were sandwiches and some soup, probably canned but I would have loved some – I was ravenous. But I didn’t want them to take my air hose off; the smell of rubber was fine, and if I got a whiff of the food I would have gone crazy.

“Oh this is so cruel, poor Maxine there.” Said Emma, but I shook my head, it was fine to see them eat, we all had to and there was no point in waiting on me. Emma ladled out a bowl of soup and sat by Sarah, then fed her slowly, spoonful after spoonful, interspersed by mouthfuls of sandwich.

“Ahhh,  that is so good, tastes better than what I was eating last night.” Said Sarah to the others, giggling. I didn’t mind them joking, there was no point in moping, what’s done was done. They seemed very comfortable; Amanda was feeding Imogen, wiping her face tenderly. Imogen would come round, I was sure; tender loving and hard discipline were a trademark of the school and Amanda was getting to be an expert at it very quickly. Emma then got serious again.

“Well…..have you thought about…..your…..future, or is all this too much? We can look after you here while you….acclimatize, the treatments and the operations if you need any more. I’m sure Miss Broad will know other doctors and I’m equally sure she won’t want to see Sigi again.” Camille nodded.

“I agree, Sigi has just gone too far this time. I’ll talk with Linda, thanks to you Maxine, she will now listen to me. I would love you to stay. We all would and I know Linda would have you here in a flash. If you don’t want to, and want to go out there into the big wide world, of course you can, Amanda has said she has contacts. I think you will do well – but…you always have a place here.”

“Well said.” Emma interrupted. “You are a trooper Maxine, and you too Sarah; we all need help here, you will be a great asset. Miss Broad can create a position for you both, you could be here permanently or come for extended periods… do what you wish.” It was Sarah who spoke next; she had finished being fed and seemed quite perky now – for a woman locked inside a glass cube.

“Well, it’s great to know we have friends here. I shall say my piece now. I will do….” Here she looked at me. “…anything Maxine, everything he…she wants, because I don’t want to leave her. Stay or go, we’ll be together…..that’s it, I’ve said all I need to say.” Our eyes held and I could feel tears in mine. I nodded – how could I say thank you? Amanda got Imogen to clear the dishes and wash and clean up, and then ordered her to clean all the rubber clothing strewn about by the three women – that would keep her busy for quite a while.

So as Imogen pottered about the room under the critical eye of Amanda, we waited for the courier and made small talk. It seemed so strange but I could feel a tension among our friends. Maybe it was the guilt, I don’t know, I didn’t blame them. But Emma, Camille and Amanda all seemed subdued by the whole process. I could tell they wanted us to stay and were trying so hard to lighten the mood. Sarah actually looked quite comfortable, amazing as that may have seemed. But her head was well supported by the cushioning around her neck and she entered into the conversations about how I took care of Peter and how wonderful we were as a pony duo. She laughed at the thought of the ponytails up our rears and even laughed at the rings through her labia. It was such an odd sight, seeing her in the cube, with just her masked head sticking out.

My mind drifted to my new “life” as a woman. Would I be accepted in the outside world, among my “old” friends – denuded of hair, tattooed and ringed? I thought not. I could live on the fringes, there were plenty of people like that out there, it would just be a case of finding them – but always in the back of my mind was Sarah, she had vowed to stay with me - my Sarah.

Or should we stay here? I had got so used to the place, even comfortable. The constant exposure to rubber – its cling, sheen, aroma, all of it had hooked me. I knew I was addicted to it, its impermeability, its cool embrace and then the way it warmed up and allowed you to sweat. Lying there, I was actually getting excited thinking about it. Yes, my life, our lives could continue here – with domination and submission, and rubber immersion. If Sarah was sure – absolutely, then I concluded that this was what I wanted. She said she didn’t care if I was male or female, I was….me and she would still love me, that’s all I ever needed anyway. They continued to chat and we continued to wait, Emma had told the girls in the school that as soon as a courier came to the front gates and buzzed the school, she would go there and pick up the package.

Finally the phone rang and Emma answered it immediately. She grabbed an ankle-length cape and ran out; God knows what the courier would think. Within five minutes she was back throwing off her cape, almost out of breath. She tossed one set of keys to Camille and another to Amanda, who tried my locks first. As they were fumbling with the padlocks, Emma had ripped open an envelope inside that contained Sigi’s instructions. Amanda had my helmet off now and I took a huge intake of air; my tongue was a little sore and I needed a drink, but otherwise I felt okay. As she was releasing the steel plate locked over me, there was suddenly a shriek and a howl from Emma. Camille had already unlocked Sarah’s box and slid off the lid, exposing the gooey silicon/wax and joined Emma, looking at the letter.

“No!” She screamed and started helping Amanda with the plate, desperately matching locks with keys. Sarah felt very left out with this, as did I. She shouted.

“Does somebody mind telling me what the fuck is going on?”

“You’ll see.” Emma said and pulled back the steel plate and then the rubber sheet covering me. I raised me head and glanced down at my groin, expecting the worst of course but wondering what all the kafuffle was about.

And then I saw the reason for their joy.

I was still intact!

There were my cock and balls in all their glory! My cock was covered in a tight rubber condom with, I could clearly see, sharp, hard rubber needles on the inside. These were much harder and sharper than the ones I had experienced with the pouch; these really dug in and were clearly the reason behind my discomfort down there. In addition there was a catheter up my cock and the tube trailed down between my legs to the bag under the bed. And there were my balls too, still with the steel ring around their base. And as the girls were jumping up and down squealing like kids at a birthday party, poor Sarah, up to her neck in thick transparent silicon/wax shouted.

“Hey…. am I invisible, can someone roll me over there?” And Emma looking a bit guilty pushed her over to me and allowed Sarah a good look at my jewels. Oh my God, she mouthed in silence and grinned at me. Amanda had by now managed to release all the padlocks but before I could stand Emma pulled on a pair of surgical gloves and very carefully pulled off the thick condom, and with it the catheter. I just about cried with the pain as the hard needles scraped their way down my cock, but I was so happy at still having my friends down there I just kept smiling. So now I stood in front of them, all grinning like Cheshire cats – Camille in her rubber running gear and Amanda and Emma in their uniforms, and then dear Sarah in her hard cube. I was wearing the rubber stockings, garter belt, corset, bra and gloves all in white and there was not a shred of embarrassment within me. In fact I was beginning to go hard, surrounded by all these beauties. Amanda groaned, then laughed and went to the cupboard and brought back a pair of white panties, telling me with a grin to cover myself, and a white blouse and a short white skirt and helped me into them. Once clothed again in rubber, I felt truly comfortable, not even the rings and piercings, nor the tattoos, nor my bald pate could darken my mood. I leant over Sarah; she still had her black and red mask on but didn’t seem to care, and gave her a long, lingering kiss. She grinned and said.

“Perhaps while you geniuses are figuring out a way to get me out of this goo, Emma can read the letter.” And as we surrounded her, prodding the waxy surface and coming up with a strategy, Emma began to read.

“Dear girls – well what is the word – gotcha! What did you take us for? We are women who love sex, other women, rubber, bondage and all their associated attributes. We are not crazy, we are cruel dominas. We know we have a reputation and sometimes it works just to stay quiet. It was a cruel joke we played, but no one has been hurt. Maxine, you look wonderful with shaven head or without, it will grow again, we had a lot of fun with you. The rings are made of steel but not tempered; they can, if you both wish, be removed with a pair of strong cutters – we just pretended they were permanent. We hope you don’t. Sarah, your labia rings look wonderful on you – and well just about everyone has nipple rings nowadays, don’t they? Maxine, the nose ring was a wonderful addition, emphasizing your complete submission, with your shaven head you looked superb with it, but I can understand if you wish it removed, it will be easy and painless. The tattoos we loved doing, again they can be removed, a little more painful perhaps, but with no marks afterwards, Linda knows a good tattooist. Sarah, I think Uta is distraught at not being able to see you again, she really does have a crush on you I think but she will get over it.  Having received the attention of your tongue and lips I can understand why; you have a great talent and are spoilt on the boys! Maxine is a very lucky fellow. So goodbye to you all, we had a wonderful time, and the little joke was the icing. No hard feelings, I think Linda may allow us back, but not for a while perhaps, which is our loss. If we do, then I sincerely hope Maxine and Sarah will fulfill their true destiny and remain there to greet us, and perhaps renew our acquaintance. Au revoir!

We stayed quiet for a while; we had been suckered all right.  And in the end what were Sigi and her colleagues – very cruel and very efficient dominas who had taught me the real element of submissiveness. And Sarah had clearly found talents in Sapphic love she thought she never had. I wasn’t jealous of this, she had proved her loyalty so many times and she was a free spirit, the last thing I would ever want to do would be to tame her – but put her in some serious rubber bondage and roger her until she screamed for release, well, I could do that!

As I thought on this, we determined that it would take us hours to scoop the sticky goo out of the cube until Camille suggested that as it was wax/silicon based maybe it would loosen with heat. We decided to give it a go and rolled her into the large shower. We turned it on until it was almost boiling and with Camille and me behind her, Amanda aimed it at the front and top of the box. As the steam rose and it got really hot, the goo began to soften and we started to scoop it out. Sarah had her rubber suit and mask on so was reasonably protected and soon we were able to pull her up, firstly unscrewing the dildo tubes at her crotch. We unfastened her wrist cuffs and then her spreader bar and she placed her arms around my neck. I saw the others look at each other and as Amanda and Camille took away the wretched cube, Emma said.

“I think we can leave you here for the rest of the day, what say we come back this evening, Miss Broad can come over too, we have a lot to talk about and we have to bring her up to date.” She thought for a second or two. “You know……what we said earlier….we didn’t just say it because we thought you had been turned……what I mean is that you are both welcome to stay….well, we all want….”

“Yes Emma, we get it.” I said smiling, as I closed the big shower door. “We have a bit of catching up to do, can you make that eight o clock; we should be….ready by then.” And they all smiled, and left.

I turned the water to warm, all the waxy stuff had now been swept away and she was in my arms like a sleek shiny seal. She still had the dildos inside her, back and front, albeit deflated and I was desperate to get at her, but she slapped my hands away from her groin. Then I tried to get at her mask’s zip but again she slapped me away. I loved her in latex from head to foot, but I also wanted to get to her! She passed her hands over my bald head and kissed me lovingly. It seemed so odd, me dressed in white rubber skirt, blouse, stockings and underclothes, but it didn’t put her off as she grinned evilly and lowered herself to her knees, the shower water pounding her back and head, and raised my skirt. She pulled down my panties and said.

“Well, I’m obviously very good with women; I hope I haven’t lost touch with cocks.” She looked up and grinned through her mask and then like a schoolgirl licking an ice cream took me into her mouth slowly, lowered the short skirt over her head and went to work on me! Oh, and she was wonderful, was it the rubber I don’t know but I almost came straight away. But she knew what to do, with a press of a thumb behind my balls, I was kept on the edge.

And she didn’t stop – licking, biting gently, and sucking. And I felt her finger press on my butt plug – in all the excitement I had actually forgotten it was there! She was having so much fun down there I didn’t want to stop her, but I took her by her arms and raised her, the shower pounding off her rubber masked head, she was looking as happy as I had ever seen her, grinning crazily behind the mask.

We slowly helped each other to take our clothes off, mask, catsuit, stockings, skirt, blouse and bra and finally with a giggle from Sarah my butt plug. Soon they lay to the side as we soaped each other sensuously. She was not in the least bit shocked by my tattoos or rings nor I in hers. After a lot of giggling, pinching, biting, grappling, kissing and slapping we emerged and toweled off. When we returned to the rubber room, we found on the bed a pair of strong wire cutters, with a note from Emma saying these would do the trick for the rings adorning our bodies.

We sat on the latex sheets and looked at the cutters, each thinking the same thoughts.

“Well, I’m quite happy with mine, I think, call them medals of honour.” Sarah said quite happily as he looked down at the rings in her labia and nipples. I thought about mine, in nipples, at the base of my scrotal sac and through my septum. I too didn’t really have a problem with them, except I suppose for the septum one and said this to Sarah. She just grinned and said, picking up the cutters.

“Okay, brave boy, want me to do it?” I faked a wince and said.

“Please, and be gentle with me.” She laughed and straddled me on the side of the bed. It was very hard to concentrate on the matter in hand with her boobs staring at me and her shaved crotch above mine, but she very tenderly managed to grip the ring and, with strength I knew only too well, cut it. We prised it open just wide enough to pull off and I was free. I was a little sore, but it was nothing that a little tender loving couldn’t take care of.

13.09.06 story concluded in part eight

* * *

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