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The Wrong Mail

by Miss Stacey

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© Copyright 2013 - Miss Stacey - Used by permission

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Sheila Greenberg was appalled when she saw her next door neighbor Sybil Grant leave her house yet again dressed like, for all intents and purposes, a brazen slut in her opinion. Sybil was in her early twenties and a newcomer to the neighborhood having just moved in a four months ago. They were about the same age build but that was where their similarities stopped. Sybil was very flashy, outgoing, and constantly on the go while Sheila was more home grown sort and very conservative. Sybil had attempted to begin a friendship many times but it was Sheila who kept was unreceptive and distant. Now certainly in this day and age, people are free to dress as they want but Sheila wouldn’t dream of going out in public dressed so provocatively as Sybil does. She knew it wasn’t fair avoiding Sybil based solely on her appearance lifestyle but she couldn’t help it.

Sheila shakes her head in distaste while watching Sybil sashay to her car in yet another of her very revealing outfits. Today its a black mini skirt and red and white striped halter top strutting in what had to be at least 5” high heel dress shoes. She tossed her long brown hair to one side of her head as she bends over slightly to unlock her car door. This position caused her skirt to ride up giving anyone looking a teasing peek at the tops of her lace thigh stockings and garter straps. Her snug halter does little to prevent anyone from seeing the cleavage accentuating the fullness of her breasts. It was apparent that she wore no bra because her nipples could be easily seen through the material of her top. Sheila watches her open her car door and drive off in a hurry. She couldn’t help but wonder where the tart might be going dressed like that.

“To each her own I suppose.” Sheila pours herself a cup of coffee. She walks over to her couch and turns on her television. She browses through the stations stopping on a daytime talk show. She reclines and settles in on the couch putting her feet up when a loud thump is heard at her backdoor.

“Hold on a sec I’ll be right there.”

She dashed to the back door in time to sees UPS truck drive off.

“Why is everyone in such a hurry this morning?”

Sheila opens the screen door sees a large package left by her door. She and picks it up. She notices it feels heavy. The recipient name on it is Sybil Grant.

“The deliveryman has messed up again. This is Sybil’s mail. ”

It wouldn’t be the first time Sheila has gotten Sybil’s mail by mistake. Just one or two pieces of junk mail every so often usually but never a package this large. Sheila chuckles when she sees the senders name.

“SECOND-SKIN RUBBER APPARELL. Sybil has ordered rubber clothing. What a freak she is.”

Sheila returns to her living room and puts the box on her coffee table. She settles in again to watching her show but finds herself distracted by the box. No matter how hard she tried to keep her eyes on the television she finds herself staring at Sybil’s package time and time again. She sits up and puts the box on her lap.

“I wonder what that Sybil ordered. If only I could see what‘s inside.”

Sheila puts the box down, goes into the kitchen and pours a fresh cup of coffee. She leans against the kitchen counter on her elbows as she sips the coffee looking at Sybil’s package. Her curiosity begins to get the better of her. She is curious to see the what sort of rubber clothes Sybil bought. Sheila tries to justify her next move.

“I could take a peek inside. I’ll just say the package was open already. That it was damaged in transit before it got here. That way I could take a look at what’s inside and put everything all back when I‘m done.”

She returns to the couch and begins opening the package from the side. She empties the box on the coffee table. There is a folded letter and six press closure plastic bags with a numbers on five of them and the sixth bag is labeled accessories. She reads the letter.

“Thank you Miss Grant for participating in our Second-Skin Rubber Apparel custom Rubber Fetish survey. Enclosed you will find your unique rubber outfit and accessories ready to wear. As discussed last week each item of clothing was chosen for you by computer based on the results of your own personal rubber fetish physiological assessment. For proper fitting each item must be worn in the order the bags are numbered. Use the enclosed B-Talcum powder to coat your skin before donning your items. After wearing your unique rubber outfit please complete part B of the survey and send to Second-Skin Rubber Survey Dept. P.O. Box 341 Baja California Attention Mrs. Dahlia Vickers.

“Lets see what this rubber outfit looks like.”

Sheila arranges the six bags by number on the couch. She opens bag number 1 and immediately smells a strong odor of rubber. She pulls out the item and unfolds it. She stares in shock.

“Oh my God. Rubber thong panties… with a dildo and butt plug?” Sheila notices there is something else inside the bottom of the bag. She shakes it and a small tube drops onto the floor. She reads the label.

“Ease-In Lube. A tube of lubricant just for the occasion how perfect”. She says with a laugh. Strangely Sheila finds herself repulsed and also excited by obvious implications of wearing such an item. What would it be like to be wear panties like these she wonders. What would it be like to let her inhibitions go just for a short time.? She stands and hold the briefs in front of her hips.

“I…I could probably fit these…” She ponders for a moment. Then as if waking from a trance she drops the panties on the table and plops herself down heavily on the sofa.

“Wait a sec, what am I thinking? I‘m not the kind of girl who wears stuff like this”.

She stares at the briefs.

“Sybil would wear those outlandish panties in a heartbeat.” She say angrily.

Then she understands her reaction. She’s jealous of Sybil. She hadn’t admitted that to her self until this moment. Sybil acts the way Shelia only wishes she could deep down inside. Sheila is terribly envious of Sybil’s boldness and open sexuality. Sheila spent her life working hard to be the good girl. Never trying anything out of the norm of what was expected of a good girl. Now she’s in a situation where she can have a taste of what it feels like to be the bad girl without anyone seeing her. With a burst of bravado she picks the panties up.

“You know what, I think I will try them on. They are made of rubber after all. I will simply wash them out and dry them off with a towel. No one will know.”

The excitement builds again at the idea of actually wearing panties made with things that will enter her body. To her surprise she begins to feel wetness in her crotch. She looks at her clock.

“Sybil usually returns home returns at 4:00pm. It’s 8:40am. Now so I have plenty of time to try it on and wash it before get back.”

Sheila takes off her robe and her underwear and puts them on the sofa. She looks over at naked body in her living room mirror and does a sexy pose. Her 5’ 7” figure is in great shape with curves in all the right places and no love handles. Something She is very proud of.

“I may not flaunt it like Sybil does but I do have a pretty nice bod if I do say so myself.”

Sheila sprinkles talcum powder into her palms and rubs it over her hips. Next she opens the lubricant and squeezes a good amount of the substance onto the dildo and the butt plug inside the rubber panties. First one foot then the other is places into the panties and Sheila wiggles some as she pulls the them up her legs past her thighs. Spreading her legs apart she gently pushes the dildo into her wet pussy. As it enters her Sheila shudders enjoying the feeling. Bending over slightly the excited girl presses the tip of the butt plug against her anus and pushes it slowly into her behind. It doesn’t go in as quickly as the dildo but Sheila continues applying pressure until it enters her ass all the way to its base. The feeling of it differs from the dildo but it is a pleasing sensation in its own right.

Grabbing the top of the panties on both sides Sheila pulls upward causing both inserts to settle deeply within her body sending a wonderful jolt of pleasure through her body.


Sheila looks at herself in the mirror again and pivots to the left and right running her hands over the surface of the rubber covering her hips, crotch and buttocks. The panties are skin tight. The shape of butt cheeks are well defined. She wiggles her behind. There is something about the rubber against her skin that she truly enjoys. The tightness of the material is a turn-on. She actually likes the way it feels. Smiling broadly Sheila picks up the bag marked number 2. She opens it getting another waft of rubber scent as she finds an over the breast rubber corset. It has a zipper in back and is made with a small holes in the cups that will leave the nipples exposed.

“Oh my God. How lewd. What the hell. I‘ll try it on too.”

Despite her repulsion Sheila reaches for the talcum and rubs the powder on her breasts, and torso. She works herself into the corset. Reaching behind her back she takes a deep breath and pulls the zipper upward but it will only close halfway. Sheila looks at how the corset is drooping off her chest.

“Hmm, I have an idea.”

Shelia steps towards the hall closet and her knees buckle from another serge of pleasure from the dildo and butt plug from her sudden movement moves.

“That felt really good. I could get to like these panties.”

Stepping slowly she walks to the closet and finds a wire hangar. Soon it is reshaped into small hook that she uses to grab the corset zipper hole. After taking another deep breath and holding it Sheila pulls the zipper closed all the way using the hanger. The tightness of the corset is incredible. Sheila looks at her waist. It’s now squeezed much smaller giving her a more pronounced hour glass shape. Her breasts are squeezed within the rubber cups with her nipples forced to protrude through the nipple openings dramatically. Sheila is embarrassed seeing that they are erect from her arousal.

She begins pinching them causing another burst of pleasure from her crotch and ass.

“Ohh… Being bad feels really good.” she chuckles and walks back to the couch and eases herself down onto the cushion. She’s eager to open the next bag.

The third bag is opened and Sheila smiles when she smells the now familiar rubber scent coming from it. She pulls out a larger item this time. It’s black rubber cat-suit that has breast form shapes made into the rubber and attached gloves, feet and even a hood.

“Holy Moly!” she says having never seen a cat-suit made like this before.

The hood has angled teardrop shaped eye holes and a round opening for the mouth that has a rigid ring embedded around the circumference of the mouth hole. The odd thing about the hood is that it has no nose holes.

“That’s strange. I suppose as long as I can breath though my mouth its ok to try it on.”

She applies talcum to her feet, and legs, points her foot and steps into the leg of the suit stretching the rubber over her right foot. The material squeezes her toes together as the rubber stretches tightly around her entire foot. She stretches the rubber up over her calf and up to her thigh. The same is done with her left foot and leg.

Tugging carefully and wiggling her hips Sheila works the tight rubber up past her hips and bends slightly to stretch the rubber over her buttocks. She feels the rubber adhere to her legs and rear end extremely tightly. She’s never felt anything this tight fitting before. She rubs talcum powder on her arms then puts her right hand into the cat-suit sleeve working her fingers into the attached gloves. The same is done with her left hand. She works the tight rubber up her arms and over her shoulders guiding her rubber covered breasts into the cat-suit’s breast form cavities.

Next is the hood. She gathers it up and pulls the hood over her face positioning the mouth ring and eye holes accordingly then stretches it over her head with a tug. Sheila carefully tucks her black hair into the hoods back opening. The cat-suit has two zippers one at the crown of the head and another at the base of her spine. She pulls hood the zipper downward slowly feeling the rubber stretch against her face flattening her nose little by little as she does. Then she had some trouble pulling the hood shut. Everything seems positioned correctly with mouth ring pressed flush against her lips but the zipper just wont budge any further. Then Sheila unconsciously opens her mouth as she pulls on the zipper and the stiff mouth ring to slips between her teeth. It’s new position allows her to close the zipper completely but she notices the ring is preventing her from closing her mouth and her nose now completely flattened and appears non existent beneath the rubber.

She looks at her face rubbing her gloves over her cheeks and forehead. Her grey eyes are framed by nicely by the hoods teardrop eyeholes. The tight hood is puling her face back a little making her eyes appear catlike. Her flattened nose makes her face appear strange with a gaping forced open mouth. She laughs hearing herself snort as her nose attempts unsuccessfully to take in air through the tight rubber pressing against it. She can see her tongue moving about within her open mouth as she tries to speak through the ring.


What a peculiar cat-suit she thinks to herself while running her fingers over the surface of her open mouth. Shelia reaches behind her back and works the lower cat-suit zipper closed pulling it upward as high as she can before using the wire hangar to pull the zipper closed the rest of the way. As it closes she feels her breasts being lifted slightly. After a few more tugs the cat-suit zipper meets with the hood zipper at the back of her neck. Sheila look at herself in the mirror. She doesn’t believe its herself she’s looking at covered in shiny black rubber. Her body proportions appears exaggerated to an extreme voluptuousness because of the tight corset beneath the cat-suit. She looks so bizarre but also very alluring.

She walks closer to the mirror. The dildo and butt plug inserts causing more wonderful erotic surges as her rubberized feet squeak on the polished wood floor with each step she takes. Sheila runs her gloved hands over her arms, chest, stomach and thighs enjoying the tightness of the rubber. She looks at her legs pointing her toes and flexing her thighs. The rubber moves with her muscles as if its part of her. She turns to look at her behind rubbing her gloves over the surface of her buttocks awed seeing how rubber has sunk deeply between the cleft of her butt cheeks and is flawlessly with absolutely no visible panty line. In fact she doesn’t see a corset line either. Everything is incredibly smooth. Sheila cannot believe how erotic wearing rubber makes her feel.

She doesn’t want to stop. Sheila returns to the couch and opens the fourth bag. Inside she finds a pair of red patent leather lace up ankle boots with the tallest heel she’s ever seen on any shoe.

It’s length looks to be at least 7” with the toe of the shoe pointing straight down positioned parallel to the entire length of the heel. She looks down into the right shoe to check the size. Sheila is elated to see they are a size seven. Exactly her size. She unlaces the right shoe and pointing her toes downward she pushes her foot into the shoe.

She laces it snugly around her rubberized foot. She puts on the left shoe and laces that closed too. She looks down at her feet amazed at how deeply her feet are arched. Holding onto the couch arm for support she carefully stands looking at her feet in the mirror. She loves how the new addition to this ensemble makes her legs look longer and sexier with her feet forced to point down like a ballerina. Cautiously she moves away from the couch and takes a few shaky steps across the floor. She walks back an forth getting accustomed to the feeling of walking with on the tips of her toes. She discovers that its easier to balance if she walks with her back straight and soon she is walking around the room more confidently. Watching her exaggerated form moving about in the mirror she is surprised at her ability to actually walk in such extremely high heels.

She stands with her hands on her hips admiring her newly rubberized body. She’s having a great time. There are still two more bags to open. Back to the couch she goes to see what’s in the fifth bag. She sits and takes out something that is neatly folded. Grabbing one end of it she lets it unfold in front of her. It’s a red rubber knee length dress slightly thicker in weight than the cat-suit. It also has attached gloves and it too has a hood. Like the cat-suit hood this one is also devoid of nose holes and but its eye and mouth holes are very tiny each no more than the size of a dime in width.

As she examines the hood she notices there is something firm inside of it behind the mouth hole. Sheila unzips the back of the hood and turns it inside out. She is shocked to see on the inner surface where the mouth will be is a penis shaped mouth piece with a breather hole through its center. Her eyes widen knowing this hidden phallus is positioned to go directly into the mouth when the hood is worn. It is then that she understands why the cat-suit hood has a stiff mouth ring. It’s made to be worn with the hood of this naughty dress.

She must try it on before she looses her nerve. She unzips the back of the dress and adds talcum onto the inside of it. Sheila puts her feet into the dress then stands up to works the rubber up thighs tugging and pulling the material carefully feeling tight rubber slowly pressing her knees and thighs together closely. The delightful sensations of the dildo and butt plug are felt with each tug as the rubber in stretched over her hips and buttocks. She looks down to see that her legs are sheathed in shiny black rubber from her knees to her waist. Sheila pulls the dress up over her torso and puts her arms into the gloved sleeves smoothing and adjusting the rubber as she goes. Soon her arms and shoulders are covered in another tight rubber layer.

Sheila gathers up the hood of the dress. She grasps the mouth plug in her hand and pushes it through the cat-suit mouth ring feeling the length of the plug pushing her tongue flat against the floor of her mouth as it completely fills her oral cavity. She pulls the hood up over her face adjusting and lining up the hoods tiny eye holes. Once properly aligned Sheila pulls the dress hood zipper closed behind her neck with a tug stretching the rubber tight against her face and drawing the plug deeper into her mouth. There is a click sound as the base of the plug becomes flush with the rim of the cat-suit’s mouth ring joining the two hoods together at the mouth. Sheila is startled by this unexpected coupling but relaxes when notices she can breathe just fine through the plugs inner hole. She foolishly tries to speak.


Her noises are nothing that even remotely resembles speech. How bizarre but exciting it all is to her. Sheila reaches behind her back and begins to zip up the dress. She gets the zipper up to the middle of her back drawing the rubber tighter across her torso and already pronounced breasts. She uses the hanger to hook the zipper claps and tug it upward until it closes meeting the dresses hood zipper. The rubber seems to stick to her even more as Sheila becomes hotter the layers of rubber. She can feel herself perspiring but is too turned on to remove anything just yet.

Anxious to see how she looks in the mirror Sheila takes a hurried step and stumbles grabbing the couch for balance. It’s difficult enough walking on the tips of her toes now she’s wearing a rubber dress so impossibly tight around her knees she can barely separate her legs to take a step. She attempts to walk again but this time she uses more exertion to stretch the rubber and separate her thighs enough to allow very short waddling strides. Its awkward but she is able to move slowly. Her hips swaying drastically in an effort to maintain balance on pointing feet. With great determination she finally reaches the mirror and looks at her self. Sheila is overwhelmed at her odd but very sexy appearance. The nondescript hood makes her look completely anonymous.

The small holes for her eyes and mouth do little to convey any emotion while the shiny skin tight rubber dress is further accentuating absolutely every curve of her body clearly makes a bold arousing statement. Shelia admires her erotic surreal form. She is now an enthralling rubberized female. She stares at herself feeling very naughty girl and very hot and bothered. She puts her hands on her tightly cinched waist and does a little hip gyrating mock dance.

Her sexy new rubber form moves erotically to unheard music as she wiggles turning her back to the mirror and flexes her round buttocks causing little tremors to course through the inserts in her ass and wet pussy. Shelia’s body twists sensuously teetering on her pointing feet as her breathing becomes rapid.


She cups her breasts and squeezes them. She could easily make herself orgasm with this outfit but stops herself. There is still one bag left to open. It’s the one labeled accessories. Sheila slowly makes her way over to the couch and opens the last bag. She finds three items. A leather studded collar, a wide leather belt and two pairs of handcuffs.

She examines the studded collar and belt. There is a shiny dog tag-like metal disc dangling from a the D-ring in front of the collar. It has the name SYBIL engraved on it in script lettering. It is peculiar in that it has only a single buckle hole and that locks closed with a small padlock through the buckle clasp. The studded waist belt very similar looking to the collar also having a single buckle whole with a padlock through its claps but its D-ring is located in back of the belt. She looks at the two pairs of handcuffs next. They are not identical. One pair has a single chain link connecting them together at its center while the other pair has a four link chain connecting them together. Sheila assumes the pair with the single link is for the wrists while the other with its longer chain must be for the feet.

Sheila contemplates trying on these new items clearly intended for bondage games. Worked up to an erotic frenzy Sheila decides to give the accessories a try. But safety first. Sheila holds the bag upside down and shakes it. Four keys drop out and bounce off of her lap. There are two padlock keys and two handcuff keys. She tests the padlock keys. The collar and belt locks open with ease with a quick turn of each key. She tests the handcuffs next opening and locking each pair effortlessly. Sheila leaves the key inserted into the handcuffs then locks them on her wrists with her hands in front of her. She immediately unlocks them very easily. She repeats this three times. She pauses for a moment then locks her wrists behind her back then after a few seconds unlocks her wrists easily. She repeats this several times with her hands behind her back until she satisfied she easily unlock her wrists in moments.

She’s ready to try the accessories on. The collar is first. She buckles it to its only hole feeling it tighten rather tightly around her neck. It’s a wide collar that is slightly wider taller front than it is in back. This shape forces her to tilt her head back to some extent after the collar is buckled. Sheila locks the small padlock through the collar buckle. It feels strange. She cannot move her head freely. It’s a little uncomfortably having her head fixed in one position but its bearable. The tags tinkle as she leans over to place the key on the coffee table. She tries on the belt next buckling it to its single hole cinches her already squeezed waist even more. She padlocks it and puts its key next to the collar padlock key. Now the ankle cuffs. She reaches down and locks the them one at a time around her ankles. She kicks her feet testing the limitations of the cuffs. Her pointing feet are now locked a about four inches apart.

Sheila makes sure the handcuff key is still safely inserted in its key hole then puts her hands behind her back and locks the handcuffs around her wrists. The excited woman is curious to see what she looks like in the mirror wearing Sybil’s rubber clothes and locked in the bondage accessories. Carefully she leans forward and positions her feet under her. She slowly stands. She begins hobbling towards the mirror. The ankle cuffs only allow small steps as she teeters across the room listening to her high heel point shoes clomping loudly against the wood floor.

Finally she reaches the mirror. Sheila is absolutely amazed at her helpless appearance. Covered completely in layers rubber from head to toe and now wearing bondage gear. Her arms handcuffed behind her back, her waist squeezed incredibly small, her flared round hips and thighs encased in a tight rubber dress balancing on the points of her toes with her ankles cuffed. Her truly erotic form along with the constant stimulation from her inserts is too much for Sheila to bare. She suddenly feels a huge orgasm building as she stares at herself rubberized helpless form in the mirror. She witnesses her body shiver and wobble as the orgasm hits her. Her sounds of pleasure are garbled because of the obstructions in her mouth .


Sheila can barely keep her balance. She staggered right a few steps then staggers to the left trying desperately not to fall. She knows she can’t stand on her feet with her legs shaking so much so she hobbles to the wall next to the mirror as fast as the ankle cuffs will allow and carefully leans her back against the wall. As she rides out the orgasmic waves Sheila suddenly feels her high heel feet slip out from under her on the polished wood floor. She falls landing hard on her on her buttocks with a bounce.

“GGGGHHMMMMFFFF!!!!!!!” she screams in pain.

Her pussy clamps tightly around the dildo as it shifts abruptly and her butt plug is driven painfully further up her ass as a result of the harsh impact. Sheila helplessly slumps over onto her side then flops onto her stomach in front of the mirror. To her utter surprise she feels a pain induced orgasm rapidly build. She clenches her fist as this new orgasm engulfs her entire body that is more powerful than her first . Sheila can’t believe the tremendously pleasurable sensations. Her body goes rigid from the intensity of it wracking her body repeatedly. Her head tilts back and her back arches while her pointing feet are six inches off the floor as she screams.


She wiggles and undulates trying to keep up with this orgasm that seems to have a will of its own as she feels herself becoming weaker and weaker. The room suddenly become darker and darker. Sheila faints. Her limp body twitches sporadically as she lays there in a rubberized helpless heap.


Hours later Sheila wakes to odd warm sensations throughout her immobilized body. She tries to move her head and turns her torso to her reflection and sees herself on her stomach on the her still encased in rubber from head to toe with her ankles and wrists cuffed behind her back. She feels she looks rather pathetic now and suddenly feels a little silly. She can barely move. Sybil’s uniform feels is very hot and is sticking against her skin like its been glued on. She has become aware of aches and pains now that the orgasms have passed. The collar and waist belt feel uncomfortably tight. Her forced open ringed mouth is causing an aching in her jaw now and the mouth plug feels as if it’s on the verge of choking her. The dildo and butt plug is making her pussy and anus feel unpleasantly sore. Her arched feet are throbbing within the point heels.

She’s really enjoyed the naughty experience especially the intense orgasms but Sheila is more than ready to get herself out of all of the layers of rubber and unlock her bondage. Her fingers feel for the handcuff key. A rush of fear overwhelms her when her when she cannot feel the key or even find the handcuff key holes. Sheila looks over at the mirror and bends her arms at the elbows to get a look at her cuffed wrists. Immediately she sees her mistake. In her haste she accidentally locked the handcuffs positioned in the wrong direction with the keyhole facing up instead of facing down towards her hands putting the handcuff key completely out of her reach. Sheila’s breathing becomes rapid with the reality that she is quite stuck. She feels like a fool for not being more careful. Sheila wishes now that she had never opened Sybil’s mail.

Sheila has no idea what to do next. She tries to calm down and think. If she can get to a her cell phone she can call for help. It will be embarrassing when they arrive to free her and see how she is dressed and bound but she has no choice. Her cell phone is in her bathrobe pocket on the couch so she must crawl to it. Sheila rolls to her left and begins wiggling her way back to the couch snaking her way on her side. With great difficultly she squirms inch by inch. The rubber dress grips the wood floor hampering her crawling even more so.

Finally she is between the couch and the coffee table. She rests for a moment she wiggles her body around until her back is against the couch. She bends her knees and pulls her feet up as far as possible then pushes off with her feet. She manages to get herself up and flop her body onto the seat cushions. She is bent at the waist on her knees with her breasts and face on the couch. She sees her bathrobe and inch squirms towards it. Sheila twists her body as she reaches out with her cuffed wrists trying to grab her bathrobe. Her fingers touch it causing the robe to slide off the couch towards the floor. She attempts to catch the robe and screams when she looses her balance and falls backwards. She lands on her back and hears a loud click sound. Sheila is unsure of what made the noise until she tries to move her hands away from her body but can’t. The handcuff chain link has somehow locked onto the waist belt D-ring during the fall restricting her hands even more.

“Mmmggh…mmffff…ggggmmm!!“ She tugs hard on the handcuffs but is unable to disconnect them from the belt.


Sheila panics struggling even harder to unhook her handcuffs from the belt but its impossible. She manages wiggle around and get her back against the couch and struggles back up onto the couch. Exhausted from the exertion she sits feeling lost and defeated wishing she had not opened Sybil’s mail.

Sheila is startled when she hears a car drive up. She positions her feet under her, leans forward and slowly stands up. The throbbing pain in her feet is becoming unbearable but she has to try to walk to the window anyway. Sheila hobbles awkwardly taking small careful steps not wanting to fall to the floor bound as she is. She reaches the window and through a small space between the curtain she sees Sybil’s car. She’s home early and she‘s not alone. She can see her talking to a man in her car. After some minutes they get out of the car and walk to the house. Sheila immediately recognizes the man who is dressed in a stylish grey suit. It’s Alex Duncan an outgoing hunk who Sheila was very fond when she first moved to the neighborhood some years ago. They dated a couple of times and Sheila had hoped their relationship would grow deeper over time. Unfortunately it never did but they remained casual friends. Sheila realizes has another option for freedom now. Somehow get over to Sybil’s house for help out of her rubber bondage. It’s another terribly embarrassing prospect but Sheila knows she brought it on herself.

She heads to her back door in the hope it is still unlocked after she retrieved the package earlier this morning. Painstakingly she hobble walks inch by inch past the living room towards her destination. Vibrations through her inserts from her hobbling has begun to trigger yet another orgasm. Sheila stops and concentrates on making the feelings subside. Her body balances precariously on unsteady pointing feet focusing of calming her breathing. Miraculously the orgasm stops but is not far from returning. She continues hobbling turning a corner onto a hall leading to her back door. Upon seeing it she thanks God that door is still open but unfortunately her screen door is closed.

Hobbling down the hall is exhausting and seems to take forever but finally she reaches the screen door. She rests for a moment looking into her back yard trying to ignore the fact that she is about to expose the bizarre way she is dressed to the entire block in broad daylight. There isn’t much she can do to avoid total embarrassment. She takes and breath then pushes carefully against the screen door. It opens and with her heart pounding she hobbles outside into the hot sun. The shiny black rubber uniform glistens in the daylight as her feet shuffle down a short concrete walk. She gasps as her orgasm is quickly building back up again. Sheila stops and rests her thighs against her backyard gate trying desperately to remain clam. She leans and shuffles her feet pushing the gate open and begins hobble walking down the street to Sybil’s yard next door.

She is fortunate that no one has seen her so far. The sun is making the rubber uniform all the more stifling. Sheila feels like she’s going to pass out from the heat but she continues hobbling. She reaches Sybil’s yard and twists her body to squeeze past the partially open backyard gate. Just as Sheila approaches Sybil’s back door the deep pleasurable sensations again return but this time much too rapidly for her to stop it them as before. She trembles desperately trying to keep her balance as her body yields to another intense orgasm. There is nothing Sheila can do as the orgasm reduces her knees to jelly her causing her body to spasm and loose all balance. Sheila tilts left and falls. Without arms to break her fall she collapses hard on the lawn with a dull thud and flops onto her stomach.

Within the house Alex has been watching Sheila since she stepped out of her backyard. He can’t believe what he’s seeing.

“Sybil. Come over here and take a look what I‘ve been looking at.”

“What is it?”

“It’s better that you see for yourself.”

Sybil goes to the back door and she freezes with shock seeing the rubberized bound figure undulating and wiggling on the lawn in her backyard.

“I don’t believe it. That’s the latex outfit I told you about. I was told it would arrive today. Who the hell is that wearing it?”

“It’s Sheila.”

“Sheila? Miss goody two shoes Sheila from next door? No way it‘s her.”

“I swear to you I saw her hobble right over from her house over to your back yard. It has to be Sheila. Look at her, she‘s having an orgasm on your lawn.”

“I’m sure she is. That outfit is designed to makes sure of that. Come on”

Sybil and Alex rush outside to Sheila. Sheila calls out to them.


“Alex can you carry her inside?”

“No Problem.”

Alex lifts up the trembling rubberized girl into his arms just as she passes out from her orgasm.

Sybil holds the backdoor open as Alex carries Sheila into the house.

“Where do you want her?”

“Put her on my bed upstairs.”

Alex quickly carries Sheila upstairs and lays her on Sybil’s bed on her side. Sybil examines the uniform. She sees her name on the collar tag. She rolls Sheila onto her stomach and checks the handcuffs.

“Can you go to her house and see if you can find the keys to these padlocks and cuffs? I need them to get her out of my uniform.”

Alex leaves.

Sheila sits on the bed looking at her sleeping rubber bound neighbor and shakes her head.

“I always suspected you were the nosy sort Sheila.”

Alex returns with Sybil’s opened package box and all the keys.

He hands the keys to Sybil

“This lock was turned in the wrong direction. It’s no wonder she came hopping over here. She couldn’t un-cuff herself.”

Sybil tries again giving the key a firm turn and Sheila’s right wrist springs free of the cuff.

“There. It worked.”

Alex watches as Sybil un-cuffs Sheila’s ankles and removes her point shoes from her rubberized feet. The waist cincher belt and the collar are removed next. She unzips the dress in back opening the hood and peels the rubber from Sheila’s head revealing her closed eyes beneath the cat-suit hood. Sybil gives the dress hood mouth piece a twist and tug and it disconnects it from the cat-suit mouth ring. She turns Sheila’s head to one side and pulls the penis plug out of her mouth bringing with it a cascade of drool out of the corner of the girl’s ringed mouth.

Sybil works the rubber dress off of Sheila’s arms and torso peeling the dress away slowly and carefully in order not to tear it. She lifts Sheila’s hips as she works the tight sheath down the sleeping girls thighs and soon the rubber dress is removed. Alex studies Sheila as she lays there wearing the skin tight cat-suit. A bulge forms in his pants upon seeing at how perfectly the rubber adheres to Sheila’s body delineating her erect nipples, full breasts and feminine curves. He had no idea she was built so well. Its like he’s seeing her with new eyes and he likes what he sees very much.

“She looks very nice in that rubber suit. It looks painted on her it‘s so tight.” Alex can’t help but comment.

“That’s because the rubber is purposely made a half size too small so it will stretch to fit for a tighter, smoother more natural appearance. Now could you and your erection wait downstairs while I get her out of this cat-suit?”

Alex grins sheepishly then closes the door behind him on the way out. Sybil rolls Sheila over and unzips the back of the cat-suit hood. She pulls the rubber off of Sheila’s face and carefully dislodging the ring from her mouth. Sheila’s black hair is damp and matted against her scalp. Sybil tugs the rubber off of Sheila’s arm, chest and body then works her legs and feet out of the cat-suit. Her skin is wet with perspiration. Next Sybil removes the rubber corset freeing the girls breasts from their rubber prison. Lastly Sybil pulls down the rubber panties and carefully extracts a very wet dildo from Sheila’s pussy and the eases the butt plug from her ass working the briefs down the girls legs.

Sybil covers Sheila with a blanket just as the girl begins to awaken. She is groggy and begins to focus on unfamiliar surroundings. The last thing she recalls is falling onto the lawn in Sybil’s backyard. Sheila touches her body and face with nervous fingers realizing she’s she finally free of the rubber uniform and can move again. She is very relieved. She wonders who removed everything. Sheila looks around and sees Sybil in the room gathering up the rubber outfit and bondage gear.

“Where… where am I?”

“Hi Sheila. You are in my bedroom. Go back to sleep and when you wake up take a nice warm shower and you‘ll feel like new. There is a bathroom right over there.” She says motioning to the right.

“I’m…I’m sorry…I…”

“We’ll talk about it later. Rest now.” she says as she leaves and closes the bedroom door.

Sheila turns over and then notices on the nightstand is the collar from Sybil’s outfit. Sheila stares at it reliving in her mind the wonderful orgasms she felt while wearing the rubber clothes. She smiles and drift’s to sleep.


Downstairs in her basement laundry area Sybil rinses out her uniform cat-suit in a sink using a spray hose. She is wearing a black scoop neck fishnet tank top without a bra and matching fishnet leggings with 5” high heel sandals on her feet . Her hair is gathered into a ponytail behind her head. Alex is with her putting the just washed hooded rubber sheath dress part of her uniform onto a plastic hangar and begins blow drying it for her.

“When I was told my latex outfit would arrive today I had no idea it would be delivered it to me while someone was wearing it.”

“I‘m surprised it was Sheila.” Alex says

“So am I. Usually if she gets my mail by mistake she brings it over to me. She has never opened anything before.”

“Maybe she just got curious.”

“Curious? Alex she didn’t just try on one item, she took the time to try on every piece of my uniform including the bondage gear. Did she ever have any kinky interest when you dated her?.”

“Not in the least. In fact she was somewhat plain. A real good girl.”

“Well I just peeled your plain good girl out of several layers of rubber a little while ago.”

“Yeah. She looked damn good in your outfit. I hope she continues exploring her rubber curiosity.”

“I BET you do!” she says as she flings water at him

Alex laughs then walks up behind Sybil pressing his body against hers. He takes her hands in his as she hangs her cat-suit up on the line. He hugs her waist and kisses her neck.

“Sybil, Sheila and I dated along time ago. It’s over and done. Besides I think you would look very sexy in only a fraction of all that rubber”. He says as he turns Sybil around facing him then kisses her passionately kneading her breasts tenderly in his large hands. He cups her buttocks in his hands lifting her slightly off her feet as they kiss. They embrace for a long hot moment. Sybil feels his erection grow instantly. Alex puts her down and turns her around. He takes hold of her arms and crosses her hands behind her back then ties and cinches her wrists tightly together with a rubber strip he takes out of his pocket. He takes out another rubber strip and ties and cinches her elbows together tightly so they touch behind her back forcing her breasts forward. He ties a longer rubber strip tightly around her waist knotting it at her belly button.

Taking the long loose end he pulls it down front deeply into her pussy and back up between her ass cheeks pulling her fishnets with it. He loops the strand over the rubber around her waist behind her back. He threads the length back down winding it around the rubber cinching her wrists. He pulls the rubber strip very tightly with a yank and ties it into a knot securing her bound hands firmly against buttocks. Once done he has created a very effective rubber crotch tie. Now with the rubber looped around her wrist bondage if Sybil tries to move her bound hands she will pull the rubber strip deeper into her pussy and ass.

He takes another long strip of rubber and ties it around he upper arms crossing the strip between and around her breasts securely pinning her arms tightly against her body. Alex kneels in front of her taking out three more rubber strips to begin cinch tying her legs together. One strip is tied around her upper thighs just under her butt cheeks, another is tied around knees and the third is tied around ankles. The tight rubber strips dig deeply into her flesh as she teeters in front of Alex. He steadies her.

“See what I mean. Do you see how sexy you look wearing just 7 strips of rubber.”

Sybil looks down at her helpless body then back up at Alex. He pulls her against him and kisses his bound girlfriend.

“Now lets make your mouth even more sexier.” He says as he takes from his jacket pocket a ring gag.

He holds it up to Sybil’s face and she opens her mouth obediently. Alex pushes the ring between her teeth and buckles it tightly behind her head. Sybil breathes rapidly through her mouth totally aroused by Alex’s impromptu bondage. He walks away from her and goes over to a shelf against the wall and returns with a roll of shrink pallet wrap. Sybil watches as he kneels down and begins wrapping the plastic snuggly around her ankles. He continues wrapping her slowly covering her bound legs inch by inch. She sees with excitement the plastic enveloping her lower legs, thighs, hips and torso.

Alex passes the roll over her breasts pressing them down slightly as he wraps the plastic around her body up to her upper shoulders. Sybil wiggles causing the plastic to make crinkly noises as Alex twists the roll and wraps her in a second layer going in the opposite direction from her shoulders down to her ankles before cutting the plastic from the roll above her high heel sandaled feet. With Sybil now wrapped tightly in two layers of pallet wrap Alex picks up the blow dryer and begins walking around her heating up the pallet wrap covering her. Its milky color quickly becomes clear and smooth as the heat shrinks the plastic very tightly around her body from her ankles to her shoulders. Alex stands back to look at his wrapped up and extremely turned on girlfriend.

“Do a turn for me Sybil.” he commands.

“Yesshhhh….Alllaaccckk…” she responds as drool begins to drip from her open mouth onto her plastic encased breasts.

Sybil pivots slowly giving Alex a splendid display of bound female plastic wrap mummification. As she rotates carefully on high heels she can’t help but move her bound hands thus causing constant tugs on her rubber crotch tie yanking it further into her wet pussy as the rubber slides against her puckering anus with each movement. She complete her turn then stops, out of breath from the constant crotch tie stimulation.

“Very good Sybil. A very erotic turn. You will be rewarded for pleasing me.”

He walks up to her and positions her on her knees. Alex takes the pallet wrap and begins wrapping Sybil from her shoulders upward around her neck then twisting it and passing wrap up over the top of her head back down under her chin several times before changing directions and then purposely pulling the pallet wrap tightly over her nose and eyes. He avoids wrapping her mouth and ponytail as he wraps more pallet wrap until he has completely covered her head and shoulders in two complete layers of plastic. Next he applies the hairdryer heat to shrink the plastic until it merges with the plastic at her shoulders and is visibly tighter, clear and smooth against her head and face.

Her features are slightly distorted from the tight wrapping compressing cheeks and flattening her nose. Alex is turned on knowing she is unable to see and her only means of breathing is through her mouth. Sybil breaths heavily through her gaping mouth as she feels Alex unfastens her high heel sandals and removes them one by one. He lifts her ankles and begins wrapping her fishnet feet together with pallet wrap. Beginning at her toes he winds the plastic upward around her feet all the way to her calves then twists the plastic and wraps back down to her toes covering her feet in a second snug layer. The hair dryer is applied and her feet wrappings shrink and merges with the her leg wrapping becoming smooth, clear and as tight as the rest of the plastic covering her. Alex becomes very excited seeing Sybil mummified in plastic from head to toe kneeling before him with her wet mouth wide open waiting for her reward.

He quickly unbuckles his trousers and lets his pants and underwear drop to his knees. Sybil imagines his throbbing erection is inches from her ring gagged mouth as he holds her head steady using her ponytail. Sybil jerks out of excitement as the head his penis is felt entering into the ring gag. She feels the veins of his stiff penis sliding over the surface of her tongue as it is pushed further and further into her mouth. Soon her flattened nose comes in contact with his lower abdomen and she jerks again when she feels the tip of his dick touch her throat.

He senses her limit and stops pushing and holding her head still for a moment allowing her to adjust to this fleshy intrusion before slowly pushing his penis in a little more. She can feel the full length of his penis swell her mouth filling the entire circumference of the ring gag blocking her air. Immediately she opens her mouth wider to breathe around his penis. Alex then begins a pumping action thrusting his penis in and out of her mouth rhythmically. She is completely powerless as he fucks her forced open mouth with each thrust cutting off her air for short moments.

His pumping increases and Sybil struggles to keep pace and take in air in-between each rapid thrusting motion. She knows he’s about to cum. Suddenly Alex grabs the back of her head with both hands and presses her face firmly against his pelvis as he ejaculates a full load of cum into her mouth. She feels the hot liquid squirting down her throat over and over until it becomes a trickle. He feels her twitching desperate for air totally at his mercy. The power he has over her drives her to an orgasm even without air. Sybil tenses her body. Desperately her nose snorts but no air gets into her lungs. Only when he senses she is about to panic does he abruptly wrench her mouth off of his dick with a hard yank of her ponytail.

“AAAhhhhggkkkkk…ggaahhhhhhkkk” she blurts out.

She inhales deeply with hacking coughs as drool and cum strands stretch between her open mouth and his pulsating penis. Her body spasms and twitches as she takes repeated deep gasps of air. Alex eases her down onto the carpet on her stomach letting his female mummy enjoy her breath play induced orgasmic waves wiggling sensuously facedown on the floor. More drool and cum drip from her ringed mouth.

“Hmmm… I can’t have you drooling all over the place.” he says as he takes one last item out of his pocket

It’s a white rubber bathroom sink stopper plug with drilled out hole through its center. Just above this hole is a silver d-ring connected to it in front. He turns her head to the side and wedges the stopper into her ring gag using a firm press using both thumbs. The rubber stopper forms a perfect tight seal within the ring gag. He winds pallet wrap around her mouth covering the stopper quickly and tightly with many turns. Sybil immediately kicks her feet jerking frantically when her air is suddenly cut off but soon calms down after Alex use his pen point to poke a hole through the plastic covering the stopper hole.

Alex carefully heats the wrap making it shrink tight becoming clear and smooth. Now Sybil further sealed in plastic with only the small hole in the stopper to breathe through. He loves how sexy she looks mummified. He stands over her watching her cocooned body become still with only slight flexing of her wrapped feet and toes as he pulls up his clothes and buckles his trousers. He leaves her to recover and turns to leave the basement. Alex stops dead in his tracks when he sees Sheila sitting quietly on the basement steps watching him. She’s wearing only a towel around her body and her hair is wet having recently taken a shower. He glances back at Sybil’s mummified figure then walks over to Sheila.

“How much of that did you see?”

“Every bit of it.” she responds with a whisper.

“It’s called mummification fetish… Sybil and I have rather extreme sexual habits.”

“I’m sure I don’t know the half of it.” she giggles.

Alex smiles.

“How long will you leave her like that?”

“Long enough for her to recover fully. ”

“I’ve never seen anybody wrapped up like that before. Do you mind if I take a closer look at her? ”

“Not at all Please do.” Alex says with pride.

Sheila walks over to Sybil and looks down at her examining her mummified body, the cocooned girl squirms sporadically in the tight plastic. Sheila kneels down next to Sybil and sits back on the heels of her bare feet. Her hand rest her thighs as she simply stares with awe at her neighbor‘s incredible bondage. Up close she can see just how tight the plastic is surrounding her. It reminds her how meat is wrapped up and displayed in supermarkets.

“My goodness she’s really wrapped up awfully tight isn’t she.?”

“Yes she is. Its what makes mummification a thrill. The complete and total immobility of the body.”

Sheila reaches her hand out to touch Sybil but hesitates. She looks up at Alex.

“Will I wake her up if I touch her?”

“She isn‘t actually asleep. She’s in subspace.”


“It’s the point during the climax and immediately following her orgasm before she recovers. Its dream state but a highly pleasurable one where her body is still experiencing many orgasmic sensations well after the orgasm has actually passed. It lasts for several minutes sometimes more depending on the bondage. It even happened to you when you had your orgasm on the lawn wearing Sybil’s uniform.”

“I’ve never felt orgasm like that before. It was amazing.”

Sheila touches Sybil’s back. Her body is warm. The plastic has fogged down her back and between the crack of her ass from her perspiration She runs her hand along her neighbors arms and along the back of her leg downward over her lower legs rubbing the smooth plastic covering the soles of Sybil’s wrapped feet. The plastic is very tight uniformly all over her entire body.

“Do you want to give her another orgasm?”

Sheila is shocked.

“What? Me give her an orgasm…?”

“Yes. With her helpless like that she is powerless to prevent it. All you need is one finger of your hand.”

Sheila stares at Alex totally confused but very curious about what he’s saying.

“One finger… and she will orgasm…?”

Alex nods and smiles then walks over to Sheila and rolls Sybil face up, lifts her and places her head onto Sheila’s lap.

“I want you to press your finger tightly into the stopper plug hole and don’t remove it until I say so. Understand?”

“Yes, but she won’t be able to breathe if I cover the hole…”

“That’s the point. It’s called breath play and believe me she will orgasm in no time from it.”


Sheila looks down at Sybil’s plastic covered face.


“Watch her stomach and wait for her to inhale then insert your finger firmly into the stopper hole.”

Sheila watches Sybil breathing closely. She inhales and Sheila inserts her finger tightly into the stopper breather hole. Sheila twitches the instant her air is cut off. The nipples of her breasts become erect through the plastic. She begins wiggling and moaning. Alex looks at his watch and waits for ten seconds before telling Sheila to pull her finger out of the hole. Sybil gasps and squirms. Her chest heaving.

“Is, is she ok?”

“She is. Now do it again.”

Sheila waits for Sybil to inhale then plugs the breather hole with her finger again. Sheila glances over at Alex who is looking at his watch. Sybil becomes frantic, bucking and struggling. After 20 seconds Alex tells Sheila to remove her finger. Sybil gasps and trembles, wiggling and moaning in Sheila’s arms.

“She’s going wild…”

“One more time to make her orgasm. Don’t remove your finger until I say so.”

Sheila times Sybil’s inhales then shoves her finger into the stopper hole again. Alex watches the time. Sybil struggles energetically, she tries to sit up but Sheila easily, controls her. The mummified woman arches her back jerking and trying to kick her feet. She begins trying to turn her head and twist her body fighting for air. More than thirty seconds pass.

“Alex she needs air can I remove my…?”

“No! not yet.”

Sybil’s body goes stiff her head back and her feet pointing her entire body trembling as her flattened nose snorts.

“Now! Remove your finger.”

Sheila yanks her finger away and Sybil gasps loudly exploding into a back arching orgasm. Sheila has to really hold on to her so she won’t fall from her lap as Sybil’s wrapped body wiggles and undulates and trembles as she moans sensuously in Sheila’s arms. She looks over to Alex.


“Yes, she’s there now. You did well.”

Alex lifts Sybil up and rolls her face down again. Sheila looks at Sybil’s heaving twitching wrapped body and flexing toes. Sheila doesn’t understand why but she finds herself wondering what it feels like to have an orgasm wrapped up like that.

“Would you like to try being mummified?”

The question startles and embarrasses Sheila. She avoids answering directly.

“Why do you ask?”

“It’s because of the way you were looking at her just now. I know that look. You want to know what its like to be wrapped up so you can’t move don’t you.?”

Sheila becomes very flush in the face. And stands up quickly. She walks towards the stairs.

“I… I just came down here because I don’t have any clothes to wear back to my house. I was hoping to borrow something from Sybil…. and you have me doing this breath play thing on Sybil…. I was..”

He gently takes hold of her hand. He feels it trembling.

“Shhhhh… its ok.“ He looks right into her eyes. Sheila looks back into his eyes and can’t seem to look away.

“You don’t have to be afraid or embarrassed. I’ll make sure your very first mummification is pleasant for you. I’m sure you are just a little curious about it”

Her heart races with mixed feeling of excitement and apprehension.

“Well… I… yes… I am a little curious honestly…”

“Then you should try it Sheila. I guarantee you will enjoy it.”

Sheila looks back at Sybil’s mummified body.

The thought of actually being mummified secretly makes Sheila feel aroused. She inadvertently squeezes his hand when Sybil goes to a frenzy of struggling suddenly.

“Mmmmff… GGrmmmmGG!!!!!!”

Sheila yanks her hand out of Alex’s palm as they see the wiggling mummy is lifting her head up calling out to Alex.

“MMfff!!!… MMMFFF!!!”

“She ok?”

“Yes. She’s just eager to be freed.”

He picks up a pair of safety scissors and kneels next to Sybil.

“It will take me a few minutes me to cut her free.”

“I’ll wait upstairs”.

to be continued...

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