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The Fall of Mistress Diana 4: Getting back to Business

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; D/s; latex; bond; susp; shave; piercing; display; club; tease; torment; denial; cons/reluct; X

continued from part 3 Part 4: Getting back to Business

Arwen and Diana were left in the dungeon whilst their Mistresses stopped their torture and went off to enjoy each other’s company. Still in their latex schoolgirl outfits, they were manacled on the floor of the dungeon by mono gloves and chains tied to each ankle through the glove. Gagged and blindfolded as they had given up all hope of being released, they heard footsteps getting louder. Their immediate thought was the Mistresses were coming back to continue the torture until they heard a voice...

“Hello any one there?”

Immediately, both women started shouting through their gags, they weren’t loud, but they were loud enough.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” said the voice, Arwen thought it sounded familiar but couldn’t place the voice until her blindfold was undone and her gag removed.


Sofia, who had let herself in the building with the key that Arwen had given her continued to release the pair as the helmets came off. She was speechless to see Arwen shaven, adorned with piercings and tattooed.

“Who the fucks done this to you?” Sophia asked obviously concerned, “And why?”

Arwen and Diana were inspecting themselves looking for the toys that had caused them such torture. They looked in the latex and found nothing and concluded that whatever it was had been surgically implanted hence the plasters. Diana picked up one of the controllers and started pressing buttons, to her dismay Arwen screamed as the torture resumed.

“Turn it off, turn it off, for fucks sake turn it off!”

Diana had pulled the batteries out.

“Sophia go upstairs to my rooms and call your doctor friend, Tell him we need these out now! And if he’s willing we’ll have another couple of jobs for him tonight. Be careful it’s Toni and her twin sister they walked off some time ago and are probably fucking each other senseless, then ring some of the others and get them down here soon as, she thinks she is the boss round here, we’ll have to put her right. And find out if he’s got anything to knock them out for a couple of hours! Ok go!”

As they recovered still looking at their wounds they put some trainers on and crept out to see where the twins were, they opened the door at the back of the building which led to Toni’s flat, sure enough the lights were on.

“Good now we know! Leave them to it hopefully they’ll fall asleep and we can jump them!”

Diana gave her the thumbs up, when they were walking back Sophia and some of the others were waiting.

“Fuckin’ Hell!” They stared at Arwen and Diana, still naked, bald and covered in tattoos.

Sophia, Helen, Christie and Val open mouthed. Until Sophia snapped out of it.

“I rang the doc, he’ll be over in about half an hour. He says he has something for all occasions.”

Arwen said “how did you all get here so quick?”

Helen answered “We were drinking in the pub down the road, So we were only minutes away. So Toni’s got a twin sister has she?”

“Yeah , and she made me sign a piece of paper so she thinks she owns all this.”

“Fuck off! Your kidding us, right?”

“Nope and by the look of it they think they own all of you as well!”

“Well we’ll see about that!”

“Get yourselves ready for work, uniforms please, that seems to turn them on, by the time we’ve would’ve finished with them they’ll be taking the next plane back to Italy! Back here in ten, GO!”

The women split up Arwen set off towards her rooms, followed by Diana as they walked in there was none of the ransacking that Arwen thought there would be. She went over the her desk and nothing was touched, nothing! She looked in her drinks cabinet and her scotch and a few bottles of her favourite white wine had gone.

“They haven’t touched anything, My books, my accounts, my things, if it wasn’t for the whisky and wine I wouldn’t have known they were here.”

“That’s good I suppose.” Said Diana peeling off one of the plasters.

“I don’t know about you but my nipples feel like I’ve got an old penny under them and whatever it is I would feel safer if they were out!”

“It does make sense, we didn’t find anything but the cuts did we.”

“No I vaguely remember one of them talking about sensors and computer software, so find their computer. And when it all started Toni stuffed us with a dildo, so find the dildo’s! Is that how you remember it, I’m not wrong am I?”

“No but we haven’t been ourselves lately!”

“No some other Bitch has been doing that haven’t they!”

“First thing first!” As Arwen opened a cupboard and pulled out a long wig that was her colour.

“Now you!”

“Oh that’s OK, the mere fact I’m a number two and I used to be a two hundred and fifty two is neither here or there!”

Both women burst into laughter, but the nervous laughter as if they have been saved from certain death.

“Here’s something up your street!” As Arwen pulled out a long straight chestnut wig which stopped Diana in her tracks.

“Ooo yes! Oh that’s just me isn’t it”

Just then Sophia and the doc walked in tapping the door as they entered.

“What the fuck have you been up to, your own version of world war three?”

“Hi to you too doc!”

He put his bag down on the coffee table and looked at Diana.

“May I?”

“Yeah, everyone else has !” The doc very gently felt around Diana’s right nipple, the one with the plaster still intact.

“How long have you have your tattoo?”

“MY TATTOO, MY TATTOO!” Diana glared at him.

“Only a couple of hours.” Said Arwen.

“How quickly can you remove them?”

“I can’t, but I know someone who can and she’s very good.”

“Is anyone watching out for them coming back!”

“Yeah all in hand, no problem!”

“Right! Can you take whatever’s been put inside us out, and could you put whatever it is where they deserve to be?”

“When was this done?” Looking at the wounds.

“This morning.”

“I recognise the wound, We would sometimes make an insertion like this for semi permanent sensors, but that’s rare I would say you want whatever’s in there out because whoever did this was a butcher!”

Arwen was thinking. “Once there out could you put them in someone else!”

He looked at her, “I suppose I could, but who?”

“The twins that ordered it done, that’s who!”

“In theory, if you have somewhere to clean whatever it is in you, do you know what they are?”

Diana spoke. “Yes! We have a very good idea what they are, they’re vibrators!”

“And sensors!” Added Arwen.

“Enough talk! Lets get them!”

As they met by the back door the doc was shown into Hazel’s prep room she did all the piercing for the house, and she had everything to sterilize in there. Meanwhile the lights had gone off in the flat so it was safe to assume that they had fallen asleep.

“Right you grab the bitches, you can beat the shit out of them if you want, take them to your dungeon Sophia, they don’t know it, Toni knows her one, keep them tied gagged and confused till we get there!”

“We’ve got a date with the doc!”

Finally they got to shower and clean themselves properly, Arwen and Diana had each implant removed, stitched and bandaged. They dressed the same as everyone else, It meant something more to them than it would to the twins, It meant they’re back! As the two of them walked into Sophia’s dungeon there was a hushed silence the others, all wearing the same uniform were standing over two figures on the floor, as they got closer The twins could be made out both in a serious hogtie . Marks on their faces meant that they had been beaten badly and they had a two and a half inch gag in their mouths

Arwen and Diana looked down at the twins, who were straining to look up at Arwen And Diana

Diana said. “Hello. Remember us!”

With a confident voice and a big smile on her face. “Your having an operation, and we will fit you with the stimulators that were removed from us, and you will be permanently stimulated until we rid ourselves of your tattoos!”

“Prep them!”

Both Arwen and Diana walked away.

Christie found a computer in their flat and although a lot of it was in Italian, Diana found the software for the controllers. Diana just went back to the website and downloaded the software in English. After a few hours reading she was up to speed and knew exactly what to do to produce the same results in the twins

About twelve hours later Arwen and Diana appeared at the doors of a dungeon. Her Dungeon! As they walked through they could see two figures off the ground suspended by leather belts and chains.

Each figure was wearing a latex cat suit heavily hooded with no holes for mouth or eyes, only tubes for air and a tube for nurishment which had a funnel on the end facing upwards so when they were let down someone could urinate in the funnel. An ott posture collar which meant because of the strapping the head could not move at all. The feet were laced in nine inch ballet boots which were laced tightly up both legs and had steel inserts so the knees could not bend, they stopped just below the crutch. At the ankles an eighteen inch steel spreader bar kept movement to a minimum. The hands were strapped tightly in mittens that went up to the arm pits, which meant that bending at the elbows was impossible. Their arms were chained so that they looked like they were on a cross, a quiet buzz could just be heard between the wimpering and the long black hair which the twins were so proud of stuck out of the sizeable anal plug which was strapped in place.

“Well, what do we have here Arwen?”

“I was wondering which one got my piercings!”

“Does it matter?”

“No, not really.”

“Oh by the way our laser treatments going really well!”

“It should only take another five months!”

“Yeah, but then there’s the question of our hair!”

With that Diana gathered Arwen in both arms, she slid down and fondled the globes of Arwen’s buttocks and kissed her passionately on the lips, Arwen followed suit and felt Diana through her leather pencil skirt stroking her in the small of her back.

“Would you like to see my home Arwen?”

“Love to Diana! Did they ever catch up with Henry?”

“Oh yes! And after everyone had decided he had raped you The doc chemically carstrated him! The girls had some fun with the tattoo tools he had first they shaved him then they tattooed him-! I wonder how he will feel when someone tells him he has


tattooed on the back of his head!”


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