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The Detectives And The Dominatrix

by Rbbral

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Story continued from part nine

Part 10: Nun But The Best

She is dressed, all in black and white rubber, as a nun.

He is familiar with this motif in the fetish scene, the rubber nun, along with the nurse and the schoolgirl, and he has seen Emily in these two other roles. But for some reason seeing her as a rubber nun, no doubt a very naughty rubber nun, makes his mouth go dry.

“Well Benson, what say you?” She smiles and twirls in front of him. She wears a loose black tunic from neck to toes; over this is the white scapular or neck apron, a curved piece of white rubber covering her front and back. Over her head is the black veil and then the white coif, only her face is visible, framed by the white and black rubber. Black rubber gloves peek out from the ends of her loose sleeves.

“Incredible, you look…”

“Saintly? Ha ha, but the goodies I have underneath, definitely non-standard.” She coyly raises her long tunic well above her waist, up to her breasts. Dammit, Benson can feel his cock start to harden. This is not fair at all.

“Emily, don’t do this to me.” But he still looks at her, holding his breath. Black stockings in high heels, black panties, with crotch and rear openings of course, a black rubber corset with attached breast cups, with open nipples. He wants to ravage her there right now, but is hardly in a position to do it. His semi-hard cock is squeezed by the long cage of gold rings, he is very uncomfortable. Emily drops her tunic and arranges her uniform.

Get Thee To The Nunnery

“Before we start we need to get you masked, you didn’t think I had forgotten, did you? I’ve saved the best for last. Now I have been shopping, yes, you know I love shopping, but this is very specialized shopping, on the internet. Now you know I’ve always thought there are three types of dogs, yes? Well there’s the lapdog, I’d love to have you as my lapdog, your head on my lap, face down.” She laughed. “But I don’t need a mask for that, maybe a plain tight simple mask, then I can look down on you and stroke you.” Now she strokes his face. He loves her doing this, so affectionately, but has a feeling there’s more to come, oh yes.

“There are two other types of dogs, the working dog and the show dog. And here’s where the specialised design comes in.” he sees she has a bundle of rubber in her hands.

“I’m not sure I’m going to like this.” He says nervously. She strokes his face with her gloved hand.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Benson, if all this is too much, then we stop, now, I’m fine with that, but I assure you it will be fun, and you’ll have a ringside seat. Look Benson, I want to show you my work, close up, see me doing what I do best. You’ve seen me on the cctv, that’s fine, but in the flesh – or rubber, ha ha – it’s completely different, I guarantee it. You feel the tension, you feel one person giving themselves to another, believe me it’s genuinely exciting, like a front row seat in a tiny theatre. So I have two masks here, a show dog mask and a working dog mask, and Benson, my love, I want you to try them both.” There is silence for a few seconds.

“The show dog mask I will try on you for a couple of minutes, okay. This is a very complex mask, once in it there will be no communication, the mouthpiece is very intimidating. The show dog does nothing, just look the part. I have a couple of clients I think who will be perfect for this. So we’ll test drive this and then we’ll try the working dog mask, which I think you will find much more comfortable. Okay, my sweet?” He loves her, he will do anything, yes, anything so why not this, and to be honest, the idea of a ring side seat as she performs, appeals to him right now.

“Okay, you said a few minutes, yes, I don’t like the look of that.”

“Oh, it’s not that terrible, but will be great for my clients who I want properly gimped,” she laughs, “and you’re going to be my lab rat, or doggie or guinea pig, actually the mask is a perfect boxer don’t you think? And I don’t agree, I think it really is a beauty.” In her gloved hands she has the first black rubber mask, which she displays in front of him, then opens, showing him the inside. On the outside he can see the short roundish snout with two nostrils and below that is the mouth, half open and with slightly padded lips, even a rubber tongue, and above them are two small eyeholes, again shallow padding encircling them, and finally two floppy ears. As she turns it inside out he can see two nostril tubes connected to the snout, and a quite unpleasant and complicated internal mouthpiece or gag.

“Oh no Emily, I don’t think I want to be the lab rat with that, can’t you get one of your clients to test it, please Emily, just get the plain black mask, that looks not very comfortable, at all.” Emily has moved behind him, being on all fours he is not as quick as he would like to be. She stands astride him.

“Don’t be a spoilsport Benson, once on, this will be fine, and you like to be anonymous, don’t you? We’ll give it three minutes, how’s that? And then we’ll try the working dog mask.” She now sits down on his back, supported by the steel ribs between his hips and upper chest.

“Hhmm, I like this,” she wraps her legs round his waist, crossing her ankles, gripping him hard. He remembers when she had wrapped her thighs around Mrs. Kemps’ neck and saw that she could have easily throttled her, only she didn’t have the time to do that. He tries to wriggle, but she just laughs. He can’t raise or bend his arms as he would lose his balance immediately, so leans back and then immediately feels the butt plug tail press further into him. Ow, not a good idea. He drops back, she is really having fun now. A rubber nun, riding a rubber gimp, no, you don’t see that often.

“Ha ha, come on my bucking bronco, you’ll have to do better than that.”

“Emily, Em…damn it, get off, for goodness…” And she brings the mask in front of him, stretching it and expertly pulling it over his face. Now his pleading is muffled.

“Emi…stop, please,” he feels the large mouthpiece at his lips and she’s pulling, pulling in the sides of the mask quite hard, he has no option but to open his mouth wide…and in it plops.

“Aaarg, Engiri Eng schock ngow, helk…aaaa, gak.” Emily, still gripping him hard around his waist, pulls back further and then begins to draw down the rear zip.

“You’re not making much sense my puppy, I’d save your energy. Now move your teeth around and find those two big, soft gumshields, yes, top and bottom, and then clench down, yes? Good puppy, come on, quickly now.”

“Kaa, kaa, aaahh.” She pulls one last time, and the zip is now closed at his neck. She pulls his head back until he’s looking up and back at her, mouth half open. She smiles coolly and adjusts the openings opposite his eyes and then the nostril tubes and he feels them enter his nostrils and he can breathe easier.

“No biting now,” she eases a finger into his mouth, pressing down the gumshields on top and bottom, and he feels the spongy rubber extend to the back of his mouth and he has to concentrate on not gagging.

“Hhmm, excellent,” and she dismounts him, and gets a small hand mirror, “here, have a look, my lovely rubber pup.” He sees staring back at him a black rubber face, with areas around the eyes and mouth slightly enhanced. The eyes are quite small, but he can see all right, and the mouth half open in the stubby snout. Yes, it’s a perfect boxer face. He tries to move his tongue out and he can’t, and he has found quickly that normal conversation has been taken away from him and even swallowing is not quite so easy either. He doesn’t like this very much at all, no, not at all.

“Yes, this one you won’t be able to talk or even use your mouth, just look so huggable.” And she does, hug him, he feels stupid and powerless, and has to remind himself that he will have this only for a few minutes.

“Now we can communicate by the standard sub/dom way, one grunt for yes, and two for no, all right? So you can breathe through your nose all right?” One grunt.

“And through your mouth, is that a bit harder?” One grunt.

“And you can see all right?” One grunt.

“Good, so you don’t mind staying in there for a lot longer then?” Two very loud grunts.

“Okay, my lover, just kidding. Right, we’ll get this off, consider yourself lucky, I have a couple of my sub clients in mind for a lengthy session in this.” She quickly zips it off, the mouthpiece seeming reluctant to come out.

“Aaaah, that’s not very nice, I feel so helpless, I can’t imagine why someone…”

“Don’t bother to analyse it Benson, all right? Consenting adults, remember? Okay, now this one is positively comfortable to wear.” He’s not so sure, but he’s not backing out now.

“I want you to be able to use your tongue, obviously, ha ha. So this is form-fitting, just a small snout, nice floppy ears but with the mouth unaffected, so you can use your tongue and lips, like a good working dog.” She laughed as she slipped it over his lowered head, zipping it down the back. Yes, he had to admit, it was a lot more comfortable than the last one. The nostril tubes allowed him to breathe easily and his mouth is free. “Oh, you do look adorable.” She ruffles his ears, she is just playing with him. “Don’t be worried or nervous, have I ever messed up before? We’re going to have a lot of fun, my pet and I! you won’t believe it. Now you’re not gagged, yet that is. Listen, when you are in my domain, I’m the boss, you do as I say, or it will be unpleasant, this is role play, but serious fun. No talking at all, no comments, no whining, no pleading.”

“Okay, okay, got it, now can we get going?” He shakes his head in displeasure and in the mirror sees his two floppy rubber ears flap. She squats in front of him, taking him by the ears, pulling him to her, then kisses him, holding it for seconds and seconds.

“Oh, my darling pet.”

In no time at all she has reduced him to her rubber pet, silent. He can waddle, and not much more. He doesn’t mind wearing this mask so much, if he’s going to be watching Emily dom these two clients, in fact he’d rather be masked. Quickly she now wraps a boned collar around his neck, strapping it tightly and forcing his head to the horizontal, then attaches a lead to it. She ties the lead to the doorknob, and he realises he’s completely powerless. She gets a spray can of polish and a cloth.

“Got to have you nice and shiny.” She sprays and buffs him, easing her hands over his body, then his buttocks, then his mask, and she kisses his snout as she does this. He feels himself start to go hard as she tenderly shines his rubber, oh, god, no, but Emily just chuckles as she stands back admiring her work.

“Beautiful, like stunning black marble. Oh, Benson, I adore you so. Okay, ready? You’ll enjoy this, Benson, I guarantee it.” He waddles behind her and into the stables. He’s mad with her, easily, effortlessly reducing him to a powerless puppy like this, but what can he do? Well, he can enjoy the show. He’s now completely anonymous, with the mask and the full body suit - albeit with his gold-trapped cock and balls and the butt plug poodle tail for all to see, but very quickly, he is rather stunned to realise he is looking forward to the show, for Emily never disappoints. And on entering the stables, behind his mistress, he is not disappointed.

Two rubber nuns, identical to Emily stand to attention with their backs to the whipping horse, hands crossed in front, heads slightly bowed, as if in contemplation.

“Well my beloved sisters, on time at least, that’s a start. But before I start with your, erm education, let me introduce my rubber gimp here. Or rubber pet, I think. As you worship me, and you will shortly, so does pet. So much so, I have to imprison his cock and balls as he gets so excited to see me, and quite a set they are too. I know you girls are not aroused by these male attributes, preferring the female, but they are a fine set, and I can assure you they perform very well indeed.”

As she speaks and strokes his head, tickles his ears, and he feels rather flattered, he has a chance to study these two women. He is sure they are the ones he saw all those months ago, well almost a year now, when he came to the cottage unannounced. The taller of the two he remembers as a stunning mid to late 30’s beauty with blonde/grey hair and a face and body of a 20-year-old. And the slightly smaller girl was in a full body and head rubber mannequin suit, a firm, muscled athletic woman, of indeterminate age. They were lovers then, it was clear, and it appears they are still together. The only apparent difference between their costumes and Emily’s is that under their veil and coif both these women are fully masked.

The mask is of black rubber with pinholes opposite their eyes and scarlet red rubber lips covering their mouths, with the thinnest of openings between for their lips, so he’s completely unable to identify any of their features. He can see they have raised their heads slightly, and they are inspecting him. Strangely, he doesn’t feel embarrassed, after all they are all in this together, and he’s masked anyway. And with roleplay, it always works best if you stay in the role.

“My rubber puppy will watch the session today, he is always willing to learn from experienced subs like you two, so I need you on form, and if I feel it appropriate, he may perhaps contribute to the scenes I have planned for you. What a wonderful sight he is, isn’t he, completely under my control, his poor cock desperate to escape. And you can see he’s hairless down here and so his ball sac, pulled tight by the gold tube here, is very tender and just screaming for attention. And at the back here you can see his tail, which of course is attached to a butt plug, not a big one but then he, like you, is always in training. All right, now you two, from the outside you appear to be dressed in the correct manner, but let’s see what’s underneath. Tunics up to your shoulders, please.”

Both women now raise their tunics and sweep them over their shoulders, exposing themselves. Benson can see they are dressed identically to Emily, stockings, high heels, corset and attached bra with peepholes, and panties with openings at the front, and presumably at the rear as well.  But what truly shocks him is that both women have identical steel rings piercing their labia, three either side, and the labia have been pulled together by a further oval ring through these rings. His jaw must have dropped for Emily gives him a gentle tug on the lead, pulling him to them.

“Pretty impressive, eh my gorgeous pup? So you don’t have to feel too bad as you’re not the only one in chastity. For don’t all nuns make a vow of chastity?” She laughs.

“Come closer and look at the workmanship.” He does, now uncomfortably close to the labia of the two women. How do they feel, with this man, this gimp, so close to them, inspecting their most private parts?

“You see, puppy? Three rings either side of the labia, now these are not permanent. Both these women, my nuns, consented to this procedure, and it was carried out at the same time, so each could watch the other. Quite painful, but these wonderful women are strong and committed. The balls at the ends of the rings, well I call them rings, but they are really curved barbells, the balls almost touching. These balls can be screwed off and the rings removed. The long oval that has been looped through their rings is also not permanent, but it is used by me as a chastity device when I choose. This however is locked, and I keep the key”

She moves closer to one of the women and places her finger over her semi-closed labia, pressing it in, but she fails to do so.

“You see, they can’t even accept a finger, never mind a vibrator or dildo, or a tongue, ha ha. So they are properly chaste, for as long as I wish. The slightly curved oval ring slides between the labia and is locked here at the top, over their clits, so no access for debauched fun there either. They are capable of peeing, and washing thoroughly, a strong shower head is sufficient. But no playing with each other. They’ve been chaste for just under a week now, and must be horny as hell. They can kiss and play with each other’s breasts and nipples and bums, but no clit or pussy action for these girls.” 

He feels himself harden again at the thought of these two women, wanting to satisfy each other, utterly unable to do so, deeply frustrated. He tries to concentrate, perhaps closing his eyes will help, but of course he doesn’t want to do that, he would miss the extraordinary display in front of him. As he is about to ask himself the question, Emily, sensing it, answers.

“So, why would these beautiful women subject themselves to this, deny themselves? Because they want to, I don’t force them to do anything, they do it to please me, their dom, but most important, themselves. And why not just remove the rings when they leave here? For I do leave them with a key, in case of emergencies. Because it’s all a matter, as it is with all my clients, of trust, of mutual respect, and ultimately of love, for I love my nuns here. I ask of them some odd things, but I know their limits, I may push their boundaries a little but that is good. Otherwise life can become boring.” Boring? Thinks Benson, boring is never the word you can associate with Emily.

“I am told the rings are small enough to make it through metal detectors, but I know these women, they are confident and proud enough that they will gladly agree to a strip search and have their little secret exposed. They have no embarrassment or shame, they are proud, they might even be amused by the whole procedure. But for our session today I want access to these beauties, so I will unlock the oval ring and then the barbells, and allow them some relief.” She deftly unlocks the oval rings and draws them down so the labia are quickly free. The two women gasp in relief. Then carefully, taking her time, she unscrews the balls at the ends of the curved barbells, and twists them free of their labia.” There is another audible sigh from both women. Emily places the balls and rings in a small pot of disinfectant.

“All right, so you are dressed correctly, you are both learning well. No punishment for arrival time and dress, but well,” she chuckles, “you need warming up anyway, I think. Therefore, my darling nuns, assume the position.”

They both glance at each other and then move to each end of the whipping horse, lean over and face each other, a couple of feet apart. They have obviously done this before and are familiar with the routine. They raise the rear of their tunics, exposing their rubber panties and Benson can see, as he’d assumed, the openings opposite their bum holes. They lean forward, their masked and hooded heads now a foot apart, parting their legs, and fine, shapely legs too, Benson thinks.

“Ten each, with the paddle, not the cane, so I’m being lenient with you, and there will be plenty of time in between to take a breather - for me and you.”

She takes a large rubber paddle, about a foot long and four inches wide, places a hand on the back of the taller woman, and brings it down with a frightful thwack. He knows that the rubber panties will absorb some of the pain, but he also knows that it will still hurt considerably. She takes her time, moving around the horse and then placing a hand on the back of the smaller woman, repeats the swing, and another almost deafening thwack. There are muffled grunts from the woman, but nothing more, these women have endured this before, many times perhaps, and are seasoned. For they like it, they must do, he thinks.

Emily is in no hurry, almost sauntering between them, running her hands over their supine bodies, occasionally looking over to Benson, a complicit smile on her face. It’s her profession of course, but she’s having fun, simple as that. It must take 10 minutes, maybe more before she’s finished, and the women are panting, moaning, but saying nothing. They have barely moved, just a small swaying of their rears. A few of her strikes have been low, and Benson can see the flesh between their panties and stocking tops is bright pink. Emily moves to the taller woman and passes her gloved hand between the woman’s parted legs, middle finger forward. The woman groans as Emily inserts it into her, moving up and down, then extracts it, inspecting the gleaming digit.

“Oh, novitiate, you are such a pain whore, look at you.” She moves to the other side, and places her finger in front of the smaller woman. She knows what to do, leans down and sucks it between her scarlet rubber lips of the mask and into her mouth, facing her lover, their eyes behind the pinholes of the mask, no doubt glued to each other.

“And are you a rubber whore too, my beauty?” Emily repeats the process with the other middle digit, the smaller woman moaning, extracts the finger and observes similar glistening juices.

“Oh, yes, of course you are, and your sister here will reap the rewards.” She returns to the taller woman who almost eagerly she sucks in the gleaming rubber finger, quid pro quo indeed. Benson is sitting back on his haunches, aware of the plug in his rear, and aware that if this goes on for the full hour or more he will be exhausted. It is taking all his self-control not to get an erection.

“Now we are suitably warmed up, we can dispense with the tunics, sometimes they just get in the way.” The women dutifully disrobe - tunic, coif and veil come off - and they are left standing in identical stockings, high heels, panties, gloves, corsets and masks. They do not appear to be in the least bit shy in front of Benson, standing to attention in front of their mistress, but he sees the shorter one takes a peek at him, and holds it for a few seconds. He doesn’t feel self-conscious, which surprises him a little, but then they are all in this together. 

But what is Emily planning next?

She rolls the two rectangular steel frames together until they are facing each other about five feet apart, and locks the wheels. She orders the two women to stand within their frames, facing each other. Then, in a very cool, business-like manner and taking plenty of time, she cuffs their wrists and ankles and stretches them until they are barely able to move. They are now horribly vulnerable in X configurations, their high heeled feet off the ground. They say nothing, their black masks covering their heads hiding any emotion, their scarlet rubber lips barely moving as they take in oxygen. Satisfied with the first step, Emily rolls over two trolleys with identical TENS units, each with four adhesive rubber electrodes. These TENS units were specially selected by Emily and their options are almost infinite. Electric power, shock and vibration, constant or intermittent, can all be programmed. They can tease, they can excite and they can torture.

Emily deals with the taller woman, Carol - he remembers her name now, first. She pulls out the rubber bra portion of her corset, tucks the first pad under her left nipple and returns the bra to its position, then repeats the process with the right breast. She then repeats the process with the shorter woman. Although they say nothing, Benson, who has moved closer and sits back gingerly on his doubled-up legs, can see they are now breathing harder. But Emily’s not finished, not even close. She draws out the rubber panties of the taller nun and slides one, and then the second electrode underneath, to lie either side of the labia. She repeats this with the shorter nun. The wires are then connected to the unit, at the side of the frame. But there’s more.

She takes three narrow transparent suction tubes, the first two are slightly wider in diameter, perhaps an inch, and two inches long. These she tucks under the opening in the rubber bra portion of the corset, opposite the nipples of the taller nun, then she folds back the bra, making sure it is airtight. At the end of the clear plastic tubes are two red rubber suction bulbs, but she leaves these for the present. Now she takes the narrowest tube, perhaps a half inch in diameter and two inches long, and Benson knows where this is going. She has no need to lick her gloved finger, for Benson can see the woman is very wet as Emily parts her labia and finds her engorged clitoris.

Benson hears the woman grunt as Emily places the tube over her clit and in one quick move squeeze the bulb. The bright red nubbin is immediately sucked into the tube and trapped, while Emily releases her labia and now only the tube can be seen extended out from her pussy, with the clit firmly imprisoned inside. He can see the woman is now breathing faster, he can hear a faint aaaah. The shorter woman watches all this and knows it is her turn next, and within seconds her clit is similarly sucked into the tube. Now they stare at each other, moaning and grunting quietly. Emily moves to the tubes encircling their nipples and without preamble squeezes the bulbs firstly on the taller woman and then the shorter. Their nipples, the taller woman has hers pierced by a steel rod and then steel shackled, are suddenly sucked into the tubes, accompanied by more moans from the women.

Benson can hardly believe what these women are enduring, how can they suffer this, how can they like this? But Emily has more in store. She takes a short break, studying them closely to see that everything is in order, running her gloved hands over their thighs, their panties, and then caressing their masked faces. She has said nothing during this lengthy process, being unruffled and business-like, but clearly enjoying the power she has over these helpless women, and also knowing that Benson is watching her every move. Now she moves to the TENS units.

“Well ladies, let’s see if we can get some good vibrations going. We’ll keep the pulses and the strength identical for you both, I don’t want you complaining of favouritism.” She laughs quietly. “For your breasts, we’ll have a five second pulse, medium strength, with let’s say a ten second pause between.” She turns the dials on both machines accordingly. “But for the pads either side of your tasty pussies I think we’ll spice it up, by making the pulses and pauses random.” There is a mutual groan from the two spread-eagled women, which Emily either doesn’t hear, or pretends not to.

“The strength of the pulse I will programme as random too, so you just won’t know if it will be strong or weak, well relatively weak, ha ha. All right ladies, are we ready to shake, rattle and roll?” She laughs as she pushes the switches on the two machines. Immediately there is a squeal from the shorter of the two women, and then a moan from the other. Despite being spread-eagled within the steel frame they still shudder, and their rubber-encased heads rock and nod furiously. Very soon they set up a joint wailing, muffled by their masks. Benson watches their nipple tubes waggle and their clit tubes twitch.  After four or five minutes, Benson realises he has hardly breathed and his mouth is dry. His cock swells in its gleaming gold cage and he has to concentrate hard to keep it from being strangled by the unforgiving gold rings. Why is he aroused by these women being ruthlessly teased and tortured? And are their moans of pain or pleasure, or both? Although their clits are imprisoned he can see that their labia are enflamed, red and wet. Emily can see that too, but first she returns with two inflatable gags in her hand.

“I think we’ve heard enough wailing for now. I don’t mind you venting at all, but this is getting a bit loud, don’t want to arouse the neighbours, so I’ll give you something to quieten you down, but feel free of course to scream your hearts out.” She folds the bladder of one gag flat and eases it between the scarlet rubber lips of the taller nun. There is a gurgling sound.

“No resistance now, otherwise it will get a lot worse for you.” She says coolly and slides it into her mouth and now the short rubber tube and inflator sprout from her lips. Emily quickly gives it four, five pumps, as the woman shakes her head and her rubber cheeks puff out. She tests the cheeks, seems satisfied, and moves to the other nun. The process is repeated and now the two nuns stare through the pinholes of their masks and see identical duplicates of themselves – masked, gagged by an inflatable bladder, corseted with nipples sucked into short plastic tubes and breasts electro-vibrated, tight shiny stockings and gloves. And of course, panties, with pussies exposed and vibrated and clits similarly imprisoned in clear plastic. They shake their heads, now almost mute, as they endure the onslaught. Emily stands back, her hands on her hips, a very mother superior pose, admiring her work, nodding. Then she looks at Benson, and smiles casually.

“You know, I think that if my novitiate nuns are gagged, then it’s only fair that my beloved rubber gimp be gagged as well?” She returns from a drawer with an inflatable rubber gag. She approaches Benson, who can do nothing but sit on his haunches. He gives her a dirty look and shakes his head, which is rather pointless considering his face is covered with a rubber puppy mask.

“You’re not going to make a scene in front of my nuns, are you?” It’s a rhetorical question of course and he shakes his head and obediently opens his mouth. She smiles coolly again, she is no more his lover Emily now, and very much more professional dominatrix/mother superior.

“Good boy.” She inserts the flaccid rubber through the mask and into his open mouth. There is no need for a strap as she pumps it up, filling his mouth. He shakes his head, which just amuses her, she really is in business mode. He breathes in through his nose, she sees this and squeezes it one more time. He moans his displeasure as the rubber comes to life and fills his mouth and he feels his chin drop as his cheeks swell. She tests his rubber cheek, gives a small pout and one more squeeze, then kisses his rubber head.

“Oh, you do look so cute like that, my divine pet,” she whispers, “I love you so much, my beauty,” Benson thinks she has a funny way of showing it, “now enjoy the show.”

Then she takes a stool, sits between the nuns and pulls on a pair of surgical gloves. She looks across at Benson, who is still almost in a trance, and smiles coolly. She unhurriedly inserts her middle finger in the taller nun, then the other middle finger in the shorter woman. They can’t move much within the frame, just rock their heads and squirm, as Emily moves her finger up and down; then a second finger is inserted, and a muffled moan can be heard. All this is happening while the TENs units keep purring. She takes her time, leaving the fingers in and then removing them, Benson can see her gloves are gleaming, can the women really be loving this? 

She must take about ten, maybe fifteen minutes doing this, even leaning over a couple of times and kissing their inflamed labia, and the women, already assaulted by the nipple and clit vacuum tubes, are shaking and moaning in their inescapable bondage. When she finally stops, Emily’s fingers are dripping wet.

“Wonderful, oh you are bad girls, aren’t you? All right, we’ll get you out of the frames and find something for you to relax in. You both need to rest after all that.” For the next five minutes, Benson watches as she disengages them from the frames, removes their suction tubes and electro-rubber pads accompanied by considerable moaning through their gags, which she finally removes. They now stand together, in just corset with peephole bra, stockings and heels, panties with openings back and front, gloves and masks, and he can see they are exhausted, still shaking, with chests heaving, but also with their juices surrounding their pussies. Benson is hot and sweaty, but he also knows that this is far from over.

“Okay, off with the heels, both of you, I don’t want you damaging my expensive equipment here, I know what you need, come over here.” And she leads the shorter woman to the suspended rubber body bag. Benson watches silently as the woman, who he has seen in this before when in the mannequin suit, step into it and Emily zips her up, turning on the compressed air hose. It only takes seconds before the woman is trapped in a sausage of rigid rubber, with her rubber masked head rocking from side to side, and Emily, still dressed in full rubber nun garb, smiles at her and pulls on her nipples, adjusting them so they now are centred in the openings of the bag. She pulls on one, eliciting a moan from the woman, then adjusts the rubber around her pussy, finally satisfied that all is perfectly aligned and the woman cannot move an inch.

“There, I know you love this bag, so you can take a break, and then I have one thing more for you to experience. Now you,” she looks at the taller woman, “I know you like the vacuum bed, so in you get.” She opens the side zip and the woman, in her rubber underwear, enters without comment, stretches her lips around the rubber breathing tube, not easy with the tight red rubber lips covering her mouth, and Emily zips her up. Unlike the body bag, air this time is sucked out quickly, and within seconds the woman is glued between the two sheets of unyielding transparent rubber her body stretched in the star shape.

“Good, that is you both taken care of. Sometimes I wish I could leave you here for a few hours, maybe overnight, and play with you, and I think you’d both probably like that, but I have my beautiful gimp here to attend to.”

She turns to Benson, approaches and squats before him. Yes, Benson knows that his time would eventually come.

A Promise Repaid

“Hi puppy, enjoying the show?” She whispers, stroking his masked head. He moans and shakes his head, the rubber gag is huge, and he wants her to remove it, time’s up as far as he’s concerned. The show was fantastic, but he’s getting tired and very hot. She simply ignores him.

“I said I had a treat for you, and I’m always as good as my promises.” She takes his lead and directs him between one of the steel frames in front of the mirror. Expertly - she must have done this a hundred times before - she places the ankle cuffs at the bottom of the frame around his wrists and pulls them in. He’s now unable to move his padded hands from the floor. She pats his head.

“Good, I don’t want you wandering off. And I think we need the head taken care of.” She attaches the upper, wrist chains of the frame to either side of his posture collar, pulls them in and is only satisfied when he’s capable of very slight movement. He’s now on all fours, cuffed between the frame, and wonders what his mistress will do next. He’s not sure if he’s going to enjoy this, but he’s powerless to stop her now. Just how far will she go? He finds out immediately as she carefully extracts the butt plug tail from his rear, a flood of relief passes through him, and he groans into the inflatable bladder. But his relief is quickly ended when he sees her lift her long tunic over her shoulders, holds it under her chin and begins buckling a strap-on harness around her corseted waist. She now speaks.

“Sweetheart, a while ago, I consented to your giving me my first anal fucking, my virgin bum fucking,” she chuckles, “and I have to say it wasn’t as bad as I thought, not at all. So in the spirit or mutual satisfaction I propose to reciprocate the gift.” He can see her now twisting a medium sized black cock to the base plate of the harness, then adjusting the straps until she is satisfied. Then she slides a condom down the shaft. He groans through the gag, pleading for her not to, a useless exercise he knows, with the inflatable rubber stretching out his cheeks. They’d not agreed to this, never discussed it, and he’s feeling very hard done by. He loves her dearly, but isn’t she just taking this all a bit too far?

“Your mouth is full of that efficient inflatable gag so we’ll have to be satisfied with lots of lube. It shouldn’t be too bad, you poor thing, you’ve had the butt plug a few times and the rubber cock is not too large, much smaller than your cock that I accommodated, so you don’t have much to complain about.” He shouts into his gag, pleads with her again, pointless. He thought that if he didn’t want something  to happen then they would agree to stop, but how can he communicate that now, it all seems far too late for that. And then he sees her kneel, drape her tunic over his back and then shivers as he feels the cool rubber at his rear. Nonono, I really don’t want this!

“Don’t worry about the audience. The nun in the vacuum bed can’t see anything, and the naughty girl in the bag may get a good view but she’s in her favourite place and usually in a world of her own. And anyway, too bad, as they say. Now what did you tell me? Oh, yes, just relax.”

He tries to, his arms just supporting him, but unable to move, he stares into the mirror, and sees his mistress, dear cruel but loving Emily, the rubber nun, kneeling behind him adjust her stance, and then… he feels the rubber cock breach his tight sphincter, but she doesn’t stop. In one easy, firm, controlled push, mygod, she’s fully inside him. Oooooooh, sheez!

He can feel her fingers playing with his trapped balls, oh no no, he has to stay soft, if he gets an erection he’ll, hhhhmm, he screams. He looks over to the woman in the body bag, her head stares ahead, but is she looking at him? It’s impossible to tell, but he can see her labia is, not for the first time, glistening. She takes fully ten, twelve minutes, stroking him, fondling him, talking quietly to him, encouraging him, flattering him, and very much stretching him. He is in discomfort at first, this intruder, pumping in and out, and then...

He realises that the cock moving in and out of his anus is no longer that unpleasant a sensation, he’s actually getting accustomed to it. How the hell can that happen? It doesn’t hurt, not at all. His main focus is to keep from getting hard. He groans and grunts, but these are not sounds of pain, just a way of accepting his predicament. He is sweating buckets in the tight suit, as she pats him on the back, on his head, whispers.

“Well done, by beauty, oh I do love you so much. Is there anything you won’t do for your mistress, your lover.” He thinks right now he has little say in the matter, literally or metaphorically, but in truth, he knows he would do just about anything for her. Love can be like that. “That wasn’t so bad, was it? You’ve done very well indeed, I’m so proud of you.”

Finally, she withdraws, but before he can relax she stuffs the butt plug back in his now much more accepting and relaxed rear. Leaving him chained within the steel frame, she takes off the strap-on, and clears up. He feels horribly exposed, aware that quite probably the shorter woman in the inflatable body bag has seen everything that has happened. And there was nothing he could do about it. But Emily is moving on.

She takes the two women out of their separate immovable rubber prisons, the suspended bag and the vacuum bed, and orders them back into their nun’s robes. This they do and he can see that their juices gleam at the groins and thighs. Silently helping each other, very quickly they are identical masked nun’s again. Now, as the two nuns stand silently together, hands in front of them, Emily releases him from between the frame and pulls on his lead until he is kneeling between the three nuns. It’s the most extraordinary scene, a gimp, butt plug tailed, thoroughly gagged, and with cock and balls restrained in gold chastity, surrounded by three rubber nuns, he can barely believe it, but then Emily never fails to surprise.

Can Three Nuns Be Too Many?

“Well my rubber puppy,” she doesn’t use his real name and he’s very grateful for that, “one last scenario, and it’s a bit of a test for you, and a reward I hope. You’ve spent many happy hours satisfying me with your mouth, and you have become very proficient, you are quite wonderful with it, but I have a little test for you. I believe, or rather I hope, that as you know me so well that you will be able to distinguish me from my novitiate nuns here.” She chuckles.

“Now these nuns here are of a different sexual preference and are therefore experts in the art of… pussy pleasure.” She smiles again, really enjoying herself. “Nonetheless, you are very talented and I am sure you will be able to give them satisfaction, and me, of course. So the test is simple.” She places a hand gently on his rubber dome. “Identify me among the three, ha ha. I’m going to blindfold you, and remove your gag of course, you’ll be no good at all with that in, and I want no talking, all right, remember? It will be a tough test, your mask will not make it easy, but I have faith in you, my beauty.”

She leans down, pouts a kiss at him and places a rubber blindfold around his masked head, tucking it under his floppy ears. Then to his relief, she deflates and removes his gag. He says nothing, swallows and takes a couple of breaths. The chore she has ordered of him after all will hardly be onerous, but what is the penalty if he doesn’t pick his mistress? He doesn’t have long to dwell as he hears her say, amusement in her voice.

“Well get to it, rubber puppy. Men, and women, would pay good money for what you’re about to do. You’ll have the pleasure of serving three very attractive women, in order, and all you have to do is pick me, it shouldn’t be hard, you have tasted me many times now.” He wonders if this was in the original “script” with these two women, who are after all in love with each other. How do they feel about a man with his face in their pussies? Should they hate it, will they? Or will they just enjoy the pleasure of it? He has no idea, but is about to find out.

He hears her chuckle and then feels a heavy tunic draped over him and a hand, quite forcefully, pulling him to an already moist pussy. Within seconds it is stifling, the mix of the pungent rubber tunic and undergarments completely encircling him and the succulent perfumed pussy his face is pressed against, almost makes him lose consciousness. But he perseveres, as the woman’s thighs part and the hand on his head pulls him further in. Time stands still in the oppressive dark as he licks, sucks and nibbles the woman’s moist flesh. He is rewarded finally when he feels her thighs begin to shake and her copious juices are smeared over his face.

He has a rather strange moment of pride as the thick rubber tunic is raised, but only seconds later it is replaced by another, and a different pussy is thrust into his face. The process is repeated, this woman less wet, but appreciative as he feels a hand stroking his rubber covered head. After another ten minutes perhaps, he feels her come, shaking much harder, and then the transfer to the final woman is undertaken efficiently.

By now his tongue is getting a bit tired, and his taste buds begin to meld the aroma and taste of all three women, at first definitely different, but then all melded into one. He is soaking, dripping wet in the gimp suit, and is quite dizzy from the lack of oxygen, for all he gets is perfumed moist pussy and pungent rubber. He’s almost ashamed to admit that it is with some relief when the third nun begins to shake and her hand forcefully holds his face against her. The final tunic is raised, the nun in question, he’s happy to detect, is still shuddering in the throes of a quite violent orgasm. He takes a few deep breaths, and finally he hears Emily.

“Well, that was quite a performance, and look at your face, absolutely covered in our juices, so satisfaction for all I think. These ladies set very high standards and expect good service, even for a mere man like you. Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, my pretty puppy, what number was I, dear gimp. Can you tell?

And amazingly he thinks he can, the aroma, the texture of her flesh (yes, he got a good hint there) the moisture, the hand gently placed on his head, not pulling him in until the final few seconds, but just coaxing him, and even the smooth, satin thighs framing his face. But the final clue is that he detected on the first two nuns the tiny holes along their labia, where their rings or barbells had been. Yes, he thinks, he’s sure it was number three. With his blindfold still on, and the full gimp gear still keeping him a soaking prisoner, he can sense the three women around him, waiting on his word, he takes a breath. He keeps it to the very minimum.

“Three.” He whispers, holding his breath, and then there is raucous laughter, and he feels Emily squat and hug him, then take his blindfold off.

“Well done, my sweet, I won’t ask how you can tell, at least not yet, it could be a bad or good reason. I think we can safely say we all enjoyed it immensely, both my nuns here are very impressed. Ladies, I think we’re almost done for today, so I’m going to replace your labia rings, but leave the oval rings off.” They obediently raise their tunics again, and Emily pulls on a pair of surgical gloves and removes the twelve rings from the small pot of disinfectant. Now she carefully, expertly, even daintily slides the twelve rings through the labia of the two silent women, three each side, and screws on the 24 steel balls. The women are now identically adorned in their pussy jewellery again. The two nuns drop their tunics, turn and kiss each other, their red rubber lips glued for several seconds.

“Beautiful, all right, we’re almost finished, but why not a pleasant walk in the garden, before tea, perhaps. I see it’s raining, but I don’t think that will worry us dressed as we are.”

A Walk In The Rain

Emily squats down and immediately clamps her lips on his.

“Hhmm, an interesting taste, for sure, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I can only speak for myself, but my darling, you were wonderful, oh my goodness, I am so lucky to have you.”

She leaves him on all fours, then with an evil smile, after returning with two matching inflatable butt plugs in her hands, approaches the two nuns. They stare through the peepholes of their masks and know that resistance is not a good thing, and Benson figures anyway they probably like it. They take their places on opposite ends of the whipping horse, facing each other, and then raise their tunics, exposing the stockings and panties with the rear opening.

“No favourites today, you both get the same size and with the same number of pumps.” She lubes the first and approaches the rear of the shorter woman, places a firm hand on her back and presses the rounded end of the plug through the opening in the panties to rest against her sphincter. Then with a smile she presses further, not stopping, just continuing in one even thrust, and then it is in, with only the round baseplate and the narrow tube visible. She gives it four pumps and the woman grunts and growls, but that is all. Now the tube and pump extend from her rear to mid-thigh. Emily slaps the woman’s rubber-pantied rear - very hard - and she yelps, then Emily lowers her tunic.

The process is repeated with the taller woman, in complete silence, except for, again, a loud grunt as Emily inflates the plug.

Finally Emily takes two very narrow gold chains about six feet long and passes a ring at each end through the septums of the two nuns. Benson remembers that the taller one, the statuesque beauty in her mid-to-late 30’s had her septum pierced and grommeted last time he saw them. It now appears that the shorter, more muscled lover has now had hers pierced as well.

“Don’t want my sisters running off.” She smiles, then takes the ends of the chains in one hand and Benson’s lead in the other, and leads them from the stables and out to the garden. The rain is not heavy, and of course they are all well protected, but it is cooling and they all appreciate this for they are very hot, sticky and sweaty in their multiple layers of rubber. Emily keeps Benson on a tight leash, she may be his lover and equal, but this is still her domain, and she is still “in the moment”.

Eighteen months or a couple of years ago, he would have been shocked at the scene, so bizarre it is, but now he’s adjusted, accommodated to it. He does not feel embarrassed at all at being led like a dog, complete with mask, butt plug tail and gold imprisoned cock and balls, and all in full view. He is with the woman he loves, that is all that matters. And it’s not as if these other two women are strangers, for he has seen them in all their glory, so they are all, happily, in this together. He steals a look back to the two rubber nuns, who follow obediently and silently. They too seem perfectly at ease, not concerned by the nose chains, nor apparently by the inflatable butt plugs in their rears, and the dangling inflators swinging between their legs. They hold hands, and as they see him turn to them, they both give him a little wave, a wagging of fingers. He should be embarrassed that his cock and balls are so exposed, never mind the plug in his rear, and he realises these women are aware of what he is thinking, social embarrassment comes when one is at a social disadvantage. But when all three of them are in a similar situation, how can any of them be embarrassed? And of course, they are under the firm control of Emily.

So all is well.

They walk slowly around the walled garden, taking in the flowers, enjoying the rain cooling them, all perfectly normal, that is except for their attire. For fully twenty minutes Emily says nothing, completely at ease, she is so excited at having three strangely rubber clad adults totally under the control of her nose and collar leashes. She checks her roses, smelling their scent, certainly different from the rubber scent she has been assailed with over the last hour or so. She admires her kitchen garden and the vegetables coming along. Benson watches her, and thinks she might have even forgotten that she has them under her control, but then she stops and leans down, kissing the top of Benson’s masked head, whispering.

“You know Benson, this may just be the best day of my life.” She strokes his rubber dome, tickles his floppy ears, looking back at the two masked rubber nuns. “To be here with my favourite clients, no, friends, good friends, is always comforting, they are a challenge, the two of them, but always incredibly rewarding. There’s very little that they won’t tolerate, accept, and embrace.” She leans closer, kissing his rubber head.

“But to have you here with me as well, I can’t believe how lucky I am. I am so happy you can accept all this, and take it in your stride,” she nods to him, still on all fours, and then to the two nuns, holding hands, “and now you even challenge me further.” Then she looks serious again. “Look, I know I’ve said this before and I mean it. If you were not the least bit interested in this I would stop right now, and would still consider myself equally fortunate being with you. And I won’t let you go easily, you know that. I’ll stop right now if this is all too weird for you.” He looks up and what? A tear in her eye? No, perhaps a raindrop. It doesn’t matter, for he shakes his head. There is no uncertainty in his decision at all. Sure, it’s very weird, seriously weird, but he wouldn’t have it any other way now

“Come on, let’s leave them for a while, I’m dying for some tea.” She lowers his lead and she turns to the nuns, and removes their nose chains.

“Sisters, ladies, you’re on your own. I think you’re probably a bit sore and tired, so you can lick your wounds, ha ha. Gimp, my lovely rubber pup here, and I are going for some tea, join us when you have recovered. Now I don’t expect you to behave as nuns, but just a little propriety please, hhmm?” She kisses them both, long and lingeringly, fully on the bright red rubber lips of their masks, he doesn’t know if these allow for tongues to duel, but all parties seem to enjoy this moment.

She ties his lead to the back of her favourite chair by the table on the patio.

“You’re not much help like that, well at least for making tea, so don’t run off.” He hasn’t said anything since they entered the garden, but he’s quite comfortable with that, just taking in the scene.

How can he feel so at ease, in this, let’s be honest, truly bizarre scenario? It really doesn’t matter anymore, he simply is. He looks to the garden and sees the two nuns in a firm embrace. They have found a corner, where the sun, just breaking through a cloud, highlights the slick rain on their black and white rubber. It is almost a perfect moment, to be frozen in his memory. Their faces seem glued to each other, black mask to black mask, their lips red against red, their arms embrace each other through the side openings of their nun’s tunics, they seem oblivious to all around them.

Time For Tea

Emily brings him out of his reverie, placing the tray with teapot, cups and saucers (of course, saucers) and accompaniments on the table.

“Lovely to see, isn’t it? They are pretty daft over each other, and I have to take a little credit in that.” She begins to pour. “So, my love, have you survived? It must have been quite hard on your dear cock, trying to escape his gold prison. I think you did exceptionally, and by the way, I am sure you didn’t disappoint the sisters earlier. Of course, they are experts at that sort of thing, but you were wonderful,” she leans over and kisses his mouth long and hard, “and you picked me! On the one hand, I’m thrilled, but a little nervous as to how different I am, so to speak, how you could distinguish it was, well, me?” Yes, how did he do it?

“Much like I know your cock, yes? I have grown to know every millimetre of every part of you there, every fold, every muscle, every vein, every tender, sensitive part of you, and how it reacts, how it moistens at the tip. Okay, I think we need to unmask you now. This conversation is a little one way so you have my permission to speak from now on, and I want to see that beautiful face of yours again, haven’t seen it in a while.” She now takes off his posture collar and lead, and then carefully unzips the doggie mask. His face and hair are soaking and she takes a paper towel and dries him off, admiring him, then kissing him.

“Hhm, that’s a lot better without the rubber in there, oh, you do look good enough to eat.”

“Look, I’m not so sure that I want to be erm, exposed, er recognizable in front of these women, I don’t mind being masked at all, I prefer the anonymity. Are you sure…”

“Oh don’t worry about that, Benson, after what we’ve been through, we’re all friends here. Don’t you think they feel the same, you have to get over that.”

She holds a cup in front of him and he takes a big gulp, slurping.

“Manners, please.” She laughs. They stay like this for a while, drinking tea, not saying anything now, just comfortable. He hasn’t asked her to take him out of the suit or release him from the cock and ball chastity devices, she is aware of this, and for this she’s even prouder of him. It is still raining very lightly, but the umbrella over the table is large and keeps everything dry. They look over to the nuns, who have now dropped to the grass, raised their tunics up to their waists, and are energetically engaged in a soixante-neuf.

“Oh dear, so much for my propriety comment, ha ha. No shame at all, those two.” Then she glances down at him, a mischievous smile on her face. “Well Benson, it seems to me I’m missing something here.” She grins now, pulls her chair back from the table, raises her tunic exposing her crotchless rubber panties, and gently pulls her to him. Without any complaint, he disappears under the heavy rubber tunic and she drops it over his back, fondling his head as he finds her succulent treasure.

How long he stays under there he can’t tell, but he’s in no hurry. He’s in almost complete darkness, and the pungent aroma of the rubber and her mistress’s perfume is almost making him woozy, and yet, much like earlier, he gets used to it quickly. But she strokes his head, encouraging him. Then he hears her, muffled by the heavy rubber over him, in conversation with the two nuns. He thinks the woman talking is the older, elegant one.

“He does look so cute there, with the tail wagging and his cock and balls imprisoned in gold. And I love the fact you have him bald there, it really is a huge improvement beyond all those wrinkled sacs, ha ha, not that I’m an expert. You look like you’re having fun.” He hears Emily chuckle.

“Well, he’s very good at this, as you two know now, for a man anyway, ha ha. Yes, he does look cute there now. A nice tight sac to get my mouth around. Why don’t you go and change now, and then come and have a chat and a cuppa before you go.”

“Do you need any help with your gear, the inflatable plugs? Ha ha.” She shouts, but there’s a common “no” in return, followed by more laughs. She pats his head.

“Hey Benson, I think I’m pretty wet, don’t you? Do you think we should give your imprisoned friend a bit of exercise while they change?”

“Yes, god, YES.” He shouts from beneath the tunic.

“Okay, sit back and I’ll find the key. So that we don’t plug you further when we change seats, perhaps the butt plug should come out too, yes?” There follows another loud affirmative from Benson as he rises from under her tunic, her juices smeared over his face. She stands and gets him to bend over. He loudly groans as she slowly withdraws the plug.

“You know, one of these days I’ll insert a plug in you that will really give you something to complain about, this one’s a tiddler.” She tosses it on the patio behind her, to be dealt with later. “So, take it easy now, just wait a second, I can see you’re swelling already.” She unlocks the gold cock rings accompanied by a long sigh from Benson.

“Aren’t you going to…”

“No, we’ll leave the ball sac tube for now, you need to be persuaded of the beneficial qualities of both the tube and full depilation, and just remember you’re still under my control.” She jests.

“How could I forget it.” She slides a condom over his hard cock, which has achieved rigidity in record fashion.

“Okay, let’s take our time here, otherwise you will explode in about five seconds, and there’s no point in that. Get up and settle back on this chair here. How are your legs? Not cramping? Good. Come on, I’ll lift you from here. Good, now lean back and I’ll settle here, legs astride you, hhm, hhhhm, that’s good.” She raises her tunic at the front, settles like a mother hen on her eggs and lowers herself. He can do nothing, his arms are useless by his side and his legs doubled underneath him, she is in charge - as nearly always she is. He lowers his head and rests it on her rubber covered breasts, as she very, very slowly rises and falls, as if in slow motion.

“You okay? Tell me when you are close and I’ll stop, we have at least 20 minutes if I know what those girls are up to.”

Being fucked by a rubber nun is, thinks Benson, strange of course, but then he’s only just been buggered by her, which was, he is almost ashamed to admit incredibly satisfying as well. He feels wonderful having his cock free again, he can’t imagine some of Emily’s clients going days with the chastity device on. He thinks on what she had said about the ball sac tube. It certainly tightens the sac and no man or woman can pretend that the scrotum is particularly attractive. He doesn’t find the tube too uncomfortable, perhaps a little heavy, pressing down of his balls, and the whole depilation issue, well it really was a lot of fuss about not much at all.

After what seems like an eternity, a very pleasant one, she starts to shudder and he times his own to synchronise with hers. She holds him for a minute, his head pressed to her rubber bosom, then rises, kisses him tenderly and eases off the condom, tossing it aside, then lowers her head and licks him clean. The drizzle has stopped and the late afternoon sun has made an appearance. As he attempts to rise and leave the chair she pushes him back.

“No, stay there, if it’s not too uncomfortable. We can chat when the girls return.” He’s not too sure about this, when they were all in rubber it seemed normal, well as normal as anything gets with Emily, but he is dressed as a rubber gimp, and they are in street clothes, this changes the paradigm. And more to the point, his face is now exposed.

“I don’t know Emily, aren’t I at a bit of a disadvantage like this, can’t we change first?” She shakes her head and pats his bent knee.

“Far too late for that sweetie, and anyway, they’ve pretty well seen everything, yes, everything, and you’ve seen pretty well everything of them, so there’s really no need to be shy now. They are dying to meet you, I know.”

He hears a loud voice behind him.

A Reunion

“More tea? I’ve made another pot.” It’s Carol, he remembers the name, the statuesque beauty approaching, the second woman obscured behind her. Carol lays the tray on the table and sits. And then he hears another voice, a familiar one.

“Hello boss, fancy meeting you here.” There is some humour in the familiar voice and he sees Sergeant Ruby Adams is standing over him, a huge grin on her face.

“Serg…erm Ruby, what are…oh Jesus…oh my god…look, get me out…oh shit, this is so embarrass…..”

“Calm down, Benson.” It is Emily now, pulling him to her. “remember Ruby has seen everything of you, and of course you of her, so let’s get over this, can we? For god’s sake lighten up. Maybe we have played just a very small game with you, but the best way around this, and to get everything in the open and all sorted as fast as possible, I think is for Ruby here to do all the explaining, and I’m sure you have a thousand questions, and you… dear Benson, to shut up, otherwise I’ll be forced to gag you, right girls? I know you will probably like that, but just for once can you sit there and listen?” He nods and drops his head, he’s in far too much shock to say anything anyway, as he stares at Ruby’s confident smiling face - he’s not forgotten that his cock and imprisoned balls are there for all to see. Right now, he wishes there was a hole in front of him to dive into. How could Emily have allowed this to happen? He really does feel very uncomfortable indeed. Carol, elegant and beautiful, smiles imperturbably at the uncomfortable moment, for her it might be any tea party, and says.

“I think tea will do the trick,” and pours, “very nice to meet you, Chief Inspector, I’ve heard an awful lot about you, from Ruby, my dearest lover, she is very appreciative of all the times you’ve been on the job together, and oh, she won’t be mad if I tell you she misses your brilliant guidance. Also, I’ve heard about you from Emily. Don’t panic, Emily is the epitome of discretion and we all know how to keep a secret here, but it seems she can’t stop talking about you.” Emily drops her head, but is still nodding and smiling.

“So wonderful to finally meet you. You are quite famous you know. And you don’t disappoint. I know it looks like a conspiracy here, but Ruby, Emily, and me as well, wanted to pick the right moment to apprise you of where we are in all this. So stop being so embarrassed, it really is silly when you think of what you have observed in the last hour.” She talks calmly as if they are at a tea party, which they are of course… with a rubber nun and rubber gimp! Benson is still in mute shock, as Ruby leans over and rather clumsily hugs him gently.

“It’s great to see you, boss, and what’s that I detect on your face? Erm, let me think, yes, I smell Emily.” The three women laugh and the mood seems to be lightening, very slowly. Emily let’s Benson drink from her cup, he’s uncomfortable sitting on his doubled-up legs in the chair and his cock and balls exposed, now at eye level with them all. Ruby sits and Carol places her hand over Ruby’s.

“Can’t I just change first? It would be a lot…”

“No,” Emily says firmly, “I’m wearing this nun’s garb and I’m sweating buckets, I must have lost five pounds, so you can suffer a few more minutes along with me, besides I think you look quite gorgeous in it. Doesn’t he?”

“You do, Boss. You have nothing to be embarrassed about, remember what Carol said, we’re all friends here, okay?” Says Ruby. “Okay, time to start the story I think. Where to begin? And it really is best if you just listen, boss.”

“Sam, Sam, just Sam is fine, Ruby, only Emily uses Benson. Ruby, no more boss please, after all that has happened, first name terms are best, yes? Sam is good.”

“Well, where to start?” She takes a sip of tea. “The beginning? After that terrible night with the crazy woman, I had time to think and I know you did. I felt that after what we had gone through it would be better if we took a break from each other, after all we didn’t leave much to the imagination out there, did we, bo…erm Sam? Don’t ask me why, you’re the best boss I’ve ever had and I owe you everything, I’ve learnt so much from you. But I don’t know, that night it all very nearly ended, and I needed to just get another start, fresh, and a posting came up and I took it and…”

“You’re doing fantastically,” he interrupted, “two commendations in a year, incredible, chasing down a dealer with a bloody knife? You could have got hurt, Ruby, that was really stup…”

“Am I telling the story here?” She laughs. “Already you’re telling me I did wrong. So you keep tabs on me, do you? Yeah, I’ve done okay, and so have you, the last case was nasty and I’m sorry it didn’t turn…you did all you…”

“Yeah, I know.”

“You’ll be a super in a year, near the top of the tree, I’ve heard rumours on the mill, and you’re so young, but it will be well deserved. You can call your shots, and they’ll let you pick your team and you can still be in the field. They won’t give you a desk, they’d be stupid if they did, you’re too valuable to them in the field.”

“Well that’s nice of you to say so. And that’s the only way I’d take promotion anyway. And more to the point, if it happens, Ruby, I want you on it, you carry on like this you’ll make Inspector in a year or two. That is if you can forgive me now for nearly getting you…”

“Oh, that’s over boss. I’ve a good crew now, but well, working with you, it’s the top of the heap. So, I’d love that boss, er Sam, yes, it would be good to get back on your team.” Then she smiled. “But we have to remember to leave all this to the side. God, if the top knobs could see us now, yeah, we still have to live the double life, but it’s worth it.” Carol leant over and took her hand. “Yes, re-joining you would be good, I think I’ve matured a lot in the last year, fourteen months or so. Batman and Robin conquering crime, ha ha.”

“Only if I get to wear the black rubber Batman suit.” Benson jokes, and Ruby follows up.

“Yeah, you’d look pretty good in that. But haven’t we seen enough of each other already.” She smiles and looks down at his cock and imprisoned balls. His cock is still flaccid after its recent bout of exercise, but he feels it begin to perk up again. She has matured beyond belief, thinks Benson, and maybe Carol, cool elegant Carol, has something to do with that. She’s not shy at all in this environment either, and rightly so, Benson thinks, we’re all equal here, except Emily of course.

“I really do feel uncomfortable like this. Couldn’t I just…” Trying to cover his hardening cock with his useless arms.

“Too bad, sorry boss, you’ll have to suffer for a little more, I have to finish my story, and actually I think you are quite liking this now,” Ruby says, amused, “and anyway,” she nods at his cock, “though large and well-proportioned it is, and Emily assures me, in splendid working order, I don’t get turned on by it. This is what turns me on.” She leans to her side and pecks Carol on the cheek.

“Anyway, can I continue? Where was I? Oh yes, but the most shocking thing was that I realised after that night in Emily’s basement that when I was in the inflatable bag, I was actually getting very hot and excited. Despite my life being on the line, yes, that really surprised me, stunned me for sure. I really didn’t know what was happening to me.”

As she talks, Benson studies Ruby and then Carol. Yes, Ruby has changed enormously, is almost unrecognisable. Now a very confident young woman, even poised, her rough edges smoothed, and this he puts partly down to her partner. Calm, stately even, classical beauty, ageless, and now - is this Ruby’s influence - with the coolest of shortish spiky hair. She holds Ruby’s hand and glances at Benson, cocks her head to the side, as if to say, yes, she’s mine and I’m very proud of her, and Benson nods.

Ruby is wearing the tightest of tight tan leather pants, showing off her athletic legs, tucked into tan ankle boots. He always knew she liked the leather, but now it is designer leather, like the finest smooth glove leather, and looks wonderful on her, that and a loose silk blouse, another bit of input from Carol perhaps. Ruby’s hair remains the rather spiky, swirling concoction it was before, but suits her perfectly. Carol, as depicts someone cool and commanding, is in a classic cream, airy, light linen pantsuit with a black silk shirt. They wear little make-up, they are more than attractive without it. Are they wearing the labia rings underneath? Of course they are. He still finds it hard to believe they subjected themselves, volunteered for it. But now they are calm, contented and very happy.

“So, when I heard that Emily was leaving town I went to see her, say sorry for the mess we got her in and wish her the best,” she smiles in recollection, “and one thing led to another.” She laughs. “We set up and tested the equipment in her new place, here, and she took control of me, you know what that is like, and that shocked me again, and I was, I suppose hooked. I just loved the whole feeling of helplessness, and being in the very capable hands of Emily, under the control of the perfect mistress. She played with me, teased me and brought on the most amazing orgasms.” Emily smiles, rather sheepishly. “Then Emily did her bit on matchmaking. Getting us together. Carol had been with her awhile and she manoeuvred us together. I suppose we are a bit of an odd couple, and I don’t mean the rubber and the BDSM stuff.” She looks across at Carol.

“I’m a pretty dyed in the wool tough girl, you know that, erm Sam, and Carol is, well almost the landed gentry, ha ha. And when we met I was really intimidated by the accent and the whole well-educated thing. I was the snob I think, inverted snob I suppose. I thought she was a bit above herself maybe. Boy, was I wrong. It was Carol who showed me what love is, take out all the class stuff, the education and upbringing and what do you get? A constantly horny gorgeous woman with a dirtier mind than me, ha ha.” She leans over and kisses Carol on the lips tenderly.

“She has taught me a lot. And we’ve still got a long way to go. It was she that suggested we get our labias pierced, can you believe that? And we did it at the same time, what an afternoon that was, the both of us screeching the roof off, thinking this was not such a good idea. And it was she that got my septum pierced to match hers. Maybe my nipples will be next, I don’t know. Yep, seriously weird all right. All I know is this, I am happier now than I have ever been. And hell, that’s all that matters anyway, right?” She looks across at Benson now, who shakes his head, amused.

“You’re not wearing all those labia rings now, are you?”

“Why, does that turn you on, Sam?”

“Ha ha, yes I suppose it does. Knowing you’re wearing them out there, and the public has no idea, it’s rather fun.”

“Yes, it is, and as a matter of fact, I am, so is Carol. And I have rubber panties too, so we don’t show it if, well, when we get wet. I’ve come so many times today I’m exhausted. You know boss, erm Sam, the first time you watched us in the stables with Emily, we knew you were there by the way, Emily told us before. We had not been together long but we had to improvise a bit with that full body and head mannequin suit, which I love by the way. Oh yes, I love that suit.” She looks at Emily and now she looks pensive.

“Look Sam, I don’t know why I didn’t get in touch…”

“Oh nonono, I take the blame Ruby. We each had our work, sometimes it just takes over, you were going gangbusters, and I think I’m right in saying, you were falling in love. Sure looks like it, I don’t blame you at all. I should have called you, but somewhere I kept thinking that you were still a bit mad at me for putting your life on the line like that, and I don’t blame you for it, not at all. It was my fault, end of story. My ego got ahead of me that night, and I’ve learned from it. But I miss you, the team misses you.”

“Well, you have a good excuse too, don’t you? What about you and Emily? I - we have been kept up to date on you two by Emily,” she holds up her hands, “no, not all the salacious stuff, ha ha, from the snippets I hear, you seem to be getting on very well indeed, better than very well, just look at you both. So anyway, we made up excuses, or were too busy, at work and in love, anyway it doesn’t matter anymore. We’re here, and I’m so happy to see you again, and that again is thanks to Emily, as usual, of course.” She looks across at Emily, still dressed in her full rubber nun outfit, sweating profusely. Now she addresses Benson again.

“Can you believe what has happened to us over the last what, 14, 16 months? I have to pinch myself sometimes, I really do. I’m so lucky. I know I was a bit of a handful before, easy to condemn I know, and now look at me! I have Carol, we don’t live together, but we stay over pretty well all the time, at one place or the other. Her place is fantastic, you wouldn’t believe it, I still feel a bit out of order there…”

“No, you’re not.” Carol playfully slaps her wrist.

“And Carol’s helped me out with my place, cleaned it up, tossed a lot of my crap out, and it looks pretty good now, it’s good to have a place of your own, we don’t feel as if we have to smother each other. But when we see each other, phew, look out.”

“And look at you two, still in your rubber, and be honest, boss, Sam, you’re not even shy or embarrassed anymore, are you? You look fantastic by the way. I have to say I never thought I’d see you naked, never mind like this, all in beautiful gleaming rubber that looks as if it has been painted on, I didn’t know you had such a hot body.” She looks down and laughs. “And with your balls in that snug gold prison, you have to laugh really. Can you believe it? Can you bloody believe it? Of course you can’t, it’s like a dream. What a time it has been.” She turns to Carol. “And what a couple of perves we are now.”

“Don’t you mean quartet?” Emily interrupts, nodding down at her rubber nun attire and Benson’s gimpsuit. She strokes his damp hair and then Benson feels it is perhaps his turn to explain what has happened in his life now. Dressed in his gimpsuit, he feels no embarrassment in front of these women, who he thinks he knows pretty well now. None at all now. What could he hide from them? Ruby is right, it’s hard to believe what has happened to them, and says so.

“For me, well I can’t believe sometimes what I have experienced with Emily, it was all very embarrassing at first, I have to admit - for me, not her.” He chuckles nervously. “I was so shy… at first I didn’t know quite how to… she really can be very intimidating, as you know. But she just left me to acclimatize or adjust at my own pace, never pushing, and so she tried a little of this and some more of that, and I found my natural shyness, I suppose… and a bit of embarrassment, slowly dissolve. I’m sure some may look upon this as a form of indoctrination, or training, rubber immersion, but, well I don’t see that. I have been well aware all along where I have been going, or perhaps led.” He chuckles again.

“She never pushed at any time, sometimes she persuaded me to do stuff or wear stuff that I thought I wouldn’t like, but,” he laughs again, rather sheepishly, “she seems to know me better than I do myself. Obviously I have to be discreet in my job, and I am, or try to be, as you must too Ruby, and you of course Carol, but,” he laughs and looks down at himself, “now she has me depilated, and wants me to wear this ball tube when out in the field. And I’m shocked to say, I have done it a couple of times, only for short periods as she leaves me with a key, it’s quite funny really, you are anxious, and yet quite excited at the same time. Anyway, what won’t I do for her? I’m so daft over her.” He shakes his head. “God, it’s a strange old world.” He’s quiet now, and Ruby jumps in.

“Well, if it’s any consolation, bo… Sam, Carol here likes me to go on the job sometimes with rubber bra and panties, and I get so hot in them I keep thinking that they must be watching me, or maybe smelling me. I know how you might feel, but it doesn’t get in the way of doing my job, and it is a bit of a secret thrill too, I have to admit. It’s all right for her, she can sit in her office in her soaking panties or whatever, and no one knows.” Carol grins, and doesn’t seem in the least bit concerned that this little secret is out. But then what secrets could these four possibly have now? Benson continues, surprising himself.

“It’s me now that wants to try new things, sometimes I pinch myself when I think about it, how did I become like this, I have no idea. She’s had me as a pony boy, can you believe that? And in that vacuum bed, you know what that’s like, it’s so relaxing, not claustrophobic at all, I was amazed. I actually, I don’t know how I ended up like this, but I actually look forward to what she may have in for me next. One thing I do know,” he looks across at Emily, “I’m so lucky.”

“I think we all are, aren’t we?” Emily looks pensive for a second. “But you know, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think for a few seconds about poor Joe.” They all nod. “He was just a harmless, very pleasant guy, quiet, well-mannered and getting his rocks off, privately, harming no one. It just is not fair at all. Not bloody fair. And if he’s checking us out, I hope we will think we have done him justice. He’s left us a legacy, the four of us. We four friends who would not be here together, or so lucky without him. So we’d better not fuck up, right?” They nod in unison again. It’s Carol that finally breaks the silence.

“Well, I hate to break this up, I really do, but we have to go. It’s been an incredible afternoon, and I’m not one to hyperbolise, just fantastic. And great to see you at last, Sam. You are a lovely man, and Emily has told me how she pinches herself all the time, as to how lucky she is.” Emily drops her head suddenly embarrassed. “I hope, no, I know, we’ll see a lot more of you in the future, perhaps dressed like that, or perhaps not. I don’t mind you sitting in on any of our sessions, and I’m sure Ruby doesn’t either. By the way,” she smiles slyly, “your oral skills, are really very good, I forget there for a while you were a man, ha ha. Emily, for so many reasons, is a lucky girl.” She leans over and kisses Emily, and then, a rather surprised Benson.

Now Ruby rises, hugs and kisses Emily, and then also leans down and kisses Benson. She smiles.

“We’ll just keep this out of the office, of course.” She laughs, now a very different, much more assured, confident, mature Ruby. Benson is so happy to see her again. She addresses Emily again.

“I’m sure Emily has lots of plans for us, haven’t you? You just watch out, Sam, she’ll have you pierced in all sorts of places, and branded and tattooed before you know it.” She laughs.

“But only if he allows or asks me to.” Emily confirms seriously, placing an arm around his shoulder. “And I don’t want to sound nauseatingly soppy, but I propose to spend the rest of my life with this man,” she grips him hard, “so we have plenty of time to, how shall we say, explore new horizons. Of course, you two can join in on occasion, hhmm?”

“Now that will definitely be fun.” Carol replies, holding Ruby’s hand. “A sort of Three Musketeers, with d’Artagnan as the fourth of course, or maybe the Three Graces, hhmm, I don’t know where I’m going with this at all, maybe it’s Rick in Casablanca, yes? This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.” Carol’s quite giggly as Ruby pulls her away, waving. Benson locks eyes with Emily.

“That was nice what you just said. Live for the rest of our lives together. It sounds perfect. And Benson, there’s no doubt in my mind, yes, absolutely, although I’m not sure we’ll make it to 40 if we carry on like this, my heart will give out.” And Emily grins.

“But how can that happen, Emily, when you’ve already given it to me, and you of course have mine.”




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