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Finishing School II part 3

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; F+/m; latex; bond; bagged; susp; fem; cons; X

Part Three

When I awoke, I assumed it was morning, but the women above me had left to prepare for the next session. For a while I floated in my rubbery prison, then looked up to see three happy faces smiling down at me. I placed my balled fist to the transparent sheet, asking them silently to release me; they wouldn’t have detected any of my expressions in the mask, just a pair of eyes staring back at them. I saw them laugh at my position. I wasn’t uncomfortable really, but it was the feeling of utter helplessness. My masculinity, manhood, independence had evaporated within their hold.

Like a toy doll, it seemed they now wanted to play with me again. They were dressed in identical red leotards with long sleeves and high collars.

Sigi leaned down and unzipped the side of the bed, and Uta helped raise me to the sitting position, chuckling among them at what an effective punishment they had created. With a pair of sharp surgical scissors Uta cut away the liquid latex and the adhesive tape around my neck, trying not to tear the suit or the mask. It took quite a while and I sat there obediently during this, waiting anxiously. They unscrewed the corrugated air hose from the front fitting and I breathed for the first air through my nose untainted by rubber for a long time. Finally they unzipped the mask and pulled it off my head. The cock plopped out of my mouth, slick with my saliva and I could see even with a few teeth marks of mine.

I said nothing, I knew better than that. I still had the balaclava and the earplugs so could hardly hear what they were saying. They stood me up and I stepped out of the bed, which Mia then zipped closed. They wiped down my thin transparent suit and inflated gloves and then removed the balaclava and earplugs and mussed my hair which was soaking wet. Then they very carefully extricated me from my mittens and thin suit. All I wore now was the corset, pouch, anal spreader and plug. Sigi asked.

“Hello Maxine, and how did you sleep? Well, I hope. And did you have any interesting dreams?” They were teasing me but I played along.

“Well….mistress, it was difficult to tell what was a dream and what was reality.” Thank goodness that was the perfect answer for they all laughed.

“And you enjoyed your womb, your tomb; you enjoyed being helpless and dependant upon us, for even your life.” I nodded nervously.

“Good, you seem to be learning about your position now. Well, it is morning Maxine, and what does that mean?”

“An enema, mistress, every morning and every night.”

“Good, and that is what you will get now. Suit up girls.”

They donned white rubber aprons, gloves and surgical masks of thin latex. They looked like a terrible travesty of three nurses, ready to operate – on me. They tied the surgical masks tight, as each took a breath they sucked the white rubber tight to their faces. I felt they were smiling at me but their eyes were cold. Sigi spoke, her words slightly muffled by the mask.

“Bend over, place your hands on the bed and do not move an inch.” I did so and I felt, blissfully, the plug being removed from my rear. But the corset and anal spreader stayed on.

“I think she needs to see her humiliation so bring over that mirror, but I don’t want to hear her whining, so let’s gag her again. I know, what about the panties from last night?” I groaned inwardly as Sigi got the three pairs of small, thin panties they had worn earlier that night. She picked them up, daintily by her fingertips as if they may explode or something. She handed two to Uta and stretched one pair out as if she was going to step into them. I could see dried stains inside them. She asked the others.

“I wonder if Maxine’s mouth will stretch as well as these pants? Can she take all three, I wonder? I intend to see you do, Maxine, and you can taste all three of us, mixed with the scent of rubber. Open up!” I stood and Uta folded (I noticed inside out) the pants into two balls and pushed one into my gaping mouth. I closed my eyes, trying not to gag.

“Good girl, the next pair I believe are mine.” And she pushed a second pair in, forcing it to the side.

“Mmmm, I see the third pair may be difficult but I’m sure we can do it.” She pulled down my jaw and started cramming, little by little, the third pair in. I mmmffed in discomfort but this just seemed to spur her on further. I thought I would retch but managed to control it. My cheeks bulged out obscenely and the white panties formed a perfect, even seal. I tasted the rubber and other faint, pungent juices activated by my saliva on the rubber. Sigi handed Uta a white rubber helmet.

“It will be tight but it will keep the gag in nice and snug. I’ll help you pull it on.” They gripped the bottom of the helmet and stretched it above my head then pulled it down in a very practised way. It covered my head completely, leaving a small inverted triangular shaped section from my eyebrows down to under my nose. My jaws were clamped shut and held as if in a vice. I mutely stared out at them, a featureless white head with nose and eyes bleakly peeking out. Sigi placed her hand over my mouth, smoothed out the rubber, and nodded appreciatively.

Is it possible for the administration of an enema to go without incident? Well, I suppose this one did. I bent over the bed and spread my legs and they administered it without any fuss, and no complaint from me. The tube went in without any difficulty, on their behalf, and the water gushed into me. But they did enjoy their power over me, inhaling the rubber aroma through their surgical masks, and passing their rubber-gloved hands over my body, trying to excite me, and knowing that my cock would be punished by the rubber needles of the pouch. It didn’t take long for the cramps to start; my stomach was still compressed by the corset. There was one variation however this time.

“Lean down on your elbows, Maxine.” Sigi ordered, as she lay down on the bed in front of me. I had a pretty good idea what was coming next.

“You will now breathe in my perfume and the rubber while we finish your colonic. You can taste us through our panties in your mouth, and now you will breathe in my aroma. This is your altar, Maxine, now you must worship here.” With this she lifted her rubber apron and cradling my head in both hands, pulled me to her groin. I stared out mutely as she pulled my head to her tight, red rubber crotch.  She then dropped her apron and pulled it tight round my neck. I was engulfed in darkness.

She widened her legs and pressed down harder; my nose was now almost embedded in the smooth rubber of her groin. I couldn’t breathe; my mouth was stuffed with rubber panties, my nose engulfed in her rubber pussy. She held me firm and rubbed herself up and down on me. She released my head slightly, just enough for me to get some air. I gulped in a lungful and she slammed my head down on her crotch again. While all this was happening of course the water kept seeping into my rear. It was dark, hot and damp under there. And I felt my whole life was in her hands, which I suppose it was really. I should have known that she would want to play with me, to enforce her dominance over me.

After several minutes she started shaking with a violent orgasm and then she raised her apron and wriggled backwards away from me. I breathed in hard as my senses returned. They removed the nozzle and plugged me with a short, wide butt plug. I closed my eyes, bit down on my rank gag, and concentrated to trying to survive what was to come next.

They took me to the bathroom; I walked as if on eggshells. The white helmet was pulled off my head and Uta pulled out, with difficulty at first, the three pairs of rubber panties from my mouth. Finally the pouch was removed; again my cock had dozens of little pink spots on it from the sharp rubber needles. Then the corset was finally taken off and the cheek spreader released. I let out a huge sigh. Uta pointed to the toilet and then the shower and I knew I some time to myself to clean up.

After a good twenty minutes, luxuriating in the shower (and not caring how long I took) I returned to the rubber room, naked and unashamed. They were not too impressed and were arranging some clothes on Sigi’s waterbed. My jaw dropped when I saw that Sigi had changed from rubber nurse’s uniform to nun’s habit! The other two were still in their leotards however.

“Come here, we are going to go out for a drive and….maybe some shopping. Don’t look shocked; you will of course be under my complete control. Subjugated by the knowledge that you can do nothing. Sarah will be here of course, so you won’t try anything silly which makes it all the more fun for me. Obedience at all times, remember. We have arranged all your clothes here and will get you into them. First your undergarments; now like a chaste young nun, you must not be able to touch your genitalia, so the pouch goes back on.”

This didn’t surprise me, I wasn’t used to it, how can you be used to hard rubber needles pressing into your cock, but I know knew at least what to expect. She slipped my genitals into the pouch and pressed together studs at the neck, the two straps dangling between my legs. I thought I would get away without the anal spreader but no such luck. I stepped into it and they aligned the thick straps over the pouch straps and my cheeks were once again pulled apart and bum hole left exposed.

Next came the corset, “to remind you of your femininity – you are a nun, not a monk”. They wrapped it round me and pulled in the laces, I was used now to its clammy grip. It took a while for them to do this and I felt at the end just a bit snugger, yes they were reducing my waist even further.

This was confirmed with a look in the mirror, a definite hourglass was emerging. I felt the fake boobs again, still not fully used to their look and feel. They pulled the pouch back painfully tight, I wouldn’t be running anyway fast at all. Short steps and an erect posture would be all I could get away with, without emasculating myself. The needles dug in, but even that discomfort I was getting used to now.

Mia then held up the familiar gossamer thin rubber suit from the night before and after applying powder they carefully pulled it up my legs and to my waist. My pouch now looked like a “normal” black haired pussy encased in tights. With enormous relief I realised that I would not have a rubber butt plug up my rear. I didn’t think they were going soft on me however, my time would come again, no doubt. They continued to pull the suit on me, and I placed my arms through the sleeves and into the fitted gloves, then it was zipped up to my neck. It fit me tightly and snug and I knew that any and every movement I would make would pull on the pouch and the needles within it.

So now I was again subjected to the light caress of the thin suit, and in all honesty I revelled now in its quickly warming feel. But from a rubber transvestite I was quickly to be transformed into a nun! A pair of plain cotton pants were now drawn up my legs. It was strange, as it was the first time that I had worn non-rubber clothing for a long time, but then it still wasn’t next to my skin. A suspender belt was wrapped round my waist and then thick, black nylon stockings brought up over the rubber suit and fastened to the suspenders. I assumed that if we were out and the habit should part, then this innocuous sight of standard issue stockings wouldn’t attract undue attention. Next, a standard issue white cotton blouse, buttoned at the back and extending to below my waist. It was loose and covered my fake, and somewhat provocative, breasts.

“Now the head, first we’ll ensure that only rubber is next to your skin.” Mia and Uta pulled a flexible, thin rubber balaclava helmet over my head leaving only my face and chin exposed. Then the nun’s habit, in black cotton complete with cowl and tabard was draped over me. The headdress was laced tightly at the back of my head, perfectly covering the rubber balaclava underneath. The habit went down to my ankles and my feet peeked out, dressed in their black stockings. Mia then laced on my feet sensible black lace-up shoes with only a one-inch heel. This seemed strange again after I had worn high heeled shoes for so long. Wrist length leather gloves were placed over my rubber gloves underneath, and finally a crucifix (a bizarrely ironic addition) around my neck.

I was now ready!

I looked in the mirror – I would fool anyone. I was dressed identically to Sigi now. I didn’t wear any make-up, what nun did? But I still looked the part, and underneath of course I was still in the rubber corset, pouch, hood and suit.

As they surveyed me, I took a moment to analyse my feelings. Outwardly chaste and nun-like, inwardly I could feel my cock and balls continually tormented by the sharp rubber bristles, my cheeks stretched by the spreader (mercifully I had no butt plug this time), my waist clinched to an hourglass and my whole body in the (almost comforting) hold of the thin rubber suit. All this was hidden from the unsuspecting eye. I felt a trickle of sweat at my armpit trying to escape. Were we ready to go now? Apparently not, as Sigi spoke.

“Before we go…Maxine, Sister Maxine I was thinking that we should make you a sister who has chosen to join a sisterhood who have taken an order of silence.” She laughed at her little joke as she held up an internal gag similar to the one I had worn the night before. Like an obedient child about to be fed I opened my mouth and Sigi inserted the contraption. Unlike the one before this was of an even cleverer design as it did not have a front covering. It encased my rear teeth and trapped my tongue on the floor of my mouth. I clamped down and heard a faint click, there was no need for a screwdriver, my mouth was clamped closed and I just hoped that whatever implement was needed to release me, it would be at hand. I smiled into the mirror and could not detect the gag at all. It was a marvellously effective device and outwardly undetectable. All I could was mmmm and mmmff - not much of a vocabulary!

Uta lifted my habit above my thighs and Sigi fastened a pair of wide cuffs above my knees. There was no possibility of me running away now, and in any event Sarah was still at the school, and I was not going to run away from her and leave her to these women. No, it was just another subtle reminder of my servitude. Mia told me to walk up and down the room and I did so. I really wasn’t that uncomfortable – clearly I was getting used to this sort of stuff! I was used to the tight grip of the corset and even now, heaven forbid, the pouch and anal spreader. I suppose you can get used to anything after a while! The sharp rubber bristles dug into my cock but now they were more of a discomfort than being too painful. The thin rubber suit was not unpleasant at all; in fact I found its warm hug quite soothing.

I almost chuckled at my appearance, what could possibly follow. We moved out to the car, I took the passengers seat and sat down warily, feeling the stretch on the pouch and the needles rub along the shaft of my cock. I breathed through my nose; my lips were not fully sealed so I would be able to draw in some air if I needed to. We strapped ourselves in and Uta and Mia kissed Sigi before we left. Sigi drove confidently into town, glancing at me occasionally, admiring her charge under complete control.

I was alone with my thoughts, a rubber nun; mute and dressed in rubber suit, corset and pouch. I watched the pedestrians going about their lives, totally unaware of the bizarre world that was so close to them. Even if I told them that such things really happened, would they believe me? We drove to the city centre and found a spot in a side street.

So….now I was to be on my best behaviour. She put her hand through the crook of my arm and we began walking along the street lined with shops, two nuns out on a stroll. No one gave us a second look, maybe a couple of women who smiled and nodded, and we reciprocated. I still couldn’t get over how strange it was, first of all I was a man, and secondly I was encased in rubber, corseted and with my manhood under constant torment.

I was a prisoner in my own city and being paraded around. More people walked by, if only they knew. I could have pretended to collapse, screamed for help and no doubt it would have come, but always in the back of my mind was Sarah. Furthermore, even if I did something like that I didn’t want it to rebound on Miss Broad. Did that mean I had become attached to the place? It was a perturbing thought and yet one that was now stuck in the back of my mind.

More people passed, unaware and yet so close to a world of dominance and submission, rubber indoctrination, and not to mention forced feminisation. No, they wouldn’t believe it; they and their ordered, conventional lives. A month ago, well I was aware of such things, perhaps not of the intensity that I had experienced - nor the intense hold that it could take of your psyche.

I was now damp inside my suit and the pouch and anal spreader slid over my skin as I took my steps. This feeling was more pronounced when we took some steps. Sigi whispered something to me and smiled; I didn’t hear what it was but no doubt it was for the benefit of the crowds of shoppers. We passed a coffee shop and Sigi took my arm as we entered. Sigi had some real nerve I thought, as we took a table. But what was I to do? Lift up my habit and expose myself, which would have got everyone’s attention. The thought of that made me smile even. She knew the hold she had over me. No, she was safe, I had to stay with her; for Sarah’s sake and that meant she could do anything she wished with me – for I had to go along with it. And I suppose I was “safe” too – in my rubber confinement, with no one aware of the reality.

She ordered coffee, the waitress looked at me but Sigi explained that I had taken a vow of silence. The waitress continues to look as me with some pity, but moved on. I really don’t think she would have believed the truth if Sigi had told her flat out. Would anyone?

She took off her leather gloves and I followed, our hands covered in the gossamer thin latex. I could even see the veins on my hands and Sigi’s nail polish. They were so well made that mine even had lighter sections at the finger tips. Everything had been thought out, Sigi kept smiling and making small talk, I just nodded and smiled. I sipped the coffee slowly through my closed teeth and past the internal gag, it was difficult but I managed to do it without dribbling. Sitting perched on the end of the chair, I was the epitome of a chaste nun – if only they knew! Talk about appearances being deceptive. A transvestite nun kept under rubber subjugation!

We put our gloves back on and made for the ladies room. There was no one there, which was what Sigi wanted. As I stood in front of the mirror she pulled back my lips and checked the effectiveness of the gag, then raised my habit, straightened my stockings and playfully slapped my behind, after giving my pouch a gentle squeeze as I squealed into my gag. She dabbed my face with a tissue, I was sweating in my rubber balaclava, and then we returned to the street.

We made our way back to the car, I had no more wish to be paraded mute in public; frankly I was happy to be returning to the school. Then I saw, amazingly coming towards me, through the crowd, one of my ex-girlfriends! What were the chances of this happening? I couldn’t believe this.

We’d gone out for over a year and had a lot of fun, she was adventurous and we had even got up to a bit of pervy sex. I saw her looking at me quizzically, disbelievingly. Then unbelievably she smirked and approached us, gently taking my arm. I smiled innocently at her, trying not to give anything away, but she didn’t seem fooled. This was going to get out of hand and Sigi looked a bit concerned. Jill played it like a game.

“Don’t I know you….sister?” She said, stressing the sister, heavy with irony.

“Oh that’s impossible my child.” Said Sigi. “Sister Abigail is French and has been in a convent since her teens, she’s also taken a vow of silence.”

“Oh no sister, I’m sure. When I knew Abigail  (a knowing smile at me and a chuckle) she certainly wasn’t dumb.” Jill was always street smart and as I smiled stiffly, trying to still pretend I was Abigail, I could tell that she knew something was up. What she didn’t realise was that she was in dire trouble if she fell into the hands of these women. This was a little game to her, she was trying to find out what I was into, and I think a little intrigued. She knew I was up to something weird, but Jill was very smart, and kinky, so she kind of liked this little tete a tete.  But I wanted her away from there and so continued to play the innocent.

“Well you have changed your habits.” And she laughed at her corny joke. “Mind you, we used to have some strange habits didn’t we…Abigail?” She stressed the Abigail word and was blissfully unaware of the precarious position she was in. We had a lot of fun together, Jill and I, but we just sort of drifted apart. Now I just wanted to save her bacon and get out of there. Sigi now challenged her.

“I’m sure we don’t know what you mean, I’m sorry but we must go now….good day…my child.” But Jill wasn’t fooled, and I had to admire her balls.

“Okay, do whatever you want love, I’m not fooled. Abigail, whatever turns you on, dear. You know we had fun and I miss you…Abigail. Now, well it looks like you are into some interesting stuff. Look, call me sometime, I’m in the book.” Smiling, knowingly, she kissed me on the cheek, hard, stepped back, gave me a knowing smile and said.

“No, you can’t fool me, bye sweetie.” She gripped my arm encouragingly, winked and walked off. I swallowed hard, knowing I was going to be in some deep shit later, just because of this chance meeting. Dear Jill, I could never fool her; bless her. What could she have been thinking? Kinky bugger, probably. We liked mild bondage and so forth, but this, she maybe thought it was a bit out of her league, or maybe not.

Sigi gripped my arm hard and I knew trouble was brewing. Once back to the car, I was strapped in and we drove, fast, back to the school. I was now sweating profusely in my thin rubber suit, partly due to the walk and partly through anxiety as to what may happen to me. Yet strangely I had to admit that I got a big buzz from all the subterfuge, from the fear, and the excitement that we may be discovered. I could not understand why that was, but the thrill of being in latex, in public, even in complete subjugation and yet looking “normal” gave me a real kick, I don’t know why.

25.08.06 continued in part four

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