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Ella's Vacation - Chapter 2

by William

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© Copyright 2001 - William - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F+/f; latex; bond; electroplay; straitjacket; crate; toys; cons; X

continued from part one

Chapter Two
Part Three - Ella meets the Mistress'

As Sabrina hung upside down she could think of nothing but her need to come. The intense feelings of helplessness and enclosure where almost too much when coupled with this incredible torture. She had signed up for a one month vacation, the experience of a life time she thought. When she got here she knew she wanted it to be as intense as possible, so she tried to escape. When he had caught her he hadn't been rough, she was simply pinned down and put in a straight jacket and brought back inside to begin her punishment.

When she heard they were extending her stay for misbehaving she had almost orgasmed on the spot. Now she had lost even the control on the length of her stay. She didn't have much experience at these things when they came for her, she had had only two lovers, both women. And though she liked men she had never found one she liked enough. Her second lover had indulged her taste for rubber and bondage somewhat, but was never very into in. So after they split Sabrina called the Mansion for a vacation. Now that she was here she wanted it to be a long vacation.

She could not decide if she regretted what she had done or not. If she hadn't been gagged she would have been shamelessly begging to come. She didn't care how, finger, tongue, dildo, cock, anything. But at the same time she would have been disappointed if they had stopped. She had come several times during the torture, each one had been a gut wrenching come that left her dizzy and seeing stars.

She squirmed as the ring rotated and left her sideways. Sabrina flinched as Mistress Kara again worked the ice cube along the cleft of her ass. She struggled hard, but found no give in the restraints. And just like that the torture stopped. Sabrina gave a cry of deepest desperation, as bad as the torture was it was better than the long periods alone. If she was stimulated enough she could come, but just hanging here, with her nipples aching and that damn cream in her, helpless and enclosed in this rubber all she could do was get hornier.

She hoped he would come back soon, the Mistresses were great, but he was the one she really wanted. Her former roomy had really liked Kara, but Sabrina found herself wanting his attention as much as possible. Though when she got it she wasn't always sure if she wouldn't be better off without it. And then she felt his hands on her, the ring rotated her upright, and she felt him caressing her all over. She moaned as loud as she could and began to strain forward, trying to communicate her needs to him. Her gag plug was removed, and she was kissed passionately. She groaned, the kiss was soft, yet demanding, she simply had to submit to the power behind it. Then she felt it, was a scream of pleasure and joy she felt his cock slowly inch into her. She began cumming before it was halfway inside her, and didn't stop cumming until he pulled out, still hard.

She hung limply in her bondage, panting and gasping trying to regain her breath despite the tight corset. "Thank you, thank you master." she panted. He kissed her again. And she quieted down. He picked up a small headset, and placed it on and at the same time activated the headphones in her hood.

"So, have we decided to behave yet, or do we start the torture all over again?"

"No, please I will behave. I promise," she said, of course she knew that sooner or later she would misbehave again and earn more punishment, and hopefully a longer stay. But for now she needed a break.

He unfastened her legs, and the unhooked her binder from the ring. She collapsed forward into his arms, exhausted by her ordeal. He carried her over to the table, and laid her down. Soon she was stripped of all her restricting garments and he had washed away the tormenting cream. He bound her hands behind her and carried her into the shower, once there she was spread-eagled and washed in the cold water. She squealed when the water hit her, but quickly began to enjoy his soapy hands washing her thoroughly. He dried her with a big towel, and bound her hands behind her again, and led her back out to her suite. "You have a new roomy, she is in the 'film room'."

Sabrina hoped her new roomy was attractive, part of being room mates could mean prolonged close bondage, and being forced to have sex with each other. Her first night here she had slept with her old room mate, both in straight jackets with their arms strapped behind the other. They had also been joined at the ankles and knees. Their collars had been locked close together, and they had been blindfolded. Before the straps were applied to their legs they were impaled on a double dildo. When one moved the other felt it. They had spent a lot of time that night, kissing and moving making each other come again and again. Sabrina wouldn't mind another session like that, not one bit. Sabrina looked at him and playful leaned against his chest and kissed him.

"May I stay with you tonight?", she asked.

"Maybe, if I think you are behaving well enough today."

He led her out of the room and took her downstairs. "I think it would be good for you to get out and stretch your legs, get some air and a little exercise."

He dressed her in a tight latex dress, it would impede walking, but not quite a hobble skirt. Her feet were placed in high heeled ankle boots, but she could still walk in them. Her hands were bound to a waist belt behind her. All in all it was a relaxed comfortable bondage. He placed an open face hood on her, and a large padded gag. She was taken outside, and then turned loose. "Have a good walk, come to the door and wait to be let in when you are ready."

With a swat on her sexy little rubberized ass, Sabrina went on her way. It was nice to be walking outdoors in the fresh air. That taken care of he walked back inside to check on Ella.

After he had left her, things went rapidly down hill for Ella, or you could say they got much better. Ella wasn't sure which though. Her world had become a dark timeless void filled with nothing but the terrible isolation and confinement. Her nipples ached and she hated that damn computer, it seemed to know exactly when to stop, and how to never let her calm down. She had come twice, but that was her only clue at the time. 

She had tried so hard not to fight or make noise, after both orgasms she had been humiliated by the show she had put on for the camera. Just as she was about to peak she expected it to cut her short, instead it pushed her over the edge, and then it didn't stop. She rode wave after wave, she thought she would melt. Her screams and struggles were all dutifully recorded by the camera. The computer shut down, and she returned to reality. She found the latex sheet over her was loosening, and it fell away, next her hood was removed, and she saw a tall Asian woman dressed in a latex catsuit standing there.

"My name is Mistress Chen, you can call me Mistress, or Mistress Chen." Mistress Chen smiled, she was extremely pretty. Ella was eager to begin a session with her. Mistress Chen untied Ella and stripped her naked. "On your knees", she said.

Ella gracefully bowed to her knees. Mistress Chen walked behind her and bound her wrists and elbows together with leathers cuffs, and then did the same with her ankles. She grabbed Ella's hair and forced her up to a kneeling position and then bent her over. Ella gasped as a set of dildo's was slid inside her. She was still burning from the cream they had used during her session on the cross, and she was so sensitive.

She was pressed down, so her thighs were flat against her calves, and short hog-tie chain was secured between her wrists and ankles. Next came the collar, it was high, but it allowed quite a bit of head movement, Ella wondered at this, not for long though. Nipple clips were applied to her sore nipples, she shuddered on the edge of another orgasm, before she came here she had no idea she could come so many times in one day. Was it still the first day? Her time in the box and on the cross left her very uncertain as to the time. These were odd clips, in that her nipples were in the center of the clip, which extended above and below them. Chains were attached to both the top and bottom of each clip.

She had an idea why, her thoughts were confirmed as her head was forced down and the bottom chains were hooked to it. The bottom ones, she thought, why not the tops ones? She got her answer quickly enough. She was forced to bend over further as the top chains, longer than the bottom ones, were locked to her ankles. Ella groaned at the very thought, now movements would not only cause them to pull, but also to twist her nipples.

"I know how much you want to please me, don't you Ella." Ella was speechless, she could only nod. "I asked you a question Ella." Mistress Chen said louder, and at the same time she pressed a button on the remote she was holding. Ella jumped as she got a small shock, inside her ass.

"Yes Mistress Chen." she quickly replied.

"That's better", Mistress Chen stepped back and told Ella to face the camera, when she did Mistress Chen told her to tell the camera about how horny she was, about what an obedient little slave she was, and on and on.

"I am sooo horny Mistress, I want to obey, I will do anything for you. Please." Ella blushed as she began to plead and say nasty things to the camera, she made all sorts of promises, she burned with shame, but every word turned her on even more. She was ordered to sit up straight and when she hesitated she got a shock. Ella sat upright, her nipples aching. She watched as Mistress Chen pulled a chair over and sat in front of her. Mistress Chen unzipped her catsuits crotch and slid forward on the chair.

"Now is your chance slave, while you are doing a good job I will run the vibrator inside your hungry little pussy, when you do a bad job, you get a shock, BEGIN."

Ella had to strain forward, and pull at her nipples more to reach, it took a second and earned her a shock. Though she had never done this before she tried hard, and before long she was being vibrated for very long periods of time. Damn, did Mistress Chen ever get tired, she thought. Ella came again, her tongue was getting tired, finally Mistress Chen said, "Enough, very good slave." Mistress Chen kissed her long and deep, as Ella shuddered. When Ella looked up the woman who had helped kidnap her was standing there.

"My turn." the new Mistress said. Ella groaned and looked at the camera, there were four Mistresses here, will I have to please them all she wondered?

Part Four - Playtime for Sabrina, a Box for Ella

Sabrina walked about in the early morning light. She realized as she struggled along that she had lost all track of time while being punished. She had been put away for sleep at intervals that had not so much coincided with day and night, but had been allowed to sleep when she appeared too exhausted to continue. She struggled along for sometime, getting a good view of the grounds, as she walked in her tight outfit she became more and more convinced that escape was not going to happen. She smiled under her gag, all the more reason to try. She turned towards the house and made her way back, upon arriving she stood on the porch and waited impatiently to be let in.

While Sabrina had been enjoying her stroll, Ella was struggling to keep from being punished. The first two Mistresses had been difficult to satisfy, and now she was so tired with two to go. Ella tried to focus on her task, but the constant pull on her nipples and the constant stimulation of the plugs inside her drove her wild. She came again and slumped, earning herself another punishing shock. Mistress Dani, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up to look her in the eye.

"You have already earned enough punishment for your sub-par efforts, don't you think. I would suggest you try harder or things are going to get very unpleasant for you."

Mistress Dani stood and walked away, as Ella shuddered through another powerful orgasm. Ella was untied and again stripped naked by Mistress Kara. Her hands were quickly tied behind her back with a strap and she was led back down the hall to her suite. She was led into the suite, and untied again. A corset was placed around her waist, but not as tightly as before, Mistress Kara then helped her into a straight jacket, and buckled her tightly into its strong embrace.

As the crotch strap was fastened tightly, she could feel the built in butt plug, and small rubber fingers lining the strap. The plug slid slowly into her, and the fingers began to rub her and make her very horny again. The Mistress paused and pulled the strap away long enough to coat it thoroughly with the salve that Ella had already come to hate, and love.

"We want to make sure the strap does not chafe," she explained with and evil smirk. Ella simply shuddered as the strap was again cinched down. She was led over to what appeared to be a large trunk that was bolted to the floor. When it was opened she understood its true purpose (even though she already had a good idea). And Ella also remembered how tired she was. She had been taken when she was preparing for sleep, how many hours ago now?

The trunk/box had a human outline laid out in rubber, the outline had places that was padded and seemed to be meant for someone with no arms, then she understood, it was made for someone wearing a straight jacket. There were numerous rubber straps attached to the inside of the form, and Ella saw a hood with a breathing tube connected laying in the head impression. Mistress Kara lifted the hood out of the way, and helped Ella into the outline. It fitted her like a glove. She was astounded at this, these boxes must have been expensive, so she assumed the outline could somehow be changed for different people. Her legs were strapped down tightly, the rubber straps stretched and were pulled so tight they exerted a constant force on her. More straps were brought over her straight jacketed body, there were even two straps over the base of her toes forcing her feet into a ballet pointe. "Raise your head." 

When Ella did as ordered the hood was pulled onto her, the combination gag, breathing tube was forced home, and the hood was tightly buckled in place. She could see out through the plastic lenses, though this would do her no good once the box was closed. The victim was allowed to see simply because the designer of the box had wanted them to be able to watch as the lid was closed over them. A strap was passed over the hoods built in high collar, and then the sides of the hood were clipped to attachment points beside them. Ella tried to move, and found she could barely even wiggle her toes. Ella moaned, somewhat apprehensive at the thought of being encased in this box for so long. For she was certain this was were she would spend the 'night'. 

Her moan took a more urgent note as the salve took affect, and the lid was slowly closed. The lid pressed down upon her, and the pressure increased as it was locked down. She struggled, and found herself becoming more and more aroused by her terrible confinement. The only thing she could hear in the blackness was the sound of her own breathing through the tube. She strained and found by struggling she could pull the crotch strap on her straight jacket about. As she did she got closer and closer to another orgasm, and she also worked the salve deeper into herself. Ella gasped and her breathing deepened as her orgasm gained force. She came screaming into the relentless confinement of her latex prison. 

As she calmed down the salve began to make her struggle again. This cycle continued for a long time, to Ella it felt like days, but eventually all good things must end. She drifted off into a deep sleep, completely exhausted by the days activities. The last thing that flitted through her mind was 20 days. She had at least 20 more days of this before they let her go. 

While Ella was put to bed, Sabrina was taken inside. She stood as he undressed her and led her downstairs to one of the punishment rooms. As soon as they reached the door of the room he was taking her to, Sabrina turned to him and pleaded, "Please Sir, I have promised to behave."

He lifted her chin, and kissed her deeply, "Indeed you have, and I believe you. This is not for punishment, it is for fun."

Sabrina felt only slightly better, she was glad she wasn't in trouble, but still very uncertain about being taken in the room. Even after her escape she hadn't been brought down here, and her former room mate had told her to beware this place. She was eager to see inside, but she also had in mind what curiosity can do. But the choice was not hers. 

He unlocked the door and made her precede him into the pitch black room. She was afraid, and part of her wanted to try and escape, but a much larger part wanted to run into the room, and find out what torturous delights were within. She stepped within, and he followed closing the heavy door with a very final sounding thud and plunging the room into utter blackness. Her breathing quickened as she heard the door close and lock. They were alone, with no one to protect her from him. Just the way she wanted it. She felt his broad shoulder brush against her as he moved confidently into the room, obviously very familiar with the layout. She blinked as the lights came on, they were not bright, but after the utter blackness of before she felt nearly blind in the light. She looked around the room in awe, it was done in latex, black everywhere. And all about the room were bondage devices, every implement used to bind or torment a helpless slave that she could think of was here, and few she couldn't even begin to imagine. 

She turned and looked into his eyes, fear battling with excitement, he stepped forward and led her deeper into the room. He led her over to a wardrobe and opened it up. Inside were some neatly stacked and folded rubber clothes, all hers. He had been preparing for her while she was taking her walk. He dressed her in knee high rubber stockings and locking ankle boots. The boots had extreme heels that forced her to stand on her toes. Next he put some extremely tight rubber shorts on her, these had a zipper with a pull ring that ran from just above her mound, to high up on her gorgeous tight little ass. The shorts pressed between her labia, and felt sooo nice. They were extremely tight and she never could have gotten them on without help. She leaned against him, and trembled as he pulled them onto her. 

A posture collar was next, Sabrina kept her hands at her sides, resisting the temptation to rub herself through her shorts. He proceeded to pull opera length gloves up her arms, up to her shoulders and then led her over to the mirror. She looked at herself, she looked like a slave, she thought, a slave ready to be punished.

He reached into the wardrobe and removed a hood, at the sight of it she groaned and began to get very excited. It was a special hood, designed to make the slave really feel helpless, the only way to breathe in it was through a tube in the gag, and on the tube was a re-breather bag. The bag forced the victim to rebreathe some of there own expended breath, not enough to be at all dangerous, but it made the victim feel breathless. He set the hood down in plain view, while he loosened the collar so he could slip the base of the hood under it.

As he pulled the hood down and laced it shut she reached over and rubbed herself, the feeling of the rubber shorts between her thighs, being massaged by her fingers, while being subjugated be the hood was too much for her. With a scream into her gag plug she came, her hips thrusting forward repeatedly while he tightened her collar down again. Her hands were pulled out in front of her and bound in bondage mittens. These were basically locking wrist cuffs with a small pouch on one end that forced her hands into fists as they went in. The cuffs were locked tight around her wrists, and her hands were pulled behind her head, down to her neck where they were secured to the base of her collar.

He next placed a second set of cuffs above her elbows, these he chained to a ring on top of her hood with short chains. This pinned her arms to the sides of her head, and eliminated what little arm movement she had had. She could hear only loud sounds, and so he spoke into her ear, just loud enough for her to hear, she had to strain to control her breathing to hear him better. 

"I have wanted to get you all to myself for a while now," her heart jumped at his words, part of her was ecstatic, and part was a little apprehensive, "now I have you, and no one is around, I can do whatever I want."

She shivered as his hands slowly roamed over her. One hand had a heavy rubber glove on it, and the other was bare. She delighted in the contrast between the smooth skin of the glove compared to the rough callouses on his other hand. His gloved hand slapped her thighs forcing her legs to spread wide apart, and then it pulled the zipper back to expose her to his touch. His other hand roughly caressed her throat and breasts, teasing her nipples till they ached and then pinching and tugging at them. She felt his greased finger slowly stretching her ass open, she moaned and leaned forward, whether she was trying to get away, or drive the finger deeper was unclear to her. He put his hand on the front of her collar and forced her to stand straight, "Stay up slave, no twisting around." he said.

As she straightened her ass tightened around his finger, she shuddered. He broke off this assault on her sanity and walked away. Sabrina stood there unsteadily, aching and wanting, waiting impatiently for the next step. She felt his hand tug at the ring on the front of the collar pulling her across the room. She playfully resisted, and he gave a sharp tug. She stumbled forward, right into him. She felt his arm wrap around her to ensure she didn't fall, she leaned into his chest, relishing in the intense feeling of intimacy.

He again led her by the collar, with his finger slid inside her ass again to help encourage her to keep up this time, he led her across the room. He brought her over to the table, well padded and covered in latex it was wonderfully suited for all sorts of games. Fastening points were everywhere, and the height could be adjusted to anywhere from two feet to four feet off the ground. First he put a set of nipple clips on her, she moaned as they bit down. He then bent her over the side of the table and secured the ring on her helmet to the far side with a short chain. Two more chains were run to the cuffs on her elbows, if she slipped her arms and shoulders would hold her, not the helmet.

Reaching down he pulled her ankles wide apart and secured them. Her toes barely brushed the floor in this position. Every time she moved the clips turned and pulled driving her nuts, she had always had very sensitive nipples, and had discovered that she could come just from them being stimulated enough. She had made this discvoery while being punished for trying to escape. And now the way the clips were punishing her poor nipples was making her feel like she was going to lose her mind.

She squealed as he thrust a well lubed plug into her bottom. Little cries of surprise and pleasure continued to leak out past the gag as it settled in. It felt huge to her, it was not in fact very big at all, but it sure seemed like it to Sabrina. He zipped her shorts again, the tight rubber once more pressing into her, she was glad she was shaved down there, if the had had any hair it certainly would have gotten caught in the zipper. He rubbed his hands up her thighs, and suddenly she felt little pinches on her inner thighs, he had placed small clips in several places along her inner thigh. They stung just a little, but they made her even hornier. He began spanking her, his hard hand slapping her ass. The thin rubber of the shorts offered no protection at all.

The spanking made her struggle and squirm which made the clips on her nipples and thighs burn. She began moaning, she wanted to come so badly. After about ten swats he stopped and she felt her zipper open again. She screamed in pleasure as his cock slid into her. He slowly slid in and out of her for several minutes, and then with perfect timing he stopped just before she could come. She screamed, trying to rub herself into the table to trigger her orgasm, but she could not move enough. He carefully re-zipped her shorts, and stepped away.

Sabrina struggled desperately for a few minutes, and then relaxed, she felt as though her mind was being consumed by the lust raging within her. She felt wonderful, to be brought so close and then denied was terrible and yet exactly what she wanted. He unhooked her from the table and as she stood there, he removed the clips from her thighs one by one. He stroked his rough hands up hands up and down her sensitive inner thighs. He led her across the room and began fastening her to another devious device. There was a comfortable seat, but not for her, she was forced to stand facing the seat, her ankles and knees secured to upright thick steel rods. Behind her was another, much taller rod, there were points to secure things to, but these points could move freely up and down the rod. Her collar was secured to this rod, as well as a waist belt. The tall rod connected to an overhead frame, and the bottom of it could be retracted, after looking things over carefully. Sabrina was forced to sort of squat with her legs wide apart, with the chair between them, she could move up and down, but it wasn't easy.

He stepped into the chair over the back, after undressing. He slid under her, and raised her up, higher than she could move herself. She gave a long loud groan as she slid down again, his cock pressing deeply into her. He pulled out her plug in back, and replaced it with a metal one. She moaned again as the cold metal slid into her, he then attached small wire leads to her nipple clips.

"You are to move up and down slave, until I am satisfied, every time you stop I do this." He pressed a button and Sabrina got a shock through her clips and the ass plug. She immediately began going up and down. Slowly sliding him in and out of her. She couldn't go fast in this position, but she quickly came anyway. This went on for what seemed like hours. He had a great deal of practice, and she couldn't go fast. We he finally came, she orgasmed again, as she collapsed onto his lap, about to pass out from the power of her orgasm. She smiled, this was going to be a wonderful six weeks.



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