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by Shinyhood

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© Copyright 2009 - Shinyhood - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; rubber; bond; stuck; climax; F/m; collar; breathplay; cons/nc; X

The large box on my doorstep was a surprise, the contents was even more so. I looked at the packaging, no label, no markings, no return address, just a comment 'enjoy' in thick felt tip.

The shiny black jumpsuit felt fantastic on, now zipped to my chin, touching and teasing my flesh as it gently moved and caressed, the large hood shrouding my shaved head, cool to the present touch, the drawpulls hanging down on my chest awaiting any adjustment I may decide.

Who on earth had sent me this, nobody, I thought, knew of my fetish for shiny macky things, my secret, my fetish, strictly kept to the sanctions of my bedroom.

The next item also separately wrapped was an even bigger surprise, huge, heavy the shiniest gloopiest blackest rubber cape with a huge attached rubber hood, instantly is pulled on and wrapped around my shoulders, the weight is immediate, I could feel it wrapping itself around my ankles, so much of it, I was almost engulfed in its folds, tracing the front zip down to the hem touching the floor, I located its partner connected the zip and pulled it gently upwards from within, up and up it quietly zipped until it reached under my chin, my fingers could nt push it any further, I dropped my arms into the mass of rubber searching for the arm holes to fully fasten the zip, but amongst the mass, I could nt find the armslits usual for a cape. Momentarily I stood swaying under the weight still tentively groping for the missing slits, as both hands started to feel down by the sides, quite large inside flaps revealed pockets on either side, and I naturally presumed these to be the missing armslits and manouvered both hands and arms into them, as if putting on a coat, I was taken aback a little as they appeared deep without the expected opening and when both arms were straight and had failed to reach the opening, my curiosity was even greater aroused. A few seconds, I decided to withdraw my arms, wrong, the sleeves were tappered and what felt like a slightly elasticated cuff held both wrist firmly in place.

My already throbbing erection now was bizzarly enjoying the unexpected bondage, totally unexpected, initially good, as I struggled to free my now trapped arms, the rubber rustled and glooped loudly, the suit now rapidly warming caressed and tantalized my body, bizzare as the situation was, an amazing turn-on and I suddenly felt the first lurch in my loins of a potential orgasm, I have to fight this off, I need to think this through, getting out of the cape suddenly became an issue, as I struggled further, I rapidly bent forward trying to free my arms, and the large hood now billowed over my already hooded head almost drowning me in its folds, the weight of it fell down over my face, I could not shake it off, in fact the more I tried to shake it off the more it seemed to want to cling, so I continued to concentrate on....... my struggling and slightly hindered breathing had tipped the balance, it started deep in my stomach and bubbled and bubbled and .............

crumpling to the floor, half screaming, half moaning into the folds of the rubber hood my orgasm exploded, I struggled more, then almost exhausted collapsed into its folds and curled up on the floor blubbering like a child. Emotions now on overload, still bound in the rubber folds, body still pulsating from orgasm aftershocks I somehow got up onto my knees, now needing to free myself from this bondage, pulling, stretching, twisting, the grip of the sleeves, totally unforgiving, I wanted out, I couldn't breath properly, the hood still big in my face, sweat now soaking my body, I was starting to panic, I couldn't felt and heard the collar around my neck, I had no time to react, the obvious attached chain pulled taut, pulling my off my knees and sprawled across the floor. A further load click confirmed athe chain attachment to whatever, it was still chokingly tight, I tried to speak.... 'what, who.......'

'Shut it, no more noise, otherwise this' a hand grabbed the hood and pulled it tight across my face immediately suffocating, it remained, the air staled, I struggled, I could nt breath, desperately shaking, choking on the collar, finally release, huge lungful...........'rubber you will obey me........'

Part 2

I lay there for a moment trying to gather my thoughts, the chain pulled taut '.....aaaahhh I semi choked... pppllleeeease.....who...'

'I warned you....' the huge rubber hood was again pulled tight across my face instantly suffocating again, I struggled, shaking my head, my hands still uselessly bound in the folds of the heavy rubber cape, panic was setting in, was she going to kill..... aaaahhhhh air.... 'now you will suffer your first punishment, I told you to keep quiet'.

The chain and collar pulled upwardly taut 'get up slave' she half lifted half pulled by the collar my caped rubber form onto my feet, for the first time I could just glimpse under the shrouding hood,  shiny black boots and what looked like the hem of a floor length mac or cape.

A sharp tug pulled me forward, almost tripping over the folds of my rubber bondage cape, it appeared, out of my bedroom towards the front door of my bungalow, my heart was racing, where is this leading, I started to pull up resisting the pull on my leash, a chocking tug pulled me forward, again I stumbled, suddenly I heard the click and the sound of my front door opening......'nnnooooo please please......', another sharp tug 'I told you to shut it, now you are really going to suffer.

I stumbled forward desperately trying to resist the pull, still struggling and trying to release my trapped arms, rubber rustling everywhere, my emotions in complete termoil, the cool evening air filled my lungs, cold concrete filtered through to my rubber covered feet then onto what felt like softer cold grass, what was she doing, another sharp tug, I felt the collar pull upwards and taut with a padlocky click all was suddenly still, it felt like I was about to be hung, 'you can stay here for an hour or so to contemplate while I prepare you sleeping arrangements........' the huge voluminous hood was dragged over and off my head and in the twilight as my eyesight adjusted I saw the departing back of a shiny black hooded mac, high heels and the chink of padlock keys being gently twirled.

My collar chain was pulled tight over a thick branch of a tree in the middle of my front garden and locked. My arms, as good as useless could only rise a couple of inches through the thick  rubber, still tightly encased in the inside sleeves. Pulling against the chain only choked me further by the thick leather collar.

She had now disappeared out of view, I peered around, my garden is fairly secluded, only overlooked by a friend and neighbours bedroom window.........panic their light was on, could they see me, what on earth would they think. I froze, difficult considering I was soaked in sweat inside my now very warm jumpsuit, how long was she going to keep me here, should I call for help? I still didn't have a clue to her identity, or what my future beheld. Figures moved around in the neighbours bedroom, but nobody peered out, I struggled again, stretching my fingers, trying to get to grips with the all enveloping cape to pull one of my trapped arms free of its encasement.

The shiny black rubber rustled loudly, I was scared someone would hear and come to investigate.........'well my little rubber slave....firstly, not a word, secondly open wide', my large penis gag was inserted and tightly strapped behind my head. I stared at the shiny hooded mackintoshed Mistress who had walked into my life, completely unknown to me. 'Good boy, you re learning, I'm going to put you to bed and tell you a little story', the padlock was released, my hood was pulled back over my head, 'don't struggle, or you know what will happen......' I was pulled back in the direction of the house to what diabolical enslavement for the night, I should be screaming at the top of my voice, but instead I was meekly being pulled to my fate, with I had just noticed, a raging hard-on!!



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