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Xia in Heaven

by Zephrum Cockrun

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© Copyright 2014 - Zephrum Cockrun - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm+; FF; femdom; latex; catsuits; bond; armbinder; ponygirl; slaves; punish; toys; strapon; group; sex; climax; cons; X

Xia looked down at the man standing on his knees before her. A standard issue training harness was stretched across his wide, muscular chest; his arms were bound in a standard issue arm sheath. His large penis hung limp between his legs. She could see the brand close to the pelvic region on his left inner thigh, long since healed over.

She dragged the inevitable out for several beats just so that she could keep her eyes on his magnificent form.

“My Queen, you can clearly see my case,” said the short, full figured domina standing next to him, his leash in her hand. “It’s been one year and a day and still he resists.”

Xia noted the excellent timber in the domina’s voice. She gave a hand signal to her latex-clad scribe to make an appointment for a private meeting with this one. While the slave’s case begged immediately for her attention, this haughty domina would be begging for Xia’s attention when her busy day was complete. Only the slightest of grins cracked her stern mask at the thought. Work first, play later.

“Look at your Mistress for me, slave,” she said to the kneeling man.

The young man turned his eyes up to the well-posed domina. Xia didn’t bother looking at the Mistress, it was there as plain as day – he loved his Mistress deeply.

She didn’t have to look at their dossiers to know the story. It happened often enough as the Community continued to grow. Two lovers enter the Community to live out a fantasy life, but in the end, the dream really only belonged to one of them. There was love everywhere in the dungeons, altar rooms, hospital beds, throne rooms, playrooms, stables and bedrooms of the worldwide Community, but not as misplaced as that coming from the eyes of this slave. This voluptuous domina belonged here. She was the exact person the Community existed for. Totally assimilated and taking total, luscious advantage of the plethora of possibilities.

She’d moved on.

The slave had to go.

“Very well, Mistress Circe, you will leave this slave with me and I will dispose of him. You will be given a new charge, but only after you’ve visited me in my chamber for a private audience. My scribe will tell you when.”

A sly grin spread across the domina’s face then. ‘Private audience’ was what every inhabitant in the Community wished for.

Xia watched the domina simply turn and leave after conferring with the scribe. Such excellent control! She watched the slave’s depression kick in as he realized there would be no goodbye.

She flicked her eyes quickly to the domina as she walked off. Total assimilation. Xia wished she didn’t have to go North, otherwise Mistress Circe would be living up to that sly grin in her chambers much sooner than her appointed time.

The slave was taken off to the side and he was chained to a wall where the other damned souls were being retained. One of the Inquisitors fitted a ball gag over his head and mouth to keep him silent.

The next case was brought before her from the deep shadows. A pony girl of such exquisite sensuality that Xia found herself unable to believe she wasn’t born for this place. Long, platinum hair, toned muscular legs, breasts straining her leather pony gear. Her walk, her energy, even her long, pretty face said ‘ponygirl.’ The leather-clad man who led her was of the blocky, chubby dominant variety. He possessed a cruel air about him, yet Xia sensed he was in the right before the ponygirl even kneeled before her to receive judgment.

“My Queen, I bring before you an over-spirited pony that refuses to submit to me.”

“Is this true, girl? You may speak in my presence.”

The girl looked up at her with huge, brown eyes, waited patiently for the Inquisitors to remove the ball gag from her mouth. She almost spit it from her mouth as they did. “Of course I refuse to submit, this guy’s a dick.”

Xia almost laughed out loud, but this was court, respect had to be maintained. “You knew the rules when you entered. Without any friends to sponsor you, it is necessary to start where we determine you belong. Everything about you says pony girl, so that is what you will be until you learn to submit.”

“My Queen, I respectfully request a different master, one who is less cruel, one who will reward my obedience.”

“Girl, you were matched with this one because our finest sensitives have deemed him a match for your personality type. And the Master, what does he say to the request of his charge?”

“My Queen, I’d like to be given another charge in place of this one. She fails to realize what her role is here.”

“Is this girl’s trainer here?” asked Xia.

“Yes, my Queen,” said Mistress Laurie, a tall female trainer wearing a fantastic latex trainer uniform that enclosed her rubenesque form. The gathers glimmered as she moved.

“Is there hope for this one?”

“She has the makings of a great pony girl, my Queen, yet her spirit is too strong. She bucks against her master, which we all know is against the Law.”

“Yes, it is against the Law,” said Xia as she stared hard at the girl’s perfectly toned body. With a word she could have this one sent to her chambers where convincing her to stay would be only a matter of time and pleasure. No one could resist the seduction of the Queen.

Yet Xia knew that the thing had to take its course by the proper channels. If this pony girl was destined to return, she would do so, but it had to be by the path of the Test.

“Very well then, you will leave this over spirited pony girl with me and I will dispense of her. You will be paired with a new girl, one more willing to bend to your will.”

A pregnant moment passed during which the hopes of the fat dominant for a private meeting were crushed. She watched him show his displeasure on his chubby face as he stood there. She gave the finger signal to her attentive scribe to have his role audited. Maybe the sensitives were wrong, maybe he needed to know what it felt like to be a ponyboy. Xia drew the last moments out cruelly for him before declaring the court session closed.

She personally led the pony and the slave to the waiting area by their chains. The others were there, those scheduled to be disposed of. Two other women and five men, including the pony and slave she led. Leather and metal clad Inquisitors, male and female, stood guarding the damned, their muscular physiques defined by their garments. The other two women were also pony girls with too much spirit. They still wore their pony gear, and they looked stunning in it. It would be a shame to lose them from the herd. All the men were slaves. They were always slaves. Yet despite their failure in their roles, they all stood erect and obedient in her presence. A thrill ran up her spine at the thought of a quick orgy before their transportation into what for some could become their new lives.

She walked between all of them, grazing one of the pony girl’s bare breasts with a gleaming, rubber finger, caressing the face of one of the slaves. “Who do you think will return, Inquisitor Vlad?” she asked.

“It’s tough to tell my Queen, there are so many here that look as if they’ll be back with you on the return journey.”

She turned and walked back down the middle of them, an evil grin upon her pale, perfect, hood-framed face. She gave them all a good look at her catsuited, legendary body. The sexual tension was palpable.

“My hopes are that you’ll come to your senses as a result of the trip we’re about to take. If you do, you’ll be taken to a special place here to be punished for your insolence. You will be punished by Inquisitors who will give you such sweet pain that you’ll wonder how you could have ever questioned your place here.”

She nodded to the female Inquisitor and the chains of the damned were secured. She noted how sad some of them looked, trying to figure who would return with her.

“All of the damned are chained and ball gagged, my Queen.”

“Very well. Let us proceed.”

An elevator door opened from the shadows, a dim light the only illumination in the large box. The Damned were loaded in, chains clinking, the chemical infusion of fear and arousal mixing with the smells of rubber and leather. The button was pushed and the car began its long journey up.

As it did, the light in the ceiling became brighter in the car until the gleam of polished rubber made the occupants seem possessed of an inner illumination of their own.

And then the doors opened on Heaven.

It always took her eyes several moments to adjust, but when they did, Xia was rewarded with the sight of two Angels, one male and one female, their full white latex catsuits contrasting the black worn by the Damned. Both Angels were perfect specimens, and had smiling faces fixed on the new arrivals.

“Queen Xia, welcome to Heaven,” chimed the female.

“Please come this way,” said the male.

They were led out into a huge foyer painted completely white, with a roof of mirror glass opening onto a clear blue sky. They passed through another large area with tropical plants, falling fountains and two nude women and a nude man making passionate love.

Finally they arrived in the main area, a huge room filled with pools, water falls, exotic, colorful birds, green grass patches, lush trees and huge windows that allowed the orange glow of the sunset clouds to fill the view. Somewhere, someone was playing a sitar. And everywhere there were nude and white-clad bodies in motion, thrusting, caressing, rubbing, making passionate love. From couples to full orgies to solitary masturbators, this was the room where the moans of ecstasy went on continuously, where the sounds of people achieving orgasm continued unabated. The Room of Eternal Happiness. The smells, heat and friction of sex charged the air. Xia found the whole scene boring.

“Queen Xia,” said a sultry female voice.

Xia turned to see her counterpart here in Heaven, The High Priestess, walking towards her. She was clothed in a form fitting, white rubber catsuit just as Xia wore black. She too had a hood that showed only her face, a disciplined, queenly mask. Even her boots matched. She was more buxom than Xia, more muscular, but no less stunning. It was judgment day in Heaven, and Xia was here to let her sister judge the Damned in Heaven.

“High Priestess, it is an honor to see you. You are as luscious as always.”

“You are too kind, Queen Xia. Shall we repair to the courtroom?”

“I’d rather retire to your bed, but alas, business first.”

The High Priestess smiled a naughty smile at the Queen, but Xia sensed something was amiss with her. The High Priestess clapped her rubber-gloved hands together with a smack and a large group of nymphs appeared from the flora and fauna, clad in tight white spandex catsuits. Some had long, beautiful hair down to their buttocks. Others had short hair, some had integral hoods. All of them wore some kind of makeup, some with white faces, some with bright makeup and dark eyeliner. Xia found them ridiculous--they looked like mimes, but they were Heaven’s equivalent of her encased eunuchs. The nymphs set upon the stunned Damned, smiling, caressing them sensuously as they removed the ball gags, chains and arm sheaths. When they were done releasing the black-clad visitors, they left as quickly as they’d arrived, disappearing back into the trees and piles of copulating persons.

“In Heaven, you are free while you’re here,” said the High Priestess. “If it’s judged you should be left here with us, you will be initiated into Heaven and given an angel who will teach you our way—the path of pleasure and passion.”

And as she spoke, many of the inhabitants of the room ceased their copulations to view the new potential initiates. A large circle of white-clad denizens of Heaven moved in on the Damned, touching and caressing gently, rubbing, grabbing, poking, kissing. Xia watched, trying to read her charges, looking for a sign from any of them that they would be staying.

After several moments the sexual charge grew strong, and the High Priestess smacked her gloved hands together once more. Her people fell back, returning to their sexual play.

“And now we will take you for judgment.”

The High Priestess led. Xia walked just behind her, leading the Damned, her two Inquisitors falling in next to her protectively. It always amused her, the looks she saw on her people’s faces when they entered this place. Some seemed stunned, as if they’d just woken up and been greeted by a monster in their bed. Some seemed embarrassed, like they’d just gotten caught by their parents. Sometimes, some of her people seemed just plain scared by the whole place, squinting against the light. But she always felt the Damned in her mind upon entering Heaven, reaching out to her, to each other. The Inquisitors always stood straighter, became rugged, defensive, angular, fierce in their stances. Usually she could tell who would be coming back with her by now, but her mind was elsewhere today, uncharacteristically distracted by old thoughts.

The High Priestess led them through the vast room, which was literally writhing with bodies in the bright corners. Xia noticed a fatigue in her counterpart’s body language, something almost resembling sadness. A possible reason for this uncharacteristic behavior flashed in her mind, linked up with the thoughts she’d been having lately, reached a conclusion based on her intuition. He’d been here. Part of her wanted to grab the High Priestess right here and find out for sure, but her control was legendary. She took a deep breath and kept walking, giving no hint to her inner turmoil.

The Courtroom was at one of the corners of the floor, and was open on three sides to the sky. The dying rays of the sun glowed in low flame orange clouds outside. A view of a pleasant, rolling countryside 20 stories below gave no indication of the building’s location. It could be anywhere on Earth. The furnishings in the Courtroom itself were as Spartan as Xia’s. A large, white chair which the High Priestess sat down in. The only other difference besides the color were actual chairs for the Damned to sit in. Soft creature comfort that Xia saw as a weakening force. This place bred weakness, and it made her sick that Xan had ever authorized its construction and continued operation. There was enough weakness in the world.

“You may be seated until called,” said the High Priestess.

Xia watched the Damned sit, looking for telltale hesitations as they sat.

The High Priestess clapped her gloved hands together and a line of angels clad in white catsuit/hood combinations entered the area in a single file. There was a corresponding angel for each of the Damned. They lined up facing the Damned. Most of them were spectacular specimens of their gender. The white rubber gleamed with an almost unearthly radiance, and even Xia, who had visited this place many times, found herself wondering what it must be like to linger here, free to indulge in simple, uncomplicated love making for weeks, months and years.

“You are the Damned, whose crime of love in the Underground have brought you here. These angels are new to Heaven, and seeking pleasure partners. If you wish to be with one of them, you may try now.”

This was the part that Xia hated most. The area became charged with such a mix of anxiety, lust and tension that it became a tangible thing in the air. Minutes went by before one of the Damned slowly stood up from his chair and moved towards the most beautiful of the angels. He put his hand on her rubber-framed face first, and she grabbed his forearm in a gloved hand. He pulled her lips to his and they kissed for a long time, black on white. When they disengaged, the angel girl pulled her new black-clad lover away from the Damned. She reached down to his crotch and pulled the zipper down, using her other hand to pull it up his back to release him from his suit. He willingly pulled the catuit’s integral hood off of his head and removed himself from the black embrace, dropping it in a pile at his naked feet. The two left the large room, hand in hand.

Xia watched them walk off, a part of her leaving with her ex-subject. When she turned to look back at the group of angels and Damned, one of her women was putting her arms around one of the angel women, grasping her white buttocks in her black hands and kissing her long and passionately on the lips. And then they were gone too.

Xia had to watch as one after another of her Damned chose from the line of angels. Each time she wanted to run up to them, grab them, promise them that she would do anything if they just came back with her. And as with every time she went through this, she stood back from herself and wondered why she felt this way. There were always more than enough people coming in all over the world to make up for the losses here, but still a part of her felt like a mother losing her children.

It finally came down to the last two Damned and last two angels. A period of minutes passed before the High Priestess stood up, walked up to the Damned and looked in their eyes.

“You two will go back with your Queen. You’re not yet ready for Heaven.” She turned to her unpaired angels and said “You may leave now. Others will be found for you.”

Xia smiled to herself. The two left to her were the girl whom the handlers had said was the perfect pony and the man who’d lost his love.

The High Priestess clapped again and now two more angels were led in by a male angel. They were a male and a female encased in black rubber, with rubber mittens and hoods that exposed only their eyes and mouths. Both of them were spectacular specimens. They were led up to Xia and their handler stepped back to await orders.

“And these are the two that must be judged by you, Queen Xia. They have cruel tendencies that are growing within them. They are dangerous here in Heaven, please take them from here. I leave their fate in your hands.”

An evil grin spread across her pale, beautiful face as she stared at them. Her eyes darted to her Damned. She put her black palm out and one of her Inquisitors instinctively handed her a collar with a slave ring. Xia stepped forward, fastened it around the Damned girl’s neck. Another one went around the Damned boy’s neck. She attached chains to the rings and stepped away from them.

She looked at the Angels. “So, you have cruel tendencies within you, do you? Then we shall make master and mistress of you to see what you’re made of. If you can break these two…well, we shall see.”

The ex-Angel male looked into the eyes of the Damned ponygirl, and she looked back at him and it was there for their Queen to see, the click of recognition.

She gave the slight hand signal to her Inquisitors and they removed the mittens from the ex-Angels and buckled the arms of the Damned into black sheaths. Xia noted a veiled look of pleasure, even relief on the face of the pony girl. She walked up to the beautiful pony and looked her in the eyes.

“My sensitives were right about you after all, weren’t they?”

“Yes, My Queen,” replied the pony girl, bowing her head, the excitement in her voice and bearing obvious.

Xia took her chain and handed it to the male Angel who was now a child of the Underworld. He was a lovely specimen. The pony girl had every right to be excited. She would be broken soon.

And when she handed the chain from the male slave to his new mistress, she noticed a rare occurrence of what she liked to call synchronicity. Both slave and Mistress smiled at one another. The mistress surged forward and the two kissed lustily. For a brief moment, Xia allowed herself a feeling of elation that she’d just made these four people find their purpose. But there was something else to do before they left.

“Your punishments will be dealt with upon our return. For now, the High Priestess and I have business to discuss. You may begin your introduction to one another.”

She walked without looking to see where her charges went or if the High Priestess was following. She wanted answers, and she wanted them now. She stormed into the Priestess’ chambers and spun around to see her walk through the doors and close them. She was a quiet beauty, her counterpart in every way. Xan had chosen well.

“He was here, Xia.”

“How long ago?”


Xia allowed herself to think about him. She rarely did anymore. He’d started everything, the Underworld, Heaven, all the other places popping up through the world that catered to the blessed misfits. All of them had a home because of him, and he’d started with her.

“How did he come in?”

“He appeared as a eunuch, but used one of our code words to get an audience with me. He knew you’d be coming today and he wanted me to tell you that he had to do it this way for you and me.”

Xia felt tears at the edge of her iron control, held them back. She reached out to the sensation of the rubber constricting her body, of its smell and gleam in the bright light. She touched her face with her rubber fingertips, got the smell farther up into her nostrils. “Did he make love to you, Starsha?”

“Yes,” she replied flatly. “He was harsh, rough. He was thinking of you the whole time.”

“Did you like it, Starsha?” she said, her rubber fingers sliding down her face.


Xia walked to the massive white bed at the far end of the room. There was a toy table there and she opened a drawer. She reached into the drawer and pulled out the black, double-ended strap on that was hers.

“Do you miss me, Starsha?”

“Yes, Xia,” and the other woman’s voice was directly behind Starsha now. “I can’t tell anyone about how this started. No one would understand anymore.”

Xia turned, handed her the strap on. Starsha, her breath becoming heavy, began strapping the device onto Xia’s crotch, unzipping the crotch zipper so that she could insert one head into the Dark Queen’s clean shaven, already wet clitoris. Xia allowed herself to gasp.

“Did he yell my name when he came?” asked Xia, looking down on the Priestess.

“Yes, Xia,” and the Dark Queen gasped again as Starsha cinched the belt, pressing the end of the dildo tight.

“Did you think of me then?”

“Yes,” said Starsha as she went down on her knees and began sucking the large, black dildo protruding from Xia’s crotch.

Xia couldn’t wait today. Pleasure rose in her and she thought of Xan and what was lost to her when he left the community, when he left her. She grabbed Starsha, spun her around, unzipped her crotch and bent her over the bed. She inserted the dildo into her counterpart, thrusting madly, deeply. Starsha turned and looked back at her, tears running down her face, ecstasy pouring from her eyes.

Xia rode Starsha for what seemed like a wonderful, moaning eternity before they finally came together.

Then Xia had Starsha in her arms, cradling the White Queen as she purged for both of them. Xia had cried when he left, but never would again.

“He wouldn’t want to leave you, Xia. He loves you more than he’ll ever love me.”

Starsha finally stopped crying, and Xia took her face in a gloved hand and began kissing her lovingly as their charges copulated on the other side of the master bedroom’s doors, loving each other because this was the place where love was supposed to rule. Xan had seen to that.

Hours passed and when they were through, Starsha and Xia were cleansed by Starsha’s personal nymphs and returned to the judging room. They were both pleased to see that their people had anticipated their return and were at attention, now grouped according to their pairings. Xia felt the need to flee from this place, but protocols had to be followed.

Starsha and Xia walked between their people, parading to the end by Starsha’s white chair. Starsha sat and Xia stood next to her while the Inqisitors ensured that those returning were secured for travel, with arm sheaths tightened and ball gags replaced. Leashes were attached and handed to the newest citizens of the Underworld.

“Judgement is passed,” began Xia in her powerful voice. She walked away from Starsha without a backwards glance, her Inquisitors and her charges falling in line behind.

Xia walked from the court, walked through the disgusting orgy room and directly for the elevator. Anger burned in her now, the kind of anger that made her cruel. She turned to face her four subjects and was pleased to see a look of anxiety cross their faces. She walked up to the slave and the pony girl and grabbed their eyes in hers.

“You will be punished before your new owners take possession of you. I will oversee it personally.”

The door opened and she turned and walked in, the others following with military precision. The door closed and the light dimmed and they were descending again. She said nothing.

When the doors opened back in her domain, the smile was back upon her face. The sorrow was gone, replaced by steel. He was still out there, and perhaps one day he would return. She would be ready for him.

“Now then,” she said as her two returning charges left the elevator. “Where shall we begin?”

The smiles on their faces were all she needed to end the day right.

“Find Mistress Circe, and tell her she is summoned,” she said with a cruel laugh in her voice.

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