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Ella's Vacation - Chapter 3

by William

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© Copyright 2001 - William - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; MF/ff; latex; bond; straitjacket; waterplay; susp; toys; cons; X

continued from part two

Chapter Three
Part Five - Sabrina gets her man, Ella gets wet.

Sabrina sat on her Masters lap, barely awake, it had been a lovely day for her. She shuddered as he gently lifted her off of him, and slid out from underneath her. Once he let go of her she slumped, and was held up by the frame work alone, as she had no strength left. He came over and untied her and then stripped her naked, after securing her hands in front of her in a pair of locking leather restraints he led her into a small side room with a shower. There he gently bathed her, she felt as though her body and mind were melting, first the torture, which had lasted hours, had made her feel like she was going to lose her mind if she wasn't allowed to come, and then to be so thoroughly screwed afterwards, and now a long hot shower with wonderful massaging hands. She never wanted to leave.

She turned to him and kissed his chest playfully, they finished the shower and he toweled her off and led her back out into the playroom. He took off her restraints and led her over to the cabinet filled with rubber restraining toys. He pulled out a rubber straight jacket, fitted just for her. The jacket was a special design, it had a built in high collar, seven straps across the back, and each arm had a strap around the wrist and above the elbow built into the sleeve. The sleeves were tight already, but these straps made it impossible to pull the arms back down the sleeves. All the straps were secured with small locks built into the buckles, these locks were very strong. There was a loop in the front that the arms went through before being secured. This made it impossible to pull the arms over the head. The final strap was a crotch strap to prevent the jacket from simply being pulled off over the head, this strap had rows of small rubber fingers, some thick others very thin. Whenever the victim struggled they were caressed by the fingers.

It could be a maddening experience. Sabrina decided to try and fight a bit, the struggle made it more fun. She pulled away and went for the door, she didn't get two steps before she was grabbed around the waist and gently lifted into the air. She tried to wiggle free, but his arm clasped tightly enough that she had to struggle for air. He never squeezed hard enough to hurt her, just enough to make her gasp. While Sabrina struggled for air he quickly put her in the jacket. It was pulled tight, the jacket fitted very well, all the straps were locked as tightly as possible. Sabrina felt so helpless. He bound her ankles together with a pair off leather cuffs connected with 18" of chain, and led her out of the room and down the hall.

He carried her up two flights of stairs and led her to another locked door, it was his room. He opened the door and carried her to the bed, he removed the chain between her ankle bonds and locked them directly together. A blindfold was placed over her eyes, and he curled up with her and they went to sleep. It had been a long day. 

While someone's day was ending, a bit later someone else's had just begun. Ella had slept well in her confinement, but now as she woke, she was horny. She had managed to make herself come once before falling asleep, moving her hips as far as she could (which wasn't much) she had slowly brought herself off. It had been a long and difficult process. She awoke, she had slept in full enclosure before, but nothing like this. It had always been something she had done to herself, wearing a catsuit to bed, and a hood. But now she awoke to total enclosure and confinement, with no way out. She felt the numerous straps holding her down, the tightness of her suit and corset, and overall the compression and absolute helplessness of the box. Being pinned under the thick relentless rubber, she could see and hear nothing, there was nothing but the inky black silence of her captivity.

She struggled in the seductive delight of her situation, her suit was slightly slick inside, and she slowly began to build to another orgasm. She wiggled experimentally, no give. She was really helpless. A little panic started, but it was quickly washed away by an ebbing tide of heat and desire. Slowly the orgasm built, she screamed into the unrelenting void, her body tightening against her captivity but getting nowhere. She came, it was slow in coming, she felt like she had been going for days when it finally hit her. The orgasm hit her in waves, each one left her dizzy and seeing stars in the blackness. She spasmed as each wave hit her, but could go nowhere.

As she calmed down she wondered when they would let her out. She drifted on a pleasant haze of arousal, slowly building again. She began to moan and writhe, thrusting her hips she again began the long journey to ecstasy. Outside, a Mistress was listening to her cries, there was a microphone built into the padding, to aid in checking on how a slave was doing. She smiled, it had taken Ella two hours of struggling to come last time, she wandered away and wondered how long it would take this time.

Hours pass, and Ella managed two more orgasms. But she's exhausted. She feels the lid of the box lifted away and opens her eyes to blinding light. She wiggled slightly in her retraints, above her stood Mistress Dani, a tall blond with an evil smile. She began undoing Ella's bonds and helped her out of the box. Ella had trouble standing, she looked back into the box as it closed and shuddered to think she would be back in there again sometime. She wasn't sure if she was looking forward to it or not.

Ella was stripped and taken into the shower, she was bound in a standing spread-eagle and washed, she couldn't help but get very horny at this treatment. The water felt great, and Mistress Dani looked spectacular in her catsuit and boots. All too soon it was over and time to be on their way to the next ordeal. Ella's arms were placed into a single glove behind her and she was marched down the hall, if she faltered she received a crop stroke on her ass. Ella felt she was not moving slowly, Dani seemed to disagree. They went into a lift, and descended a ways. As the elevator took them down Dani pinned Ella to the back wall and gave her a deep kiss. Running her gloved hands all over Ella's body.

"Are you enjoying your vacation so far?" Ella nodded, unable to speak. "Good, I am Mistress Dani, but I am certain you remember me from before".

Indeed Ella did, Dani had really gotten to her in the film room, Ella was very attracted to her, and a little scared of her as well. Dani was very well toned, not in a masculine way, but she looked in great shape and quite strong. Ella looked Dani over again, her blond her was cut short, it suited her, the catsuit she wore was gloved and she assumed had feet as well, but no hood. The catsuit was incredibly tight and hid nothing of Dani's body. She was led to a door. Dani grabbed her and pinned her roughly to the door and began pinching her nipples.

"I have some wonderful plans for you, any resistance and I will make it much worse." Ella hunched forward at the pinch, and began shuddering. Dani's rough treatment had sent her over the edge. Dani grabbed her by the hair and pulled her upright and looked deep into her eyes. Ella saw a glint of amusement there.

"I didn't give you permission to do that Ella, now you will have to pay for it." Dani smiled, this was a hot one she was going to have a great time with her.

She led Ella through the door, and Ella put on the brakes, this was a huge pool, actually two of them. Steam rose off of one, and the other she assumed was cold. She watched as Mistress Chen toyed with a rubber encased sub floating in the hot pool. The sub was about six inches underwater with a tube leading away from the hood to a connections on the side of the pool. The sub was held spread-eagled by a metal frame and held to the frame at a many points. The frame was part of an arm that was on the side of the pool. The slave was straining, trying to get loose but was going nowhere.

Ella watched enthralled as Mistress Chen pulled her hand away from the writhing figure, and pulled her hand from the steaming water. She was wearing a glove that had spikes all over it, at a second glance Ella noticed the tips were rounded, but still these could bring some pretty intense sensations through a latex bondage suit like the one the victim wore. Mistress Chen stood and approached them leaving the squirming slave alone in her hot, inescapable torment.

They led Ella across the room to another bondage frame, it was a circular frame mounted on a hydraulic arm, the arm was in turn mounted on a complex rail system that ran all over the room. There was a suit of rubber awaiting her there. The suit was a full body suit with attached hood, a breathing tube coming out of the gag, and there were dozens of locking straps and fastening points all over the suit. The suit also had a built in corset, collar, and toe boots, it was really a marvel to see such workmanship. Ella hoped she could keep it when she left. They helped her into it, it seemed to be too small, but Mistress Dani's strength paid off as the suit was stretched tightly over her body.

They laced the boots first, and then as they went they would secure the suit to the frame. They left her arms in the single glove until they got the corset securely laced and locked shut. She was hanging, legs spread, her upper body naked above the corset when they freed her arms and worked the suit up to her shoulders and got her arms into the sleeves. Soon she was entirely covered by the suit except for the hood, Dani stood in front of her and kissed her deeply, Ella's eyes closed and suddenly the hood was yanked over her head, and instead of Mistress Dani's warm tongue her mouth was filled with the rubber gag.

They continued to tightly strap her in place, the straps securing her to the frame were strong springy rubber, by tensing against them as hard as she could Ella could move maybe an inch, but probably less than even that. She felt the hands of both Mistresses running over her body, and then she felt Mistress Chen's spike glove. It dug in and hurt a little, but it felt so intense. Then without warning the frame dove her into the water, Ella quickly lost all sense of direction, there was no up or down, no light, no sound, nothing existed except her terrible confinement and the torture her captors might choose to inflict on her. As she floated in the cold water (actually it was only about 72 F) she began to lose contact with reality. Her mind drifted along on a wonderfully torturous haze of arousal.

She was brought sharply back to reality as she was lifted from the water, she felt a smooth movement, and then nothing. She tensed, but soon a set of hands began massaging and caressing her all over. She began to pant, moaning into her gag, soon the spikes returned and had her nearly screaming. Just when she was ready to come, the frame dove her into the hot pool. Ella screamed and struggled as she was stopped from coming, the water seemed so hot after being in the cold pool. The water was only a little above body temperature, but it felt hot. She twisted hard against the straps, she had had enough of this teasing, she was going to get loose somehow. But the straps won, and she had to give in. Ella had never felt so helpless, so aroused.

She squirmed desperate for stimulation, but there was none. She screamed into her gag, sobbing for mercy, but there was none. She felt the hands again, she moaned trying to escape, but got nowhere. She simply relaxed, utterly defeated as the hands brought her right to the edge again. Ella was determined not to let them know how bad she needed it. But as the hands pulled away again, she couldn't help but squeal and struggle. She needed to come so badly. But as always she would have to wait, as Mistresses Chen and Dani were just getting started with her. Hours passed, timeless hour for Ella, cold and hot, with unending, merciless sexual torment. Long before they had finished with her Ella would have done anything to come, she pleaded wordlessly through her gag for mercy, for an end to the torment. But there was none, the Mistresses alternated between her and the other slave under their loving care. It would be along time before they were through with Ella and the other slave, a very long time.

Part Six - Sabrina escapes (again!)

Ella stirred in her hot captivity, she had been here forever. The world outside of her hot, rubbery confinement had ceased to exist. Only darkness, helplessness, and sexual torment existed for her now. She squirmed in a fit of desperation, she needed to come and she needed to right now. A hand, a wonderful hand began caressing her, the sensation was so intense after floating here in this dark, silent timeless void for so long. She gasped and squirmed as the hand continued to torment her, she was so close, then suddenly it stopped and she was raised from the hot water.

Ella hung limply in the frame, shuddering and struggling, this was more than she had bargained for, she wasn't sure how much more she could take. As the hands returned she gave a long deep sigh that slowly rose into a moan and then a scream. Ella shook and thrashed as she began to come. Her muscles tightened and she strained against her bonds as she came for what seemed like hours. Then it was over, she quivered in her bondage hanging limp and powerless. She felt the arm begin to move and cried out for it to end, she couldn't take another session like that again, but the choice was not hers to make. The arm lowered her bound and helpless form into the freezing water (actually the water wasn't all that cold, but in her current condition it felt like pure ice). She began the struggle to get away, as she was ever so slowly lowered into the water. Soon it felt good though, cooling her overheated body.

And soon Ella began to drift again. After awhile she was raised from the pool and taken out of the frame. Ella collapsed into Dani's strong arms, and was lowered onto the floor were she was quickly bound with leather cuffs into a relaxed spread-eagle. She looked around, and saw they were alone, as she looked back at Mistress Dani she saw her finishing strapping on a rubber dildo harness. Ella moaned as Dani laid on top of her and slowly slid it inside her. Dani gave Ella a deep kiss, as she slowly withdrew, Ella gasped arching her back. It wasn't long at all before Ella began to come, she screamed out her pleasure as Dani continued to fuck her slowly.

Dani reached over Ella's head and brought down a blindfold and tugged it onto her eyes, robbing her of her sight. Ella twisted to try to avoid it, but Dani lay on top of her and used both hands to secure it. The feel of Dani's muscular, rubber encased body on top of her was to much and Ella came so hard she passed out. Dani got up, and walked off, leaving Ella to a much deserved rest.

While Ella began her rest, Sabrina's day was just getting started, she awoke to the feeling of her legs being spread open. She had fallen asleep next to her Master in a straight jacket and blindfold with her legs bound together, and her collar secured to the headboard. But now her legs were spread wide and tied down. Sabrina moaned as she felt a tongue go to work on her. She quickly built to a powerful orgasm just to be cut short.

"Oh please, please don't tease me." She begged. Her only reply was a quiet chuckle.

"Good morning, ready for another day?"

Sabrina's only reply was to struggle and try to pull the jackets crotch strap and make herself come. Before she could he undid the strap, and let her out of the jacket, her collar and leg bonds followed. She reached behind her head, and undid the blindfold. He was wearing nothing but a pair of rubber shorts, she admired his powerful build, and his eyes. Those eyes seemed to pierce right into her soul, she felt so exposed in front of him, like he could read her mind. Sabrina knew she had to try and escape again, she would do anything to extend her stay here. He turned and on his way out the door he said, "Stay here, I will be back soon, I have to check on some of the other 'guests'."

As he left, he didn't close the door all the way, Sabrina quickly saw her chance. She got up and looked in the wardrobe, the only non-bondage item in there was a catsuit, her catsuit. It had enclosed feet and gloves, but no hood, she smiles as she slipped into it, at least she wouldn't have to run for it naked. Sabrina quickly made her way through the house, and out the front door, but her movements had not gone un-noticed. In the security room, her escape attempt was watched by him. He knew and he had given her this chance, his smile grew as he left the room to go and retrieve her.

He went to her room and got several bondage items and placed them into a large duffle, then he went to his room and got dressed in pants and a shirt, and some shoes to go catch his errant slave. He went quickly from the house. He followed her swiftly and soon she was running hard, trying to get away, looking for a way out, but there was none, and soon he was upon her. Sabrina turned to fight, but was hopelessly outmatched, she made a valiant effort, but shortly she was face down, with her hands being locked to her posture collar behind her neck in bondage mittens.

He stood her up, and she immediately began to regret her rash decision, but it was too late now. The smile he had was positively frightening.

"Please, I didn't mean it, I'm sorry." She pleaded.

He turned her to face him, and as he pulled a hood down over her head he replied, "You know better than that, you knew what would happen, because you have done this before I am restructuring your stay here. It will now be six months."

Sabrina froze, six months, she hadn't counted on that. Fear welled up inside her, maybe she had gone too far. Even as the hood was tightened down and began to inflate, her fear turned into a flame of desire. Six months, no way out. The more she thought about it the more she loved the idea. The hood was fully inflated now, and cuffs were placed on her elbows drawing them back, and securing her arms even tighter than before. As his hands swept down over her body, she bucked her hips forward and began to come, he held her tightly as she spasmed again and again.

She panted through the tube in her gag, as he continued to place her in punishment bondage. A corset was next, tight, very tight. With her arms pulled over her head her waist was minimized, so he laced her down tighter than ever. After the corset was the punishment bra, he stretched the rubber down tight, so it exerted constant pressure on her breasts, and made her hard nipples ache as they emerged through the small holes. He clipped her nipples next, making sure just to get the nipple within the clip, they were nice tight clips. Sabrina shuddered, this was very intense and she was sure he wasn't though.

Next came thigh high stockings and a chastity belt, before he secured the belt he placed plugs inside her. The front plug was one of the special plugs that would shut off before the victim could orgasm, and the rear one was a vibrator that cycled on and off for five minutes intervals. Both plugs were coated with that burning, itching lube he used so much. Sabrina shuddered as they began to burn, and thrust her hips forward as she was cut short on her orgasm. He proceeded quickly now, wanting to get her back inside for punishment.

Her arms were unbound from the back of her collar and placed into a special armbinder he had designed just for her. Sabrina had been a gymnast and dancer when she was young, and still worked out regularly and was quite flexible. Knowing this about her he had made a restraint device that took full advantage of her abilities. Each arm was placed in a sheath of tight rubber, with no fingers. The rubber had to be stretched to get it on right. Each sheath had three locking straps on it, one at the wrist, above the elbow, and just below the shoulder, all had fastening points on them. The end of the sheath terminated in a mitten with a ring at the tip.

Up to this point he hadn't used this on her yet, and she was unprepared for what was to come next. He took her wrists behind her back and lifted them up to her collar. Sabrina groaned at the strain, but she adjusted quite nicely to it, it wasn't the most comfortable way to hold her arms, but she could manage it. The straps about her wrists where locked together, and each was also locked to her collar. Left wrist to the right side of the collar, right wrist to the left side. Her wrists were held immobile, crossed at the top of her spine.

Next a set of small locks and a short chain were use to lock the rings at the end of each sheath to each other around the front of her collar. The thick collar prevented the chain from choking at all, but it made her fingers totally useless. Then he locked her elbows together, and finished with a lock pulling her shoulders towards each other. The lock was unusually long and went under her folded forearms, but still held her shoulders very close to each other.

Sabrina moaned at the strict, intense way she had been bound. No one had ever even thought to make use of her flexibility like this. She was worried, what other things did he have in mind for her? What he had in mind was more clips, on her thighs he placed them on the exposed flesh, and even pinched them on top of her stockings. He tightenend the ones on her stockings down more so she could feel them. The stockings were so tight it wasn't to hard to get to the flesh underneath. Then he placed a few on her pussy lips were they hugged the strap buried between them.

Now he placed more on her breasts, her nipples were already clipped, but he pinched flesh through the tight bra, and got three clips on each breast. There she stood, trembling and moaning into the dark, silent void of her captivity. Arms bound in a unbelievably strict position, clips biting at her everywhere. The clips, they were perfect, tight enough to sting, but not hurt to much. And they were loose enough that the skin underneath would not go numb. As she trembled the clips bit at different angles, she screamed as the vibrator cut her short again.

Finally the last thing, a full body hobble skirt, it ran from her ankles to her neck, and had been modified to fit her arms in only the position they were now bound in. It was made of a strong, but surprisingly thin latex, and was very, very tight. He laced shut in back, and then the laces were covered by a zippered flap, the zipper was locked to her collar. Sabrina groaned as the hobble dress was applied, it forced the clips every which way, and made her breathing even more difficult.

Suddenly she felt the hood begin to inflate, instantly she could tell her was filling it with water, probably from a near by sprinkler outlet. Soon she was completely isolated. Her head felt heavy, but the collar supported the weight nicely. She wondered how she would be taken back to the house, would he carry her?

Her question was answered as soon as she had thought it, through a special set of speakers built into the ear pads if the hood.

"You are going to hop back to the house, I have a nice strong crop here, and if you go to slow, I assure you I can make you feel in even through the latex dress. I will make sure you don't fall in your boots, but every time I have to catch you, I will give you three strokes. Besides the sooner we get to the house, the sooner your real punishment can begin."

He couldn't be serious, it would take forever to hop all that way. And the clips, and the vibrator, she would lose her mind in this utterly black, silent, stringent prison of hers long before they made. Sure the crop wouldn't really hurt, but it would sting. Her thoughts were cut short by a sharp stroke to her ass. She instantly hopped in what she hoped was the right direction, it was hard. She struggled to keep her balance, and go fast enough to avoid the crop. It went on for what seemed like an eternity, she never seemed to go fast enough, and got cropped quite a bit.

He walked beside her, pleasantly surprised at how well she was keeping up, despite her unbelievable predicament. The strict bondage, the clips, the hood, and those tormenting vibrators. Inside this moving latex prison, Sabrina promised herself she would never try to escape again, well maybe.

Part Seven - More captives

It took a long time to reach the house, and when they did he simply locked Sabrina in her confinement box, with removing any of her bonds. Despite her terrible arousal Sabrina was exhausted enough to sleep soundly. Which was just as well as he had another guest to retrieve. A red-head, her name was Rose, and he was looking forward to getting her. Today was also lawn day, so he had to be back in time to take care of that as well.

He and Dani got in the van and went in search of Rose, she had signed up last week, and it was time. Rose had registered for what they referred to as a training stay, which meant she would stay until her master, and mistresses felt she was a well trained slave. He smiled as he thought of it, she had given them complete freedom with her, she had taken care of her affairs and was prepared to stay quite awhile. As Dani drove he thought about Rose, she was 5'4", and about 115 lbs. Like Sabrina she had been in ballet and gymnastics when she was a teenager and was in great shape now. The similarities between them were striking, Sabrina was four inches shorter, but other than that they were almost identical. Firm breasts, right around a B cup, tight waists, wonderfully toned legs, and two of the most perfect asses to ever walk the earth.

As he thought about this he decided to pair the two of them off and take personal charge of them. They would make a great pair, and since Rose was signed up for as long as he choose, and Sabrina kept misbehaving and extending her stay; he might very well end up with a simply perfect pair of permanent submissives. He smiled, that was one of the best ideas he had had all day. He looked at the chart, and saw the details on the other pick up of the day, a feisty lady named Suzie. Suzie was much more experienced in the fetish seen the a lot of his guests, Ella had no experience and Sabrina and Rose had very little. But Suzie knew what she wanted, it would be a challenge to see to it she got it, and more.

They went to get Suzie first, she was going to a fetish party, a going away party as she had told her friends were she was going. Suzie had signed up for some pretty heavy training, with an emphasis on enclosure and corsets. He smiled, he had had several cruel ones made just for her, and soon they would see just how much she really liked corsets. The party was in full swing when they arrived, people were tied up, and playing all kinds of nasty games. They quickly spotted Suzie, in a crushing corset, hands tied over her head she was trying to recite the alphabet backwards while being spanked. Everytime she got it wrong she had to start again. It looked like she had been there awhile.

He left Dani to watch as he scouted the party, there were two private rooms in the back, perfect for their needs, he went and got a duffle from the van and returned with it just as Suzie was being made to orgasm by the rubber gloved hand of the Mistress who had been spanking her. Dani was smiling, "She's a hot one alright, loves the punishment."

After she was untied they approached her. "Suzie," Dani said with a smile, "We have a going away present for you. Come with us."

She looked at them, "Who are you two?"

"That doesn't matter," he replied taking her by the arm, "Come now." Suzie only gave token resistance as they led her to the back room. Once there she was set upon. Suzie wasn't small, she was 5'5" and had the most lovely set of D cup breasts they had ever seen. Large and firm with sensitive nipples, he smiled, those would be put to good use soon enough. Her hands were quickly tied behind her back with a length of rope, and a gag stuffed in her mouth. Suzie quickly began to feel things were out of control as she was stripped naked. Then came the corset.

It was unlike anything she had ever seen, it came from below her hip up to her neck, there was no arms holes, the arms would be forced into and attached single glove in back. her hands were untied and she was forced into the corset, it even went between her legs, it held her legs close together, like an overly tight mini skirt. It was made of heavy latex and severely boned. It had been made to excruciating measurements, her waist would have to be squeezed down to 15 inches to get inside with the laces closed.

Her arms were forced down the glove and the corset was in place. The glove was laced shut and the laces zippered under a flap that locked shut. Locking straps further insured the security of the glove. Dani had been brought along for her strength, it would take the two of them to get this thing closed. Suzie was excited beyond belief, this thing was insane, no way would it fit. She looked at them, Dani with her toned muscles, and his broad shoulders and big arms, maybe it would fit. They had had to stretch the rubber a lot to get it on her, now the lacing began. Before it was laced, he reached in from the back and clipped her nipples making her groan in pain. Then it began. Laces ran from her pussy, up her back to her neck, the laces were a very strong nylon fiber, the could hold over 400 lbs per square inch of pressure, no chance of them breaking.

It was slowly laced tighter and tighter. The cups for her breasts were two sizes too small. There was no where for them to go, they just got squeezed down, making the clips hurt worse. Around her pussy and ass were dozens of rubber fingers, some supple, some firm, some long, some short. As the corset tightened every breath made them tickle and tease. No sooner had they finished the lacing, Suzie stood there gasping for air, fighting waves of pleasure from the rubber fingers teasing her, than her skin started to burn. He had coated the inside of the corset with that cream, the pepper caused her to itch and burn all over, but struggling just made it worse.

But struggle she did, her moans getting louder as she worked the cream deeper into her skin, and deeper into her most intimate places. The corsets laces were enclosed under another zippered flap, and straps were secured around her body and the glove, holding her arms to her body. Finally a chain was hooked the the ring at the tip of the glove and pulled through her legs, then locked to the front of the corset. The chain links dug deep into her, as her own fingers were pulled into her imprisoned flesh, making the fingers even more invasive.

They worked quicker now, eager to be on there way with this new captive. Her legs were laced into a hobble dress that came to just below her breasts, this helped to tighten everything down even more. Her gag was removed, but as soon as Dani pulled it out, he slid a hood over her head, plunging her into silent darkness. The hood was as tight as everything else. Suzie knew she had been right, it was them, and now she was theirs. She squirmed a bit, but she could barely wiggle a toe. She had been wearing toe boots when all this started and they had left those on her, now she was regretting it, she would have to wear those boot for quite awhile. He lifted her easily, and Dani preceded them out to the van, as he walked out the front door, Dani looked back in with a big smile and said, "Suzie says goodnight everybody."

She was taken to the van and placed in a suspended swing in back, there she was stringently strapped down for the ride. Placed on her side, with straps running all over her enclosed, utterly helpless rubber form. Suzie found that by tensing her legs and shoulders and then quickly relaxing them she could make the glove pull the chain down below, she did this slowly working herself into a frenzy but not quite making it over the top.

The next stop was at a mall, Rose was supposed to be meeting the lawyer for a last second revision of her papers, she was to be done with the meeting in ten minutes. Dani quickly located her car and parked right next to it, and they sat and waited for Rose to come out. Shortly she did, looking very happy. When she was next to the van he stepped out. Rose stopped and looked up at him, into a cruel smile. "On your knees," he ordered. Rose instantly complied, she was very submissive, and she hoped this was who she thought it was. The back on the van opened, and Rose crawled in, and was pushed flat onto her stomach in the back. He climbed in and Dani drove off as the door shut. Rose gasped upon seeing the bound form of Suzie, she looked like a statue of exaggerated proportions. Big tits, nonexistent waist. But she knew, even before she heard the desperate pleas from under the hood, pleas that sounded like the mewing of a helpless kitten, that someone was in that prison of rubber.

His rough hands turned Rose over, and she looked into his eyes with a mixture of fear, submission and arousal. He ripped her clothes from her, as he pinned her to the floor. His hands seemed to be everywhere. Next came the armbinder, holding her arms folded behind her back, wrist to opposite elbow. Rose was then fitted with rubber stockings and a pair of rubber panties with the fingers inside them. As with Suzie's outfit these had been coated with that delightful goo from hell, as Sabrina had nicknamed it. Soon her legs, pussy and ass were on fire, but the worst was yet to come. A bra, a special bra was next. It had rounded spikes covered with a thin layer of rubber in it, strong clips were placed on her nipples first then the way to small top was put on. It fitted more like a turtle neck with the arms cut off than a bra, and it was very tight. Straps on it were tightened down, making it even worse. The spikes dug in, and the clips had gotten pushed down and twisted half way around as it had been put on. 

She gasped as he kissed her deeply, his hand tormenting her through the panties. He pulled them down in back and slide a large vibrating plug into her ass, it was lubricated and went in slowly, but she was tight and it hurt. Once it was in her pulled her panties up, very tightly. Her feet were placed in knee high toe boots, and then her ankles crossed and strapped together, this forced her legs apart, and let the plug and panties slide in even deeper. She groaned, and looked at him pleadingly, he was being mean.

Next he did something Suzie and Rose had never dreamt possible, and it was very cruel. He placed Suzie on her back and removed her hood, next he strapped a gag on Suzie it was a narrow latex ring, with a place to settle her teeth, but it was directly attached to its twin. She began to understand what Rose didn't know yet, and Suzie was afraid. Rose was laid on top of Suzie, increasing her feeling of breathlessness, but some pressure was lifted when Rose's halter top was secured to to chains in the ceiling, and another set of straps went around her waist, back through her pussy and ass and up to the ceiling. Rose moans increased as the strap dug into her, and the top became tighter. Then her mouth was strapped to Suzie's. Instantly, Suzie darted her tongue into Rose's mouth giving her a long kiss.

Rose responded passionately, thrusting her hips against the strap as Suzie pulled with her shoulders. He spread Roses legs further and strapped her knees to the sides of the swing, just to make things more difficult for Rose. Then he played the trump card of this game, he placed a clamp on Suzie's nose. She could blow out, but not breath in through her nose.

"Rose is breathing for both of you now, in through your nose, and out into Suzies mouth, she is counting on you. And you Suzie remember, in through your mouth, and out through your nose. If you get Rose mad, you could be in trouble."

Both of them moaned, it was so intimate, someone you had never met before now, and you had to rely on them so completely. A special two person hood descended plunging them into blackness, there were small holes for air, but no light or sound could get in. Rose and Suzie could see nothing and hear nothing except for their shared breathing. Every breath was smothered in a thick heady rubber smell, soon they got the hang of breathing, except when one or the other would shudder in excitement, their breathing coming in gasps. It became hard to concentrate as they kissed and rubbed together. Both of them working against their straps for an orgasm that was slowly coming.

And then they were there, stars exploding in the blackness, both forgetting all about air as they came and came. Seconds went by, Suzie blew expended air back into Rose, Rose forgetting to breath in any kind of pattern. As they came back to earth they struggled to regain their breath. Slowly they did, and it started all over again. Time passed from beginning of their mutual rise to orgasm, 25 minutes, time left in the drive 2.5 hours.

It was a very interesting way to get aquatinted. And the day was only beginning.

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