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Deadlier Than The Male

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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Deadlier Than The Male by Rbbral
Part Three
Chapter Nine

She pulled them into the kitchen and ordered them to wait, then patted both their heads. Without the cock, balls and breasts it was difficult to tell who was who. But frankly, as dogs, did it really matter? They looked up at her through their small lenses, both of them finding her extremely sexy in her outfit. As they were so low to the floor, both had a good look up her short skirt and at her tight white panties. She saw them both do this and mischievously slapped their behinds, just pushing in the tails enough to elicit a grunt from them both. 

They had to eat, both had extended them selves the previous day and quickly Jo made some oatmeal, humming to herself as she moved around the unfamiliar kitchen, four silent eyes behind small tinted lenses followed her every move. She turned around a couple of times and smiled down at them, well aware of the effect she was having on them, and really taking pleasure in it. 

Ladling the oatmeal into two bowls she laid them on the floor. The two doggies looked at each other in silence and then at the bowls. 

“Lick the bowls clean, I want nothing left. Then she made herself a cup of tea as they squatted and slowly dipped their mouths into the oatmeal. She revelled in this power, and gently flicked their dildo tails, stuck up in the air. Pat and Tom gulped and gobbled at the food, it was tasteless but nourishing. And they were hungry after the efforts of the day before. The helmets and the mouthpieces made it difficult to eat and particularly to swallow. The rubber in their cheeks and around their teeth meant they ate slowly and messily. Finally, pushing their tongues through the bulbous rubber lips they licked the bowls clean, chasing them into the corner, squatting over them, arses in the air and tails wiggling with their efforts. Jo seemed pleased and laid down bowls of milk, which they lapped and sucked and soon finished. With a damp rag she gripped their heads and unceremoniously wiped their rubber faces clean. 

She took their leads and pulled them outside to the back garden, which thank God, thought Pat, was enclosed to prying neighbours eyes. She released their leads and patted their behinds.

“There you go, now off and do you business.” They stared at each other for a second and then waddled off into the garden. Jo sat on a deck chair and watched them slowly move around. Tom was desperate for a piss and without ceremony went to the edge of the lawn and pissed a great stream out of the end of his rubber prosthesis. He groaned with relief. 

Pat took her cue and squatted with her legs wide apart, the last thing she wanted was to pee inside her suit. She stretched the suit as far as she could and peed with huge relief. She was pleased to feel it pass out onto the lawn and not into the suit. It was all very undignified and she glanced back at Jo who was having a fine time watching them and finishing her tea. God, Pat thought, she looks great in that little outfit, what I would give to get that saucy schoolgirl over my knee for a good paddling! 

She felt really horny now, and they were out of Jo’s sight at the end of the garden. Tom was next to her, and clearly had the same idea. He sidled close to her and nuzzled her neck and face, he would have loved to ravage those wonderful breasts but he couldn’t get at them. He pushed his tongue through her rubbery lips and Pat reciprocated. They were a strange sight, their lower limbs undetected, their arses plugged and their heads encased, but behind tinted lenses eye met eye and a message passed. There was a little reluctance on Pat’s behalf for her affections were slowly being transferred to Jo, but now in this suit she had a carnal hunger inside her, and she felt it was frankly Jo’s fault stuffing her in it and not allowing her any release. 

Damn the consequences, she thought, I need to be pleasured! She rolled onto her back, her arms sticking out rather oddly and Tom needed no script for he was on her in a flash. His rubber-covered cock appeared in front of her vision and she sucked him into her already partially rubber filled mouth, then she felt his tongue at her pussy. This had to travel a lot further, through his mask and her fake lips so he could not get very far in, but she enjoyed his lapping. She pushed him aside and rolled onto her shortened limbs and then turned her back to him. Well, they were doggies weren’t they? So what would be the natural position? She spread her legs as he moved closer, exposing and widening the rubber outer lips. He climbed onto her haunches; all was done by touch although both were making quiet grunting noises now. He could see nothing, only her shiny back and head. He pressed forward with his hard cock, prodding, teasing, feeling, and then finally with a grunt thrusting, and slipping between her rubber lips and into her wet nest. He had never been there before and frankly he was not that comfortable but he felt that after what Jo had done to them both now, well, all bets were off! He groaned with pleasure as he sank into her, gripping her with his short arms and leaning over her back. 

She also had mixed feelings, she was now very hot for Jo, and did not want this to screw it up but just look what was happening here. Jo was now the boss, that was for sure, and what pleasure these two could get in the next while they should take, as she thought before damn the consequences. Doing this with Tom now did not change her very strong feelings for Jo in any way. This was seriously pervy sex which she loved, but what she was beginning to feel for Jo was maybe more. She only hoped that Jo had similar thoughts for her. She would no doubt find out shortly!

Now firmly embedded, he thrust fast, in and out, making the beast with two backs. With each thrust inwards his groin also thumped on her tail, and she could feel it push further into her. They grunted away, unaware and now uncaring of where Jo might be. He came in a torrent, without guilt, just an animal, and he could hear her come too shuddering under him. They separated, their laboured breathing a strange sound coming out of their bizarre masks. 

They slowly waddled across the lawn to Jo, resplendent in her schoolgirl’s uniform and unaware of what had happened. Much as Pat had loved the animal rutting, when she saw Jo she did have a small pang of guilt, she looked so edible like that! Well, if Jo wanted to severely punish her, then Pat would be really quite pleased to satisfy her. They approached her, powerless pets, her legs were spread and they both got a good look at her stocking tops and taut white panties. They sat on their sides, as best they could, either side of her, she tweaked their ears and then with a cruel smile her breasts and his cock. She relished this power so much now. 

This went on for a while, Jo taking pleasure having the two of them at her feet. She sneaked a hand under her short skirt and ran it along her outer lips, clearly defined through the panties, and lay back on the chair. Eventually she seemed to bore of this reverie, she needed more action! She stood up. 

“I’ve got and idea!” Pat and Tom stared mutely at each other, what now, they thought, for they now knew she had a very fertile and cruel imagination. She raised Pat’s chin and looked into her dark lenses. 

“We’ll have a game, a game with a victor and a vanquished. To the winner there is a reward and to the loser a punishment. I haven’t decided on the reward or punishment yet, but the game is a devious one!”

Jo disappeared into the house, Tom and Pat stared at each other and waited, what were they to do? Run away dressed like this, well that would get the neighbours talking! Jo reappeared quickly with a double dildo and attached straps in her hand. It was a peculiar, sight, this adult schoolgirl, all innocence and purity, carrying this weapon. Pat grunted, knowing that it could be only for her. Secretly though, she could feel her heart speed up, she knew she was more excited than fearful. 

“Come here, arses in the air. We’re going to see who can bum fuck the other first! So I’ll pull out your tails, like so.” Slowly she eased the two butt plugs out of them, to the relieved groans from them both. 

“Now in order to make it fair of course dear Pat here, my favourite bitch, has to have a nice big rubber cock. Bend over Pat, arse in the air, good, now you know what is coming.” Jo bent over Pat, exposing her rear, and slid the rubber cock between her enlarged rubber pussy lips. It slid in very easily, helped no doubt by Tom’s cum, but Jo did not comment on this as she wrapped the straps around Pat’s groin. The strap separated below her rear passage so Pat, like Tom, was well exposed. 

“Perfect, two big rubber cocks, and two nicely inviting bum holes, now the rules are very simple my dear doggies; whoever sticks their cock in the others rear first is the winner. This is no holds barred stuff.”

Pat peered down, as best she could with the wide collar on, beyond her pointed rubber breasts she saw a rampant rubber cock sticking out of her. This was a game she was pretty sure she didn’t want to play, because Tom would probably win. But she didn’t want to lose, not because of the cock up her arse, she wanted to please Jo. She wanted the reward and not the punishment, although she still had a pang of guilt over fucking Tom, and part of her felt she should admit to it and take her punishment. 

“No secret pacts now, play to win, doggies.” Jo chuckled and Pat and Tom separately decided that they would. They wanted to be the victor, which sounded a lot more fun than the vanquished, knowing Jo!

Tom was slightly bigger, not by much, and stronger, but Pat was very athletic, quicker and like most women a lot more flexible and agile. It was a bizarre vignette, as both circled and parried. Pat saw through Tom’s tinted lenses that he too was intent on victory. No pact, no pity, no sympathy, and she would play it likewise. Jo was smart; she was dividing, and conquering. Barely a half hour before, they were screwing like dogs, and now they were fighting and wrestling – and for what honour? Put simply, they weren’t prepared to lose. 

The “dance” went on for quite a while, the only sound being the squeak of rubber on rubber, and the grunting and panting of the two animals. Jo thrilled at the scene she had created - sparring animals, cocks swinging, arms and ears flapping. After twenty minutes both were tiring, but Pat more so. She had fought valiantly but Tom’s strength was beginning to take over. Pat had worn her rubber suit under the doggy suit now for nearly a whole day and she was a wash in her own sweat. A couple of times she thought she had Tom, with her arms around his body and her behind him, but he had managed to wriggle free. Now she felt quite exhausted and was almost ready to yield and get bum fucked just to end it. 

Finally he had got behind her and was gripping her waist in his stubby arms, oh God, now he has me, she thought. My bum better get ready for this. In final desperation it came to her that his dick was not rubber of course, but the real thing in a thin rubber sleeve – the tenderest male appendage.

So, as he relaxed to enter her rear, clearly thinking she had at last relented (frankly he was very impressed with her fight up to now) she thrust back with her firm arse and squashed his erect organ. Tom let out a muffled shout of pain and almost doubled over. 

“Bravo,” shouted Jo, “thought you were a goner there for a minute Pat, fight on!” Jo was getting into this, and truth be told, she really did want Pat to win. With Tom panting in pain, grunts coming from his mask, Pat quickly rounded on him. Despite his pain, he tried to writhe and wriggle but now Pat, who was fast tiring and knew this was her last chance, would not release him. Quickly she raised his rear and lining it up with her rubber cock. She thrust and…..missed, shock waves going through her body from the dildo embedded in her. Come on, come on, she implored herself not to give up now, he’ll recover soon and you’ll be screwed, bum screwed for sure. She tried again….and missed again, she could feel him recovering in her arms, this chance would be the last. Jo was now squatting next to them, close to the action but not interfering, she did want a fair clash, but only one winner! They were so involved they barely noticed her. 

On the third thrust……she hit the bull’s-eye, and with a sigh of relief from her and a huge yelp from him, she was in a couple of inches. He was still struggling and it took all her strength to hold onto him; he writhed desperately but it was too late now, and she methodically pushed harder into him. With Jo fascinated, Pat smiled behind her mask and drove into him, up to the hilt. 

He wailed through his mask, but he was impaled; she withdrew a little and then thrust again. Now there was no fight left in him, he was defeated and she then set up a smooth rhythm, in and out she steadily thrust and withdrew. Then she came, all the movement in the dildo in Tom reverberating to the cock within her. Jo stood up over the humping twosome, and placed her hand on Tom’s jerking helmet.

“Steady there Tom, dear hubby, take your medicine, just think of it as me, returning all your past indiscretions.” He grunted and groaned as Pat continued to thrust; she was not going to stop until she was declared the victor! She was now enjoying this, she was pleasing Jo, and she wanted to do that, and be rewarded. She now wanted to do Jo’s bidding, to please her, because the more she thought of her, the more she realised she was falling in love with her. She didn’t think of her self as a lesbian, and who cares if she was, but maybe bi? She had come to the rather shocking realisation that she wanted to be kissed, cuddled, fucked and, oh yes, punished by Jo. That was quite a decision after only 24 hours, but she’d never been surer about this than anything else before!

Jo was a pro; in only a day Pat could see that she was warming to her new found talents, her new “life” with real pleasure and great vigour, and Pat wanted to be with her, a pro! Tom was a good fucking machine all right, but did not have the imagination or power of Jo, and this revelation, although a shock, was as clear as day to Pat. How was her love to be reconciled, and reciprocated? Pat would have to work on that, but her sights were now firmly set on Jo’s affections. 

And Jo? Well after the night before she also found her desires and affections firmly turning, but Pat was not to know that. What do women say, (not men of course!) it takes a woman to know how to satisfy a woman. Well Jo was not about to get into a sexual politics argument but she knew exactly what Pat could do to her! And it had been a fantastic 24 hours for her. Tom would not change, he was a weak philanderer. She knew it took two to tango, but she would pass over that for the time being. Her sympathies were with Pat, a young widower….and an expert lover, both as a dom and a sub, and this excited Jo immensely. She was delighted to see Pat the victor and cradled her masked head in her arms as Pat continued to pump away at poor Tom’s arse. 

And Pat was happy to do Jo’s bidding. She was the victor, and to the victor goes the spoils! After five minutes of buggery, with Tom no longer writhing but just moaning quietly, Jo patted Pat’s head tenderly.

“Enough, I think Pat. Maybe leave some for later, mmmm?” Pat withdrew and Tom sank down. Jo slapped his tender behind.

“Well, dear hubby, you’re not much of a sight, are you? I’d slink over into the basement and lick your wounds. I’ll come for you later and select an appropriate punishment, but for now Pat gets her reward for her fine efforts.” Before Tom could waddle off, Jo replaced the dog’s tail and butt plug into his abused but now much more accessible orifice! He grunted but there was no fight left in him and he slinked off to the basement. 

Chapter Ten

Jo sat back on the deck lounger and patted her thighs, covered in tight white latex stockings. Happily Pat rested her head on them and Jo ruffled her ears. She reached into a bag beside her and produced a mint. Pat looked up at her and Jo laughed.

“Don’t worry Pat, this is just a small reward, the larger one comes later.” Pat was excited to hear this and tenderly took the mint between her enlarged rubber lips and into her mouth. She sucked on it slowly, the taste of rubber and mint an odd combination. 

“I really wanted you to win, Pat. I’m glad you did, tonight I will sleep with you again, with perhaps some variations. It’s time for a chat, I think. “She looked down at Pat and Pat nodded, although she wouldn’t be doing much chatting like this, she thought. Jo placed her hand on Pat’s head, resting on her thigh.

“Tom, I’m afraid has lost his allure for me, you’ve raised something in me that won’t be suppressed. Tom is good, and can continue to be so, for punishing. I do really like that part, but sexually you are much more fun, and more talented! One grunt for yes, or two for no, did you enjoy last night?” Pat raised her head immediately and grunted once, loudly and then nodded vigorously; what she was hearing was music to her ears, precisely what she had wanted, prayed to hear. Jo smiled and nodded too.

“Do you find me….attractive, sexually I mean? I do you, you should know that.” Pat gave another fast nod, and moved round to face the sitting Jo and squeezed between her legs. Then she dipped her head under the short skirt and nuzzled her masked face against the tight white panties covering Jo’s moist love channel. 

“Oh, oh my, well I’ll take that as a yes then. This is a treat, oh, oh.” She gripped Pat’s rubber ears and urged her on, nosing and rubbing her latex pussy. Jo came almost immediately and gripped the rubber head between her thighs. Both then relaxed, Jo panting. 

“What has come over me in the last day? The rubber, bondage and paddling, I’m, I don’t know….becoming addicted to it, all of it…..yet I still want to punish you, hurt you, temporarily of course, and Tom, yes, I want to punish him all right.” Pat cocked her head to the side as if to say, well that’s okay by me. Then turned and raised her buttocks to Jo, invitingly. Jo looked a little nonplussed. 

“So….you want to be beaten, to be punished by me, to be….subservient to me, really? No, you couldn’t.” But Pat, perhaps a little surprised at her own reaction coming so fast, nodded. Jo then thought again and gave Pat a sly smile. 

“Are you sure that….you wouldn’t want to dominate me some times? I think I might like that, after last night there’s much for me to experience.” Pat nodded again, yes, she would just love to dominate Jo, and she was sure that Jo would love it too. Things however were moving too fast for them both now. Jo said.

“Well, we are going to have to talk seriously, this is heavy stuff.” She removed Pat’s doggy helmet, and Pat, at last gasped in relief. Her rubber mask (part of her rubber catsuit under the doggy suit) was marked by the rubber doggy mask and her face even though she was masked was soaked with her saliva and sweat but Jo thought she looked quite stunning.

“Oh thanks, quite a morning.” She smiled through the tight shiny mask. “And of course night…..all those nods Jo, I meant them.” Their discussion seemed odd, Pat on all fours, cock and balls sticking out from her crotch, saying this to Jo, in her cute schoolgirl’s costume. Jo looked at her seriously. 

“You wouldn’t lie to me now, would you Pat? I’m putting a lot of trust in you.” pat shook her head violently.

“Oh no, no Jo, not after the last day. Look I always found you very attractive, which you are, I just didn’t know how much. You can punish, paddle, gag and bind me as much as you like…..I won’t lie to you.” Her eyes sparkled behind the mask as she said this. Jo looked down at her and placed a hand on her breast, rubbing it gently. 

“God, this is all too sudden.” She said as if in a dream. Pat nodded.

“Yeah, for me too, and what about Tom, you….we…have a problem we have to consider.” Jo nodded in unison.

“Oh, I don’t know. I thought I loved him and would continue to, but it was more in hope than reality. He was a good screw, but well, after the last day, frankly,” she bent down and kissed Pat’s head, “you’re a hell of a lot better.” Pat almost blushed at the compliment, and wriggled closer to Jo, who rubbed her breast again.

“How’s the suit, getting stiff?”

“Yes, a little,” Pat giggled, “but hey, I’m your slave aren’t I? And slaves are meant to suffer, and be loyal which, Jo, I will be. Christ, Jo, you look great in that saucy outfit, I could devour you right now.” 

“By devour, I hope you mean eat me alive!” Jo replied. “Later I promise, I do promise, now we have to think about Tom.”

“Well Jo, that’s a tough one, but if you don’t think I’m butting in here’s my two cents worth.” She smiled again; they were starting to get very comfortable with each other. “And if you do then by all means go ahead and gag me. Jo, you hold all the cards, you could sue him for divorce, using me as the other party; you have the proof of the tapes, although I’m not sure you would want to use them. You could take him for all he has, leave him with the pension and his stuff. But….I have to say he is….useful, as a sex object that is and no more. Maybe you could give him that option?” she was now thinking this through, and Jo was on the same track already. “He could stay with you…us, for as long as he wants, doing our bidding, being our slave, let’s face it it’s nice to have a cock and balls around to punish, or he can leave the house, everything and go on his way.” 

“I have to say, having him around to torture would be fun, but why would he go for it?”

“I’ll tell you why, because he’s a classic masochist and transvestite, not a regular one, whatever that is, but a rubber one. I’ll bet that he still worships you, even with me around. Look, he loves rubber and abuse, now he has two women to give it to him! The only difference is he won’t be cheating on anyone, and he won’t get much of a break! Stay, on our terms or leave tonight!” Jo dwelt on this for a while, unconsciously moving her hand over Pat’s rubber encased head. 

“You know, I think it would work. Well, let’s try it out, let me do the talking and you pitch in when it needs reinforcing.” With that Jo stood up and picked up Pat’s dildo tail and held it up, smiling. 

“Just to remind you who is still boss.” Pat complained a little, but Jo noticed not much, and she bent over to allow her to push it back into her rear. They returned to the basement, Pat waddling behind her latex schoolgirl domina, to confront Tom with the news. They were both very excited with the idea. 

Chapter Eleven

Tom lay on his side on the bed, his tail sticking out behind him. Jo sat on the bed beside him, and smoothed her hand over his doggy mask. 

“Hello Tom, let me get the collar and helmet off, for we have much to talk about.” She removed the doggy helmet and exposed his rubber female mask underneath. Like Pat’s before him, it was soaked in sweat and saliva. He said nothing, just looked at his wife and then Pat. Pat sat on her haunches, the dildo tail just touching the ground behind her and her rubber cock and balls sticking out in front of her. With her large breast cups sticking out in front as well, she was to say the least an odd sight.

“Now Tom, I don’t want any tantrums, this is a decision Pat and I have made in the last few minutes, and frankly you don’t have many bargaining chips here. We have decided your future, and basically you have a choice of two routes. There are no alternatives so it’s one or the other.” 

And she laid out the options, clearly and without equivocation or rancour, when he was about to say something she shushed him and told him to wait until the end. He was very quiet, and thoughtful, and kept looking from his wife to Pat. 

Pat watched in silence, Jo needed no help here, and Tom at the end did not argue; he could tell that both of them were not in a negotiating mood. He’d learnt a lot about his wife in the last day, and as she spoke to him calmly and at length, he slowly came to the realisation that this – enforced slavehood, rubber bondage, transvestism and domination by two beautiful women was what he craved! There would be times no doubt in the future when things would go too far for his comfort but he believed he would be able to handle this. For wasn’t the whole point that slaves were to be kept in slavehood and their wishes and desires were worth nothing?

Well, he thought, his fetish fantasies would really be put to the test. These were women who when together, were not to be trifled with. Reality is sometimes so different from fantasy, more frightening, but perhaps more exciting as well. He’d no idea what they had in mind for him, but strangely he felt an inner excitement at that. It was clear there was now something between these two and he was in no position to try to change that. He was placing his body, his will, his future into the hands of these two cruel, imaginative women, dedicated now to each others pleasure – and pain. Yet he was surprised to feel he was not frightened at the prospect, nervous, yes, and maybe he was naïve. But this future was surely better than the drudgery of “normal” life, whatever that was. 

When Jo had finished, there was a heavy silence for a while. He looked so odd, with his doggy costume and his cock and balls sticking out, and then the beautiful female rubber mask covering his features. But then he began to speak quietly, looking from one to the other and he realised that whatever there was before was in the past, gone and he was now essentially gifting himself to these women to do with him as they pleased. 

He’d loved them before, and he would continue to do so but enslavement was a different love and he knew they would test him and punish him at will. But he told them he would accept that. He could always leave, at any time, they’d made that clear, but he would be left with only his job and few possessions. 

They made it clear he would carry on his work life; his secret was his bond with them. Nights, weekends, breaks would be his time in slavery to them. He’d be their possession to do with as they pleased, singly or together. 

As he lay on the bed, he glanced around the room, the dungeon, his room to be. The whipping bench, the vaulting horse, the rubber covered whipping post and the vacuum bed, were waiting for him, along with all the clothes, bags and inflatables. And over there were all the instruments of torture and medical necessity you could ever want – or not want. He found his cock growing hard in its tight rubber sleeve; maybe the cock was telling him something that his mind didn’t know yet. Surely this was the real sign, the subconscious telling him what he really desired.

They allowed him his moment of reverie, thinking of the past, and the future. He nodded to them, indicating that there was absolutely no doubt, he was ready, and willing. Both women smiled in silence, the spiders with their fly! As if to consummate the “relationship” Jo leaned over and gently took is rubber covered cock in her hand. God, he could come right now in her hand, and he let out a gasp. And Pat, not wanting to miss anything, waddled over and leaned over him, nudging Jo’s hand out of the way, and took his cock in her mouth, gripping it between her teeth in a wide grimace, and then she giggled and withdrew, saying.

“Oh, we are going to have so much fun punishing him. So there can be no confusion, I think we should advise him again of the rules – just one more time.”

“That seems fair, as we are all making a huge change in our lives here. So Tom, these are the rules which frankly we are pretty well making up on the spot, so we may change them a bit later on, not good news for you, I know but you are putting your future into our hands, aren’t you? You will agree to them , without question, otherwise you leave – no hard feelings and all that. Later on, we will write them down so there is no confusion for either party. You speak only when spoken to or commanded to do so. Even during your working day you will always something of rubber, just a reminder of your servitude, panties or tights or stockings maybe, we will decide. You serve me, then Pat, I am the domina, although Pat and I will change when the mood takes us. You will be punished when we wish, how we wish, there does not have to be a reason, we might just like the idea of punishing you, even if you have been a good boy. We may allow you to have pleasure once in a while we may have use for your “services” here.” She smiled and gripped his cock. “We don’t want this withering away through lack of use; I’ve nothing against a stiff cock at all, in the right place and under the right circumstances. We will move between the two houses, your room here will be this rubber room of course, and in our..…my house the spare bedroom which you will do up appropriately over the next few days. Pat and I will move all the clothes between the two houses as we see fit.”

“You will cease to all intents and purposes to be my husband, and Pat’s latex lover; from now on you are our plaything, our dolly, slave or whatever we wish. Now I have been thinking of extending your rubber transvestism a little further, and this may involve piercings and if necessary other body modifications,” she smiled down at his pretty face, “maybe you won’t need this rubber female mask if we make some adjustments here and there. So you should be made aware of that. So that, dear ex-hubby is the offer, do you wish to continue?”

He looked at her clear blue eyes, the woman he loved, but not perhaps the same woman now, for she was his mistress to be obeyed at all times. And she had Pat as the perfect assistant and lover. Oh, they would be cruel all right; he could see them egging each other on. But life would not be dull, and he’d have as much rubber as he could handle. He glanced at them both……and nodded firmly. 

Chapter Twelve

There was silence in the room for fully 30 seconds as each of them appreciated what this meant to them and how their lives, all three of them would change. Jo broke the ice.

“Well, that was pretty momentous for us all I think. It’s a nice day outside, I need to relax after our efforts and I like the idea of being waited on, Tom. You will be my maid for the rest of the day. I remember seeing a cute little sexy maid’s costume in the closet. Pat, has Tom worn it before?” Pat replied with a wry smile.

“No, actually that’s mine, it’s a bit small for him, though I think we could corset him down into it.” 

“Excellent, now I was thinking about all his body hair, it’s quite light and he’s not hirsute, but I think we should get rid of it all, yes?”

“Oh, yes,” said Pat, warming to the task, “I have a couple of large jars of depilatory cream; that should do the trick.” 

Jo clapped her hands.

“Okay, what are we waiting for? First Pat, we’ll get you out of your doggy suit, although I rather liked you in it. I wouldn’t have minded wrestling you in one, both of us with double dildos; that would be great. But who would put us in them, and more to the point who would let us out? Could we trust Tom? Maybe not yet, we’ll leave that fun for later.”

Jo removed Pat’s butt plug and then slowly eased her out of her doggy suit. She moaned as her arms dropped down to her sides and rubbed them to get the blood back again. Within a couple of minutes she felt a lot better. Jo glanced at her, she did look so good in that black suit stretched tautly over her body, and the collar, cuffs and stringent corset. 

“We’ll leave the corset and suit on for now, we’ll get that waist down another inch or so yet.” Pat gave her a worried look behind her mask, but was actually getting used now to the constriction and the forced upright posture. They both approached Tom and turned him on his back. 

“Remember, no talking, or you’ll get our first dual punishment, nicely stretched over the whipping bench there.” Quickly, the doggy suit was stripped off him and he now stood, cock still erect in front of them, naked except for his female mask which Jo now roughly pulled off.” It had been quite a time since she had seen him, his face was puffy, pink and soaked and his hair matted to his skull. She thought then she preferred the female mask on him! Jo gripped his cock.

“Mmmm, very impressive.” Pat now returned with a jar of depilatory cream and two pairs of surgical gloves. They pulled them on and dipped their hands into the big jar. 

“Legs and arms wide apart, Tom.” Jo ordered and Tom obediently spread himself out in front of them. They smeared his lower body, then his groin (he groaned here, his cock standing out like a tent pole) and then his whole torso. This took a while and was done in complete silence, the women, one in a taut black catsuit and the other a schoolgirl, intent on their work. They stopped at his neck and Jo said. 

“What about his face and head? If he goes to work bald, they’ll think something is up although he does have a very light beard.” Pat thought hard for a second.

“Yes but bald is so much easier for masks and helmets and wigs. Look Jo, bald is the rage nowadays; everybody has it bald of at least very short. He’ll just have to convince everyone at work that he decided on a change – and be very convincing about it, right Tom?” Pat gripped Tom’s balls and gave then a not too gentle squeeze. Tom nodded silently.

Pat got an electric razor and bending Tom’s head, not wanting all the hair sticking to his creamy white body, began to clip his hair down to a manageable one eighth of an inch. He looked quite different, almost vulnerable, which of course he was. Jo then smeared the thick cream over his face and head, leaving only his eyebrows and mouth visible. He looked like a skinny snowman.

“We’ll give him a dose tomorrow too on his face and head, and just keep on it until it’s all gone. Okay, all done, let’s give it say twenty minutes for it to do its job.” They pulled off their gloves and lay down on the bed together like a couple of giggling girls, pleased as punch, while Tom stood in front of them. The cream was sticky and hot and soon began to itch horribly but he remained silent. Despite the cream, he still had an erection. 

“Poor Tom, think you have made a big mistake already? Well Tom, this is only the start.” Tom shook his head; he was not going to yield in the first half hour.

“Good, because there’s lots more for us to do.” Jo leaned over and straddled Pat and kneaded her breasts in each hand. For Pat this was a pleasant surprise and she slipped a hand under Jo’s miniscule skirt and felt the thin latex panties yield as she rubbed her fingers up and down Jo’s lips. Jo bent over and placed her lips on Pat’s masked forehead, nose and then her waiting lips. They seemed oblivious to Tom’s presence as they worked themselves up and in no time came, panting and shaking. They both laid back and giggled at their lechery, well aware that Tom was watching, his cock still very much erect. 

Jo stood up, pulling her panties tight and pulling up and straightening her stocking tops, poor Tom almost fainted at the sight.

“Time for your shower Tom, and like a butterfly you will come out new and fresh, smooth as a baby, for this is your new life. But Tom doesn’t sound right for your feminine side does it; let me think… about Toni? Tom and Toni, two sides of the coin and yet one person. I think that will do.”

“Yes, I like it.” Pat, who was lying on the bed, said, like a lazy cat that just got the cream. So Tom stepped into the shower and rubbed and scrubbed away all his body and facial hair. He was amazed at how easily it was removed and shocked at his smooth, almost girl-like body now. Even his beard line, which was never thick, was now smooth. And his head, he was as bald as a coot. It too was bowling ball smooth and cool to the touch. His cock and balls felt very strange without any attendant hair. He returned to the rubber room, where Jo and Pat had his costume ready for him. First both encircled him in silence; he could smell their latex clothing and the sex on them and his cock hardened again. Jo said.

“Excellent, not a hair to be seen and smooth as a baby’s bum - so much easier for pulling on the rubber clothing; and you know Pat, with a little moulding his body….her body is going to look just fine. No beard here, some make-up, a decent wig and some boobies of course and he’ll pass off in public easily. Pat, I saw in one of your fetish mags a woman, Mistress Stern, I think her name was, who runs among other things, a transformation and feminisation business. We’ll set up a time and get him…her some gear. They have some latex training clothes, padded panties and bras, so we’ll have some fun tomorrow getting him into some.” 


“Yes I read about her, she also does more permanent transformations, piercings and brandings and the like.” Pat snuggled close to Tom, who was now looking a bit worried, and held his cock in her gloved hands. “Although she is very private, her reputation is well known in the more extreme communities.” She smiled. “Maybe we could think of some more modifications and additions before we call her. I’m sure she can help us with some ideas.” 

Tom winced at the thought, but still he was erect, either through the thought of the body modifications or Pat’s ministrations. Jo and Pat revelled at the prospect.

“So Tom, first we’ll have to reform your body, this corset is Pat’s but with some squeezing we’ll get you into it.” They placed the thick rubber garment around him and ordered him to grab the bar above. This stretched him up nicely and they began to lace him in. he panted at the cool vice of the rubber, Pat winched the bar higher and he was now on tiptoe, as Jo continued to lace from above his groin up to under his nipples. 

When they had finished he wasn’t an hourglass, but he looked not too bad at all – there was a definite feminine shape to him and, Jo noticed there was plenty of room for future lacing. He took short breaths, feeling as if he was being squeezed by a boa. Pat grinned.

“You’ll get used to it, look at me, I’ve been in this thing for a day now. And I’m quite used to it. It gives you support, confidence, makes you feel stronger, assertive – all very odd I admit. I can’t imagine why women don’t wear them more often; I suppose it has to do with that burning bra feminist nonsense. Well I’m wearing one and believe me I’m empowered.” She turned to Jo and held out two jelly-like sacs of colourless solution. 

“We bought these inserts a short while ago for a laugh, never got to use them. They should be perfect for his boobs. Just slip them in a reinforced bra over his corset and voila. 

“Great, and we’ll get some padded bras tomorrow.” He pushed his arms through the bra straps and she attached it behind him, then Pat pushed the implants into the cups, smoothed them out and took a step back, admiring the view. 

“Excellent, a big breasted booby bird.” She cupped them in her hands as if weighing them. “Not a bad feel to them either, and they stick out nicely and have a real wobbly consistency of the real thing.” With the help of talc they rolled on shiny grey stockings, leaving him to finish pulling them up, sitting on the side of the bed, and leaning over with difficulty due to the constriction of the corset, and the big boobs. He clipped them onto the four suspenders for each stocking attached to the bottom of the corset. He had small feet and they placed his feet into 3 inch heeled pumps. 

“You’ll get used to heels quickly; they’ll get higher as the days go by. High heels and corset – excellent for a great posture, and no more male slouching.” They pushed his arms into gleaming black shoulder length latex gloves, pressing out any wrinkles. Then he stepped into a classic French maid’s dress – a very short flared skirt, tight waist and bodice cradling his ample boobs, and a high neck. The sleeves ended at mid bicep and the flared hem, sleeves and neck ended with whit frills. They zipped him up the back with difficulty, it was tight fit. Pat wrapped a white pinafore round him and he was done, well not quite. 

“What about this tent pole here?” Jo said, pointing at his cock pushing out from under the short skirt. 

“What about a pair of your panties Pat, something really tight, to hold that thing in, and another thing, I’ve been thinking about Tom’s cute little bum here,” she placed her hand on his behind, “I want him to be aware of his servitude to us all the time, and I was thinking that we should have him plugged here permanently.” She slapped his buttocks and he gasped but said nothing. Pat smiled.

“What do you mean, permanently?” 

“Oh, I don’t mean that we can’t pull it out when we have to, but all day and night, all the time, I want him plugged. “ She leant against him, holding his butt cheek in her hand. “So the only time he’s not plugged is when he’s doing his….ablutions, and when we want him accessible for punishment.” Tom stared at Jo, who gently placed a hand on his bald dome. “Are you getting the drift now Tom? This is for real, your body, every….orifice is ours to do with as we please.” He nodded silently in acquiescence. 

“I think that’s a great idea Jo. We have all sizes and shapes of butt plugs here. They all have a flanged base so they don’t disappear up him, which would lead to some interesting questions at the emergency ward. I have a couple with little nodules on them which give you a nice tickle up there and then just plain rubber prongs.”

“Let’s start with plain shall we? We don’t want to frighten off Tom already, do we? Bend over Tom…..I suppose we should get used to calling you Toni, we’re going to get more pleasure out of this that you.” He dutifully bent over and spread his legs, his bare arse sticking out and his stockings stretching his suspenders. Pat licked the butt plug and placed it at his rear entrance. Then with a nod and a grin from Jo leaned into his, he gasped as the plug inched past his sphincter and into his anal passage, he gasped. 

“Oh, come on Tom, this is a small one, you’ll soon be getting much bigger ones up there, no problem at all.” Once the widest part was embedded his sphincter muscle gripped the narrower end firmly. Finally they slid a pair of thick white latex panties up his legs, pulled out his skirt and almost lifted him off his feet as they pulled the panties up and over his groin, squeezing his cock flat against the bottom of the corset. 

So this was day one of his new life, hour one of day one. He had been fully depilated, squeezed into a corset, forced into a bra with implants, had his anal cavity plugged, his cock and balls squeezed by tight rubber panties and dressed as a saucy French maid. Yes, all in all, it had been quite a start, he wryly thought to himself. They led him upstairs, he was a bit wobbly on his heels, but they each took an arm. He would have to get used to them quickly, and they sat him down in front of a mirror in Pat’s bedroom. Pulling his head back they began to apply make-up, the whole works. Jo said, as she applied foundation to his cheeks.

“In the next few days Toni (she called him Toni now, he guessed this was some kind of mental reinforcement) we’ll get you your own make-up tables and kit for your room downstairs in this house and in mine (she didn’t’ say our house any more, he noted) and then you’ll be able to do this yourself. We don’t want to waste our time on it, so you had better get proficient quickly.” As Jo applied the foundation and blush, Pat expertly shaped his eyebrows with a pair of tweezers. Jesus, that hurt, he thought, how do women do this all the time? Eye shadow, liner, lipstick and gloss followed and Jo looked down at the finished product. 

“Amazing, really convincing. The bald head is a little out of place but the face, Toni, you would have no trouble at all in passing yourself off in public, which believe me you are going to be doing.” Tom sat up and could barely believe his eyes, his face was beautifully made up, there was no hint of androgyny, the beard line had gone and he was very, very feminine. Yes, he’d definitely pass. 

“I like the bald look,” Jo said, “but we’ll get you a wig later, and earrings too, you’ll be pierced tomorrow, something for you to look forward to.” Tom was not so sure, but continued to stare at the stranger in the mirror. Jo leant over, her head next to his and looked at him in the mirror.

“She’s quite gorgeous; we’ll be fighting off the guys who want to fuck him! You’ll have to get used to those heels fast because I think I want Toni around the house most of the time, Tom can be at the office but Toni will take over here for good now.” Tom had not been addressed so he sat silently, but his mind was in turmoil. Pat finally produced a rubber maid’s bonnet, white with black edging and with an elasticised rim, which she stretched over his bald dome, then arranged it in a pretty fashion. 

“Pretty maid, all in a row,” grinned Jo, “up you get Toni, Pat and I are going to the garden, it’s sunny and warm and you will serve us some afternoon tea, we’ve been so busy with you that we missed lunch. We leave it up to you, but you had better learn fast that we like to be spoilt, don’t we Pat? Serve it in an hour, in the meantime there is all this rubber to wash, dry, powder and shine. This will be your mantra from now on, maid Toni, those four words, for there will be a lot of latex for you to clean and look after. It is not cheap stuff, so you had better look after it. 

And they left him, arm in arm, giggling, the two latex clad dominas went out to the garden to relax. Tottering on his heels, now beginning to sweat in the tight corset, he set about cleaning and powdering the rubber clothes, and as he set about this he realised he quite liked doing this. Peering down at his large boobs and looking in the mirror at his quite narrow waist and his slim legs, he began to take some pride in his appearance. He clenched his rear cheeks, the butt plug was not that big at all, and he realised in the previous ten minutes he had hardly noticed it! 

By the time he had made the tea he was sweating profusely, and he dabbed his face, not wishing to mess his make-up. He pulled off his rubber bonnet and wiped his shiny bald dome, then replaced the bonnet, the rim clinging loosely to his skull. He felt between his legs and rubbed his cock, still hard and compressed against the corset. 

They were lying on two deck loungers half asleep in the summer sun. They must be sweating in all that rubber he thought, but it didn’t seem to bother them. Pat sat up and dabbed her eyes, which must have had sweat in them from the tight mask. 

“Very nice, Toni.” Said Jo, as he served them tea, leaning over and feeling the constriction of the corset. Munching on a sandwich, Pat sat up and slid her hand under his short skirt, feeling his cock still rigid in the tight pants. She whispered.

“Very impressive Toni, still hard, but I can’t wait to punish it.” She rubbed it harder and he thought he would come, he moaned quietly, and then Pat, seeing this stopped. 

“Go to your quarters, Toni, we have no need for you until 5 o clock, then you will report to us, face scrubbed and with new make-up, your own application. You might as well start learning these skills now.” He left them to return to the house, a little dejectedly. He lay on the bed, still hot in the costume, and rested. 

Outside in the sun, Jo and Pat had laid out a thick towel on the grass and were lying on it together. There they explored their bodies once more, as if they had not done so before. Fingers pinched nipples and rubbed labia, and tongues lapped and licked. Pat turned to the 69 position; she had said that Jo in her sexy schoolgirl outfit looked good enough to eat, and was now setting out to prove it. 

She pulled Jo’s short skirt back and prised her taut panties down. Jo was already soaking wet there, Pat was happy to see, but she moved into her with her tongue. She was now getting used to her fragrance and lapped away at her like a contented cat. At the other end, not wishing to be outdone, Jo had unzipped the crotch zip of Pat’s suit and was first fingering her gently and then working with her tongue. 

She took her lead from Pat, who was much more the expert, but Pat was happy to notice – and feel – she was a very quick learner indeed. In the warm sun they continued like this for quite a while, Pat encouraging Jo with flattering comments. As they tired they then drifted to off to sleep. 

continues in part four

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