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You Signed up for This

by M88

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f; latex; catsuits; corset; boots; gag; tape; hood; sealed; toys; insert; electro; shocks; wheelchair; bond; transport; public; hum; voy; video; climax; cons; X

The heavy smell of wet and sweat rubber filled the room as all the small details got finished off. All the cables and wires needed to be linked up as did the wireless systems. Checks where done on the straps and locks to see of they needed to be tighten or not. The onboard entertainment was also looked at. Everything was good and the green light was given. 

Jess had found an advert on Tumblr for a fetish model needed for a rubber humiliation shoot. She had applied for the role as the whole idea sounded amazingly kinky. She was very happy when they got back to her saying she would be perfect for the shoot. She would only have a couple of days before the session started. She booked the time off work and cleared her dairy. She had arrived in good time and was welcomed by three guys. They said they would be in character to her in the advert and they all had black outfits with balaclavas. She had to meet them in a random run down warehouse in the middle of nowhere. She was a bit worried by the location and how they looked. But she wanted what they had offered her. She was pointed towards a wooden chair and table in the centre of the warehouse. She sat down with the guys standing round her. On the table was a contract with what she needed to do in order to get paid. She would have done the shoot for free, but money is never a bad thing. She quickly read through it and nothing jumped out at her as being too much. So she signed. 

She was handed a black bin bag and told to put all her clothes inside. She took her clothes off and stood naked in front of some men she did not knew. But she wanted the fetish dream and folded her clothes into the bag. She was then sprayed with oil and lube as one of the men went off to get her stuff. She was dripping wet as a large plastic box was put on the table. She was given a list of what goes where and how to get everything on. The list was aggressively written and only referred to Jess as Subject. So the subject was wearing a full rubber catsuit with a back zip in no time. Even her toes and fingers had been covered in rubber and the suit squeezed her body. It compressed every part of her as the subject was ordered to put on more fetishes stuff. A second transparent gimp suit was next. It had a front zip and also covered every part of her, but her head. The rubber was top quality and folded over her skin like it was painted on. All Jess could smell on was her rubber suits. 

The suits both had zips to her wet sex holes and she opened them up. Two glass sex toys were to be pushed inside her. She could see inside the glass toys and spotted wires and a battery. But before she could think about it too much she was told to zip herself shut. She then had to padlock the suit on herself. She had to fold her rubber hands behind her back and under the transparent catsuit to find the zip. So she could lock both gimp suits on her. A black rubber corset was next and they got to tighten it. They pulled it so tight the air was taken from her lungs as it crushed her. It was again locked on her and she then needed to put ballet boots on. She found bending over to even reach her feet, painful and difficult. But after struggling around with the boots they somehow slipped into place. She had to fold herself into a degrading position in order to lace them up and padlocked the tight black leather boots on her legs. With the catsuits, corset and boots on. The control of getting ready was taken away from her. 

She had two socks pushed into her mouth. They had been kept in a bucket filled with piss and cum over night. Just to give Jess some added flavour. Her tongue was forced between them as her cheeks got stretched out. Electrical tape was then wrapped painful tight around her head. They covered her face from just below her nose to the bottom of her chin. A transparent rubber hood was wrestled over her head and zipped and padlocked shut. The hood was skin tight as a muzzle gag with build on collar was put on. The muzzle gag was used to keep her mouth shut and act as a head harness. The collar was an added layer of bondage to stop her removing the hood. She was then isolated from the outside world by a transparent helmet. The helmet spilt in half down the sides and was hinged on the top. The collar she was wearing had a groove build into so once and helmet was closed the edges of the helmet would fit into the grooves. Two rubber tubes needed to be put in her nose and feed out of the helmet. Two small holes had been drilled into the top of the helmet and the tubes were pulled through them. To make the tubes safer tape was wrapped around her nose and head so the tube stayed put. The tubes also got taped together from her nose to nearer the top of the helmet. Where the tubes went through the holes, it was super glued shut.

With the nose tubes in place and the helmet padlocked shut a valve was opened on the top of the hood. A clear liquid was then pumped in as Jess breathed slowly through the tube. The liquid entered the helmet at a rapid rate. Soon the whole helmet was filled and then the liquid started to harden. The liquid was soon a thing of the past as the helmet become heavy and almost all sound and light was cut off. But amazingly Jess’s face could still be seen some what clearly. The helmet now weighted a tonne as she was put in a wheelchair. The wheelchair was covered in black rubber and had a number of straps and cuffs hanging from it. The three of them worked on her body and limbs as the chair and her become one.

In no time at all Jess was bound to the wheelchair. Her arms, legs, body and head had been strapped down. Her hands put in rubber mittens and cuffed to the arms rests of the chair. Her whole body was unable to move as she continued to breath slowly through the tubes. They then linked up the cameras, sex toys, torture until  and driving until. She was show an image of herself in the mirror and that was went the panic hit her. She could see her face and all the straps had information about her written on them. Like her full name, date of birth, address, kinks and secrets. The yellow letters showed so well against the black straps in could be read with easy. She was breathing so quickly the tubes got sucked together. She was having a full blown panic attack as the wheelchair was moved forward. She knew they would be able to drive her around. But having no control or power was filling her with dread. The on broad cameras would steam her live around the online fetish world. The front facing camera would let the drivers see where she should go. 

Sweat was becoming a lake inside her suits as she struggled against the straps and cuffs. She was screaming behind the helmet and gag as the wheelchair was taken outside. But the helmet kept her volume in check as the men around her heard nothing. They switched on the sex toys inside her. She was hit by shocks, heat and vibrations. The bright warm sunlight was rolling across her black rubber body as she left the warehouse. The wheelchair was picking up speed as she headed towards the closest town. Which from the sign posts she could just about make out was Watford. She was moving quickly down a quiet B-road as they drove her from the warehouse, thanks to the wireless link and camera. She was moving around 25 miles an hour and as she got closer to the city. 

After going through a couple of quiet housing estates and a park. She reached a main street towards the city centre. She was sweating a bucket as the wheelchair moved onto the footpath. Her fetish covered body was seen as soon as she turned. The young couple walking the other way may have been the first members of the public to see her. They looked competently shocked and horrified as she rolled past them. She was slowing down now to just 3 miles an hour. So the people she passed could get a good look. The footpath was lined with people as the wheelchair revealed one of it’s secret weapons. A loud speaker. “I am a fetish slut” as well as “My name is Jess White and I love this” exploded through the speaker as more people turned to see what was going on.

Jess’s eyes rock back and forth as the torture of her wet holes got too much and she orgasmed in public for then and there. Her face folded up and her body shaked as the orgasm smashed through her. All the onlookers got right up close as the man stopped the chair. She was being touched and sniffed as the crowd took pictures and videos of her. Her outfit had a stinky sweaty rubber smell to it as the people around her read the notes. Her Facebook and Twitter was getting a lot of comments as she was moved off again. Her fingers tried to break the rubber mittens as just how humiliating this was entered her mind. All her friends and family would knew she had spend the day as a rubber bondage gimp. Plus her work friends and bosses. She had another massive orgasm as she reached a park. It was a sunny warm day and the park was filled with people and the loud speaker let them know she was there. “My wet pussy and ass have sex toys in them” and “I am looking for a man to enslave me. Call me on 07652886110”

She then find out about another secret weapon the chair had. Hidden inside the socks in her mouth was two large tablets. The outer skin would fade away as it got wet. The saliva in her mouth had been working on it from the moment it was put inside her. And now the outer layer was broken and a small amount of liquid inside was let out. It was a disgusting tasting liquid and it made Jess gag as it ran over her tongue. They knew the taste of piss and cum would soon wear-off and they had a feeling Jess was used to the taste as well. But if she had even eaten horse cum before it would be a surprise to them. The horrible taste filled Jess mouth as the chair unleashed another feature. Around her neck was a large and heavy metal cable which went over the collar and helmet grooves. It was there to reenforce the joint and keep her from moving her neck too much. But it could also be tightened and released from the controller moving her around. The metal cable went into housing in the head rest. In there was a device which pulled the cable towards it’s self. This make the cable tighten around Jess’s neck. The device would suffocate her. It could be released from the remote control and if it failed it was on a timer. 

Jess was still gagging on the liquid from the tablets as the cable shut off her air supple. She was having her picture taken as her lungs cried out for air. The chair continued to creep forward as she choked. At the last moment the cable was freed and Jess was left breathing hard. She was feeling sick from the taste in her mouth as the last feature was shown to her. In the heels of her ballet boots was two mini cattle prods which at the push of a button would deliver a huge shock. The cattle prods just about brushed the heels of her feet. But it was more then enough to shock her to the core. The first time she was shocked by the cattle prods it was that the worst time. She had just had to swallow some of the liquid in her mouth to get rid of it. The cable around her head had just cut off her air. The sex toys had just hit max. Her eyes went mad. 

People stood round Jess about 3 deep in places as she reached the city centre. She was crying as the torture overran her senses and wanted everything to stop. She had got rid of the taste in her mouth, but she had had to swallow all the liquid. Her neck was turning red from the cable pressing down on it. Sweat was now running freely inside her suits as the men laugh at the images they got from the camera. They had found someone willing to humiliate themselves in front of a whole town and online. They would keep her in the public’s eye until the batteries on the wheelchair ran out. They would leave the police to deal with her as they did not want the trouble of getting her. She loved humiliation so being cut free be a couple of cops and taken to the station of questioning would be something she would enjoy. And if she hated it so what.

Jess was in endless pain as she pissed herself in front of people. She no longer cared about how she looked. She had been driven round all day without any food or drink in the hot sun and thick rubber. She wished they had told her about the added toys this wheelchair had. She would have told them where to go. Pictures of her had been uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other media websites. Jess was starting to get cold as the sunset on one of the most amazing and hateful days in her life. 

It was then after 8 hours of being driven around the batteries stopped working. She had revisited the large park and was in the centre of it. It was filled with shadows as the wheelchair slowly stopped. The men wanted her to spend the night outside in the dark and the cold. With no one finding her till the morning. She was in heaven as the cold spread over her sweaty body. The rubber suits did little to stop her body temperature from dropping as she started shaking. She was in for a long night as she tried to get warm. All the toys and devices had left her so had the men running the session. She was the talk of the town and she had somehow slipped through the rings of people around her most of the day. She was now cold and alone. Could she do the some thing tomorrow in another town. 

She was picked up by police the next morning as they had got phone calls about her through the day and night. Her media accounts had become covered in images and videos of her in the fetish suits and bondage. Every one she knew had found out about her and what turned her on. But as she reached the police with the sun just coming up. She was looking forward to thanking the guys behind it and working with them again. She did not care if people knew what she did. This was who she was. A dirty rubber fetish slut. 


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