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The Fall of Mistress Diana 2: Arwen's Turn

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; D/s; latex; bond; susp; shave; piercing; display; club; tease; torment; denial; cons/reluct; X

continued from part 1 Part 2: Arwen's Turn.

Weeks have past for Mistress Toni and her “pussy slut” Diana. As their relationship grows, Mistress Toni learns what turns Diana on and uses this to tease her slave to the edge. Then Mistress Arwen wants to “chat” to Diana one afternoon.

Diana walked up to the penthouse at the top of the building, Mistress Toni had given her some instructions which Diana did not like the sound of. But these were instructions from her Mistress and she would not and could not let her Mistress down. As Diana knocked at the door she heard Mistress Arwen, “Come in it’s open!”

Diana stepped through the doorway to see Mistress Arwen pouring them both a glass of white wine.

“Here,” Handing a glass to Diana. “Well how are you fitting in now?”

“Pretty well I hope, I think I know everyone and I’m finding my way Around the place.”

As they sat down, Diana had to fiddle with her chastity belt, Mistress Arwen looked at Diana with a smug look of satisfaction.

“If I hadn’t asked you up here would she still have you on your lead?”

“No not during work anyway.” Diana said still trying to reconcile her comfort with the catch of the back of the chastity belt, not usually having to sit on sofas.

“You must have fallen for her badly to put up with that every day.”

Diana looked up and smiled, “Yes I suppose, but you know what I love about all this more than anything?”

“No, go on.”

“Despite all that has happened to me these past few weeks I have to say I feel complete for the first time in my life.”

“Because of an eighteen year old.”

“Toni is a beautiful Italian girl who has a wicked streak in her, which I love, And anyway I would like to see you last more than a couple of hours with her without bursting into tears!”

“Now hang on, I never gave her a second look until you fell apart the moment you saw her and I had to stand back and watch you slobbering at the mouth and the next moment you are pierced and bald.”

“Yeah, but don’t I look good on it!” As Diana pulled her long black wig of the day off to show her hairless scalp.

Mistress Arwen looked at her and smiled, she did look younger, and apart from the lack of hair she looked better than she had for a long time.

“In fact I’d bet you wouldn’t last twenty four hours under her!”

“Well it was one of the reasons I took her on, she looked so young, and after I saw what she could do to someone, I took her on. She is only a couple of months past eighteen”


Drawing the conversation back to Diana’s question.

“Well I can’t use the fact I’m her employer, nor it would seem the fact I’m a Mistress. And anyway what do I get if you lose?”

“How about a weeks pay.”

“Mmmmmmm, That’s not much is it!” Bursting into laughter, “In fact and I’m not saying I’m even thinking about it, but I’m getting awfully wet talking about it, and Toni is the prettiest thing I’ve seen in a long time!”

“Well are you game?

“I don’t know.” Mistress Arwen said truthfully. “I know whatever she does will hurt and I have a very good reason for saying no, but the more I think about it the wetter I’m getting. So I’ll take that bet! Twenty four hours you said! Yeah, I’m game!”

“Great I’ll have to arrange it!”

As Diana got back to the dungeon Mistress Toni was sitting drinking a mug of something hot, dressed in a classic business Suit which wouldn’t look out of place in the fifties.

“Well!” Said Mistress expectantly.

“The answer is yes! She has gone for it Mistress.”

“Yes! Ever since I started here I’ve wanted to get her in bondage licking my feet, now you’ve done it for me, what a clever little slave you are!”

“Thank you Mistress.”

With that, even though they were technically still at work Mistress put her hands, on Diana’s shoulders and pressed her down to Diana’s favourite place where she undid her pencil skirt and let it drop to the floor, Mistress mounted Diana’s mouth so she could lick Mistress to orgasm.

Diana explained the plan to Mistress, twenty four hours to turn their boss into a slave, Mistress Toni was salivating at the thought of it. Diana, strangely enough only wanted Arwen to feel what she felt as she remembered the sweet taste of her Mistress. Anyway as far as Diana was concerned she would share the happiness she had with Arwen.

A few days later Mistress Arwen noticed a note had been put under her door, The note read:

Dear Arwen This is to let you know it’s arranged! You are to present yourself at the dungeon door at six o’clock (pm) on Saturday next wearing only the largest Gag you can find , a waist clincher done up tight exposing Breasts, nipples and pussy. Shoes might help, as will some handcuffs! Mistress Toni will not use “safe words” but if you utter The word “Moonstone” I’ll do my best to stop it, but then you have lost. Good luck, Pussy Slut.

Arwen smiled to herself she could feel herself getting wet again.

Saturday eventually came and the time to prepare was getting closer, Arwen had cleared both herself, Mistress Toni and Diana of anything that resembled work for the rest of the weekend.

As Arwen got ready she could fell her juices flowing, Her nipples were getting firmer and starting to ache from anticipation. She had got a two and a half inch Round Gag, the biggest she had, anything less and she thought that she’d be punished, she thought for a second about changing it for a smaller one but the note said the biggest as she forced the gag into her mouth. The waist clincher was on and tight, very tight and as she gave a last look at the safety of her flat slipped on some court shoes and grabbed a pair of handcuffs, with that shut the door.

With about thirty seconds to spare Arwen stood outside the dungeon, gag in mouth she wiped her shaven pussy trying to hide the fact she was so wet, knocked at the door and put the handcuffs on behind her back.

As she waited…………

After about a minute the door opened by Mistress Toni, dressed in leather Jodhpurs, boots, blouse, and leather tie. She was THE Mistress. Arwen felt an incredible rush as she gazed at the beauty before her. Mistress Toni walked up to Arwen and put a posture collar on around her neck, attached a leash to the collar and pulled the hapless Arwen into the dungeon.

“So I have you to myself for twenty four hours do I? half turning to Arwen.

“Mmmmffh” returned Arwen.

As they walked deeper into the dungeon Arwen noticed a figure bent over double in a strappardo, as they got closer she realised it was Diana. Diana tried to look up but found it near impossible. Also gagged with a two and a half inch monster gag Diana was not in a position to intervene . Mistress Toni removed the cuffs, only to replace them with a mono glove. Arwen felt that freedom was slipping away at lightning speed as she could feel herself getting wet as Mistress did up the final straps of the glove..

“So finally I have you where I want you Arse slut! lets get the party started!”

Mistress Toni stroked Arwen’s pussy and pushed a couple of fingers into it.

“Oh it gets better and better! You are so wet I could fist you into submission, maybe later.”

With that she turned and walked over to a bench and picked a handful of clover clamps, firstly showing the pair what she had in her hands. Dropping them between the pair she walked behind Arwen and grabbed a rope that was dangling from the ceiling and tied it to the end of Arwens mono glove.

As the Mistress walked back to the bench she started winding the other end of the rope started pulling Arwen’s arms skywards so the pair of now slaves were both held in a Strappardo, as Arwen ‘s head was slowly pulled horizontal Mistress’s steps were slow and diliberate,

“Now for the fun!”

Laughed Mistress as she walked back to the clover clamps and picked them up, she picked two separate sets and looked at Arwen.

“Are you ready arse slut!”

With that Mistress put one of the clamps just behind Arwen’s nipple, followed by the opposite one, avoiding Arwen’s drool Mistress fixed the other end of the set on the same side of her Labia. Arwen squealed in pain as the other side was attached realising what had been done to her. As Mistress got up she picked up the other clover clamps and did exactly the same to Diana. When the pair were squealing through their gags Mistress picked up a pair of heavy padlocks which she closed over the Clover clamps chains and the squeals increased.

“I shall leave you to your pain and ready myself for the next game.”

And with that promptly disappeared, not that the pair could see where she went, they were slowly burning as the blood was squeezed out of their nipples and labia and the intense pain was increased by the slightest movement thanks to a heavy well placed padlock pulled the clamps even more and after ten minutes added to the pain making for rush of endorphins like no other.!

As quickly as she disappeared, Mistress was felt rather than seen as she cupped the breast of Arwen and fingering the nipple, again adding to the intense discomfort until Mistress Toni removed the clamps of both women, and smiled as their faces grimaced with the pain of the blood rushing back. After releasing them from the rope, she clipped a chain between Diana’s posture collar and Arwen’s mono glove. Arwen’s posture collar had the leash attached and with this Mistress Toni led the Slaves to their next “game.”

As they walked through the doorway there was a dressing room and Mistress Toni started to remove the mono gloves. And leashes as the pair rubbed the life back into their arms. The slaves stood motionless, gags still in place and their arms folded behind them into the small of their backs. Arwen’s red hair soaked with sweat whilst Diana didn’t have the same problem, Mistress had pick up a riding crop and was waving around with reason.

“So my sluts I’m told that is very intense form of torture did it do it for you?”

Arwen nodded, Diana made a wet sound, Mistress was pacing backwards and forwards flicking the crop against her hand.

“OK , behind me are two piles of clothes. Take everything you have on, off! Put your clothes on leave nothing off and Pussy slut will put Arse sluts mittens on. I will have to put Her mittens on. Do it now!”

Despite the slightly unclear instructions they managed the task, they had removed the monster gags for smaller ball gags which seemed much more comfortable. The hoods had no eye holes and no mouth holes so were unable to see and unable to talk. Suddenly Diana realised why their uniforms looked familiar, she thought that they were going out but with a gag in her mouth and Mistress putting her mittens on padlocked into the small of their backs they were ready. As Mistress Toni put their posture collars back on and their leashes and as before linked Diana behind Arwen.

“Right we’re going out! Taxi is waiting” Mistress Toni pulled the leash and they had no choice but to follow!

“Le Club! “ Mistress Toni said to the driver And the taxi drove off.

About quarter of an hour later the taxi pulled up and Mistress climbed out followed by Arwen and Diana. Mistress was careful not to pull too hard but this train had purpose Diana thought. As Mistress went through the crowds Diana wondered if it was going to be a rerun of her “jaunt” to the club a few weeks earlier.

Mistress came to a halt and the train stopped Diana was made to kneel, whilst Arwen was in some pain, Diana thought Arwen was getting the treatment she got the last time Mistress visited “le Club”

Diana caught some words. “No the bigger ones,” “like you did this one” and “Mmmmmmmpppphhhhh”

After a while Mistress linked them together again and Arwen and Diana had to concentrate on staying upright as they were both expected to kneel by the side of Mistress as she talked to friends of hers, a few times Arwen head butted Diana, she was that close, Diana thought that Mistress was doing the same thing to Arwen as she had done to her a few weeks ago……….

All of a sudden they were off, trying to keep their balance, trying to bend down to get into the taxi!

Once the Taxi stopped sometime later the three got out, Mistress led the way followed by Arwen and Diana who were still hooded and gagged, and chained together like cattle.

Mistress had brought them back to the Dungeon and as neither could see they both stood on the spot where Mistress had dropped the leash. As Mistress Toni returned she had a pile of rubber which she left on the bench, she disappeared only to return with another pile. Mistress removed Diana’s helmet, gag and mittens then as Diana stripped, Mistress removed the same on Arwen, Diana knew the drill! Arwen for the first time in hours could talk, she whispered to Diana, “I’m Pierced!” And Arwen undid her blouse to reveal her newest additions!

“You are lucky, she did all three to me the night we first met.”

Arwen pulled her schoolgirl mini skirt up to reveal another Piercing.

“Oh bugger you’ve got the set.” Diana said giggling.

Arwen gave her a look! “It’s not funny! You tart!”

“You are Lucky she hasn’t tattooed you with property of Mistress Toni.”

A voice from behind them cut in.

“What a delicious idea, and the night’s still young.” Said Mistress Toni from the shadows both women gasped and hurried to get changed into the rubber that Mistress had put out for them.

When they were finished they were encased in rubber, helmets with eye, nose, and mouth holes, a rubber cat suit and high heeled rubber boots. As they waited for the next “game” to start Mistress walked over with some more bits a rubber blindfold and a rubber Pump up Penis Gag. As Mistress prepared to put the gag in Arwen’s mouth she opened her mouth to except it.

“Just think it’ll be like this every day from now on Arse slut!”

And the gag slipped into Arwen’s mouth. Arwen made no protest, no noise, and Mistress just smiled at her. Lent over and picked up Arwen’s posture collar and put it round her neck leash still attached.

Mistress walked over to Diana and put her in similar bondage, Except she replaced the chain for another leash, with that she gently pulled her two slaves along behind her until they reached what looked like a padded bar to tie up horses, As they stopped Mistress picked up a pair of corsets. Mistress positioned each of them so that she could get them on the pair and ensure the corsets were tight, very tight. Arwen was starting to become uncomfortable mainly because of her newly acquired nipple rings, as Mistress put on her left Mitten leaving the other she tied a belt round Arwen’s corset and padlocked the mitten to it then handcuffing Arwen’s right hand to the spare d-ring of the mitten. Mistress positioned Diana so she could get on her corset and the mittens. Finally Mistress Toni stood back at all her hard work.

“Nearly ready,” She cooed.

Mistress added spreader bars to keep their leg parted and made them lean over the padded bar so all their weight was on the bar then tied the leashes to the middle of the spreader bars so there was no escape, and their heads were kept down. Mistress unzipped Arwens cruch and pressed her fingers into her pussy. It was very, very wet she took her fingers out again and put on some rubber gloves and lubbed up. Arwen was making some noise mostly groaning, Mistress started to work her way into arwen’s pussy fingers first, playing her teasing her then after sliding her hand slowly in fisting her. Arwen was getting really worked up and started breathing heavily and as Arwen was reaching climax Mistress pulled her hand out of Arwen’s pussy

“You weren’t under the impression that I allow my slaves to cum.” Mistress Toni said flatly, picking up her crop and patting Arwen on her rump.


“You’ll have to impress me a lot more than you have before I’ll allow you to cum, Arse Slut.”

Mistress stepped over Arwen and walked over two a bench, She picked up a brief case and opened it. Inside was a computer, a laptop Mistress Toni started it up, put in her password, She was ready! She took out of the brief case two dildos and lubbed then both, went back behind Arwen and put one inside her pussy. Stepped over Arwen and unzipped Diana. Her gloved hand, already lubbed started playing with Diana’s pussy, and like Arwen started breathing more heavily. Mistress Toni made sure That Diana ‘s pussy was properly lubbed and when it was to her satisfaction the dildo was slid in, and Mistress zipped up the cat suits so there was no chance of squeezing the dildos out.

“I haven’t said very much to you all night have I Pussy slut.”

Diana moaned into her gag as the dildo started vibrating.

“You see sluts these dildos are the latest thing! They are designed to vibrate but they do much, much, more they are connected to my computer and I can regulate the power so you remain very, very turned on but as you reach climax the dildo senses this and slows down or stops . It records your vitals whilst your having fun so it can judge the correct time to slow or stop, it’s self regulating and can tell in a nanosecond which one of you it’s violating so I don’t even have to put your names on them. Now I thought that I might give Henry a call and see if he can squeeze you two in tomorrow morning. Ho, Property of Mistress Toni wasn’t it, yes that sounds great round your pussies doesn’t it, I’ll give him a ring!”

With that foot steps could be heard walking away, but Arwen and Diana had other things on their minds as the dildos revved Up a few notches.

Mistress Toni left them for a few hours to stew. Both Arwen and Diana were brought almost to climax only to be let down by a computer, time and time, and time again in their world of darkness they almost got there only to find the damm dildo had stopped at the vital moment, every couple of minutes they got to where they wanted only to have it taken away…

Six hours later when they were reduced to dribble Mistress walked over and removed Arwens blind fold, she had changed into her school uniform with her little leather pleated skirt, stockings, suspenders, Court shoes all the stuff!

“I expect you probably want something?” Mistress said while removing Arwen’s Gag.

“Pleeeeeeeaaaassssse!” Arwen wailed!

“Well, I would like something Arse slut.”

Arwen was close to climax when it stopped again. “Any, An, An Anything.”

Mistress Toni picked up a small table and put it beside Arwen

“I want you to sign this.” Said Mistress flatly.

“O, o, o,…OK.”

Mistress set the paperwork under Arwen’s nose, unlocked her right hand and put a pen in it. Arwen started to read the contract, but Mistress pulled it away!

“You did want to cum, didn’t you!”

“ yesssss Pleeeease!”

“Well How can I help if you won’t sign this?”

“O,o,o,k…… OK!”

Mistress put the paperwork back on the table as Arwen nearly came again.

“Sign here, and here , and here!”

Arwen signed the paper and looked at Mistress expectantly.

“I’ve just got to put this in a safe place and I’ll be right with you!”

Mistress replaced Arwen’s Gag and blindfold and redid up Arwen’s hand in the cuffs, Arwen squealed as Mistress walked off, After a few minutes mistress came back.

“So what was it you wanted?”

“Mmmmmmmffffhh” Came the wet reply.

Mistress undid the leash which had held the posture collar forcing them to bend their backs bringing the head closer to the feet.

“So you want to cum do you?”

As Mistress undid the Gag and took the blindfold off again.

“Yes Please, Mistress!”

“Well it’s like this I’m the fuckin’ Mistress round here and I think you should be a little less selfish Arse Slut! I think you should be more grateful and suck me till I cum!”

Arwen could not comprehend what was happening as Mistress lifted her skirt and showed Arwen her arse

“Suck it slut!”

“But I!”

“I told you to suck it once bitch!”

“Oh I don’t expect to tell you twice” Mistress Toni promptly dropped Arwen on the padded bar and replaced her gag and blindfold, Arwen fell on her knees and cried out in frustration.

“Mmmmmrrrrrrrffffffhhh” Arwen burst into tears under her hood.

“Ok, Pussy slut lets see if you are any better than arse slut.”

Mistress took of Diana’s blindfold and removed her Gag, Diana was trying to get her head under Mistresses skirt.

“Oh pussy slut, you want to be my pussy slut don’t you?”

Diana nodded sticking her tongue into the folds of Mistresses pussy helped by Mistresses hand behind her head! Just then a moble phone on the bench rings.

“Oops sorry pussy slut”, and Mistress pushed Diana away, picked up the moble and answered it.

Ok, Ok round in twenty Ok, laters!” With that reset the phone and put it down.

“Well we had better get ready sluts.”

Arwen was still moaning occasionally. Mistress spotted the mitten less hand, behind her back.

“Oh lets get you ready” as Mistress found the missing mitten undid the cuffs. Throwing them on the bench she slipped the other mitten over Arwen’s right hand and laced it tightly, and doing the strap up around the wrist. Then Mistress released the other hand and Arwen got off the floor. Arwen still couldn’t see or talk coherently and that damm dildo was still bringing her nearly to climax and just when she needs that vital touch there is nothing and it subsides.

“Lets get those mittens sorted.”

Mistress grabbed the mittens and locked them together With a padlock, then with a rope from the ceiling she tied the rope round Arwen’s wrists.

Mistress Toni almost skipped over to where the winder was on the wall and Arwens hands started getting higher until she was on tiptoes. Mistress looked at Diana.

“Your turn!”

Diana started to straighten, she couldn’t get up on her own, she needed help, Mistress came over and got her to stand. And slowly swinging or arching her way to where another rope hung from the ceiling. Mistress unlocked Diana’s mittens from behind her and like Arwen relocked the mittens together and tied the rope around Diana’s wrists. As before Mistress Toni found the winder and started pulling her slave towards the ceiling, She stopped when Diana’s feet were on tiptoes. Mistress Toni looked at her watch, “Perfect!” She said out loud and made for the front entrance of the building. Diana looked at Arwen who was blindfolded gagged, And moaning!

“Arwen, you ok!” Said Diana in a raised whisper.

“Nnnnnnnnoooppphh!” Said Arwen. Voices could be heard coming back to the dungeon.

Mistress Toni had let in a Tattooist called Henry, “Well Sluts have you ever heard the saying Be careful what you wish for? Well , what was it? Property of Mistress Toni. That was it wasn’t it? Well Henry here has come over to put That on your slut pussies.”

With that Mistress unzipped both Diana and then Arwen’s crutch zips revealing their pussies and she replaced Diana’s gag and blindfold. Henry pulled his case over, pulled up a chair, licked his lips and said to Mistress.

“Which one is that Unvin bitch?”

“It’s that one OK, And remember, She’s MY Bitch!”

“Aw, I always wanted to fuck this bitch up the arse!”

“Well I don’t hear an objection do you?” Arwen started bellowing into her gag but Mistress and Henry looked at each other and started Laughing!

“Tattoo them first.”

Henry grunted and undid his case, in twenty minutes they were both tattooed across their pussies.


Henry put his gear away and walked around Arwen sticking his greased fingers into her arse. Arwen squirmed at his touch she had only been touched by a man once before and she didn’t enjoy that much either.

Mistress Toni Said, “If you make her cum I’ll cut your dick off!”

He rammed his cock up her arse and pumped her for nearly a minute.

“Oohh , ooohh, ooo, yeeesss!”

“Are you finished now?” Said Mistress Toni,

“Yep! All done.”

“Well I have thought of something else you could do before you go.”

They walked a distance away and discussed something.

As they walked back Henry opened up his case.

“I’ve always wanted to do this!”

As he pulled out a hair trimmer and Mistress started unzipping Arwen’s helmet and removing her gag and blindfold. Arwen had been in a rubber helmet for something like fifteen hours her sweat ridden hair falling across her shoulders. Her eyes were beaten, another climax that would never come consumed her. Henry grabbed a handful of hair and started cutting. Because Arwen’s hair was long soaking wet with sweat. It took a few minutes, but Diana and Arwen both were bald. Finally Mistress Toni removed the remains of Arwen’s hair and threw it in a bin.

Mistress showed out Henry and when she returned she replaced the helmet, gag and blindfold of Arwen.

Mistress Toni was jubilant Arwen had signed a contract allowing Toni to take over the building, the business, and everything therein.

Arwen was broken, the thousands of times she had been brought to the brink of cuming only to have that vital last fragment removed at the last second.

The software in Mistresses computer had refined her vitals and the best bit was that She would have both Arwen and Diana fitted with much smaller stimulators which would have to be surgically fitted. This would mean total control 24/7. She would have to ask her uncle if he could fit them next week.


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