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Finishing School II part 4

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/m; FFF/f; latex; bond; susp; fem; cons/reluct; X

Part Four

It was early afternoon by the time we made it back to the flat. I was almost dragged from the car and back to the rubber room. Mia and Uta were there, chatting. Mia was dressed in a tight red rubber dress with a high mandarin collar, long sleeves and a slit up the skirt to mid thigh. She was heavily made up and looked fabulous. Uta was also striking, but in a different way. She wore shocking pink tights, and a bright pink bra – nothing else, a stunning apparition with her cute blonde hair. They saw Sigi was furious and she said to them.

“Maxine has been a bad girl, she met a friend in town and her friend was not stupid and may be wise too our little games here. We may have to give Jill a visit sometime if she proves a problem, and maybe change her opinions of us. I’m sure Maxine will provide her address. But we’ll just wait and see if she’s proves a problem in the future.” She looked at me and relaxed, smiling. “But…in the meantime we have much to do.”

“Maxine will be punished, severely, we are going to have a good time before dinner and then I hope Sarah will join us. We only have another 48 hours so we must make the most of it. Take her into the rubber room and strip her naked and give her a shower, you know what to do. We’ll start from there.”

The girls who must have been bored grabbed me roughly and almost carried me into the chamber. It must have been a strange sight, a Chinese lady, elegant and small and almost fragile, with a Nordic beauty in pink tights and bra beating up on a nun, invisibly gagged, fettered and corseted. Without ceremony I was stripped very quickly, again the relief at having the pouch and anal spreader removed was huge. With a sinister smile Mia pulled a bathing cap over my hair and rolled it back slightly so only my hairline was covered. They allowed me to do my ablutions and then Uta produced a large jar of depilatory cream, and after pulling on thin surgical gloves began to smear it over my naked body and then my face, leaving gaps for only mouth, eyes and eyebrows.

Very soon I felt the itching and prickly heat. I was ordered into the shower stall and ordered to stand there for fifteen minutes, which I did in increasing discomfort. Again I thought about being a rubber nun….in public, and I felt myself harden at the idea. I didn’t really know what was coming over me. I was finally allowed to shower (fortunately my erection had subsided, otherwise I know I would have been punished) and I was soon left with a clean, shiny, hairless, smooth skin.

I returned to the rubber room where Uta and Mia waited with my costume for the evening. I was not surprised to see it was a variation on the maid’s uniform. Quickly they corseted me again, this time with a red one with fake boobs. And again I could feel it being pulled in just another half inch. Maybe it was a smaller design. I breathed slowly as the lacing was completed. The pouch and anal spreader came next, the spreader wrapped round my small waist and adjusted, pulling my cheeks apart and the pouch pulled back hard and connected to the back of the corset.

I can’t say one can get used to having one’s manhood squeezed into a pouch and tormented by hard rubber needles, but I was now at least getting familiar with the process, which they no doubt wanted me to do. This time however I was to wear a pair of black tights. As they were drawn up my slim, hairless legs I noticed a good-sized rubber and steel butt plug in the seat.

I obediently bent over and felt a finger ease some lubricant into my rear. Then I felt the plug at my entrance and comfortably ease itself inside me. It was clear that after all the stretching and abuse over the last few days I was now able to accommodate some fairly large plugs without offering any resistance. The tights were pulled up and smoothed over my groin, no sign of my manhood showed, just a faint mound.

I peered at myself in the mirror, now encased again in shiny black except for arms, shoulders and head. My waist was now really very slim and the fake breasts were prominent and very life like. Amazingly I almost felt a tinge of pride. How long had it been? Three, four days, I found it hard to remember as so much had happened over that period. Apparently I had 48 hours more to survive these three women; it would be a torrid time.

Mia handed me shoulder length gloves and Uta helped powder me. The hand portions however were mittens, my fingers jammed tight together and only my thumb loose. Already I felt sweat at my groin and down my chest, finding nowhere to escape. The dress was next, short flared skirt to mid thigh, with attached white pinafore and white frilly hem. I pushed my mittened hands through the short sleeves. Virtually covered in rubber now, a shiver unaccountably came over me. My breasts fit snugly into the cups of the dress and the waist fit perfectly over the corset. The high neck seemed reinforced, almost a posture collar, and the hard rubber extended up to under my chin, holding my head quite erect and making it difficult to turn my head either sideways or up and down. I heard the lock snap at the back, like a prison door slamming. I was now in my prison! My rubber cell!

Uta produced three white frilly ruffles of rubber, two were pulled up my arms and covered the sleeves of the dress and the third, larger one was stretched over my head and with a loud whap, encircled my high collar. It resembled the neck ruffles worn by men in Elizabethan times, it might have looked quite attractive but it was not very comfortable, particularly with the high collar underneath.

I had learnt by now however that complaining was not a good idea, so I stood, erect as an expressionless, mute mannequin. Stiletto heels of six inches were next, and I was amazed how quickly I had adapted to them.

“Lift your skirt, girl.” Commanded Uta, and I immediately complied, viewing my crotch and backside in the mirrors, with no sign of the plug up my rear, nor my manhood in the front, but just a smooth mound.

“I think we had better cover you.” Giggled Mia and threw me a pair of white frilly panties. I had problems pulling them on, first trying to grip them in my mittens and second, bending over in the very tight corset. They didn’t help me, but watched in silent amusement as I wobbled on my heels and, finally, drew them up and smoothed them out, getting a strange sensation of almost comfort as they slid over the rubber tights underneath. I dropped the skirt and arranged it, now strangely content.

My emotions were very confusing. While this was, I think, meant to be a humiliating and degrading exercise they knew as well that I was getting faintly aroused by this. I suppose this was the point, to associate the forced feminisation and the rubber with sexual arousal. I ruminated that their intentions, started by Miss Broad and Emma what seemed a lifetime ago, were clearly working.

I was led to the make-up table and sat down, feeling the rubber and steel plug move within me and the needles rub along the shaft of my cock. I viewed myself in the mirror; the face was now familiar, carefully plucked eyebrows, smooth clear skin and Emma’s dynamic pageboy hair design. I was not only familiar with it I was getting to be comfortable and untroubled by it. I surely had come a long way! Mia and Uta stood behind me, examining me in the mirror; Uta still in her pink bra and tights and Mia in her mandarin dress.

“Maxine is very attractive.” Mia said, fingering my hair. “But we have decided to do a few changes tonight. You will still be beautiful Maxine, just different.” They laughed at their little secret that I was soon to be let in on. Mia carefully pressed a thin rubber skullcap over my hair as Uta produced a thick tube of what appeared to be glue.

“We are going to undertake some changes, Maxine. This skullcap is what is used in the theatre and movies. With this stage glue we will glue it over your hair and make you smoothly bald.” They proceeded to do this, methodically gluing the edges down until my hair had disappeared and I was now totally bald.

“Now the transformation.” Mia chuckled as she produced a wafer-thin full head rubber mask, almost transparent and moulded exactly like a human head. She held it above my head, as if she was about to crown me. So, here I was about to be transformed again. The near-transparent mask was stretched wide and placed on my bald crown. Before pulling it down, Uta applied more of the rubber glue to the skullcap and even my face. Then Mia pulled it down smoothly and it slid evenly down my head. It was an extremely tight fit and had to be adjusted over my ears and nose. With much fiddling it was finally pulled down and tucked under my tight high collar. There were large holes for my eyes and my ears, two short tubes to go up my nostrils and a large gap encircling my mouth.

With the gum the thin latex was glued around my eyes, ears and surrounding my lips. The joins between the latex and my skin were barely detectable. As it dried I moved my face muscles and saw the mask move with me. I looked in the mirror and saw someone else, and yet someone who literally mirrored every facial expression that I conjured up.

It was an eerie sensation.

Finally she smeared along the top of my forehead and my crown and around my ears some more gum. A blonde wig, shoulder length and with a central parting was placed very firmly on my head and arranged.

I was transformed.

No doubt about it, a blonde beauty stared back. I tousled my hair and it fell back perfectly, bordering my new face. Then they applied make-up, scarlet red lipstick, and blue eye shadow and then over the latex a light eyebrow pencil emphasised the brows and light rouge was added to my cheeks. I know I should have been embarrassed at this or feel degraded but I didn’t. Truly, I didn’t. I felt quite flattered and was quite enjoying all the attention in becoming someone else.

I looked in the mirror again and raised my eyebrows, smiled, grimaced – the rubber mask moved with me. Only it wasn’t me any more. It didn’t really resemble me, and it didn’t feel like me – the tight waist, firm boobs, blonde hair and face beautifully made-up, I almost felt as if I was getting a hard on – looking at me! The rubber mask, while extremely thin and tight allowed me full movement, already I was feeling a bit warm in it, but the gum applied around my eyes and mouth ensured that no perspiration could seep out and ruin my make-up.

I was ordered to stand, and the steel belt I had worn earlier was locked around my waist then cuffs attached to a three feet chain locked to the ring at the front. I looked down at the mittens; I wouldn’t be picking many locks with them on! They gathered around, admiring their work, as I turned round in a circle on their command.

Maybe I really was getting used to all this, for despite the anal plug, the pouch and the corset I didn’t feel bad at all, and I did look pretty terrific! But I knew, I could feel, that this “comfort” that I had achieved could turn in a second with these women. We walked back to the living room where Sigi was on the phone with Miss Broad. Stressing she was only here for another 48 hours she had finally “convinced” Miss Broad to let them “look after” Sarah for that time.

I had no idea why Miss Broad would do such a thing, knowing as she did what these women were like. Maybe, now with Camille freed and spending so much time with her, that her mind was just not focussed; maybe she still trusted Sigi to behave; and maybe she didn’t quite think as much of Sarah and me as I thought.

In any event, I was brought back down to earth by this confirmation that soon Sarah would be joining me in their clutches. Uta had certainly taken quite a fancy to her, and Mia too, perhaps to a lesser extent. I didn’t want to think what these two would get up to with her. But I could do nothing: right now a five year old child could keep me under control. Sigi was finishing her chat.

“No, dear, we’ll come and collect her; it’ll be our little surprise, ha ha. Bye now, see you tomorrow.” Sigi hung up and gleefully said to the other two.

“You can go and get Sarah after dinner, and then we’ll have some fun with both of them. We have her until we leave.” She looked at me. “So this is our rubber maid, and what a blonde bombshell she is. We’ll leave her ungagged, at least for now.” She rose and placed her palm on my cheek, inspecting the mask closely.

“Excellent, no one would know that underneath all this was a young male, utterly feminised and subjugated. Who is the superior of the species now? It’s a crying shame that you were born a man, Maxine, with your beauty and poise. I still think we can do something about that though.” She gave me a cruel smile but said no more. She took my mittened hand at led me to the kitchen, I was pretty good on my heels now and followed closely behind her.

She said they wanted to eat in an hour and I was to prepare a meal for them, not easy to do with my hands mittened and cuffed. But the threat was there, produce it or pay the consequences. Their power over me was complete, what could I do? Nothing, nothing but comply.

I lifted my skirt and felt through the panties for the plug and then the pouch. It was an odd sensation, almost like exploring another person. I touched my breasts and was aroused by the feel and texture. I bent over carefully, and ran my hands down my shiny smooth thighs. I was beginning to love the feeling of rubber passing over rubber. Even though I was warm and snug, I could feel it bring up goose bumps all over me. My cock was getting harder, and the needles began to almost pierce the skin. I had to stop doing this. What was happening to me?

But I knew what was happening; I was becoming an addict to this stuff!

I decided I had to concentrate on making them a meal, I didn’t want to give them any excuses for extra punishment – not that they needed any. I prepared the food without any great event, but it was not easy at all with my hands mittened and chained to my belt, the high collar also made it difficult to look down at what I was doing. Funnily, the six-inch heels now provided few concerns for me. As I served them the girls were now relaxing at the table, laughing and joking between them, and clearly looking forward to picking up Sarah. I suppose I was a bit frightened of them but I can’t say I hated them at this moment, they were certainly three very attractive, sexy women – cool and self confident and even playful.

As I leant over to take Uta’s plate she slipped a hand up my skirt and playfully pinched my backside through the pants and tights. It was a complete role reversal, I was the coquettish maid and she the aggressor, the bottom pincher so confident in her powers over me. As I returned to the kitchen Mia lifted my skirt and gave me a good slap on my backside, I yelped in shock as my cock smarted under the hard needles. Uta followed me into the kitchen. She had changed for dinner, but still she was in pink, this time a long sleeved, high-necked leotard. There were cut outs at her nipples and they poked through and were adorned with two silver rings. Suspenders extended from the bottom of the leotard and attached to these were a pair of shiny scarlet stockings. She is staggeringly beautiful in that blonde Nordic way, with her five inch heels she stood over six feet, cool and confident, aware that I can do nothing to her, ah but what she can do to me!

She prepared my meal and it took me only a few seconds to realise what it will be. Even a simple meal must be wrapped in some form of humiliation and now it seemed I was to be fed a liquid meal like a baby. She placed eggs, milk and some powder into the blender and when finished she called Sigi in.

“All done, we’ll go and collect Sarah and you can feed Maxine, we shouldn’t be long, I don’t expect her to put up too much of a fuss, but if she does….” She smiled at the thought, and I realised that she wanted Sarah to put up a struggle when they took her. They left and I was now alone with Sigi.

As I continued washing up, she leant back against the kitchen table, saying nothing but not taking her eyes off me. She was now wearing black rubber riding britches tucked into knee high boots, and a tight white rubber blouse with high collar, back zip and sleeves to her wrists. Her hair was loose this time, and framed her face to her shoulders, somehow she looked younger, less stern, but I am not fooled. When I am finished she said.

“Feeding time, sit here.” I sat in the high backed kitchen chair by the table feeling the butt plug push further up my rear, and she passed straps around my chest, around each calf pulling my legs apart and tight to the chair legs, and then around my mittened wrists to the chair arms. This is of course unnecessary as they are already chained to my waist belt, but it again enforces my complete subjugation. Within a few seconds I am again immobile and at her mercy. She gently cradled my chin in her hands and admired my mask and pecked me on my forehead; my rubber face and blonde hair giving no indication of my inner turmoil. She went behind me and I heard her emptying the contents of the blender into a container of some kind.

“Open wide, my rubber maid, time for dinner.” She smiled and held in her hands three inches in front of my face is a large baby’s feeding bottle with at the end, a large teat. But this was no ordinary feeding bottle, this one was for animals, calves or foals, for the bottle must have contained a couple of pints of the grey goo, and the teat was an inch in diameter. For a second I held back, but she pulled another chair in and leant close to me, saying coolly.

“Open up, wider….wider now.” There is no need for her to shout or get excited, her quiet, firm order is so much more effective, and I opened up as she placed one hand behind my blonde head and pushed the large teat in. I gagged for a second, adjusting to the large rubber nipple.

“Arrgh, nnnkk, mmmm.”

“Good, that’s better, now suck, suck hard, all of it is to go.” I stared down at the large container and sucked; it was hard at first due to the thickness of the liquid. But she was patient, she held the container a little higher and the gravity seemed to help a bit. It didn’t taste too bad; I breathed slowly through my nostril tubes and continued to suck and swallow. Meanwhile she gently stroked my new blonde hair and smiled comfortingly. She began to massage my fake boobs, and then, with a mischievous leer, she raised back my short skirt exposing my white panties and black tights. She ran her finger very lightly, barely touching me, along my pants and over the pouch. My cock could barely feel it but it was enough and it began to harden and then the needles began to dig into it. This outward scene of tenderness was in reality, as she knew, cruel and painful.

She quietly hummed a tune, like an attentive mother, and it was a strange interlude – this apparent tenderness, but again I was not fooled. I tried to relax and savour those few minutes, for with my cock mercifully flaccid again, I was now, relatively anyway, comfortable.

“The girls should be back with Sarah soon, and the fun will begin. So it’s time to prepare you, Maxine. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on the fun.” She took out the rubber nipple, the container was now empty – and I am full – wiped my lips and released me from the chair. I followed her into the rubber room again and from the ceiling she drew down a chain and clipped it to my belt ring. Nothing more needed to be done. I grabbed it with my slippery mitts; there was some slack in it and I could move in a five feet circle. But I was still completely within her powers, made immobile by a simple chain and a pair of mittens. I could see she knew what I was thinking, and she lifted my skirt again and ran her hand along the pouch.

“I’m looking forward to taking care of these,” she cooed, “and soon.” I didn’t have time to ruminate on this comment for I heard Uta and Mia return with Sarah. My concern for myself disappeared and was transferred to Sarah and her plight.

I had seen some bizarre sights over the last few days, and what presented itself was one of the strangest.

With a considerable struggle they entered with Sarah. Uta and Mia were dressed in their identical leotards and stockings, Uta in her pink and scarlet and Mia, the darker skinned, in olive green with yellow stockings. Both had their nipples exposed, and both pierced with silver rings. They were laughing and having an enormous amount of fun with Sarah, who was held between them.

Now Sarah is a strong girl with well-muscled legs and she was using these to push off and kick out. But it was clear she was outmatched by the other two, who were highly amused at her efforts. It was clear this was their intent for they could have chained her ankles and brought her back all nicely wrapped up, but they liked the fight in her, and she was not disappointing them.

Sarah was “dressed” in just three pieces. Firstly, her arms were pulled behind her in a single arm glove with straps under her armpits and over her shoulders. This helped push out her fabulous breasts. Second, she wore a pair of high cut white latex pants and I could see an outline of a base plate for some kind of dildo at her front and at her rear. I assumed she was plugged in both orifices!

The third piece was the most intimidating. It was an inflatable helmet in the most transparent of rubber. The inner skin pressed hard to her face, and the outer skin was inflated to the limit, her head was the size of a basketball. I could see her face quite clearly inside; distorted, and red with her efforts. Her eyes were actually open, I don’t know if she could see me, but she stopped struggling in front of me, perhaps taking in her surroundings through her misty, blurred vision. If she did see me, she probably wondered who this strange blonde was.

Then she began to struggle again, the only contact between her head and the outside world was a one inch diameter tube which extended from her gaping mouth to the outside of the helmet. From this location, grunting, gasping and groaning emanated, as well as some dripping saliva. She could not form any words but at least she could breathe easily. Sigi seemed delighted with Sarah’s defiance. She loved a fight and this was clearly going to be more fun for them than they would get with a compliant, passive girl. That would be no challenge at all.

Powerless, I watched this, my mittens slick with sweat, as I gripped the chain at my waist. I wanted to look away, and yet I found it all so morbidly fascinating – and more worryingly….exciting.

“Well Sarah, welcome, and such a spirited arrival.” Sarah grunted hard, trying to show contempt. Sigi did not seem impressed as she stood in front of her, arms akimbo. She moved forward and placed one hand behind Sarah’s helmet and then, with a cool smile, the other over her breathing tube. For a second Sarah struggled then abruptly stopped, her eyes staring out at Sigi, who chortled.

“Good, you see the power I have Sarah, remember that. I do admire your spirit, but I will break you. You maybe don’t think that now, but I assure you I will.” While she spoke Sarah began to struggle for air, but Uta and Mia continued to hold her shoulders and Sigi’s hand remained firmly over her breathing tube with the other behind her head. Sigi’s face was inches from Sarah’s and I was about to shout out when she released her hand and Sarah sucked in a huge lungful of air.

“You silly girl, we’re not going to kill you, my dear. We’re not murderers; we are here to have some fun, with you, and with Maxine. Now we have to move on; Maxine had a purge earlier this evening and now it is your turn. We like you nice and clean, inside and out. So we will prepare you for a high colonic to cleanse you thoroughly. Prepare her, girls.” Uta and Mia pushed Sarah’s helmeted head down to the floor; she kicked and struggled, but with her arms flapping uselessly behind her in the single glove she was clearly out-muscled. They attached a short chain to a ring in the floor and the other end to a small ring in the top of Sarah’s helmet. Now, with her head between her legs and her arms useless, they grabbed either side of her panties and pulled them down, and the two dildo shiny with her juices plopped out, exposing her beautiful blonde bush and her firm buttocks. She tried to wriggle and kick, but was soon divested of them.

Sigi took them from Uta and approached me. She could see I knew what was coming as she smiled and raised her eyebrows, turning them inside out. Firstly I saw that the two dildos were very short ones and both with stubby nodules covering them. They were maybe an inch long and the same in diameter, just long and wide enough to roughly rub against her pussy and sphincter. I saw that is what they probably did for they were glistening with her juices. Sigi nodded and pointed her finger at my mouth, saying nothing. She stretched the rubber in her hands, rolling them inside out until the two dildos are lined in a row, one facing left, the other right. I obediently opened my mouth and she pushed one inside one cheek and then squeezed the second inside my opposite cheek. After that it is only a matter of pushing the remaining rubber between my teeth until it is all in. My cheeks ballooned around the gag, the pungent taste of the rubber blended with Sarah’s quite copious juices. I breathed slowly through my nostril tubes as I watched the girls continue preparing Sarah.

They had now taken an ankle each, lifted her up and placed it in a cuff suspended from the ceiling and then with a five feet spreader bar, stretched her legs wide. Her head was now chained a foot from the ground, her crotch was at head height, horribly stretched and vulnerable, and her arms flapped uselessly behind her. During this she groaned and grunted but could say nothing more. Sigi put on a pair of green surgical gloves and placed a thumb along Sarah’s exposed vulva, rubbing it gently, while two fingers rubbed her sphincter. Again, Sarah groaned but her only movement now was her flapping arms.

Uta gave Sigi a jar of cream, and she coolly applied it to the rim of Sarah’s arse and then with a grin, eased her finger inside her. Although I could see she tried to clench her anal muscles it was pointless, she had been stretched wide and she had no defence. Sigi now had two fingers up her arse and was moving them in and out, and now Sarah had stopped struggling. Sigi seemed disappointed at her yielding, and she slapped her buttocks hard. Sarah yelped and there was a token struggle and more grunts, but now Sigi had three well-lubricated fingers inside her rear and was kneading them against her tight ring, loosening it.

After a short while she seemed satisfied with her progress and withdrew, while Uta approached her with the enema bag and tube. Immediately I saw the end of the tube was definitely “non standard” for it comprised a bulbous butt plug, at least four inches long and two inches in diameter at its widest point. The tube passed down the middle and the neck was much narrower to allow her anal ring to grip it. The bag was a good size too; there must have been two pints inside. Uta hooked it upside down on the spreader bar suspended above her. Mia now approached the threesome.

“Here, let me, let me, you’ve had all the fun.” I think perhaps she, the smallest, is the cruellest. I remembered her from after the pony races, gagging me viciously and laughing at my powerless situation. She gripped the butt plug, I saw that it was well greased, placed it over Sarah’s rear, and then as she pressed down, looked at me and winked. Sarah groaned loudly through the tube in her helmet and tried to clench her muscles but Mia continued to press and twist. Her puckered rear widened under the steady weight, and opened as the plug slowly disappeared inside. Inch by inch it entered her, until once past the widest point, and here Sarah did groan and flap her arms, it plopped in, up to the curved base plate. Sarah now was breathing slowly, as if adjusting to the assault. Uta gleefully released the pin and the water passed through the tube, then the plug and into Sarah’s insides, accompanied by a whimpering from her.

Then there was only silence, accompanied by deep breathing from Sarah as she concentrated on her situation. During all this time, I did nothing, but simply stood in my heels, tethered to the ceiling by a chain, my hands useless in their mittens, and my mouth obscenely stuffed and puffed out by Sarah’s rubber panties. I was a pretty unhelpful companion to her.

Mia, ever the cruel one, licked her finger and then slid it along Sarah’s labia and then into her pussy, rubbing gently as Sarah uselessly tried to swing away from her attentions. As she continued, Mia looked up at me as if to show what power she had. After three or four minutes there was no further movement from Sarah, just a low moan. Then the three women surrounded her, admiring their handiwork. I bit down on my rubber panty gag and watched Sarah’s stomach distend slightly as Sigi massaged it, dispersing the water. Sarah coughed and spittle ejected from her mouth tube. The bag was now empty and Mia unscrewed the tube from the end of the butt plug, and then quickly replaced it with a screw stopper.

“Now it is tanning time!” Sigi declared and each of them selected an implement. On the floor in front of her, they laid out a cat, cane and paddle. Sarah could obviously make them out, for she groaned again and tried to shake her head. They decided to have her upright for her beating and her ankles were released from the spreader bar and she was lowered to the ground; her helmet was then released from the chain in the floor ring.

She now stood erect, her body glowing in sweat, her head still helmeted (saliva now dripped from the tube) and her arms were still in the single glove behind her back. There was no struggle from her now, she breathed heavily and her stomach, I noted, was slightly distended. Her buttocks were pushed out as if she was trying to expel the plug, which I knew from experience she wouldn’t do without assistance. Uta unzipped the single glove as Mia lowered another bar from above her. They allowed her a couple of seconds to let her get blood circulating again. She flapped them, rubbed them and even touched her stomach gingerly, and then the plug up her rear.

They raised her arms above her head to the bar and cuffed them. Mia winched her up until she was stretched out - muscled, tanned and gleaming. She was naked except for the transparent inflatable helmet and the curved base plate of the butt plug. Her eyes were still open and looking out, maybe seeking me, I think she must have known that this blonde in her misty vision was me.

The women armed themselves, Uta being left-handed stood to the right and Mia to the left, while Sigi faced Sarah. Sigi had the cat, made up of strips of black rubber, Mia the cane and Uta the paddle. They looked at each other, waiting for a predetermined sign, and then in perfect unison they drew back and struck Sarah, Mia’s cane on her buttocks, Uta’s paddle on her thighs and Sigi’s cat across her breasts.

Accompanied by an ear-piercing screech, Sarah’s body convulsed and became all sinew and shivering muscle, saliva jettisoning from her tube. The women waited for the effect to recede, then meticulously picking their spots continued to calmly, almost dispassionately beat her. There was very little emotion from them, although they clearly were concentrating on their “job” and certainly no compassion was shown. Sarah continued to screech and grunt through the tube but they coolly ignore her. Her breasts, buttocks and thighs began to redden. They were not beating her to a pulp, there was no blood and no noticeable bruising, but they were subtle in their ways, taking their time and picking their spots. Sigi then stopped, apparently perturbed by something.

“What a noise you are making Sarah, we cannot concentrate like this; you will have to be silenced. The suffocation bag, I think Mia. Then she will be able to concentrate on her breathing and not her pain.”

A large re-breather bag was attached by Uta to the end of Sarah’s tube and Sigi tightened the valve at the bottom. Immediately it inflated as Sarah expelled her air into it and then compressed as she inhaled. It was clear that she was not going to have a lot of oxygen to work with, but enough, I hoped. For as Sigi had said, their intent was not to kill her, for they had another couple of days to have fun with her, and with me of course.

Slowly, controlled suffocation was forced on Sarah, who now inhaled in deep, lengthy breaths. There was no screaming now, and the women seemed satisfied with this and resumed their beating. All that could be heard now was the sound of leather, rubber and cane on flesh, and a low almost distant moan from Sarah.

After what I thought was an eternity, but which may have been only two or three minutes they stopped, and ran their hands over her reddening body, admiring their artistry. They embraced, proud of their effort, as Sarah’s head hung down. She may have been unconscious, I didn’t know, but at least the re-breathing bag still inflated and deflated slowly. As if to revive her, Mia licked her nipple, and gave it a small bite. Sarah’s rubber-encased head began to rise and the re-breather bag began to inflate faster.

“Well, now we have warmed up, it is Maxine’s turn.” I knew my break would be short lived and I was released from the ceiling chain and my mittens, then another spreader bar was lowered and I was cuffed to it. Mia hoisted me up to my tiptoes, which wasn’t too bad as I was already in my six inch heels. Uta raised my skirt and tucked it under the steel belt. In the mirrors I saw my white panties and the black tights extending up and underneath them. I glanced across at Sarah and saw she was now perking up, and seemingly watching me. Her breathing was now measured, her breasts red and glistening with sweat, as were her thighs and buttocks, which I could see in the endless corridor of mirrors in the room.

My heart went out to her, but now it was my turn. My pants were unceremoniously pulled down to my knees; my rear now covered in the shiny tights and under them of course the straps of the pouch and anal spreader. Sarah’s pants were removed from my mouth, with some difficulty as the two plugs had wedged themselves inside my cheeks and seemed not to want to come out! I swallowed and licked my lips, tasted rubber, lipstick and the musk of Sarah. I briefly reflected it was an intoxicating recipe. For a second, stretched upright, corseted, plugged, pouched and masked - for some strange reason I enjoyed that moment. Sigi spoke again.

“After sucking on her nipple for dinner, Maxine, our voluptuous rubber maid will now suck cock again.” Mia, as always on cue, produced an awesome looking gag harness. On a soft rubber cradle was a wicked rubber gag in the perfect anatomical shape of a thick, stubby penis. It was only two inches long, but it was at least the same in diameter. Mia displayed it to Sarah and I could see her trying to concentrate her vision on it, her eyes nearly popping out.

Then, giggling like a demented child, Mia tried to force it past my teeth and into my stretched mouth. At first it wouldn’t go, so large it was, but Uta held my chin down and my forehead back and finally, once past my teeth, she thrust it in. The cradle was made of spongy material covered in rubber and fitted snugly round and under my chin up to under my nose and horizontally along my rubber covered cheeks. Straps either side of my nose joined at my forehead and passed over my blonde hair and were attached to other straps round the back of my neck. There was also one from ear to ear connected to the one passing over my head.

Mia adjusted the straps until she was satisfied; due to the tightness of the faceplate it was now impossible to take any air in from my mouth and I had to rely on breathing from my nose only. As if to test the theory, Sigi whacked my pouch with her open hand, I shrieked into the gag and nearly bit into the cock, but only a faint “mmm” could be heard.

“We are doing this Maxine, because we need to see you truly suffocate in rubber. Like Sarah you will be subject to rubber suffocation during your beating, you will smell and taste only rubber.” A rubber facemask, like a hospital oxygen mask, was placed over my mouth and nose and the straps pulled tight behind my head sealing it to my face. As my mouth was crammed with the rubber cock and cradle I could only breathe through my nose now, and I immediately breathed in the sweet, pungency of rubber from the re-breather bag suspended by a twelve inch long tube from the mask, and resting against my boobs. I stared out either side of the nosepiece and looked down at the re-breather bag inflating and deflating on my rubber breasts.

My breathing was already getting laboured, for Sigi had no doubt turned down the valve at the base. I stared at myself in one of the mirrors again, arms stretched above, on tiptoe in high heels, my shiny well-muscled legs held close together by the white panties pulled down to my knees, my thrust-out boobs and the re-breather bag resting against them, then my head, the blonde hair now covered in a myriad of straps.

The smell of the undiluted rubber was almost overpowering and I was beginning to feel a little woozy. Uta and Mia took their sides, but this time both with canes. Clearly I was to be punished harder and the rubber tights might not prove to be that much of a defence. They raised their arms and the canes descended on my rear alternately, like a cruel metronome, first one and then the other. The tights helped a bit but after ten or fifteen, I wasn’t counting, there was real pain and I was groaning into the large cock gag. I was breathing harder too, and of course that meant breathing in the concentrated perfume of the rubber. I shook my head and saw the re-breather bag, like an elephant’s trunk, swing to and fro in front of me. I was getting dizzy, first I saw one Sarah and then two; she did seem to be watching me endure this. Sigi stood to the side, her arms folded, coolly watching my torture. The pain was getting too much and the aroma and taste of the rubber was drugging me into a state of near unconsciousness. My lungs heaved as best they could, and then I felt myself drifting off, even the pain of the canes was diminishing as I drifted …and drifted….

25.08.06 continued in part five

* * *

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