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Finishing School II part 2

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/m; FF/f; latex; bond; enema; bagged; fem; cons; X

Part Two

It was a warm summer night but they were dressed to the nines – in rubber. All three wore full length hooded capes with only their faces exposed. Miss Broad looked calm and controlled, Emma quite uneasy, and Sarah downright uncomfortable, as well she may. Sigi kissed Miss Broad and then Emma, although she didn’t exactly return it. Sarah nodded shyly and tried to smile but Sigi laughed, gripped her shoulders and planted a big kiss on her lips. She looked shocked but did not wriggle away. Sigi was well aware of the power she seemed to have over these women and thoroughly enjoyed it.

From the insides of the capes, studs were released, and they stepped out of them and handed them to me. Sarah noticed my manacled hands and feet and gave me a secret smile of encouragement, and then Emma winked and nodded imperceptibly. Their outfits were stunning and I felt a surge in my cock, which was painfully rebuffed by the needles in the pouch. The last thing I wanted was to start getting an erection! As befitted their positions in the school hierarchy, they were dressed completely differently.

Miss Broad, Linda, was all in black, a stern black full-length dress, tight at waist, bust and neck with ruffled sleeves to tight wrists. From the hips the dress flared out to ankles. She had a high collar that kept her head high. She must have been corseted for she walked stiff and erect. She was the image of the mature dominatrix and I wondered if she chose this as a counter to Sigi’s authoritarian manner.

Emma looked divine, in a full-length white gown cut low at the front; her breasts were positively fighting to be released from their small harness. It hung loosely from under her breasts and was held by two small spaghetti straps. She wore a gold choker, white shoulder length gloves and white five inch high heels. Somehow I was actually proud of her, did she do this for me? No, she knew my feelings for Sarah, but she certainly wasn’t lacking in self-confidence. She smiled at me, a supportive and genuinely open smile, a smile that said, hang in there, we are with you.

And Sarah, to say that she had been poured into the gown would be an understatement! How did she get into it? Stretched skin tight from mid calf to neck it was as if she was painted in shocking pink latex. If she had goose pimples they would have shown through. A tiny zip at the back was the only apparent means of entry. Perched on her five inch pink pumps she tottered with nine-inch steps into the room, her tight dress allowing her no more movement. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, striking blue eye shadow and bright red lips and fingernails completed the vision.

I moaned into my gag at her beauty and tried to concentrate on something else as my cock surged and was rewarded with a sharp pain from the rubber needles. I felt very jealous as Uta and Mia each took a turn and pecked her cheek. I could see they were ready to devour her, given a chance, and I hoped that I would be able to attract all their attentions; I wouldn’t wish them on Sarah at any time. They all sat as I went to the kitchen, dumped the capes and took back a drinks tray.

The conversation was very stilted, I could feel the tension, Emma and Sarah particularly were uncomfortable, and it wasn’t because of the dresses. The other four seemed more at ease. I minced over on my heels, the large dildo moving imperceptibly within my rear. I leant over, constricted by the corset and the pouch, and passed them a drink. Each of the women eyed me, some coolly, others with affection. Biting down on the rubber dam in my mouth I smiled at Sarah without showing my over-white teeth. She smiled encouragingly again. I stood by the fireplace, legs slightly apart as the conversation finally warmed a little. Sarah kept glancing at me, but I tried not to meet her eyes, afraid of incurring Sigi’s wrath later.

The conversation finally warmed up and became a lot more specific, the topics being rubber, slavery, domination……..and me.

“So Maxine has been quite the find for you Linda, hasn’t she?” Sigi began. “We had a lot of fun with her this afternoon in the rubber room. You were very naughty not telling us her little secret.” Miss Broad gave her a look as if to say, well you would have found out anyway.

“But, I do feel you have been too lenient on her, she’s been having it too easy, I think. This afternoon has been an eye opener for her, and it’s only the start. We also came up with some interesting variations on her costume. As you know we occasionally take in male slaves to train, and so we were lucky to have some gear with us. We should show you. Maxine, come into the centre here.” I hesitated a second and then came to the centre of the room, now surrounded on three sides by the six women.

I tried not to make eye contact with any of them, but I couldn’t help quickly glancing round and seeing Mia and Uta in their matching red dresses, Sigi in her yellow and green outfit and then, Miss Broad in black, Emma in stunning white and Sarah, who gave me an encouraging smile, in her stunning pink sheath.

“Now Maxine, lift your skirt and show us our clever undergarment combination.” I hesitated, I don’t know why after all Sarah and I had been through. Sigi’s voice hardened.

“See what I mean Linda, pure insubordination; a proper sub does not even think a second. This one still needs some firm handling. Maxine, lift your skirt, now. You will be punished later for your lax behaviour.” I gripped the edges of the short skirt and lifted them, pulling then to my narrow waist. I displayed myself front first, cock and balls still being painfully tormented in the rubber pouch. Although I turned my head to the side something in me wanted to see the reaction of the women. Sigi, Uta and Mia showed an amused pride, Miss Broad a professional interest, Emma was also interested, but I saw some sympathy there too and Sarah, not so much shocked as compassionate.

On Sigi’s command I turned around, filled with embarrassment and mortification. There was an intake of breath when the dildo came in view and my cheeks under the panties clearly spread. Between the white panties and my stocking tops they could also see the bright weals of the whipping I had earlier. I thought Emma and Sarah would be shocked but then Sarah and I had both had a butt plug tail up our rears for half the afternoon, courtesy of Emma! So the effect was not as shocking as Sigi might have hoped for.

“The cheek spreader was used during the whipping to gain maximum access to the fleshier parts of the rear. The dildo is four inches long and one wide, and will stretch the rear passage nicely for larger intruders we have planned later.” I bit down on my gag at the thought. “The dildo can move slightly, Mia will demonstrate.” Mia chirpily stood and approached me with a demonic smile. With a dainty finger and thumb she pulled the dildo down and gave it a half twist, My sphincter slowly released it and she pushed it back into my insides. Mia smugly sat again and Sigi then ordered me to replenish the drinks.

When I returned from the kitchen and gave them their drinks, returning to stand by the fireplace, Sigi said.

“Oh I forgot to show you another of our designs, one of Uta’s.” Uta looked quite proud and beamed.

“Maxine come here and give us a nice broad smile.” I did so, showing off my bright white rubber teeth.

“What a lovely smile and what an effective gag.” She stood next to me now. “Outwardly, perfectly normal, inside here, a rubber dam with teeth clamped down on her own, impossible to take off without my little screwdriver here. Take a closer look, come on.” So Miss Broad, Emma and reluctantly, Sarah, stood and examined me as if I was a dumb mannequin. Miss Broad drew back my cheeks and peered in to see the tiny screws; she closed my cheeks and lips and said.

“Mmm, very effective Sigi.” She was really very approving. “That’s a fine design Uta, totally undetectable, excellent for taking the girls out in public, or bringing some new ones to the school. Do you have any more?” Uta nodded proudly. “Good, I’ll take some with me when we leave.” She sat down and Emma, acting coolly, pulled back my cheek, but when out of vision of the rest she smiled and winked at me.

“Yes, excellent, Sigi, very effective.” And she sat down. It was now Sarah’s turn. She placed the palm of one hand on my cheek and ran her finger along my lower lip, gently pulling it down, then lifted my upper lip exposing my shiny teeth. Then she said, as calmly as she could.

“Yes, very efficient. I’d….hate to wear one of those.” Uta laughed aloud and said.

“Well, maybe we can arrange something later for you Sarah dear. I would be delighted to introduce you to it; you have such a perfect, kissable mouth, and just begging to be gagged.”

“No thanks.” Sarah said, brusquely. She knew this was a challenge and that they may “meet” in the future but she did not rise to the bait.

“Linda, dear,” Sigi said, “cannot Sarah stay with us over the long weekend? We would so love her to stay, as you can see she has made quite an impression on us all, she is really very pretty and it may give Maxine a bit of a break.”

“No!” Sarah responded loudly.

“That’s enough Sarah, I shall do the talking, and you will do well to be quiet.” Miss Broad seemed to be aware again that her authority was under challenge. “Sigi dear….you have Maxine as your…plaything for the weekend and you have promised me you will be on your best behaviour, now how can I trust you with Sarah?’

“Oh come on Linda, be a sport.”

“No, I must retain some rules here; I will not be run roughshod. Sarah is now… Emma’s charge.” Emma looked surprised at this sudden turn, but then looked at Sarah and nodded vigorously. “Sarah can come and see Maxine over the next few days, with Emma – visiting privileges. I will not have you taking over this place Sigi, you have Maxine and frankly I’m not too happy about that. Can’t you find enough things to do between yourselves?” Sigi laughed.

“Of course not sweetie, half the fun is having someone new to play with, to train, to subjugate. You are a spoil sport sometimes Linda.” They all laughed again but I had a sense it wouldn’t be left there, and maybe it didn’t bode well for Sarah, or Emma. Uta changed the conversation.

“Sarah dear, I love your dress, and your figure is….scrumptious. Do you have a corset on? No?” Sarah replied, somewhat self-consciously.

“No…although I have worn one over the last few days.”

“Yes, I’m sure, I would love to corset you, dear, bring that voluptuous figure under control – even better than Maxine’s, although she looks wonderful too.” The others murmured agreement, and Emma couldn’t resist commenting.

“Well I have to take some credit there, although Maxine has surprised us all and impressed us too. She is already almost one of the family, isn’t she Miss Broad?” Emma was being fairly blatant now, a warning about not be too harsh with me, perhaps.

“Yes Emma, Maxine is one of our favourites already, much respected and admired. Sigi, I do not want her harmed unduly.”

What did she mean by unduly, I thought!

“She has come along way in a short time, she has come to appreciate the wonderful qualities of latex and understands female domination and her own subjugation, and what it means to be a true sub. I do not wish you to crush her spirit completely, you may have your fun, as we do, but I think you will know where to draw the line.”

“Oh Linda, do stop fretting, Maxine will be fine, and so will Sarah, if you will allow us to invite her to stay.” Invite? What a joke, I thought.

“Not right now, Sigi.” And Miss Broad smiled sweetly and it was left at that. Sigi however no doubt felt she had made some headway and it appeared she would not give up on Sarah. They talked some more, mainly about the pony girl races, asking Sarah if she enjoyed them.

I was surprised to hear that she said she did. A little sheepishly, she admitted she liked the rubber pony clothing and how it gripped her body in all the right places. Then even more surprisingly she admitted a little sheepishly she didn’t mind the bit or the blindfold. She liked the idea of being completely in the control of someone she could fully trust. And she liked the idea of running freely and yet tethered to one……she loved. Here she looked at Emma and me and we exchanged smiles. After a while she even got used to the pony tail and butt plug, she said, well maybe not completely used to it, but at least adapting to it. Miss Broad looked on approvingly and then Uta said.

“Very interesting Sarah, I have to say I would love you as my pony, but…..perhaps I would use a larger butt plug, it doesn’t pay to have a pony that is too comfortable!” Sarah stared at her in silence, there was a challenge there and both of them seemed prepared to take it up. Miss Broad broke the silence.

“We must go now.” She stood, and so with some relief did Emma and Sarah. Sigi kissed Miss Broad on her cheek and they parted smiling, seemingly good friends again. Mia, Uta, Emma and Sarah embraced but from Emma and Sarah’s point of view considerably less affectionately. Uta had clearly taken to Sarah; her arm was around her waist, so tightly encased in the pink rubber.

I brought their capes. They were helped into them by Sigi’s girls. Uta helped Sarah of course, not taking her eyes off her, and once Sarah’s arms were under the cape she pressed the studs up to her chin and then pulled her hood over her head. Loosely imprisoned as she was now, she could not defend herself when Uta pressed her hands on either side of the hood and fastened her lips on Sarah and ravenously kissed her. Sarah wriggled in her cape but had little defence. Uta parted, and Sarah’s face was flushed as Uta said.

“I look forward very much to tomorrow night.” Sarah still seemed a bit stunned and licked her lips. Mia now kissed her lightly on the lips and then Miss Broad and Emma went downstairs carefully on their high heels. Sarah stayed an extra second or two and glanced back at me; her gorgeous face framed by her hood and gave me a smile of encouragement. As they left I heard Miss Broad say.

“Good night Maxine, be a good girl now, I know that this is all a bit strange, but when you first arrived here it was strange too, and look how well you have progressed. So dear, you may learn a few tricks from these girls too, chin up!” They now departed and I was left alone with these women again, for the night!

Mia and Uta went to change and left Sigi and me in the room alone. She patted my cheek

“Maxine, you will sleep with me tonight. Uta and Mia will sleep together in the other room. I haven’t quite decided what to do with you yet, but what I have decided is that you will be punished again. You were insubordinate earlier and so now you will pay for it. Come with me.”

I tottered behind her as she entered the rubber room. She lifted my skirt and pulled down my rubber panties and I gingerly stepped out of them then, blissfully, but painfully at first, twisted and pulled the double dildo out of my rear. I let out a gasp of air and moaned into my gag, part in pain and part in relief. I knew she was not doing this for my benefit for she had something else in store for me, but the relief, however temporary, was very welcome.

Uta and Mia now returned, giggling like a couple of schoolgirls at a pyjama party – and dressed for it too, in identical baby doll outfits, barely covering their backsides, but with frilly panties underneath. I was not fooled by this parody of innocence however. Part of me found them extremely sexy but the other feared what “education” they may have up their sleeve for me.

“What about the horse?” Said Mia cheerfully. Sigi nodded and led me to the vaulting horse. It resembled the standard gym vaulting horse on four spread legs but with an extended face piece at one end. Straps were located along the torso and legs. Sigi and Uta released my belt and cuffs while Mia carefully prised open my lips and unscrewed the internal gag. She withdrew it, sopping with my saliva and chortled at my relief as I passed my tongue over my teeth. But I had no time to relax as they pushed me face down on top of the horse.

My legs were stretched wide and strapped tightly, followed by my arms and then straps passed round my waist and chest. Now facing me was the rubber facemask. It was in fact a full head mask with a rear zip but the front face portion lay open with the rear folded out. It was connected to a padded neck section that extended out from the horse, as a horse’s head would. The mask did not concern me too much; Lord knows I had worn a few over the last few days. What did concern me was the huge cock gag inside!

It was quite short – maybe two inches only, but extremely thick and with a small trench at the base for my teeth to fit into. It must have been two inches in diameter – and I didn’t know if my mouth could even open that far. I was to find out. There were nostril holes and two eye holes.

“You know what that is for, take it!” Sigi commanded. I hesitated and stuttered.

“You must be kidding, I can’t take…it’s huge.” I tried to protest, but Sigi placed a firm hand on my head and pressed down. I had no option but to open up and I felt the very lifelike head of the cock at my lips. I opened further as it stretched my mouth to the limit. Sigi however would not stop and she continued to press, as the cock passed my teeth and I slid down the shaft. My teeth found the small indents as my face was now pressed into the cool rubber of the mask. I tried to keep calm, breathe through my nose and not gag as they folded the mask over my head and zipped it closed.

The feeling was incredible, my whole mouth was stuffed with the huge cock and my head was encased in the tightest, stifling rubber. I couldn’t move an inch. I heard them laugh at my predicament and congratulate each other on their efficiency. I then felt my skirt being raised. Of course I still had my painful pouch on and the cheek spreader, so I was horribly vulnerable now. I knew what was to come. I received twelve meticulously aimed strokes with the whip. On top of all the beatings I had earlier, this all but reduced me to jelly. I whimpered into the gag, my face within the mask bathed in sweat. Then one of them wiped my rear with what smelt like disinfectant.

“Excellent, now you will receive your nightly washout. From now, you will have one in the morning and one at night.”

By now I was so sore and exhausted I was at the point that I didn’t care what they did next. My rear was on fire and all I could smell, taste and feel was rubber. They greased my rear passage, which I could now feel was well loosened and then coolly inserted the enema tube. I had no chance of clenching the muscles and offered no resistance. Quickly the warm water gushed inside me.

At the same time I felt a hand tenderly stroke my head, as a mother would do. Another stroked the top of my thighs and my burning cheeks and I felt a finger gently rub the outside of the pouch, not enough to press the needles into me but enough to arouse my cock, and the needles painfully stabbed my tender cock.

I knew exactly what all this was about. It was no good for a domina just to punish her sub to a pulp. No, she had to force the sub to associate pain and humiliation with pleasure. So that eventually the slave would gain pleasure from pain, and therefore would seek and embrace pain in order to achieve pleasure. And her expert ministrations on my thighs, backside and cock and ball pouch were bringing my flaccid cock to a semi hard and also very painful state. I grunted with pain into the huge gag, the rubber nodules were now on the brink of breaking through the skin of my cock and balls and at the same time water continued to pour into my rear passage. She was doing a very efficient job of exciting me and punishing me at the same time! This continued for a short while, I continued to grunt and groan and she continued to play with my imprisoned genitals.

After a couple of minutes the tube was withdrawn and a large butt plug screwed in, up to a flat, wide base. They let me lie there for a while allowing the water to seep through my bowels. As she continued to tickle my pouch they talked among themselves, almost as if I wasn’t there, wholly unconcerned with my plight.

Then I felt my bonds being released, the zip opened and with considerable grunting from me, the gag was withdrawn. I thought they would not be able to prise me off it, so big it was, but with some not so gentle persuasion it plopped out. My lips were sore and I ran my tongue over them. They allowed me to stand. I was a bit groggy. It is bad enough having an enema, but having it while dressed in a brutally tight corset makes it all the more painful!

I felt under my short skirt. My rear was burning and the base of the butt plug was almost flat against my stretched buttocks. My stomach was aching and I pleaded with them to let me go, but Sigi told me to wait another couple of minutes, she wanted me thoroughly cleaned out. I walked gingerly around in my high heels and was beginning to cramp, while they stood to the side, amused at my plight. I saw myself in the various mirrors, teetering on my heels, pain etched on my face. Finally Sigi allowed me to go, accompanied by Mia. I was ordered to be out of my clothes except for corset, cheek spreader and pouch. There was to be no let-up with these women.

In the bathroom Mia helped me off with shoes, stockings, gloves and finally the dress. I sat on the toilet and she ordered me to unscrew the butt plug, this was to be a very careful exercise. It went without too much mishap and I was allowed to do my ablutions in private.

Mia then returned and released me from my corset, the under corset tube, cheek spreader and pouch. The relief was unbelievable; there were marks and stripes all over my torso and rear from the various straps and clothes I had worn for so long. There were also scratches and pinpricks on my cock and balls but the skin had not been broken. This was all done in silence, I knew better than to talk. Now completely naked I was allowed to complete my ablutions and shower. I did this blissfully, while washing I found my rear passage seemed to be so much larger now, or was I imagining it? My cock and balls were still very sore.

After stepping out of the shower, Mia and Uta were waiting with the anal spreader and corset, now wiped down. I applied some talc and stepped back into the spreader and Uta adjusted the straps along my cheeks to allow easy access to my bum hole; then I stepped into the familiar cool cling of the corset. I needed no orders and raised my arms as they laced it methodically up my back. Soon, like a piece of steel armour I was held firm – and without the ability of removing the spreader. I looked down and felt the small false boobs, again marvelling at the look and feel of them.

Looking in the mirror I had to admit that my torso was taking on a real hourglass shape. Then however came the dreaded rubber pouch with the hard rubber bristles. Mia roughly took my cock and balls and stuffed them in, then pulled the straps back and almost lifted me off my feet attaching them to the back of the corset. The sharp rubber bristles immediately began digging into my tender cock and balls again but I knew better than to complain! We returned to the rubber room, where Sigi was waiting by the bed. She appraised my body in detail, again running her fingers over my pouch and then around my anal ring, definitely not so tight any more.

“Mmm, she’s coming along nicely. Uta, I think she will be able to take a number six probe now.” Uta withdrew a vicious looking butt plug from one of the cupboards. It was white with a narrower neck and flat base, and was certainly bigger than the one attached to my earlier pony tail.

“Maxine, you must get used to doing this by yourself.” She handed me the plug, well greased.

“Oh no, you must be jok….”

“Maxine!” And I knew it was pointless. I squatted slightly - hard to do with the anal spreader, pouch and corset – and placed the head of it at my sphincter, which was not difficult to find, so exposed it was. I pressed the base and felt the head at my entrance. Pushing gently, and under the stern visages of the three women, I felt the head enter me more easily than I would have believed. In fact my passage seemed to accommodate it relatively easily. Shortly it was in, my loosened sphincter gripping the narrower neck and the flat base was against my cheeks.

“Now we must dress you for the night, you will sleep with me, but not perhaps in the way you may envisage. Come here.” Laid out on the large bed covered with the latex sheet was a transparent catsuit. Sigi held it up, it was gossamer thin, I could make her out standing behind it. It looked like a large condom, so thin it was.

“We don’t want you getting all wrinkly on us (what did she mean by that?) so you will wear this. If you so much as split it, or rip it, God help you, now Mia will powder you and we will see if we can squeeze you into it.” It looked as if it had been made for a child, or at least a teen, and I couldn’t see how I could get into it – but then I remembered – condoms do stretch!

As I stepped into the leggings and they pulled them up over my thighs, I couldn’t help but be amazed at the stretch in the latex. They squeezed out all the air pockets and I pushed my hands into the sleeves with attached gloves. They handled the wafer thin latex with great care and expertise and soon they had drawn it over my false boobs and were zipping it up to a couple of inches below the back of the high collar. Again they smoothed everything out and stepped back to admire me. I had to admit I loved the caress of the thin latex, I had not up until now worn anything so light, or flexible. There was no zip at the crotch or arse, my pouch and anal probe would now stay there until the suit came off.

I rubbed my hands over my boobs and the corset underneath the suit; despite being with these very cruel women I was excited at its tight embrace. Sigi pulled back the latex sheet from the bed.

“When I said you would be sleeping with me, to be more precise I should have said, under me! But rest assured, there will be no contact. Look here, I have a king size waterbed and the water is warmed by these heaters at the side, and also here by the floodlights in the base. Now you can see Mia unzipping the side to expose the water. It is not full of water, why, because you will be the one to fill it. You will go in here, we will zip you shut and I will sleep on top of you, a real live waterbed!”

“This long rubber tube extends from the side of the bed, with a watertight fit of course to this full head gas mask that we have adapted especially for this function. Once the mask is on your head, down to your neck and taped and painted to make fully airtight, your only contact with the outside world will be through the corrugated breathing tube. The water is about 18 inches deep and nice and warm, but you will be there all night so as we didn’t want you coming out all wrinkly, we have you in this thin suit, the back zip by the way is also a waterproof zip. The top sheet of the bed you can see is transparent and you will be able to look up at me sleeping, and I will of course be able to look down at you, imprisoned. I sleep naked generally, sometimes in rubber, but you will see and worship my fine body on top of you. You will not of course be able to touch.”

She smiled and then Mia pushed two wax earplugs into my ears, blocking out any sound. She then pulled an open-faced rubber balaclava type hood over my head, exposing only my face and tucking the collar under the collar of the suit, which was till open.

Uta brought over a pair of mittens. They were ball shaped and as I pushed my hands in them I noticed a small valve that Sigi attached a pump to, and then began to inflate. My hands were forced into fists by the pressure and the gloves now resembled shiny thumb less boxing gloves.

“Just so you don’t get up to any mischief with your hands, you naughty girl.” She chided me. As if I could, I thought.

“Now for the helmet, you will see that from the outside it looks like any gas mask but it is full head with a short waterproof back zip and a number of rubber straps, so no chance of water seeping in here. We’ve provided a little variation with a cock gag here, not too big but a permanent reminder of your….subservient position, something to suck and chew on overnight. You will be able to breathe very easily, the gorgeous smell of rubber of course. Now open up.”

I had little option of course so I opened my mouth and accepted the rubber cock, sucking it in as they pulled the mask over my rubber balaclava. They zipped it up, it was a very tight fit as they then tightened the straps and tucked it under the collar of the suit. I sucked on the cock; it wasn’t too big. The inner face piece covered my nose and mouth snugly and the lenses did not mist up. The air I breathed through my nose was plentiful.

“Now we don’t want any water getting in at all so we are going to wrap this waterproof tape round and round your neck sealing you in. Don’t worry, it will not be too tight, and once we’ve done that we are going to paint a couple of coats of liquid latex for a nice smooth seal.”

And they proceeded to do just that, wrapping sticky waterproof tape around the bottom of the mask to my neck, and then zipping the suit closed and wrapping more tape over it. Then finally they painted on a couple of coats of liquid latex, waiting for the first coat to dry and applying another for a smooth seamless join.

So I was ready for bed. One last time I peered into the mirror. I saw what appeared to be a well developed woman in a skin tight rubber catsuit over black corset and with inflated balls for gloves and a full head gas mask covering her head. It was, to say the least, a strange sight. Mia took my shoulders and said, pointing to the centre of the exposed waterbed.

“Now Maxine, we want you to very carefully sit down here.” I could barely hear her with the earplugs and two layers of rubber over I but did so and then Sigi connected the end of the corrugated tube hanging over the side of the bed to the connector at the front of my mask. She twisted it closed and now I noticed she was right, the air I breathed in had the now familiar sweet, pungency of rubber. I sat back in the warm water, the thin latex protecting me.

Mia pressed my head back and my head went under the water. For a moment there was a flash of panic but I was dry inside the mask and the warm water was really quite comfortable against my gossamer thin suit. I breathed in…..okay, fine don’t panic. She held me under for a minute or so, then withdrew her hand and I rose, lifting my head up.

“Any leaks?” Sigi asked. There seemed to be none and I shook my head and grunted a no.

“Well, then good night Maxine. I hope you will enjoy the view, a truly submissive view.” She pushed my head under again and I saw Mia zipping up the side of the bag. They pressed the sheet down to expel any last air bubbles as Mia finally zipped it closed.

I was now entombed, in this watery prison. Quickly my mind began to wander; if they left me here I would never get out, never. I would die here. Okay, don’t panic you fool, they will want you for some more of their fun tomorrow, and the next day.

The floodlights suddenly came on underneath me, and I looked up and saw them watching me, big grins on their faces. My natural flotation meant I was floating beneath the rubber skin and Uta placed her hand on me and pushed hard, and I sunk back a few inches and then floated back to gently press against the rubber surface. The water was quite warm and not uncomfortable. After so many times I had been buggered in the last few days, I hardly noticed the butt plug in my rear. I was really taking to them quite easily now, and the rubber pouch was not too bad either.

While I was with them, and in complete subjugation, they knew that I would adjust to this, which of course was what they wanted. They had now left me, floating silently in my watery prison. The lights were bright, but underneath me, so I closed my eyes and tried to relax. Maybe I dozed off, but a disturbance in the water woke me. I stared up and saw Sigi lying on top of me. She was completely naked. Her firm body was lying over me, face down. She laughed, but all I could hear was my own breathing and the slight lapping of the water. She pressed against me through the rubber, we were touching….and yet we weren’t. She laughed and blew me a kiss; then pulled on a rubber blindfold, and laying back and pulling a rubber sheet over her she seemed to lose interest in me and went to sleep.

I rolled on my side and then my front, but the lights were too bright so I returned to my back and looked up at Sigi. She had now rolled on her side and her mouth was slightly open. She had her hand between her legs. What was she dreaming, I wondered. Of her complete power over the man/woman below her, perhaps. She seemed fearless; my presence was not even acknowledged, I was no threat to her at all.

I clamped down on the cock in my mouth, I had little discomfort, I was used now to the tight helmet, sweating a little but not in the face piece. I placed my rubber mitten adjacent to her firm breast, but there was no reaction. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep; the only sound my breathing; the only smell, rubber and the only tactile sensation, water and rubber. Had I returned to the womb? Connected by my umbilical cord, in my own warm water, I was like a child, protected and safe from the outside world. I looked up at Sigi, my whole existence would be dependant upon her. I sucked again on the cock, it seemed to calm me, like a child at the breast. The parallels were just too obvious, like a child I would be dependant on her for everything – and I would do as she wished, as she commanded.

Some time in the night the water was disturbed and I woke. I peered upwards through the two lenses in my mask and was treated to an alarming sight. I bit down hard on the cock in my excitement. Through the transparent rubber sheet above me, I saw that Uta and Mia had joined Sigi on the bed and were now engaged in energetic lovemaking. They were all naked and yet all blindfolded. Uta and Sigi had acquired from somewhere large strap on dildos. They were both larger than Mia, and it was apparent she was to be the “sub” for the night as she was now sandwiched between them. Impervious to my presence they kissed and fondled, Uta facing Mia, and Sigi behind her. Uta now drew up Mia’s knees by grabbing the back of her thighs as Sigi, exercising her ultimate authority, entered Mia’s rear. It seemed that Mia did gain pleasure from this, although she did make a face. Then while Sigi fondled her breasts from behind, Uta kissed her and entered her from the front.

Sandwiched, impaled by them, Mia could barely move as the two larger women licked, caressed and kissed her. Mia seemed to want to put up a fight, maybe she liked to feel overpowered, but it was hard to tell if this was for real or part of their scene. As the water around me was disturbed, I found myself being slowly rocked to sleep while the two larger women, when finally sated, withdrew and they fondled themselves to sleep above me.

14.08.06 continued in part three

* * *

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