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by Blackfive

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Storycodes: FF/mf; latex; bond; x-frame; rack; nylon; doll; fem; cons; X

Stephen and Gina are a couple in aged in their thirties, reasonably affluent despite a young family and living in the United Kingdom. Strongly heterosexual and happily married they nevertheless have some interesting tastes when it comes to sexual activities. This story takes place on a weekend when the children are away......
Part 1 – The weekend commences

Five o-clock on a Friday afternoon is for most people going home time but for Stephen and Gina it was part way into the start of their holiday weekend at Fantasy Unlimited. They had caught the afternoon ferry and driven the short distance from Zeebrugge to Eekloo in the Flanders region of northern Belgium and had almost reached the suburban hotel that was their destination. They had booked with Fantasy Unlimited who, taking advantage of liberal continental laws, cater for couples interested in that broad spectrum of the erotic pleasures generally known as fetish by offering a range of escapist holidays. The breakaways are very popular, highly erotic and always fully booked well in advance.
Although Stephen and Gina had been on weekend escapes before this weekend things were slightly different, as they were to test out a new "mystery" weekend holiday option and would be spending the weekend with no prior knowledge of, or detailed control over, what was planned. They had filled in personal fantasy questionnaires and mailed them back a few days ago therefore they knew the weekend would be tailored to their personal desires, but which ones?
After parking the car at the rear of the ivy clad hotel they approached Reception and rang the bell on the Desk. Apprehensive, but excited, they had no idea of what was to come. All the joining instructions said with regard to clothing was "Pack light, all clothing will be provided for your stay from your arrival to your departure". As far as the content of the weekend's experience was concerned the information was contained in the simple statement, "Wait to be pleasured"
A maid approached and led them to a room on the first floor that was to be their base for the weekend. Not just an ordinary maid of course this is, after all, a fetish holiday hotel and her costume was appropriate. Her whole image was of control and purpose. Beginning with towering thigh boots in glossy black leather with five inch heels and a crossing pattern of laces the eye was drawn upwards over sheer black nylon clad thighs to the briefest of mini dresses also in glossy black. With a white blouse emphasising her nipped in waist Stephen couldn't help but be aroused whilst Gina was thoughtful.
On arrival at the bedroom the maid introduced herself as Helen and told them to undress and put on the suits laid out on the bed. As they undressed she helped hang up their arrival clothes in the wardrobe. The suits were tight fitting rubber catsuits, complete with feet and mittens, and Stephen and Gina began to dress. Helen asked them to put on the long opera length rubber gloves before they slipped their arms into the sleeves of the cat suit. Once the suits were on they found that their top halves were completely enclosed in the rubber. Helen zipped up the back of the suits before opening a further cupboard to get out the rest of Stephen and Gina's costumes.
Seeing what they were to wear they gasped but realised that they had to go on. Both were in fact beginning to enjoy the sensations of the costumes which they wore themselves at home as often as they could be free of the children. The hoods they now saw were however not what they had ever chosen for themselves. These were sensation restricting and Helen advised them that for the first part of the evening they were to be unaware of their surroundings. Further gasps of amazement came from both of them but giving each other a kiss they continued to dress with bravado.
The hoods had thickly padded earpieces and no eye holes so that the wearer was isolated from sight and sound, although the mouth was kept completely clear for safety and breathing. Just before the hoods were finally eased into place Helen advised them of their safety codeword and pointed out that radio links were in the helmets so they would be aware of some of what was to happen to them. Then she secured the hoods and suits so that Stephen and Gina were alone with their thoughts and sensations.
Helen now had the two of them in an isolated state and summoned in Claire to assist with the rest of the dressing. Corsets were extended around them and laced tightly into place bringing mild sighs of delight from Gina and gasps of astonishment from Stephen for whom, despite being mildly transvestite, the experience of being tightly corseted was totally new. "I think I like it," he gasped, "but I'll let you know".
The final garments fitted were the same long thigh boots that the maids wore and again Stephen faced totally new sensations. Yes he had worn heels before but never such long, strong thigh boots. Standing them upright the maids moved them face to face and placing them into a hug picked up the microphone and spoke commandingly, "Kiss now please". Both kissed the offered mouth although neither was sure that the mouth they were kissing was that of their partner.
After a short period of hungry kissing Stephen and Gina felt themselves being separated and being led by the hand. For Gina, used to high heels, walking in the long boots wasn't difficult but for Stephen some swaying was evident but he was managing. With the leather boots stiffening his stride and the heels arching his feet he was keeping upright with difficulty.
After a short walk, although they did not know it, they were in the bondage room and being readied for the equipment. Cocooned inside the hoods all they were aware of was that the walk had stopped until the voice in the headphones said, "You are now being prepared for bondage, relax please."
Hands explored their bodies and steered them towards the equipment. For Stephen they had selected a St Andrew's cross and he felt himself being gently inched backwards until the wood touched his spine. A belt was wrapped around his middle and the fastenings began. Helen gently spread his ankles to full stretch before fastening further straps around them and also further straps at knee and thigh level. His arms were pulled up above his head and also efficiently strapped into an extended X position. Unable to move he just had to wait for whatever was to follow.
Gina meanwhile was being gently assisted onto a rack although of course she was unaware of that just yet. With her legs and arms spread into a gently spread X, straps were passed around wrist and ankles before the pressure began. The rack at Fetish Unlimited is not an extreme torture machine, but it is a pressure device all the same. Gina soon began to experience a tension throughout her body, which she found strange but relaxing.
With them still in the bondage positions the two maids gently stroked and massaged their bodies, sometimes leaving them alone, then touching in unexpected positions. Stephen and Gina were in isolation and found the unexpected touches pleasurable if unpredictable. After a quarter of an hour or so the maids switched on vibrators and began to work on the couple in earnest.
As the vibrators rubbed and buzzed over their bodies arousal became intense. Gina had some room to move on her back and bucked and squirmed in an attempt to bring the vibrator into contact with her dripping hot spot. The maids left Stephen to groan in frustration and brought both vibrators to bear on Gina's breasts and thighs. Her moans increased to shrieks and with a wild yell of ecstasy she climaxed stretching her bonds to their ultimate. Picking up the radio microphone Claire spoke gently to her and, stroking her gently brought her gradually down from her explosive peak.
Helen turned to Stephen who was of course how highly frustrated having been brought almost to a climax by the gentle rubbing and then left once again alone. Suddenly the vibrator moved up his thighs as Helen expertly ran it up and down, circling across the thighs and stomach to get nearer and nearer to his monster erection. He too reached a screaming peak of frustration before exploding in triumph. Fire burned along his shaft as the vibrator drew him out in spasms of pulsing cream. Suddenly limp he slumped in his bonds and Helen knew it was time to move on to the next stage of the evening.
Unfastening their charges the maids lead them back to their room and began the change for the next phase of the weekend. As the helmets were lifted from their heads and they could see again they glanced at each other. Both could tell by the others flushed complexion that they had both peaked. They cuddled and whispered to each other as the maids deftly unlaced the corsets and boots. Their suits were peeled off leaving both nude. "Take a shower now before dinner," said Claire," I'll be back in twenty minutes for the next stage in your weekend of discovery."

"What's that?" Stephen chirruped.

"It's dinner for starters but as for the rest, you'll both just have to wait and see won't you".
With the news that dinner was next on the agenda both Stephen and Gina took a shower before coming back into the room and gently cuddling whilst waiting for Helen or Claire to return to select their clothing. It only seemed a moment before the maids returned and the first garments were handed out. These were one piece nylon catsuits, black and glitter nylon and both put them on quickly and expertly. There was however a sting in the tail of these garments as both suits had zippered crotch pieces and both zips were closed and locked! Stephen began to realise by this time that the transvestite inclinations he had put on the registration form when he first applied to Fetish Unlimited were this weekend to be extended to the ultimate for him. Over the catsuits went high necked, rubber bodies with high collars. Onto their feet were slipped five inch heel ankle boots which were laced, buckled and padlocked on. As a further refinement the bodies were then locked into place with padlocks joining the collars to the back zips. From the neck down both Stephen and Gina were now sealed in.
"Just a couple more items before you go to join the other guests for dinner" said Helen. Walking into the bathroom Claire picked up the two half litre glass mugs from the shelf over the basin and filled them from the cold tap. As she carried them back into the bedroom it dawned on Gina what part of her weekend was going to entail. "Drink these now!" Claire ordered, handing over the water. Stephen had not yet realised the significance of the drink as they raised the glasses and drank swiftly. After downing her water Gina gasped, "But we're sealed in". The protest came despite her being fully aware that watersports had been entered on her own registration card.
"We know," replied Claire with a smile, "interesting isn't it. Now no more arguing, please sit down at the dressing tables." The two maids picked up make up kits and began to give them both a doll face make up with a white foundation, heavily made up eyes and heavily rouged cheeks. Large false eyelashes were glued on and then the maids picked up Stephen and Gina's hands. Long, pointed, artificial nails were also glued in place to extend their fingers by 15 millimetres each. With long black wigs added both were unrecognisable from their normal looks.
"Time for dinner now, come along with me" said Helen. She opened the door and they walked down to the dining room to join the other guests for dinner. The room was full and all twenty guest couples were disguised in some way. The variety of costumes was immense and showed just how well Fetish Unlimited were prepared for their guests and the trouble they took to guard their anonymity.
The rubber doll costume was being worn by several other guests besides Stephen and Gina, but others wore designs even more spectacular. Rubber, Leather and PVC abounded in a variety of shapes and colours. There were guests in golden all over catsuits complete with golden face masks; there were guests in long flowing Victorian style rubber dresses, complete with tightly corseted waists; there were guests in transparent rubber and there were guests dressed as aliens from space with heavy latex head-dresses and gloves.
The hotel bar was open and it was clear that pre-dinner drinks and mingling was expected. "In for a penny!" Stephen whispered into Gina's ear and ordered a couple of lagers despite the costumes they were both wearing. They mingled and found many of the guests were English and that conversation was easy as the bizarre party atmosphere put all the guests at ease. After about twenty minutes a stunning figure in a red rubber dress hit the dinner gong and ushered them all through double doors into the dining room.
As Gina looked at other girls dressed in the transparent rubber she remembered she had also added exhibitionism on her registration card as a desire. She hoped that over the weekend she too would get to wear such a revealing outfit for one of the remaining social get togethers. As she walked over to the table she couldn't avoid the tight body rubbing her slit and she almost came on the spot from the combined physical and mental excitement.
After they had all taken their seats for dinner the lady in red rose and announced herself to be Madame Zelda their host. She continued by thanking them all for joining the weekend and outlined briefly the opening schedule for the party. Tonight they were all to stay in their current costumes until midnight when maids would again show them to their rooms and help them change into night attire, unlocking costumes where considered appropriate. Breakfast would be served in their rooms at about 9.00 am and Saturday's events would commence around about 10.00 am. She finished her speech with, "Now enjoy the evening and thank you for coming over."
As she sat down a buzz of conversation went round the table. Waitresses in black rubber, French maids uniforms brought in the food and drink and the ambience of the weekend was set. By the time the soup and main courses had been eaten Stephen and Gina were feeling very warm inside their suits. An erotic glow was seeping through them and both were again becoming aroused. The water and lager were also beginning to make themselves felt and of course wine had been served during the meal, adding to the equation. Gina in particular was feeling the effects and was wondering how she could possibly hold on until midnight.
After the plates were cleared the stunning lady in red stood up once more to announce, "Coffee will be served in the bar". Stephen and Gina stood up along with their fellow guests to walk through to the bar. As they rose the need to "go" became more intense.

"Are you sure you want coffee darling," Gina whispered and Stephen nodded. "I know what you wanted and I think we are getting it with a vengeance. Desperation is what it's all about so we should press on."
Sitting in the bar the pressure became more and more intense for both of them. Eventually Stephen realised he could hold out no longer but it was still well short of the midnight hour. "Lets take a walk love," he announced and smiling he stood up to walk through to the outside terrace. With intense feelings from his bladder and the sensation of the costume the walk produced the predictable result of a raging erection. As they got outside onto the stone terrace Gina lost all inhibitions and the warm flow began. Hot pee flowed into the crotch of her rubber body and began to seep down the tight nylon encasing her legs. As she felt the flow she became aroused more and more and had to hold tightly to Stephen to avoid falling.
He knew she was climaxing and began to rub his hands around her body pressing fingers over her fanny and rubbing the other over her breasts. "Hold me!" she gasped and wrapped her arms around him. Warm pee ran down her legs and some got onto Stephen rousing him still further. Poor Stephen, desperate for a pee himself the monster erection was preventing his own release. Gina was now calmer and was regaining her own composure.
She sensed Stephen's problems and laughed. "Lets just walk until you subside then wait for it to happen." They walked on around the garden mingling with other guests in the walled enclosure. Stephen was in heaven from the costume but still desperately uncomfortable awaiting release. Small talk with Gina and the other guests gradually took his mind off the problem and suddenly the pent up waters cascaded into the body just as they had for Gina.

With the garden clock showing 11:15 they headed for a seat to sit and hold each other for a while. After ten minutes they felt composed enough to head back to the house and return to the bar where dancing was in progress. Not feeling it appropriate to sit in the wet costumes both danced with the few other guests remaining down stairs. Their feet of course began to let them know the effects of constant high heel wear and by the time the midnight gong was rung the ache in the toes and calves was becoming unbearable.
"To your rooms now!" announced Zelda, "you need your sleep for tomorrow."

Back in their rooms they awaited the return of Claire and Helen whilst wondering what the night attire would be like. After about twenty minutes the door opened and Helen and Claire reappeared. They were undressed, the make up and wigs, but not the nails, were removed they were advised to take a further shower before returning to the bedroom. "As you have expressed no significant night attire desires," the maids announced, "you will both sleep in filmy night-dresses." Given long black thin filmy night-dresses they dressed and as the maids left they got into the double bed and made slow passionate love.



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