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A Weekend at The Club

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2017 - rbbral - Used by permission

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This story narrates the events of a weekend meeting of a very exclusive club. It should be read in conjunction with my other story “Man – Woman – Pony” which details the transformation, and sexual reassignment of two young men into two fine female ponies. After many months of pony training and a new sexual awakening, they make their grand entrance here.

Part 1: Introduction

Hello and welcome to the Club. Let me be your guide as we take a tour through the house and gardens of one of the members during a weekend meeting of fun and frolics. While the hedonism happens over the two days of the weekend I shall only describe the first day’s activities, for the following day will be much like the first, merely variations on a theme, or themes. I will also give a short history of the club, how we acquire our human properties and how they are taken care of once in our possession.

The Club is very exclusive, and extremely secret.

It has no more than fifty members worldwide. They meet every few weeks or so, usually during a weekend, at a predetermined destination, this being at one of the members’ residences. Not everyone by any means can make every meeting, these members are embarrassingly rich, but also some are very busy. However, they try to make as many meetings as they can, for much fun is to be had. Sometimes there are two meetings at different locations across the globe at the same time; there will be video feeds of the events between the two locations. Watching is fun, but partaking is so much more… .

All the members have several characteristics in common.

As explained, they are very rich. They have to be able to travel with their “entourage” and to ensure that maximum security is maintained. You’ll understand about that later.

All of them have a reputation without blemish, pillars of their communities, leaders of industry, even show business, social integrity. On the surface, that is.

However in reality they lead double lives, and the Club has become their playground - their underground playground. It would be a huge and highly incorrect statement to suggest that the Club is a mere BDSM or fetish get-together. Oh, it is much more than that.

And it is much more than masters and slaves enacting sexual role-play. More than mere masters and mistresses, tops and bottoms, pets, ponies and playthings

This is for real.

The members are indeed masters – and mistresses, for nearly half the members are female – but  for the most their “slaves” or possessions or property are most definitely not acting a role. For that is what they are – property – they have disappeared completely from society, never to be seen again, having been acquired by their owners, very much against their will. These young men and women now provide entertainment of the most perverted nature for their owners and and if the owner consents, also other members of the club.

I said “for the most part”, as several slaves - a very small number, well three in fact are volunteer slaves. For different reasons these two young men and one woman have chosen to become a submissive slave, either on a temporary, or even more strangely, a permanent basis, they have made a decision to yield to every whim of their owner, to disappear from accepted society and live this strange, and sometimes very hard life, but back to the poor non-consensual players.

Each member of the Club owns at least one slave, if they didn’t then they wouldn’t be a member. Some of the more adventurous or even richer members have more than one. One has to be rich to have slaves, to keep them under lock and key and out of sight from the outside world. Keeping them healthy, feeding them, exercising them, training them, transporting them, abusing them, all in complete secrecy requires a lot of money.

While some owners may be deemed cruel, none are uncaring or heartless. A sick slave is of no use at all. And no slave has ever died under the “care” of its master. That would be very bad for the Club, as they all take pride in their possessions, and really do care for them, admittedly perhaps in a strange way. So although these poor unfortunates are prisoners, with absolutely no hope of escape, and very often subjected to the most bizarre of indignities, they are otherwise well cared for, they are well fed, and in the best of health, strange though that may sound.

The experienced slaves, male and female, have grown to accept their sad misfortune, they have seen and learnt that it is impossible to escape and return to their lives in the “normal” world and have adjusted and resigned themselves to their fate, the smarter even seeking to achieve some pleasure from it, for there is pleasure to be had.

In some strange respect their troubles are over. They have no money or accommodation worries, no decisions need to be made, everything is decided for them. It’s a worriless life, although one completely out of their control. The younger ones, or those more recently acquired, naturally fight it, who wouldn’t? But like all those before them they will eventually accept it, grudgingly at first but then become acquiescent to it.

At Home

So what kind of life is it?

Well that depends on their master or mistress. For the most part they are kept under lock and key at one of their owners’ residences. These super rich have, as we know, generally more than one residence, but you won’t be seeing these houses in Architectural Digest, at least not the slaves’ quarters. If you are rich enough you can buy your privacy, and if you wish to host a Club event, which could have as many as thirty or forty members and their possessions present then your abode must be large enough and private enough to accommodate them. Obviously accommodating the slaves is much easier, they can be taken care of in basements, secure storage facilities, stables or even outside, but the members are used to and expect all the comforts of home.

At their owners’ home they will be trained in whatever discipline their owner has a predilection for. Latex rubber is very much the preferred material, all members and slaves have a very extensive wardrobe of this sublime material, but some like to mix the rubber with leather as well.

The training will encompass all the “usual” BDSM and fetish themes – pony play, cross-dressing, maids, schoolgirls, nuns, gimps and pets, and the milking of both male and female slaves. Medical scenarios seem to be a favourite with some members, not for the slaves unfortunately, and this will involve all orifices being subjected to tubing, both for the introduction or extraction of fluids, often at the same time. Everything is catered for and experienced. During these sessions the sex of any particular slave sometimes has little relevance, after all both sexes have a mouth and an anus… .it’s just a case of how you use - or abuse - them. Pony play is also very popular, with races held, and prizes and punishments doled out in equal measure.

Acquisition, Processing and Transportation

The club has an acquisition committee and a team that undertakes the procurement. This comprises two men and a woman of a very limited degree of moral rectitude. They lie on the outskirts of the “scene” and are permanent employees of one of the founding members of the Club.

They enjoy their work, in fact it’s not work to them, it’s something they would happily do for nothing, abducting a young fit person, male or female, and making them disappear forever. They are physically attractive and malevolent, without any conscience.

They have no moral compunction about what they do. They get very well paid, and occasionally are rewarded by being allowed a session with one of the unfortunate new captives. The woman abductor likes girls and boys, so she gets the best of both worlds. They don’t make the selection of their prey, for that is done by the proposed owner. He or she will have seen their soon-to-be slave somewhere in public, maybe a restaurant or bar, a party, tailed them or enquired innocently who they may be, and set the wheels in motion for their abduction.

Several of the poor victims knew the proposed owner prior to abduction; the owner may have been slighted socially (yes, a little bit of over-reaction of their behalf) or crossed them in business. Those owners take a particular pleasure in the power they now have over someone who knew them before, and in talking with mutual friends about their strange disappearance, when they know that the poor victim is held captive and maybe even within earshot. Yes, that is a sublime irony. Even more ironic is the case of one owner being formerly married to his slave, now that is a hell of a story, and I will tell you about that later.

The procurement request will be passed on to the Acquisition Committee, discussed, approved and orders are sent to the acquisition team who then plan and undertake the abduction. They are young and attractive, sometimes the girl, named Annie, will be used as a lure, both women and men have felt at ease with her. Men are attracted by her cool beauty and women feel comfortable in her company, until the trap is drawn. And then of course it’s too late for the poor unfortunate, far too late.

All three of them, particularly the girl, are masters of disguise, and so make-up, hair, accents and clothes are changed to suit the victim and where the abduction will take place. These are professionals. They take a long time in their planning, and nothing is left to chance. After the man or woman goes missing witnesses will inevitably detail their observations. But there is never any consistency in them, and the poor abductees remain missing, and soon, with the exception of family and friends, are forgotten.

They are taken to a holding station and processed to meet their new owner’s requirements. Depending on the country, this station is sometimes in a cellar or remote in the country, without any opportunity for escape. The largest holding station is at “The Facility”.

Outwardly the facility is a small set of stables.

In fact they are stables, but they cater to both horses, and ponies, and human equines. Many of the masters and mistresses also like to own horses, some for themselves, some for their children, who are blissfully unaware that a small, very private portion of the stables is set aside for equines of the human variety. The stables are very private and should a horse owner come upon them and ask after boarding space they are advised that the space is full up, and with a lengthy waiting list. This usually does the trick.

The stables are run by Annie and her two male assistants. Annie likes taking care of and training horses almost as much as humans. She is perfect for the job, for she also trained as a nurse, and therefore undertakes all the procedures and body modifications required by members of the club.

The stables also serve as boarding facilities for the slaves. Master and mistresses, like anyone else, sometimes need a break. Often they will take their slaves with them, in suitable transportation bondage, but sometimes they are taken to the boarding stables and left with Annie and her associates. Often they are deposited with instructions that may include further body modifications, perhaps some further piercing and ringing, maybe a further branding, or even some surgical procedure, like implants. Rarely, but on occasion an owner may be having a particularly hard time with a slave and they will be sent to the facility for further discipline training. This challenge is always a thrill for Annie as she can, and does, exercise her expertise both as a theatre nurse and a fine horse trainer. The slave is always returned, changed, chastised, and the wiser. And all this is carried out in secret under the guise of a horse stables. 

The preparation and transportation of newly acquired slaves varies according to client requirements and specific location. They don’t use chloroform or drugs, they much prefer the physical struggle of the victim as they are brought under control, and the look in the eyes of the victim as they realise that there is no escape at all.

They are always stripped, the naked body is so much more vulnerable, and quickly gagged, the three abductors always take great pleasure in the gagging process. The ball gag is attractive to look at, and popular, but the victim can still growl and scream so their preferred gag is the classic inflatable butterfly gag and the three abductors get a big kick when the gag is inflated and the cheeks of the victim puff out and he or she is effectively silenced, their imploring eyes ignored as they quietly mmmm their shock and anger. Once that is done then they are bound, again the most efficient is the heavy duty rubber body bag with internal sleeves. Once zipped into that there’s no chance of escape, and they usually incorporate this with an inflatable helmet with just a small hole for the breathe-through inflatable gag to poke through.

The victims are in shock and disorientated, which is the intention, and occasionally for variety a butt plug is added for additional discomfort. Easing that, with the assistance of some lube, into the victim’s anal canal is a particular pleasure for Annie, who you can tell, is not a lady to cross.

Some owners want to take possession of their victim straight away, for them to take over the training from scratch, and the victim will be delivered within a day or so, depending on location.

But some owners prefer their possessions fully processed on arrival. Members of the Club have over time come up with a standard preparation, and each owner can then embellish it to their whim. This standard procedure involves full body depilation, branding, piercing and ringing - all unpleasant, and quite a shock to the newly abducted luckless slave.

Application of a strong depilation cream to the whole body and face is the first exercise. For male slaves this will be done over time, particularly facial, crotch and chest hair. For females, the process concentrates on the crotch area, but sometimes the slave helps them in this regard by already being shaven. Some owners prefer electrolysis which is more painful and time-consuming. But after a few months, both male and female are beautifully hairless.

Head hair is either trimmed to a half inch brush cut or removed altogether. Generally the male slaves are bald, while the females display the short brush cut. This obviously permits a much easier placement and removal of masks. The initial cut, for female slaves will remove the long hair after being arranged in a tight pony tail, which is then glued into the end of a large butt plug, and this will serve as an appropriate and humiliating pony tail extending out from the unfortunate’s anal canal. Not very comfortable, but very attractive. All the owners love pony girl, and pony boy, races.

The branding is on the buttocks, simply a 3 inch diameter circle with “The Club” on the inside of the ring and under that the slave’s number. The originating members started at 1, then 2 and so on, so this branding is more painful for the more recent slaves as The Club’s slave count is now over sixty.

Standard piercing involves of course nipples, for both male and female slaves, and this is of the thick barbell variety through the rear of the nipple. The bar is wide in diameter with a screw-in ball at either end. One is sealed and when the bar is pushed through the flesh and the other has a thread, and the second ball is twisted and twisted until the thread is broken. Now the barbell cannot be removed. Suspended from the bar is a U shaped shackle, again of thick irremovable steel. These are extremely strong, although no slave has been suspended by them – a damaged slave is of no use – heavy weights and bells are the preferred form of painful jewellery.

The second piercing is in the septum, this being a permanent steel grommet, although this is invisible, it will allow a variety of rings, shackles, bells and so forth to be inserted through the nose when required by the owner. Then a chain can be threaded through the septum and the slave led, well, literally by his or her nose

Piercing of ears are standard, both female (if not already pierced) and male receive two piercings in each lobe followed by a steel stud. This can be removed and replaced by rings, bells or any other adornments.

A third standard piercing is in the centre of the tongue, about an inch from the end. Through this is passed a thick steel rod and small steel balls are screwed into each end, underneath and on top of the tongue, until the thread is broken, so they won’t be coming off in a hurry. For pony play a chain can be passed through the septum grommet, and attached to the ends of the bit. This is very effective, and just one more addition for keeping the pony under control.

The male slaves have one additional standard embellishment, again not very pleasant. On arrival for processing their scrotums are stretched by way of a ring at the base, and a series of quickly increasing weights. After a very short time the ball sac is considerably lengthened, and then a heavy steel tube, three quarters of an inch in diameter and an inch and a half to sometimes two inches long is locked around the base of the ball sac. This renders the balls attractively outlined in a tight, almost transparent sac, and very sensitive and easy to punish.

Other jewellery is at the preference of each owner, and these generally are applied to the female slaves. These may be rings, or studs through the labia, lips or even clitoris. There is no end to the variety or cruelty of some owners.

Intubation training is also standard procedure for new acquisitions. This is carried out by Annie, who is a fully registered nurse. Being a cruel young woman, this is a task she particularly enjoys. Intubation is undertaken in all three orifices sometimes, and she particularly likes this, all at the same time. But Annie is a sport, she likes to put on a bit of a show. After the other two, her male accomplices, have strapped the poor rather stunned new asset in to a gyn/ob chair they have in their preparation rooms, she makes a grand entrance, as a nurse of course, a rubber nurse, in blue tunic with white collar and cuffs, white stockings and apron and white full head mask. If they weren’t frightened before then they would be now.

The mouth first – the man, or woman, is held to the headrest by a strap across the forehead and it is therefore easy for Annie, smiling behind her mask, to pull down her jaw and accompanied by much aaaaahing and gurgling pass a narrow rubber tube down the throat. Twenty inches along there is a large hard rubber oval section about two inches long and one and a half diameter, and this effectively is forced into the mouth leaving another twenty inches or so connected to a feeding bag. The poor acquisition is nicely silenced, and is fed as Annie opens the valve. The catheter is fairly straightforward, perhaps more uncomfortable for the male, and the collection bag is strapped to the leg of the chair. The anal invader is a little more complex. This is an inflatable butt plug with a tube through the middle, which is connected to a simple motor, which squirts water into the victim, and with the flick of a switch, later sucks it all out, all very effective. Most of the acquisitions are anal virgins, unless they were transported with a butt plug, so Annie, ever the diligent nurse, liberally applies some lube before pushing in the pear shaped plug. There is a lot of mmmmming, but that is all as she inflates the plug for a nice watertight fit. Then the wash cycles begin, three of them, each with fresh clean water.

As mentioned earlier, Annie likes the ladies as well as men, so to lessen the discomfort, she will generally tease with the woman’s nipples and then, careful not to move the catheter tube, her pussy. She never fails to be amazed that while the woman is receiving an enema, has a feeding tube down her throat, and a catheter inside her, and is obviously in extreme discomfort, she will often still come. Annie takes great pride in her talents in this regard.

Once all these necessary requirements have been completed, and any additions demanded by their owner, the slaves are ready for transport. Generally if this does not involve a long journey, it will involve an innocuous steel coffin-like container where the victim is strapped, first being bound and gagged in cool clinging rubber, the victim has very little awareness of what is happening, having to just concentrate on breathing.

For transportation where national borders and customs regulations are involved, the process is considerably more careful and elaborate. One of the members of the Club fortunately owns a worldwide shipping and freight company and the victim is generally included in a legitimate shipment, but well locked away.

Needless to say, even by air transport this may take some time and the welfare of the victim is taken very seriously (although this may sound strange). And so therefore the transportation container is much more intricate. This is a large steel trunk, much like an old steamer trunk. Under the steel ribs are almost invisible gaps for ventilation. Inside foam rubber encases the poor unfortunate, who is already tightly encapsulated in the rubber body bag.

Prior to being placed in the trunk the victim will have been given a series of powerful enemas, then thoroughly plugged. To avoid dehydration, incorporated into the jaw-stretching butterfly gag is a tube extending into the victim’s stomach, with an adjustable drip feed. To avoid regurgitation half way down the tube is an inflatable ball, very uncomfortable but very efficient. Over a long period of incarceration there will be a build-up of urine so he or she will be cathetered with a collection bag attached to a side wall. The owned object can be incarcerated in this way for quite a few days. It is very unpleasant, but very efficient, and the owner is always pleased to receive their delivery in, considering the circumstances, pretty good shape, if a little groggy and sore.

Body Modification and Enhancement

Some owners may not be fully satisfied with the physical attributes of their acquisition and will undertake physical modifications to their new asset. Typically these will involve breast implants. These will not be huge, as all the slaves are involved in pony play, and races. The owners are sometimes very competitive and they don’t want their ponies falling over their boobs, certainly not.

A couple of owners have gone a step further and had silicone sacs implanted in their slaves’ buttocks, again not too big but they feel it does add a bit of shape to the contours. Botox is also used, but sparingly. A few injections to lips and labia can work wonders without being grotesque.

All these modifications are generally applied to the female slaves but the occasional male might be subject to them as well, as I will describe below.

Gender Reassignment – the Tale of 11 and 23

For two very unfortunate slaves their abduction was only the start of a shocking and painful life change. Their stories are quite similar. These are not young men that have been arbitrarily snatched off the street, but they are the subject of carefully engineered plans of revenge.

Their story is told in graphic detail in my tale Man-Woman-Pony, but I will give a very short précis here. However, if forced feminisation/ts/tg/latex/pony stories appeal to you, then you might want to take a look at that companion story.

Slave numbers 11 and 23 as they are now known, were once gigolos, real ladies’ man,  but also uncaring, callous, arrogant and very full of themselves, casting women aside without so much as a care. They were physically attractive, almost pretty in an androgynous way, and knew it. But they also liked abusing women, which may have been fun and consensual at first but soon it became not so much fun for the women they encountered.

Well, one of them did it just one time too many to a girlfriend. A pretty young thing she is, 21 now but barely 20 when she met them. And at first it was fun, and then as per his modus it escalated. Unpleasantness, tears and guilt followed, and then a discussion with daddy! Who, it turned out, was one of those oil gazillionaires, with a somewhat chequered past, to boot. Yes, he had made a big mistake, and daddy would take care of it for his darling daughter.

Soon everything was set in motion, the committee approved, and acquisition team went to work. Soon he was acquired and processed by the team; full depilation, piercing, ringing and branding were quickly undertaken. However, it was the daughter who quickly showed a side of herself that shocked even her father, but also made him just a little… proud.

Sex change procedures are really quite common nowadays, and with the right amount of money the right surgeons and support staff can be hired and paid to keep quiet. And so everything proceeded very smoothly (well, not for the young Lothario) and over many months and a series of surgeries, he had been reassigned to the female sex. The details need not be gone into, but cock and balls were surgically removed and replaced by vagina, labia, false clitoris, and very healthy pairs of boobs (with some assistance from silicone implants). The Adam’s apple was attended to and the voice box, such that the transgendered women adopted a quite light, sexy timbre to her voice.

She underwent a rigorous depilation programme (she was not particularly muscled but was quite tall, and not hirsute), diet was strictly controlled and an exercise programme started and soon she was a very shapely, slim 140 pounds. In addition she was placed on a full set of the appropriate drugs and female hormones, which she would continue to take for the rest of her life, her new life as a women. She was set up in what was quite a pleasant set of rooms in the basement of one of the billionaires’ homes in the country, set in over 100 very secluded acres and well away from prying eyes.

Physically this sexual reassignment is of course traumatic, but if the it is against the wishes of the patient then psychologically it is very difficult to endure. From the start, number 11 (the first abductee) did not take it well and fought, and fought, and moped. So it was decided by her captor and her father that she needed some company, and so number 23 was soon acquired, shortly joined her. And poor number 23 now underwent precisely the same programme of reassignment.

Their transformation into rubber pony girls did not go smoothly. They were reluctant at first, fighting their mistress, but soon saw the inevitably of it all. They were also initially wary of each other, they are now both attractive women, but were formerly young men, and their new awakening female sexuality was at first a mystery to them. However, watched by their mistress on CCTV they began to explore themselves and each other, and adjusted slowly but inevitably to having a same sex partner. Eventually, after a little help from their mistress, they lost their shame and embarrassment, and succumbed to their instincts. And so after much tentative foreplay they are comfortable with each other, and are able to give each other pleasure, and their mistress was ready to begin their severe pony training.

Again, their abduction, processing and transformation into attractive young females, forced into female latex clothing and permanent captivity is detailed in my “Man-Woman-Pony”.

Pony play is one of the most popular pursuits of fetishists and those in the BDSM scene. Pony girls (and boys) in full harness, bridled and bitted, booted, hoofed and tailed (with butt plug, even better), in leather or latex is a sight to behold. Most of this play involves show ponies, and races - single ponies or sometimes in pairs. But this sport didn’t appeal greatly to 11 and 23’s mistress. No, what she was interested in was the ultimate in horse training and discipline - dressage.

It is difficult enough to train a single pony in the rigours of this discipline. But to train two ponies (or in this case, two women) to perform intricate manoeuvres as if they were one, is extremely difficult, both on the patience of the trainer, and the ability and willingness of the two female equines.

The training took many, many months, in the secluded grounds of the billionaires’ country estate. Baby steps at first (almost literally) and then slow trotting and cantering, but dressage is all about deportment, not so much speed or stamina. The two beauties were always trained as a pair, held together by a short horizontal steel rod attached to a D-ring at their severely reduced waists, and quite a sight they were. The theme was that of a pinto horse, basically white, but with, in this case, black patches. Underwear was simply a rigid tube corset in heavy rubber, extending from under their new enhanced breasts to above their naked pubis. They had been wearing these since their abduction, the diameter of the tube being gradually reduced over time, and were now very much used to them.

Then came a full body catsuit in white latex with black patches, matching hoof boots with a contoured sole such that only the front third of the pony’s foot made contact with the ground, and the heel was three inches above it, and a full head mask with just eye, nostril, and mouth holes. In the suit of course there were built-in holes, at nipples, pussy and arse. The shackles that were attached to the barbells pierced through the nipples were adorned with bells, and the anal passages were snugly plugged with remote-control vibrating butt plugs, with a thimble-like attachment sprouting at 45 degrees that incorporated a sprightly horse’s tail, made from their own hair.

The harnesses, belt, posture collar and bridle were of supple black leather with shiny steel buckles and rings. The head harness fitted perfectly and was attached to a leather posture collar keeping the chin nicely raised, and this collar was in turn attached by way of a series of supple straps to a broad leather corset/belt that extended up between their prominent breasts. This belt, together with the tube corset under the catsuit, enhanced the shapely narrow-waisted beauty of the girls.

The bit was rubber-covered steel, and was locked onto the bridle adjacent to both cheeks. In addition, a slim chain passed through the septum grommet and attached to the both ends of the bit. So control for the mistress was extremely subtle and easy. Adjustable blinkers were attached to the outside of the head harness at eye level, such that with a simple swivel the pony could be transported from full vision to complete blindness. The hands were mittened and drawn behind in a back prayer. At first the mitts were maybe 6 or 8 inches below the collar, but over the many months of rigorous training and as the ponies adjusted, these were drawn higher and higher until they could actually be locked just below the bottom of the collar.

The posture was further enhanced by applying a monoglove over the mittened hands and lacing it tight all the way down to the elbows and pulling the forearms together. This would have been excruciating or even impossible at first, but over time, with gradual flexibility training, the ponies adapted very well, but then they had little choice. The result was, together with the tight tube corset and outer leather belt pulling in the waist, that the stunning silicone enhanced breasts that were held in heavy rubber cups were pushed out provocatively.

The mistress trained and controlled them by short verbal commands initially, and an occasional quick flick of the whip, but mostly through the devious remote-control vibrating butt plug. This was a beautiful piece of engineering. Both butt plugs were controlled by the single remote, and the pace of the ponies controlled by a regular pulse – bum bum bum in the anal cavities of the ponies. This pace could be increased or decreased by the turn of a knob - so easy. If either pony got out of pace, then a severe very painful vibrating blast of electricity would get them into line very quickly. The length of the step was controlled by the length of the pulse, a longer pulse, a longer step was required. This all took time for the ponies to learn, and was certainly painful, but their mistress was patient.

It all started with just walking, a lot of walking, getting them used to the bit and of course the intrusive plug embedded in their rears. The double restrictions around their waists and their posture collars also meant that they had to control their breathing. Their mistress was very pleased to note that they adjusted to the hoof boots very quickly. Day after day, week after week gradually they adjusted, to think and to act as one. Eventually hoofs hit the ground at precisely the same moment, knees were raised to exactly the same height, and the length of step precise. They could walk or trot, forwards, backwards and even sideways, as if one. For the last three months they practised with the blinkers closed, completely blind, and this was a long arduous process of adjustment. Finally however, their mistress was very proud of them; young men reduced to obedient (and beautiful) female dressage ponies. She was also pleasantly surprised that as the weeks progressed that the ponies actually began to take some pride in their performance.

And when their mistress felt they were ready to perform in public, a garden party was arranged for any and all members who wished to attend, with captives of course. The young mistress knew that this was going to be the moment when she finally made the big stage, the dressage ponies, her human equine beauties, former men and now beautiful ponygirls, and their mistress would have their premiere.

Now Let’s Check Out the Party

So why don’t we join them? It’s a wonderful summer’s day, not a cloud, and the members arrived either Friday evening or today, early Saturday. They will stay until Sunday night or perhaps Monday morning. It’s all very leisurely, almost languorous, the owners, masters and mistresses know each other well, they have met many times before and with consent, played with each other’s slaves. Food and drink is plentiful, the kitchens and wine cellars of the billionaires’ home well stocked.

In communal events such as these, the owners are always masked. They know each other well and names are never mentioned. In the presence of their own slaves they can be unmasked. This rule remains in place for in the extremely unlikely event, perhaps a million to one, should a slave escape, then only their owner can be identified. And anyway, being masked, having that anonymity, means that one can behave that much more audaciously.

There are perhaps 30 or 35 owners here today, with either one or more slaves each, and there are some slaves lucky enough, or unlucky, to have more than one owner. These may be married or siblings, or in the case of our billionaire, father and daughter. The attendance this weekend is particularly good, as word has got out that the mistress of 11 and 23 is to have them perform dressage, for the first time in public. Everyone knows of their history and they all want to see these two former men, surgically changed to women, and now latex ponies, being put through their paces. There is a slight tension in the air, an air of excited anticipation.

But this is no ordinary garden party, the owners are there to have fun, debauched and wicked fun of course, and very much at the expense of their human possessions. These will experience pain no doubt, discomfort, humiliation, and if they are lucky perhaps some pleasure. To the uninitiated eye the sights are truly bizarre for there are no limits to the imaginations of the owners. We all have, or can have, wild imaginations, but the owners here have the power and the money to make them reality.

We are particularly lucky today, for we can witness the preparation of a new acquired slave. Rather than her being processed in the holding station, her owner has brought her to the house as he is very keen not to miss the premiere of 11 and 23. So she is being processed in the basement, in the very room that poor 11 and 23 underwent their operations to emerge eventually as attractive women. Nothing so drastic is proposed for this unfortunate woman, just the standard piercings, and branding. She has already been fully depilated but her head hair will be taken care of, such a humiliating operation, and one which usually produces tears. The members are always amused at this, that the loss of her hair seems to engender a more tearful response than the piercing, or branding. But then perhaps that is due to the strong local anaesthetics that are used on nose, tongue nipples and buttocks… don’t say that the members aren’t considerate for their slaves wellbeing!

The room is quite full, members always enjoy this exercise, the piercing and branding seeming to represent the first step in the downward spiral to slavehood, and they always watch for the slow acceptance by the poor slave as this fact gradually dawns on them.

Annie likes to make a theatrical event out of the whole process. She loves dressing in her rubber nurse’s outfit, the stockings, high heels and tight blue tunic, and then the rubber swimming cap and surgical mask. She breathes through her nose, the rubber clamping itself on her features and then billowing out. Only her eyes can be seen and these are bright and excited. She makes a theatrical exercise of pulling on her thin surgical, and this of course engenders even more trepidation in the poor patient.

She is strapped down to the same gurney that 11 and 23 were those many months ago, but her procedures will be a lot less complex, or painful. It is tilted up slightly and her limbs are efficiently strapped to the sides. She is already dressed in rubber, and that is all she will wear from now on. It is a simple costume of stockings, suspender belt, heavily boned corset with integrated bra cups, and exposed nipples of course. On her arms are shoulder length gloves and her feet four inch heels. It is sexy and flirtatious but that is the last thing on her mind. She says nothing, just staring in shock at the gathering around her. Earlier her tongue, and her vocal chords, her septum and her ears, had been given a lengthy spray with a very strong local anaesthetic, and that has reduced her to a mute. Her tongue is now numb, and she should be thankful for that, for very soon it will be pierced.

She rolls her head in distress as Annie raises it and grips the base of her pony tail. With one long snip, she cuts through it, below the thick rubber band and then shows her the result, her flowing dark brown hair, her pride, in her hand. Annie dips it into a pot of quick setting glue and then it a large thimble that will be at a future date attached to her butt plug and it will become her “real” pony tail. She now takes a pair of hair clippers and, none too gently, holding the woman’s head firmly, clips down the remaining hair to an even half inch. Satisfied, she now pushes the woman’s head back and with a strap across her forehead even her head is now immobile, and ready for her ears, septum and tongue to be pierced.

The ears are easy and come first, each piercing is followed by a plain stud, two in each lobe. The septum follows and there is much panting and eye rolling from the silent woman, but nothing more as the grisly muscle succumbs to the surgical intrusion, this time with an implement much like a hole puncher used to make holes in belts or other clothing. There is some blood, not much and this is quickly stopped by the quick application of a coagulant. Then the grommet is inserted, a short steel tube and this is squeezed shut by the same puncher, just twisted inside out. The seal is airtight and water tight, and completely and permanently immovable.

Now to the tongue. Forceps grip the end and draw it out, as the woman aaaaahs, while her hands and feet (the only parts of her capable of movement) shake and wriggle. Annie is unperturbed, she’s proud of her work, and she takes a sharp thick needle and without any preamble pierces the tongue, about an inch from the end. This is then withdrawn and the hole dabbed with coagulant, then a narrow steel rod with a thread at each end is inserted, and brusquely raising her tongue she carefully screws a steel ball about an eighth of an inch in diameter onto the portion on the underside. With another pair of forceps, she twists until there is the faintest click and the thread is broken. This is then repeated on the top of the tongue. The stud is now immovable and Annie releases the forceps and allows the woman to move her tongue around her mouth. It is strange at first no doubt, but she will have to get used to it, and many more indignities.

Annie takes a short break and chats with the slave’s master, quite unperturbed about the plight of the woman on the gurney. The master, a young man in full rubber catsuit and separate mask, has been transfixed by the process, and like all the members is impressed by Annie’s efficient professionalism. She whispers to him, asking if he requires anything beyond the standard club procedures. He ponders, he really would like her labia pierced, grommeted and ringed, but not for now, he’ll leave that for later. She nods approvingly and returns to the prostrate woman.

She is older than her master, mid to late 30’s and she’s seen enough of her master, despite his full rubber mask to know who it is. She is stunned by this, and desperate to talk with him, but knows he’s been planning this for weeks, perhaps months. She wonders what could have triggered this? She was his tutor at university, and she felt he had a bit of a crush on her, and he’d been mildly flirtatious, which she had never responded to. He expected a first, but she had not thought him worthy and awarded him an upper second. He had not taken it well. Could it have been his final exam results? No, that was insane, but then as she glanced around at the masked faces looking down on her, she realised that this was no dream, but a very frightening reality.

The woman’s nipples have also received a lengthy spray of local anaesthetic, but this will still hurt, for the steel rods will be inserted behind the aureole, and the rods are quite thick. Annie resumes, calmly rubbing, rolling the woman’s nipples looking coolly down at her. Annie truly loves this power. Despite her position and the shock on the woman’s face, Annie sees with amusement the nipples harden. It is then that she takes the thick piercing needle and steadfastly pushes it horizontally through the skin and flesh behind the nipple. The woman aaaaahhh’s and shakes but that is all, and quickly this is followed by the coagulant and a thick steel rod, with threads at each end. Before the balls are screwed in she manoeuvres a U shackle along the rod either side of the nipple and then screws on the balls, twisting with a pair of forceps and again, a faint couple of clicks are heard and the rod and shackle are now permanent. Quickly this is repeated on the other nipple and now the woman’s ample breasts heave as she gasps for air.

All that is left of the standard procedures is the branding on the buttocks, and for this there is no local anaesthetic. She is released from the gurney, there is no resistance, she is clearly in a state of silent, mute shock. She looks wonderful in her rubber stockings, shoulder gloves and reinforced corset and bra supports. She is a mature woman, no skinny model. She wears no panties for a reason and she is turned to face the gurney and told to lean over. Annie takes one wrist and ties it to the top of the bed, then the other, and the woman is now stretched to the limit, her hips locked against the bottom of the gurney and breasts suspended under her torso. Then Annie takes one rubber covered ankle and straps it to the bottom corner of the bed and then the other and now her legs are stretched wide. The woman is still as if in a trance, and Annie places her hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy, and the woman shakes her head, as if in disbelief.

The electric branding iron, much like a soldering iron has been altered to incorporate her number within the three-inch diameter ring and club logo, and has been heating to red hot, during the earlier procedures. Annie rubs alcohol onto her left buttock and the woman flinches. Annie places an arm around the woman’s hips, and with an experienced movement presses the red-hot steel resolutely onto the flesh. There is a faint sizzle sound as she bucks as much as allowed, which is not much, and then she calms. A gauze bandage is placed over it, the new owner of this beauty has been given a clear set of instructions on how to treat all the wounds.

Annie nods to the crowd, job done and there are murmurings of approval as she begins to pack away her instruments. The slave’s master, this slim, young, rich man thanks Annie and approaches his possession. He already has a lubed butt plug in his gloved hand and shows it to her. She shakes her head, mouthing a NO! but he strokes her near-shaven head and moves to her vulnerable rear. He’s never done this before, but then it’s really not so hard, and he presses the narrow head against her tight ring. There’s resistance at first, is she an anal virgin? Well, not for long, as the end breaches the muscle and he presses further as she shakes her head. Soon, faster than he would have imagined, it is at its widest point and then with a silent plop it’s in her, and her muscle grips the narrow neck supporting the curved baseplate.

Annie smiles behind her mask as she helps him release her, after she stands, a little wobbly, quickly her wrist cuffs are attached to D-rings on the sides of her heavily boned corset and then unresisting, she allows a full head zipless black rubber mask to be drawn over her head. Perhaps she prefers the anonymity. Annie hands him a neck to ankles cloak of thin transparent rubber and he clips this around her neck and under her chin. Their eyes meet and she shakes her head, in denial or disbelief, perhaps both – she now a slave, a rubber slave, of one of her former students, how could anyone believe that? The thin transparent rubber tickles her tender nipples and she shudders, it doesn’t hide anything, but even enhances her vulnerability in black rubber stockings, gloves and corset, and mask. He strokes her masked head and smiles as he attaches a chain to her tender, grommeted septum, then with a friendly wave to his fellow members, leads her out into the garden. 

So now let’s move out and observe some of the more bizarre participants, and this requires a lengthy description. There are two of them, and on close inspection we can see there is one female and one male. They are owned by a single woman, who is one of the founding members of the Club, and she is clearly experienced, cruel and imaginative. She is chatting to a friend at the open air bar, unperturbed by her slaves roaming “free” in the grounds. In fact, no one seems to give them a second look as they rather aimlessly plod around the huge grounds. They don’t move fast, they can’t, and the reason for this will be clear once I have described their extraordinary attire.

Are they zombies, androids, Michelin men (or women), Darth Vader? Well, a bit of everything I suppose. Needless to say they are dressed in rubber, heavy rubber, literally very heavy rubber. Not everything is apparent to the naked eye, so I will describe their uniform in detail. It has taken their mistress a long time to get all the engineering right. They are both dressed in a full body suit of heavy but malleable black rubber. It is loose fitting and weighs over 40 pounds. It has rubber boots attached (with holes in the soles to allow sweat to pass through) and thumbless mitts attached to the ends of the loose sleeves. They enter the suit through a single back zip, from waist to neck, not easy to do, as the helmet which represents a full head gas mask is contoured to fit tight to the skull and is attached to the suit, and pushing the head through the narrower neck takes plenty of effort. But this man and woman are experienced slaves, and you can do anything you like with them now, so there is little concern for their discomfort.

The helmet is a very intricate and quite an unpleasant design. Within the gas mask-type face piece are two tinted eyepieces. The slave can see out, but vision is dulled and misty. Below the eyes there is an airtight aviator-style portion covering nose and mouth, but within that are a devilish number of subtle additions. A boxer style mouthpiece snugly covers upper and lower sets of teeth and a thick spongy rubber cock acts as an effective gag. However a quarter inch diameter portion of the core of the cock is hollow, which allows a rubber tube to be threaded through it and then down the throat of the poor recipient. This permits the slave to be fed when required without the helmet being removed. With a mouth well stuffed with rubber, breathing is restricted to through the nostrils, and this can be controlled by a valve at the front of the mask. This valve is attached to two corrugated rubber tubes which pass over the shoulders and connect to an inhalation canister strapped to the back of the rubber slave. This inhalation canister contains old and very pungent pieces of rubber used by their mistress, including old panties, and the slaves are forced to breathe in this powerful perfume of both their mistress and old sticky rubber.

Within the female’s suit there is a bra section comprising two heavy rubber suction bra cups that clamp over the breasts, gripping their bases firmly. The shackled nipples are pulled through two round steel holes in the suit and locked, making them very vulnerable to any sort of punishment their mistress wishes, perhaps through weights, or bells. Right now she has heavy bells dangling from them. In this instance the male is more fortunate, as his nipples remain shackled but under the thick rubber of the suit. However, his male appendages are not so fortunate. 

Female and male both wear matching steel belts over their rubber suits, and these closely resemble chastity belts. The belt itself is of rubber lined steel about 2 inches deep, locked at the front, and is adjustable at the sides to allow for some flexibility. The gusset pieces are identical at the rear, as the anal cavities are treated in the same manner for male and female. A narrow flexible steel and rubber cord extends down from the back of the belt, widens to a steel ring opposite the anus and then narrows again between the legs to widen at the crotch to accommodate a second ring, and then a wider V to join the waist belt at the front.

The metalwork on each front piece is beautiful, incorporating the Club’s crest and the slave’s number. In this case the male is number 3 and the female 4. Yes, they have been slaves a long time now, and obviously resigned to it, these are two of the original five abductees. They were abducted at the same time, many years ago, a difficult enterprise and what makes it perhaps harder for them is that the slaves were once lovers. They still are I suppose - living together, but not quite in the way that they had intended. They manage to snatch time and some comfort together, but as you can see, their mistress has an imaginatively cruel streak - as have many members of the Club.

The rings in the chastity belt, front and back, are locked seamlessly onto steel rings in the rubber suit but the rubber incorporated into the belt and gusset allow some movement. Both male and female rears are plugged with a substantial inflatable butt plug that locks onto the rear steel ring. The neck of the plug is long enough to accommodate the two rings and the sphincter muscle so that once the plug is inflated a tight seal is achieved. As these suits are designed for long-term use that is not the only feature as, similar to the cock in each slave’s mouth there is a hole extending through the plug and this permits a power enema to be administered, and (a nice feature) for the effluent to be vacuumed out, much like the initiation that Annie had bestowed on them after their abduction. Two narrow tubes can be seen extending about six inches from their rears, one with an inflator pump and the other with a sealing cap, which can be removed for the introduction and extraction of the enema. Neither tube can be removed as they are locked to the base of the plug, which in turn is locked to the steel rings and the suit.

As one would expect, the male and female organs are treated differently, but again with harsh resourcefulness. For the female this is a combined catheter (for she will be in this suit for perhaps several days) vibrator and clit stimulator. On the underside of the vibrator is the catheter tube and on the upper side near the bottom is a curved prong that slides under the clit hood and stimulates the clit. The contraption is locked onto the steel rings of the suit and the steel chastity belt, and from the base of the vibrator there are two extensions, one being the catheter tube, which connects with a plastic collection bag strapped to the outside of her calf, and the second is an insulated electric cord that connects with a tiny receiver below the waist of her chastity belt. Thus, with a hand remote, her mistress can control her pleasure - or pain - from up to 30 feet away. It is a fiendish device, inescapable and perfect for controlling all the carnal sensations of her slave.

And the male device is no less malevolent.

Here, the male organs can be teased and tortured separately. First his balls are drawn through the lower hole of a figure 8 steel ring at the crotch of the thick rubber suit. Like all the male slaves of the Club his balls are already imprisoned at the base of the ball sac by a heavy steel tube nearly two inches in length and an inch in diameter, so his balls are held tight within his stretched scrotum, and therefore very sensitive. Over his balls are now locked a steel ball about two inches in diameter. This comprises two halves, the lower half has an opening exactly matching the steel ring around the base of his balls and it is locked onto that ring. The upper half is then screwed onto the lower half, and his balls are now enveloped in an immovable heavy steel ball.

His cock is treated in a similar way, this is pulled through the upper hole of the figure 8 ring in the suit. Then a perfectly anatomical hollow steel cock is slid over his own and locked to the steel ring of the suit. As with the female slave this also has an insulated electric cord that connects a tiny receiver below the waist of his chastity belt with a ring around the head of the steel cock.

But it doesn’t end there, for on the underside of the steel head there is another tiny ring and via another electric cord this connects to the base of the steel ball enveloping his balls. And so with her remote his mistress can, from the same distance, send a terrible shock to the head of his cock and to his trapped balls.

Finally, like the female slave, he too is cathetered, the tube passing through a small hole in the steel cock and down to the collection bag strapped to his calf.

And one final touch for both heavily rubberised slaves is for their wrists to be cuffed and chained to rings at the sides of their steel belts, and this gives them a few inches of movement, but nothing more.

Their mistress feels no need for them to be further imprisoned. They are inhibited to a slow walk, or stagger, by over 40 pounds of thick malleable rubber. Their mouths are stuffed with a thick black cock, with a feeding tube descending to their stomachs. They breathe rubber scented air through their tight masks, and their vision is misty and grey. Their arses are plugged with inflatable butt plugs and they can be given forced enemas and vacuumed when considered appropriate. Their sexual organs can be teased and tortured at her whim.

She controls their lives, when to punish, when to tease. The longest they have been in the suits is five days, hard to believe indeed. And so they wander around as if in a daze, which they are, I suppose. It’s hard to sit down, with the inflator bulbs and vacuum tubes extending down from their rears and to lie down is impossible as on their backs are strapped the rubber inhalation canisters. So time passes very slowly for them, that is until their mistress calls them to her with a sharp electric shock to the sensitive sexual organs. There is an audible wail from them and they scuttle to her, then immediately kneel tentatively, carefully at her feet.

They stare mutely up at her as she pats their rubber heads, but she barely looks down at them, for she is chatting to a male friend at the bar. She is small, almost petite, but as we can see is made of steel, and rules this couple calmly and efficiently.

They are both sitting on identical high bar stools; very specialised stools. Thoroughly imprisoned within the rectangular steel tubing supporting the cushioned seat are two slaves, one male and one female. The male is trapped under the male master, and the female under the mistress of the two rubber zombies, a nice touch. Both are dressed identically in tight body-hugging pink latex catsuits. Both are plugged in the rear with substantial inflateble butt plugs, with the inflation tube and bulb swinging below them. The male’s cock is being squeezed by an inflatable rubber sheath, laced horrendously tight and with a small hole at the end for urinating. His balls are similarly encased in an inflated rubber double-skinned round ball, locked onto his steel scrotum ring. He is very uncomfortable indeed, and so is the woman.

Her labia is pierced three times on either side and steel grommeted. From these grommet rings six small steel balls hang down from short steel chains. They clack against each other with the slightest movement, sending tremors through her. Her shackled nipples peak through an opening in the latex but, if this can be considered a relief, they are not adorned with bells or weighted balls. They are in identical bondage. They kneel with thighs spread wide on a cushioned base, their ankles pulled back within the steel tubes of the stool, and arms in stringent monogloves with gloved fingers chained to their toes. Their heads are encased in identical pink masks, full head, super-tight with no zipper. They only have a mouth hole, no nostril or eyes openings, giving them a mysterious anonymous look. Their heads rest on the stool’s seat, facing inwards, with chins raised. There is also a curved head rest behind, which discourages any reluctance to move away from the job in hand.

That job in hand involves servicing their master and mistress, man on man and woman on woman, yes, a nicely devious touch. It’s becoming a hot day, with little cooling wind. The owners can dress accordingly, masks are required but their rubber attire is loose and comfortable. The male master has a loose thin rubber jogging suit of pants and long-sleeved top, and the male slave’s face is buried in the fly of the master, moving up and down, the master’s hand firmly placed on the pink rubber head. The master is not gay, he has a female slave of his own, but he enjoys the power of having a male captive know he can do nothing but obey him, and suck him off.

The zombies’ mistress is, as has been shown, a very harsh woman, and she has always preferred black. This encompasses black corsellette pulling her already narrow waist in severely and pushing up her ample breasts; by suspenders black stockings are attached, four inch pumps, black shoulder-length gloves, a thin black rubber mask with eye, mouth and nose holes barely hiding her features, and finally a gossamer-thin ankle length gunmetal cape which just allows a vision of her beauty underneath. This is parted at her waist and we can see the female slave’s pink head nuzzling her shaved pantyless pussy.

Idly she pats the anonymous pink head, encouraging her tongue to go deeper, glancing down at her rubber zombies, enjoying the moment, sipping her wine and chatting to her friend. Yes, life - if you are a Club member - is grand.

But we will move on.

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