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Fantasy Unlimited 2

by Blackfive

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© Copyright 2007 - Blackfive - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/mf; latex; bond; x-frame; rack; nylon; fem; toys; cons; X

continued from part one

Fantasy Unlimited - Part 2

Stephen and Gina are a couple in aged in their thirties, reasonably affluent despite a young family and living in the United Kingdom. Strongly heterosexual and happily married they nevertheless have some interesting tastes when it comes to sexual activities.  This story takes place on a weekend when the children are away......
Part 2 – The weekend continues - Saturday through Sunday
At 8-15am a buzzer woke them and a tannoy they had not previously noticed advised them that breakfast would follow in their rooms at 9.00 as promised. Guests were not to dress but to remain until instructed in their night attire. Finding the filmy black nylon a turn on Stephen soon returned to full erection and whilst they awaited the maids arrival with breakfast the two of them again made love.
A light continental breakfast was served by different staff and just before 10.00 cleared away. At five past ten Helen and Claire entered the room. Stephen and Gina were told to take off the nighties and don simple cotton robes. "This morning you are due to receive beauty treatments ready for later on and the gowns are all you need for now. Follow us please" They walked down several corridors to a room labelled "Cosmetic treatments". Going inside they were taken to different curtained off cubicles.
Stephen was seated into a chair with several extendable arms and strap attachments and Helen announced that his legs were first to be prepared. "Do you want to be waxed or would you prefer a cream?"

"Cream please" he stammered " I don't think I'm ready for wax yet."

"OK, cream it is."

In the other cubicle Gina was also being seated into a similar chair but did not yet realise her cosmetic treatment. "Right then Gina I'll just strap you in for safety." Before Gina had time to think Claire was extending the long struts from below the chair.

"What are you going to do to me" Gina eventually stammered.

"Oh, just a pubic shave but one I think you will enjoy. Quiet now, time to relax."
After the struts were pulled out Gina found her legs being strapped at mid thigh, around the knees and ankles and her legs pulled wide apart to fully open her pubic region. Another set of straps fixed her torso to the chair and her arms were strapped to her sides. A velvet blindfold was lightly tied around her head to allow her to rest in sensuality. "Don't worry Gina I can assure you, you will want to repeat this next time." An inflatable pillow, similar to those you can buy for long coach journeys, cushioned her head rendering her immobile. Just as she was thinking very little else could happen she felt the chair tilt back.
"Now we can begin" Claire announced. "You are perfectly safe as you can't move, just enjoy."

Claire began the treatment by massaging scented oils into Gina's upper thighs and stomach, gentle fingers stroked and massaged until Gina began to feel very excited indeed. Not that there was anything she could do strapped as she was. Heat mounted in the appropriate regions and as Gina stirred and moaned Claire moved to the next phase of the treatment.
Claire quickly picked up a pair of scissors and pausing between massages she trimmed hair from Gina's quim. After every couple of clips she gently smoothed away the loose hair whilst keeping Gina at fever pitch with the gentle massage. Whilst Gina lay there she became aware that a further figure had entered the room and was talking to Claire in whispers too low to make out. Further hands joined in to massage her breasts, thighs and stomach whilst the snipping continued.

Suddenly a cool sensation hit her hottest spot and she realised the aerosol cream meant the shaving proper was soon to start. A gentle buzzing made her realise that it was to be an electric razor. Oh the sensations as the razor was slowly moved back and forth, up and down. Gina was at screaming point and just had to let go well before they were finished.

Claire spoke gently to her and waited until she had subsided before saying, "Continue Clive" Gina flipped.

"Oh my god a man" she yelped.

"But all the best barbers are men silly" Claire responded. "You just lie back and enjoy. Why put exhibitionist on your form if you don't want to flaunt it"

Gina gulped and sighed. It was true she had thought it would be fun but this open. The razor continued and expertly nuzzled her now nearly smooth slit. The final few strokes brought her once again to fever pitch. "Thank you Clive". Gina realised that she wasn't going to meet Clive this time and would look at all the male staff for the rest of the weekend and wonder.
Still not being released she felt warm flannels move gently over her now oh so smooth body. After a few moments of the gentle scented cleaning she was tipped back to a normal posture and the blindfold removed. However she was not yet to be released. With skilled hands Claire worked on her feet to give her a long slow pedicure.

"Now its time for the release and your dressing for today" Claire announced. Gina stammered a thank you before getting up from the chair feeling totally relaxed.
Whilst all this was going on Stephen was also being worked on. Helen's skilled hands were working the depilatory cream into his legs and causing no end of an arousal in the member. "Can't have that can we my boy - it's definitely unladylike. Lets just get this first part off then I'll have to cure your exuberance."
True to her word she opened a cupboard and took out a couple of ice packs slapping them into Stephen's hands demanding urgently, "Put these to your erection this minute!" With the effect of the sudden cold shock his erection subsided just in time for Helen to produce the "cache sex". Stephen had never worn one before and she had to glide his tool into the sleeve before strapping the whole thing back between his legs and tightly over the balls. The centre strap passing up behind him to meet a waist strap securing the whole into position.
"Bloody hell" he stammered.

"Taking on your femme self can have its down side you know" Helen replied. "Now back into the chair, let's continue."

The creaming continued and Stephen got very, very uncomfortable as his rod got more and more excited despite the tight garment strapping it back. Eventually Helen was satisfied and allowed Stephen to look in the mirrors at his now smooth, and one had to admit shapely, legs.

"Stockings for you, but watch those nails when you put them on." Stephen was given a pair of 15 denier black stockings and a black lacy suspender belt. Putting them on he felt the nylon slide over his smooth legs and he again stiffened in the tightly restricting cache sex. The feelings from his smooth legs were divine and well worth the discomfort of his trapped erection. Helen continued to get female clothes for him with a padded bra coming next. "Real silicone fillers here, Nothing but the best" she murmured. Next came a long line corset and once again Stephen felt his middle squeezed down. He had begun to like the feeling it produced and he mewed and sighed with pleasure.
With the corset in place Stephen had a curvy figure and was ready for the dress. The dress when it arrived was in black rubber with a high neck and long sleeves. It came to just above the knee and was a fairly tight fit. Not a full hobble but certainly of pencil proportions. Of course with the cache sex in place Stephen was smooth all the way down with just the suspenders breaking the line.
For shoes Helen again produced the locking ankle boots he had worn yesterday evening. Taking him by the hand she led him to the make up table and once again put on the baby doll make up with a white base, ruby red lips and a mid blue eye shadow. "For a wig today brunette curls" Helen advised. "All done, you go down to the lounge now and see if you can recognise your wife, or she you. If she's not there yet she soon will be. Back to your room after lunch at about 2pm for a practical needs break then we'll see about the afternoon"

Stephen stood and thanked Helen then walked out of the door and down the corridor into the lounge. What a sight met his eyes. Costumes of all shapes and sizes, but where was Gina.
Of course whilst Stephen was being prepared Gina's own transformation had been continuing. "You said you were an exhibitionist, I hope you meant it" Claire announced. "You had your first taster with the shaving, this morning you'll know all about it"

She opened a cupboard and took out a range of clothing all in see through PVC. The knickers as you would expect went on first and these hugged Gina tightly. As she squeezed into them she realised the crotch was not smooth but had a small row of nodules in just the right spot to excite the wearer every time she moved. Over the knickers were slid a pair of clear tights and over all a tight see through body with moulded breast cups to squeeze the breasts into two conical forms. Gina began to warm at once and patterns began to form inside the material as it stretched and accommodated to her body.

"Do you want a face mask for modesty or just make up and a wig" Gina was asked.

"I'll take both!" she stammered, "I wasn't quite expecting this much to be revealed"

"Ok, a wig and mask it is."

From the store Gina was shown a range of head masks from the fully anatomical full hoods to just those covering the eyes and upper head. Despite her usual misgivings about masks she plumped for a full face, fully shaped creation in red rubber and clear plastic eye pieces. The hood was totally enclosing leaving just the mouth open with two small tubes gently inserted into her nostrils for breathing assistance. Finally a black nylon wig of neck length hair was put onto her head.

"Just the boots to come now Gina," Claire advised "is it what you expected?"

"No, but I think I like it" Gina replied.

The boots with five inch heels were also in see through rubber and as Gina stood up from the fitting she felt the raised nodules take effect and swayed as the excitement rose. She too was ushered into the lounge to try and find her partner.
They actually arrived in the lounge within minutes of each other with Gina being the first to arrive. Going to the bar she struggled to contain the feelings of arousal the knickers were causing and fought to order a lager at the bar in a normal, straight voice. Served quickly she was in fact sitting at a table with the lager when she saw Stephen walk in. Not recognising him at all she continued to watch other guests arrive.
Gina eventually sussed out Stephen's disguise after about twenty minutes of trying to guess who her husband was. They kissed passionately and ordered sandwiches to go with the lagers both had ordered. "Gina you look fantastic", Stephen remarked "I think I will get you to wear this kind of get up more often."

"It's weird" Gina replied. "I know everyone can see everything I possess but because I'm dressed it doesn't feel like it."

"Are you liking your wanton hussy outfit?"

"Sure thing" Stephen replied quickly.
Lunch over they ambled back to their rooms. Gina had hoped for longer in the see through clothing and Stephen was enjoying every sensation, although he was realising that a cache sex and lunch time lager caused problems and would be very glad of the needs break. Claire came in at 2-00 as promised and they chatted for a few minutes about the morning's events as they both disrobed. Both said they wanted more and would like to redress this way for dinner. That was agreed.

"Now for this afternoon" Claire announced. "Stephen has put down bondage on his forms and you have both put down oral sex so I have decided to combine the two for you. Firstly though I am sure you both need to use the bathroom."

On their return they saw Claire was getting out a strange collection of rubber sheeting and strapping.

"I want you both to put on the velvet stockings I've put out on the bed." Claire advised, "and then we will draw for who is on top."

They dressed as requested in the velvet feel black stockings and leather suspender belts which were put out for them. Claire produced two rods of differing length and asked Gina to draw. "Longest straw has the choice" was Claire's advice. Gina was lucky and elected to be on top as she assumed this would be prolonged 69.
Claire laid out the strapping on the bed and asked Stephen to lie on top. He did so and one flat piece went behind his head. Claire buckled a collar round his neck, a strap across his chest and another round his waist. Gina then lay down on top in the classic oral sex position. Straps were also passed around her neck, across her back and around her waist pressing her tightly onto Stephen. Rubber flaps were then lifted up and over her back before being zipped into place. The pillow behind Stephen's neck was now also inflated bringing him into close, intimate, contact with Gina. Their legs were strapped down at the ankles and knees but the arms were left free to assist in the erotic pleasure by allowing both partners to stroke and fondle the others legs in the wonderfully tactile velvet stockings.

"You have an hour, enjoy each other " said Claire.
Stephen's tongue began to explore the warm moist haven above his mouth and as he did so his own organ pulsed into life. Gina was cruel and didn't take it fully in straight away but just gently licked the rigid organ with her tongue. She knew Stephen would be more limited than she would be. Stephen slowly ran his hands over Gina's legs realising why Claire had recommended the velvet feel stockings. They felt divine and her legs were so smooth. Gina did the same to Stephen who with shaved legs for the first time in his life experienced divine sensations.
Gina teased Stephen for a long time whilst he in return ran his tongue up and over seeking out the bud. The bonds held her down tightly but despite that Gina writhed and bucked as Stephen brought the first climax from her and as she did so poor Stephen had to suffer the torture this brought on. She was so wet and moist he drank in her juices. He kept on sucking and licking, tongue probing, short flicks deep pushes and nibbles on her bud. Soon a second orgasm racked her body as she couldn't resist the sucking and probing of the insistent tongue. Stephen was being sucked and nibbled as Gina slowly brought him to a peak. However she cruelly lifted off every time preventing him from coming time after time.

Claire eventually announced ten minutes to go and they both increased their attentions to each other. Both peaked as Gina finally allowed Stephen to cum.
Claire soon released them and they unwound and took showers then a spell of relaxing watching videos, of you can guess what subjects, before the evening dressing for dinner. Dinner saw them both dressed as they were at the lunchtime session and relishing the exquisite sensations of the fetish dress. After a wonderful relaxing evening both collapsed into bed and a period of long slow lovemaking.

After an early breakfast Claire again came to prepare them for the final morning session. Lunch would be in normal dress before the drive home but before that one last session. Claire brought the clothing and equipment and once more they placed themselves into her charge.

"Bondage again!" Claire announced, "I know you enjoyed that first session on Friday, so to finish off your weekend a little bit more"

They both gulped as they weren't really used to it. For Stephen she had chosen a rubber cat suit with an anal plug, feet and mittens which zipped tightly up the back. Over the top of this went an ingenious hooded suit with a moulded rubber mouthpiece in the shape of a hollow penis that permitted breathing but fully stretched the mouth. For a previously totally heterosexual male this insight into bi-sexuality was unexpected. To further ease breathing two rubber tubes went into his nostrils as the hood was heavy and fully occluding. This hooded suit fitted like a body with under crotch straps to make sure the wearer was fully sealed in, and at the same time tightened the groin area restricting what activity was practical down there. Once again Stephen felt his legs being put into high heeled boots and laced up. Gina was similarly dressed but in place of the anal plug was large dildo.
Both were again helped to their feet and taken on the walk into the bondage frame. Different equipment was chosen and Stephen found himself stretched tall but standing upright. He couldn't bend and with all his weight on the high heels he began to experience the sensations of prolonged heel wear. Gina was strapped to the St Andrew's cross. Vibrators began their passage over the tautly stretched bodies. The maids were experienced and took Gina to heights she had only imagined before. Stephen was brought to a peak and left hanging. He stirred again and was brought to hardness again and again before time was up and he was allowed to explode. On went the torment until after two hours they were released and were escorted on unsteady wobbly feet back to the bedroom. Undressed and showered they went down for lunch and the final goodbyes.
I'm sure they will be back for more!



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