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The Fall of Mistress Diana 3: Mistress Francesca

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; M/ff; D/s; latex; bond; bodymod; electro; tattoo; torment; denial; cons/nc; XX

continued from part 2 Part 3: Mistress Francesca

Both Diana and Arwen had had a troubled nights sleep. Mistress Toni had put them in chastity belts with those damm dildos still in place and Mistress Toni had told the pair of them that her uncle was dropping by to look at her new business. Diana was released from her sleep sack to prepare breakfast for Mistress, Arwen was allowed to clean Mistress with her tongue such was Mistress Toni’s power over them. Diana walked in on Mistress whilst she was being “cleaned” by Arwen. Diana was disappointed by the fact that far from allowing Arwen to feel what she felt about Mistress. Arwen had changed the relationship between Diana and Mistress. Mistress was colder and unfeeling not like when Diana made her breakfast in bed and they held each other. Now Mistress seems more like some monster with no feelings at all.

Mistress had Arwen cleaning her upper thighs when Diana came in with Mistresses coffee, Diana kneeled beside Mistress holding the tray with Mistresses coffee on it. Mistress Toni turned and took the cup from the tray not giving a second look to Diana.

“Would Mistress want some breakfast this morning?” Said Diana.

“Yes I’ll have…… a……… Oh just make me something.” Said Mistress Toni.

“May I make your slaves some breakfast Mistress?”

“No your getting too fat!”

“But Mistress I have not eaten for two days, you want your slaves to be strong for you?

“Oh, OK, just don’t make a mess.”

Mistress waved Arwen to lick higher up her thighs

Diana made them a few rounds of bacon sandwiches and she had more then her fair share of them.

Arwen had got as far as licking up to Mistress Toni’s thigh but once she got to the pussy Mistress Toni offered her arse rather than her pussy.

“You’re my arse slut suck on my arse bitch.”

Arwen stuck her tongue in and worked her tongue into Mistresses sphincter. Mistress wobbled a bit and gasped as Arwen licked and sucked her way round her Arse. After Mistress got her fix, the slaves were prepared. Diana and Arwen were dressed in rubber cat suits, corsets, helmets, boots, chastity belts and mittens, Whilst Mistress dressed in a Leather suit, white blouse, boots and black leather tie. Mistress thought that since she was boss she should look like it! Also uncle was due and she wanted both sluts done!

As they waited for his arrival Mistress wanted them to pull out two massage tables ready, for what neither slave knew. Mistress was getting bored with their games and unzipped both their nipple zips to show their nipples and their rings, she was going to put some Clover clamps on them but her mobile rang and she had to go and let him in.

“Right sluts this is my uncle!”

Uncle was a short fat balding man who looked uncomfortable with the two slaves. As Mistress was a couple of inches higher than him he pulled her to him and whispered something in her ear.

“O, o, O,K uncle, OK. My uncle doesn’t believe that your both my slaves so I would like you to get on the massage tables and I’ll tie you to them, Oh, I had better gag and blindfold you both as well, just to show uncle.”

Both slaves went to Mistress to release the mittens that were padlocked behind their backs. Once free they climbed on and sat waiting for Mistress. Mistress Toni smiled at her uncle as he clapped in appreciation of his niece. Mistress chained the pair to the massage tables and tethered the straps across their torsos and legs, lastly putting their gags and blindfolds on the table. Uncle dropped his small black bag at the bottom of Diana’s table, and for the first time she realised something wasn’t right.

As he opened his bag he started talking in Italian to his niece who was listening intently, Diana strained to look at what they were talking about and saw a coin sized thing which looked like stainless steel in a clear plastic bag. Then he grabbed a handful of these things and then what looked like a remote control, A flat calculator sized box with buttons on. At this moment Mistress noticed Diana and walked round and tethered her neck and head to the table. As Diana was starting to panic she felt a prick in her right breast and after a few seconds a numbness. This was repeated on the other side. As things just couldn’t get worse she felt her chastity belt being undone then her crutch zip was undone and within a few seconds another jab around the clit, as this started to numb something was put over her nose and everything went black…………

Diana woke with a start, her tits were sore as was her clit and her arse, she couldn’t work out what had been done to her. Piercing, tattoo, what, what else could they have done. It was all too much, still tied to the table, she had a headache and she felt nauseous which she fought to control. Suddenly she was aware of someone undoing her bonds, it was Mistress Toni who had a big smile on her face.

“Your finally awake!”

Diana swivelled round to slide off the table. And realised her arse was on fire!

“Oi slow down slut!”

Diana looked at Mistress sat from the edge of the table.

“What have you done to us now?” Suddenly remembering Arwen looked around and saw a shape on the other table.

“It’s a surprise!” Said Mistress glowing, rubbing her hands together.

“I used to like surprises.” Diana said calmly, Mistress trying to regain her power pointed to the floor.

“Kneel before your Mistress, Pussy slut!”

Diana eased off the table and slowly bent her knees to comply with Mistress. As the mittens were not attached to each other she felt strange being able to move her hand without bondage. Mistress had removed her jacket and looked fantastic, very uniform like, her full breasts filling her blouse beautifully, her leather pencil skirt looked sprayed on. She looked every bit the Mistress and Diana loved every bit of her.

“Where would you most like to be pussy slut?”

“Where? Where I am Mistress, in between your legs Mistress.”

Mistress edged forward so that Diana’s nose was about an inch away from Mistresses skirt.

“ And in a ideal world what would you like to be doing?”

“Licking your cum from around my mouth Mistress.”

“Well in a few days that is exactly where you will be, I think you’ll be pleased after all I’ve taken that dildo out for you”. Diana arched back to see where her chastity belt used to be, her crutch zip was done up and although sore, after the tattoo it was a feeling she was getting used to. And anyway it felt like the dildo had gone, she was happy!

“I want you to look after Arse slut for me, uncle gave her a little too much and she’ll be out for a while. If I get the wheelchair we’ll get her to the bed.”

The bed in the dungeon was a spacious king size so a good place for Arwen to sleep the effects off. Diana waited for Mistress to undo the chains and straps that held down Arwen. Diana wanted to feel her pulse but with mittens on there was no point. As Mistress got the wheelchair close to the table Diana pulled Arwen over and she slumped into the chair.

“Mistress, can you take off the mittens so I can help get her on the bed?”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,”

As Mistress Toni reached for the mittens Arwen screamed into her gag! Despite her gag, the scream scared the pair as Arwen started to paw her breasts with her mittens. Mistress was still trying to free Diana. In seconds Diana was free and she ripped the blindfold off of Arwen.

“Calm down Arwen, Please Calm down.” Diana said as calmly as possible, undoing her gag.

“I’m Ok.” Said Arwen, “How would you have reacted if you hurt all over and you couldn’t see!”

Diana who was on her knees pulled Arwen forward and comforted her.

“I know you hurt, I hurt but it won’t last, It’ll get better, and there’s a surprise.”

“A surprise!”

They both looked at Mistress.

“Yes! It’s a surprise, and I’ve taken the dildo’s out as well!”

They moved apart to look at their crutches.

“Thank you, Mistress!”

“Ok, I want to get you ready, someone’s coming at three!”

They helped each other walk to the dressing room, Mistress led the way, as they undressed they noticed the dressings, a bit bigger than plasters. One on each breast, one by the side of their new tattoo and their clit and one at the top of each leg, A couple of inches shy of their arse and their pussies.

“Leave the plasters on for the time being, here put these on!” Passing them a couple of piles of latex.

The pile turned out to be latex schoolgirl outfits, they matched Mistresses outfit perfectly, except for the helmets which had blow up gags, The latex knickers which had two bulbs for the blow up phallics front and back. The skirt was similar to the one Diana found herself in that first night they went out to “Le Club.” The bulbs were clearly visible below the skirt line, latex hose and six inch lace up latex boots.

When they were dressed they looked at each other, Mistress grabbed their bulbs for their mouth gags and started pumping, within seconds they were grunting because their mouths were full! Mistress smiled with anticipation and order they turn around, face the wall and stick their arses out. A few squeezes of the bulbs pumped the phallics up nicely the grunts of the slave turned to squeals as they realised too late how full they were.

Mistress Toni, pleased with herself for controlling the situation pulled out two latex mono gloves.

“Put your arms behind you sluts!”

First Arwen was tethered, then Diana, Mistress finished off their “look” by fitting posture collars on the pair and clipping on leashes on the D ring at the front.

“Your first surprise is coming very soon, so I want you to wait by the door and dwell on what’s happened to you and what you think might happen to you in the future.”

Mistress pulled on their leashes and made their way to the main door of the dungeon. Mistress got the pair to get on their knees and wait while she disappeared through the door.

After a couple of minutes they heard the clicking of heels walking closer, and as the door to the dungeon opened there were two Mistresses! Identical twins.

“This is Mistress Francesca, my sister. Take her orders as my own.”

Mistress Francesca looked down at them, she had dressed very similarly to Mistress Toni but she had black leather Jodhpurs with a chrome zip which disappeared down her crutch and presumably up in between her buttocks, for the full service! Her white blouse was either smaller than Mistress Toni’s or her breasts were a bit bigger, but they were fighting to get out as you could clearly see her nipples and they were becoming harder.

“This is Pussy slut!” Pointing at Diana.

“And this is Arse slut!” Pointing at Arwen..

“Which one was the boss here?” Asked Francesca.

“Oh her.” Pointing at Arwen.

“Then this one’s the nanny?”

“Yeah, but she didn’t last five minutes, you know me, can’t resist a challenge but she would have been down my knickers in five minutes if I hadn’t slapped some cuffs on her.”

“And uncle’s fitted them out, yeah?”

“Yeah but only this morning.” Toni said a bit concerned.

“Don’t matter much, I’ve started them up before they’ve been stitched up!”

“Naw, lets wait till later, you’ve only just got here, I want to show you around first.”

“What about these pair?”

“Well, they’re not going anywhere are they!”

And with that they disappeared, Diana started up manoeuvre round so she could see Arwen, Diana’s knee squeezed her front bulb and pumped more air into the phallic making it even bigger, Diana looked at Arwen and Arwen tried to capture the bulb under her knee and do the same, after a couple of minutes they were getting there, the huge cock shaped thing was bringing them to climax. They were so engaged trying to cum they didn’t notice the Mistresses come back.

“Oi Sluts what the fuck do yer think you’re doing?” Mistress Toni was scarlet with rage!

The Mistresses removed the gags, having let the air out!

“Well I’m waiting!”

“Well Mistress Arw, er Arse slut started coughing and in my haste to see my knee must have pumped the knob up a bit.”

“Lying fucking whore!” Mistress Francesca had spoken! As she grabbed Arwen’s leash she pulled her to her feet. “Grab the whore, we’ll show them the surprise!”

Mistress Toni grabbed the leash clipped to Diana’s collar and pulled her up. Mistress yanked her along, striding towards a rack of assorted whips, rods crops and belts and selected one whilst trying to catch up with her sister.

There was no plan, they ended up at the bar again and Mistress Francesca almost threw Arwen across the bar. With her left arm across Arwen’s back her right was pulling down the latex knickers, the phallices fell out and Arwen’s bare arse was raised ready for punishment. Mistress removed the knickers and tied the mono glove to a rope that hung from the ceiling. Just then Mistress Toni got to the bar with Diana, Diana received the same treatment and Arwen’s left leg was tied to the bar and her other leg was tied to Diana’s left leg. Diana’s right leg was tied to the other end of the bar! They couldn’t move and they were for it!

“Lying fucking whores! We’ll make sure you don’t EVER lie to us again, EVER!”

The Mistresses had the remote controllers that their uncle had left during his visit.

“I’m really sorry Mistress, I”

“Which one!” Screamed Francesca, “ Mistress Francesca or Mistress Antonia!”

“Both of you! Both of you!” Screamed Diana

Just then they both felt fingers exploring their sphincters, lubbed fingers trying to gain entry forcing there way in.

“Oh and I won’t tolerate slaves speaking so gags in at all times!” Francesca picked up some gags off the floor and forced them in the mouths of Diana and Arwen.

The hand in their arses had got in and was fisting them. Because neither had ever been stretched it brought all the pain back and they with struggled in agony. As fast as it started the hands were pulled out. As they waited for something to happen Arwen started peeing, she didn’t care anymore.

The Mistresses walked around the front of Arwen and Diana with the biggest strapons they could get there hands on. Mistress Toni had changed into her leather Jodhpurs which made it impossible to tell them apart.

“We would normally ask you to suck on the dildo for lubrication but we can’t be bothered and you’ll only whine!” Laughed Mistress Antonia, as they disappeared round the back.

As they forced the dildos in their arses they made a slow withdraw with a heave push in, the pain was unreal as they both screamed into their gags. The Mistresses pumped some more until the damage was done. They pulled out only when there was blood on the dildos. Gasping in pain unable to relieve their injury the blood dribbled out until their arses managed to finally close.

Mistress Walked in front, hands on hips. “I treated you with kindness and this is how you repay me slut, I’m going to have to treat you both with a firm hand starting today, Ready!”

At first both Arwen and Diana just felt a low buzz, but it seemed everywhere, there was no place they could say it was coming from. A low guttural sort of buzz that slowly focused in the pussy, they were becoming aroused, their pussies were becoming wetter, their nipples were becoming harder and it was getting intense. Very intense. They both realised roughly at the same time that they were coming, but at the last moment everything stopped. Arwen screamed into her gag. Diana waited for the whole thing to start again.

Surprisingly the Mistresses started to undo the ropes holding them and even more surprisingly they removed the chains that had held their feet apart. As the Slaves regained some normality it quickly became aware that the torture wouldn’t stop just because they were released the buzzing had started again and continued until they were just about to cum. Their gags were removed and they were sat next to each other, only this time a chain was passed from one ankle through the D ring at the end of the mono glove and on to the other ankle so there was no movement.

As they waited the Mistresses fronted up to them and in unison undid their fly which undone to it’s full length meant that both their pussies and arses could be licked and sucked at the same time. As they positioned themselves they grabbed the noses of the slaves and forced their pussies into their mouths.

“Fuckin’ lick me bitch!” “ I didn’t say you could suck and breathe did I?”” Get on wiv it Slut!” “ Are yer goin’ to take ALL fuckin’ night!”

With the Mistresses grinding their way into the mouths of Arwen and Diana breathing was really difficult despite having their noses held. They managed to suck and lick their way into the Mistresses good books, One of them screamed as she came covering Diana in cum. Then just as the other Mistress came Arwen kept sucking and licking trying to swallow as much of the cum as she could. Both Mistresses kept hold of their captives noses and fidgeted until they were ready, then pissed in their open mouths.

“Let that be a lesson to you! We might not be so lenient if there’s a next time!”

Both Diana and Arwen were still both being brought to the edge and left hanging, time and time and time again. The Mistresses ordered Pizza and the slaves sat next to the table eating anything they were given. Diana and Arwen were in that space where the fondest wish is that the thing that is causing them to be brought to the brink fouls up and they can finally cum, it’s not a thought process it’s just torture.

As one of the Mistresses mobiles rang, she picked it up and walked off for a minute or two. When she came back.

“We have another surprise for you sluts , Henry's coming round in a little while, won’t that be fun!”

Before Henry turned up the intensity of the “Thing” increased several notches but the speed slowed slightly so if they could have cum it would have been an earth shattering climax, But as always just when it should have been there was nothing. Henry made his entrance and dropped his case by the table. Shaking the hand of Mistress Francesca they walked off discussing something.

“Had enough pizza?

Diana, in a daze snapped out of her hell.

“Yes, thank you Mistress.”

Mistress Antonia walked around the table and refitted their gags. Mistress and Henry walked back into the dungeon still talking, they stopped for a moment then walked back to the table.

“ Both breasts, both slaves!”

Mistress Francesca nodded then walked around the table and unbuttoned their blouses and pulling them over their shoulders to keep them out of the way.

“OK let me begin.” Henry picked up his case and dropped it by the slaves, both Arwen and Diana started whimpering in anticipation Henry smiled to the Mistresses.

“They love it really.”

As he put the needle gun together. Henry's gun was home made while he was in prison for a few months.

Henry grabbed Diana’s left breast, as he leered at her the smell of stale cigarettes and curry filled the space between them. He fired up the gun and started, moving his hands around her breast as he worked around the nipple. Diana couldn’t escape, there was no way she could move, she just had to grin and bear it. Her nipple was super sensitive owing to the constant stimulation.

“Keep fuckin’ still yer fucker!”

The tattooing took about half an hour, mainly because Diana was in so much pain. When he was finished the Mistresses looked over his shoulder.

“Oh look at that! Isn’t that pretty”

The Mistresses smirked. Henry lit a rollup and grabbed the other breast, “here we go, Here we go, Here we go! Yer got any Scotch!”

Mistress Antonia waved a finger as she got up, after a few minutes she returned with a bottle of scotch and a bottle of white wine.

“Yeeeaaah Ta!”

“Oh don’t thank me they came from her drinks cabinet!” Smirking at Arwen

Mistress Francesca took off the top of the scotch and handed it to Henry, Henry let go of the breast and took a swig.

“If yer don’t keep still I’ll spray yer tit in whisky!”

Henry put the bottle to one side and purposefully grasped the breast and continued. Quarter of an hour later he was done. The Mistresses looked over his shoulder and admired his work.

“Oo, Lovely! Oh that really suits you. Oh I am soooo jealous!”

After another swig of scotch he wiped his beard on his t shirt.


Arwen was quivering with fear, she had listened to Diana being tattooed for close to an hour, she was terrified but, like Diana there was nothing she could do about it.

The buzz of the needle gun started, Arwen’s breast was grabbed and the process started again, Arwen shook with fear Henry held her breast, at times he squeezed the nipple in an attempt to stop Arwen’s shaking, Suddenly it dawned on Henry that perhaps a pair of clueless eighteen year olds weren’t the best people to have slaves, he remembered Lord of the Flies , a book he read in jail. That was kids going mad, he reasoned that both of the slaves were in a bad way, and in his book the further away he was to this place the better! He finished the other nipple said he had to go and was gone in the night.

The Mistresses looked at their handy work, both the left nipples said ;


Both of the right nipples said:


They smiled at each other kissed each other on the lips then a full blown embrace.

Diana and Arwen were still looking up at the table they couldn’t look any other way, watching the Mistresses kissing and fondling each others breasts. The Mistresses made an silent decision. They got off the table and picked up two remote controllers. They aimed them at Arwen and Diana, and pressed a button. The buzzing stopped. Everthing started to return to normal. The Mistresses waved a little wave and after replacing their blind folds, were gone. Left on their own their own pain came to the fore, their bodies ached, their breasts and pussies were on fire, and those responsible for their pain were probably fucking each other in a warm bed.

Things could not go on like this, could they?


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