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Among The Missing Chapter 5

by Rubberwolf

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© Copyright 2005 - Rubberwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; D/s; latex; bond; cons; X

Among The Missing Chapter 5 by Rubberwolf
Chapter 5

Ann tumbled out of the boot, supported by Dave and, after clearing her vision following the  comparative darkness of the car boot, tried to take in her surroundings.  She appeared to be in an industrial estate. 

Dave grabbed the lead, that was dangling between her breasts and started to drag her towards one of the industrial units.  It was, Ann considered, quite large.  Perhaps it was a warehouse.  However, only half of her attention was now on her surroundings, as she began to stumble on the loose grave of the car park.  Whoever decided that this was a good road surface had never tried to negotiate it in heels, especially heels this tall.  However, eventually, after a little difficulty and a lot of support from Dave, she made it in to the lobby of the club.

 The lobby was not what she had expected.  She had envisioned something grubby, or even an old company reception.  What she found was a well furnished and decorated interior, similar to an old cinema building, or private club.  The walls were coloured a deep, rich red, with what looked like material of some kind.  Gold painted moulding formed a rich boarder for pictures that would have been more at home on the top shelf of a news agent.  The receptionist however, was more of what she would have expected.  She wore a brightly coloured rubber sheath dress, that hobbled her legs and left nothing to the imagination above the waist. 

Dave booked them in and then led her to a set of double doors.

“Ready?” he asked. 

Ann was still unsure as to whether this would actually work.  True, David was a serving Police man and would be used to ferreting for clues, but his sort of work and hers were still different enough for her to envision all manner of problems.  However it was too late now and so she simply nodded, prompting Dave to push open the doors and drag her inside by the lead that was still attached to her throat.

On the way over here, from Dave’s flat, as she lay curled up in the boot of his car, Ann had thought she knew what to expect.  When she had stepped into the plush foyer she had amended her ideas and had formed a detailed picture in her mind of the sort of club that she was being dragged into.  Both visions, she now realised as she was assaulted by a wave of noise, colour and movement, were so inconceivably wrong as to take her breath away.  If she was not gagged already she would have stood and gawped with her mouth open like some teen aged girl on her first visit to Soho.  As it was, the gag and Dave tugging on her leash saved her any embarrassment that may have occurred from looking like a yokel in the big city for the first time.

Loud music buffeted her senses.  She was not sure what it was.  Some form of rock, punk techno stuff.  Whatever it was, it was appropriate, Ann realised.  The red and gold theme had continued throughout.  But rather than looking stately, or even trashy, it had managed a balance of the two, sort of a royal knocking shop.  A large stage dominated the centre of a sea of tables, with what she assumed was a dance floor off to one side of the stage.  Bright lights danced over this strange tableau, highlighting details in this otherwise darkened room.  Flashing lights and strobes picked out a cage hanging from the ceiling with a naked woman inside.  A man, who was dressed in only a leather thong had been gagged and was now suspended between two pillars on the stage in a perverse X, while a high heeled, rubber clad Dom whipped him from behind, dominated the stage.  Other women, in a similar position to hers, were led around by their partners.  Looking up she could see both men and women suspended from the ceiling in a variety of manners.  And all around her, a vast throng of people milled around in varied states of undress, bondage or, well she was not sure what else. 

As Ann scanned the room she noticed that what she had first taken to be wide screen television sets, scattered on the wall around the room, were in fact large windows that showed the occupants of brightly lit rooms.  In one room a dom was punishing her female slave.  The mostly naked girl swung like a perverse pendulum as she hung helplessly, her wrists lashed together and tied to a hook in the ceiling, while her toes desperately pointed to the floor that was an infinitely small number of inches from offering her body any support.  The rubber clad dom swinging her prey with a forceful shove before stepping back, unfurling a whip.  Ann could not watch the obvious outcome.  The terror in the girls eyes was testament enough.

“Oh my, we are not in Kansas now Toto,” Ann thought to herself as Dave pulled her to the bar, which dominated a wall to the right of the entrance.

Dave shouted something at the bar man and then took two drinks as they were handed over.  One was definitely a pint of beer.  She could not tell what the other one was, as it was contained in the type of bottle that outdoors types use while jogging, or cycling.

Dave tugged Ann over to a vacant table before putting the drinks down.  He then sat down and beckoned Ann to join him and so she gingerly squeezed into the booth next to him.

“Lets see if we can’t make you a little more comfortable,” Dave shouted into her ear as he undid the gag.  Although the head harness remained in place, Dave was able to undo the straps and remove the ball gag completely.  “Better?” he asked as Ann worked her jaw around. 

Once she was certain that she could work her jaw properly, she was able to answer him.

“Yes thanks,” she stated, a little croakily.

Taking his cue, Dave lifted Ann’s drink and placed the straw in her mouth.  After a few gulps she released the straw.

“What do you think?” Dave asked excitedly, obviously wanting her to approve of the club.

“It’s great,” Ann enthused.  “I had no idea that this place existed, or that it could exist.”

Encouraged by Anns reaction, Dave continued to tell her all about the club and some of it’s members.  After fifteen or twenty minutes, Ann had finished her drink and Dave replaced the gag.  Once secured, Dave pulled on her leash, signalling that it was time for her to slide out of the booth and commence work.

Despite her reservations, Ann was pleased by the arrangement.  Although she was not able to directly communicate, Ann was able to write tips, or observations when she visited the ladies, or conduct a more detailed observation when they retired to the bar for a drink.  However, by 11:30 they were still no nearer finding their quarry.  That is until they met Ms Rochford. 

Ms Rochford was one of the few women that Ann would have to crane her neck to look up to.  In her bare feet she would have towered over most women, measuring at least six feet high.  With the addition of six inch heels Ann had no hope of meeting this womans gaze on an equal par.  As if the height were not enough, Ms Rochford had obviously been to the gymnasium and not just for the usual aerobics classes either.  These factors, combined with her long blond hair, severely pinned and tied into a strict bun and her choice of glossy black catsuit were enough to scream into the ear of any interested observer that this woman was your worst nightmare in dominant, Amazonian, Norse goddesses.  For the second time in the same evening, Ann was spared the embarrassment of her jaw hanging open and a gee golly expression by the fact that she was securely gagged.  Luckily Dave seemed to know her and he was quickly able to steer the  conversation around to the missing girl.

“No I haven’t seen her recently, but then I am not surprised.”

“Why’s that?” Dave enquired.

“She said something about family troubles.  She needed to disappear for a while.”

Ann watched as Dave tried not to let excitement enter his voice as he asked the question that they had spent the evening trying to answer.

“I might know where she went,” Ms Rochford considered.  “But if I help you with your problem, I would like some help in return,” she purred.

“And what problem would that be?”  Dave asked with the smuggest expression that Ann had ever seen. 

Ann tried not to smile as Dave’s smugness was whipped from his face as he realised that the help Ms Rochford wanted was nothing to do with his male charms.

  “I had a little something planned for the stage act this evening, But one of my slaves is sick.  The little whore has done this to spite me, I swear.  But it has ruined my plans.”

“That is unfortunate,” Dave mused, “But I still don’t see how I can help.”

“It’s quite simple.  If you lend me your slave for the show, I will tell you what I know.”

Dave seemed to consider this, But surreptitiously made eye contact with Ann.  It was obviously her call and he was asking what she wanted to do.

Ann thought furiously.  Until they had run into Ms Rochford, Ann had begun to lose hope of finding anything useful.  Although fun, Ann would have wasted an entire evening.  This might be their only chance and she was becoming desperate, not to mention uncomfortable. Her feet and shoulders were killing her.  She longed to stretch her jaw.  She would have done anything in that moment to shorten the evening and so she nodded to Dave who, seeing that she had accepted the offer, passed Ann’s lead to the tall dominatrix.

A look of triumph crossed over the tall woman’s face as she clasped the leash.

“Very well, I will tell you all that I know after I have finished with your pet, she smirked as she tugged roughly on the lead, pulling Ann forward and off of balance, so that she stumbled forward and her new mistress spun on her heel and dragged her prize towards the rear of club.

Ann was led behind the stage to one of the changing rooms, which was already occupied by another girl, who was bound and gagged.  The girl wore a black rubber corset and  stockings, but nothing else.  Ann could not gauge the look that the girl gave her as she was dragged into the room, but it made Ann feel distinctly uncomfortable.

The room was, by any stretch of the imagination, quite Spartan.  Despite a large mirror that dominated one entire wall, there seemed little else that one would expect to see in a dressing room.  Rather, judging by the bondage paraphernalia scattered around the room, this was more of a holding cell, or worse, a play room. 

Ms Rochford hung Ann’s lead on a hook, high up on the wall, as though she were tethering a horse, or a pet.  Before Ann could speculate further on her fate, or the other girl, she was spun around by her mistress, so that she faced the wall.

“Lets see if we can make your stay with us more comfortable shall we?” Ms Rochford purred as she began to undo the arm binder.

After a couple of minutes Ms Rochford had succeeded in unpicking the laces and freeing her arms.  Ann had not noticed how painful the arm binder had become until sensation returned to her arms.  However, before she could take advantage of her new found freedom, Ms Rochford had succeeded in pulling Ann’s arms out of the dress and re-fastening them, behind her back, with a set of thick leather cuffs.  These, Ann now saw, came from a duffel bag lying on the floor next to the other girl.  However, it was still an improvement over the strains imposed by the arm binder and at least Ann could now flex her elbows.  Her comfort was short lived as her mistress produced a rubber strap from the bag, which she used to cinch Ann’s elbows tightly together.  Ann could not understand why the woman had unbound her arms, only to re-bind them, though she was quite sure that she would soon find out.

Next Ms Rochford removed her knickers and dress before fastening her legs together at the ankle and knee with two thick rubber straps.  Finally the gag was removed.  Ann Worked her jaw, to work out the kinks.

“Thank you that was Mmmphf.”

Ann’s gratitude was cut short as a new gag harness was strapped to her head.  This was different to the other gags that Ann had worn.  Not only did it have a penis on the inside of the gag.  It also had a penis on the outside.  Ann had, in an instant, literally been transformed into a dick head.  Ms Rochford then attached another strap to the top of the head harness.  The other end of the strap was fed through the elbow straps and buckled tightly in place, forcing Ann to tilt her head backwards and look up at the ceiling.

Her new mistress unhooked her from the wall, attached a new chain to her collar, which, after forcing Ann to bend over, she snapped onto a D ring on the ankle straps..  Ann shrieked as something cold and wet was smeared across her cunt.  Ann was then picked up by the muscular Amazon and manoeuvred backwards until she could feel something press against her pussy.  Although she could feel her feet scrape across the floor, she was powerless to resist as her mistress impaled her on something hard and unyielding.  Ann felt impaled by the strange intruder.  It must have been twelve inches long and have a diameter of three inches.  Ann considered her position before coming to the conclusion that Ms Rochford had somehow mounted a large dildo onto the wall.  Although she was still able to move forward and backwards, Ann was not about to challenge the will of the woman who had placed her there by foolishly trying to move and so Ann stayed still, impaled to the wall of a perverted lesbians play room and waited to discover her fate.

She did not have long to wait, as her mistress strode across the room, unhooked the other girl, bound her in a similar position and, after smearing some sort of paste that Ann assumed must be KY jelly, before picking the girl up and carrying her towards Ann.

Ann shook her head and tried to protest into the gag as Ms Rochfords intentions became plane, but it was useless and Ann had no choice as the other girls ass loomed closer and closer until her pussy became impaled onto Anns gag in the same manner that Ann was impaled on the wall.
Next, Ms Rochford took out a strange set of chains, that formed an X, perhaps two feet in length, as she held them up Ann noticed as she tried to shift her eyes to the left.  That was all that she saw before her mistress bent down and disappeared from view.

Moments later the other girl squirmed and bucked , smothering Ann and forcing her anus into Ann’s nose.  A short time later Ann discovered why as something hard was clamped firstly to her left and then right nipple.  Ann could not see but the chains had joined both women painfully together.  Another chain, attached to the centre of the X was fed between Ann’s legs and clipped onto a small ring in the wall.  This would offer some movement, but if Ann moved too far she would cause pain to both women.  It also meant that she could not now pull away from the wall.

“Your not due on stage for a while yet, so why don’t you two enjoy yourselves until you are needed,” purred their captor as she strode from the room.

Ann had no intention of enjoying herself, even if she could find a way to achieve such a goal, given her current position.  This was degrading, perverted and…

Ann’s thoughts were rudely interrupted as, to Ann’s total astonishment and horror, the other girl began to rock backwards and forwards, fucking her face and forcing Ann to rock backwards and forwards as well, forcing her to pleasure herself on her own dildo.

“Ait.  Att R Ue ooin.  Op Naaa,” Ann screamed, but it was useless and as the girls juices assaulted her senses and the intruder in her pussy began to have its own effect, Ann’s protests turned to moans as she surrendered to the other girls passions.

On the other side of the one way mirror, Dave watched with some amusement, along with a growing crowd of spectators, as the two women fucked themselves into a frenzy. 

story continues in Chapter 6


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