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The Detectives And The Dominatrix

by Rbbral

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Story continued from part eight

Part 9: Just One More Stop

It is still raining, which is fine, considering how they’re dressed. Emily is silent, as he passes his hand through the slit in her cape and grips hers. She’s still silently fuming, but now has to contend with the dildo doing all kinds of stimulating things to her. After a couple of minutes, he stops and turns her to face him, her back against a wall. They stare at each other for a few seconds.

“I’m a bastard and a shit, and you’re going to make me pay later, great, whatever, but just so you know, get this.” He drops the umbrella, grips her shoulders, and then places a palm at each of her cheeks, and their eyes lock.

“I love you so much, sometimes I feel my heart may stop when I think about it. And what you say now, or do later, is not going to change that. I’ve been a bit sneaky, yes, but I thought it would be fun, very much your scene. If I have miscalculated then I will take the rap. Sure, we could have gone to the west end and spent hundreds, maybe thousands on that fashion stuff. But I don’t want that. I want to see you in these clothes, not fancy designer stuff, that’s out of date a month later. Don’t you get it by now? So,” he kisses her lightly, “here’s the deal, I had planned on one more shop, but if you’re so pissed off at me, we can go back and have an argument, and you can pout because you didn’t get your way and you have been embarrassed and humiliated, and then you can punish me, any way you want, okay? Or we can enjoy the day, go to the last shop, yes, a rubber shop, and you can spend more of my money.”

She is still glowering, but he knows she’s a fake, as he sees the edges of her lips move upwards and she can hardly stop it.

“So, you love me, do you Benson? Bloody funny way to show you love me.”

“Really? Dress you in rubber and show you off? Well, we can stop the order on the clothes if you...what?”

“No, no, don’t stop the order, of course I love the clothes. You bastard. Well the panties, phew, I don’t know, but it’s just that I hate it when, when…you have me like this, all powerless and…”

“What, you mean the cuffs and the rubber in public?”

“No, not that, stupid. I’m okay with that, at least I’m over the initial nerves. Don’t you see?” He can see she is struggling to explain herself. “I’m in the wrong, you’re right and I’m wrong, I lost the bet, I didn’t read it properly, all my fault, and I can do nothing about it. I like to get my way, even with you… well, most of the time with you.” She finally ruefully smiles, realising how silly it all sounds. He waits a few seconds. Time for a pipe of peace, he thinks.

“Okay, okay, here’s the deal now. We go to the next shop, and you can pick the items, not me, all right, I picked four so you can pick… two.”

“Two? Only two? That’s not fair, only…” He places a finger on her lips.

“Don’t push your luck, my love, or I might just leave you here, to make your own way back. You’re lucky I’m allowing you this much, it’s only because you’re such a whiner,” he smiles, “I’ll stick by the rules of our wager. What am I doing? You’ll bankrupt me.” They have resumed walking again, he slips his hand under her cape and he lifts her skirt and his hand strokes her bum, now covered in two layers of rubber, and he can feel the base of the butt plug embedded inside her, with a gentle prod of his finger. She gives him a nasty look but says nothing. They arrive at a bus stop, and she boards nervously. It’s bad enough with all the rubber covering her, now she has to contend with the dildo and butt plug, and she knows she’s starting to get very warm and wet.

During the ride, as the bus, rumbles over potholes and takes the corners she feels herself getting even hotter and wetter. Benson can see a sheen of sweat on her face now, and she’s flushed and aroused. She looks around and sees a couple of people glancing at her. Can they know what she’s experiencing? No, surely, the rubber cape and hood must be doing its job, she hopes. Every bump they go over, every turn the driver makes sends a tiny shiver through her as the dildo moves within her. Blessedly they finally disembark, and she’s sure she can feel more eyes on her. She knows exactly where she is, past a few shops they take a turn down a narrow cul-de-sac and a converted warehouse is on the left. She turns to Benson.

“You know I told you that this is almost totally a rubbermen’s shop, don’t you, gay and straight, but 90% for men. I get a lot of my male rubber gear for my clients here, there might not be much for me.”

“Well, I’ll leave it to you, I keep my wager, Emily. Your choices, two of them remember.”

“Ha ha,” she laughs sarcastically, “we’ll see.” They enter after being buzzed in, and again they are assaulted by the oppressive, sweet smell of rubber. It is Emily who takes control here.

“Hi Paul, thought we’d check you out today, see if you might have something interesting.” Emily knows the assistant manager well, a tall, handsome man of about 30.

“Emily, I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like. How’s business, good?” She nods and Paul looks at Benson, and Emily knows that introductions and an explanation are needed. They go through the same story as before, and as with Lynn, everyone in this business or community is very understanding and non-judgmental of people’s predilections. And they all know Emily, it seems.

Paul makes a very positive comment after Benson has removed her cape and he sees Emily in her scarlet dress, black accessories and cuffs. He makes no comment on her cuffs, doesn’t even look surprised, it is all taken in stride. They wander through the warehouse, surrounded by display stands and rows and rows of rubber apparel. Benson immediately sees that seventy per cent or more of the clothes are for men, perhaps 10 per cent for women - or, he reconsiders, male transvestites, and the remainder is bondage gear, some quite severe. There are multitudinous body bags, inflatables, gasmasks, full head masks with gags and breathing apparatus, and harnesses for cocks and balls, some looking quite unpleasant. This is definitely a store for the serious rubberists. He realises that there may not be much for Emily to wear, unless she’s really into buying the very heavy stuff, but she can certainly choose something for her male clients here. Emily is now breathing hard, and with a finger he wipes some sweat from her brow. However, she continues to professionally examine some apparel, she is now in business-mode, but at the same time, he sees, rather amused, she’s close to an orgasm.

“Not much for me to wear here, Benson, not much of an offer you made there.” But then she smiles. “Anyway I’ll find something, don’t worry.” And he can see that although she’s near to coming, she’s keeping control and studying all the clothes in a very professional manner. And she’s oblivious to the other patrons, for there are three others in the shop, all men, who glance over at her approvingly.

 Some Heavy Rubber Purchases

“Ohhh, now I’ve been planning on getting a couple of these.” She stops at a short rack of heavy black rubber garments. “Benson, take one of these off the hanger, let me see it.” He holds it up in front of her. He can see it is a sort of body suit, but with short stumpy legs. She smiles.

“Perfect. This is, in case you didn’t know, a rubber gimpsuit, or you can call them a doggie suit, quite popular among the BDSM crowd, and more so with the gay rubber community.” He has heard of them but never seen one and he quickly sees how they work. But Emily, warming to her task now, explains it anyway.

“They come in several variations, but the basic design has short legs here, where the doubled-up legs are folded into. Some have shortened arms as well, for folded-up arms, hands on shoulders and elbows for feet. Those is quite uncomfortable as the poor wearer is doubled over, very close to the floor and his, or her, arse is very exposed in the air to all kinds of assault. I have wanted one of these, or even a couple, for a while now, and today seems a good time to get one. This is top quality stuff.” She smiles at him, despite being the one in bondage, she has now assumed the role of the one in control.

“Look here, there are holes at arse at the rear, and for cock and balls - or pussy, ha ha - at the front. The spine area from hips to shoulder blades is reinforced by narrow steel slats within the rubber, to support the back, see? It can get painful wearing these for extended periods. The pads at the rear feet are nicely cushioned for the knees. This one doesn’t have doubled-up arms and the hands form fists and are pushed through the wrists into these padded paws; the arms are also steel reinforced so the wearer can bend them, but only for a short time, and then they spring back to being straight. It usually comes with a matching posture collar, to support the neck. And then of course any type of mask you want.” He can see she is thrilled by this costume.

“Brilliant. Once in this, you’re there for good, no chance of getting out at all, and your mistress, ha ha me I hope, can play with you as she wishes, cock and balls very vulnerable and exposed, and arse ready for plundering.” She laughs, now very much in her element. Benson now speaks.

“You just said ‘you’. You don’t expect me to get into this, do you? I’ve done pretty well up to now, I think, experimenting and the like, but being your gimp, your house pet or dog, well I’m not sure I could go that far.” She continues to smile, seeing Benson’s reticence.

“One step at a time, Benson, as it always has been. I won’t force you to do anything, you know that. But it looks to be a perfect fit for you, I can always look at a garment and know if it will fit, and this is made for you. If you don’t wear it, fine, I have a couple of clients this would be perfect for. Anyway, get your credit card out, this will cost you. Okay, one more and then we’re done, right? I’m just about fainting here.”

He sees that she has been revitalised by the gimpsuit, exactly what she wants, and the dildo inside her seems to have been forgotten, at least for a few minutes. He is amazed she can function like this, plugged both back and front. He isn’t sure that coming here has been such a good idea now, seeing as what she has bought, but he is a man of his word. She examines a few masks, then comes across one and her face lights up, she nods at it.

“Let’s have another look at that one.” He rather reluctantly picks it up, placing a hand through the neck. It is a black rubber full head mask, with long collar and no zip, hard to get on, he thinks, and off. On closer examination, he sees there are tiny pinholes at the eyes, the wearer will not see much, he thinks, and there are no nostril holes. But what really gets his attention is the large, hard rubber cock sticking out from the location of the mouth, and with his hand he can feel a similar cock on the inside. This is softer, but shorter and thicker, and, he realises immediately, will be a very effective gag.

“Yes, yes, I want this,” Emily says without hesitation, and quite excited now. She laughs, “when you’re too tired to make love to me, I can stuff your head into this, covering your handsome face, and can ride this cock for as long as I want, and keep you very effectively gagged at the same time. Fantastic. And you get to look up at your mistress, me, as I rise and descend on you. You won’t have to do anything sweetie, ha ha.”

He would rather be taking a more active role in those proceedings and usually is, but he knows there are times, more often than not, when she takes the reins, and likes him completely passive, and now sometimes in bondage. And he now acknowledges that this role play always seems to get him excited. He really has come a long way. In any event, she has chosen, and true to his word, they go to the desk and buy their merchandise.

It has been a very expensive afternoon for him, but looking at Emily, as he drapes her cape over her, pulling up the hood, it is money well spent. She is positively glowing, excited at her purchases, but the dildo is no doubt also partly to blame. Once the heavy rubber is packed, with a smile he places the bag over her head onto her shoulder and adjusts it at her side. She glares at him, but can do nothing, she’s now a well-trussed rubber pack horse. Armed with the umbrella, they leave, and make their way to the bus stop once more.

Returning Home And A Test Ride

By the time they return to his car at the station, she is beginning to shake, her face flushed, sweat on her brow. He chuckles as he dumps the bag on the back seat and helps her into the car seat and she drops gently, aware any movement of the plugs in her pussy and anal passage at all now will send her into an enormous orgasm.

When they return to the house, he has the next few minutes planned, she is saying very little, just moaning quietly as the dildo and no doubt the butt plug, tease her mercilessly. He takes her upstairs to her bedroom, and takes off her cape, and she now stands in front of him, still shaking.

“Jeez, Benson, I’m about to faint here, release me, will you?”

Without hurry, he takes off his coat and then his street clothes and now he stands in front of her in his drum-tight full body rubber suit. He pulls up the collar of the suit, and she takes a gulp of air as she takes in his beauty, for that is what he is to her, beautiful, her David, a perfect male, in gleaming black rubber. It accentuates his every muscle, every angle, perhaps he’s not as perfectly muscled as David, but in the cock department, he’s well ahead. And she can see it is trapped against the front of his suit, pointing up, as if seeking escape. She waits for his next move, come on, come on, dammit, fuck me! He takes her by the shoulders and tenderly lays her back onto the bed, then pulls off her boots.

“Benson, for god’s sake, get on with it, you bastard, I’m soaking here in my panties, get them off me, now! And release my arms and get your cock in me.” He chuckles at her pleading.

“You’re hardly in a position to give orders…mistress.” He accentuates the mistress. “We have plenty of time and,” very carefully he starts to ease her dildo panties down, and she raises her rear from the bed, “I intend to enjoy every second.” With a little sigh from Emily, the butt plug finally flops out and he can pull down her panties now, awash with her juices.

“My, my you really are a bad girl, aren’t you?” As she lies back and relaxes, he unzips his fly and his cock leaps out. He slips a condom on and settles between her legs.

She looks down and sees his cock.

“Okay, now uncuff me will you, I’m tired of being like this.”

“What? My plaything? Oh, you poor woman, well you’ll have to wait a little longer.” Throughout the afternoon, he realises he has really enjoyed having Emily like this, easily controlled - if not compliant, and he has one last play in mind. All she can do is wriggle under him as he fondles her breasts through the rubber, gently pinching her nipples through her scarlet dress. She looks exhausted after being plugged both back and front for so long, but he can see now she is getting a second wind.

“Benson dammit, release my hands, will you?” He ignores her, raises her skirt to her waist and enters her with an extended finger, and finds her clitoris.

“Oh, oh, you fucker, stoooo…op.” She is desperate to ‘contribute’ to all this, but he seems set on taking complete charge. She’s hot and wet, and she does want his nice hard cock inside her, but is frustrated that she’s, well, just his plaything, his fuck-doll. And then she quickly understands his motives here, that is what she will be, his fuck-toy, so why not just lie back and enjoy it, why fight it? He has a wonderful cock, and is now a very considerate, attentive and accomplished lover. So she parts her legs and feels his cock at her entrance, then without further foreplay he enters her to his root.

“Aaaaah, fuuuuuck, oh, oh yyyyess.” She raises her knees and crosses her ankles behind him, pulling him into her. The dildos and butt plug had just been a preamble, a warm-up as he now thrusts into her, fast at first, then slower, varying the pace and the depth of thrust. He says nothing, and she closes her eyes as his lips meet hers. She would like to run her hands over his skin-tight rubber suit, clench his buttocks, pull him to her, but it seems that will have to be for another day.

He kisses her neck, her cheek, her lips, there is little she can do in return, but gradually she accepts this passive role. Having him inside her, filling her, is more satisfaction than she needs. After how long they don’t know, she has already come numerous times, he finally pumps a final time into her and comes. A minute later, he rolls over to her side, and slides the condom off, while she slides down and licks him clean.

“Are you going to keep me like this all night?” She pants and asks rather sarcastically.

“Hhmm? Maybe, I growing to rather like you like this, my fuck bunny, my passive, sub, my plaything.”

“Very funny, you wait till the shoe is on the other…”

“I can’t wait, really I can’t.” He chuckles and they say nothing for a while, in post coital bliss, catching their breath. He senses she may have drifted off. Why not, she’s been on a sexual high for well over two hours. He is exhausted too, hot and sweaty in his clinging suit, but happy and contented. He rolls over and sees the bag from the second rubber shop lying on the floor. He wonders when she’ll try and persuade him into the gimpsuit, and then wonders if he will resist at all. He knows by now she will try it on him. The suit will just be another experience, one of many that Emily never seems to tire of coming up with. He’s never been disappointed before, sometimes a little embarrassed at first, a little shy, but his past experience indicates that he soon gets over that, and then the fun begins, however bizarre it may seem.

Then he gets up, trying not to waken Emily, opens the bag and sees the mask with hard rubber cocks inside and out. He knows that when Emily will waken she will want more, when they are in a particular mood, and this is one of them, she won’t want to stop, she’s insatiable. And so looking at the mask, he thinks, why not? He’s now in a totally committed relationship, no half measures, and this is the way he wants it. He has lived his life comfortably up to now, not too much risk and reward, a safe, conservative life. Now, that has changed, irrevocably.

Sitting on the bed, he takes the flaccid rubber and stretches the long neck. He places it on his forehead and without a further thought pulls it down over his head. It is tight, very tight, and as he pulls it down, over his nose and mouth he can feel the inner rubber cock, the gag, slide down his face. He takes a breath, opens his mouth and it slides in. He’s immediately surprised at how big it is, filling his mouth and stretching his jaw. He’s not sure he can take this, even swallowing is hard, maybe this isn’t such a good idea. But he calms himself and notices there is enough air coming through the pinholes opposite his eyes, through which he can see her lying by him. The vision isn’t great but is enough. The rubber grips his head as if in a vice, and he feels a bit dizzy at its pressure, but like so many times before, after a few seconds he begins to adjust, and as always, he quite likes the anonymity the mask gives. He tucks the collar under the neck of his rubber suit and now he’s completely covered in gleaming black rubber, except for his hands, cock and balls, and arse.

He turns and releases the chains attached to Emily’s cuffs. She’s now free, and still in a light sleep, the smallest of smiles on her beautiful face. He lies back next to her, looks out through the pinholes and sees the large cock extending from his mouth and pointing to the ceiling. He clamps down of the thick gag. He’s actually quite thrilled at the game he’s about to start, and eager for what he knows will shortly ensue. He is so relaxed it is he who now drifts into a light sleep. But very soon he is then awoken when he hears her stirring beside him.

“Oh, aaaah, that was wonderful Benson, despite you not taking any notice of my…oh, oh my god, ha ha, look at you.” She rolls to her side and takes the hard rubber cock in her hand, giggling.

“Well Benson you’ve got me here, I didn’t believe you’d be up for this so soon. I should know you by now,” she leans over and kisses his forehead, “never to underestimate you, are you sure you really want to.”

He mmmmmfes into his mask and nods, and she laughs.

“That’s a good-sized gag you have, I’m impressed. Well, what are we waiting for.” She giggles again, like a child with a new toy, which on reflection Benson thinks is exactly what he is. She releases the cuffs from her wrists and tosses them on the floor.

“And thanks for that, my love, now I can tease you at will.” She rises and spreads the skirt of her dress, then straddles his chest, while he grips her hips. He raises his head and can see she’s still dripping and will need no lube. She rolls a condom expertly over the hard rubber cock extending from his mouth.

“Hhmm, a good size, but not like yours, now that’s the real thing.” She laughs and wriggles up his chest, her thighs stretched wide. She wriggles further and now her calves press on his shoulders. She raises herself, aligns with the cock, and very slowly lowers herself onto him. Benson looks up and watches silently as her glistening pussy descends, then contacts with his face. He can only breathe through the pinholes at his eyes and he immediately inhales the aroma of rubber, and of his lover.

Looking further up, he sees her wonderful breasts, red rubber-encased, rise and fall, and her face peering down at him, a radiant smile on it. She rides his face for a while, the smile not changing, she seems in her own world, eyes closed but occasionally opening and looking down at her captive lover. Then stroking his head, she says.

“I should have you stuffed in an unforgiving heavy rubber body bag, just your head and cock available for abuse. Then you’d be my plaything for as long as I want, a whole day maybe, ha ha, but this is pretty special, I have to say.” She chuckles, rising again.

“You are anonymous, just a rubber head and body, and a nice cock to take pleasure from, just how I choose, and yet,” she leans over him, staring down into his eyes, “the most important factor is that it is you, my lover, my partner, and you will play my games, as a lover, partner, and equal.” She’s speeding up now, and he can smell her juices that are smeared across the lower part of his mask. She looks down again.

“And so… in order for us to be equal.” She chuckles, raises his head and tucks a pillow under it, then rises up and pirouettes, still keeping the rubber cock inside her. Now she’s facing the other way. “Then it’s my job to take care of you as well. I’m on my way down here to this beauty, oh and look, ha ha, he’s perking up.” And Benson is indeed perking up. As he looks through the pinholes of his mask, and sees her rubber covered buttocks, and her framed puckered sphincter about an inch from his face, he feels himself harden, and then, ohmygod, her succulent, tender lips and mouth engulf his cock, and suck him in.

Up to now, Emily has never considered herself an expert, nor in fact a particular fan of sucking cock, but then she hadn’t met Benson, and now she takes up the exercise with gusto. She loves his cock now, hard or soft, she knows every vein, and the succulent marshmallow-soft head. And then she thinks of his cum. She has actually grown to like the anticipation, waiting for the gush, and then it comes, hot and silky, and she’s happy to swallow it all.

In the back of her mind she thinks she might prefer to have him in a rubber body bag, at least sometimes. Completely helpless, but with the cock mask firmly clamped onto his face, and the inner cock very effectively gagging him. She is very happy with the current arrangement. She sucks contentedly as she rides the rubber cock, impishly pressing her rubber bottom onto his face, knowing he will be struggling for air.

As for Benson, how could he have ever thought he would end up like this? He supposes he could maybe lift her off his shoulders and chest, but he is allowing Emily to take complete control – again - and is more than content in that. They carry on like this, mostly in silence, broken only by the occasional grunt from Emily as she approaches an orgasm, so many of which she’s had today, she’s lost count. And as he comes in her mouth, the hot sperm splashing the back of her throat, she leans back and presses her bottom on his face one last time. She considers that with this man, life could hardly be better. She licks him dry, her tongue seeking out any remaining juices, and then lies back beside him, pulls the condom off the rubber cock sprouting from his mouth and snuggles up to him. She is surprised that he makes no immediate movement to remove the mask. Has he come so far that he will be content to take a thick rubber cock to silence him, and a mask that renders him anonymous? Emily moves closer, stroking his chest and kissing his rubber dome. Eventually he signals for her to help him remove the mask, which she does, with difficulty so close-fitting it is. He emerges, moves his jaw a few times and takes a swallow or two, then takes her in his arms and just holds her. They fall asleep within minutes.

The Package Arrives

It takes just two weeks for the package to arrive, and only two days for Emily to try out the flesh coloured bodysuit. It takes a while and lots of talc to get into it, but it fits perfectly, not a crease to be seen and it caresses every inch of her tingling flesh. She quickly chooses a loose long-sleeved t-shirt to cover her top, she doesn’t need a bra. She knows how she reacts when dressed secretly in rubber while out in public, getting obscenely wet, so she slides into a pair of white rubber panties to cover the pussy opening in the suit. Then she pulls on a slim garter belt with six suspenders. Now comes the test. She draws on a pair of grey sheer silk stockings, complete with a pencil line down the rear. Very vintage and expensive. She adjusts them until they are plumb-line vertical, and examines herself in the mirror.

Perfect. No one would detect that under the silk she is wearing flesh coloured rubber. She steps into a skirt of tan calf leather ending above her knees, which accentuates her superb thighs and bum. She feels like a terrible flirt but is thoroughly basking in it. A matching silk bolero jacket and three-inch stilettos finish the ensemble. She decides to go shopping in town and have a relaxing tea. She is aroused the whole afternoon, just holding off a series of orgasms, but still very wet, aware that she is eliciting admiring looks, and chuckling to herself. If only they knew.

She looks forward to wearing this delicious undergarment many times more in public, preferably with Benson in his figure-hugging black rubber catsuit, so that they may continue their thrilling subterfuge.

The first time she wears the baby doll, and panty set, it doesn’t quite have the frisson of excitement that Benson and Emily had hoped for. All he wears is his customary white rubber boxers and when she comes to the bedroom, somehow unaccountably she feels a tiny bit silly. Why? Is it because they had been wearing some quite outrageous rubber clothes and associated gear for some time now, that this fairly conventional sexy outfit is no longer outré? It doesn’t really matter, for Benson, just seeing her in pretty well anything, even a boiler suit, would make him want to jump her, and this he does without too much preamble. For Emily, her own feelings of looking a bit old-fashioned are soon eliminated by Benson’s lovemaking. Quickly she is on her knees, her panties pulled down and he is inside her, and then it all doesn’t matter anymore. It is something different, after all, no bondage or serious roleplay, just a little naughty and rather innocent interlude.

The stunning ankle length white rubber evening dress makes a more favourable impression on them both. They decide to have a quiet dinner in. Emily cooks it, she is getting to like cooking for “her man”. Her profession, and his, and their prolonged and sometimes elaborate lovemaking means that there are few moments available like this. She doesn’t tell him what she has planned. He is very casually dressed in t-shirt and cotton shorts, and when she has put the food in the oven they have a glass of wine and then she says she is going upstairs to change, and will be down in a short while, and Benson thinks nothing of this.

When she returns, she sneaks behind him and places her gloved hands over his eyes.

“I was wondering if you would like dessert, something sweet, before the entrée for a change?” She comes around to face him and his eyes just about pop out of his head. He should have been used to Emily arousing him in her huge selection of rubber clothing, but he still isn’t, and she is pleased to see she can still make him speechless. Standing before him in her white rubber dress, ankle length and halter necked, she resembles a perfect alabaster statue. In the candlelight, her dress shimmers as if alive.

He has no idea how she had got into it, as it appears it has been lacquered on. Her splendid breasts are pushed out, her nipples he can see through the rubber are hard, and he can see that she wears absolutely nothing underneath. The matching opera gloves encase her arms to her shoulders. She wears no make-up but has pulled her long shiny black hair back in a loose chignon. She takes tiny steps as she approaches him, the dress forcing her to hobble in 10-inch steps in her heels, he wonders how she has even made it down the stairs.

“Ohmy…how did you get into…”

“Lots of talc, lots, and these two almost invisible zips on the side here, from mid-thigh to ankle, otherwise,” she laughs, “I’d still be grappling with it. It’s fantastic, Benson, thank you for choosing it, I feel so… sexy in it, even regal, sorry, can’t think of another word. I’m wet already, and I can hardly move.”

“Emily, you’d look sexy in a hazmat suit, oh shit, I shouldn’t give you ideas. I think I should go upstairs and change, just something simple, otherwise I’d feel a fool with you so majestic like that.”

“Well, hurry up, I’m almost dripping.” It takes him all of five minutes to return, and she laughs as she sees him in his favourite drum-tight black rubber catsuit.

“You getting very good at dressing in that now, and you look happy to see me.” She looks down at the long bulge at his groin.

“And here we are and I thought we’d have a nice quiet meal in.” He places his arm around her sculpted waist. “And you go and spoil it.” He kisses her lightly, his hand now at her breast, a finger circling her nipple. She’s shaking already, and drops to her knees, pulls down his zip, and his cock springs out.

She hungrily sucks it into her mouth, pulling his buttocks to her, pressing her face to him, taking him to the root. He’s shocked at first, then tries to calm her by stroking her hair, but maybe it is the dress that makes her so aroused. After a few minutes, when he’s trying all he can not to come, he shuffles back and into the armchair by the fireplace. She has come armed and expertly, as always slides a condom over him.

“The dress.” She whispers, and he finds the zips on either side of her ankles and pulls them up, exposing her muscled thighs. Now she parts her legs and straddles him, and with a chuckle mixed with a sigh, settles down on his cock, her legs now draped either side of him. She rides him, very leisurely, her eyes locked on his, a faint, satisfied smile on her face. Nothing needs to be said. She has her man exactly where she wants him. She rubs her gloved hands over his rubber chest, his arms, and he leans forward gulping in a mouthful of rubber coated breast. She slows.

“I know I’ve said this before, aaahhh, Benson, oooh, but if you ever decide all this ooooh, stuff, the rubber and everything, is not your cup of oooh, then it’s oooh, okay , fine by me, because…”

And he takes her face in his hands and clamps his mouth on hers, silencing her. He thrusts upwards and their lips part for a second.

“Will you please just shut up? I really don’t know aaah, why you keep saying this, what do I have to do ohhh, for you to get the ah ah, the message?” Now he takes the initiative and grips her waist, and his strong arms raise and lower her as she wraps her arms around his neck. They finally come in a silent, shaking pas de deux, and she rises, slips off his condom, and as has been the custom lately, licks him clean.

“Hmm, bizarre I know, but I’m getting to quite like your taste.”

Later they eat her prepared dinner, they are ravenous and Benson commends her on it, but now she is zipped back into the white rubber sheath, she can see his thoughts are for later, when they go to bed.

About 10 days later, it is Benson that shocks Emily again.

My Beloved Gimp

Benson had arrived an hour earlier, and they have had a nice cup of tea in the kitchen.

“Hey Benson, I was thinking, would it be all right if…” This is how she usually starts a request, or suggestion, he knows it well.

“Let me think, I was to dress up a Little Bo Peep, in rubber?” He replies without missing a beat.

“Ha ha, very funny, actually you would pretty cute if you did, I would have to get you some falsies as you’re a bit short in the boob department.” She stands behind him and kisses his soft hair. “Actually I was wondering if you could…”

“Try out your gimpsuit for you, oh Emily, you are so transparent.”

“Well better than being conniving.”

“You’re transparently conniving, how’s that? I’m to be your Guinea pig on everything, it seems.” He’s not moping, he’s just stating a fact, as he sees it.

“And a gorgeous Guinea pig you are,” she kisses his neck, “my rubber guinea dog, more like.”

“I really don’t know why I put up with all this.”

“Because you love me?” She replies coyly.

“Yes, well there is that, of course.” He thinks to himself, I’m not going to win this, I can refuse, but then, what’s the big deal, really, it’s just playtime, dress-up time, that’s all.


At first, she’s speechless. She has expected that she would have to apply a sort of subtle, or not so subtle, blackmail to get him into it, and it will take a gradual acclimatising until the actual moment. After all, the gimpsuit is really a part of the heavy-duty rubber scene. Not for novitiates. But no, with a smile he says.

“It’s been hanging there for a couple of weeks now, so why not? And anyway, I’m with you, I trust you. I know you want to try it on me, and after all this time, I think I’m ready for it. And it should be fun, right?” Then all of a sudden, she’s reticent.

“Are you sure, Benson, we can take our time, this is serious BDSM play here. Once in, you’ll never get out without me helping you. Maybe a little too much for you?”

“What? I’m role playing with you Emily, and I don’t trust anyone more. If I don’t like it for any reason, I’ll tell you and you can get me out, no harm done. Now, why is it you that’s backing out.”

“I just want to be sure you’re ready for this, you don’t have to, just on my account.”

“Oh, for goodness sake, sometimes you really don’t seem to trust me, I’m okay with it. Hell, Emily, we’ve done just about everything else, it’s just fun, you always keep telling me. We’ve done pony play – seriously – and god knows what else in the stables and bedroom, I’ve made my decision, so what’s there to say. Anyway, I’m going to the stables, you can come along when you’re ready.” He strides out, leaving Emily a bit non-plussed. She is surprised, but well, why not, let’s have some fun. Then she decides to go and change, she’ll think of something appropriate to be mistress to her rubber gimp.

He strips down in the stables, tossing his street clothes in a corner. Suddenly he wonders what he’s doing there. Did he just do that? He thinks he did it just to take her out of her comfort zone, to frankly surprise her, and he did that, but now, unless he chooses to back out, he’s stuck with it. He realises he is just a bit apprehensive, but at the same time, knowing he’s in Emily’s hands, excited as well. He waits, naked and a little self-conscious, and finally Emily enters, and as always, she never fails in her choice of clothes.

She is dressed in black peephole bra, black shoulder-length gloves, black stockings and suspender belt and crotchless panties. Over this she has slipped on a thin transparent rubber dress, long-sleeved down to frilled wrists, high frill necked, tight across the bust and waist and loose down to frills at the hem over her knees. This does nothing to hide her underwear. She is fully covered and yet amazingly arousing. She is striking and takes his breath away. Benson is naked and his hands are rather demurely placed over his groin, and then he decides to play his card. He parts his hands and she looks down, her mouth open in a silent O.

Benson’s groin is completely hairless. She just stares for a second, and then squeals and rushes to him, arms around his neck, rubbing herself next to him, hugging him. And he feels himself become hard as the rubber slides over his bare skin.

“How did you… I can’t believe… where did you get…?” Then she steps back, a smile on her face. “I thought I was a jar of depilatory cream short, I couldn’t account for it, you bugger, you stole it. But when I saw you last, what 8 or 9 days ago you had… so you’ve been applying… how many times have you applied it?”

“Three, and I can tell you it bloody itches, tickles and burns. No fun at all, so I want you to know I’ve been through hell just for you. You’ve been going on and on about it, and,” he places his arms around her waist, moving his hands up and down the thin rubber of her dress, “I thought well, why am I bothered? The only people who see me naked are you, and occasionally guys at the gym and shower, and then they have private showers at the club anyway.” She seems very happy with his decision and he continues.

“I’m not very hirsute anyway, some on my chest and arms and legs, but frankly probably no one will notice anyway, and needless to say,” he smiles tenderly, “I did it for you.” She beams at this and then he grins as well. “Just to shut you up, of course.”

“Oh, my knight in shining rubber, you never fail to… why do I always underestimate you, my love?” She takes his cock and balls tenderly in her gloved hands, their eyes locking.

“Look down, be honest, don’t they look a whole lot better? Your scrot… even the word is horrible, your sac is nice and smooth now, you’ll need a few more treatments, let me do that for you, I can rub in the cream nice and evenly.” She giggles and then looks at him slyly.

“And the main benefit, to you and to me, is that I will be able to take your cock and these two beauties in my soft mouth and roll them around like large marbles, without gagging and coughing on your hairs, ha ha. Oh Benson, do I really deserve you? I don’t think I do. And now you’ve even volunteered to be my rubber gimp, I still have to pinch myself that this is the same Benson from all those months ago.” She looks very proud of him. “Well, don’t panic, we’ll take it easy and after all you’ve done for me I think a reward is due later, hhmm? Okay, ready? It won’t be a long session, just some fun, now just lie over the whipping horse here.”

He does so, chest on the horse and legs dangling. He is so thrilled to see her so happy, that the thought of being her rubber gimp suddenly is not so nerve-wracking. She goes to the closet and returns with the thick black rubber gimpsuit. She then sprinkles talc over his legs, takes his ankles, raises and folds them, then slides both knees into the suit’s short legs. He can see they are powdered already. She pulls it up, further and further until he can feel the grip of the leggings on his calves, and his knees are now resting against the rounded cushioned bottoms of the suit’s legs.

He is fairly flexible, lots of running, lots of stretching, and so can get his feet into a decent en pointe, and he now feels his feet touching the backs of his thighs just below his buttocks. No cramping, at least so far. Now she pulls him back towards her and eases the suit over his hips and waist.

“I think we’d better do this bit now or pretty soon you’ll be too big to pull through.” She giggles and pulls first his hardening cock, and then his balls through the hole at the front.

“Ow, ow, ow.”

“Ha ha, you shouldn’t be so big, although no complaints from me on that score. Your cock really is a beauty, and I’ll attend to it later. Okay, slide down a bit and we’ll have your arms in the sleeves.”

“I don’t know if this is such a good idea now.” He says, almost to himself.

“Oh, don’t be such a spoil-sport. I’m so proud of you, and you trust me, don’t you? You going to love it.” He’s now balancing on his knees, resting his head against the whipping horse and she slides one arm into the sleeve, and he has to punch his hand through the narrow forearm and wrist into the padded, paw-shaped rubber glove. This forces his hand into a padded fist. She repeats this with the other arm. The sleeves have thin steel half-inch flat rods embedded in them, such that he can bend his elbows for a short while, before they spring back to a straight arm.

“Any last requests?” She laughs, kissing him and at the same time pulling the zip slowly up his back.

“Oops, too late, now you’re all mine to play with.” There might have been a time when this would have concerned him a little, but not now. The rubber grips him snugly all over, and he can feel the steel inserts in the mid-section from hips to chest that will support his back and torso when he’s on all fours. He knows that he cannot get out of this now without her help, not a chance, and this makes him just a bit nervous (but a good nervous) but very excited at the same time. She is his mistress now and will know exactly what to do. He leans back and is now kneeling on his folded legs. She runs her hands over the rubber encasing him, bends down and kisses him, hard and long.

“Not finished yet, but, my you do look gorgeous.”

She leaves and returns quickly with a bundle of paraphernalia in her hands. This looks a little worrying, he thinks as she dumps them on the floor, moves behind him, smiles. He thought that the suit would be everything, but it appears she has other ideas. And he knows he can do nothing about it.

“I can’t have my gimp without a mask, this will do the trick.” He’s past complaining, and anyway he cannot stop her now, as he dips his head into the cool rubber mask and she zips him down the back, tucking it under the collar of the gimpsuit. He can see in the mirror it’s a plain mask, nothing flashy, with eye, nose and mouth holes, in matching black rubber. He’s actually quite happy to wear it, as it gives him a level of anonymity, and he now understands that gives him more confidence.

“Hhmm, yummy. One day I’m going to buy a real, perfectly anatomical rubber dog’s mask, ears, cute snout, tongue, the complete package. They make them to order. You, or my clients will look wonderful in one.” She strokes his head, he’s now warming up nicely and his legs are adjusting to the tight leggings of the suit. He knows he is hard now, feeling his cock swing under him as he drops to stand onto his four “legs”.

“Oh dear, now we have to get rid of that, and,” she laughs again, “I can think of one way that works.” She deftly rolls him over on his back, with straight arms and doubled-up legs he can’t really resist her (not that he wants to) and now she straddles him, facing his useless doubled-up legs. Her calves hold his arms down, and she raises her transparent rubber skirt and lowers herself onto his masked face. This he’s more than happy to oblige, and his tongue seeks out her pussy snuggled behind her open-crotch panties, his nose now flattened against the rubber, close to her tight bum hole.

“Good boy, that will do the trick.” And she moves forward, lowers herself, careful not to raise her crotch, and places her mouth over his hard cock. This is easily accommodated as, with his lower legs under him, his cock and balls are raised, as if on a platter. And so she decides to have her buffet. She begins to lick and nibble, and suck, in between giving him encouragement.

“Oh, this is much better Benson,” lick, suck, “nice and smooth,” more licking, and a nibble, “no ugly hair up my nose. Yummy.” While she contents herself, his tongue manages to squeeze between her labia and find her nubbin.

“Oh, oh, that is soooo good.”

She pulls hard on his now hairless ball sac, rolling them in her fingers and thinks this is fun, then slips her mouth off his cock and takes a good mouthful, sucking one ball and then the other into her mouth, then rolls them around. Yes, this is so much more fun without all the tickling from the hairs. Then she returns to work on his cock, she knows every vein on it now, and how it reacts to certain encouragement. And Benson is so much better now at really satisfying her with his mouth, oh my, they have come a long way together, she can hardly believe how lucky she is in finding this wonderful man. As she begins to shake and shudder, she clamps her lips over his cock and feels him begin to come. She withdraws a couple of inches, waiting, anticipating the surge, and it comes, the hot fluid against the back of her throat. She is still shaking as she swallows, and swallows again, finally licking him clean. She finally stops shaking, raises herself on her elbows but remains planted on his face. She waits for him to gradually relax.

“That was nice Benson, very, very nice. I do really like your taste, you know.” Then without any comment, she expertly slides his cock through the series of large linked rings of the male chastity device she has designed and had made just for him. It is longer and of larger diameter than all the others she uses on clients, because, well he’s larger, she smiles to herself. She hears a question, muffled by the rubber surrounding his face, and her bum securely planted on him.

“Emily, Emily, what are you…” He starts to wriggle, futilely.

“Emily, Emily.” Now she locks the tube of steel rings at the base of his cock. But she’s not finished yet as, one by one, she slides his balls through a one inch diameter, and half inch long steel tube, finally locking the two devices together. She sits back, still on his face, admiring her work.

“Emily, dammit, this is not fair, come on, give me a break here.” His voice is still muffled by her rubber buttocks. The cock is now imprisoned within the rings of steel, and incapable of growth, and his ball sac is nice and stretched, almost transparent and as she takes them in her hand, now clearly very sensitive.

“Almost done my love. You can’t be a proper gimp without these additions I’m afraid. Everything must be under my complete control.” She rises.

“Emily, I thought I was just going to be in the suit, this is not fair, I didn’t expect all this stuff as well.”

“Love and war, Benson, nothing is fair, anyway I guarantee you will have a very good time, and just like earlier, there will be more rewards at the end.” She gently rolls his now tight ball sac in her gloved fingers. He isn’t sure about this at all, but he can do nothing. Emily has never, ever failed to satisfy, so, he supposes he has to endure. After all, he has little say in the matter anymore.

“When I get you up, you can inspect your balls more closely, you’ll have to admit they are a huge improvement like this, smooth, and defined, no wrinkles or horrible hair.”

Nimbly, she now turns him over on his front, and again because of the suit, he is pretty defenceless. She now kneels behind him, between his outstretched and shortened rear legs, and he has a good idea what he is in for next.

“No, no Emily, come on. This is enough, please.”

“Every gimp or toy has to have a tail or plug, Benson, those are the rules, now stop complaining, this plug is not a big one. You’ve had a pony tail and that plug on that night long ago, so you’ll be fine.” She slathers a good dollop of lube onto the butt plug. No, it is not a big one, but he will certainly be aware of its presence. She presses it through the hole in his suit against his almost virgin sphincter and feels him clench.

“That won’t do any good Benson, now relax, just relax. This is going in, whether you like it or not.”

“Ow, ow, ow, you wait till I get out of this, you’ll get a lesson, I can tell you, ow, ow.”

“I can’t wait, should be fun. But remember dear one, without me, how are you going to get out of it. Maybe I’ll keep you in this all day? That would be fun. Relax now, keep calm, nearly there.” And finally in it plops, the narrow neck gripped by his tight anal muscle. She helps him up and laughs when she sees the short bobble of the poodle tail wobble as it sprouts from his rear. He can see himself in the mirror, a shiny black four-legged oddity, not human, not animal, balls and cock trapped in shining immovable steel and a rubber tail sticking out his rear. As he is contemplating his rather bleak immediate future, she wraps a reinforced rubber posture collar around his neck, quickly buckling it and leaving his head now supported and facing forward. She clips a leather dog lead to the collar and says.

“And now I have my glorious gimp or doggie, you look so wonderful, come on, let’s go out, it’s a sunny day out there.” She tugs at his lead and he can do nothing but follow, trying to adjust to his four-legged posture, and more important, the butt plug and the steel imprisoning his cock and balls. What a sight he must look, he thinks, and then looks up and sees Emily’s, shapely stockinged legs under the transparent dress, and feels his cock start to immediately harden. Nonono, I can’t do that. Despite his predicament he realises there are compensations.

She keeps him in the suit for a couple of hours, and she’s very impressed at how he acclimatises to life on all fours. She leads him around the garden, just like an obedient pet, which he supposes he is right now. She pats him, strokes him, fondles him, kisses him, tells him how much she admires him, and loves him. He doesn’t plead or moan or whine; he knows that won’t work with Emily, so they play out this little vignette, this gimp and mistress roleplay. He’s not in distress, not at all, he is surprised he hasn’t cramped yet, and although he can’t be described as comfortable, he has “adapted”.

It amazes him still, how man - or in this case, himself - can adapt to just about any environment. A year ago, six months even, how would he have reacted to this scene? It almost makes him chuckle. He’s not embarrassed or feeling guilty (why guilty?) in any way. Yes, he’s accommodated to it. He does not feel ashamed at all at being led like a dog, complete with mask, butt plug tail and cock and balls imprisoned and in full view. He is with the woman he loves and that’s all that matters. It’s play acting, fun. Weird fun, seriously weird, but nothing more, adult fun, consensual fun - and no doubt there will be some wonderful sex at the end, so why question it?

And Emily is having fun too, leading him, and knowing he’s staring at her in her transparent rubber dress and black rubber underwear. She can’t help flirting, knowing that will induce an erection in him, trapped by the unforgiving steel. She can’t believe he’s come so far, so soon. To depilate himself and then to accept (okay, well, she did force him a bit) the steel cock cage and ball sac tube, as well as the butt plug tail, she has to pinch herself. He hasn’t complained, hasn’t moaned. If he quit now, wanted out, never to wear rubber again, she would be fine with it. But he is prepared to experiment with her, explore themselves, push themselves and she knows how lucky she is to have him. Oh yes, he deserves a reward. She leads him back to the patio and he kneels by her chair as she sits. She kisses him.

“You truly are one for surprises, Benson, you know I love you, in or out of that suit… although I do prefer in.” She laughs. “But voluntary depilating your goodies here, you have to admit they do look so much better, and tastier for me too. You’re not uncomfortable?”

He shakes his head as best he can.

“A bit sore, stiff, but I’m surprised that I can… fit into this, accept this so easily. Look, it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing in the end, I’m with you. I can say no more.”

“Aaah, you sweetie, okay you’ve begged enough. Time this fellow got some exercise.” She leans over and he parts his legs while she gets her key from the table and releases his cock from the chastity rings.

“We’ll leave the tube on for now, your balls look so cute and tight like that. Hey, maybe I should keep it on you permanently.” She fondles his tight ball sac. “Your cock is big enough to cover it up, no one will see it, and you look so much better.”

He knows, well thinks, she is joking, but to a certain degree he thinks she may be right. No one can defend the look or feel of the scrotum, flabby, saggy, hairy and wrinkled, but he’s seen his balls trapped under the tube now and they look contoured, smooth, translucent and of course hairless. Yes, an improvement all right. They are much more sensitive of course, but nothing wrong with that. If it means that Emily will draw them into her mouth and play bowls with them more often, then he’s becoming a convert. But perhaps he’s getting ahead of himself. His cock is now free, and takes seconds to harden, he only has to look at Emily in her transparent rubber covering her black rubber underwear. She rolls a condom onto him - she always plans ahead, he notices, there always seems to be condoms around, he chuckles to himself. She stands in front of him now, straddles his legs, and raises her skirt, exposing her panties with the opening opposite her already moist pussy.

“Get me wet, Benson, it’s not so hard and I do love your tongue on me.” He leans forward as she spreads her legs further, then drops her skirt over his head, pulling his head towards her, laughing. After a few seconds he can feel she is really wet again and inflamed. She senses it too and now turns and kneels in front of him, raising her skirt.

“Like what you see, doggie? Come on, come and get it. Doggie style!” He grips her with his stiff forearms, and effortlessly slides into her, with an aaaaah.

He takes up a good rhythm, but then she says.

“Harder, harder, come on.” He fills her completely, his thighs slapping hers, oh this is so good, she thinks. I have my boyfriend, my lover, fucking me senseless, that is great. But to have him as a helpless, masked, rubber doggie - voluntarily – and with a steel tube imprisoning his balls, and a butt plug as well. Can it possibly get any better?

Dark Passage

He surprises her even further sometime later when he mentions a couple of times if she would consider anal sex. This comes completely out of the blue, and he seems a bit nervous about it. She is so shocked that she jokes.

“Well if you want, Benson, sure I can strap on a dildo, and give you a good bum fuck.”

But she knows he is not talking about himself, but her, and this of course puts her in a bit of a dilemma. She’s been persuading him for nearly a year now to try out new experiences, cajoling him, pressing, joking with him, and for the most part he has taken her up on everything. Now it is her turn. She had a butt plug in her when she was being assaulted by that crazy woman all those months ago, and has worn one voluntarily when acting the role of a pony girl, checking out Carol’s gear. But this is different, a lot different. This is no smooth rubber or plastic insert with an accommodating narrow neck. Benson’s cock is muscular, a long and thick shaft, with no narrow neck at all. This she knows would stretch her tight muscle, and probably it would not be that comfortable at all, well at first anyway. But how can she turn him down, after all he has agreed to do everything with her, well, for her.

They talk about it in bed, they have always said that they would have no secrets and this therefore has to be talked through. He just wants to try it, that’s all, no big deal, but only with her absolute agreement, if she has any doubts, then no. He has had the pleasure of viewing, studying her tight brown rose bud at close quarters many times while making love in as many positions as they can think of, and well, he thinks it looks quite cute. He doesn’t know where this has come from, just sort of evolved. And he has been thinking. He knows he is big, she keeps reminding him, flatteringly, many times, and he knows if he does breach that pouting sphincter, it will have to take a lot of time, patience and lube.

And they discuss this in very candid terms. He doesn’t press or cajole, he knows he is likely to get more pleasure out of it than she would. She on the other hand has lost count of the number of times she has eased, thrust, a butt plug into a client, or taken them in the rear with a strap-on. Now the shoe is definitely on the other foot. She always uses encouraging language, comforting them as she drives into them, but she isn’t sure the same comforting language will work for her. She didn’t mind, that much, the butt plugs before, she is able to adjust to them, her tight muscle is, after all, only gripping a fairly narrow diameter of rubber or plastic. There is nothing narrow about Benson, and when in her pussy or mouth, that is fine, better than fine, it’s wonderful, but her bum?

She knows she will acquiesce, eventually, she feels she has to. It is after all only fair, and so she tells him she’ll give it a try. He holds her hand, saying if at any moment she is uncomfortable then, well he’ll stop. He doesn’t want her stressing on this all the time he is there and suggests on a whim they try it straightaway. She is shocked at this, but realises it is actually a good idea, and he suggests they get into some rubber together, some outfits they are comfortable with, to help her relax.

“Your choice,” he says, “I’ll wear whatever you want.”

“Hmm, that’s tempting, anything? Maybe a rubber nun? No, we’ll leave that for another time. Talking about things we haven’t tried, I could see you as a rubber tranny, and ladyboy.” She appears to be joking, perhaps to cover her nerves, but Benson has learnt that even when she is joking, there are very few limits to her imagination. And it does cross his mind that even with his physique and large cock, playing a rubber nun, cloaked in all the layers of black and white rubber - and Emily underneath, pleasuring him - might be more than a little interesting. But there are more pressing matters to consider right now.

“No, you know what I love you in, that super-tight rubber catsuit which shows off everything, all your muscles, hhmm, it looks like it’s painted on, wear that. But no mask, I want to see your beautiful face.”

“Okay, I love that too, what about you?”

“I don’t know, not something too heavy or ornate. I think something nice and simple. Stockings, heels, peephole bra, corset not too tight and panties with openings front, and back or course.” She laughs rather weakly, and Benson realises that if they are to try this out it had better be now. So they get up, go downstairs to the stables and help each other dress. He can see that just this exercise calms her as she helps him into the catsuit, zipping him up and pulling his already hardening cock and balls through the front opening. Then he helps her dress leisurely, stroking her, kissing her. Soon she is clad in her stockings and garter belt and corset, then peephole bra, shoulder gloves and finally panties. After more foreplay, when he can see she is warm and moist, he says.

“I have an idea, I think this will work best.” He leads her to the gyn/ob chair, but instead of her sitting in it, he does, and after placing his legs in the stirrups he lowers the back rest and spreads his thighs, until he is nearly but not quite horizontal.

“Jump on for a ride, my love. Let’s start with your luscious pussy and get me nice and wet, and we can move on from there, when you’re ready.” She smiles, she likes this idea, being on top and looking down on him. She quickly slides a condom over his now rampant cock and straddles him. They kiss and fondle for a while. He tickles and pinches her clit, getting her hotter and wetter, and then with a nod and a smile she rises and lowers herself on his cock. She rides him for a few minutes, doing nothing more than grinding her hips effortlessly, but he can see she is enjoying it, as a couple of times she drops down and kisses him.

“I think we’re ready, aren’t we? You’re really wet now. So rise up and I’ll slap plenty of lube on and then I’m going to leave most of it to you, just nod if you need help.” She is quiet now and watches him slather lube on his rock-hard cock. He looks huge and she can’t believe she will be able to accommodate him, but after their lovemaking, she is still very aroused and that seems to spur her on a little. She places her hands on his chest, looking down at him. He smiles encouragingly and nods.

“Take your time, you’re in charge.” He places his hands on her breasts, caressing them as she lowers herself feeling the huge softer helmet at her puckered entrance.

“Christ, you’re big. I really don’t know if I can do this.” But he chuckles.

“Never had any complaints before, take your time, it’s a very flexible and adaptable muscle.” To keep her wet, he moves a hand under her and with a middle finger seeks out her clit. This relaxes her again and she begins to lower herself on the softer helmet.

“I can’t, it’s just too…”

“Okay, stop there, take a moment, let it adjust. Let me give you some encouragement.” He continues to tickle her clit and he can see her start to breathe hard again. She stays like this for a minute with his helmet half inside her, then takes a breath and lowers herself an inch or so, takes another breath, oooooh, and stops. He fondles her breasts again.

“You’re doing great, see, little by little, you’re not sore, are you?”

“Well a little, fuck, you’re huge, I’m not splitting, am I?” She giggles nervously.

“You’re fine, better than fine, the muscle is relaxing nicely, okay another half inch perhaps?” She closes her eyes, her mouth open, and does so. And suddenly his helmet and a portion of his hard shaft has passed through her sphincter…ooooh.

“That’s the hardest bit, the widest, well done. Now do you want to carry on, we can stop now if you want.” She takes a few breaths.

“No, no, I’m okay, just leave it there for a few seconds. It’s actually not too bad, I suppose the muscle is relaxing, it must be, it’s different to the way I’d expected. You’re very big, love, long as well as thick, so I’m not sure I can keep...”

“Don’t force it, Emily, do as much or little as you like, we’re meant to be having fun here, experiencing new feelings.”

“Oh, I am that. Ooooh my goodness.” She chuckles. He is glad to see she is relaxing, he can feel her tight sphincter gripping his shaft. He has to remind himself that this is his first time too, and he grasps the fact that he is really liking the feeling of her. Her sphincter feels like a very tight rubber tube gasket, much tighter than her pussy. Inside, her anal passage the diameter is a bit more forgiving. Now seemingly ready, she lowers herself again, this time more than an inch.

“Oh, this is quite strange, my insides are sending very odd…oooh, messages to me, I didn’t expect this.” And immediately she lowers herself again. He is going to tell her to slow down, take it easy, but she is now confident enough to take more control. Then after a few seconds, to his complete surprise, she smiles and suddenly descends onto his root.

“Oooooh, fuuuucck, I’m so soooo full. It feels at first as if you are splitting me, but it’s…okay, it’s really okay. It’s very intense, there’s a stretching feeling, but a fullness that’s actually quite nice. My nerves endings are sending weird electronic messages….oooh.” She presses on his chest and raises herself and with another gasp lowers herself on him again. This is beyond every expectation that Benson has. He just threw out this idea, maybe we could try this, never anticipating it would lead to this. Her bum had, perhaps not surprisingly, a different “feel”, her sphincter, like a vice, and her passage also snugger than her pussy, and obviously not as wet. He is pleasantly surprised and excited at this new experience. He is more than ready to stop whenever she wishes, but she is a revelation, for now there is a very slight tight-lipped smile on her face, her eyes closed, as she actually very, very slowly rides him.

“Oooh, aaaaah, oh, oh.”

With the large amount of lube and even some of her own juices, he doesn’t want to dwell on this long, she is able to rise and drop easier, like a well-oiled piston. It is only after three or four minutes that Benson comes, succumbing to the unaccustomed tightness of her rear channel. And then she begins to shiver, and shake, and amazingly experiences her very first orgasm through anal sex. Incredible.

After they have separated and cleaned up, they go back to bed still dressed, as they were, in rubber. They talk about the experience and both agree that they have been surprised, not just about the pleasure of it, but also the intensity. Her sphincter is a bit sore, yes, but there’s a warmth to it, a strange pleasure. They agree they will try again when the mood is right, not often, as Emily wants to retain a nice tight entrance, but yes, they’ll try it again, because they are both surprised to admit that they enjoyed it.

Another Month On

Emily is watching television. Benson is on the news, he’s been on quite a bit lately. A young girl went missing, found dead, and now Benson and his team have caught the monster. But there’s no celebrating, Benson looks tired, he does a brief conference. Emily hasn’t seen him for more than ten days. They have had very brief phone calls, and then he’s gone again. She turns it off when the conference is over, tries his phone again, and like before, gets voicemail.

At 10pm he arrives at her house unannounced, she smiles with understanding and makes him a small snack. They say very little, he’s not one for plaudits from colleagues or the press, a girl is dead. Catching the perp is all very well, his job, but it doesn’t bring her back. And he’s got to know the parents, whose lives will never be the same, so no celebrations at all. He just did his job, that’s all. He has always said to her you can’t get personally involved, it destroys you, but then he does get involved of course. She’s seen him go through this before now and knows it will take a couple of days or more to get his spirits back up. And then he’ll be back on another nasty case, but he won’t forget, he never does. He will carry scars, and Emily is there to make him better. At least he gives the family some comfort, not closure - he hates that term, hates it, made up by some nitwit on the TV -  there’s never closure, never.

She knows that nothing she says will make him feel better right now, he did his job, that’s all. They do their ablutions and go to bed, he now nearly always wears the rubber shorts, and she her sports bra and rubber panties with pinholes (or dull openings) back and front. There will be no sex tonight, and she wouldn’t expect it. He lies on his side, his back to her, it’s nothing personal, he’s just plain exhausted. She places an arm over him and spoons. Most of the night, at least when she awakens, she can see he is awake, running everything through again and again. There’s no point in telling him he did everything he could, and more, the poison inside has to dissipate first. She is awake most of the time too and thinks how lucky she is to be with him. He’s a good man who does good work. In the morning, she watches him as he lies by her, he’s had a fitful sleep, no doubt dwelling over the case, but she has to bring him out of it, and they must move on. She has an idea, what if she replaces his hurt with… she knows he really needs to get his mind off the case, maybe if we…?

Rubber Therapy

She is up first, and after a quick shower she decides to dress in exactly the same gear as she had done those weeks ago, when he was her beautiful rubber doggie. An outfit that got him so hot. Well when she thinks about it, he pretty well gets hot when she’s in any rubber. She chuckles. A black peephole bra, shoulder-length gloves, black ribbed corset, black stockings and suspender belt and crotchless panties all in gleaming rubber, over which she slips on her thin transparent rubber dress, tight across the bust and waist and loose down to her knees.

As he wakes he finds her standing over him.

“Take a shower Benson, I have a long day ahead of me, two clients to see, and you to take care of, which I will. If you had called earlier I could have cancelled, but it’s too late now, so I’ll have to just accommodate you. I’ll see you in the stables, don’t take long.” It’s not a request, it’s more of an order and she turns and leaves without further comment. He is not in the mood for an argument with her, and is still wearing his rubber shorts as he enters the stables, tired after very little sleep, but now showered and somewhat intrigued. She stands by the transparent rubber vacuum bed, very much in her dom mode now. She points to the open zip connecting the two rubber sheets.

“In here Benson, we need to get your mind off the last week or so, it’s been a bad one, I know, and so I have an idea.” He shakes his head.

“No, no, no, just leave me for a…”

“Benson, if you want to be left alone, you can leave and be by yourself, but if you are here with me then I will call the shots. I know it’s hard, very hard what you do, some things you see in your job, but consider this therapy, my kind of therapy. I’m not having you wander around looking hurt and miserable, and I won’t have you leaving, I want to be with you, so… just get in here, and I will take care of you. Don’t I always?”

“What do you plan on…”

“You can relax here, drift off, clear the mind. Believe me, it’s brilliant for that, just drifting off. I’ll be right here, we have to get that sadness out of you, you did your best, there’s no blame on you, now how about trusting me?”

Well he has done that now for as long as they’ve been together, so why not, he thinks. They have come a very, very long way over that time, they have experimented continuously. Being with Emily is never dull. He is not sure if he is up for some of Emily’s endless skills and imagination right now, and he is tired, but he’s never been in the vacuum bed before, and a spell of drifting off into another timeless world might do the trick, and so he steps between the sheets.

The rubber is cool and he shivers as he adjusts, spreads his legs and takes the inch-wide breathing tube between his lips. As she closes the zip she is surprised that he hadn’t put up a bigger resistance, but she knows he’s tired. He realises, not for the first time, he’s completely in her hands. This does not make him nervous anymore. He relaxes as she turns on the vacuum, and instantly the rubber closes and grips him. He takes a gulp of air as it tightens and grips every inch of his body. It is cool and clammy but he knows from past experience that it will warm quickly. His cock is still flaccid, but points upwards to his firm belly. His eyes are closed and he begins to calm and drift into a soothing silent world. He hears her say.

“Oh Benson, you do look quite gorgeously helpless in there, oh, the things I could do to you now.” And as he warms up, he feels her hands on his taut rubber-encased body, moving up, featherlight, stroking, tickling.

“Relax Benson, just take a breather. I’m going to be here all the time by your side, so no need to get worried, although seeing you like this, my fly in my trap, my beauty, I’m the one getting excited.” She can see him breathing evenly now, drifting off perhaps. She takes a stool and sits in front of him, realising for the thousandth time, how much she loves him, oh so corny yes, but she’s guilty as charged. It’s not just his hunky body, that helps of course, but his whole character - funny, witty, still perhaps a bit shy but, and this is the real clincher, his open mind, his willingness to experiment, to not judge, ever.

And it is this trait that in the last year has actually surprised her. Initially she had expected, even wanted their professional and home lives to stay separate, she was content with that, but it has been Benson who has been prepared to move the boundaries. To please her, or himself, she has never been sure. But try everything, he has. This is not the man she had first met in her old “office” - cool, appraising, professional, and then personally - certainly shy, unsure, and nervous sexually. Was she such a predator? She didn’t think so, but it took a while for him to feel comfortable with her, she knows that. If he quit all the experimenting completely today, she will be happy with that, she is still with him, but amazingly, he is now the one who sometimes just pushes their boundaries. She rises and sidles over, placing a couple of fingers on his thigh, moving up, over his bum and then up his back. He doesn’t react, she is so glad he’s relaxed now, maybe even asleep.

“What on earth am I doing here?” It’s not by any means the first time he has asked himself this, living with Emily tends to raise that question quite often. He can’t move, not an inch, he can breathe of course, but even that is somewhat restricted by the drum-tight rubber. And yet, and yet, he’s content, his mind is clearing of the bad stuff and he’s warm and, well, comfortable. He’s in her hands, and nothing could be better. He thinks back to his pre-Emily life, a little lonely if he has to admit, he is driven, a workaholic, and he realises how much of “life” he has missed. And with Emily, he has done a lot of catching up.

He senses hands on his chest, thighs, tickling, teasing him, or is he imagining that, it’s hard when he’s drifting in and out to tell what reality is. With Emily, sometimes he has to pinch himself that all this is real, how phenomenally lucky he now is. Being in the police sometimes can make you a little tunnel-visioned, and combined with his natural reticence, he was not a particularly open-minded person, not aloof but not that gregarious either, but now being with Emily, that had all been swept away.

He thinks of some of the masks he has worn, for fun and frolics, and he knows that she does this to remove any inhibitions, but now he’s comfortable with all of this; shyness and reserve has all but gone. He chuckles to himself, if he - two years ago - could see himself now, he would probably freak. He drifts off again.

She runs her hands down his thighs and thinks about their shopping expedition a couple of months ago; she cuffed under the hooded rubber cape, and he in his drum-tight rubber suit under his street clothes. That had been the start of several ventures into the outside world dressed in rubber under their “normal” clothes. They were fun, a little hairy sometimes, exciting and a bit nerve wracking, and it was just them with their silly surreptitious secret. He has even happily accepted, three times now, her cramming him into the gimpsuit, something earlier she would never have imagined. She has squeezed him into it, he helps her, doesn’t have any second thoughts, and he has been her rubber gimp or doggie for as long as she wishes. And he trusts her explicitly. She will play with him, tickle and fondle him, she loves him trapped, unable to stop her doing anything she wants with him. And he has fucked her while in the gimpsuit, she shivers even now at that recollection.

He can still be shy and quiet, she likes that about him. But she now knows that he’s just as naughty as she can be, with a fertile imagination and most important, a willingness to try just about everything. Since the first time with the gimpsuit she, with his amused consent, has moved the barriers again and again. In fact, there really are no barriers. She can see he quite likes the rubber gimp foreplay, he nuzzles her pussy and is quite at ease displaying his imprisoned cock and balls, and he even accepts her inserting the butt plug tail without too much adverse comment. He may not notice, but Emily has increased the girth of the plug very slightly every time. And most important, always there is the reward after. She plays with him, she sucks him, she sucks his bald and sensitive balls, and then they make slow and languid love.

Yes, he’s done well, very well, but meeting Emily is like being caught in a hurricane, everything changes. His social shyness evaporates, and his sexual comfort and skills go off the map. Now, he simply doesn’t care what others may think they get up to, not one care at all. It may look a bit silly, all this dressing up and playing games, but it’s harmless and fun and consensual, and he gets a huge kick out of it. And it is all down to Emily.

He is not nervous now about anything she may come up with, any costume, any scenario, if it involves Emily, he will give it a try, and as nearly always it ends in sex, bizarre sex sometimes yes, very good sex always, but then it is, as they say, a no-brainer. He now awakens as he feels the intense pressure of the rubber vacuum bed gripping him diminish. Then the zip is drawn down.

“Feeling better, Benson? Or would you like a couple more hours?” He takes a breath or two and swallows.

“How long have I been in here?”

“About two hours, not bad at all, you’re a bit sweaty, the way I like you, but perhaps you want to wipe down now.” He goes to the bathroom, quickly washes and returns, and sees the gimpsuit draped over the whipping horse. Emily has a mischievous smile on her face, her hands on her hips. He can feel himself harden; well I must be feeling better, he thinks. She strokes the thick black rubber.

“Well, want to play a bit more? I just need to get you to relax fully, Benson. I have a long afternoon with clients, and I don’t want to worry about you. Being in this should take your mind off things, hhmm?” He knows somewhere along the road there will be sex, very good sex, and the last time he’d been in the gimpsuit it had been fun, culminating in him gripping Emily (as best he could) from behind and gloriously fucking her.

“I don’t know.” He plays along, but he doesn’t need much encouraging.

“Just lie over the damn whipping horse Benson and stop dicking around.” Her manner is mock mad, she finds it hard to get mad with him, she’s plain bonkers over him. He does so, chest on the horse and legs dangling, just like he’d done the very first time. She takes his ankles, raises them and slides both knees into the suit’s short legs, further and further until he can feel their grip and his knees are now resting against the rounded cushioned bottoms of the suit’s legs. She pulls him back and eases the suit over his hips and waist, then the sensitive bit as she pulls his cock and balls through the front opening. Soon he is zipped up to the back of his neck and thoroughly imprisoned. This now makes him excited. He knows that he cannot get out of this without her help. She runs her hands over the rubber encasing him, bends down and kisses him, hard and long. As before, she leaves and returns quickly with a small wooden box and kisses him tenderly again.

“Now, my sweetheart, my beloved gimp.” She strokes his cheek. “I have a present for you, a very special present.” She squats in front of him, he starts to harden as he sees her transparent rubber and all the delectable black rubber underneath. She realises she will have to hurry.

“I can’t tell you how impressed I have been by you accepting everything I’ve thrown at you, and then coming back for more. You depilated yourself. That was so wonderful of you. You have accepted my linked steel cock rings to keep you in chastity, and you’ve permitted me to lock a tube around the base of your ball sac, exposing and enhancing your balls, oh yes, and now they’re bald, making them much more attractive and tasty. And now, here I have something for you, to cement the love that binds me to you.” She takes the box and opens it, and he gasps at what he sees.

Slave To Gold

In black velvet, he sees two chastity devices, both of which he’s now more than familiar with. Firstly, the curved linked series of rings that will encompass his cock and stop him from getting an erection, and then the long tube that she will lock at the base of his depilated ball sac to stretch his balls, making them super-sensitive. He continues to stare. It’s not the contents that surprises him, he’s seen and worn them before, quite a few times now, and he’s quite comfortable doing that, even, twice now for short periods, at work. It’s what they’re made of that stuns him.

“Is that, is that?”

“Hhhmm, yes it is.” She laughs. “Nothing but the best for my gorgeous lover, when I want to keep him under control.”

“No, no Emily, you can’t spend all that money…”

“I did…”

“But gold? There must be several ounces there, there are five or six rings there on the chastity cage, and the tube is thick and what, well an inch long. No, no, that must have cost thousands, are you crazy? You can’t do this.”

“Well I did,” she looks serious for a second, “yes, crazy, crazy in love with you, for sure, you big dope and I want to spoil you,” she holds his head in her hands, “but don’t think they’re just for you, I get the benefit of seeing you, locking you in chastity in them. Knowing you’re under my complete control. You will look great in them, I know.” She can see he is concerned at the cost they may have been, and they are expensive, but, she knows he’s worth it.

“Benson, I do quite well, you know, okay? And every penny I spend on you, I expect a return, in kind of course.” She grins. He knows there’s no point in arguing this, he can see she’s excited at just seeing him in them, and he won’t deny her that, he rather thinks he might look pretty good as well.

“Okay, you’re starting to get excited here, so I have to hurry with this, ha ha.” She slides his cock through the series of rings. He shivers at the cold metal. The cage of rings is a perfect fit. Of course it is. Now comes the ball sac tube. She giggles as she takes his balls, now hairless and pulls down. “Ow ow.” He gasps, then she spreads the tube. He shakes more in anticipation than nerves as she carefully presses it closed, careful to avoid nipping his skin, and then he hears the click that confirms he’s her captive, her chastity slave. She locks the two devices together and squats back on her haunches.

“Hmm, beautiful, perfect. Now my sweet, these devices have the same key to open and close them, and,” she holds them up for him to see, “I have two copies, one for you and one for me. Don’t lose yours, sweetie, they are very small, not much bigger than a needle. So here’s the deal.” She takes his face in her hands again, kisses him. “When you are here with me, I would like you to be wearing the tube, your balls are so, so, so much more attractive with it on, nice and smooth, perfect for me to attend to with my mouth.” She pecks his nose affectionately.

“This isn’t an order, I can’t do that, it’s a request, and after a few times you’ll forget you have it on. Away from me, it’s your decision, you will have your key, and it’s up to you, but it would make it really exciting if I knew you were wearing it out there. And as for the chastity cage, again, up to you, you have your key, but there may be times when you leave here, I will ask you to keep it on, just for me, so the next time you see me you’re going to be going bonkers before you get to, erm well, bonk me.” She laughs. “Again, it’s up to you, but it could be rather thrilling, don’t you think?”

He knows he will have to be careful if he does wear the cage, or the tube, or both, out in the “real” world, but she now gets him so excited sometimes that he will do things for her that he would have never done before - and he does have the key. He looks in the mirror and can see the gleaming gold imprisoning him. It is heavier than he would have thought, quite a lot heavier, and he can feel the tube pulling his balls down, but he thinks that’s something he can easily get used to. And the chastity rings? Well, they’ll make him honest, won’t they, he almost chuckles. She brings him out of these thoughts as he sees she has a butt plug tail in her hands, one he’s familiar with, and she’s lubricating it.

“No complaints, Benson. Remember I’ve had your big cock up my arse, so this is nothing, and anyway, gimps have to have some sort of tail, bend over now.” Again, there’s no point in arguing and so he bends over, his arse raised and then feels the cool, smooth probe at his rear. He relaxes as best he can, he supposes he’s at least getting partially used to this, and she presses it into him. It slides in easier than he would have expected, a little discomfort at the widest diameter, and then it’s in.   

“Come on my cutie, we have to get a quick lunch before my clients arrive. You’re going to be a witness to the greatest show on earth, or maybe the strangest, ha ha.” Clients? He’s not so sure about this, being seen like this, he doesn’t have, yet, a mask covering his head, and with his cock and balls locked in gold chastity, in front of her clients, this will be very strange indeed. She leads him to the kitchen and he initially thinks of resisting her and stands his ground. She just smiles and squats in front of him.

“Oh Benson, haven’t you learnt yet that when you’re in my world, I’m the boss, and there is no chance of resistance. Now there are many ways I can get you to comply,” she kisses his cheek, “I could whip you, which is not easy with the butt plug and cock and ball harness so close to those lovely bum cheeks, whipping you would be rather fun though, or I could attach this lead to the end of your cock ring, or around your ball sac,” she kisses his head again, “so don’t be silly, my love, my clients are coming and I don’t have time to waste on your silly ego.”

So he follows, feeling very silly, waddling along behind her; the only consolation being the splendid view of her stockinged legs and wonderful arse under the transparent latex. She makes a quick lunch, nothing is said, she is supremely confident and calm now, and she has never failed him yet in exciting and satisfying him. He will wait this out and see what is to come with the clients but doesn’t want her to have the satisfaction of having him yield so easily. She sits at the large kitchen table and motions him to her. He waddles over and sits back very gingerly on his haunches, knowing the tail could be pushed further inside him, then with a cool smile she feeds him by hand. After a couple of minutes, she asks.

“Don’t you want to see me in action with a client, you’ve seen me on the cctv, but why not close up? Don’t pout Benson. Have you forgiven me yet?”

“No, no, not yet. I need to be masked though, you know that.” He has of course, but he wants her to feel just a bit guilty in having him on display in the stables.

“Leave that to me, sweetheart, when you see me with my clients you’ll be blown away. It’s going to be very special.” They hear a car approach and park in the driveway, then the side door to the house opens and closes.

“Aaah, the entertainment has arrived, and on time. Pity, I rather wanted to hand out some gratuitous punishment. Well, no doubt I’ll find an excuse later. All right, you wait here, I have to slip into something more, erm, well, appropriate, rather than comfortable.” She laughs again, kisses him on the lips and leaves. He waddles around the kitchen, seeing it from a very different angle. He feels fine in the gimpsuit now, can he be comfortable even? His knees and calves are fine, and his legs aren’t cramping. It’s just the presence of the butt plug that discomfits him, but he has to admit, not too badly. He hopes he won’t get an erection as that will be very uncomfortable as well. The gold imprisoning him may be beautiful, but it is also very effective. Now that he knows he’s going to be allowed to witness Emily at her profession, first hand with clients, he’s strangely expectant, even a little excited by it. But he would prefer to be masked and hopes Emily will take care of that. Having the mask on makes him feel more confident. A year or eighteen months ago he would not have had this feeling inside him. He would have been nervous and a bit embarrassed and even shocked perhaps, but not now. He wonders what the clients will think of his gimpsuit and his cock and balls on display, he has no idea, but if they are Emily’s clients, there will be very little that will shock them, least of all a man in a rubber gimpsuit. He knows she is confident and supremely competent, and she will “entertain” her clients well.

He is beginning to warm up now, even get a little moist in the suit, and then finally Emily walks into the room. He takes a breath.

She is shocking, and stunning, and glorious.

story continued in part 10


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