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Among The Missing Chapter 6

by Rubberwolf

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© Copyright 2005 - Rubberwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; D/s; latex; bond; cons; X

Among The Missing Chapter 6 by Rubberwolf
Chapter 6

Ann had lost all sense of time.  Although she had some idea of how late it was when she was with Dave, she was no longer capable of judging.  This would be understandable.  Her hands were tied behind her back and her head was fastened so that she had to keep her head tilted back at an extreme angle.  A leash pulled her body into the horizontal her legs were bound together and she was wearing high heels.  If this was not enough of a distraction, since her back was now very painful and she had lost sensation in her arms, she was also forced to fuck a wall mounted dildo, that had some sort of nub, or ridge that also teased her clit.  Very distracting.  But not as much as the fact that she was wearing a penis gag, that incidentally had a large exterior penis protruding out of it and a similarly tethered girl who was, at this moment, thrusting her ass, for all she was worth, backwards and forwards, fucking the dildo gag and Ann’s face, while she pleasured herself, forcing Ann to rock backwards and forwards on her own impalement.  Oh and if this was not enough, a set of chains ran through the other girls legs, painfully attaching Ann’s nipples to the other girls, so that as she rocked backwards and forwards, her breasts swayed, tugging Ann’s nipples painfully and forcing her to shriek in pain and pleasure as she lost herself, her identity, her sense of time and being in the moment, since her world now consisted of a rubber clad woman, with a beautiful ass that filled her vision and assaulted her senses with powerful scents as it was forced into her face and causing Ann to thrust her own ass forward and backward on a rubber cock.

“Oh God,” and grunted for the thousandth time as her legs nearly buckled.

Her pussy was now raw from its rough treatment.  Her nose, she was sure, must now have a small dimple battered into it, the exact size and shape of the other girls sphincter and then the other girl stopped and a hand stocked her sweating flank. 

“Did you enjoy yourselves while I was away?” Ms Rochford asked.  “I am sorry I took so long, but it took me a longer than I expected to set everything up,” she explained as she began to release the two girls.

To Ann’s surprise, the other girl shuddered as the nipple chain was unclipped.  Ann thought she heard the other girl shriek into a gag.  Ann could not understand why this was until her own nipples were released and blood flowed back into her tortured flesh.  Ann screamed into the gag and tears welled up in her eyes as that awful woman massaged her agonised nipples as feeling returned in a great torrent of pain and tears.  Eventually, however, Ann was released, although she could hardly stand, her mistress led her onto the stage. 

Ann was in a daze as her rubberized legs barely held her up the stairs.  Although her hands were still tied behind her back, all other restraints were removed.  A head harness had now replaced the penis gag.  Now, instead of a gag, her mouth was held open by an O-ring, which, if her oral explorations were correct, was made of metal and surrounded in plastic.  Despite her dazed condition, Ann was still alert enough to be shocked by the site that greeted her on stage. 

A large metal wheel had been set up, so that it stood, vertically, on its own.  Ann noticed a box on the floor and others at the top and sides of the square frame that the wheel passed through.  The rim was bisected by two, parallel, steel bars, which had a hub of some sort in the centre.  The crowning glory of this weird contraption was the girl that Ann had just been so intimate with.  She had been attached to the wheel by hard looking iron manacles, one for each ankle and wrist.  The ankle manacles were attached to one of the steel bars so that the girl was forced to spread her legs as far apart as they would go.  Rubber straps were attached to the bar and secured her upper thighs.  The other manacles were bolted onto the inside of the wheel so that the girl’s arms were flung apart at an angle 45 degrees from the vertical.   Two chains ran from the head harness and attached to the same bolts that held the wrist restraints, keeping the girls head firmly facing forward.  Heavy looking weights had been clamped onto her nipples.  She also wore a ring gag similar, if not the same as Ann’s.  The most worrying thing however was between her legs.  The hub at the centre of the wheel reminded her of a car jack, with the same threaded central bar and joints.  Some sort of weights had been attached to the side and a sinister looking shaft protruded upwards into the girls already sopping pussy. 

Before Ann had had a chance to discover what this meant, the wheel was rotated, so that the girl, was held upside down.  Ann was then led up, onto a platform on the other side of the wheel.  Despite a few token noises of protest, Ann soon found herself in a similar position, except facing the other way.  Ms Rochford approached Ann with a confident swagger, a large menacing looking dildo in her hand.

“Well, how are you enjoying yourself?” she smirked as she bent down and shoved the dildo firmly into Ann’s pussy.

Ann didn’t even bother trying to protest, merely grunting at the rough intrusion, as Ms Rochford fiddled with the dildo and, so Ann imagined, attached it to the hub that she had pondered earlier.

“Good girl,” Ms Rochford cooed as she attached a painful clip to her already agonised nipple.

“Nggh, Argggh,” Ann cried as the first clip bit into her swollen nipple and a heavy weight stretched her swollen flesh.  Ann thought she had shed enough tears tonight, but could do nothing as salty water began to flow down her cheeks as the second nipple weight was clamped in place. 

Ms Rochford smiled and bent down, grabbing Ann’s jaw firmly in her hand, she held the already immobile girl as she bent down and forced her tongue down Ann’s throat that Ann, at first tried to resist but, almost against her will, found her treacherous tongue responding hungrily as a tingling in her pussy announced that she was, in fact, enjoying this and then she was gone, striding confidently away as two stage hands brought a pair of brightly coloured wooden steps to either side of the wheel. 

Ann did not have long to consider her predicament, or what the steps might be used for, since it was definitely show time.  Ann closed her eyes and tried to turn her head away from the bright lights that had suddenly erupted all around her.  As if she was not disoriented enough, she felt the wheel move around her.  Ann’s eyes shot open, momentarily blinding her as, with sudden realisation she found that, not only was the wheel moving, but the dildo, which had been forced deep within her pussy was not only vibrating, but withdrawing from her. 

Ann was not sure how the dildos were aligned to the wheel.  There was obviously some switch, or mechanism tied to the wheel that brought the dildos to life within her.  The buzzing intruders moved up and down within her as the wheel moved.  The shaft withdrew until it was in danger of popping out of her, before gliding inside and filling her to the point of pain.  The wheels rotation seemed to match this, so that, as Ann was rotated slowly around she felt the intruder complete its linear motion twice to match a full rotation.  She supposed that the other girl was being invaded in a similar manner.  Perhaps, as Ann’s cock withdrew, another, similar intruder filled her companion.

The weights on her nipples were being rotated painfully as both they and her breasts, were pulled by gravity into a graceful circle.  Ann stared straight ahead as she concentrated on not being sick as she was spun around, on not crying with the pain from her nipples and, and, and a familiar sensation started to build between her legs.

“Oh my god,” an thought as the world turned upside down once more and she noticed the curtains begin to open, “I have already been rubbed raw.  I will be rubbed raw if I have to go any, any, oh yes just there, mmmm”. 

Ann began to lose concentration as she was rotated, she noticed, faster and faster and the intruder started to have a familiar effect on her body.  Ann was aware of a figure striding out onto the stage in front of her, clad in a black, shiny cat suite.  It wasn’t Ms Rochford, she was sure.  But she did not have time to contemplate as her body took her towards climax.

The figure in front of her raised her right arm over her head and then brought it down sharply.


Ann flinched at the sharp sound, but did not feel any pain.  Something long and rope like, a whip probably, reached between her legs, but did not touch her.  It was too low to have touched her.  The other girl perhaps?


Ann flinched as pain erupted in a neat line across her ass.  She had not seen the woman in front of her wield the whip.  That had to mean that someone else was behind her.  As she started to worry about the implications of this, the woman in front of her flicked her weapon and, or so Ann felt, the frame definitely shuddered a little below her.


More pain caused her to jerk and writhe as, even as her mind became focused on the next fall of the whip, her body began to climax.

“Crack, Crack, Crack,” the punishment began to mirror the rotations of the wheel as the woman behind her abused Ann’s ass.  Ann imagined how she must look, to the audience.  Bound, abused, vulnerable and.

Ann let out a primal scream that was more of a groan.  Something base and primitive that would not have been out of place in some far distant jungle populated by our furthest ancestors.  This was nothing to do with pain.  This was lust.  This was sex.  This was, well the Earth was definitely moving for Ann.

“Good evening ladies, Gentlemen, Masters and Slaves.”  Tonight, Ms Rochford has kindly brought along her spin dryer for your entertainment.  If anybody needs anything washing, please form into two orderly queues at the foot of the stage.”

Ann didn’t have time to contemplate this as her body was rocked by another orgasm and then another.  Her ass must be red raw by now.  But she didn’t care.  More orgasms rocked her body and then she was not sure.  She was no longer moving.  Her eyes focused and she saw that the wheel had stopped so that she was on her side.  A man dressed in leather was walking towards her and opening his fly.  Others were behind him and heading in her direction.  Then she felt a hand caressing her tit.

“Suck it bitch.  Give him the best blow job he has ever had, or I will turn your ass in to quivering, bloody, sushi,” Ms Rochford purred into her ear.

This shocked Ann, she didn’t know what to do, or think.  But then the decision was already made for her.  She was helpless and the ring gag held her mouth open.  Her head was restrained and then her vision was full of tight leather and cock.  A cock, which soon filled, not just her vision, but also her mouth.  The man pushed his member deep into her throat.  Last week she might have gagged but now, thanks to Dave, she had learnt to accept and literally swallow.  The man withdrew and then forced his hips forward with such speed that Ann was nearly caught off guard.

“Oh well,” Ann thought, “In for a penny,” as she started to service, given her limitations, the member as best she could.

The man was not like the usual blowjobs that she had given so far.  It was more like she was just there as a receptacle.  A soft, wet hole to be fucked, which is exactly what the man did until he stopped sharply, before his member shuddered with a familiar vibration and filled her mouth with his seed.

The next man in the queue was not interested in her mouth, concentrating instead on her breast.  Positioning his member so that it slid, after a little lubrication, between her breasts, which he squeezed together with his hands as her began to move his cock forward and backwards.  Eventually he shot his load all over her breasts before standing to one side to allow the next man in line to have his turn.

Eventually, after servicing eleven men and licking one woman into an orgasm, Ms Rochford announced that her slaves had become quite wet and needed drying off.  Ann had to admit this was true.  She had come all over her face, her hair and her breasts.  As soon as this announcement had been made the wheel started to spin again.  Ann now knew why this was called the spin dryer.  As the wheel picked up speed she could actually feel the cum drying on her skin.

After, she guessed, five minutes of spinning, whipping and orgasms, the wheel was stopped and she was forced, once again, to serve as a receptacle for the lusts of her fellow guests.  She lost count of the amount of cocks that she had spurt on, or in her.  She thought she recognised Dave, but could not be sure.  She thought that she had been spun six times.

Eventually the act came to an end and she was released from the wheel.  Her once pink outfit was now covered in cum, while her face, hair and body were caked in dried on layers of jism.  Her ass felt pealed, but as she was released, she felt behind her, but could find no blood.  She probably had red welts, but they had not broken the surface.  She tried to take a step, but staggered and nearly fell.  She was led from the stage by Ms Rochford and two women, each grabbing an arm and virtually carrying her away. 

She was returned to the small room she had occupied earlier.  She was helped back into her clothes, her arms were forced into the arm binder she had started the evening wearing and she was re-united with her own gag.  Then the dog lead was attached and she was pulled out of the room and into the club.

Ms Rochford seemed to have a radar and easily spotted Dave.  She marched confidently up to him and handed him Ann’s leash.

“Thank you for the loan of your slave.  She is in the same condition that you gave her to me in, apart from needing a bath.”

“And the information you promised?” Dave enquired as he took the leash from the other woman.

“Oh yes, the girl.  She has slaved for me once or twice, although she is more disposed as a Dom.  She mentioned that she had some sort of family trouble and that she needed to get away.  I think she said she would probably hide out at The Island.  I wouldn’t normally give out this information, but since I have seen you together before.”

That seemed to be all the information that the woman was prepared to give and after exchanging pleasantries parted.  There seemed little point in staying after that and Dave led Ann out to the car, where he undid her arms and took out the gag.

“I think you might have had enough bondage for one night,” Dave announced as he released her.

Ann worked her jaw.  She did not want to talk.  What she had just done, or allowed to happen to her.  Last week she would not have allowed such an assault.  What was happening to her she was not sure.  But she needed to get home.  She needed a shower. 

Although Dave filled her in on the island, she was listening with only half an ear.  It was, apparently, a fetish haven Off of the West coast.  A former fishing community that had been brought by an eccentric millionaire back in the fifties.  It had since evolved into a sort of bondage, fetish, paradise of some sort.  Apparently you could book holidays on the Island, while being assured of total discretion.  The perfect place to disappear apparently.  Dave was verbally beating himself up for not thinking of it sooner.

Ann made all the right noises, kissed Dave goodnight and then drove home, where she spent forty minutes in the shower scrubbing cum off of her body and out of her hair.  By the time she stepped out of the shower, her eyes were red from crying.  What sort of a slut was she becoming?  Why hadn’t she displayed this wanton behaviour before?  Ann did not know.  But she had a great deal of thinking to do and so, after drying her hair, she crawled into bed and tried to sleep.


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