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Caped Part 2

by Shinyhood

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© Copyright 2010 - Shinyhood - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; rubber; bond; collar; rainwear; gag; breathplay; cons/nc; X

continued from part 1 Part 2

So, there I was, now laying on my own bed, still suited, the cape wrapped round my hot and seriously aroused body. She had removed the gag with the threat of reprisal if I so much as coughed, I hadn't struggled as the bonds were carefully applied around my shiny enveloped body. Why, because of course I was bizarrely loving it, yet who was she, why was this happening?

The straps were tight, the hood had been draped gently over my face, a bit annoying, but somehow sensuous, my breathing was ok, slighly restricted but ok. Both ankles were now spread and secured. A tight strap around my waist pulled me tightly to the bed, my collar was attached to a chain holding me pretty immoveable. Always, this had been a fantasy, now reality, I felt great but… in my games I was in control, now I wasn't. Is this safe? What the hell was going on? Who the hell, firsty knew, who was this. I didn't know whether this was good or bad, confused, big time. Turned o… immensely.

"Story time"

She giggled a bit. "You like this a lot don't you… just nod"

I did.

"I bet you are really confused. Well its time I clarified things a little, your bedtime story if you like…"

I lay there, still confused but intrigued, straining still a little against the bonds, as you do, thats why we love bondage…

"Once apon a time, I sold a shiny mac on Ebay. The buyer, you, had sent me a message before winning the mac, I think, tongue in cheek, I will buy your mac provided you are in it. Do you remember?"

I did.

"So, I thought, I wonder if your profile is on rubberpal, same name as your Ebay name, loe and behold it was, telling all of your love for passive bondage in rubber and PVC. I had your address, having posted you my mac. Just 20 miles down the road. I have always loved the same, but finding someone on the same wavelength, sort of. Except, I like to control, you like to submit, perfect."

I was amazed, this was surreal.

"One day I decided to to drive over to your address, I didn't know what to expect, there were guys there, laying carpets. You weren't. Away working. A door key was in the door for the carpet guys. I apologise, but I stole it".

I remember the carpet company telling me the key had disappeared, I remember thinking, I must change the lock, but didn't get round to it, typical lazy single bloke.

"Over the next couple of weeks I checked your home, you hadn't changed the lock, and eventually, braved it and explored, and of course, eventually discovered, under your bed, in your spare room, what I expected to find".

I now lay there, almost disbelieving what I was hearing.

"I thought, shit or bust, sent you the suit and and cape, to my design, knowing…"

There was a silence.

I struggled, rubber rustling, hood iritatingly gorgeous, breathing heavily.

"I watched from the bottom of your drive, you were home, found the box, the timing, by luck was perfect. So you get me, in the mac, as requested, I get you, suited and caped as I require".

She pulled the hood from my face. For the first time I saw her properly. Nice, very nice, a big smile, white teeth, long dark hair, smiling brown eyes, yes, a mistress of my dreams. I tried to raise my head, the collar pulled tight, choking me. The smile widened, "So, you want out?"

I slowly shook my head.

"Good, I thought you might like it so how about… this!"

The hood was pulled tightly across my face again, cutting of my air, suprised, and suddenly fearful again, I strained against my bonds, choking on the collar, rubber sucking tightly to my face, no release, I was running out of breath, my lungs started to hurt, a flash through my mind, was she mad, was this it, am I… aaaaahhhhh fresh air… huge gasps, lungfuls, then again, "please no more" I gasped. I felt the thoughtful delay, and then air again.

"I can see your needing a lot more training in trust and breath control, you can trust me you know, honestly". She smiled again, "You are not supposed to speak, so this will silence you for the time being", and in slipped the penis gag, her hands quickly buckling the strap around my head, now just gurgling noises escaped my lips. I shut my eyes, is this heaven or…

"You can stay like that for the night, I am going to collect my equipment I need, don't bother struggling you cannot escape, and if you jiggle too much the hood may fall back over your face, we don't want you suffocating do we. Back in a while."

She got up, smiled again, blew a kiss, turned, mac crinkling and squeaking gorgeously, flicked off the light switch and left.

I lay there now in the semi darkness, light still coming from the hallway, my cape bound body, tightly strapped, arms still trapped in the inner arms of the cape, how wickedly diabolical were they? I could feel the lovely smooth jumpsuit, slipping around, my body completely soaked now in perspiration. Gagged comfortably. I pulled again against the bonds holding legs, body and neck, definately no escape, I tried to lift my head, a little, maybe an inch, then the sharp choking reminder, I dropped my head with a bump into the pillow or cushion under it. I was suddenly aware the hood had somehow dropped over my eyes, just laying there waiting to creep over my nose and mouth. I froze, I really mustn't move, if she, what is her name(?), has gone out, I could suffocate, a dead slave, a dead rubber clad slave, a dead rubber clad hooded and bound and gagged slave, found by a neighbour, the police, my ex… oh my god, just don't move… I froze…

I could feel and smell the hood on the tip of my nose, I couldn't move my head back to move it off, the tight collar would not allow, I opened my eyes, black, just this seemed to be enough to jiggle the hood too slowly, oh so slowly slide down over my nose, now resting on my top lip, I could only now smell the thick rubber, almost now taste it. Instictively, I tried to push my tongue out, gag in way stupid! I hoped the outer pad of the gag would hold back the hoods tide, I lay motionless, scared to drift into a doze, I might move.

Minutes seemed to drift passed, how long will she be, is she coming back, hell, panic again, what if…

The lip of the hood created a tickle, only a little one but enough to irritate, and irritate and the twitch was enough, the hood in all its immenseness cascaded down over my face, eyes, nose and mouth like an avalanche, "Nnnnnnooooo!" I screamed into the gag again for the second time this night, I could feel the hood rest under my chin, hardly daring to breath, thick rubber smell invaded my nostrils and what air could be sucked in around passed the gag, left me breathing slightly laboured, but if I don't panic, I might be ok, don't panic, don't panic, I could hear my heart racing in my ears, don't panic, still laying motionless, just the slight rippling of rubber, my heartbeat, the laboured breathing, how much longer can this last…

"What do you think of this…" I heard before the hood was stripped from my face, my eyes took a second to focus, she stood there, glorious in her shiny black regalia, hooded, macked and booted smiling and holding aloft a very long black shiny sack with so many straps, pumps and an attached hood. "When I finally let you free in the morning, this is your next experience, and there will be more, think about it."

She raised my hooded head, pulled the cape hood back so it would not slip over again and with a "goodnight" departed and shut the door.


Sleepsack or cape? How about both? We'll see!

Any suggestions? Always glad of imput!





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