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Finishing School II Part 1

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/m; latex; bond; fem; cons; X

(Author’s Note: In “Finishing School” we first met Max and Sarah, as Max chose to make a clandestine night time visit to his former school. But he was to discover very quickly the school has changed considerably. It is now a school that takes in wayward girls and young women and exposes them to a form of discipline they could never have imagined. It is run by the stern Miss Broad and her prefects. To do this, they exercise well tried, stringent, and successful techniques of bondage and discipline. In addition however, and they find that the only material worn by the pupils and staff in the school is made of rubber. Shortly Max and Sarah are captured and subjected to the school’s rigid rules. At first Max rebels, as he is transformed into Maxine, but gradually both he and Sarah begin to appreciate the qualities of the smooth, shiny material and the school’s “facilities”. As he succumbs to his feelings and becomes more comfortable with his new environment, the school is visited by three friends of Miss Broad. These women are of a much tougher variety, and consider Miss Broad to be far too lenient with the pupils. Now, just as Max is getting used to the life there, the three women take a liking to him - and it looks as if Max is now in for a much tougher ride…….)


The four of them are lounging in their seats, having tea, and turn as we enter. Emma led me to the centre and then stepped back. I stood motionless, feeling their eyes on me. Miss Broad spoke.

“Maxine is my star pupil. I’m not surprised you asked to see her. As you see, she’s tall with a fine body and very beautiful under the mask. She has taken to our school very well and I am delighted with her progress. Now Sigi, I don’t want you crushing all her spirit. I won’t ever forgive you if you do. I like…love you all but I won’t forgive you for that.” Now Sigi spoke.

“Linda, dear, you are just too sentimental. First Camille and now Maxine here. All the girls here, including this one, will take advantage of you. I think they have already.”

“That’s not true Sigi and you know it.”

“Well I will show them what being a domina is about. This one here will know submission, obedience and humiliation. Oh, don’t worry, we’ll bring her back in one-piece and you can feel sorry for her if you wish. But we will have some fun with her for a couple of days, and no harm done.” She glanced across at Uta and Mia and both of them smiled conspiratorially.

“I’ll bring her back in one piece, never fear.” And she slapped me hard on my tender red buttocks. “But as a new girl.” Miss Broad smiled, not very convincingly and nodded.

‘I don’t know why I let you get away with this, Sigi.” Sigi laughed.

“Because you love me and my friends, sweetie.” Miss Broad was still unconvinced, I sensed that now that Camille had been released, maybe her affections were moving to her more than her former friends. Before she could change her mind, Sigi said.

““Mia dear, gag her, we’ll take her now.” I stared at Mia as she approached, a broad smile on her face, her eyes bright and excited, gag in hand.

“Open.” She commanded, expecting no argument, and not getting any. She pushed the soft bladder into my mouth and pulled the straps up over my head and under my chin. She pulled them tight, her eyes on mine and the smile never wavering; she screwed the inflator bulb into the valve, then said in a mock Chinese accent.

“Pretty girl, now made dumb.” And she began to pump viciously. The bladder began to enlarge immediately and my instinctive reaction was to pull my head back, a stupid move. She placed a hand behind my head and said.

“Tsk, tsk, naughty girl, for that you get three extra pumps.” She laughed aloud and squeezed again. I glanced to the side and saw the others watching, Sigi and Uta with appreciative grins, but Miss Broad looking less comfortable now. I thought my jaw would break by the time she felt my cheeks through the helmet; she nodded and unscrewed the pump. I breathed slowly through the tube in the gag as Emma, clearly uncomfortable being there and unable to do anything, handed over the keys to my cuffs and belt and said.

“Can I go now?” She did make eye contact with me. Miss Broad nodded, aware of Emma’s displeasure, and Emma left. Three days ago, I wouldn’t have been sorry to see her leave, but I am now. I am to be left with these three women, cruel, cool, uncaring and efficient. Sigi rose and they prepared to leave.

“Yes, we will have fun with Maxine, but don’t fret Linda, she won’t come to any harm….permanently, I promise. You really are becoming soft, dear, this girl and the rest here need to be reminded what real domination is. We’ll see you soon Linda, come on girls.”

We left Miss Broad with her thoughts, no doubt second thoughts, and Sigi and Uta drove over to the stables and their quarters above. I followed behind with Mia. There was no need for her to tether me, where was I going to run like this? I was still rubberised, masked, stockinged, butt plugged and tailed, cuffed and gagged. It would have made an interesting sight me running out the school gates, but I wouldn’t have made twenty yards. So she walked with me, a proud mistress with her new plaything, me!

When we made it to the stables she released my cuffs and I helped them unload the cases and boxes, holding them in my mittened arms and taking them upstairs. I noticed there were a number of boxes and I had an ominous feeling. When we had finished, Sigi said.

“Well I think we should show Maxine her new quarters for the next couple of days, don’t you?” The two girls giggled at their private joke and led me to one of the doors off the living room. When she opened the door and turned on the light I stared in amazement at the room. I couldn’t say anything, I was still well gagged, but they chuckled at my startled eyes. By turning on various lights switches, lights highlighted different areas of the room, which now Mia not too gently pushed me into.

Quite simply it was a superbly equipped and menacing torture chamber!

“Yes, I didn’t think you would like it.” Sigi said as my eyes traversed the room. I won’t go into every detail of the room and equipment, but suffice to say that it had every imaginable device and contraption that the top class dominatrix would require for subduing and torturing her subs. The ceiling was a grid of lights with suspended chains and cuffs attached to various pulley systems, the walls padded rubber and the floor rubber tiles. Mirrors were placed everywhere. There was the inflatable rubber cocoon, a queen sized water bed with latex sheets and head and foot boards of steel piping, a gyn/ob chair with attached straps, a vaulting horse with a raised rubber face piece, a rubber covered padded whipping post with a suspended submission helmet. Other hoses and tubes extended from the ceiling grid, the purpose I was not sure I wanted to know.

“Have a good look Maxine, we will have a lot of fun with you in here, oh yes. I think we should start with a good whipping, I see you have already received some strokes, so we can bring those along from red to purple.” I groaned as they all laughed together.

“Strip her and tie her to the post, I will be back in a minute.” And so I was left with Uta and Mia. They were obviously going to find out my real identity, and then what would happen? Nothing good, I assumed. This was going to get out of control. They took off my shoes, and then slowly pulled down my stockings, soaked in my sweat.

“Mmm, nice legs.” Said Mia, and I cringed at what was sure to come. They took off my collar, belt and cuffs and then unlaced the mittens and I was able, blissfully, to stretch my fingers. I lowered my head and Uta deflated the gag but before withdrawing it, she said.

“No talking now.” She wagged her finger like an admonishing mother. I nodded and she pulled out the wet, shiny bladder. Next came the tight helmet, which she pulled off with Mia’s help. My hair, Emma’s stylish design, was sodden and matted. They looked at it with amusement and Uta grabbed a towel and rubbed my hair vigorously semi-dry, then Mia ran a brush through it. They stepped back and both nodded in appreciation, admiring their new charge.

“Mmm, very good, very nice indeed, who did this, Emma?” I nodded and it was obvious Emma was a well known talent in this field.

“Bend over.” Mia commanded and I knew that the butt plug tail was next. Despite all the sweat from my exercise and the two layers of rubber, when she released the studs and began to twist and pull I thought my sphincter would not give it up. I was stretched and stretched and finally Mia withdrew it, followed by a groan of relief from me.

“Oh, that’s not too big. We’ll be loosening you up with some much bigger ones than that pretty soon.” She chortled.

Now the moment of truth was about to arrive as Mia zipped the back of the leotard down and I felt a rush of cool air on my sweaty back. Uta pulled on my sleeves and off the top half came. There was a moment’s silence, and then Mia said.

“Goodness, not much on top, have you, Maxine?” There was now a strange look on her face, I think it was about to dawn on her. But Uta was already pulling the garment down my legs, and when she saw the pussy pants, she placed her hand on my crotch, and a big grin came over her face. She gripped the pants and swiftly pulled them down to my knees. At the same time Mia shouted.

“Sigi, get in here quickly.” Sigi entered and saw the tell tale signs and burst out laughing.

“Well well, I don’t believe it, I can see why Linda thought you the perfect pupil; she was playing a little joke on me.”

“No.” I said but Mia slapped my face hard.

“Quiet, who told you to talk? All right I’ll take your word, it’s our fault, for we picked you did we not?” She began to think, looking at my naked body, save for the pussy pants and the brutal tube corset.

“So, you’ve been either forced to dress, or want to dress as a woman. I can see why, you have a stunning figure with the help of these, and your face will fool any scrutiny. You’re a beauty all right. You know girls, I can’t see why we can’t have some fun with Maxine here. I think we can come up with some variations on the theme that Linda has started so well. Maybe you’d like to be real girl, eh?”

“No!” I yelped, but she ignored me.

“Well maybe we can do something about that. As you can see we have brought quite a lot of equipment with us. This is getting more interesting by the minute. Strip her of her pants and tube there and tie her to the post, I think we should still start with a good whipping. Oh yes, Maxine, we’re going to have some fun with you.”

The leotard and pants were pulled down to my ankles and now I stood only in my tight rubber tube corset.

“We’ll keep that on for now; it’ll be a good foundation for what we have later.” They pushed me into the post, wrapped my arms around it and cuffed my wrists. My face was pressed into the pliant rubber and I looked round to my right where Sigi was moving a large mirror suspended from the ceiling runners until it was close to me and I could see myself and those behind me clearly.

“His passage isn’t as exposed as I would like, bring me the anal spreader, Mia.” She went to one wall, placed her hand behind the rubber panelling and pulled a section out on hinges. From a drawer she produced what appeared to be a type of athletic supporter, made of rubber. She tapped my ankles and I raised my feet as she pulled them up my legs. There was a narrow waistband which supported two straps at front and back. They passed either side of my cock and balls, joined underneath and separated again at the back. The rubber was stiff and not malleable; when pulled up they separated and exposed my buttocks for whipping! With a chain they tethered my ankles around the post and so now I couldn’t move; I was horribly vulnerable. Through the mirror I saw them go to another cupboard and return, each with a cat-o-nine-tails, made of rubber strips.

“These won’t cut you, but lashes from each of us will redden you, tenderise you, with some pain, I’m afraid.” She sounded as if she regretted this, which of course she didn’t. Uta extinguished all lights save for two bright ones aimed at my body, buttocks well spread. I was now the centre of this chilling tableau. They took up their positions; Uta to my left and Mia my right, Sigi stood back – to watch and wait her turn, no doubt.

“Maxine, you can scream and shout all you wish, the padding on the walls, door and over the windows make the room wonderfully sound-proofed.”

Uta and Mia then took their turns, beginning on my buttocks, then moving to my thighs. I clenched every muscle I had and sweat soon was beading all over my body. The cats were well designed and would not cut, but would raise a red weal if applied properly. Soon I was panting and trying not to cry out. Once they had finished with their turns, they closed in and admired their handiwork, running their hands over my burning skin.

Now it was Sigi’s turn. She was much slower, more methodical, picking her spots and taking full sweeping swings. She took her time, aiming with unnerving accuracy. I didn’t shout out, I wanted to show them that I was tougher to crack than that, but by the end I was drenched in sweat and in the mirror I could see my thighs and buttocks were a torrid red. Sigi seemed impressed, as she stroked my hair and purred.

“Very good Maxine, you’re a tough one, that’s good; but maybe not so good for you. We will have to increase the intensity of your training. “ She squeezed my buttocks and ran her finger up the exposed crack of my arse. She said they needed to eat soon, but wanted to shower and change first. She thought it might be a “good idea” if they invited Linda and Sarah over for drinks after. I didn’t like the sound of this at all, not wanting them to get their hands on Sarah as well, but I stayed silent. They released me from the post but immediately cuffed my hands behind me.

“We’ll be back shortly, but we don’t want you wandering off.” Mia said and quickly pulled down the submission helmet that was suspended next to the whipping post. She placed it on my crown and pulled it down in one firm movement. I was thrust into darkness for a moment, and then suddenly had limited vision through two small lenses. There was no mouth hole but two short tubes which she pushed up my nostrils. Uta then hoisted up the chain and I was forced to stand erect. They chuckled as they left, closing the door and leaving me under a single spotlight and a mirror placed strategically in front of me. I saw my naked body, save for the black helmet, tight tube corset and athletic supporter pulling my cheeks apart. I tried to stay calm, but I knew that the coming hours, days, were going to be a hard test for me.

I thought about how easy it had really been up to now. I had got to quite enjoy all the rubber and the “activities”, finding them challenging. But this was different. In place of Emma and Peggy and Miss Broad these were three very serious dominas; and they had a new toy to play with. Up to now everything had been a bit of a game, yes, the discipline had been tough at times but a game, a bizarre game played in a certain spirit. Now, well it was going to be different.

I didn’t know whether I believed the story about Sigi and her sex change operations, it seemed pretty lurid, especially the non-consensual element, but it did play on my mind as I stood there, breathing through my nostril tubes.

Soon, Uta and Mia returned, and they looked stunning; dressed in identical long evening gowns of red latex, ankle length with low bodices and tight waists. A couple of minutes later Sigi entered and sauntered over to me, bathing in her complete dominance. She was wearing a dark green latex dress, knee length with halter top. Her back was exposed her breasts hung loose within the loose cradle at the front. The skirt portion was flared at the waist and consisted of several layers each one progressively shorter than the other. Yellow elbow length gloves, tights or stockings and five inch green pumps finished the ensemble. It was coquettish and yet strangely out of place on her stern countenance.

“You have a fine frame Maxine, perfect for severe training, no body hair. Did Emma depilate you recently?”

I grunted once through the tight helmet.

“Good, you know the procedure, one grunt for yes and two for no. I think you are a true sub, but we will see. Tomorrow Mia will repeat the process. Now this waist of yours, Emma has done very well but I think we can get it down further.” She walked around me, appraising me from all angles. “Your cock and balls we can take care of with the pussy pants. We can corset them as well. We have had in the past male slaves so we always carry some male punishment attire with us. Bad luck for you, I’m afraid.” She smiled cruelly.

“You shall be our guinea pig. Your anal passage still needs widening so we will keep you in the spreader for now. It will allow us to train you with larger probes; you won’t have the capability of clenching your cheeks even. Well it’s time to begin.” She returned to the cupboard and placed various items on a steel hospital gurney next to me. Then she held up a vicious looking rubber corset.

“First this, frankly I’m not sure whether you are even ready for this one, it is heavily boned, laced and zippered. We shall see.” I stepped into it and she pulled it up to my waist and beyond. Its cool cling was familiar, even over the tight tube I still wore. It extended from just above my groin and over the athletic supporter waistband to under my nipples. This now meant that the anal spreader would stay on as long as the corset did and my rear would be horribly vulnerable. Then they all got into lacing the rear. They were slow and methodical, one of them placing a knee against my back.

All of a sudden I felt myself lifted off the ground; for they had attached the laces to a ceiling pulley and I was now a foot off the ground, with Uta holding me and stopping me from spinning. Gradually my weight pulled me back to the floor and inevitably the corset was cinched tighter. I thought I couldn’t breathe and began to wriggle but all that did was tighten it further. Sigi laughed at my struggles and, content now, tied off the laces, tucked them in and drew the zip over the lacing and up my back.

“I didn’t think we would do it but Emma has trained you well, look at yourself.” I did and saw for the first time a true hourglass figure; Emma had never had it this tight, and I was feeling almost light headed. It was a strange sight, hourglass figure, black anonymous helmet and cock and balls hanging down. But I quickly found out she was soon to put that right!

It was a small rubber pouch with two straps attached. She slid my cock and balls into the pouch and it was then I realised that the inside was covered with dozens of stiff sharp rubber needles; I grunted into the mask and tried to move back – stupidly. Mia held me and said.

“Don’t worry, they won’t break the skin, but it’s going to be uncomfortable all right – a nasty little permanent reminder that your manhood is under our control. Now the interesting bit.” Sigi closed the opening of the pouch by pressing in a single stud while Uta pulled the two straps though my legs, passed them over to align with the spreader straps and attached them to the back of the corset. Then she adjusted them, pulling them tighter until it felt as if I was being pierced by a hundred needles whilst my manhood was stretched back between my legs. I was now on my toes, grunting in discomfort as Sigi felt the pouch.

“Excellent, you now have a nice smooth mound – the perfect mons - and so easy to punish. Now this should be fun.” She cruelly laughed as she held up a strange looking double dildo. It was two 4 inch long, one inch diameter dildos with narrower bases joined in the centre by a wide flanged base. Without any preamble she said.

“Stretch your legs.” I did so, feeling the pouch tighten further on my cock and balls, moving the needles painfully over them. She went behind me as I moaned and held my breath.

“Ah, yes, the anal spreader straps and the pouch straps are going to make this so much easier. We’ll just slide it in like this.” I tried to clench my cheeks but simply couldn’t do it and I felt the head of the dildo nudge my sphincter and then, oh so easily, press on into my insides. It went in the full four inches before the flange and the narrower section, which my sphincter now gripped. There was no need for any straps; it was firmly embedded in me as my tight ring (although that was gradually becoming looser with all the stretch training) gripped it. I looked in the mirror and saw this bizarre white rubber dildo extend outwards from between my cheeks.

“This is a simple reminder that you are not to be allowed to sit this evening. The dildo prevents you from doing that very effectively and the flange of course prevents the other end from disappearing up inside you.” The girls laughed at their cruel jibe.

“Here are your stockings.” I lifted my leg, with difficulty for I was still cuffed behind my back and I still had the submission helmet on. Mia steadied me as Sigi powdered my legs and drew the stockings up, smoothing out the creases. Again they were the self-hold type, in jet black. Uta finally released my arms and after rubbing them, my instinct was to move one to my crotch. All I felt was a smooth, even mound.

“Effective, isn’t it?” It was indeed and then I felt the probe, pulling at it slightly, but my sphincter wouldn’t give it up and it was sucked back in. Sigi then held out a pair of white latex panties with a hole in the rear. She drew them up and over my stockings, slid the dildo through the hole and pulled them up tight over my pouch. To the uninformed observer my appearance, other than the obscene dildo sticking out of my arse was that of a “normal” woman, nice and smooth with a hint of a mound.

I was now ordered into a one piece dress of shiny black rubber, with long loose sleeves and tight at the wrists, padded raised shoulders a high ruffled white collar, tight waist, padded boobs and short flared skirt to mid thigh. I slipped my hands into the full sleeves and the tight wrist cuffs and she zipped it up to my shoulders. I looked down at the padded boobs and Sigi laughed.

“No, it wasn’t made especially for you, Maxine, we like all the girls we get to play with to have good sized boobs. With the girls it makes them much bigger, but for you, well, it makes you look pretty good, not too big but there’s plenty there to grab, yes?”

Then, thankfully, Uta finally pulled off the submission helmet and I shook my hair, once again a bit damp, into place. The dress was then zipped up to the high collar. She passed me a pair of short white gloves which I pulled on and tucked under the cuffs of the dress.

Apart from the short skirt, my costume was really quite ladylike. No one would detect that I was, a) a man, and b) in severe discipline complete with anal spreader and probe and cock and ball torture! A three inch wide ornamental silver belt was placed around my waist, silver cuffs locked around my wrists and a three feet long chain passed through a ring at the front of the belt and locked to both wrists. I could move quite easily, it was just a reminder of my submission and subjugation.

Sigi brought over 5 inch black pumps and I slipped into them easily; at least my training had prepared me for this part! But I still wobbled a little. With the corset and anal probe, and the cock and ball pouch with the sharp rubber needles pressing into my tender region, it took a few seconds to get the correct posture. As a final gesture a 14 inch chain was attached to two ankle cuffs. In my corset, painful pouch and anal probe, but they were now just layering on reminders of my subjugation. All I could do was stand erect and take small, careful, mincing steps.

“You can do your own make-up, over there in that closet. When you have finished come through into the dining room.” She said dismissively and they all left. So I carefully walked over to the closet and opened the door, where there was a mirror and a full account of make-up. I did as best as I could – standing and with the chain dangling between my wrists. It took a while but when finished I thought I hadn’t done a bad job, considering I was without Emma now. I really did miss her already. I smoothed out my dress and stockings and slowly walked into the dining room.

They had already prepared a quick meal of salad and smoked salmon, with white wine. They were already sitting and drinking, laughing amongst themselves. They saw me enter and stopped to examine me. They nodded approvingly, thank goodness, and Sigi said.

“Very good make-up, Maxine.” Then she smirked. “Are you sure you don’t want to be a beautiful woman on a more….permanent basis?” Her friends laughed and I knew it didn’t require an answer.

“This is your seat, Maxine, come and sit down.” I saw, with relief, that the chair at the table had a large hole in the seat, and I bent down gingerly, found the hole and feeling the added tension on my painful pouch as the needles pressed into my cock and balls, I sat down. Uta and Mia each took one of my wrists and strapped them to the arms of the chair, while Sigi passed a strap round my narrow waist and tightened it behind me. It was unnecessary as my arms were already attached by chain and I had no hopes at all for escape, but I was quickly learning that there was no such thing as overkill with these women. They liked to layer on the humiliation. I was now glued to the chair, surrounded by three very beautiful yet cruel women.

I noticed there was no setting in front of me and soon saw why. As they continued their meal each of them began to feed me with morsels, like a baby I was being spoon fed. Well, I thought, it was better than what happened to the girl earlier in my stay here when she was fed mush from a bag through a tube down her throat. They continued to talk among themselves and feed me small mouthfuls. I found it strange that they were not crueller to me, but I wasn’t complaining, maybe this was the calm before the storm. They even allowed me a few sips of wine.

Sigi came close to me, perhaps a little worse for the drink for the bottle was emptied quickly and they were now into a second. She smoothed back my hair and looked intently at my face.

“You are a beauty, Maxine, but…” she massaged my false breast, “…it would be so much better if these were real, and you were a full woman, mmmm? A little snip here and a little snip there and, voila.” Her hand had gone down and under my skirt. She was rubbing my pants and pouch underneath. The rubber needles were pressing painfully into me and I squirmed.

“You wouldn’t need this pouch….nor the pain like now, you could join us.” Her lips were now on mine and as she leant over to kiss me, she squeezed hard and I yelped with the pain. She smiled callously and sat back. Somehow I knew that this had been just a small interlude, a game.

They released me and I stood up, a little sore from Sigi’s aggressive rubbing. Mia brought a large rubber apron that she placed over my head and round my waist; then pulled kitchen gloves over my black ones. I was told to clear up like a “good maid” which, it dawned on me, was what I was, or at least dressed as one. They retired to the living room and I cleared up, and I could hear Sigi on the phone to Miss Broad, inviting her, and Emma and Sarah over for drinks.

I didn’t want Emma or Sarah to see me like this but I hoped they would understand. I cleared, washed and dried, not easy to do with two pairs of gloves on, but I completed it without breaking anything. When I returned Mia removed my apron and gloves and Sigi said.

“Our guests will be here in a minute and your job will be to wait on us for the evening. You are fine as you are, but I think we will have you gagged. We don’t want you blurting out anything silly to Linda or the others. We have a nice new gag that Uta has designed, hot off the production line; you shall be our guinea pig. It’s almost undetectable and very ingenious.”

She showed me what appeared to be a large set of false teeth! Amused by my reactions she moved them between her fingers. They were made of quite stiff but thin rubber and were sealed in the closed mouth position. The inside of the teeth were hollow and were obviously to accommodate mine. At the back of the teeth there were what appeared to be two very small rubber screws, which when tightened to my back teeth would hold the gag in place. Sigi approached me.

“Open wide.” She ordered brusquely, and she placed the large set in my gaping mouth adjusting the teeth to line up with mine.

“Now bite down slowly.” And I felt my teeth press down into the inside of the rubber “caps”. I pressed harder and my teeth were now almost touching, and my lips closed.

“Good, hold that.” Sigi said and with one finger, exposed the back of my teeth and with a tiny screwdriver screwed them tightly together. I felt a tightening pressure at the back, while she repeated the exercise on the other side. I then tried to open my mouth - no good - it was as if they were glued together. Outwardly I had a perfectly normal appearance, perhaps the teeth were a little big and a bit too white, but they would pass inspection all right. Even when I smiled in the mirror that Mia put in front of me, it was hard to detect. All I could do was mmmm and dumbly breathe through my nose.

Immobilised by chains at wrist and ankle, rubber cock and ball pouch tormenting me continuously, a dildo well embedded inside my rear and a corset squeezing me in two, I was a wonderful sight of complete subjugation. Yes, I was their plaything to do with as they pleased.

I was shaken out of my thoughts by the doorbell ringing, the guests had arrived. I winced at my humiliating pose I would have to endure in front of them. Sigi took me by the wrist and led me to the door.

“You will take their capes and cloaks and then serve drinks.” She said, and nervously I opened the door.

14.08.06 continued in part two


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