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You Never Know What goes on Next Door 2

by Tom H

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© Copyright 2013 - Tom H - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; Solo-MF; discovery; latex; vacbed; encased; tease; torment; toys; breathplay; mast; climax; cons; X

story continued from part one

Part Two

As I lay there sealed within the vacbed I feel her climb off of me. I feel her gloved hand tracing my member as I feel her watching my reaction. In what seems a like an eternity of silence as I lay there as she watches my reaction. She looks down and says. "Wow, you're hard again!?" as she continues to trace me.

"Well I feel that I have tortured you long enough in there".

I hear her moving around in the room and all the sudden the zippers are being undone and I am released from the latex prison. My body covered in sweat as I have been in there since a little after 7 pm and its now almost 9 pm.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm", she says. "Did you enjoy yourself in there I know I enjoyed you a lot!" as she winks at me. "You have a lot of stamina in that cock of yours." as she playfully runs her gloved hand over it. She then says. "I hate to cut this night short but I have work in the morning."

I nod as I look at the clock knowing that I have work in the morning too. As go into her room to go and change back into street clothes and her using the bathroom to peel out our respective latex. I happened to snoop around her room while she was getting changed. I happened to sit on the edge of her bed and the bed spread moved and I lifted it and I saw underneath what appeared to be latex so I noticed a bit more and saw that she had her own personal latex vacbed built around the mattress and that the mattress had a zip lock bag around it. In a dufflebag underneath the bed I unzipped I found a number of latex toys.

I heard her finishing up and coming out of the bathroom, I quickly put the items away and went out to meet her when she came out. We exchanged good bye pleasantries. She asked. "Since we have become such tight bosom buddies I thought I would ask this of you. Do you have a key holder just incase one of us gets locked out of their apartment?" I said. "No" she continues, "We should exchange keys then". Which I readily agreed to doing.

Due to working such long hours on our respective jobs it took a long time to get together. We would pass each other in the common area of the apartment and exchange pleasantries. One night when I thought she was home from work I thought I would drop in and surprise her. Since I had a key I thought it was a good idea to knock first before entering even though I heard a vacuum running. I knocked a number of times and I thought to myself. 'I guess she can't hear me over the music and sound of the vacuum'. So I unlocked the door and entered the apartment. I didn't want to startle her so I callled out her name a number of times and still didn't get any response.

As I rounded the corner as the sound was getting louder as I went and entered her room. I couldn't believe what I saw. It was too much to take it all in. She was a vision of naked beauty sealed head to toe in semi clear latex vacuum bed. Breasts...... mmm latex covered camel toe. So hot!! I thought to myself remembering from a few weeks ago what I had discovered in her room and here she is in it with a timer release. I walk up to the bed taking it all in. I go and reach over her head and turn back the timer for awhile. I say to her. "Your not leaving anytime soon".

As I spoke to her I try to take it all. I run my hand down over your breasts, tummy going lower stroking her inner most thighs leaving her clit alone knowing she is already aroused by being found this way. As I watch her hips thrust against the skin tight latex membrane as she lets out a loud moan through the air hole. I speak to her, "So this is why I haven't seen much of you as of late". As I continue to talk.... I pat her camel toe and then slowly tracing it.

As I continue. "Seems like you have been having fun without me. mmmmmmm!" as I continue to toy with her helpless body.

I watch her squirm inside her latex prison. As hear her moan her breathing labored. I say to her. "The fun has only just begun. Did I ever tell you how much I like wet latex.... very wet latex.... as I continue to stroke..... teasing her nipples.... mmm so helpless to stop me in there. I wonder where you put that hitachi wand that you used on me the other time?"

As I look around her room. I glance back seeing her squirming in her latex prison..... mmmphs mmmphs.... as her hips thrust.. "ahh I found it!" I approach the bed again... showing it to her. As I turn it to the low setting. I see her hips thrusting. I pat her crotch. I say to her. "All in good time my dear."

As run the wand over nipples first one then the other switching back and forth. I hear her labored breathing. I take the wand sliding it over her tummy... skipping her sex as I run the wand up and down her thigh. As I playfully toy with her helpless body. I hear breathless groans and mmmmmmmmphs as her hips thrust up and down in rhythm. I lift off the wand. "No, No, No.... orgasming not allowed til I say its allowed." As I watch her sexual frustrataion build as I continue to toy as I ignore her breathless pleads from within the vacbed.

As I continue to watch her struggle in the vacbed as I hear her breathing get quicker, I slide the wand up and down her inner most thigh. As I continue. "Kerri my dear do you want me to finish you off and let you cum and allow you the release that you have been begging for in your latex prison."

As I look down at her through the transparent latex. I hear her grunt and thrust her hips at the same time. "Had enough of this torture.." as I slide the wand up closer and closer with each pass of the wand to her latex trapped camel toe. As I hear her grunting breathing heavy. I give in as I slide the wand over her perfect camel toe... pressing down on the end of the wand.... dialing it up on full.

I hear her groan with delight as see the bed shake.... hips arching... as I hear her grunt to a latex orgasm. I watch as she thrusts in rhythm of the wand as hear her squeal with latex delight. As I cover the air hole for a few moments as she cums.... remember seeing the gasmasks that she must love breath play... as I work the wand. I watch her hips thrust up and down. As I uncover the air hole as I work the wand til I see she is spent.

I reach over and turn off the suction to the vacbed. I unzip the side of the latex bag..... as the rush of air enters the bag. I lift the top portion of the bag as I look inside. In between the breatheless whispers she says thank you over and over again. As I look inside. I jokingly say. "See, I am good key carrier for you" as I smile at her. It left me wondering to myself as I look in inside. "This must had been the reason why she wanted me to be her key holder." but that is for another chapter

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