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Dark Turn

by M88

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Storycodes: F/f; D/s; domme; latex; catsuit; basement; prepare; encase; mittens; hood; gag; chair; bond; straps; tease; bdsm; vibe; captive; climax; cons/nc; X

Rebecca was so looking forward to today. She had been talking to an online mistress for over 3 weeks now. They had met through this new adult porn site. Mainly forcing on kinks and fetishes. Rebecca finally had free time off work and had ordered a massive amount of latex clothing to be delivered to her mistress’s house. They would then have a full day session with the stuff Rebecca had ordered. 

Rebecca was a very good looking 22 year old from South London. She needed to get the train to Nottingham city centre and was now on a bus to the part of town her mistress lived in. Her colourful white, black and purple was not the only thing that stood out about her. She often looked like she was a lead singer for some type of death metal band. She was wearing black latex leggings, huge platform boots. Fishnet body warmer with a black latex bra. That could be seen through the netting. A leather collar and some scary looking tattoos. She sure as hell showed off her perfect boobs and lovely ass. Her outfit would also put her body on centre stage. She was just under 6ft with nice long legs. She was getting some odd looks on the bus. 

She was sweating a little as the fear and excitement filled her body. The bus was shaking around as she moved towards the outskirts of town. Her heart rate was flying up as she was hit with last minute panic. The bus stopped just in time. As she was thinking about calling it off. She knew the address as had been given a map to the house. She quite arrived at the front door of her new mistress. She could have told what house was hers without the map. It had blacked out windows and a camera on every corner. The building was normal shape and size. It did have an abandon warehouse next door. Maybe why she had picked this house. No one would complain with no one was there. 

Rebecca almost couldn’t wait to get inside and begin. She jumped up the couple of steps to the front door. She rang the door bell like a machine gun. She was trying to see in, as the opened. Her mistress looked just like her dreams. Full black latex catsuit that could not have been any tighter. Her boobs were pushing out into the catsuit and Rebecca could easily see her nipples. A corset was wrapped around her stomach in a bright red colour. It cut through the catsuit as did the boots. 6 or 7 inch heels on her black boots with red trim. Her gloved hands called for Rebecca to come inside. Rebecca disappeared into the house and was taken downstairs and into the basement. Getting through two locked door and with Rebecca spotting the added soundproofing in-between the walls. Some of it was poking out from the corners. They entered the air-condition room and Rebecca saw her outfit hanging in front of her. It was already to go. Having been lubed and shinned. Her outfit for the upcoming session was eye widening in the flesh. Her mistress quickly covered her body in soft smooth lube. A beautiful latex suit that would leave no part of her body uncovered. It’s bright yellow colour would make her stand out. 

She was rapidly locked inside and had everything re-shinned. With her body enclosed in the perfectly designed and built suit. She needed a head place. First was a simple latex hood that matched her catsuit. Once again it was skin tight and was locked on. The hood had gaps for her mouth, eyes and nose holes. A heavy duty rubber head harness with a massive ball gag was squeezed into place. Completely cutting off her ability to talk clearly. Only moans and grunts now escaped her voice box. Also built into the harness was a blindfold. Her mistress almost removed her sight as she wrapped it over her fear filled eyes. Leaving the poor girl with only a small window through which she could see. Over the top of the hood and harness was a soviet rubber gas mask. Forcing it over her rubber skin was hard work, but finally it slipped into place. She was now breathing through the gas mask and that made it miles more difficult than before. The smell of latex filled each intake of air. As a large leather collar was locked around her neck. Keeping both the masks and suit on. Until it was unlocked. Then reinforced latex mittens got worked over each hand. Making her fingers unless and unreachable. Again her outfit was shinned and then she was taken through the final door and into the dungeon. 

Waiting for her was the bondage chair of her dreams. The room was empty apart of the chair and a couple of props. The walls, ceiling and floor were all covered in metal sheets. It was also placed on a platform as it was above everything else. The setup looked like it had been framed. The platform was circular and around the base was highlighted by a yellow line. The line continued and become a rectangle against the wall behind it. It made the chair stand out and added a bit of magic to the setup. Her mistress pointed to the chair and Rebecca followed her order straight away. Taking a seat on the soft rubber chair. Rebecca was starting to have second thoughts about strapping herself into this. Sadly she had no time to change her mind or safe word. Her mistress pulled her against the back to the chair and the first clear plastic strap was locked into position. Right across her stomach. Her mistress had done this many times before and she quickly and effectively wrapped her body in straps. First her torso, followed by her legs. Last was her arms and head. She had straps round her ankles, below and above her knees, upper legs, groin, stomach, below and above her tits, shoulders, wrists, below and above her elbows, upper arms, neck and forehead. Breathing through her gas mask as her eyes tried to make out details. The small windows only offered her so much information. 

She was completely bound to the chair. A magic wand was then placed against her pussy and strapped to the seat of the chair. Her mistress pushed it right up against her clit and cunt. The strap would keep it there throughout the session. Last bit of equipment was a bubble bottle filled with her mistress’s piss. The hose was already attached and after strapping the bottle to one of the back chair legs. The hose was linked up to the Russian gas mask. Rebecca found breathing harder straight away and now each intake of air was mixed with the smell of piss. The bottle was almost half filled and took a lot of effect to suck the air into the gas mask. Rebecca needed to breathe slowly and deeply. She was not a massive fan of the smell. But she could get over it. She could hear the bubbles with every lung burning intake. She tried her bounds to see if any needed redoing. Nothing. She was glued to the chair. She tried looking down at her body and fingers. Wanting to see the latex mittens they had been locked in. The lens meant her whole body was out of eye-line. She felt the gas mask suck in against her face as she tried to get more oxygen into her system. She wanted to know if she could move the chair or not. She quickly find out it had been belted to the floor. The metal walls meant she could see herself in them. But she looked good. The yellow latex was perfect looking as she tried to make out what was want. She then had a look for her mistress and would have jumped had she not been tied down. She was stood behind the chair.  

Her black catsuit has faded and blurred into the background behind the chair. She only spotted it after a black latex hand had reached over her shoulders. She felt the hand grab of breast and start rubbing them. Her mistress then walked round in front of her. Rebecca had already started breathing heavily as her heart rate rocketed. The black hands rolled down her arms and over the mittens enclosing her fingers. She lifted up her leg and pushed the heel into her stomach. She was forcing just hard enough for Rebecca to feel it under the latex. She then ran her heel down the side of her upper leg. The latex made a beautiful squeezing sound as she did so. She then give the side of her gas mask a quick kiss. Her hands ran all over her pussy and the magic wand. Before they continued down her legs as well. Her mistress was now out of sight. Her hands then started playing around with her left foot. The only part of Rebecca not totally bound and able to move a little. She moved back up the leg and slowly rubbed her body all the way to the neck. The shinny and smooth latex was a joy to behold. 

Rebecca was sweating in the super tight latex suit as she struggled for air once again. Her chest was stretching the latex and straps as she fought to keep oxygen in her blood. She was moaning little through the gag as her mistress’s hands kept playing with her. She then gave her tits a sudden and powerful slap. Making Rebecca make away from her. Well try. She slapped the other tit and then backhanded her across her latex covered face. Rebecca once again could only sit there. Mistress knew it had shocked her as the bubble bottle was going mad. Bubbles flying everywhere. With that she turned on the vibrator on the lowest setting. It was in the perfect spot as it worked on Rebecca’s clit. She was pushing away from the chair to get a better feel for it. Sadly the straps put a stop to this from the outset. A soft prolonged moan could just be heard coming from within the gas mask. The sound of exploding bubbles covered most of Rebecca’s sounds of joy. As she tried to work her way to a dream orgasm. She had the latex. She had the bondage. She had the breath play. She had a mistress. She had no hope of getting one. 

The vibrator was set to low. She was grinding it with her pussy as much as she could. But it was nowhere near enough for her. She tried slowing her breathing and that didn’t work. She looked longingly at her mistress to give her more simulation. Good or bad. Just something to work with. Rebecca hadn’t given a second thought about what her mistress was doing. She was just stood there with her back to her. Rebecca had been so forced on orgasming, that this had passed her by until now. She was having trouble seeing clearly through the gas mask. The latex covering her ears made hearing a lot more difficult than normal. It seemed that she was on the phone as Rebecca could see a light around her head. Plus it looked like her hand was raised. Rebecca slowed her breathing to try and catch a couple of words. She thought it was odd to speak to someone on the phone when you have a latex enclosed girl strapped to a chair with a gas mask on. Breathing in your piss with a session that has only just started. The vibrator was trying it’s best to charge Rebecca train of thought. She couldn’t make out what was being said. She was starting to panic a little. Oh maybe it was from the next client and they had something important going on. That would make sense. A few seconds after that idea passed through Rebecca’s brain. Her mistress put the phone down. It was a phone. Her goddess walked over to her, finally wanting to play with her latex slave. 

Rebecca put the phone call out of mind straight away as her mistress once again touched her body. Rubbing her tits and upper legs. The straps got tested again as Rebecca tried to get move from the foreplay. She then felt the vibrator go up a couple of clicks. She went from being miles away from a orgasm. To almost cumin then and there. Breathing hard as her breasts got played with. Another couple of clicks up, had her pussy juices running down the inside of the latex suit. The straps stopped it from going all the way down her legs. As her mistress put her index finger over the intake tube for the bubble bottle. Cutting off all air to the gas mask. With her other hand she pinched and twisted Rebecca’s nippers. Rebecca could feel the gas mask squeeze against her face as she searched for more oxygen. 

The vibrator was turned to the max setting and she climaxed in that moment. Which got a big beaming smile off her mistress. As she removed her hand from the bubble bottle and let of breath again. She used the other hand to rub the latex covering her pussy to bring the end of her orgasm to a smooth finish. Still breathing hard and with sweat filling the inside of her latex suit. Rebecca felt shattered. The breath control and full latex bondage had taken it out of her. Maybe they should have a rest after all this was an all day session. With her mind still melted from the orgasm and her body running on empty. Rebecca was suddenly snapped back into the land of the living. She could see fire. She forced her eyes to see a large metal drum in front of her. She then saw her mistress standing in from of it with her clothes in her arms. She had everything. Rebecca had a feeling what was about to happen. She had no idea why. One by one her items dropped into the welcoming fire. Never to be seen or used again. She was be walking home naked or in latex. Or so she thought. When her money, ID and bank cards got burnt to a crisp. She was starting to think about her future. What did her mistress have planned. Her heart rate had been building from resting and was now beating out her chest. Sweat was dripping from everywhere inside the now claustrophobic suit and gas mask. Breathing was rapid and the bubble bottle was almost jumping. She tested the restraints with everything she had. Her mistress had finished destroying her stuff and had started taking pictures. 

Rebecca was making as much noise as she could from behind the gag and mask. She then felt the chair move. She saw the room rotate. God the platform could move with her still bound to the chair. She was slowly turning to the left as the wall come into her field of view. She was panicking madly behind the windows of her gas mask. She was screaming her little head off as the platform kept moving. She passed the void between the walls. Her mistress and the basement was now out of view. She was into the unknown. Darkness was there to welcome her. With the light from the other room, bring switched off. Leaving Rebecca in complete blackness. She was struggling like crazy as every bit of bondage kept her still. She was almost having a full on panic attack. The gas mask felt like it was closing in on her. The oxygen seemed to be thinning. The smell of mistress’s piss was the only link to the session that had been going on. What the hell was going on? Why was this happening? Rebecca’s mind was racing with questions. Sadly it got no answers. Did she even want to know. 

End of Part 1. 



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