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The Wishing Stone 2: Paradise Lost

by Darqside

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© Copyright 2006 - Darqside - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; slave; magic; transform; cons; X

story continued from part 1

The Wishing Stone Part 2: Paradise Lost

In the words of the revered Popeye, “It was all I could stands and I couldn’t stands no more!”

I was on the brink of bashing my face in with my easel as my frustration and sexual anguish both agonized and terrorized me.

It had been two weeks since Pussy Slave had given me the Wishing Stone, the stone that by rights should’ve been the rightful property of Samantha Parson…the woman seemingly trapped in Pussy Slave’s over-sexed body.

She was indeed a Pussy Slave in every single aspect.   The Zen of her climax forced her to always arch with her back, breasts up and forward, and bend with her hips.  She walked on the very tips of her toes permanently and naturally like a ballet dancer.  I had noticed that this was because she had taken to wearing full-length rubber leg ballet-boot ultra-heels (at last count a staggering 10 Inch Steel Extended Ballet-Boot Heel) just to compensate for her body’s torment.  I was shocked she could even maintain balance.  The boot-heels of course were the key to the delicate balance of her hobbling, as they were tightly secure and locked her knees in tight flawless rubbery pillars of beauty.  But in fact her center of gravity lie directly on her pussy, so any movement she made triggered it like a hydraulic set of 1600 horsepower engine pistons, the very concept of a dildo now becoming a foreign and obsolete term to her.  The invisible force that constantly overpowered her body, yet never released her from consciousness, made her jut her pussy outward, swaying  her hips and pelvis to and fro when she walked in tight 10 inch strides.  She wasn’t even wearing a hobble dress or chains at all.

She was cursed with a constant flow of cum, no other inner fluids, and she was never dry.  Her voice had a tendency to be giggly and lackadaisical with tiny slurps, hisses, and moaning when she spoke.  I had somehow managed to bypass the constant cumming problem by creating a special catheter seal across her wet pussy.  It would slowly catch the fluids and two small tubes wrapped around her waist (well hidden in layers of her corset rubber) would feed her fluid into a pair of small pouches at her thighs.  I developed a system that whenever the pouches were full, a special variant on the chastity belt, with a locking mechanism of sorts. But this one designed to tighten around her hips when the bags were full, drawing her legs together ever so slightly.  The pouches themselves had an extra safety chamber built in them that prevented overflow during the changing process.  It wasn’t quite like changing a diaper, but as I learned how to be more efficient at changing the pouches, I taught her how to do so, as the slight tightening of her hips had the effect of causing her to teeter about the house (something she didn’t like to experience often as it made her dizzier than she normally was).

It was amazing but, Samantha Parson’s house was filled with a warehouse’s supply of bondage and latex equipment.  Nothing I would personally want to try on myself, as it seemed to be all dedicated to the female anatomy, but to Pussy Slave, it was heaven.  It was as though Samantha had prepared Pussy Slave for being created from the very beginning.  There was even a huge stockpile of catheters, pouches, and tubes, as well as a number to call if she ran out of stock.  This woman could’ve only been best described as a rubber girl-scout.

But this lead me to wonder, what sort of life had Samantha been leading before it was lost?  Before she became the drooling pussy-fied creature that lived to serve me and me alone…Whose only solace, if you could even call it that, was in having sex with me.

“Master, Pussy Slave is wondering why you haven’t made a wish yet.”

At the time she was wearing some odd combination of her usual 10-inch ballet-boot rubber heels, latex chastity belt, tight rubber corset with cups around her breasts, this all interlocked with long rubber-sleeved gloves that wrapped around the shoulders, over the top of the corset, and tightly locked itself around her neck.  She playfully referred to this as her “Pussy-suit” as it wasn’t quite a cat-suit, but it had all her cum-draining equipment built into it.  This quite literally served as a form of protective undergarment, which she habitually wore under all her fashion.

Over this she wore what appeared to be a Furisode, a rubber kimono shined to black perfection, with a visible red rubber Nagajuban beneath this.  Beneath that was a similarly black rubber Hadajuban-Susoyoke ensemble.  This was literally locked into place by some sort of red Obi-Chastity belt hybrid.  Even her golden hair had several black combs and hairpins raising her hair in a large tight loft.  The sleeves of the Furisode hung in shiny red and black rubber drapes about 2 feet off the ground or more.

Of course she somehow managed to accentuate this with shiny black lipstick and a form of reddish eye shadow.  Her lips pursed into an O when she spoke.

“Does Master like what he sees?  Pussy Slave will try anything on for Master!”

Of course I adored it.

I have never made it a habit of visiting a woman’s closet, but in the case of Pussy Slave, I made exception.  It felt like I was stepping inside Narnia, her rubber wardrobe was vast and diverse.  The outfits were formal or informal, even casual for hot summer days.  Sometimes they were multi-cultural.  She even had a custom-tailored black rubber Islamic Burqa…which I’m sure many men over there would’ve shouted Jihad over.

It was strange, but when she had said she would throw out her normal clothing, she literally wasn’t kidding.  Nearly every garment in the closet, neatly folded, hanged, or mounted was made of latex rubber.  I don’t recall ever going shopping with her in public, and it was always torture for her to stay at home when I went grocery shopping.  The fact her wardrobe was large, and that the vast majority of it was rubber said something about her personal finances.

Even stranger, but on nearly a daily basis, I checked her mail (since I was living with her and technically the caregiver and custody responsibility fell on my shoulders, so it wasn’t a federal offense) to find a check for $5,000.  The checks weren’t checks per se…but they were receipts that stated all the money was in her personal bank account.  Additional mail was sent along with these statements about automatic transfer of funds to certain bill agencies.  Near as I could tell, this house was completely owned, bought, and paid for by her.  And she had previously told me she was on the verge of killing herself?

It was on a somewhat rainy day I receive and signed for a packaged addressed to Samantha Parson.  Opening it when in the house, I discovered it was another series of latex garments.  The sender was anonymous, as no return address was listed.  There was also an additional check receipt forwarded to her account for $5,000.

Even though for the most part the house was fully stocked with food and supplies, all provisions tend to come out of my wallet.  So it came as a surprise to me that she was well financed, even in her “condition”.

Doing a little snoop work, I had found her bank account number, pin, as well as her card.  Knowing full well that she was incapable of doing any investments anytime soon, I decided to call the bank that afternoon.

“Hello, I’m calling on behalf of Samantha Parson; I wish to request a Balance Statement?”

“Sir, might I ask who is speaking?”

“Oh no!” I thought, if they did a security check on me and thought I’d stole her bank card, I’d get arrested, or worse!

“Um, my name is John Reeves, Samantha Parson is currently indisposed for an undisclosed length of time and she asked me to check up on her personal account.”

“If I could enquire, sir, are you currently in residence with her?”

“Um…yes I am.” I couldn’t believe how forthright and honest I was in responding.

“Sir…I have been advised previously in a written statement by her, that should anyone call on her behalf, I should immediately forthwith transfer account information and financial equity control over to the person in question.”

“I’m not sure I follow you.” I said, somewhat confused.

“She is a very large member of the bank community, so it was a personal request on her part that should any male party request implicitly about her current account balance, specifically on her behalf, while living in residence with her; I was to transfer control of her account to the man in question.  It is, as you say, you’re lucky day…”

“I suppose it is.” I said calmly.

“You’re new account balance comes to…500 Billion.  This of course does not include the bonds, jewelry, or personal bank investments, as always, I am advised to inform you that your current investment in Rubberize Incorporated Stock has climbed to 5000 times its value.  All asset control will now be under the name of John Reese in the name of Ms. Parson.”

A lump caught in my throat as he said this.  We had been living off my grocery money for the past 5 weeks.  And even though I have a rather decent income…it paled in comparison to this.

“T-Thank you…that will be all.”

“I understand it is a bit shocking, isn’t it?” The clerk sounded like he was grinning from ear to ear in the phone. “Of course I assume you yourself have a large investing responsibility to take care of Ms. Parson’s assets as you will be doing in the near future.  The granddaughter of the Founder of Rubberize Incorporated, the multi-billion-dollar global industry most certainly has much to do.”

“Ah…yes.”  I felt my knees begin to buckle as I hung up the phone.

It explained all the receipts, the package with new rubber garments in it…and the vast wardrobe.  I had enslaved the most beautiful and wealthiest woman on the face of the earth!  And all she could do was cum, stroke her pussy, and call me Master…

Hobbling up to me, she asked me again, very insistent this time, although very sexily.

“Master!  How come you haven’t made your wish yet?”

The subject always returned back to that blasted Wishing Stone…I was at my wits end.

Now, financially speaking, I could have anything I wanted.  And I felt as though I didn’t deserve any of it.

“Master?  Do you not like how Pussy Slave looks?”  Her lips curved into a sexy pout as she took my hand and began to gently suck on my finger.

“No, it’s not that…” I stated flatly.

In fact it was much more than that…the stone terrified me.  I was afraid that should I wish for something else I might end up ruining someone else’s life.  I didn’t want that.

“I’m sorry, Pussy Slave…it’s just I need to finish my art project.”

“Pussy Slave understands, Pussy Slave will finish posing for Master.”

In fact that was the whole purpose of her wearing the rubber kimono.  I had managed to set up a small studio inside her house…by her personal begging request of course.  She had actually performed something called a “back prayer” to me as a means of asking for me to set it up in her home.  I had no idea she was so flexible.

The truth of the matter was…I was getting artistically frustrated with my work.  Certainly it was progressing well as far as art could be determined…but it seemed rather…lifeless.  Of course I was thoroughly satisfied with the model herself, but the essence of my project…The Final Woman, was far from complete in the truest sense of the word.

I had drawn several very epic styles of art depicting the woman I virtually obsessed over.  The first image depicted was that of a woman’s sex…but the shape of it was what I referred to as “lovingly distorted”.  It was a vulva, but at the same time it hung limply outside the body like a penis.  It was twice as long as most penile lengths get, and twice as wide.  The details that shown were rippling telescoping muscle tissue, and the clitoris appeared as a long shaft of flesh along the top of it.  Some could refer to it as a Penile-Vagina.  It could both penetrate and be penetrated, the epitome of phallic symbols.

The next piece of artwork I had done was also rather unorthodox, it portrayed a woman posing while stretching her butt-cheeks wide…instead of an anus inside the cleft of her cheeks, a large vagina was in place.  If one examined the piece further up, one could see that her face was turned behind her.  Her lips, including her nasal passages were all shaped like vaginal circles.  Every orifice on her body was a vagina…

This occurred to me to be a recurring theme.  I continued to draw another solid sketch…this of a woman facing the front with her abdomen the center of the page.  Her navel was depicted as a large vagina above her own, and her body detailed as slick black latex.

Unresisting myself, I decided to draw a more detailed depiction of the woman’s face.

Her hair was a deep rubbery sheen, her eyes black shiny orbs, and her lips in a sideways slit of vaginal pleasure complete with clitoris although the outer lips retained the same shape as that of a normal sexy pair of lips.  Her nasal passages also depicted in the same manner of shiny black rubber.

Lastly I drew instead of nipples upon the obsidian breasts, but a pair of deep, smiling O shaped lips on each nipple.  The roundness of it was large enough to put one’s fingers through yet was blocked by a wall of black rubber, holding the breasts tight and firm.

In another picture, I drew something similar yet very different.  In this picture I depicted a woman who sat naked upon a bench, fingering her clit and her breast, but the picture was quite different that most people might expect.  Her breasts and vaginal areas were all exact duplicates of her face, eyes, nose, and mouth…especially the mouth…instead of fingering her vagina…she was sticking a finger inside an additional mouth she had. The lips were drawn with voluptuousness in mind.  Her cupped breast was depicted as sighing in comfort as though some handsome man were stroking her face gently, while the other breast had the look of cooing and on the verge of climax.

My drawings continued to take shape in this manner…trying to capture the essence of what the Final Woman would be depicted as...

My next picture was that of a single woman wearing a rubber dress standing in a busy crosswalk.  She was surrounded by men of determined size and shape.  Each and every man was looking at her with lust in his eyes…as though she were the last woman on the face of the earth.

The next image, painted, was that of a pregnant woman giving birth…however the view was from the front…but inside her open vulva, instead of the usual crowning…a blonde haired woman’s head…exactly identical to the woman giving birth was coming out.  Both appeared to be climaxing simultaneously…I had also depicted it so that the newborn woman’s body appeared to be melting away from her “mother’s” body…as though the two of them were a Paramecium Cell that had just split from itself.

The latest piece, an ink printing, portrayed a woman touching another woman’s breasts, but it appeared as though the second woman were slowly fusing with the first.  It appeared as a form of reverse-birth as it were.

And then finally…out of sheer desperation…I began to draw Pussy Slave in her latex kimono.  It draped across her body with so much shiny enthusiasm.  The only revealing pieces of flesh that appeared upon her body were her face and hair from her neck up.  The rest was a mesh of rubber and more rubber.  The inversed U-shaped ballet-heels stood steady, natural, and rock-still as she posed, the strength of her en point toes were probably capable of lifting and supporting at least 300 lbs easily, a testament to at least 10 to 12 years in heel training…either that or a really insane ballet class.

When finished with the sketch, I liberally applied a form of colored penciling and some water to spread the colors evenly.

I collapsed in sheer fatigue in my chair nearby.  Leaving the artwork to dry and settle on its paper.  Pussy Slave saw I was finished and looked at me gingerly.  Hobbling over to me via her pointed heels she quietly knelt down by me and leaned her head gently on my hand.  I felt the urge to caress her face growing as she gazed deeply in my eyes.  I could tell her face was flush with frustration at not currently having sex with me.  If she wasn’t having sex with me, she wasn’t happy.  She began to gently lick my hand and wrap her tongue around my fingers…

Was it me or was her tongue longer than usual?  The look on her face was as though she were licking ice cream of the most delicate chocolate.  She slowly devoured every taste of my hand in her mouth.  Her eyes closed slowly as she slowly licked my hand…gently and softly she drifted downwards.

Ever so softly, ever so slowly, she unzipped my jeans and pulled open my briefs to find my pulsing red member there.  It felt as though my heart sank right into my pants as the blood pressure steadily thudded in my lower portions.

First her tongue wrapped itself around my cock, spiraling for what seemed like an eternity.  Then her mouth, starting with the edge of her lips, came into contact with the tip of my penis.  As her lips applied gentle pressure, I felt it stiffen even more.  She let her lips press slowly on the tip, as if kissing my member deeply and passionately.  Then, ever so slowly, she continued to press her lips on my member till they parted.  Smoothly, her lips found themselves at the base of my penis and became the ultimate natural cock sheath as her lips stretched across the length of the shaft.

When I was inserted into her mouth, she used her tongue to lick the underside of my shaft so that it began to warm up from the mild friction.  I felt myself begin to cum, and at that instant her lips became firm.  I could feel her breath inhale my semen.  She sucked on it like a straw, it felt so great.  I began to lose myself…the climax inside me was at a strong build.  Noticing this, she tightened her lips around my cock and would not let go, trapping my member in her pink orifice.

I felt myself involuntarily rock back and forth inside of her…spasming as she continued to drink my essence greedily.  Each spurt of cum she drank drained me of energy.  Like some sort of bloodthirsty vampire, she swallowed up what had been my conscious thought.  I was thinking of something…muttering something about desiring the Final Woman.

She moaned in stereo with me, but I would be the one who would collapse.

I passed out, pure and simple.  When I awoke, I found myself lying in her bed…although it had slowly become our bed in the course of time I was here.  Well actually, by her determination, I wasn’t in bed.  I was just lying in part of the bed.

Pussy Slave insisted that she was my bed, and that I always put my cock inside her before I go to sleep.  At first I was unwilling, but as the days continued, she began to whimper and moan, deep into the night.  I found myself having trouble sleeping…so I complied, much to her pleasure.

I caught her standing and looking in the mirror nearby, holding up the wishing stone up to her neck.

“Pussy Slave has a wish she wants to grant to Master, but doesn’t know if it will come true.”

I was afraid of that.  Some dark gears were churning in that Pussy-infested mind of hers.  And considering that I was lying on my back, a good ten feet away from where she was, next to the mirror.  I could only imagine what was going on in her mind.

“Pussy Slave figured out how Wishing Stone works…Master got Master’s wish because Master was looking in the mirror while wishing.  The Wishing Stone flashed and granted Master’s wish that way!”

It slowly clicked on in my head that that had been the reason why my wish worked so well…the flash of light hit the mirror and somehow the light hit Samantha, causing the wish to be granted.

“Pussy Slave will now make Master’s wish come true!” She declared defiantly.

In a panic I tried to stand up, but realized that while I was sleeping, she had tied my hands in straps to the bed.

“That tricky minx!” I thought.

“Pussy Slave is sorry for doing this to Master, but Master wouldn’t try to wish Master’s wish on his own…”

“I don’t know what you’re planning on doing, Pussy Slave, but you’d better stop it, right now…Master commands it.”

“Pussy Slave is willing to take whatever punishment Master has in mind…as long as Master gets his wish!” she began to smile softly while glancing at the mirror at my reflection.

Taking a deep breath while staring at the mirror at herself and the stone, myself helpless to stop her…she made her wish.

“Pussy Slave wishes she could become Master’s Final Woman!!!!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

Before I knew it, a bright flash flooded the room.  I was blinded by the sudden burst of light, which left an afterimage in my vision.  After the blurriness cleared, I looked up to see Pussy Slave was hovering over me.  She was smiling so brightly, I had no idea what was going on.

She took the straps off my wrists so that I could sit up.

Slowly she stripped down to nothing, as if anticipating the results of whatever her wish entailed.  At first all I could see of her was that she was cumming on the floor like always…which perturbed me, but then a wave of dizziness hit her and she tumbled into my arms on the bed.

Her breathing had slowed to a halt…as had the cumming.  I was worried for a moment, but then I saw something I didn’t expect.  Her breasts began to grow and inflate like some sort of large balloons, but filled with something.  Shapes and bumps began to appear on them that resembled that of a human face.  Two sets of eyes appeared on her breasts which opened and then instantly glanced at me…patches of flesh sank and melt downwards to form a pair of noses on each breast…then below that a pair of pink lips formed and separated, forming an O at the apex of where her large breast once was…the lips themselves seemed to have a two-part appearance to them.  First that the upper portion of the lips appeared to be those of a woman…but the sides and inside the lips now took the more familiar shape of a vagina.

I heard gentle moans come from each breast as the two living breasts came to orgasmic life.

I quickly glanced down to her abdomen to find it was slowly becoming firm and smooth to the touch.  Her navel closed shut into non-existence, and in its place a slit opened then spread into yet another Vaginal O shape this also appeared to have nose and eyes and lips as well...

I heard her voice spasm and shake while her breasts echoed the sentiment.  Looking up at her face, her eyes were fluttering rapidly as her mouth and nose slowly developed vaginal properties.  She now moaned softly with a “Mwuh,” sound.  When her mouth opened, it spread wide like the widest circle I had ever seen…but when it closed, her sexy lips pursed shut and not a single aspect of the vagina could be seen.

By then she had slowly awakened and began to observe her own transformations.  They were slow in coming, but she could see each and every aspect of them taking hold.

She motioned for me to look down at her vulva and anus.  Her anus had eyes, nose, and mouth as well…the lips shined a glossy color of pink as her anus virtually grinned at me.  But the topping on the cake came when I saw the transformation to her vagina.

At first it sealed itself shut to reform…she gave a guttural moan during the process…it then opened even wider than it had ever been before…perhaps big enough to fit two large baseballs inside at the same time on top of the other.

Eyes and nose appeared afterwards…lips forming on the top and bottom of the vagina.  It began to smile at me…the smile grew bigger, but as the smiling face continued to smile…it got closer.

I blinked.  Was I seeing things…?

The vaginal face that appeared extended itself a full three feet away from her pelvis.  A long shaft at the top of its shiny head with a long strip of stretched flesh that I could only assume was the clitoris.

I greeted it by touching it gently.  It moaned in response and shuddered.  A chain reaction was triggered, as then the semi-muffled anus moaned, followed by the stretched face on the navel, and then the twin moans of the breasts, finally ending in a rocked orgasmic scream from Pussy Slave herself…her voice sounded rounded and enclosed…as she could only form mooing sounds from her lips.

Each mouth on her body screamed and moaned repeatedly…like a symphony of orgasms she would’ve lost her balance and crashed to the floor had I not been holding her hand.

After her body seemed to stabilize…another transformation began to take place!

I wasn’t sure what to make of it, until I heard the cock/vagina/face panting heavily…it started gurgling…it began to dribble some black fluid from its mouth, which was immediately released as though she were ejaculating right then and there with a penis of her own!

But instead of firing off in spurts, the black fluid began to wrap itself around the face like a kind of layered gel.  The tan of her skin was being swallowed by the blackness…even the lips of the pussy turned black.  The fluid turned into an ocean and began to flow from the mouth all the way down the long shaft, coating every inch of it in shiny blackness…it slimed its way up between her legs to the other face inside her anus, which would soon enough be coated in it.  It began to travel down her legs toward her feet…which, incidentally still had the locked-on extremely high 10 inch ballet heels on…

This apparently didn’t matter to the fluid, because it instantly wrapped itself around the heels, merging, dissolving, and solidifying with every curve in them.  The fluid flowed over her toes and began to fill up…the original shape of her boots began to take form, heels and all…in fact the back heel began to widen in appearance and take on a semi-flexible nature to it, as Pussy Slave seemed to have some motor control over the heel and began wiggling it, it bent and stretched like an 11th toe…or a really firm thumb.  It was spiked and hard like any other heel, but the foot was now forever bonded to the black material.  She could literally grip things with the toe of the heel and the opposable back heel like a pair of hard fingers.

As if it were waiting for me to observe it, the black fluid traveled up the backside of her legs flowing over the curves of her hips and waist.  By then it had reached her anus, but as it came into contact with the anus, at first it appeared to be flooding it.  The black liquid flowed and swelled upwards, thickening and filling the round convex contours of the inner parts of her butt-cheeks.  Soon, the vast canyon that was her anus had disappeared into a seamless round black ball.  Both her butt cheeks had fused together to form one round bulb…this extended downwards to round out the shaft of her vagina-cock.  But of course the black substance wasn’t finished…a small series of slits appeared in the round of her now-fused buttocks, one opened into a round O, while the others transformed into the same shapes as the face…however this face was flat and stretched like a sheet of paper with a hole in it.  Apparently the black stuff knew she would have to sit down on her face at some point.  The rubbery vagina lips on her round bulbous butt opened and closed in excitement as black eyes sunken inside the fused interior gazed at me with transfixed lust.

Watching the process continue, the gunk continued to climb and wrap itself into yet another orifice.  Her navel’s pussy-lipped face graciously accepted the black stuff as it invaded her pores….as it climbed even further, it stopped in a curved outline just on the borderline of her breasts.  I watched with amazement as the black stuff began to flow with synchronized voracity.  It gently glided up the back of her spinal column and slowly the liquid began to work itself into shape.

I heard a chirping yip as Pussy Slave had the breath pressed out of her as the black substance slowly tightened itself around her waist…tighter….tighter…even tighter still.

Not only was her waist disappearing, but it appeared as though she was getting taller as a result.  Her breasts began to extend upwards as the black stuff began to harden.  It solidified into a long shiny column along her back, as if the structure gave her permanent back straightening support.  It also appeared as though she could no longer bend at the waist but would instead have to force her hips and pelvis to bend in order to move.  Thin rows of black goop began to press deeply at her sides and stretch, forming some form of hard rubbery encasing, with flat portions on the sides of her waist.  This appeared to be for the purpose of making her waist easier to hold and grip.

Then at long last the shadowy slime began gliding its way across the faces of the twin pussy-breasts…they appeared to be gulping longingly at the black substance, as though it were nourishing milk.  At first the faces on the breasts faded away into the blackness of the rubbery substance, but then, as the breasts swelled to nearly twice their normal size and became like hardened rubber just as if it were a part of the corset (the sound of which was almost like a rubber balloon inflating), the faces soon melted back into the rubber.  Having been thoroughly rubberized, the breast-vaginas began to open and close their mouths in gasping pleasure.

I looked tenderly at what remained of Pussy Slave’s flesh…she would soon be swallowed up by her own wish…all for me.  The blackness began to travel much slower…almost as though it knew I was savoring the moment.  It wrapped itself in smooth curves over her soft shoulders, rounding them out to shiny perfection.  Then traveled down to the upper back and merged tightly with the corset, forming as it were shoulder armor.  The rubber substance washed down underneath her arms and conformed to the folds in that section of flesh…smoothing it out into hairless rubber perfection.

It began to glide down the lengths of her arms, hardening in some areas, and softening in others.  Her elbows apparently had developed some form of hardening substance around them, as bending them made the hardened rubber stretch automatically when she moved her joints upward, this forced a form of glossy shine to form on her arms even more brilliant than the natural surface.  This was also true of her legs as well to an extent.  The unbreakable rubber visibly could stretch itself even in hardened state, if she truly made an effort, although the corset-like armor was much thicker than the rest and therefore, virtually inflexible, as was the case for her thighs and knees, which were locked into thick tubes of rubber, forcing her to forever bend at the hip and walk in tight 10-inch hobble strides.

As the black stuff continued down her arms, they formed strange semi-ridged strips along the lengths.  When I touched them, they appeared to be smooth like the rest of the rubber, but had a sort of micro-grip to them.  This pattern also appeared on the lengths of her legs as well, and in other areas where it was assumed people would “grab” her attention, such as the lower portion of her breasts.  Even the rubbery penis-vagina she’d developed had a sort of semi-smooth surface on the sides of the shaft.  No-slip grip, even when wet.

It then slowly glided itself along the lengths of her hands.  She watched with ecstasy as the little tendrils of rubbery goodness engorged themselves around her small thin fingers.

The rubber that formed at the back of her hands as well as the palm formed a tight hardened gauntlet surface that was only stretchy at the finger joints…ensuring that closing her hands would always take effort and give off a stretchy rubbery shine every time.

Her hands, as encased as they were, gained and lost various properties as well.  When she formed a fist, no bones ever jutted out of the rubber, this was also true of every other joint in her body.  No poking, prodding, or punching.  It seemed as though the glove transformed into a soft mitt whenever she formed a fist as I could squeeze it without little pressure resistance or bone structure in her hand.  It felt like I was gripping a rubber ball.  Not that her bones didn’t exist…they were…more supple and flexible.

Her fingernails surprisingly reappeared through the rubber skin as it took shape.  They somehow managed to transform into a glossy rubber red color.  The nails themselves were longer and more pronounced than she had ever grown them.  They were at least an inch long…however, they were no longer sharp to the touch…in fact they were highly thick and flexible!  I could bend them to and fro without little resistance, and they were still durable.  Pussy Slave mumbled agreement that she didn’t feel any pain from her nails being bent or crushed…they simply returned back to their original shape almost instantly.

At about the time her nails had formed a red color, I discovered that portions of her body…namely her vagina-lips had grown a bright shiny red in tone as well, rubbery, flexible, stretchy, gleaming, and ready to please.  This contrasted beautifully with her solid black body.  It seemed as though her breast-vaginas were particularly supple, as I was able to fit all five fingers of my hand inside one of them.  The more parts of Pussy Slave’s body stretched, the more they reverted back to their original shape…well at least the shape she’d wished for.

Pussy Slave cooed quietly in my ear, informing me that she had saved the best for last, telling me that soon she would be swallowed by her own black rubbery vaginal juices.

The vagina-cock pulsed out more of the rubber substance once more as it glided up the body through the cleavage of her chattering rubber breasts.

I could tell by the concentrated look in her eyes that Pussy Slave was willing this to happen.  She was releasing the black fluid around her body slowly like a caterpillar spinning its own cocoon, watching it gently and gingerly shape her new body.

The black substance slowly rose in waves around her neck.  I felt like I was watching a black tide slowly engulf the beach that was her body.  It reached the apex-line of her neck, just beneath her jawbone, and ceased for a moment.  I knew what would come next.

The hardened rubber at the base of her spine traveled upwards in one large shift, stretching, guilding, gleaming, and merging with her neck muscles and the rest of the hardened rubber armor.  Her neck could no longer move without stretchy shiny effort as it was perched high and stretched tall like some kind of statue or trophy.  This was followed by the same grip-like substance taking shape around both sides of the length of her neck, perfect for gripping her head in various positions.

The black cum traveled its way up the back of her neck and into the various paths of the back of her scalp.  Gliding ever so slowly, her golden hair faded to long shiny black locks of stretchy perfection…during the transformation process, her hair grew of its own supple accord, stretching down the base of her hardened back, brushing just above the face of her flat but bubble-like vagina-anus.  The length of it was long, smooth, and the sheen was incredibly silky.  Not a single curl or stray hair could be found in the rubber hair.

I found I could stretch and pull it as hard as I wanted with little resistance from Pussy Slave.  Her head jerked back for a moment, but no pain was evident, in fact, I took a nearby magnifying glass to take a closer look…tiny little rubbery red pussy-shaped pores held the long black rubber hair follicles in place.  Tugging on her hair literally gave her thousands of tiny micro-orgasms…on top of this her  hair was at the perfect length for me to enjoy, and should I stretch it further, it would always revert back…just for me.  She simply smiled her O smile in satisfaction and continued to transform.

The rubbery cum wrapped itself in layers gingerly around her chin and lower portions of her mouth pussy’s lip.  She continued to smile as the other strands of black joy glided over her ears and into her inner ears.

With what sounded like a strange sucking noise, both ears audibly popped in unison and faded into the black rubber substance.  Apparently the rubber was taking all the air pressure out of the eardrum.  In place of her two audio faculties, large ear-sized pussy lips of red rubbery pleasure took their place.

I asked out loud if she could hear me…her response was that of a small orgasm.

“Amazing!” I thought, her ears were now converted into pussy lips that converted sound into pleasure!  The shape was also equally interesting as I could literally fuck her voluptuous red-lipped pussy-ears without much trouble.

With one last orgasmic gasp, the pungent black pussy goop flooded her eyes, nose, and pussy-lipped mouth.

Her face became a hard, smooth, featureless surface.  No blemish or ridge could be seen.  I could only assume that the black rubber was coating the length of her esophagus, and perhaps even her brain and other vital organs.  Talk about rubber on the brain!

I waited patiently for her to emerge from her rubber chrysalis.  The guilt I felt several weeks ago over taking her life away from her faded, just as her face had faded.  Her face represented the very life I was about to have…a clean black rubbery slate.

Gingerly I swept the rubbery hair from her face.  Haircuts would be impossible, I had assumed, as her hair was always at an exactly specified length down to her round rubber-ball ass.  Something also told me she was virtually indestructible at this point, that cuts would heal almost instantly, bones would never break but bend like thick rubber, and her rubber skin prison would be her heaven.  In almost a billion ways, she had become my heaven as well.  Stretching, pulling, pushing, touching, talking, almost every form of human contact possible granted her pleasure.

With a bubbly slurp, her face re-emerged from the flat rubber face.  Her nose had actually obtained stretchy properties to it, to compensate for having a pair of vaginas for nasal passages.  Just smelling things gave her an orgasm.  I was afraid to think what would happen to her if she sneezed!

Her round rubbery red O flattened into a big rubber smile.  Her eyes had become balls of black rubber that although in appearance looked to be blind; she could see things just as she always had...but in rubber-vision!  Not to mention she had eyes, nose, and mouth on her two breasts, navel, pussy, and anus.  They also appeared just above her ears on the sides of her head…but were well hidden by the impossibly thick rubber hair.

In many ways, when it came to sensory perception…she had become a goddess of the senses.  All areas of pleasure could be seen by her, and all areas of her body could be pleasured.  She had indeed become what I had wished for…The Final Woman.

She began to breathe heavily a few times, taking in the full excitement of her transformation.  Just inhaling air into her noses caused her body to flare to life.  Also, due to the rubbery stretchy surface…breathing in inflated her breasts somewhat, and breathing out issued a cute little squeak if she kept her mouth open.

Experimenting a little…she inhaled as much air as possible….the pair of breasts-pussies filled to their maximum…this resulted in two giant pussy heads, mouths forced wide into large O-shaped vortexes of pleasure, identical to the size of Pussy Slave’s own head, their black eyes glaring at me with lust.

Releasing the air, she squeaked with pleasure as her pleasured breasts retained their original rubber shape.  Next she stood at full height, taking in every aspect of her new body in the mirror that granted her the wish.

She turned her back to the mirror and glanced behind to see a happy round rubber-lipped anus opening and closing in anticipation. She then began to play with her rubber hair.  She stretched it to the floor and stepped on it with her heel.  Using the flexible opposable rubber ballet heel, she stretched strands of her hair individually…her head jerked, but she was in paradise.  Releasing the hair from under her foot, it almost snapped back into place like a large series of rubber-bands.  The snapping sensation alone excited her.

She then cradled the long sheath of her new-found pussy-cock which extended into the rubbery vision of her own face, its own rubber pussy-lips inviting me.  It was amazingly long, like an anaconda.  It could twist and stretch and curl and open and close at her whim.  It even retracted at her beckon, not that she wanted to retract it.  Apparently this reminded her of me, and in a whirl, she turned to show her Master how she had become his dream.

It took a few moments for her to get used to speaking through her newfound ‘mouth’ again.

“Oaathter, ook at Oosy Uwave!  I’m owuh Oinal Ooman!”

I took that to mean she had become the Final Woman…I couldn’t help it…in an instant I sat back down on the bed; kicking my feet and naked body up…I patted gently for her to come near me.  The vibrations of the bed rocked her senses, but she’d gotten used to the constant climaxing from my previous wish.

Waddling over to me, as she could no longer move her butt cheeks without experiencing an orgasm, she leaned down and swung her unbendable legs across my torso.  She wanted to come down on top of me like always, but the rubber gave her difficulty at the knees…instead she only managed to spread her own legs into the splits…as though she were on a gymnastics horse.  Her flexibility allowed her this movement, but her pussy’s lips were begging for the first kiss of my penis.

It was then she remembered the secret to her newfound appendage.  Closing her eyes in concentration, trying to block out the other orgasmic senses she was bombarded with, she willed it to life.  The rubbery black pussy-faced geisha snaked out from between her legs and hungrily latched onto my cock.

It alarmed me at first, but only at first…I had dreamed this would happen, and so in some twisted way my body was prepared for it.

I suddenly felt the sensation of rubber all inside of her telescoping pussy.  The rubber face glided hungrily along my shaft, massaging it to full and complete stimulation.  She extended herself a bit and the head of her pussy-cock nuzzled itself deep at the base of my penis…she managed to snake out her pussy-tongue which slathered itself over my testicular.  The saliva that came from the pussy-cock’s lips appeared to act as a mild lubricant, both stimulating me and making it all the easier to swallow.

In an effort of sheer will Pussy Slave’s pussy-cock became tall and erect…it was a strange sensation…a cock within a cock.  With a moan of effort, her pussy-cock began to pulse rhythmically.  Rubbery muscles along the shaft rubbed up and down my member in a heated massage.  The hot sensation was so intense I couldn’t tell if I was cumming inside of her or not.  The pressure around my shaft built up to the point I was somewhat worried her pussy-cock would bite it off in an instant.

I must’ve passed out for a moment, because I awoke to the sensation of rubbery lips licking and nibbling my own male nipples…which were at this point…well…a point.  My penis and genitals were now engulfed in her abdomen’s pussy, and for some strange reason, it felt like my nose was fucking a vagina.  My right hand was free, and I could feel the smooth rubber-ball ass I had been mesmerized by before.  My left hand appeared to be occupied by long strands of perfect rubber hair.

I couldn’t hold back anymore, fear, my superego, my ego…all shattered before Mr. Id…adrenalin hit me like a ton of bricks and rocked my back and arms.  My vision went red to a feral, primal state.  The feeling was hard to describe.  I was being fucked by this gorgeously perfect rubber woman in my sleep, and my body let her have her way long enough.

With the strength of a lion, my left hand got an iron grip on her long supple hair.  I yanked it back with a strength I didn’t know I had in me…her head whipped backwards in both shock and supreme pleasure as I collided with her face.  My tongue slithered wildly inside her pussy-mouth, licking both the inside of her and on the edge of her lips, teasing her.

Simultaneously my right hand slid ever so smoothly down her flawless rubber back, inserting my thumb into those gorgeous rubber anus-lips.  I thumbed and pressed and dug into her anal region…attacking her navel pussy with the genitalia she had engorged it on only seconds ago, bombarding her on at least 4 fronts.

This had apparently knocked her off balance, because she tumbled backwards on the bed.  The bed was large enough for me to press my advantage, and so I took it.  With what felt like animal-reflexes, I grasped her pussy-cock, stretching it full length, leaving her helpless to my whims…and shoving her own cock into her navel pussy…this engaged both of her senses and she instantly reacted by kissing both pussies simultaneously…the two genital faces fell in love, and an epic amount of pleasure ensued.

I pressed my attack by carefully sliding my foot underneath her backside…feeling around, I managed to find it…I sat Indian-style with my legs wrapped around her waist.  In a moment of creative brilliance, I inserted my toes into her anal pussy.  Once again she was bombarded on three fronts and her senses were beginning to heighten with sensitivity.

I shoved my pelvis over the top of her pussy-cock as it inserted itself with a wet pop into her naval pussy.  The weight of my body didn’t hurt her at all, but more or less frustrated her that she was being pleasured instead of me.  Almost on instinct she threw up her hands in defense…which I quickly grabbed easily with the no-slip grip on the sides of her rubber wrists…squeezing them gently…I forced her hands open, but squeezed each hand’s five fingers and thumb together…in one quick movement while crossing her arms in a semi-wrestling pin I inserted 10 fingers into two rubber breast pussies…which she had no choice but to engorge herself on the pleasure of.

Little did she know she was now trapped without the use of her arms or legs.  For emphasis I jammed her fingers deep inside the pussy breasts which instinctively swallowed hard around her own digits.  I was far from finished.

She was now laying on the bed with me on top of her…her gorgeous black rubber hair spilling out over the bed like a black waterfall, my penis teasing the two pussies stuck inside one another to do anything about it.  I knew what I had to do.

Leaning forward I pressed my knees flat against the bed, hugging her incredibly slim rubber waist, while doing this I pushed my feet forward and upwards driving them even further up Pussy Slave’s divine anal pussy, while my knees moved forward, they wrapped around her tight elbows, clamping down and pinning her hands in place inside her breast-pussies.  My buttocks rested heavily upon the two pussies, but I had both my hands free and my cock was inches away from her voluptuous pussy-mouth.

I felt her try to kick in resistance, but since her legs couldn’t bend except at the hip and pelvis, it was useless.  I brought my cock down like a jackhammer onto her rubber face, drilling her with all my strength…my free hands now placed my thumbs into her pussy-ears, my remaining digits them proceeded to grab her hair in large clumps and pull with all the energy I had.  I screamed “Pussy Slave!” each time I collided with her body…even the sound of my guttural voice shook her ear pussies to their very core as if being thumb-fucked wasn’t enough!

I had successfully penetrated all 7 of her Goddess-fucking members…it almost felt like some sort of prophesy had been fulfilled with the number 7.  Well, to say the least no-one in that room felt more fulfilled…let alone filled…than Pussy Slave.

When I came back to my old self…I realized what had just happened.  I was breathing heavily with my cock and nearly all my body weight jammed deep inside her pussy-mouth.  I could feel wet cum erupting from every pore of her being.

She had just about exploded.  White cum poured out in spigots: out her anus, her mouth, her ears, her hair scalp, her breasts came like water pumps…her pussy-cock and pussy-navel were virtually flooding each other.  As if fluid could not come out of any other orifice she started to cry.  Her pussy-mouth swallowed its own cum, while greedily devouring my shaft.   Her body was a black rubbery mass of milky white.

I realized the adrenalin rush was fading quickly and so I proceeded to untangle myself from her.  I lay on the bed beside her, dead tired.  I could hear a large fluid-sucking noise and I determined that she had drunk all the cum she had just spurted…every part of her body had a pussy…and each pussy had a mouth of some kind.  It came and it sucked, repeatedly like a machine.  The thousands of suckling pussy pores on her head vacuumed up the cum in her hair like a sponge…the sound of which sounded something like Rice Crispies crackling in milk.  She proceeded to lick her lips and body in pure self-indulgence…as though she were a living piece of dessert and savoring every bite.

I was tired, but in good spirits.

Pointing to a few drops of cum remaining betwixt her rubbery cleavage, I said, “You missed a spot.”  She somehow managed to lick herself gingerly, like a giant cat…well a giant pussy at least.

“Did Master like the wish Pussy Slave made?” she said between squeaks of heavy breath between her pussy-lips.  She had already adjusted to speaking through her round rubber sex lips.  The tears in her eyes only moments before had vanished mysteriously, her water-proof face revealing no trace of them.

“Yes…yes, Master liked it very much…” I heaved a huge sigh.  I felt my animal instinct slowly pace around in circles a few times in its cage inside my mind before going back to sleep.  My body felt sore…my penis felt deflated.  If I had cum, I must’ve came at least two gallons like Pussy Slave did on a regular basis.

I must have had a small spurt of adrenalin left, because on complete sexual impulse I immediately turned and addressed the rubber sex goddess now lying before me, her various pussy-shaped lips opening and closing in sexual rhythm.  Even the inversed U-shaped 10-inch rubber ballet-boots clicked with pleasure with their wiggling heels.

“Pussy Slave!” I had suddenly developed a commanding tone.

“Yes Master?” She bolted upright to attention…completely refreshed and ready to go.  Her various orifices hung on my every word. Her pussy-cock began swaying to and fro like a cat’s tail.  She was utterly chomping at the bit, ready to go again.

“From this day forth you must follow my commands to the letter.  If you do not you shall be dealt with accordingly.  And I will be much stricter from now on, understand?”

The moment I said the phrase ‘dealt with accordingly’ she gave a squeaky yelp.  She knew exactly what I meant.  I had just dominated all her senses and it was all she could do to keep from going crazy on me again.

“I understand you’re in a constant state of climax and that you have many other limitations that most women do not.  You are in a restrictive corset, you are trapped in latex skin with permanent ballet-boot rubber heels, and such things like pulling on your hair or hearing, smelling, or even the slightest audible sound is an orgasm in your physical experience.”

I had just realized I was giving her a tremendous orgasm just by speaking to her.  At this point, I also realized she was listening intently to my commands, which seemed to bypass any good sensations she was having.

“However…there will be rules to be kept in this house or in any other, and the rules will be doubly strict outside the house in public.  First and foremost, your constant cumming must cease…I understand it cannot be helped, but you now have the ability to swallow your own cum with each pussy.  I expect you to do so.  If I see so much as a drop of white spunk on the floor, I expect you to clean it up with the exact same orifice that ejaculated it, understand?”

I put emphasis on “exact same orifice” to make sure she got the message.  As a test, I pulled lightly on her hair, triggering another spasm which spurted up from her hair and down on the floor.

“Oops…sorry Master…” she pouted.

In an instant she was down on the floor, but try as she might she couldn’t get herself low enough to drink it with her head…her rubber legs continued to lock in long rubbery columns.

“You are a gymnast…so you shall act like one…” I said commandingly.  “If cum erupted from your hair…you shall stand on your head and eat it that way…if it came out your ass, you shall wipe your ass with it…if it comes out cock-pussy, I expect it to clean it up that way…if it came out of your breasts, you shall drink with your breasts along the floor…if it came out of your navel, you shall writhe on the floor with your navel pressed on it and lap it up….if it orgasms your ears…you will do reverse-prayer flexing and bring it down back into your ear…no exceptions.”

“Yes Master!” In a full flip, she arced her waist into a full head-stand, pressing her the top of her head hard against the floor, letting the hair lap up her pussy juices.

For some reason I was getting used to the idea of being called Master…and so when she was nearly finished cleaning up, before she kipped back onto her feet.  I grabbed her pointed ankles, forcing her to press her hands against the floor, locking her in upside-down rubber stasis.  Her ballet-boot toes and heels clicked together with delight.

“Master!” I had caught her by surprise, but struggle as she might, she was unable to break free…deliberately I stepped onto her rubbery hair, pulling upwards, forcing her to cum in the exact same spot she just cleaned.

“I expect you to drink any and all cum that appears on your sexes, if you must, gargle it and spit it into the sink or release it in the bathtub or toilet, but I will not allow it on the floor.”  I continued to stretch her hair with my foot…she repeatedly lapped the cum up with her rubber hair…almost greedily.  “Because I am your Master, you are not allowed to pleasure yourself unless I am pleasuring you.  That means no placing your pussy-cock into your navel-pussy…no placing your pussy-cock into your anal pussy.  You are forbidden to pleasure your breast pussies or mouth and ear pussies…pleasuring your hair follicle pussies is strictly forbidden…and even if you are forced to stand up in this house forever, you will never be allowed to pleasure your anus-pussy unless I am doing so.”

A devil of a dominatrix spirit had grabbed hold of my thoughts, making me think of new excruciating ways of torturing her with the ‘rules’ I was setting in effect.  Her pussy-ears absorbed the commands like an orgasmic sponge…complete and total obedience was her life’s purpose.

A squeak of sexual frustration came from her lips as she was both excited and tortured simultaneously.  She was beginning to cum from her hair again, so I had her lap it up once more.

When she finished cleaning, I took my foot off her long perfectly-retainable hair.  I was feeling devilish, so I gripped the special no-slip grips on her legs and spread them apart like I was parting a wishbone.

She felt her body stretch and bend as I pressed my weight upon her mobile heels attached to slender powerful legs of which she could not bend or move.

“I am your Master, and you are my Pussy Slave.”

She grunted with pleasure, the blood from being upside-down was rushing to her head…or was that cum rushing to her head?

“You are forbidden to extend your pussy-cock to anyone except your Master, and you are also forbidden to let anyone else pleasure you for any reason…should they attempt to do so, you must use your various skills as a hyper-flexible gymnast to escape.”

“Yes Master…” she stated while huffing and puffing.

“There are also several new rules that will be part of your regular routine in Master’s house.  First and foremost unless I am addressing you or any part of your genitalia, your members will not be allowed to speak, moan, groan, howl, or squeak.  The only speaking member you shall be allowed to use is the mouth on the front of your face.  Second, since you are a gymnast, you will behave like one…flexing and stretching will take place at 8 am sharp!  You will not only be doing stretching routines based on the gymnast method…but you will be doing stretching and balance routines based on the abilities of your rubber body…”

I began to list them as they came to my devious mind:  “This shall include, pussy-hair stretching, leg pretzel bending, pussy-cock twisting, hip twisting, reverse-prayer stretching, pussy O flexing, self-penetration without the use of hands or feet, pussy-anus stretching, pussy-breast stretching, pussy-mouth stretching, pussy ear-stretching, pussy-navel stretching…”

Her various red rubber pussies smacked and almost wet themselves at the intense thoughts of all the stretching she would do, it was all she could do to drink more cum she was about to spurt, with the added difficulty of me holding her body upside down, this made for a challenge as her various puss-parts began to flex and strengthen themselves, holding the torrent of white cum inside herself.

I continued, still leaning heavily at the apex of her crotch, placing pressure on both round pussy-anus and hyper-extended pussy-cock: “…You will learn to be able to wrap your legs behind your head and penetrate or stimulate every single orifice in your body simultaneously…you will learn how to stretch your body to unheard of lengths…you will learn how to tie your pussy-cock in a knot and untie it, you will learn how penetrate various orifices using the heels and ballet toes of your boots even if your knees are locked.  You will learn how to penetrate every single orifice in your body with nothing but your pussy-cock, you will also learn how to invert your pussy-cock and have it penetrate itself.  You will learn how to control your breathing to be able to inflate your pussy-breasts for long hours, even days.” 

My now booming voice continued with the various commands that her pussy-ears would memorize:  “You will learn ventriloquism with your various pussies.  You will learn to speak foreign languages with your pussies; you will learn how to pick up various objects with nothing but your pussies.  You will also be learning how to retain large amounts of water for any given time…you will learn how to become a floatation device for your Master, you will learn several kinds of martial arts and be able to use sleeper techniques with nothing but your pussies.  You will learn how to store several types of tools either for the purpose of martial arts or for escaping capture inside your body.  You will learn to use your extremely flexible body as a defensive weapon against anyone who will oppose your Master.  You will learn how to store and prepare food that was stored in your pussies.  You will learn how to multi-task using your pussies.  You will learn how to juggle using your pussies, you will learn how to computer-hack with your pussies.  You will know how to incapacitate both men and women with nothing but the muscles in your pussies.  You will learn how to use your rubber hair as a deadly whip; you will learn how to store vast quantities of foreign objects into your pussies.  And lastly…”  I couldn’t even believe I had said all that off the top of my head.

“You will learn how to be the Final Woman.” I had said.  “The Final Woman will be able to do anything and everything for her Master.”

Letting her stand, I had her regurgitate the list, as her eyes and pussy-ears had a form of photographic and audio-graphic memory when it came to her Master’s commands.

The boundless energy that filled her body for sex and only sex seemed capable of doing these nigh-impossible tasks.  After repeating what I had said to her, and without hesitation, she chirped happily.

“Yes Master!  Pussy Slave will do it!”

Time went by first in months, then in years.  It had been at least two years and already her body seemed in tip-top physical condition…well in truth it always had been, it was that way the day she transformed into her Rubbery self.  I had graduated from College quite a while ago…her former-self’s finances keeping us well taken care of.

Part of the difficulty of teaching her all these things, aside from dealing with cum, thoughts of myself having constant sex with her, and her constant climaxing…was letting her go out in public.  Using her ‘financial assets’ I devised a way around her being viewed in public, this was a special project by anonymous request directly from the Rubberize Inc. factory…a special synthetic skin was designed precisely to Pussy Slave’s measurements with a little adjustments here and there…mostly, it was simply a shoulder and synthetic rubber breasts with a mask cover that covered her face.  Most people simply assumed she had dyed her hair black., nobody bothered to look directly at her black rubber eyes, as she had a habit (or so I had taught her) of wearing darkened sunglasses.

Despite protests from various instructors, I insisted she wear those sunglasses during training, I also insisted upon staying with her during her training.  Seeing as most people assumed she was THE Samantha Parson, they were rather surprised that I was so commanding of her and the simple idea that she complied with all of it.  She never even once complained to them.  It was strange and erotically arousing to observe her train with her long rubber ballet-boots while performing such things as Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Jujitsu, Karate, Kenpo, Aikido, Taekwondo, Judo, Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi, Capoeira, and a plethora of several other complex martial arts, her pussy-senses and body absorbed these skills as if the latex on her body had swallowed them up itself.  She had literally become the master of the ballet-boot heel as she could now break several blocks of cement with a single swipe of her deadly rubber vixen heel-toes; the 10-inch ballet-boots that had fused to her feet so long ago were virtually indestructible at this point.  She could do jump-flips, kicks, and even run full-sprint in them, although her voluptuous rubber-ball ass always wiggled when she did so…making her the perfect woman-sex-toy-warrior specimen.  She was even able to grip and hang upside-down from gymnast bars with these powerful heels of hers…like the claws of a black rubbery bat.

A lot of the training I couldn’t provide was provided via books and other materials.  In certain circumstances I taught her stuff I had learned myself.  She slowly caught on to the idea that she was a flexible rubber marvel, and that her body could do many more things than any other woman can and more.

It was interesting to watch her go through her daily “personal” routine as I had taken to calling it.  The truth of the matter was…being the lustful man I am, I simply had her do these routines so that, in the event I became aroused enough to do something about it…she would be able to perform 300 to 400 ways of having sex with me.  This was my way of keeping my perfect rubber sex goddess in tip-top condition.

I just about programmed her like a rubber robot.  She was able to either please me visually by pleasuring herself in the most strenuous way possible, or she had the option of just simply pleasing me if and only if I gave her permission to do so.  She took to my strict orders like a cat to catnip.

Of course, since I was in a permanent relationship with her, I seldom ever had time for friends, but they seemed to pale in comparison before the mighty rubber Amazon that constantly lusted after me.  She never got used to the idea that I didn’t always want sex like she did…and it frustrated her to no end…sometimes it even reached a boiling point.

One night she had regressed to nothing but sitting in the bathtub, basting in her own cum juices.  It wasn’t that she was mad at me.  She was mad at herself for constantly thinking about me and constantly wanting to absorb my sex into her being.  She felt that after all the training she’d gone through she could rise above that.

After a long time of getting used to the idea that I was her Master and nothing would change that…I finally got the hint that I was being a little hard on her.

As a means of apology I decided we would go some place to have a little fun.  I had found an interesting old run-down hotel with various secret passageways; it was a hangout for young people who lived around the neighborhood…so I thought we could play a little game of hide and seek.  I had her dolled up in her human-mask, and had her enter the hotel through the back.  The rules of the game were to try and find me, if she did, she would be rewarded with being able to pleasure me and satiate herself in any way she saw fit.  The place had architecture like on of Escher’s paintings, so I thought it would be fun for her to try and find me.  She of course complied happily.

Of course, at the time, I had no idea something bad was going to happen that night…something that told me I wasn’t going to sleep well for very much longer.

As it turned out, a young woman had wandered into the old mysteriously run-down hotel.

Apparently she was meeting with her boyfriend here.  But what she ended up finding was the demise of her life as she knew it.

Pussy Slave was wandering around the hall and searching for me, when she came across the woman quietly waiting for her boyfriend to show up.

“Hi there…come here often?” She remarked.

“Oh!  Puss—um Samantha is looking for her boyfriend John…have you seen him?”

“So are you a foreigner?  You don’t speak English very well….I’m afraid the only person I’ve seen around here is you.  What does your boyfriend John look like?”

She had a little trouble describing me, or so I happened to overhear…I had been quietly keeping tabs on her while she wandered the house.  She wasn’t very good at finding me…for obvious reasons.

I supposed the gig was up, so I turned the corner.  The woman was the first to see me, but seeing as I had literally come out of nowhere, she jumped, and staggered backwards into Pussy Slave.

The two of them fell down together, and by accident, the young woman tore Pussy Slave’s human mask off.

“What the….?” She picked up the mask with her left hand, but found her right hand to be immobile.

I wasn’t aware the mask had come off Pussy Slave’s face, but it was too late.

Point blank while staring at Pussy Slave’s face, she shrieked.

“Oh my god…what the hell IS she?”

I was literally begging no-one heard her voice in here.

“She’s…a Pussy Face…what the fuck?”

“Oh…boy…” I sighed…but of course I hadn’t realized something was going on between the two girls that would have a permanent effect on me.

“Uh-oh…Pussy Slave’s in trouble…”

When I heard that…I was just about ready to get shot by a cop then and there.

The young woman had fallen on top of Pussy Slave, but when she did so, her right hand somehow embedded itself into Pussy Slave’s hot and wet pussy-navel…when she pulled it out…she discovered that some black goop had stuck to her fingers.

“What the hell is this stuff?  Why won’t it come off me?”

She began asking more questions…questions I couldn’t really answer.

“What is this stuff?  Who is that…that freak?  Who are you?” She began getting hysterical as the black stuff began to wrap around her hand like a tight-fitted glove…the glove was identical to Pussy Slave’s arm.

I sighed in exasperation and defeat, “My name is John Reese and you’ve just entered…the Rubber Zone.”

“What the hell are you talking about?  This isn’t funny!  I’m gonna go get the cops on you freaks!”

“I’m afraid it’s too late…” I shook my head.

“Too late?  For what?”

“I think about the only thing you’ll have enough time to do is say goodbye to your boyfriend…I’m sorry, miss.”

I leaned against a wall, all the fun being drained out of me…so now the Final Woman was a curse?  She was in a panic and made a bolt for the door, I had no choice but to let her through.

I watched from a nearby window as she entered into the street.  It had already stripped her of her jacket and halter-top…I could tell from the third floor that a pussy was forming in her navel…and I could tell she was beginning to slowly lose her mind as spasming entropic climaxes began to flood her brain.  The rubber was slowly trapping her in a life of sex and quite possibly bondage.  I wasn’t the type to really enjoy the bondage aspect of it…but this was Pussy Slave’s doing…it was her gift, her inheritance, and her curse.

“You son of a bitch!  What the hell are you doing to her!”

My back was slammed up against the wall as her boyfriend was on the verge of tears as the more she came the more she be-came.

“Hit me…I deserve it.” I said in a huff.

“You’re damn right I will!” The boyfriend hauled back to smash my face in, but before he could do so, his hand hit something hot, wet, and sticky…it gripped his hand like an iron vice and yet felt soft and oh so good.  He tugged at it.

“Pussy Slave won’t let you harm Master!” she fiercely squeaked.

“Huh…what the hell is that…?”

“Pussy Slave…please…let him go…”

She had caught his fist inside her breast-pussy, and was slowly dragging it further into herself…a defense mechanism I had taught her.  It was a way of binding the threat without harming them.

As he continued to fight her strong rubber breast, the young woman who had first arrived at this god-awful place practically hobbled in the room…she held the walls for guidance as her feet were now permanently molded in tip-toe.

“Brad, stop it!” She said calmly at first.

He kept pulling on Pussy Slave’s breast-mouth.

“Brad, stop!!” Her voice was filled with anger, fear, horror, and pleasure.

As we all could see, pussy was slowly developing a mind of its own, and she was losing herself as well.

Pussy Slave finally let the man’s hand go…but once again left a little black gooey gift for his trouble.

“Brad…it’s too late…I…I’m…”

“Please…tell me…is there any way to stop this…this thing?” He pleaded with me.

“Not that I know of…I….just don’t know.”  He wanted to kill me, but could see that he himself was going to be trapped in the stuff soon as well.

“Lisa…we’re going to be together…aren’t we?”  His voice pleaded with her, as if he and she were about to die.  Well that really wasn’t too far off…but really they were going to Rubber Hell.

“I suppose the least I can do is tell you the truth as in the amount of time you have left.” I said.

The four of us sat down as I related the story of the Wishing Stone which brought me bound forever with my beloved Pussy Slave.

By the time I was finished with my explanation, Lisa was on the verge of disappearing forever.

Lisa had this fixed helpless expression on her face, looking genuinely at the dark pools of Pussy Slave’s eyes…looking past the rubber…looking at the genuine loving woman within.

“So you….unnnh…” She was struggling not to climax mid-sentence, Brad held her shoulder gingerly, his right hand had already been consumed.

“So…are you truly happy?  Happy like this?” Lisa asked between orgasmic gasps.

“Pussy Slave and Samantha are always happy for Master…and soon you’ll be happy too!”

It wasn’t long until I now had two Pussy Slaves sitting side by side next to each other…the one formerly known as Lisa was only identified by the single diamond ring Brad had managed to place on her finger before she lost herself completely.

He was feeling a strange sensation as the latex goop invaded his insides, molding and shaping him.  Between semi-orgasmic alterations, he managed to tell me about his feelings toward Lisa.

“I was….urrrrn…planning on proposing to her tonight…hmmph…” His breathing slowly became labored as the black stuff began to possess his innards. 

I realized his voice was changing into that of a woman’s…and that he was growing breasts.

“You’ll take good care of…of Lisa, won’t you?” his voice hung on the word ‘you’, it slowly changed pitch until it sounded nearly identical to Pussy Slave’s erotic squeaky voice.

“Forgive me.” I said aloud.

He smiled as manly a smile as he could manage, before the black rubber swallowed him whole.

I now sat in a run-down hotel room with three completely identical, over-climaxed, rubberized, pussy women.  Their abilities and appearances were identical right down to the ballet-boot heels and squeaky rubber voice.

“I wonder…why didn’t I turn into a Pussy Slave…why didn’t the black stuff coat me when I came into contact with her pussy…?”

All three of them chirped, “Because you’re Pussy Slave’s Master!”

It was a little strange…the next few days were unwieldy for me.  The three rubber-girls all seemed to follow my commands identically.  I had spent the day reading up on Wishing Stones…hoping to find something related to what was going on here.

I hadn’t noticed before, but the wedding ring on Lisa’s finger had somehow disappeared.  The rubber apparently either rejected it or she took it off.  I had no idea.

The three girls performed the same “personal routine” I had taught the first Pussy Slave, Martial Arts training included.  I never once told them precisely how to do it.  They never once spoke between one another, and at the same time they never had difficulty performing it…in fact they performed it in perfect sync the very first time.

They were highly supple, sexy, and flexible.  Their senses were constantly stimulated, and from time to time I could hear the slurping of their pussy innards as they kept cumming and drinking, cumming and drinking, trying to avoid spilling any on the floor based on rules I had established several weeks prior.  I never even told the other two about the rules…they simply absorbed whatever it was inside Pussy Slave’s head and worked it all out on their own.

One day I had gotten fed up with the nonsense.

“Master demands to know!  Which one of you is the real Pussy Slave!?”

Three voices answered back simultaneously, “Pussy Slave is always real Pussy Slave to Master, no matter how many of Pussy Slave there is.”

I slapped my forehead in frustration.  This was getting ridiculous.  I decided to test them.

First I asked them what their name was before becoming Pussy Slave…

“Pussy Slave was always Pussy Slave…Samantha told her so.”

Well that didn’t work out so well…so I thought.  Apparently Samantha/Pussy Slave was sharing her consciousness between 3 rubber bodies.

“Oh God I need help…” I sighed in exasperation.

“Pussy Slave can find help!  Pussy Slave can make others become Pussy Slave for Master!”

At this I nearly jumped off my chair.  What?  More of you?  Wasn’t three enough?

One of the Pussy Slaves stepped forward with an explanation of some kind.

“Pussy Slave can become anything and everything for Master…just like The Final Woman.”

It suddenly dawned on me where she was getting all these ideas for The Final Woman…my old sketches!

I told them to stay there, and despite some minor pussy moaning, they remained.

I tore through the closet that stored all the pictures I had drawn for my final project.  I looked upon each and every work of art.  Obviously I ended up with a good grade as a result.  But the thing that baffled me was how she was getting her ideas to become the Final Woman.

As I paged through each image, I thought about what Pussy Slave looked like in appearance, based on the wish.

It was then that I saw what had happened.  I gaped at it, distraught.

It was the picture of the Final Woman making contact with yet another woman and transforming her into an exact duplicate of herself.  Yet another picture of Pussy Slave’s Ideal I had drawn.  In my over-sexed dementia, I created a picture of Pussy Slave giving birth to herself.  Every single rubber self was a part of who she was…there was no escaping it.  I had supposed that the only reason I was still human at all was because I deemed myself her Master beforehand.

“Master, you need more help, so Pussy Slave will make more help!” I heard the triplets orgasmically chirp.  “Pussy Slave will make the Final Woman really come true.”

As I heard this, a wave of panic ran across my mind.  Tearing through the kitchen, I found the three of them in a circle, group-fucking.

All three of them had pleasured red pussy smiles on black rubber faces rounding and churning with cum juices.  Instead of the usual white cum that normally came out and made a mess of the house…rubbery black cum came out in large gobs.  The pussies in each woman’s rubber body gobbled down the rubbery goo just as it was ejaculated.

I watched in transfixed fascination as they began to “spawn”.  In moaning spasms, each woman stood to full corseted height.  Right before my eyes their rubber corsets liquefied and turned into round swelling forms.

The swelling of pregnancy filled them to bursting as the breasts of each began to swell in orgasmic labor.  The three of them sat down upon the floor, spurting black cum from every sex pore on their bodies….the cum would proceed to flood the floor, but parts of their pussies would simply suck it back up again, ready for the next pregnancy.

Their constant state of climax could not be kept hidden anymore, and their pussy-mouths, pussy-breasts, pussy-navels, pussy-anuses, and pussy-cocks screamed in simultaneous beg for release.

The rubber pussy-cocks open their mouths into wide Os plunging back and forth like some kind of distorted accordions.  The mouths of these creatures got so wide they were on the verge of turning inside-out.  But right on time…a black rubber face took shape inside the mouth.  It began to squeeze and spasm…some twisted hybrid of climaxing and having labor.

The black face turned into so much jelly and poured out in long gooey piles.  It proceeded to sound its orgasmic birth cries and morphed into yet another trio of identical pussy-beset clones of Pussy Slave.

The six Pussy Slaves left the house in unison and began a procession down the street.  It was all I could do to keep up with their identical athletic figures.

“Master wants the Final Woman, so Pussy Slave must make then all for Master!” the six of them continued to produce the black rubbery cum in a twisted mass orgy.

First it was six…then twelve…then twenty four of them littered the street.  Some onlookers were either shocked and appalled at the number of them or were in particular attracted to this strange occurrence.  A few rather horny men went to join these beautifully clad ladies in the mass open-air orgy only to find that they too would become one of the clones.

“It’s too late,” I surmised…the women would not stop reproducing themselves until the population, save myself, was merged with the essence of Pussy Slave.

The nearby liquor bar was empty now…as the Pussy Slaves had taken every patron out of it and converted them.  Those who remained screamed in horror or pleasure as their transformations took hold.

I sat behind the bar, and perhaps for the first time in all my life, poured myself the heaviest drink I could think of.

“This is gonna be a long night…” I muttered to myself.

“Where’s Viagra when you need it?”

I must’ve passed out at the bar, because when I awoke…I found myself back in my bedroom….her bedroom.

The room was dark, but the scent of orgied rubber in the room instantly told me I wasn’t alone.  Familiar squeaking and orgasmic hisses filled the room.

My penis was terrified.

A single giggly voice pierced the silence.

“Master wanted this…and now the last one has joined with Pussy Slave…to become one… to become the Final Woman...”

I think I must’ve been drunk because I had the courage to turn the light on.

As I reached, a rubbery hand caressed my hand and proceeded to turn the light on for me.

Just as my ears had determined, the room was filled with rubbery sex toys.

“Pussy Slave waited just for Master…just so that Master can watch the fun….just like last time!”

I was inebriated so it was hardly in my capacity to protest.  “Damn you Jack Daniels!” I muttered.

As my eyes began to clear, I saw that one by one, the rubber beauties began to stroke and caress one another…but this time, all but one of each of them remained…the rubbery goddess swelled as the lipped pussy-breasts inhaled what remained of her counterparts.  More of the duplicates entered the room, more caressing and orgasmic bliss, more melting, and more absorbing of their liquid rubber remains.

It continued for hours as the women shuffled in droves and merged with a single latex skinned pussy-fied woman.  I think I had fallen asleep because just watching them orgy one another felt the same as counting sheep.

When I awoke again…my hangover had somewhat faded…the room was quiet, and the sun was shining brightly through the window.  I was in my clothes from the day prior, and so without thinking much about it, I began to walk through the house that had once been Samantha Parson’s home.

The house was quiet…more quiet than it had ever been, not a single sound echoed across the wood floorboards or the padded rugs.  I found myself stepping outside into the sunlight just to warm up and stretch as I felt I had slept for hours…I had no recollection of what time it was.

The streets were disturbingly quiet and empty, no cars roamed, no people milled about.  The sounds that remind were of chirping birds and the wind blowing through the trees.

“I see you’re awake, lover.” The voice was all too familiar; however it seemed, changed, yet and most remarkably…normal.

I turned to see a young woman wearing a t-shirt and gardening overalls and holding a small metal shovel for planting.

“Samantha?” I asked, quite confused and unsure.

“You say that as if you forgot who I was…” she pouted, “I never forgot about you…”  She proceeded to kneel down in the small garden in the back yard of the house.

“Where…where is everyone…?”  I managed to gather up my courage and ask.

“You should know where they are…they’re inside me.” She smiled gently…wiping the sweat from her brow as the sun was hot.

“I don’t understand….” I slowly walked towards her.

She stood up and walked over to the porch and grabbed a sip of some sport water to cool her.  Turning, she had a wry smile on her face.

“I told you before…I’m the Final Woman…the only Woman you’ll ever need.”

At the phrase “Final Woman”, I felt a lump in my throat.


“But what?  This is what you wanted isn’t it?  I mean, sure, it wasn’t exactly what I had planned at the beginning, but what the hell?  I’m up for sex any day.”

I swallowed, but the lump stayed in my throat…it felt very sharp and protruding…very itchy as well.  I had trouble responding to her and it felt really difficult to speak.

“So?  Now that we’re here, might as well go and do it, right?  I mean, sure now that I got used to the whole Master-Slave relationship it won’t seem like so much fun without that part.  But something tells me you haven’t had much experience with women…how about I take you on the REAL roller coaster ride.”

I gulped, “Uh…” The lump was continuing to be progressively painful.

I scratched at the lump in my throat.  I felt like I needed to cough, but something was lodged there.

“You really ought to get that checked out…it looks like it could be infectious.” She smirked.

I felt like I was about to choke.

“Why don’t you go in the house and get that looked at…I’ll freshen up.” She smiled again, the most flawless perfect smile I’d ever seen.

Almost running to the bathroom, I nearly tripped over what appeared to be thick rubber panties.  Something about them looked extremely familiar.

When I made it to the bathroom, I felt like I was on the verge of suffocation.  I coughed long and hard, till it hurt my insides.

Looking in the mirror I saw what was causing it.

Glancing at my Adam’s apple, I noted an unwanted shiny object had lodged itself at the base of my Larynx.  It wasn’t quite inside or quite outside my throat.

The Wishing Stone had somehow become a part of me.  The more I scratched at it, the more it seemed to fade into the back of my throat.

“So that’s what happened to Grandmother’s heirloom…” A sarcastic smile and voice appeared behind me.

My throat was nearly completely sealed off with exception to a small shaft of air flowing up through my nasal passages, forcing me to breathe labored through my nose.

“So when it finally came time to make the wish of your dreams, you choked!  Ha!”  She chuckled in laughter.

I scowled at her humor, but my voice was frozen in the crystal of the stone.

“You figured out how to use the stone before I could…that was certainly the most brilliant thing you’ve ever done…but you were selfish and turned me into your slave!”

My eyes were most definitely wide with terror.

“At first I wanted to forgive you for turning me into that orgasmic mess…but when I tried to get you to wish me back, you didn’t even bother…instead you didn’t do anything…you choked!”

I tried to snort out “I’m sorry.” But it didn’t sound like anything was going to be coherent for me anytime soon.

“So I had “Pussy Slave” take matters into her own hands and become not only the woman of your dreams, but quite literally the best woman ever…a woman so powerful she could break out of the Hypnotic spell of that stone!”

I had no idea Samantha was plotting behind my back…it didn’t even cross my mind!

“You were having such a great time with my body, I let you enjoy yourself for a while…well…I suppose I enjoyed it myself a bit too…”

My head started to feel light-headed…I was going to asphyxiate on the stone!

“Well…I’m still mad at you…for taking advantage of me like that…but at least you gave me a way out with your artwork…but…anyways, if you promise you won’t ever do that stuff again, I’ll make you feel allllll better.” She said “all better” in an extremely sexy voice…making it hard to concentrate on what I was supposed to say, think, or do.  I nodded as quick an apology as I could muster.

My brain was slowly washing away…I lost all control of my thoughts, I felt like I was about to die.

Her hand began to glow an extremely bright light as she drew the Wishing Stone out of my throat with her mysterious powers.

I felt myself gasping for breath as blood and oxygen flushed back into my thinking process.

“So…are you sorry?”  Her eyes were deep blue and I couldn’t see the end of them.

“I’m so, so, so, very, very, very sorry!” I had said to her, gasping for breath.

“You know…I didn’t lie when I said I had fallen for you.  You did save my life when you put up that Ad for ‘the perfect model’.”

“And I fell for you too…so much so it lead me to do what I did…and I really am sorry…I was just afraid that once my art project was finished…I’d never see you again.”

“Well…I suppose in the end it’s all this crazy little Wishing Stone’s fault!” She smiled.  “But then again, if it weren’t for the stone…I don’t think I would’ve gotten to know you so intimately.”

“So…what do we do now?” I asked, as honestly, I had no clue.

“Truth be told, I am the Final Woman,” she smirked, “I’m the equivalent of a Goddess…so I suppose we can do whatever we want…”

“But what about all those people…I mean…”  Of course it bothered me to no end about what happened to all the people that had slowly faded away into Pussy Slave.

“Oh, them…?” She smiled with an all-knowing smile, “Like I said before, they’re all inside me…they have no idea, aside from a little latex weirdness in their lives, that anything is any different.”

“I don’t think I follow you, Sam…” I scratched my head in confusion.

“Oh, come on!  You never heard of Gaia…Mother Earth!?”

“You mean…!!!”

Indeed she had become the Final Woman…who apparently was Mother Earth, inside her a billion or more people went on with their daily lives…some were going for walks in the park, others were sunning themselves on the beach…still others were taking a drive around town or going fishing.

“So if you’ve become Gaia…then where the hell am I?”

“You’re at my house, silly!”

“Oh!  Right….I…uh…knew that!” I smiled.

“Listen…I can’t stay in this physical goddess body forever or I’m gonna burst…we gotta do it soon so that everything goes back to normal or I’ll go crazy!”

The horny look in her eye crossed mine and probably doubled my own lust.

“You remember when you did that 7th Level Penetration?”

“Yeah…?” I said…albeit my memory was a bit foggy at the time.  I had been on an adrenalin rush at the time.

“Well you wanna go for the full Sephiroticum?” she smiled intensely.

“The Sephir—what—i-cum?” I asked…rather confused.

“All you need to know is that its 10 ways to fuck a Goddess simultaneously and that it has to do with ‘cum’.  You’ll figure it out.”

“Okay, I’m up for it…” I said, grinning ear to ear.

We strode into her bedroom, which seemed to be clean and bright and smelled of the most fragrant of flowers.

“Wow…that certainly smells different…”

“Didn’t you know?  When Gaia starts cumming she smells like flowers.” she smiled innocently.

I couldn’t help it…I embraced her lithe body with so much of my energy…in fact I felt as though my body could go on for eternity.  Her body seemed to transform into the most brilliant of lights.  I now had the Final Woman in my arms…and I would never let her go.

The light shone so bright and warm around my body it tingled with so much of an energy charge, I felt myself slowly open…almost like a flower in the sunlight.

Her body showered me with so much warmth and light. The fragrance of flowers pungent and sweet smelling, flooding the room.  In an instant I mustered all my strength and focused it on the very essence of her light.

Let’s just say I rocked her World.




It’s been about 3 months since that whole debacle with the Wishing Stone and I couldn’t be happier.  Samantha and I are mortals, married, making-out, and having the greatest sex of our lives.  We recently moved into a new house for just the two of us.  Even though Sam claims she swore off the stuff, we still get into a little rubber and snuggle now and then.  I keep telling her she really should get involved in her family’s business as it really is a good financial investment…but she keeps reminding me that being a ‘Rubber Goddess’ once in her lifetime was good enough.

Not long ago we gave a house-warming party for our neighbor newlyweds Brad and Lisa…I sent them some rubber outfits as a honeymoon present.

 There are times when I think about that Wishing Stone…and it’s tempting to sometimes use it again.

But then I keep remembering about how all my wishes were granted.

I still draw my ‘perfect model’ now and again, but mostly the pictures feature flowers and other more romantic things.  I’m a professional artist now, so working with models has become something of a profession for me.

But nobody tops my ‘Rubber Goddess’.




Story continues in Part 3

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