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Dark Turn

by M88

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Storycodes: F/f; D/s; domme; latex; catsuit; basement; prepare; encase; mittens; hood; gag; chair; bond; straps; tease; bdsm; vibe; captive; climax; cons/nc; X

continued from part one

Part 2

Her eyes spin wildly behind the lens of the gas mask as fear gripped her soul. Her muscles burnt from al the fighting sprint she’d shown. Her lungs sucked in whatever air was within the walls of the bubble bottle. Tears had started to flow freely from her blood shot eye. Her moans and screams had been turned into whimpers and grunts. Her skin felt as if the latex was compressing inwards. Squeezing the life out of her. Sweat had started to pool around each straps. Making the suit push away from her body slightly. The smell coming from the suit was disgusting. A mix of sweat, piss and latex all folded into one. It was then the vibrator switched back on. Rebecca found herself being drawn towards it’s power and pleasure. She had nothing else to force her mind on. To her shame and horror. She started to have another orgasm. This one was few more humiliating and depraved. She felt like she had been kidnapped. Her mind was already in a submissive state. But this was pushing it fewer into subspace. She exploded downstairs as pussy juice poured everywhere. A second later the vibrator turned off. She was panting as her eyes opened back up. God that was unbelievable, Rebecca was shocked at how much she enjoy that. Maybe more shocked that she could. She felt a bit dirty after that. Events in the room took her mind off the orgasm straight away. 

First the lights kicked in and almost blinded her. After a moment for all the dots and lines to fade from her vision. She saw two large men standing on each side of her. Both wearing matching outfits with a look in their eyes that put the fear of god into Rebecca. She was moving as far back into the chair as she could. Breathing was lighting fast as she started to feel light headed. Her chest was punching out as her heart beat rocketed. The full body white cleaning suits with black rubber apron sent a serious message. They meant business. Adding to that message were black rubber boots and gloves. Plus a surgical mask and protective glasses. She had no idea about how they were? She than saw that one of them at a needle in hand. Before she could reacted, the needle was in her neck. Breaking through the latex suit and her skin. 

She felt her eyes get heavy right away and started to fell into the straps holding her in the chair. In under a minute she was completely gone. Dead to the world. She was removed from the chair and loaded into a van. Rebecca slowly opened her eyes after what felt like years. At first she saw nothing but white. Over time colour started to return. Her vision was also blurry as full colour was welcomed back. After what felt like forever, her eyesight was back to normal. Not that she wanted to accepted what she saw. She was no longer bound to the bondage chair. She was now laying on a hospital bed that had been given a kinky makeover. That metal framework was painted black. She was laying on a thin sheet of rubber that stood out from the rest as it was bright orange. Everything looked reenforced and double locked. This bed could take a lot of punishment before it would give out. She had been left in a small room with no windows and just one door. Above her was a full body mirror with lighting around the frame. She could see every detail of her new latex suit and how she was retrained. She was covered from head to toe in thick transparent latex.  Her body was clearly visible underneath the suit. So were the shock pads and wires. The wires looked like a skeleton from above as they worked their way around her body. Exiting out a small hole in the back her neck. The pads themselves had been put on every part of her body. About the size of a plaster and with no way of getting to them. Her wrists, ankles and neck had been given a special gift. A set heavy duty metal cuffs. Thick chains joined the cuffs to the sides of the bed. One each side of her neck. Arms locked down by her side. Ankles locked together and to the sides of the bed. She had very little moment. She could see her face through the clear latex. The large red ball gag was easy to make out.  

Her body was still feeling the effects as she tried to move it. She was sore and stiff as her muscles started to work again. Not that she could move to much. Her senses had returned to her. A tear was rolling down her latex covered face. She was left to force on her reflection for another hour. She mind had drifted off. Was her fear wrong? was this still part of the session? Why had she been put in a new latex suit? Why was she given drugs? Sadly for her her mind started answering the questions. 

  1. No. She was tightly bound to a chair, that could move into another room. She had not been told anything about this. Something seemed wrong. 
  2. Again No. She was starting to think the session had been a trap. The online mistress was not who she said she was.
  3. The old latex suit was her design. This looked more like a uniform and she thought number could be written on the sides of the suit. Not easy for her to see clearly. But small black marks were on her arms and legs. Plus her other suit was dirty and sweaty. This suit also hidden nothing. 
  4. Possible so she would have no idea were she was. Plus it would be easy to move her. 

Every time her brain tried to play down what was going on. She would then undo the good work a few minutes later. She was snapped out of this maze of through by the door to her room opening. The same two guys entered with the same matching outfits as well. With their identities hidden behind the masks and glasses. She couldn’t make out any facial clues to what they wanted. They stood each side of her as they looked her over. She felt hands on her breasts and between her legs. As they touched her special spots. She saw them nod at each other and then turn to her. 

“It looks like she’s back in the real world. A bit earlier then we thought” Said the guy to her right. “Yeah. Maybe she sweated some of the drugs out” said the other as they both laugh. The guys on the right looked Rebecca dead in the eyes. “So bitch how do you like the suit. Little bit less mystery with this one. Still we had fun getting you all clean and set up. You must have some serious questions about whats going on” again they looked at each other and had a good laugh as he said that. “So slut you picked the wrong mistress as she is completely in our pockets. Oh should give you some details about what we do. We have just started a new project and lucky for you. Your only the second bitch to go through it. We work for a dark web criminal organisation that delivers sex slaves to the highest bider. Once they win you. They can detail how they want you. For example; covered in latex and brainwashed. That could be your future or worst. And to get to in the mood, we have the CCTV footage from the last sluts transformation. It’s over 48 hours of video from all angles with high quality sound” 

With that they flipped the bed into the air. Making her stand in her latex bondage. The cuffs holding her to the bed now supported all her weight. She let out a loud moaning sound as they locked the bed in place and the TV come to life. 

“You need to watch the screen the whole time slut. You see the camera top centre. It’s forced in on your eyes. If they are not looking dead centre. You will be electrocuted throughout your body. It’s sickeningly painful. So if her blind too much, go to sleep or look away. Bang you get shocked until to look back at the screen. The video it’s is brutal. So try and enjoy it. It will happen to you soon enough.”

Rebecca was full on panicking as she struggled like mad to break the chains or cuffs. She was biting into the ball gag as sweat poured from her skin. She didn’t hear the door being closed and locked. Or the video start on the TV. She was soon reminded of her role. As shocks ripped through her body and one after the other. Only a small window between them. Her skin felt like it was on fire and tears streamed down her face. She was crying loudly from behind her gag. Finally she looked towards the TV and a couple of seconds later the pain stopped. Her body was still feeling the effects. She was shaking violently and sweat was now pooling in her suit. Her heart rate was well into three figures. Her eyes blurry and her head swaying. She finally got with it and could make out what was happening on the screen. 

Her eyes opened wide as they took in the images in front of them. It could have been a mirror of her latex outfit as she laid there. Rebecca could see the ball gag and shock pads. She was also facing the TV. But it was not the same. She was being made to watch hardcore porn and fetish stuff. She also had a vibrator between her legs and it looked like the shocks went off every 10 seconds. She was being torture and simulated. They wanted her to link pain and pleasure. Rebecca then saw something that gave her hope. The girl was in far more bondage she was. Extra cuffs on her arms and legs as well as across her body. Her head was strapped down to the bed and her hands taped up. The girl in the video would never get out of it. She had half that level of restraint. 

She kept watching for more information or a way out. After hours of electrical shocks, breath play, beatings, pussy torture and force feeding. Rebecca saw it. An opening. They would leave the keys to the girl’s freedom hanging above her bed. Now if they did the same thing to her. She maybe able to get them. She at the moment had use of her hands. Rebecca was blocked most of the video from entering her mind. Picking the thin images of hope to engrave into her mind. The final images of the broken slave girl. In her latex suit with piercing and tattoos. Showing how submissive she now was. Would scary the shit out of her if she thought about them. Poor girl. Rebecca had been awake for over 50 hours before they re-entered the room. Her suit now a lake of sweat and piss. As they joked about how smelly she was and how well she had done it the first test. 

"Only shocked 56 times. Just over one an hour thats the slut we wan to see. It take it you enjoyed the video a lot. Maybe you should watch it again. After we give you a nice cold drink….It’s two days worth of piss. And some home cooked food…It’s cheap cat food and it’s cold. We like to mix things up from the video you watched. Like your bondage. We want to see you move. The last thing just laid there. Unable to move that much. You on the other hand will be somewhat free. Right no screaming or biting as we feed you. We are both trained surgeons so you will regret it if you do anything wrong” 

With the law laid down to her. Rebecca quickly forced the cat food down her throat as they feed her it a spoon full on a time. She than had a two pints of piss poured into her mouth. She was dying of thirst. So she tried to drink as much as possible. Even if it a lot of it was flowing over her latex covered face and soaking into the bed. She would be able to smell it for for the next 48 hours. As she was placed into the same position again. This time the session was a mind melter. She was tried, sore, cramping, smelly, sweating and felt like death. She was struggling to keep her eyes open. She was being shocked every couple of minutes. She was shaking and losing all the fright and passion she built up the first time round. Hopelessness fill her mind as the sleep deprivation took it’s toll. She was sleeping as much as she could. Just closing her eyes lids for 10 seconds and then opening them again. Just before the shocks ripped through her body. She got it wrong all lot. Tears marks had started to show on the latex hood. The ball gag now had full on indents was she squeezed down on it. Her wrists, ankles and neck felt like they had been repeatedly stabbed. Her body was covered in liquid as it dripped out her suit, even some of the shock pads had peeled off. Her body was that sweaty and piss covered. She was now itching horribly as well. God how long to go. 

She got a second wind and remembered what helped her the first time. She once again looked for errors in their planning. She soon thought about something they had said to her. They knew she was lighter bound compared to the last girl. They had removed restraint willing. Wanting her to move more. She had been jumping within the walls of the bed. Maybe it was for the next girl or them to watch. A better show. So what else had they undermine with ideas of how it looked. It took until the last 3-4 minutes for her to spot what she had been looking for.  

The video shown the walk from the room to a waiting van. The girl had been dressed and bound for the walk. Wearing a full body black latex suit. With odd pony boots and a full body harness. She had needed some work done on her. Her hair had been removed as well as her teeth. Her face was covered in tattoos and piercing. A massive bite gag was locked in her mouth. She had a head harness with blinders and ears added to it. Her head was the only part not covered in thick looking latex. A heavy duty corset crushed her stomach. A goliath collar kept her head pointing straight forward and slightly up. Brand new metal cuffs had been locked on her wrists, ankles, above her elbows, above her knees and over the corset. High tense cable was use to marry the cuffs up. One cable linked all the cuffs and kept them tightly in line. Her arms hold solidly behind her back. Her legs only able to take small steps. No lock to pick at or chain to weaken. Just a continues cable that could take a hell of a lot. 

The two guys walking her had different roles. The first was in front with a leather lead that was locked to her collar. He was controlling the pace and direction of the walk. The guy behind was using a go pro to film all the place the CCTV couldn’t go. He was alway there as backup if any problems happened. Her mind forced in on what was happening between the girls legs. Her pussy and ass had been pierced and those piercing connected with holes on the two plastic tubes up both holes. Her pussy and ass had been forced open without any way to shut them. Both plastic tubes looked to be 7-8 inches long and 4-5 inches wide. The piercing and holes lined up perfectly and locked together. She was dripping from them as she walked. 

The last images of the girl was a heart breaking moment. But a opening was just after the walk. One of them would open the bay doors and the other would start the van. The slave would wait in a marked out area. A circle by the side door to the van. But thanks to the go pro. Rebecca saw a side door out of the bay area. Plus she heard them talking about how long it took them to walk with her legs bound. Again they may think about removing some of her bondage. If they had already done it. Why not again. She now had plan A and B. Plan A: was if she they left the keys to her cuffs almost in reach. With her lighter bondage she would try everything to get them. But if that did not happen or work. Plan B: Hope they left her legs free and wait for the opening at the last moment. And run like mad. Find someone to help her. 

She known her plans may both fail and she would have to think of something else. With that her tormentors reentered the room. 

“Happy to see us you smelly slut. We have gotten an offer for you. Someone wants you as their pain slut. Unlucky bitch this women has a taste for suffering. She will make the rest of your life a living hell. She also wants you not to be broken or trained. So we will be back in a couple of hours to transport you. Just need to get a few things ready before we go. It’s sad we didn’t get to spend much time with you. You look like a real breaker. Still money is what we are here for. Oh and a bit of good news, she wants you in another outfit. Not the piss and sweat stained one. How nice of her. Right see you in a bit” 

Right this was her moment. She will willingly let them dress her however they liked. She knew the opening was right before the end. Keep calm and do want your told. Was all she though about. They soon returned and removed her cuffs. Cut off her latex suit and unlocked her ball gag. Rebecca went to her happy place as they washed her down. She saw them putting the old latex suit in the bin as well as the bedding. Before they hosed down the room. She was cleaned again and dried. They thought she was scary of them and doing as she was told. She wanted them to undermine their guard and leave her with light bondage at the key moment.  

Her heart almost hit the floor, when she saw the new outfit. A full body infallible latex suit, that would keep her arms straightjacketed. Stupidly tall high heels and a horrible  layered hood. She still put up no fright as they quickly pushed and pulled her into the suit and soon had it inflated. Covering her body from her toes to her neck. Her arms crossed over underneath the blown up latex. Her hands and arms had been made useless. She still put up no fright as they forced the 7 inch high heels onto each foot. She would find walking in them hard work. She then had the double layered hood squeezed over her head. The two layers were linked together at the neck. First layer was a full face black mask with holes for her eyes, nose and mouth. The next layer had a hole for her mouth and the hood was also inflated. This made her vision blurry and breathing through her nose a thing of the past. 

What she somewhat saw next, was almost a killing blow. A set of ankle cuffs with a short chain. She could panic now and hope to out run them. Or play in cool. She would play it cool. 

“What are you doing with them” said the guy next to her, finishing off her hood. 

“To keep her legs bound” Said the other guy with a look to it what do you think they are for. 

“It just slows the sluts right down. It’s not like they are free to walk around. Look at her arms, hands and head. She helpless” as he put his hand of her shoulder. “Where she going to go anyway” as his hand slapped the outer latex layer. 

“alright…Fine. No leg cuffs. We will see if it speeds thing up. Still use the lead” The guy put the cuffs away and returned with a leather lead. It was quickly locked onto a d-ring at the front of her hood.  

Rebecca stood there for a moment taking everything in. She was not in the perfect outfit to make a bid for freedom. No hands or arms would make opening doors or climbing impossible. Still she could run. Her vision was blurry, but she could still make out the background. Breathing was fine. She could do it. Believe. Believe. Was the only thing going through her mind. She was fast walked through the building. She couldn’t make up any details and the footage of the slave video was not helpful. It had all looked the same. Corridor after corridor. Still she was sweating like hell in her latex suit and it was putting a strain on her body. Having little for or sleep for 5 days will do that to a person. 

Finally they went through a couple of doors and soon arrived at the loading bay. Rebecca was placed in the same spot as the slave before her. She just about saw the guy move over to open the door and that the guy go to start the van. She waited a couple more seconds. 





She was off. 



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