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Deadlier Than The Male

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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Deadlier Than The Male by Rbbral
Part Four
Chapter Thirteen

Later, downstairs Tom woke to shouting.

“Wakey, wakey, naughty Toni, you overslept and didn’t report at 5 o clock to us. Now it is ten past, and look, no make-up. Toni’s going to be disciplined.” They pulled him off the bed and took him over to the vaulting horse, bending him over it and started to strap him down on it. They spread his stocking encased legs and strapped them tightly, then his unresisting arms and then across his back, pushing his false boobs into the leather top. Once he was unable to move at all Jo pushed his face into the thick facemask at the head of the horse and he opened his mouth and accepted the plug gag without resistance, while she pulled the straps over his bonnet and tightened them. 

Then he felt his skirt being raised.

Jo and Pat admired Tom’s firm nates held in the taut white rubber, as tight as a drum. Both of them took a cheek and rubbed the shiny surface. Jo placed a finger on the butt plug base and pushed it in a half inch. She heard a grunt and Tom’s body shivered. Then she had an idea.

“Pat, I have an idea, What about an enema at the same time as the paddling? We could pull out the butt plug, slip the tube up his rear, and run the tube along his crack, the pants we can then pull up to keep it in and then as the water seeps in we paddle away!”

Behind her mask Pat looked at Jo in a mix of horror and admiration. 

“God, Jo, I’m starting to get a bit worried about you. You are way ahead of me in the deviance stakes, my goodness. God, I hope I never cross you and have to face the consequences! I don’t know if I would survive it.” Jo grinned and took her in her arms.

“I don’t expect you to ever cross me, Pat, and if you did I have a sneaking suspicion you would do it on purpose, just to see what devious retribution I could come up with.” 

Jo was now clearly comfortable with her role, there were no nerves or embarrassment, she was born for this, and she, along with Pat and Tom, now knew it! Pat knew she had been found out and gripped her lover.

“Yep, I’m afraid I think you’re absolutely right, and I can get wet just thinking what you may do to me.” Jo kissed her rubber cheek.

“Come on, no time to dwell, Toni is waiting.” 

Tom of course heard all this but could do nothing, except let out a low groan. Pat brought over the metal stand and removed the rubber bag, went to the bathroom and filled it with warm, soapy water. Jo in the meantime had pulled down Tom’s tight pants to the top of his thighs, just low enough to push in the enema tube. Jo thought it was strange the power the two of them had at that moment. 

In front of them a man transformed to a woman, in inescapable bondage, wearing the most outrageous rubber fetish clothes, exposed, vulnerable, and about to be enema’d and spanked. Both experienced a shiver of excitement as Jo gently eased the butt plug from Tom’s rear and Pat immediately pressed the end of the tube through the expanded, pink orifice. It flinched of course, only natural really, but Pat ignored this and soon it was in the full six inches. She nodded to Jo as she folded the tube along Tom’s ass crack and Jo pulled up the latex panties. Smoothing them out, they returned to their previous glossy firmness, with the tube embedded and immovable. 

As Pat armed herself with one leather paddle and gave Jo the other, she asked.

“How many do you think? You gave him a hundred last night; I see he’s still a little tender, what about 50 in total, so 25 for each cheek?”

“Yes, should be enough. I want to improve my tennis backhand, so I’ll take his right buttock and you can take the left.” They spread their legs at right angles to Tom’s shiny white latex bottom, then Pat released the clip holding the water and it seeped into Tom’s waiting rectum. Jo nodded at Pat, and Pat took the first swing, then Jo had her turn. They continued like this, a steady metronome of whacks at two second intervals. With leather on drum-tight latex, the sound in the enclosed basement room was almost deafening, but this seemed to spur them on to hit even harder. They concentrated on the glossy white target and barely looked at each other, keeping up the loud beat. Only too soon, for them, did they finish. There was a light sheen on Jo’s brow and Pat dabbed at her eyes again.

They would have happily carried on but they knew there would be many chances in the future – and it didn’t pay to damage the goods on the first day! They worked well as a team and Jo lowered Tom’s pants again while Pat removed the tube and before Tom could react, rammed the butt plug back in, to a loud grunt from Tom. Again there was a little wriggling but really Tom was powerless to stop them doing anything they wished, and he knew it. Jo fondled the buttocks again.

“Snug as a bug in a rug.” She went round to his head and placed her hand on his bonnet, trapped to the face piece. 

“You must learn fast, Toni. You must be prompt in future; otherwise your arse is really going to get some treatment. The plug will remain in you until you have served us dinner at 7 o clock on the patio. You had less than a pint so you should not get too many cramps, but Toni, that is the price you pay for not being diligent. I’m sure you’ll learn.” She patted his exposed rubber nates almost affectionately. 

“We’ll release you now; you have an hour and a half to prepare us something nice to eat. An omelette and a salad would be all right and open a bottle of wine, Pat and I have plenty to celebrate! Not you I fear.”

They released the straps and then the face piece. He slowly raised himself and pulled down his skirt in a strange almost prudish way, considering the way he was dressed. Jo looked at his face and grinned.

“My goodness Toni, just look at your make-up. All smudged and smeared, I do believe you have been crying, have you?” reluctantly Tom nodded, his arse was on fire and the enema was rumbling in his abdomen. He gently felt the butt plug through his panties and let out a gasp.

“Well, go upstairs and do you make-up, might as well start now. I want you back in ten minutes and we will check it, quick now!” She smiled and pointed to the horse and it was clear what the consequences were if he were late. 

Despite his enema, corset and high heels he skipped up the stairs, much better on his heels, he now noted. He heard their laughter, but he was now intent on not displeasing then any more. 

He thought of his dear wife, well ex-wife now really, in her latex schoolgirl costume ordering him about, what a change in a day! But oh God, she did look so wonderful, her gorgeous hair held back in a pony tail, her firm breasts in their rubber cups and her superb legs in tight white stockings. How could he hate her? 

Despite the pain she had inflicted on him he still loved her, he feared her as well of course (as well he should) but he was still infatuated with her beauty and the power she had over him now. And her ability to wreak punishment strangely did not diminish that love at all. 

He sat down gingerly on his plugged arse, feeling the plug move within him, his cheeks still on fire. Then he got to work, with cotton swabs, clearing away his smeared tears and mascara, and wiping his smudged lipstick. He took his time, getting it wrong would be just as bad as being late. He applied eye shadow, liner, foundation, trying to remember how they had done it. He’d always taken this for granted but it was not easy!

Finally, gaining confidence, he applied lipstick, pouting his lips and smoothing it out with his tongue. He stared at his new self and thought, well, not bad, not bad at all; and then in his heart of hearts he realised he had quite liked the exercise! 

The paddling however was not so much fun. After a hundred the night before, this fifty were very painful and still throbbed now. Furthermore he was now bathed in sweat and it had nowhere to go, trapped in his rubber costume. 

Although a little nervous of their decision he returned back to the basement, feeling the butt plug move within him and looking down at his boobs, seeing them wobble. He entered the room and could hardly believe his eyes.

Chapter Fourteen

Jo was sitting on the side of the bed, still in her schoolgirl’s costume, her knees stretched wide. That wasn’t strange but Pat was balanced sitting on Jo’s thighs, facing out into the room. Jo had pulled off her panties and had strapped a double ended dildo under her skirt, the other end of which was embedded in Pat’s moist pussy. Pat’s steel cuffs were attached to her steel anklets which were pulled up either side of Jo’s parted thighs. Jo’s arms were passed under Pat’s armpits and her hands were fondling Pat’s breasts. Tom could see Pat’s eyes wide with pleasure behind her mask, but only a mmmfff could be heard as Jo had stuffed an inflatable gag in Pat’s mouth and pumped it high. The tube and inflator waggled on her chest as Pat’s head nodded in unison to Jo’s thrusts. 

Jo however seemed amazingly calm and did not stop the rhythm as Tom approached them. Pat’s eyes then managed to focus a bit better on Tom. Jo spoke, breathing a little heavily. 

“Ah, ah Toni, you caught us a bit short, how time….flies when you are….enjoying yourself. Come nearer….let’s have a look….at you.” He approached the bouncing Pat, who seemed quite unperturbed at his presence; however they slowed just a little to inspect him. 

“Bend down, Toni, let’s see, looks pretty good to me Toni, what do you think Pat?” Pat, breathing hard through her nose, trying to concentrate, looked hard at Tom and then nodded, the tube and inflator bulb shaking in front of her. Jo laughed.

“We’ll take that as a yes Toni, well done. I think you have a natural knack for this. Now go up and prepare dinner, I have something to finish with Pat here, as you can see.” She lifted Pat by the corset and dropped her onto the glistening dildo; Pat let out a wail into her gag, in pleasure or discomfort Tom couldn’t tell, but he had a good idea it was pleasure. He turned and went upstairs to the kitchen, much better on his heels now.

“You’d have thought he would have at least knocked.” Jo giggled and Pat mmmmed in agreement through her gag, saliva now dripping onto her rubber breasts and corset. 

“Now, where were we? Ah yes, I remember.” She giggled again and squeezed Pat’s nipples. 

“My legs are getting a bit sore so let’s get you on the bed.” 

She turned and gently rolled her over onto her front, the dildo slipping out of her wet channel. Jo pumped some pillows up and raised Pat tenderly, sliding them under her upper body and head. Pat, her wrists still manacled to her ankles wriggled to get comfortable. Jo squeezed her hand under Pat and fondled her breast. 


Pat nodded, and closed her eyes in anticipation. Jo did not disappoint as she spread Pat’s legs wide and with a confident smile on her face and the gleaming cock sticking out from under her skirt, approached her wet and inviting love channel. Moving in slowly behind her, Jo took an ankle in each hand and pulled them wider, she raised Pat’s skirt higher and aligned her black cock with Pat’s thrust back gleaming pussy and bum hole. She was very tempted for the latter but went for the former. 

Accompanied by a loud moan from Pat, with her clenched fists tied firmly to her ankles, Jo slid her black cock in with a sigh. Pat looked a little uncomfortable so Jo raised her ankles to her buttocks allowing Pat to stretch from her hunched position. Yes, that was much better, and Pat nodded in appreciation. Jo began to thrust slowly, holding Pat’s ankles up against her buttocks, pushing the cock up to the hilt. Pat, with her head sideways on the pillow, was in heaven and breathed in the sweet aroma of the rubber pillows through her nostrils while biting down on the gag. Despite the awkward position she was revelling in the pummelling Jo was giving her. 

Now Jo released Pat’s ankles and gripped Pat’s firm, slim corseted waist, and thrust even harder. God, how lucky can I be to meet a woman such as this, thought Pat. She’s a naughty, pervy woman and I love her!

Jo was equally delirious, the harder she pushed the more the other end of the dildo was pushed into her. It was now getting on for 24 hours since she had started this “journey” and had anyone ever travelled so far? 

On the inside of the base plate of the dildo there was a little thimble which was so well placed that it rubbed her clit in the most enticing way, Jo was just having a wonderful time and really didn’t want it to end. She looked down at the black rubber back and corset of her lover, her head gently bobbing, and her moans barely audible now. 

Then she looked down at her tight light brown bum hole, her sphincter looking like pursed lips, and she really wanted to plunder that too. What had come over her in the last day? Best not to analyse too much, she thought, just enjoy! But she couldn’t resist herself. She leant over Pat, her cock withdrawing slightly, and whispered to her.

“Pat dear, I can’t resist, I’m so tempted by your beautiful, tight bum hole here….I have to deflower you, I’m sorry, but it is so inviting.” Pat looked up at her, grunted a no, no, please.

“No Pat, no whining now, I will use plenty of lube and will take my time; don’t worry I won’t hurt you. Remember you have had a butt plug there before with the doggy tail. And remember as well that I sat on your face last night and you pushed your dildo gag right up my rear, so your turn now my dear. You must still remember that I am the dominant one, for now anyway. Now the cock is big but I will take all the time you need, and believe me,” here she chuckled, “you have lubed it very well all on your own. So now here we go, we’ll take our time together, relax now, relax.”

Slowly she withdrew from the wet pussy and looked down at the tight brown sphincter, then pressed the gleaming head against the bud. Pat began to wriggle. 

“Easy now, easy, relax.”

Jo ran her hand over Pat’s nates trying to calm her, then coerced the head of the dildo a little harder and was pleased to see the tight mouth of Pat’s rear open. Gripping the corset she moved in and the sphincter ate another inch. Pat’s eyes were scrunched up and she was breathing labouredly, but Jo would not yield now. She spoke quietly.

“We’ll take a breather for a minute, you are doing very well. “ She massaged the rubber covered bottom; and then passed her hand under Pat and rolled her clit between her finger and thumb to ease her discomfort. Pat seemed to relax a bit and taking her cue, Jo pressed a little more. Now she was passed the tight entry it seemed to be a trifle easier; she waited a few more seconds and then tried another inch.

“A few more inches, Pat and we’ll be there. Keep calm now, nice and relaxed, it’s me here, remember.” Pat mewed into her gag, and although Jo was all understanding and calm, it was clear that she would not stop now. Pat kept breathing as evenly as possible, taking in the heady aroma of the latex pillows. She clamped down on the gag, which strangely was helping her ease the discomfort. 

As the seconds and then minutes went by, Pat found that her arse was beginning to ease and accept this intruder. Jo pushed another inch and was at last up to the hilt, with Pat’s firm glossy buttocks up against her groin, pushing the rubber nodule of the base plate up against her clit. Jo just held it there for a few seconds, as Pat acclimatised. After the initial pain, Pat was feeling better, not great but better. Jo gently rubbed Pat’s rubber dome.

“Okay, well done Pat, I haven’t split you in two have I, my dear? You are taking it wonderfully and you look so good laid out in front of me like this. Now relax again, we are going to try a little movement, just a little, nothing violent, in and out a couple of inches, okay? 

Pat mewed quietly but now was a lot more accustomed to the staff within her. She felt Jo pull back an inch or so and slowly push back in. Jo was still playing with her clit and she was on the edge of an orgasm anyway, and here she was being bum fucked at the same time! Then there was another withdrawal and push. In and out Jo coolly proceeded, and then increased the thrust to two inches. 

“How are you doing, okay?” Jo could see that Pat’s eyes were still closed but they were not scrunched up, but much more relaxed. Was this because of the attentions of Jo on her clit or because now she was getting used being bum fucked? Pat, perhaps even surprisingly to her, nodded slowly, and Jo took this to mean an inch more. 

Now she drew back three inches and thrust a little harder back in, Pat mewed but did not struggle and Jo noticed her breathing was now even and strong. They had been going now for seven or eight minutes, Jo looked down at the brown mouth below her, open now and seeming to devour the black invader. 

Then Pat did something wonderful, she raised her head off the pillow looked back at Jo, which was difficult in her position, nodded barely perceptibly and then turned to the other side and closed her eyes slowly. Pat seemed now at rest. Jo didn’t quite know what to make of it, was she now fully accepting, inviting? She got her answer when she withdrew four inches and Pat suddenly opened her eyes, looked back at Jo, and then calmly thrust back her buttocks onto the plug!

“My God, Pat, you’re incredible. Is there nothing you won’t try? So, a few more minutes, okay?” Pat nodded vigorously and Jo gripped the corset and set up a steady rhythm. With each thrust now Pat gave out a tiny mew, her eyes were closed now and she seemed a long way away. Then, with all the rubbing of the base plate on her clit, Jo came in a shuddering climax. She looked down and saw Pat come too, her arse shaking as she groaned through her gag. Jo was amazed, she had come without any pussy or clit stimulation for the last five minutes; she really was astonishing. 

Jo slowly eased back, withdrawing the big rubber cock very deliberately. Pat’s sphincter closed tight again, it almost seemed as if it didn’t want to give it up. She unstrapped it from her crotch and pulled it from herself; it was gleaming at both ends and she threw it on the floor; Toni could take care of the cleaning! She unclipped Pat’s wrists from her anklets and she stretched out, showing no inclination to remove the inflatable gag. 

Jo leant over her and said.

“Here, let me.” She looked into Pat’s eyes as she released the valve and the straps of the gag; she felt Pat’s hands roam over her breasts and smiled as she pulled the dripping gag out. Jo still lay on top of her, to the side, as Pat took in some gulps of fresh air and moved her chin around then through her mask Jo saw her bright teeth widen to a big smile. Jo looked at the gag.

“Mmmm, that looks a bit nasty, when I am a very bad girl maybe you’ll have to silence me with this.” 

“It would be my true pleasure. I’m willing to expand your horizons….and your arse!”

“I bet you are, and I’m willing to try anything. You were amazing Pat, very, very brave, but I could see you were really getting into it at the end. You truly amaze me.” Her hand passed over Pat’s breasts and she leant down and kissed her, hard. Pat’s hand was now under Jo’s short skirt and tenderly rubbing her labia, nothing aggressive, just a tender smooth caressing. Jo said.

“I want you to corset me in future, tight to fainting. This looks fabulous on you, you’ll have to take it off to dress for dinner though. I thought we would dress, in honour of a special occasion, a very special occasion.” She kissed her again. 

“Well I could do with a breather, that’s for sure. But I have to say I love the tight grip of the corset, I feel so….strong with it on.” 

“And look so stunning.” Jo added, with a peck to her cheek.

They lay resting on the bed, drifting in and out of sleep, occasionally sweeping their hands over each others bodies and kissing. Eventually Jo said. 

“Come on, we have to get up, Toni will be waiting with dinner, and we wouldn’t want her to be kept waiting,” she smirked, “not after what we did to her when we were late. Talk about double standards! But then, there should be different standards for slaves and mistresses, right?”

Pat laughed and nodded in agreement. 

“I think she’s coming along very well, she certainly looks the part all right, quite the body. She needs training in posture, sitting and walking and so forth, but she’d fool anyone at a glance. We’ll get Mistress Stern of the speaker phone and fix up a time early tomorrow at her salon; according to the inside scoop in the fetish mags she’s got quite a reputation, and very secretive too. No one seems to be able to pin her down, but I think she’s into a lot more stuff than padded bras and feminisation. Anyway we can spend some money on clothes and discuss with her some other options for Toni. I’m not so sure he’s going to be too pleased about it. But he did volunteer!”

Jo chuckled at this, as she took the key from the bedside table (Pat smiled at how easy it would have been to find it – but she wasn’t complaining) and unlocked her anklets, cuffs, collar and belt. Then she went behind Pat and loosened the laces of the corset. 

“You’ve still got room to pull it in, so we should try that tomorrow, yes?” Pat let out a sigh.

“Phew, sure, yes, but right now I need a shower. Much as I love latex I’ve been in this thing over 24 hours and I must stink like a pile of old car tires. Plus I’ve had about a hundred orgasms in it and I can feel my sweat sloshing around next to me. So, get me out, please.” 

Jo pulled the zip down and helped her extricate herself. Her head popped out, her short mousy hair soaked and stuck to her skull. She pulled the suit down to her ankles, feeling a little strange, now naked in front of this other woman, particularly considering what they had been doing to each other over the previous 24 hours. Water poured from the suit onto the floor. 

“Jeez, I must have lost a pint, or more, I feel positively skinny, I want to get drunk tonight, replace my fluids.” Jo looked at her in admiration, she had never really looked at a woman’s body with such intensity before, but Pat, although she was literally dripping wet looked like a Greek goddess. She particularly liked the shaven pudenda!”

“Getting drunk sounds like an excellent idea, and you don’t look skinny, you look fabulous.” 

She got a towel and rubbed her dry like a child fresh out of the bath. Pat closed her eyes, loving the attention. Leaning up against a beautiful woman dressed in a sexy latex schoolgirl’s costume did wonders for her libido. Her hands started to drift under Jo’s short skirt and Jo playfully slapped them and said. 

“Naughty, you’ll have to wait for that, you minx. We have work to do. I want to phone Mistress Stern, what a great name, now and figure out what to do tomorrow. They sat on the bed, Pat with a towel wrapped around her but the latex sheets against her backside giving her a slight shiver. Pat pressed the speaker and phoned Mistress Stern. 

Chapter Fifteen

After initial pleasantries they were pleased to find her businesslike and no-nonsense. They explained the situation; it took a while but Mistress Stern was quick and kept up with them, asking questions about Tom (Toni). They explained that Toni was perhaps not a completely willing transvestite, although he loved rubber and dressing up, but they wanted to take it further. At this Mistress Stern took a real interest. They said if he was subject to forced feminisation he might prove a little reluctant. 

Mistress Stern was very reassuring, and said several of her clients, men and women, had brought men to her for feminisation against their will, but all “proceeded successfully.” Jo was interested to know what this meant but held it back for now.

“I have two places, the salon deals with, for the most part, willing feminisation candidates. Here we talk and instruct in the arts of being an attractive woman, and we have all the clothes – mainly latex and…….accoutrements that you will ever need, I assure you. We are very discreet. However I detect that you ladies want to take your new charge a little further, to an area where she may be not quite so willing to accept.” 

Jo and Pat looked at each other as the silence filled the room. Jo spoke.

“Yes, yes, that is exactly what I……we want. Would it be possible for you to give us an idea of your services?” They heard Mistress Stern chuckle and were worried they had offended her, but that was not the case.

“Well….let me see, there are really no boundaries as to what I offer, only the limits of your imaginations. Believe me. If it is physically, structurally, sexually possible, then that is what I offer. To be honest with you, it is of no concern to me if the….patient is unwilling, if you are her owners then what you want….you will get.” 

There was another long silence, as Jo and Pat digested this. Mistress Stern was heard to laugh.

“I can see I have either frightened the living daylights out of you, or piqued your interest, you had better tell me which.” It was Jo again who replied.

“The latter, Mistress, the latter; I am fairly new to this but it all sounds rather exciting, for us that is, not Toni.” 

“And you sound like a very interesting young woman; I should like to meet you tomorrow. Let me whet your appetite for a few minutes. Not here at the salon, but elsewhere, we can pierce, brand, tattoo and implant. I do the occasional implant operation myself. We have a fully equipped theatre here. If you want her truly as your slave your..….possession, then I would suggest ringing her, most of my clients like that. Nose rings are a little obtrusive, but that can be circumnavigated by inserting a grommet in the septum permanently, and then rings can be inserted when needed. Permanent rings are more for the permanent slave who is never seen out in public. Now, ear rings, and cock and balls rings are also very popular and of course nipples. Are you still with me, do you wish me to continue?”

Both Jo and Pat had listened in silence, not in horror but a growing interest in the services being described. Pat spoke.

“Yes, yes, please continue, I assure you that we are not frightened away…..yet.” 

Mistress Stern laughed at the pause. 

“Very well, a brand or two, usually in a private part of the body is a lot more common than you may think. The buttocks, close to the anal passage are an excellent area. The cock now, we can tattoo that, very painful indeed, only for the most cruel and committed mistress, and the most devoted of slaves. Your man, should we call him Tom or Toni? I would suggest Toni at all times he is feminised; it helps to reinforce his submission.” 

“Sounds good, thank you, we are learning so much here.” 

“My dear I have hardly started. This is where it can get interesting. We can do all kinds of body tubing – catheters, anal probes and tubes, and mouth dams and tubes to the lungs or stomach. Again this is for the advanced slave, or the most cruel mistress. This slave will give up everything to his mistress – when, what and how to eat, when to breathe, and what to breathe, all bodily functions will be the control of his mistress. As I said there are no limitations here.” 

Jo and Pat were now a little shocked, Jo thought she’d gone a long way in a day but this was off the map! One step at a time she thought, she wanted to keep Tom, or Toni, with the two of them, not much use having a slave if they abscond! 

But what Mistress Stern said, in a macabre way, interested her, it just had to be done slowly, so Tom could get used to his decline to a submissive obedient rubber dolly. The body tubing was down the road, but the piercing and ringing, and the tattooing really interested her. Maybe even a branding!

She suggested a piercing and ringing tomorrow, but where? Here Mistress Stern seemed to read her mind. 

“You are new at this and Toni is probably still in shock, but let me suggest this for tomorrow. Let’s start with two piercings in each ear, I realise that he will have to explain this to his work mates but this is not so shocking in these times, plus he has the bald head so they won’t be too shocked, and too bad if they are. We’ll put studs in for his work and then during weekends et cetera you can put rings in. Next the nipples, absolutely crucial, Toni will be very easy to control with a chain attached to two nipple rings. Now we can put a ring round the top his scrotum, there will be a smaller ring attached to it so you can truly lead him around by his balls. I suggest all the rings be engrave, let’s say “Jo’s Slave” - again it reinforces his position. I think a nose grommet is a great idea, the area there is tender and being led by the nose is the most humiliating thing for them, but maybe we can leave that for a few weeks.”

Jo and Pat were short of breath, but were equally excited and agreed to all her suggestions. They then moved on to Toni’s wardrobe. They gave Mistress Stern all his dimensions, she said they had a huge inventory and this would be no problem. 

They indicated an interest in corsets, padded bras and panties with reinforced crotches and padded buttocks for enhancing the female form. Mistress Stern approved of all the suggestions and added a few of her own, including some intricate bondage devices. 

“We shall have much fun tomorrow; you will come to the salon, as we are not doing intrusive procedures (!) it can all be done here. You might want to think of a tattoo or perhaps a brand on the buttock, he must realise there is no going back from this. His, or rather her concerns are worth nought for now. A little leniency at the start, yes, absolutely, but gradually you must pull in the line, so even he doesn’t notice it. Slaves and maids gradually learn to love their enslavement, to relish in it, eventually they can’t imagine life without it, or exist without it. Believe me, I have seen it a hundred timed before. You would not believe the number of men, and yes, women, who are living lives of complete and total slavery to their mistress or master. And more to the point have no intention, no wish to “escape” back to the real world, whatever that is. I shall look forward to seeing you tomorrow; I have so enjoyed our chat. You sound like two very determined young women, and it sounds like you are well along the road to being fine mistresses. Oh, and of course, I shall look forward to meeting Toni too. Bye for now.” 

They were both a bit stunned but also very excited. They had warmed to Mistress Stern immediately. The upper class quiet tones belied a steely disposition. Indeed not a woman to be trifled with – and she had some fascinating suggestions. Neither of them could wait until tomorrow. As Pat helped Jo out of her schoolgirls costume she couldn’t help but fondle and grapple with her. Jo in turn giggled and grabbed at Jo’s boobs and bum. They were on a high. 

They left all the clothes on the floor, another job for Toni, and went to the shower together, giddy almost. There followed another ten minutes in the shower, with a lot of action with the soap and fingers going everywhere. Jo washed Pat’s mousy short hair and then Pat washed Jo’s thick raven hair. 

Pat then took a safety razor and smiling mischievously, pointed in silence to Jo’s pudenda. At first Jo shook her head, but Pat put on a very bad fake pout. So Jo relented and Pat knelt and lovingly applied a thick lather of soap to Jo’s bush. Of course this allowed her to ease a couple of fingers between her moist nest, but Jo gently slapped the side of her head and told her to get on with it as they didn’t have all night. 

As Jo stood with her legs apart, and with the shower at her back Pat tenderly stroked the razor through the thick mousse and Jo’s silky bush. Jo was perhaps a little sorry to see it go, but she did find Pat’s naked, shaven very arousing, and frankly hoped hers would arouse Pat in the same way, although she hadn’t been holding back up to now! 

As the blade passed over her she felt a ticklish sensation. To get a close cut Pat was going over the sensitive area twice and Jo mused, taking quite a long time. It now felt very sensitive indeed and she looked down to see Pat finish. She was now as bald as a baby there. Pat looked up and then down again kissing her nakedness.

“There, we’re twins.”

Pat leaned into her again and kissed her, this time opening her mouth and pressing in her tongue. Jo was ready to faint. She held Pat’s head as she burrowed away, nuzzling the tender pink flesh with her nose and lapping with her tongue. She bent over and lifted her up, their faces inches apart. Pat turned her around so she was facing the stream of water, she reached over her shoulder and aimed the nozzle at her newly shaven area. It was so sensitive she almost came. Pat didn’t help by standing behind her and gripping her breasts in each hand. Either this could go on until we run out of water or we quit now, Jo thought. 

“Okay, enough now, God, we have to get ready.” Pat pouted a little but turned off the shower and they helped rub each other dry, another opportunity for a quick grope and cuddle. 

They then began selecting their attire for the evening. To make it interesting, they agreed to select each others. The pile of used rubber clothing they pushed into the corner, Toni would take care of that before they put her to bed. From now on Toni would do everything, that was the wonderful thing about having a maid, and one dressed rubber attire too. 

As Jo looked at the rubber clothing in the closet, she couldn’t wait to be enveloped in it again. Its cool cling, how it warmed to the body, she was even getting to like the pungent, sweet aroma. She had come so often, breathing in the addictive smell, and wrapped in its unforgiving grip. 

Yes, she was addicted all right, how do you become addicted to something in a day? Well she was, the look, the smell, the feel, the touch, everything. And having someone like Pat to share this with, well she really couldn’t be happier right now. 

So she selected Pat’s clothes with care, hoping she would like them. She helped her slide her arms into brilliant white shoulder length gloves, white bra, and panties, high cut at the sides an pressing into her vulva. Then she stepped into a garter belt, suspenders and white stockings. As she was pulling on the second one Jo said.

“I’m not sure about “virgin” white, after what we’ve been up to in the last day, but you look so edible in white latex. But if you’re going to be the virgin, what’s for me?”

“Scarlett red, I thought. You can be the wicked witch. No offence, Jo love, but I like that mean streak, that little bit of malice in you. That’s what will make you a great domina. It gives you an edge, I don’t know what to expect some times, makes it exciting too.” Pat approached her, and placed her arms around her. Jo looked down and saw Pat’s rubber bra rest against her bare breasts. 

“I hadn’t seen you naked before we were in the shower, you look great Jo, but I think I prefer you in latex.” 

“You know I think I prefer to be in it too. It really does wonders for your body, and your soul.” 

“Libido, you mean.” Pat laughed and studied her closely, rubbing her boobs against hers.

“So, you’re hooked too are you? Amazing stuff really, I don’t question it, or fight it or dwell on it. Life’s too short, just enjoy it.” She glanced at the bed.

“I’ve got you red underwear too, frightfully sinful. Can I help you dress too?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t have it otherwise.”

Rather than pants and stockings, Pat had got her a pair of red latex tights, which she powdered and then helped Jo into. Jo whistled as the cool rubber was drawn up her calves, then her knees and with Pat helping, over her strong thighs. Then came her crotch and she blew out some air as it touched her freshly denuded pussy. She pulled them up further, and felt them press between her lips and right between her anal crack. She bent her legs a little and felt them ease into both crevices!

“Ooh, Pat, these are wonderful, I don’t need any nodules inside. I could come right now.” 

“Not right now, lover, we have a way to go yet.” Pat handed her a red latex bra. Jo slipped into it, Pat helping her at the back. The bra was tight; it pushed her up and out. And her nipples were very prominent. Pat looked at the dress on the bed.

“So this is my virginal dress you’ve selected?” It was her turn now and she stepped into the tight tube of snow white rubber. It was knee length, fitting her thighs tightly, she could even see the suspender clips underneath. It was tight round her bum, waist and boobs too. It was short sleeved and high necked and Jo zipped her up to the neck. Pat wriggled in it and smoothed it out. 

“Mmm very virginal, and snugly too.” Only her head and shoulder blades were exposed now, all else was white. She slipped into a pair of four inch white pumps, turned and kissed Jo tenderly. 

“I love it Jo, but I fear that your supposition that I may behave virginally when dressed as one, will leave you very disappointed.” Jo faked a pout.

“Oh dear, well so be it, whatever you do I’m sure won’t be disappointed.” 

“I hope not, I’ve seen you in the last day when you are crossed, although I might just test you a little, just out of curiosity.”

“Remember curiosity killed the cat, Pat.” Jo smiled, as if testing her.

“Well, maybe you can think of a fate worse than death for me, Jo, what do you say?” 

“Sounds like a challenge, my dear, I like a challenge.” They were sparring, having a lot of fun with the double entendres; it was a prelude to a night of fun and frolic. But it would be interesting to see who would want to take the upper hand, and if the other party would allow it! Pat picked up a large bundle of red rubber.

“Now, for you my dear, I have something very special. You said you wanted to be corseted. Well, this dress has a corset built into it. Okay, put these elbow length gloves on first and the sleeves of the dress will cover them down to your wrists. You’re going to be covered from head to toe in glorious scarlet latex.”

As Jo slowly pulled on the gloves, eliminating all the creases, Pat placed a pair of red high heeled shoes at her feet, and Jo stepped into them.

“Woo, these are high, these must be five or six inches Pat. I’ve never worn them this high before.” 

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to them.” Pat replied with a knowing smile. She held out the red rubber dress and Jo slipped her arms into the tight full-length sleeves. Once her hands were through, Pat zipped down a three inch zip at each wrist to make them almost airtight. The back was double zipped and Pat zipped the back up to a high rigid collar. 

“Wow, this feels like one of those collars you see accident victims wear. Are you sure it’s meant to be this high?” Pat pulled Jo’s hair behind her ears and into a sleek pony tail. 

“Don’t worry, you look great.” She kissed her under her ear and just above the collar. The lower zip she pulled down to mid thigh, drawing her legs closer together, although the zip went down to her ankles. To Jo, the dress seemed very narrow, although she had to admit it showed off her figure, her backside, and her boobs very nicely indeed.

The corset was not laced but buckled, with at least ten buckles down the back from under her firm pouty boobs to just above her crotch. Then Pat said.

“Hey, Jo how about those nice steel bracelets? They’ll offset the red dress nicely.” Jo nodded.

“Sure, and the steel belt too, it will hold my waist in nicely. For God’s sake don’t lose the key.” She laughed as Pat looked at her in a strange way.

“What do you take me for, Jo?” 

“Just kidding, I’m in your hands, lover.” 

“And aren’t I the lucky one.” And they both laughed as Jo helped Pat fold and lock the thick rubber lined steel cuffs on her wrists. Pat kissed her again.

“God, you look good enough to eat.” 

“Later darling, later,” Jo joked, “okay, tighten me up, I want to be gasping.

“Your wish is my command, oh great domina!”

And Pat began to pull in each of the straps and buckle them together. Having got all ten done fairly loosely, she then began to tighten each one again. Soon Jo’s figure was becoming a pleasant hourglass shape. Jo thought that this was over now, but then Pat started to pull in each buckle a further notch. Jo was beginning to take short breaths.

“Okay, that’s enough I think.” 

“Well, my dear you asked for it.” She wrapped the steel belt around her waist and ratcheted it snug against the dress.

“Hope you know where the key is!” 

“Oh, don’t you worry about that.” Pat replied. “And now for the piece de resistance – God I hate that phrase, close your legs Jo, closer now.” 

Pat slowly drew the zip down and down, past her knees, her calves and as far as her ankles. It was only then that it dawned on Jo that she was effectively imprisoned in the dress. She couldn’t bend over to get at the zip and she couldn’t reach behind herself to get at the buckles. She could take steps of only seven or eight inches as she tried to totter around the room in the high heels. She didn’t feel too comfortable at all. 

Pat stood back in her virginal white and admired her work, a sly smile creasing her face. Jo, corseted and hobbled looked at her quizzically.

“There couldn’t be an ulterior motive here could there Pat?”

Pat was all innocence and approached her, wrapping her arms around her, pecking her nose.

“Nope, only to see you in all your scarlet glory, but,” she raised her eyebrows, “perhaps a little vulnerable. Come on let’s eat, Toni will have it on the table by now, or at least she better have.” 

Chapter Sixteen

They went upstairs, very slowly, Jo first, step by slow step with Pat holding her steady by her hips. 

“I think you are only doing this because you want a nice view, and to fondle my backside!” 

“True, but if you want me to st….”

“No! Don’t you dare or you’ll have my broken neck on your conscience.” Pat kissed her rubber bottom and said.

“And a more beautiful neck I have never seen.” 

“Well, thank you, and I love everything about you too.” 

They passed through the kitchen and out onto the patio. Tom almost fainted at the apparition, Jo mincing to the table in her scarlet hobble dress, followed by Pat in her bright white sheath and stockings. Pad had a malicious smile on her face, and Tom somehow knew something was up, he just hoped it didn’t involve him.

Jo sat down with difficulty and Pat followed. They admired the table. Pat said.

“Excellent Toni, come here for your reward.” He moved forward and Pat raised his short skirt. 

“Legs wider, Toni.” She placed a thumb on his erect cock and the rest of her fingers between his legs rubbing the end of the butt plug. Tom bit his lip as Jo watched Pat expertly move her hand between his legs. Tom was panting now, trying to hold himself but it was no good and he shook as he came in front of them, his hands obediently behind him. Jo said. 

“You can leave us now Toni, we will call for you, when we need you.” Toni walked away; they both noticed he was now much better on his heels. There was a light sheen on Jo’s brow, she said.

“Pat I think I bit off more than I can chew, I can hardly breathe here. I really don’t think I can last very long, it was silly of me, I should have done this in stages.” 

Pat smiled understandingly and stood up and moved behind her.

“Here, let me see what I can do, love. Lean forward and let me loosen some of the buckles. Bring your hands back and see if you can do the ones below the belt and I’ll take care of the ones above.” 

“Okay, wow it is tight….hey….what are you….Pat, you devil…let me go….right now.” 

Pat had dextrously takes both wrists and adroitly clipped them together via the attached rings to Jo’s steel belt. It happened in two seconds and now Jo was very much at her mercy, her powerless prisoner, cuffed and hobbled. Pat calmly came round and returned to her chair, a very self satisfied grin on her face. 

“Okay, okay Pat now what is the game here, release me now, you devil.” 

“I’ve been thinking today about selling you into white slavery or an SM porn cartel, they’d pay big money for a beauty like you.” Jo’s face dropped, and colour drained away.

“You…you…wouldn’t….after all the things we… could…”

“Lighten up Jo.” Pat stood up and took her head in her hands and kissed her forehead.

“God, you are so naïve to think that I would give you up after all…..frankly I’m offended that you actually thought I was serious for one second!” Jo looked a bit sheepish.

“Just for that I should keep you like this for the remainder of the night. I was just having a little fun Jo, and boy, did you fall for it. Yes, you can stay like that for a while, I like you like that, all pouty and submissive!” 

“But…but Pat, I’m starving.” 

Maybe I should make you eat the food like you made Tom and me this morning, and dip your head into the plate.” She leant over and pinched her nipple.

“Ouch, that hurt.” 

“Oh, stop acting like a spoilt child; you had better learn to take a joke Jo, all this bondage and fetish stuff is meant to be fun. If you are going to pout like that I may as well gag you now with that big inflatable gag you stuffed in my mouth earlier, and eat in peace, and this looks pretty good too.” She looked at her and placed a gloved hand on her cheek. Jo lowered her head and whispered.

“Sorry, sorry Pat, it was silly of me, today has been the greatest, most fun-filled day of my life and I was a bit excited and then you said…oh god, how stupid…”

“Just shut up and eat, Jo, you silly, wonderful, beautiful, rubber domina.” Pat pinched her nose, took a fork and ladled it with food, then Jo obediently opened her mouth and Pat fed her like an affectionate mother. A mouthful for you and one for me, and it went on, in almost complete silence, the two of them barely taking their eyes off each other. The wine was excellent and well chilled and both drank and ate voraciously. 

The sun was beginning to set and in the lengthening shadows they were a strange sight, one woman in tight white latex feeding another in tight red latex bondage. After the food and wine Pat fed Jo some grapes and a little ice cream. Jo got some on her nose and Pat tenderly licked it off. They had said very little during this and Pat sensed something. 

“You look a little worried, don’t you lover. Now look here, I’m here to stay, I hope with you, if you’ll have me. The only punishment you’ll get will be consensual and painful, but you I think will relish it. You will get bondage, paddling and dildo worship and a lot more and oh yes, you will get it up your backside, I did!” 

She twisted Jo’s chair towards her, stood up and raised her tight skirt to her hips exposing her panties and stockings. Then she straddled Jo’s imprisoned legs, she looked her straight in the eye as she rubbed her rubber breasts in Jo’s face, who out of spite perhaps tried to grab one in her mouth. But Pat laughed and clamped her latex covered hands over Jo’s nose and mouth. Jo‘s eyes started to show alarm as she fought for breath and Pat coolly looked down at her. 

Pat released her hand but just as Jo was about to say something, Pat clamped her lips on hers, sucking hard and exploring every crevice. Jo wriggled but Pat kneaded her breasts and then rising up pulled Jo to her feet and grabbed her buttocks. Trapped like a fly in a web, erect but unable to move, Jo could do nothing as Pat’s hands swarmed over her breasts, buttocks, and even pushing into her crotch. Jo panted for air under this onslaught, but she could not fight it, and within five minutes, under the assault of Pat’s tongue and lips, she came. 

She hadn’t been penetrated, yet under the ministrations of Pat, the rubber encapsulation and the corset and cuffs, all her bells had been rung all right!

And now she was caught, almost collapsing, in Pat’s arms. Pat set her back against the table, gasping for air and left her. In a few seconds she returned with a large leather paddle! Jo looked aghast and pat just grinned.

“I can’t resist it, you deserve a good whacking on your bum anyway; if you resist, the ball gag goes right back in that succulent mouth of yours, and truth be told I would like to do that, a lot. Now lean over the back of this chair and you will get ten, only ten and with two skins of latex on you, probably you won’t feel a thing, so I’ll just have to hit harder.” 

Jo had given up the pouty look, she was going to be paddled whether she liked it or not; if there was a consolation she was going to be paddled by a beautiful latex clad woman she loved. Every cloud has a silver lining, she thought, and if I cry a lot, she thought further, maybe she will make it up to me, tenderly! Obediently, without a word spoken, she leant over the back of the chair and Pat, with equal amounts of glee and gusto, laid into her shiny bottom.

Well, this was a turn-up for the book, thought Jo, as she was bent over the chair back. Utterly powerless, she, the domina, had been turned into a compliant rubber doll. As the paddle rapped her tight rubber bottom, she winced but hoped that Pat was not intent on really hurting her. Being on the receiving end she found, after the first four or five, not that unpleasant. There was an almost comforting warmness there now. What was she becoming? Bent over, shiny red rubber arse in the air, she was in a completely submissive pose. And she was meant to be the dominant one. The two skins of rubber helped nullify the discomfort, of course. After ten Pat stopped, gently caressing her throbbing rear.

“You don’t seem in too much pain, perhaps I should give you another ten, otherwise it wouldn’t be a discipline would it?”

“Pat, you wouldn’t, how dare you, we agreed on ten. I didn’t scream, because I’m made of….well stoic. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t….grrr…uggghh….mmmm!”

“Oh, for goodness sake be quiet.” Pat leant over and crammed a red rubber ball into Jo’s mouth, pulling the ball well back behind her teeth.


“There, that’s better, a bit of peace and quiet.” Pat pulled Jo’s head up by the pony tail, stared at her coolly and with the other, fondled her breasts. “So, how is it being the sub? Perhaps not so much fun.”

Oh, I don’t know, thought Jo. Her bottom had a nice warm glow to it, she quite liked the idea of being in the arms of this beautiful, strong woman, who could do anything she wished with her. She was rather taking to this helpless position. Never mind being a closet domina and fetishist she was now a closet sub, was there room in the closet for all these personas? She bit down on the gag as Pat returned her to the bent over position and gave her ten more slow ones, interspersed with rubbing her hands over her bottom, now getting sorer with each whack. 

Now this did begin to hurt; she snorted through her gag, and dribble dropped to the patio floor, but Pat continued taking her time allowing the sting to take effect. A couple of tears now rolled down her cheeks, and her nose began to drip, but Jo was determined not to make a scene. 

When finished, Pat helped her stand, and looked in a concerned way into her face, she wiped away the tears.

“Yes, very stoic, dear Jo. Well done, well let’s go for wander in the garden before nightfall. Good to walk off the sting in the bottom, I think.” She placed her arm around Jo’s waist and guided her onto the lawn. Jo grunted and wagged her head.

“No, not yet, I love to see you gagged, and shackled. Look at those pretty cheeks, all puffed out.” Pat pecked her cheek as Jo minced along, taking her nine inch steps and hampered by the hobble dress, grunting in frustration. 

Pat chuckled at her frustration; fully realising that she released her she would be the object of her revenge. Actually Pat rather looked forward now to that. Jo had such a fertile and devious imagination. She pinched Jo’s bottom and Jo squeaked into her gag, glaring at her. Pat stopped and gripped her waist.

“I didn’t really hurt you too much, did I?” Jo glared again and nodded a yes, then couldn’t keep a straight face and giggled – hard to do with a big rubber ball in your mouth. Her bottom throbbed but it was strangely a warm feeling! Pat moved forward and licked Jo’s saliva from her chin and ball gag. They returned to the patio, the sun now had almost set. Jo’s glistening gag was removed and she exercised her chin for a few seconds. 

“Well, that was very…..interesting. I think I prefer to be the dom, but there are certain aspects of the sub that are really quite fun.” She waggled her wrists, still shackled behind her. 

“No, not yet, I like to see you struggle a bit!” 

“I’m ready for bed actually.” Jo said with a knowing smile.

“I’m not surprised, it had been a……momentous day, Jo, life changing I’d say. Okay, let’s put Tom to bed. Then we can undress and find something….appropriate for the night!” Pat had a twinkle in her eye and Jo could hardly wait; although she was now tired she was sure that she would perk up under Pat’s attentions. Pat released Jo’s wrists, and Jo immediately placed them on her shoulders, red on white, and kissed her firmly on her lips. Pat responded, and gripped Jo’s taut rubber arse. They stayed like this for a full minute, their hands passing over each others rubber forms. 

Chapter Seventeen

Then they went inside to Tom’s room, where they found him lying on the bed, looking a bit lonely. He was still in his maid’s costume complete with bonnet. Like a good maid they noticed he had cleaned and returned all the clothes to the closet. Jo ordered him up and out to clean up all the dishes and lock up. Jo went and got two drinks and returned to the rubber room and they both lay down on the latex sheets and thought about they would do to Tom. After a while, Pat spoke. 

“I’d like him to watch us make love tonight; making love with each other on this bed. That would be a good reinforcement, a reminder of his position. What do you think?”

“Great.” Jo sniggered. “The lovemaking bit I really like. But how do we get him to watch?” Pat leaned over on her side and ran her finger round Jo’s nipples. 

“Well, we have an inflatable cocoon here, it has reinforcing D rings all over it and I thought we could suspend him above the bed from the bar there. He would be facing the bed, horizontally; it covers the whole body except an oval at the face and the groin. So we can punish his cock, catheter him, put an inflatable sac around it, and the face area, well we can mask him, gag him, whatever.” Jo kissed pat on her forehead.

“My, you’re a devious one, and I love you for it. Okay, let’s do it. He should be finished by now. Let’s get him down here.”

Blissfully unaware of his fate, Tom returned shortly to the rubber room. 

“We’re going to put you to bed Toni; you won’t give us any trouble will you?” Jo looked at her “former” husband, their relationship changed irrevocably. He was no longer a husband; but a plaything, a maid, a slave. 

“Firstly I’m sure you want to get rid of that enema, so you can go to the toilet there and get all cleaned out. While you are there, clean the butt plug and bring it back, we might want to put it back, or replace it with a bigger one!” She looked at Pat, who raised her eyes in agreement and nodded.

After he had completed his very uncomfortable ablutions Tom returned to the room, where Jo and Pat were getting a large array of clothing and equipment from the closet. They stripped him of his clothes down to his stockings, bra and corset; his body firmly held in the tight grip of the reinforced rubber. Pat released him of the bra and as if in an afterthought, loosened the laces on the corset…..and then pulled them in a further half inch. He winced, but was secretly enjoying the rigid grip. 

Before placing him in the cocoon, Jo produced a full head mask in thick rubber, and with no zip. There were two small lenses and over the mouth and nose a mask similar to an aviator’s mask. At the end of the mask was a metal screw nozzle. As Tom stood still, Jo and Pat, with difficulty, pulled it over his bald head and down to his neck. Now his head was shaven the tight rubber felt very sensitive to his skin. He peered out of the lenses, silent, now masked corseted, and stockinged. Jo held out the cocoon and without demur Toni, former husband and now transvestite maid stepped into the rear zip. 

He had only been in it once before and didn’t particularly like it, but now that was in the past. They pulled the bag up to his hips and opened it out for him to slip his arms into the internal sleeves. Jo pulled the top of the bag away for his chest and obediently and without any words from any of them, he dipped his head into it. She smoothed out the flaccid hood around his helmet; only his lenses and the nose and mouthpiece were visible.

Without any ceremony Pat zipped him in, within a few seconds he had been made utterly powerless and entirely dependant on them. He was now entombed in rubber for as long as they wished. Jo pulled his cock and balls through the crotch hole, the only exposed parts of his body. Pat fixed the valve at the bottom of the suit to a mechanical air hose and turned it on. Within seconds the inner skin of the cocoon began to expand and squeeze closer to him. 

At the rear of the suit there were a myriad of rings which Jo started to attach to chains suspended from the bar above the bed. All this was done very efficiently, without any talking between them, as if they had practised it before. Pat next attached a sac-like object around his cock and balls tightening a strap at the base. 

He’d never experienced this before; Pat must have bought this on the sly. The sac fitted tightly round his cock…….but it got a lot tighter when Pat, with a smirk and an inflator in her hand, began to pump it up. Suddenly the pressure on his cock and balls increased as Pat pumped and pumped until his cock stuck out of the bag like an obscene eight inch long and two inch diameter red rubber dildo. To make matters worse the air hose had pumped up the cocoon until it was now as tight as a drum. He no longer resembled a human, except for the cock perhaps, but a bloated shiny black sausage, with a red face piece and nozzle almost enveloped. He looked out at Jo and she nodded approvingly. 

He was not able to move an inch and they had not finished with him yet. Pat slyly handed something to Jo, who then examined it and grinned as well, but nothing was said. Tom peered out of the lenses but only made it out when Jo displayed it in front of him. Out of the steel screw cap that would fit into his nozzle extended a thick red rubber cock, and from the other end there was an eighteen inch corrugated rubber hose with at the end a large rubber bag with valve attached. Again he’d never seen this before; Pat had clearly done some shopping in the last few weeks. And now he was paying for it!

It needed no instructions and with an almost….almost sympathetic smile Jo placed the cock gag at the entrance to the mouthpiece, and then, quite gently, pushed it in. he was not in any position to keep his mouth closed and so he opened wide to accept the intruder, thick and cold and pungent. He mmmffed as she pushed it in further. 

“There, there Tom, too late to whine now, your goose is properly cooked; now accept this nice tasty cock.” Once in it kept his mouth well open and wrapped round it and he was forced to breathe through his nostrils. He immediately was assailed by the strong aroma of latex, from the inhalation bag at the end of the hose. The valve controlled the oxygen intake, but he seemed to be getting pure rubber! He felt almost dizzy; cocooned in latex in an unyielding suffocating grip, corseted, his mouth plugged and forced to breathe rubber scented air, his cock and balls squashed by another rubber cocoon. 

Through eye contact he tried to plead with his mistresses, beautiful, cruel and unforgiving. Jo went to the wall and began to winch his rubber mummified body off the ground. One second he was on his tiptoes and then he was swinging slowly, his red rubber cock pointing out horizontally. Then his angle was changed and his upper body began to tip forward and his legs were pulled to the rear. Very shortly he was horizontal above the bed, his breathing tube flopping below him and his cock sac pointing down. 

No, he would miss nothing. He swung imperceptibly, and could only wait for his mistresses to prepare themselves for a night of pervy fun and frolic.


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