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The Fall of Mistress Diana

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; leather; bond; shave; piercing; display; club; bagged; oral; cons; X

Part One

This is the first story I ever wrote, I could blame many people
For this! But I’ll just have to blame my wife!
Oh you’re going to get it!

The taxi was almost at her destination. Diana Baxter pulled the letter out of her bag to read it as she had done many times before. She read the address, she read the date, she read the name at the bottom of the page, and then she read the letter slowly again.

“Mistress Arwen requests the presence of Mistress Diana at
her dominion at three o’clock to discuss a venture that will
greatly enhance both parties.”

Diana glanced at her watch, it was ten to three. She checked her makeup, she had just turned forty and was still coming to terms with that fact. She checked her hair and clothing, the boots her slaves polished were unmarked and gleaming, her leather pencil skirt was new out of it’s box this morning as was the leather tie. The white blouse was bought yesterday and her short leather jacket had been worn once. Diana, for all intents and purposes was going for a job interview, at least that’s what it felt like!

The taxi stopped outside the address and Diana paid the driver.

With a bit of trepidation she walked through the doors, inside was a lone receptionist. As Diana walked up to the desk the Receptionist smiled and said, “Afternoon, can I help you?”

“Mistress Diana to see Mistress Arwen at three.”

Diana glanced over the head of the Receptionist at a clock which said two minutes to three, perfect thought Diana as the Receptionist waved her upstairs and said, “Mistress Arwen will be with you shortly!”

“So far so good,” thought Diana.

Upstairs seemed very grand considering that both Diana and Mistress Arwen shared the same profession, and anyway Mistress Arwen was a good ten years younger than her so where did she get the money to pay for this? At that moment a door opened down the hall and a woman with a shock of red hair appeared, Diana recognised her as Mistress Arwen.

Mistress Arwen recognised Diana at once and shook her hand warmly, “Glad you could make it.” said Mistress Arwen.

“I know that I should get out more but this sounded to good an opportunity to miss”

“Good for you!” Mistress Arwen took an arm. “lets start at the start, but first lets go to my apartment and have a drink first and I’ll explain.”

Mistress Arwen led Diana up to the penthouse, as they walked past the rooms there was the sound of whips and floggers being used.

“Sounds busy.” said Diana, restarting the conversation.

”Yes we’re doing very well but that’s why you are here!”

Smiling Mistress Arwen showed Diana through a door into her private rooms, Mistress Arwen motioned Diana to sit on a sofa and pulled a bottle of white wine out of the fridge.

“There you are.” handing a glass to Diana.

“Thanks!” beamed Diana and took her jacket off, folded and left it on the arm of the sofa.

As they talked business, Mistress Arwen proved herself a business woman Diana joked!

“You may have been a business consultant with your knowledge!”

“Oh I would have been but I thought this’ll be more fun!” As they talked it became apparent that a job was being offered.

“Perhaps you would like me to show you round?”

“Oh yes please” said Diana grinning like a little schoolgirl!

“We’ll start at the top and work our way down.”

The house was (to put it mildly) huge and was two Victorian Town houses knocked through to make a spacious place of work. Apart from the apartment at the top there were eight bedrooms in various colours to suit various scenes and fetishes. The pair kept going into what looked like a store cupboards but was actually a peep rooms where they could spy on whoever was in the two adjacent rooms. As they went down the back stairs things were getting more extreme with the rooms all looking like full blown dungeons and Mistress Arwen’s staff were obviously enjoying what they were doing.

“This room is the reason you are here” said Mistress Arwen. “I’m after an experienced mistress that will smooth the edges of Mistress Toni, she’s just turned twenty-four and although she doesn’t look a day over twenty she is very, very good at what she does and very, very, convincing. I feel a more experienced hand is needed to curb her enthusiasm so, if I may I’ll put you in with her for a few months and we will see!”

Mistress Arwen opened the door to a large room, the view was stunning, two leather schoolgirls, one standing hands on hips with her back to the door bent to allow the other to service her anus with her tongue, because the other was kneeling behind her, arms in a monoglove, trying to lick and suck the ever moving bottom.

“Afternoon Mistress” said Mistress Arwen the girl turned and Diana stared in disbelief, Mistress Toni looked about sixteen.

Mistress Arwen said, “let me int…. ”

Mistress Toni cut in, “The replacement for my slave,” walking over to the pair looking at Diana grinning! “You would like it at my feet!”

“...Mistress Diana” Mistress Arwen finally said.

“Well she’s already turned on!” gently rubbing her thumb over Diana’s nipple, Diana shuddered at the touch but regained her composure. Mistress Toni may have been young but had already spotted Diana as one that would do almost anything to get in between her legs!

Mistress Arwen said, “I’ll leave you two for a couple of hours so you can get to know each other. Hopefully you will be working together next week!”

Diana’s face drained when Mistress Toni’s hand grabbed hers and walked to the far wall.

“Let me get rid of my slave and I’ll be right with you!”

Diana’s thoughts were muddled, she dropped her clutch bag on the bench and thought. Mistress Toni looked too young to be here but she was gorgeous, a waist to die for, long black hair which gave her Italian ancestry away and her gorgeous breasts which were trying to tear her blouse apart, and to cap it all Mistress Toni was a couple of inches smaller than Her, and those smouldering brown eyes. Diana suddenly realised she was getting very aroused, judging by how wet she seemed.

With that Mistress Toni walked through the door, walked right up to Diana almost nose to nose and said, “I think the best place for you to start is at my feet don’t you?”

It was a rhetorical question at best, but Mistress Toni drew her thumbnails across Diana’s nipples, attempting to excite the older woman even more than she was already. As she played with them, caressing them toying with them, manipulating them.

“No I’m a Mistress, I’m Mistress Diana.” Diana said weakly.

“You are whatever I deem appropriate, after all, you're in my dungeon now!”

Diana stopped talking and held the youngster, slowly kissing her and working down her neck of olive skin.

“You realise I shall make you do that when I wish it don’t you?” Mistress Toni whispered.

“Oh yes.” was all Diana could manage.

Mistress Toni turned Diana round, pushing her over a bench and rubbing herself on Diana’s bum holding her and putting a pair of mittens over Diana’s hands and wrists.

“Please don’t do this!” Diana pleaded but as the mittens were locked behind her.

“So walk away, walk out the door.”

Diana stood upright then slumped back, “ I can’t!”

“I know you can’t, you’ve taken your whole life to work out the best place for your face is between my legs!” and with that carefully pressed Diana to kneel before her.

“This is where you’ll spend the rest of your life, the one thing you will wish is that I would allow your tongue to dwell in between my pussy lips.”

Diana knew what she was expected to do as Mistress Toni raised her leather pleated mini skirt to reveal an almost perfect shaven pussy, ripe very juicy and ready for stimulation. Diana leaned forward and started sucking, licking, teasing, a swift crack with a riding crop put a stop to that! Eventually Mistress Toni came, and Diana drank her cum.

As Mistress Toni stepped back she lent down and whispered to Diana. “So you like teasing do you?”

Stroking Diana’s face Mistress Toni stripped Diana of her clothing, her boots and all, but left the mittens on. She disappeared for a few moments coming back with ballet boots, amongst other things. Diana was lent back on the bench and pulled the ballet boots on Diana, Diana had put ballet boots and shoes on slaves for years but had never in her wildest dreams thought that one day the tables would be turned and she would have to wear them! It didn’t stop there, her mittened hands were attached to the ends of a spreader bar as it was raised above her head, so not all her weight was on her feet but it hurt like hell having to pull on your arms all the time. Mistress Toni had just started she drew up a chair behind Diana, gagged her, blindfolded her, and nipple clamped her. She clamped each side of her outer lips of her labia and lastly greased a butt plug which was a new experience for Diana, ”Just relax.” as it was pressed home!

“Right I’ll let you stew for a while. I have other fish to fry, I’ll see you later Pussy slut!”

By the time the door closed Diana was feeling the full extent of her predicament, everything was screaming PAIN!

After what seemed like hours the door opened and someone walked in, It was Mistress Arwen she sighed, “Oh well I had such high hopes for you!”

Mistress Toni must have walked in then as there was a pause, “Couldn’t you have a switch bitch! During the day a Mistress and by night my pussy slut ?”

“Well yes, in principal, I suppose that’ll work, at least you could keep an eye on her.”

“Well If she was in a chastity belt that wouldn’t matter would it? I’ll not have my slave fingering herself every time my back is turned.”

“No that works for me! I’ll leave it in your hands.”

Diana mind was reeling, she, felt for the first time vulnerable. Mistress Arwen did not ask her, she was now just furniture, a slave, a bitch, but Mistress Toni’s bitch she thought that for some reason Mistress Arwen would do something…

“OK,” said Mistress Toni still thinking,

“Well first things first!”

Diana couldn’t see but it sounded like Mistress Toni was rummaging through some kitchen drawers, until the clamps on her shaven pussy lips were removed and a Chastity belt was fitted!

“MMMMMMMMUUUUPPHHHHH” as the realisation of what was happening to her and the pain of her pussy lips until Mistress Toni pulled on her nipple clamps.

“Just calm yourself pussy slut, another outburst like that and I might let you cum in a couple of months!”

Diana pondered, “a venture that will greatly enhance both parties.” She seemed to remember.

Mistress Toni let her down and Diana collapsed, although Mistress Toni expected it to happen. Diana’s new Mistress, half her age removed the Ballet boots and rubbed her feet.

“There that’s better,”

Mistress removed the Gag, the blindfold, the Mittens, and the Chastity belt as they moved to a bed, Mistress opened a drawer and pulled out a collar, made of stainless steel with a small padlock and an O ring at the front, “I have been saving this for a rainy day!”

It looked permanent. Diana lowered her head as Mistress put it on, with a loud click a small padlock sounded like a permanent attachment to her.

“There, by day a regular Mistress, but by night you’re my little pussy slut!”

Mistress Toni was still in her schoolgirl outfit and she caught Diana looking at her nipples through her blouse, “You like them do you?”

Stroking her breasts as she made room for Diana to lie in the centre of the bed, “face up!”

She ordered and as Diana lay on the bed. Mistress straddled her, the wrong way round. Trapping her arms beneath her legs.

“Come on you must have done this plenty of times, pussy slut, but maybe the other way round, someone else did the licking yes!”

With that Mistress Toni put her entire weight on Diana’s face, Diana, trying to get her tongue into Mistresse's sphincter had been gagged and realised this was about breath play rather than rimming!


Which roughly translated meant get off, I’m going to die under here! Mistress Toni lifted her bum slightly then dropped back laughing to herself, After toying with Diana a few times and satisfied with her rimming skills Mistress Toni climbed off Diana’s face and settled on her stomach facing her.

“I want to kill two birds with one stone.” Mistress said quietly, smiling at Diana. “Follow me!”

With that she jumped off of Diana and made her way to a door. Diana followed unsure of what was going through Mistress Toni’s mind, as Diana was shown through the door the room was actually like a sizeable dressing room with
a walk in shower and wardrobes of fetish clothing. Probably because the situation was unusual in as much as Mistress Toni had only seen Diana for the first time a few hour before.

“I want to take you somewhere pussy slut!”

After they had showered Mistress Toni put a ball gag followed by a latex hood on Diana. She thought for a moment and put a blindfold on Diana as well! Mistress Toni dressed the pair of them, Diana ended up with mittens behind her back and a leash attached to her collar but, had no idea what! In fact Mistress Toni had reversed what they were wearing earlier. Mistress was wearing a leather pencil skirt, a tight white blouse and tie but, had added her thigh length boots. Diana, on the other hand had the blouse and tie but was wearing a latex pleated mini skirt with latex stockings and court shoes. Unfortunately the last thing Mistress put on Diana was that Chastity belt and Diana knew it was locked as she could feel the little padlocks moving! They left the building Mistress Toni was leading Diana wherever, after a few minutes they climbed into a taxi.

“Le Club!” Mistress Toni said. A shock ran through Diana, for the first time she realised she was about to be paraded in a club that she was in only a few weeks ago!

As they arrived at the club, once out of the taxi Mistress had one more surprise she put clamps on Diana’s nipples through her blouse, “That’ll do!”

She smirked and Diana was pulled into the club. Diana, in a way was glad of the hood because after a few minutes in the club no one spoke to her and, more importantly no one recognised her. Mistress Toni was parading her around the club and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it! After what seemed like hours Mistress told Diana to sit, which she did and undid the hood as she peeled it off she declared “This is my latest slave!” As the hood came off and as Diana became accustomed to the lights

“Bloody hell! It’s Diana!” The woman in front of her was a butch Dyke called Gloria and with the realisation that she was in the barbers chair and Gloria only did two cuts, a number one or shaven!

“Do it!” Mistress Toni barked, Gloria looked at Diana and after a second nodded. The shaver cut Diana’s shoulder length hair in about a minute, the gag undone but still in Diana’s mouth, a tear rolled down her face. As Gloria finished her scalp with a razor Mistress lifted a mirror so Diana could see the handy work.

“Shaven and bald!” thought Diana, and as Mistress Toni did the gag up again and prepared to put the hood back on Diana, Gloria mouthed, “sorry!”

Diana shrugged as the hood went over her head.

Once Diana was blindfolded once more, the hood felt strange without her hair but she felt strangely content, with a tug they were off again. The club wasn’t that big so within a minute Diana was sat down again but she thought she knew what was coming, she wasn’t wrong! As Diana’s nipple clamps were removed and the blood rushed back she winced with pain, not that anyone would notice because of the hood and blindfold. Her blouse was undone and her nipples were swabbed ready for piercing, she could only guess at the amount of pain, because her only piercing were in her ears and that was in her teens! Before her nipples had stopped throbbing they were pushed through, both nipples. The pain was slow and intense, the tears started to well up behind the hood as something followed, being pushed through her new piercing, rings, barbells she didn’t know, she just was aware they were there.

After a pause Diana felt her skirt being raised and the padlocks on her Chastity belt being undone, with the realisation that, again she knew what was going to happen! Diana’s mind wandered to another time, another place, when she was starting out as a Mistress, her friend was explaining mind fuck questions for slaves, “you have three clothes pegs in your hand, you show them to slave, the question is where do you think these go?”

Just then a crack on Diana’s thigh brought her back to reality!

“Lift your arse pussy slut, we haven’t got all night!”

Having lifted herself off of the Chastity belt Diana felt someone’s finger caress her mound and feel her wetness in her slit. As she lowered herself back down and the finder teased her clitoral hood, a second finger joined the first toying with her, teasing her bringing her to climax. The fingers suddenly stopped toying with her and a pair of tongs grabbed her hood and a needle pushed through. Diana screamed through the gag as the intense pain flooded over her, she shuddered violently as she found there was no escape from the pain, as the needle was removed and the thing was put in it’s place. And with the now dulling pain Diana was able to bask in it’s shadow. Her new piercings were cleaned and her blouse was done up.

A quick tug of her leash meant stand up, which she did. Her Chastity belt was refitted and padlocked serving as a reminder to Diana that the butt plug was feeling more and more uncomfortable and was evidence of her new subservient position. Mistress Toni paraded Diana around the club, showing her latest slave. Diana could not say or do anything being blindfolded, gagged and her hand out of harms way. It was all she could do just to keep from falling over. Unless Mistress decided to sit where Diana was expected to kneel on the floor beside her Mistress, as she gloated about how easy it was to “turn” Diana. Every so often Mistress Toni would caress Diana’s newly pierced nipple causing her to recoil in pain which caused much laughter at the table. Mistress Toni decided to go. They walked out, as they had arrived, into a waiting taxi.

Wherever they were, it wasn’t where they started off, this smelt very different and they had descended some narrowish stairs which Mistress Toni was very careful to help Diana negotiate.

Mistress barked at Diana “kneel before me slut,” she helped Diana get on her knees as Mistress took off her hood and separated the mittens, slowly, playfully she removed the gag from Diana’s mouth. Diana found it painfully slow to work her jaw after the amount of time she had been wearing the gag, and only then did Diana notice the blood on her breasts.

“Why have you done this?” Diana said in a low voice.

After a few seconds Mistress Toni turned round to her and laughed, “ because you’re my pussy slut and I do what I like with you bitch!”

With that Mistress picked up a mirror and showed the reflection to Diana. After a few seconds of shock on Diana’s part due to the sudden lack of hair, Mistress put the mirror back and started unbuttoning her blouse.

“I have a special place for you tonight!”

As she continued undressing round the room, once nude she grabbed a towel and showered. Diana on the other hand could do nothing as she still had her mittens on and had to wait until Mistress came out of the shower.

“Oh your such a drag!” She announced. “look at you can’t even undress yourself, do I have to do everything round here?”

After drying herself Mistress took off the mittens and again Diana found it difficult to manipulate her hands after such a long time in bondage.

“May I shower Mistress?” Diana said, Mistress Toni glared at her ”I only wish to be clean for you Mistress.”

“Yes slut! Use my things at you peril!”

“Yes Mistress, I understand.”

“Go!” Said Mistress without looking up.

“What about the belt Mistress.”

“Oh I haven’t forgotten pussy slut!”

As Mistress held a key attached around her neck. The Chastity belt fell away for the first time! Diana could see all her new piercings, no wonder they had been so painful they were thick silver rings with a silver ball inset in them, Diana smiled and looked adoringly at Mistress.

“Thank you Mistress.”

Just above a whisper “can I remove the butt plug as well Mistress?”

Mistress had forgotten the butt plug and removed the plug for Diana, as she prepared to shower Mistress Toni smiled to herself she might just allow Diana into her bed… One day, but not today, no she had something else in mind for tonight.

As Diana towelled herself dry, she walked back into the bedroom to thank mistress for allowing her to clean herself, Mistress had laid out on the floor a Latex sleep sack, Mistress unzipped it and motioned Diana to get in, Diana had used these herself and knew there was no escape from them. She climbed in her arms went into separate sleeves which meant there was no playing on her own, as Mistress padlocked the collar she slipped over Diana’s head a latex hood without cut outs for eyes but had a mouth cut out, as Mistress Toni laid Diana on the carpeted floor Diana simply said, “Thank you Mistress.”

Diana had had more comfortable nights, but she did sleep and she did not wake Mistress, but her nipples itched like crazy and her clit badly needed her attention, every time she breathed her breasts would rub themselves on the latex and it would drive her to distraction and there was nothing she could do to prevent it, or satisfy it.

Mistress woke after a very restful sleep, she sleepwalked to the ensuite and prepared for the day, once Mistress was happy she knelt down and unzipped the hood of Diana’s sleep sack and promptly straddled her face!

“You want your breakfast don’t you?”

Diana now fully awake, responded willingly and sucked, licked and slurped Mistress to climax! Mistress climbed off of Diana’s face and unzipped her from her night bondage.

“I will show you where the kitchen is! I need coffee!”

”As you wish Mistress!” Cooed Diana. “Would you like breakfast as well mistress.”

“Err yes, and you had better eat something yourself pussy slut”

“OK Mistress.”

Diana did Mistress an omelette and coffee which she served at Mistresses table, as she got on her knees Mistress said. “have you eaten, pussy slut?”

“No Mistress I wait until I know that my Mistress is content with my cooking before I eat.”

Mistress Toni knew that the only thing that Diana had consumed was water since the previous evening and was touched because of Diana’s care and attention to detail, Diana, for her part was still falling under the spell of Mistress Toni. After a pause Mistress said. “Yes I am content with your cooking abilities, go and eat!”

Diana still nude except for her collar, went to eat her omelette and down some coffee, even though she was now a slave she was a creature of habit and coffee was a habit she relished! It just meant that she would be making the coffee rather than someone else. She spied into the fridge and noted the take away packaging filling the space.

“That’s good!” In another life she had been a pretty good chef with a pretty good knowledge of Italian food.

Mistress was getting changed and Diana was wondering what (if anything) she should wear, she kneeled down in front of mistress waiting for her to finish. Diana could not take her eyes off of Mistresses round bottom, she just wanted to kiss it, fondle it, cherish it, make love to it! Mistress stopped, finished she had dressed in a leather cat suit with thigh length boots.

“Mistress.” said Diana gaining her attention. “Would you want me to be a mistress today?”

Mistress Toni looked down at her cradling her face. “Yes my pet, I would ask this of you. I have something to hide your submission pet.”

Mistress opened a wardrobe which was full of polystyrene heads with wigs adorning them.

“Choose you hair for today my pet, the choice is yours!”

Diana was surprised by this and chose a page boy wig in dark hair. Mistress pulled it off the head and fitted the wig to Diana, Diana had hair again!

“Thank you mistress, please remind me when the time comes that I am utterly yours and yours alone!”

“I will, I will my pet!” and put her arms round her and held her head to her stomach Diana kissed Mistresses stomach, squeezed her bum and looked up at her smiling. Mistress Toni was lost for words, she had never been in this position before, less than twenty four hours earlier she had only heard of Diana, now she was falling for her, and it was obviously working the other way round!

After a few seconds Mistress pulled herself together and resumed control “Follow me slut” and pulled herself away from Diana, She relented, because she held out her hand to Diana and walked Diana into a spare room, where there was a wardrobe, Mistress opened the wardrobe and pulled out a another Chastity belt, this one was all stainless steel and had a single lock which held the whole thing together. Next came a PVC cat suit which sort of fitted Diana, the cat suit was a bit baggy round the middle so Mistress pulled a corset out of the wardrobe which was a bit small but did the job! Mistress tightened the corset until in was affecting Diana’s breathing when she relented.

“You look every bit the Mistress you were, My pet.”

Diana slipped on the boots that she wore last night.

“Perfect!” said Mistress. Mistress put on her own boots on and the pair walked out of her back door and up a fire escape to the building that they met in yesterday.

Before they entered Diana got down on one knee and held Mistress Toni’s hands, she spoke softly, “Allow me mistress to prove your trust in me, for I am yours and yours alone,”

“Lets just concentrate on getting through today my love.”

Mistress seemed lost for a second, realising what mistress had just said, as she pulled Diana up and with her arm round her walked through the door which meant work. As they were both working in the same room there was no way Diana could or wanted to deceive Mistress as they were both working together. looked after husband and wives. At the end of the day they were tired when Diana realised there were no more clients she walked over to Mistress Toni, fell on her knees and hugged her, Mistress though made a decision and got down on her knees as well and they hugged each other for ever.

Finally Diana whispered to Mistress, “Would you like me to cook you something?”

“Yes, I think I’ll like that idea a lot!”

And with that got up and held out her hand to Diana who pulled herself up and followed her mistress.


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