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The Wager

by Trech Rwber

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© Copyright 2014 - Trech Rwber - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; kidnap; captive; bagged; transported; latex; catsuits; gasmasks; enema; bdsm; torment; cond; breathplay; bond; enslave; cons/nc; XX

Part 1: A Bet is Placed

It had been our most successful fetish weekend so far as we had 3 other couples staying with us. Our main meal together was on Saturday night and this had gone well, with several of the submissive members being suitably restrained. A slightly competitive edge had crept into things at this point, along the lines of ‘my sub or slave is able to cope with more CP, more layers of rubber, more severe bondage, or less air’ than yours. This had in turn lead to a discussion about people become kinky and why some of us, enjoy the more dominant role, and others a submissive one. We also discussed among other topics if it is necessary for a Dom to switch from time to time to keep an edge in the play. So as you can imagine, it was a very convivial and kinky evening.

But now as it was getting late; the subbie people had been released, and drinks served; no alcohol is permitted during any type of play in our home, so there was a general air of winding down. One couple had already gone upstairs to bed, and the second were about to. I was sitting with Mistress L and her Sub husband P when the subject of converting people from the vanilla world to ours came up. This is one of L’s favourite topics, and she claims to have converted several people in her time.

I take the opposite view, and believe that we have an experience when we are young, normally under 5 years of age, that later attracts us to the kinky side. Our personality type, such as being an introvert or even having some form of mild autism, may also play a part in fixing the fetish. Now unless people like us find one another, then we will often find partners that go along with our fetish, but I believe this is out of love, but not because they have truly seen the light in our darker side and embraced as their own. A true kinkster has to have what already exists awakened from within it cannot be learnt

However, L really had the bit between her teeth, and was no doubt like me, fuelled by several drinks. L proudly stated that she would bet me £500 that she could take anyone; male or female, chosen at random, but clearly not one of us, and make them as passionate about our fetish life as we are. I retorted that if £500 was all she was prepared to put up, then she was not very confident in her abilities. This was like a red rag to a bull for someone like L; I’ll make it £2K she declared, and glared at me, daring me to respond. "OK" I said, "but to make it interesting for me you must convert a female, if you succeed you get the money, but the girl will become mine".

"I don’t really think this is a good idea Sir", my partner and slave B remarked, she was now looking very worried. I glared at her in a way that told her she would be severely tested for this interruption. P said nothing as he had not been given permission to speak. "I will choose the candidate", I said, and held out my gloved hand; L took mine in hers and said, "easy money, you’re on. "

The Candidate

I chose the candidate with care, as I have a strong sense of fair play and considered that L could prove her claim with this girl, but that she would have her work cut out.

Ola was happy: After the breakup of a 5 year relationship, she was, after almost 18 months on her own, in love again. Her new boyfriend Tom appeared to be all she could want, and so different to the rather dark previous relationships she had been drawn to. Unlike her previous partners he had no ‘strange proclivities’, no bad relationship history, no mad ex’s, he appeared to be open and honest, and he also wanted children. As Ola was now 35 this last point was becoming a significant issue for her. She was a people person, and very involved in the community, which is how she had met Tom, on a march against cuts in local council services. She was slightly hippie in appearance, with a tendency to loose summer frocks; and with very long dark hair almost to her waist. She was also very beautiful.

Mistress L pursed her lips slightly and I noted with satisfaction a worried look in her eyes, as I showed her the photo’s of Ola, and described her lifestyle as much as I knew it. "You know her?" L asked.

"She’s a friend of a friend of a friend", I replied, "she might recognise my face as slightly familiar if asked, but just as likely would not. Now L, you would hardly expect me to hand you £2k on a plate by suggesting someone who has already dabbled in our fetish life. What we are doing is illegal; we are really pushing the boundaries; & need to consider what will happen if you fail. Remember Mistress L we are playing a dangerous game, and the final responsibility will be with you. So I will give you a last chance to withdraw from this wager, do you wish to proceed?"

Mistress L looked at me with defiance showing on her face. "I can do this", she declared, "it’s this Ola girl or me, and I don’t loose, how and when do we take her?"

The Take

As I said, I have a sense of fair play, I also do not wish to risk any legal complications and therefore as an accomplice in this wager I had to protect Mistress L for my sake, as well as hers. Ola as far as I was aware, had never had any significant kinky experiences, but at least one of her ex’s was very active in the fetish world, as I have said, she was a friend of a friend of a friend. I also knew she had a tendency to be attracted to a certain type of man, yet her current love appeared to be so Vanilla, he made the wearing rubber wellingtons seem outrageous, so was she reacting against her natural instincts? She was also renting an isolated cottage, was currently living for the most part on her own, and didn’t own a nasty dog.

In the end it was all so easy. When Mistress L is not dressed in black and red rubber or leather & tightly corseted, with a riding crop in her hand, she looks like a rather kind 40 something women. Someone who you would trust to water your garden when you were away, without worrying that she might have a poke around to see what she could find out about you. If anyone proved the old saying about not judging a book by its cover then it was mistress L.

So when L turned up at Ola’s door looking hot, lost, and confused, and asked the way to an address that did not exist, Ola had no reasons to be suspicious. No doubt this changed when the pepper spray hit her full in the face, and I’m sure she realised that she had made a serious error of judgement when 2 other not so nice looking people wearing hoods rushed into her home, even though she was not able to focus properly at the time.

To subdue, & then hood a woman who is trying not to cough her lungs up, and can’t see is fairly easy. Although I was surprised, and rather pleased at the strength with which she tried to resist us. We forced a hood with only a mouth hole over her head, and quickly cable tied her arms and legs. We then replaced the cable ties in turn with heavy bondage restraints; Ola was then placed squirming into a heavy rubber bondage bag. By now she was starting to scream and breathe freely again, so a breathe through pump up gag was forced into her mouth, and strapped into place. L pumped up the gag until she started to choke, and then eased the pressure by just one little hiss of the inflator bulb. It was now time to load her into the car.

We lifted Ola into the cargo space of the estate car L had driven up in. This space had load anchor points to which the bag was strapped, making any movement almost impossible; a cargo cover was then pulled over our captive. Small desperate sounds accompanied by laboured breathing emanated from the rear of the car, but with the doors close nothing would be heard from the outside. P and I removed our hoods, got in the car, and drove careful away. L would follow later in another car parked up the lane, after she had checked the house for any medication. It’s important with a new candidate to know about any medical issues before training begins.

Part 2; O’s First Night

O was going to Derbyshire, to the home of Mistress L and P. This is a Victorian house set in a large secluded garden with only open farmland around the property. It also has extensive cellarage; Mistress L had made P convert these cellar rooms into a training room, holding cells, and a dungeon. L was going directly home after completing her search of O’s cottage to prepare for her new house guest. So for the first night of her new life O, formally Ola would be enjoying my hospitality.

I do not have any cellars, but I do have the endurance room. This is a former bathroom which has a small service space beneath the floor. This room is tiled from floor to ceiling, & the tiled floor slopes to a central drain. It also has a number of vents set in the wall where skirting boards are normally placed. From these either dry, or steam heat; or both can be vented into the room from the machines below the floor. The windows can be closed off with locking covers and the door has a pin code lock on the inside. During use the candidate normally has a dead mans switch; when the pressure is released it lights an alarm. So, if an occupant of the room has had enough, or looses consciousness and releases the button, help is swiftly at hand. It was in this room that O was going to stay for the night.

Basic Preparations.

The room contains a single stainless steel framed bed. The mattress is sealed in black rubber. Apart from the mattress there is a single latex foam pillow also covered in black rubber and a sheet with fixing eyes that correspond with hooks around the bed frame base. The bed also had a number of additional anchor points. Apart from the bed there is a powder coated metal cabinet, a cold water tap with a short hose and an enema chair placed directly over the drain. The ceiling has a number of load bearing hooks in it

We enter the room lugging our bagged burden and lower her onto the bed. O is now making small strangled sobbing noises and not struggling. Her chest heaves as she fights for air, each breath expanding the rubber that encases her.

I am now dressed in T.E. with a Russia tank commander’s gas mask on. This model has a speaker diaphragm enabling O to hear my words clearly, but hide my identity when her hood is removed. P is also in TE with a full faced hood and B is dressed as a gagged and hooded rubber maid.

I lean down to our captive and speak into her covered ear. I tell her that she is in a sealed locked room; & that escape is impossible. That we are now going to remove her bonds and prepare her for a nights rest. She has the choice of co-operating with us which will make the process easy for her, but if she does not co-operate we will have no option but to inflict considerable pain and discomfort on her. I say it’s up to her to decide how she will behave. She has 2 minutes to consider. We wait. We remove her gag; well I ask my speaker diaphragm buzzing slightly. "Why?" O gasps" what have I done?"

P as agreed now takes over, and tells her how lucky she is to have been selected to be trained as a slave by a fetish organisation; and that she would be wise to embrace this opportunity and by doing so she will gain great pleasure, perhaps one day she may even becoming a mistress herself. But if she fights us it will just mean pain and torment. O is silent, so I decide to have her hood removed.

I nod to P, who unbuckles the collar around O’s neck and opens the rear zip of the hood; this has a continuous hair guard that make it air tight when sealed at the neck. The first 750mm of O’s hair is damp, but as P peals the hood off her, the hair that has been trapped inside the hood runs with sweat. O’s face is wet, red and puffy; her eyes are tightly closed, as she is blinded by the light in the room. P unbuckles the bags straps and unzips the neck entry. The room fills with the smell of hot wet latex, woman and piss; O has wet herself in the bag. I hold her shoulders and P eases the bag off her.

"We are now going to undo your restraints and cut your clothes off you", I tell her, "do not struggle or you might get cut".

B then unstraps her bonds and carefully cuts and removes the clothes. O seems in shock, she is starting to squint around as her eyes adjust to the light, whimpering softly, she is almost in a trance like state. I know from experience that she may snap out of this at any time and become very difficult, we therefore need to be quick. "Maid will now wash you", I tell her; O stares at me like I’m from another planet, which is almost correct.

When O’s clothes have been removed without any problems, B points at the chair ‘sit on that’ P commands, but O makes no moves, so we lift her from the bed and get her onto the chair. A belt is fastened round her waist to hold her fast and to stop her falling, but as it is tightened she starts to yell and push with her feet on the floor. I tell her to sit still or she will be punished. She spits at my mask, so as P holds the chair firmly in place I turn on the cold tap and start to hose her down. The water is from our well and freezing cold, O becomes hysterical screaming and yelling, but as the water flushes away her heat and soiled fluids the cold has its effect and she becomes shocked & torpid.

We release her and put her back on the bed. P leans forward as O starts to try and sit up. Again he tells her that there is no escape, and that he was once were she is now and implores her not to fight us or she will be put in agony. O looks into his eyes, and sees that he is telling the truth; she nods briefly and starts to cry.

"Maid will now dry you, then you will be dressed in a basic rubber catsuit" is the next information O gets, she half nods at this, and closes her eyes. We have been lucky with her so far, I think, as B dries O. The black lightweight pre powdered suit is removed from the cabinet and we ease O into it. O has a look of horror, but also one of wonder on her face. The suit has both feet and gloves attached and I’m please to see that my estimate of her size is accurate, as it fits perfectly.

"Have you ever had an enema?" P asks, O shakes her head and starts to sob again. "As you are co-operating", I tell her, "we will be a gentle as possible".

I then tell her to turn on her left side, but O does nothing, so I nod to B who gentle turns her over, O offers no resistance. B leans over her, and I notice she squeezes O’s shoulder. P now holds the lower half of our captive. I tell O that as she has never had an enema, that this next stage will feel unusual, but that many people find it pleasant when accustomed to the process.

Tubing Slave O

The well lubricated enema butt plug slides easily into O and I pleased she has not resisted. She does cry out sounding like the howl of an animal. B takes a large Thermos flask from the cabinet; the slightly salted water in it is at 37 degrees Celsius. B fills an enema bag from the flask and attaches it to a ceiling hook above the bed. I reach down and bleed the tube and then attach it to the plugs flushing pipe. I release the pipe clamp and let 1½ litres flow into her. When O’s arse has ‘swallowed’ this amount of fluid she is writhing and moaning with discomfort. I tell her she will only need to hold on for a short while, not that she has any option with a well inflated butt plug in her anus.

After 3 minutes P & B lift and drag her to the chair. She stares around, her eyes now wide and desperate, and her teeth clenched as we strap her to the chair. I grab hold of the flushing tube of the plug; release the pump valve and tug gently. Not surprisingly the plug comes out with some force followed by a very productive flow from our new slave. I then attach a filter to my mask as it is not modified for re-breathing; the other will just have to suffer. We hose down the floor around the chair, & wait a number of minutes while O’s bowel continues to spasm and eject waste and fluid. After things calm down, I decide that although she must be fairly empty, just to make sure we should, repeat the whole process again.

When she is back on the bed after the 2nd wash out I re-plug her arse with a solid plug and B then gets a second thicker suit and a latex swim cap out of the cabinet. O’s long black hair is carefully gathered up into the cap and the next suit is put on her. This is difficult, as although she does not resist, she is flaccid; & too racked from the enemas to either offer any resistance or to assist. So we are all very hot and wet inside our rubber by the time the second suit is on. Like her first layer this suit has feet but it has bondage mitts instead of finger gloves, it also has a full face hood with eye, nose and mouth holes.

Now we start to strap her to the bed but she seems to wake up, & we have a few seriously difficult moments when it takes all my and P’s combined strength to subdue her. She starts shouting at us, kicking, swearing begging pleading and insulting in a tumble of words, but she know it’s hopeless, I think she is trying to tell herself she has not yet been defeated. But once B has tightened the straps to the anchor points she is held like a fly in a spider’s web. Her legs are pulled apart and strapped to the bed frame, her hands are locked to a bondage belt around her waist and this is in turn also attached to the bed frame. It’s now time for her catheter to be inserted.

B gets a catheter from the cabinet together with the other equipment required. I unzip both of the suits over her crotch, and with B one side and P the other pulling rubber well out of the way I open her labia. O starts screaming again, begging me to stop. I simply instruct P to gag her as the noise is distracting. Once this is done I resume her intubation. The catheter is inserted with no problems and once the bladder is inflated I attached the urine bag and remove the pipe clamp. A moderate amount of dark urine flows into the bladder as O is dehydrated, as I would have expected.

Final sealing for the night

I close the suit zips around the urine drain tube. I then go to the head of our captive and look into her eyes. She stares at me above her gag, saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth. I tell her that she needs to drink as she is dehydrated; I ask her if she will take the water willingly, or if we will have to force her to drink; she nods her agreement. B undoes her gag and gets a large plastic glass of fresh water. O does as I command, and the water is rapidly drunk. We wait a little and then B gives her another glass which she takes with some desperation, she is clearly feeling the effects of being denied fluid for so long.

When the second glass has been drunk we start to fit the sheet to the bed. One of the sheets sides is clipped onto the hooks except for the last 2 at the top. We then stretch the sheet until it is possible to slip it over the hooks on the other or the bed side. The outline of O’s body is now clearly defined under the tight rubber. O is now offered a final glass of water which she accepts. This is why we left the last 2 hooks undone at the top, so we could raise her enough for her to drink without choking. She does not quite finish this last glass.

I go back to the cabinet and return with a hooded gasmask modified for rebreathing and with the eye lenses blacked out. "This is the last thing we are going to put on you today", I tell O. She looks at the mask and begs me not to put it on her. I take no notice and with P’s help we lift her again and slide it over her head. Once the airtight zip is closed a 3" posture collar is fitted round her neck. I then take a 3 litre rebreather bag from the cabinet. I stand in front of our whimpering slave and explain the function of this piece of apparatus. Then with the air valve open I screw it onto the mask. O starts to breathe heavily as she has to fight for the small amount of oxygen in each breath. She also becomes silent as she has to concentrate on controlling her breathing to survive. I’m pleased at how quickly she seems to grasp what she needs to do.

We now clip the final 2 hooks in place on both sides of the sheet which comes up to the base of the posture collar. The chair is placed next to the bed and a seat insert put into the hole. B sits on the chair as she is to monitor our new slave for the first ½ of the night; P and I then clear up the room. O is now sealed and tubed in her rubber prison; she will stay like this until the next morning when she will be prepared for moving her to the training cell in Derbyshire.

O’s Thoughts

Toms’ coming round after work, I made a lentil & feta cheese bake for him, he said he loves my veggie food, even though he has never been out with a vegetarian before. He won’t know where I am! Where the fuck am I? I can’t breathe, I can’t see, I can’t move, all I can smell and feel is rubber, and my sweat; who are these people; why am I here, why me? No air; I must have more air, I must not panic, I must get away, I must control myself. Now Ola, stay calm, deep slow breaths, like the perv in that buzzy mask said. Yes, better now, just a little more air, but I need more, I can’t think, my lungs are bursting, need air, I must have air I must move, I can’t move, I can’t breathe, why me, why is this happening to me, Oh god I soaking; no air on my skin just sweat. I’m so wet. Oh fuck I’m not just sweating, this is mad, I wet for fuck sake! I’m wet! I’m really wet! What’s happening to me; why, why, why?

Packed for delivery

At 3:30 a.m. P takes over from B and removes the rebreather bag. He attaches a tube leading to an aroma casket to O’s mask. She can now breathe with almost no restriction but only air that’s thick with the scent of old well used rubber.

We start again at 8:00 in the morning. O is released from the bed and her mask removed, P tells her that to increase her enjoyment and restraint she is now to be corseted. This will be done in 2 stages as we doubt is she has had much if any experience of corsetry. B has brought in a heavy weight rubber full length over bust corset. Spiral steel stays will ensure strict body control. With P and I supporting O, who now has almost no resistance left in her, we lace her into the corset and reduce her waist by 2 inches. O’s eyes are closed her chest heaves against the corsets restraint.

"Time for your breakfast slave", P announces cheerfully. "Do you want this to be easy or hard?"

"Easy", sobs O, her eyes still closed. We sit her on the chair and B produces a fruit and energy drink with electrolytes. No solids, but plenty to keep her alive for the day. She sips the drink slowly, and when it is finished I instruct her to drink some water as well. She opens her eyes and squints at me; her expression is a mixture of incomprehension, hate, fear, and defeat. I’m delighted to see the last emotion in her eyes. She accepts the water from B, who as before holds the cup. We are careful not to let her have any independent movements, total dependency on us for all actions is vital at this stage.

"Time to get you back in the car", I tell her, my mask diaphragm buzzing as normal. She looks scared and confused and starts to speak. I quickly stop her. "Silence", I command, "you were not given permission to speak or question. This is only a holding facility; you are being moved to a training house, where you will be made fully aware of what it means to be disciplined, and if you are wise to learn the pleasures that can come from such knowledge".

We then lay her on her side on the bed. Her hands and arms are bound behind her and her legs are bent back and rubber straps attached between her ankles’ and thighs. As she is new, we do not over tighten her bonds, but never the less she begs for release or at least easement of her restraints, all her pleas are ignored, and she is warned again about speaking without permission.

We pull her upright onto her knees, still on the bed, and with P and B holding her I retighten the corset squeezing another 2½ inches off from her waist. Her now fairly full urine bag is removed and the pipe clamped, we then refitted her gas mask. She becomes hysterical when she sees the mask, and I have to slap her hard several times to subdue her before we can get it over her head. After being re-masked she is eased back into the same, now clean bondage bag she arrived in. The urine tube is fed through an air tight flange in the bags side. We carry her carefully out to the car and tie our now silent slave back into the load area. A new urine bag is placed in the spare wheel well, so it is below her body; and it is connected to her catheter. A double length air tube is connected to her mask and fed through a hole into the rear passenger area of the car. Finally O and her tubes are covered with the cargo sheet.

We all go to change into some vanilla garments and prepare for a long day of driving. The only interesting diversion possible until we get to Derbyshire will be the fitting of various devices to O’s breathing tube.

Part 3 Training Terms and conditions

The trip to Mistress P’s was thankfully uneventful, and we arrive as expected at just after 4:00 p.m. P is waiting for us and supervises the transfer of his wife’s new toy to the cellar’s training dungeon. P and one of L’s sissy maids are instructed by their Mistress in the task of preparing O for her 1st training session later that evening. It is apparent from her instructions that O’s first session with her new Mistress will be an extremely demanding one with extensive use of a flogger and severe breath control.

I then go over the final terms with L. She can do almost anything to O except cause her permanent harm. She must not cut O’s hair short, but she may trim it to make it easier to get into caps and hoods. Finally when O is asked to sign the slave contract she must not be under any severe duress, and must not be suffering from the effect of oxygen starvation or prolonged food deprivation. In other words, she must make the decision to sign her life away in as normal a state of mind and body as possible, so that she has some degree of free will. In doing so P will have proved she can convert anyone. All is agreed with L; although I know she is annoyed by the no head shaving condition, as she considers this a powerful physiological weapon to use with females, especially ones who are clearly proud of their hair.

B & I have a meal with our hosts and leave for the long drive home. P is back down in the cellar when we depart waiting for his Mistress wife to start training O.

The Failure and Success of O’s training

Mistress L had been given 3 months to complete the conversion of O and during this time I received 2 weekly reports on her progress.

At first all seemed to be going surprisingly well. O reacted with fortitude to her training and accepted the inevitability of her treatments. She learns to control, her panic reaction when denied air, and after many beatings she was able to turn pain into pleasure, and so begins to orgasm as required. She also coped with multiple forced orgasms and sexual denial after extreme stimulation. However, her ability to control her tongue took much longer, it is only after further repeated and severe beatings combined with breath control & bondage often lasting several days, that Mistress L eventually won this battle.

But despite all L’s best efforts when fed and allowed to breathe normally O would not sign her slave agreement. No matter how much punishment was threatened and then carried out, time after time O will not capitulate. As far a function is concerned she was a trained slave, but her spirit was still in the vanilla world. She knew that if she signed the slave papers then she would lose; & this was something O could not allow herself to do; it is her last bit of self determination as she seemed to be desperately hanging on to it.

A Debit is Discharged

After 3 months I read the final report on O’s training with relief and triumph, In some ways L was right, her training meant if you pushed the right buttons then O would dance to the required tune, but only out of fear and conditioning, and not because she wanted to, it was not consensual on O’s part, and that was the point of the wager. I was now £2,000 better off, but what to do with O?

"We have a problem L", I commented after I phoned Mistress L up to thank her for her prompt BACS payment in settlement of our bet.

"Yes", L replied in a sulky tone, like all Domme’s she hated being defeated, and although wealthy she was no doubt furious at having lost both money and her self esteem.

"Well I suppose I have to come up to Derbyshire to sort this mess out for you, and get her to sign of her own free will", I said lightly.

"You!" L retorted, "if I can’t get this wretched girl to sign, you have no chance".

"I think I have", I replied, "in fact I bet you another £2k I can. Come on L, if you win this time you get your £2K back, put your money were your mouth is".

"You will never do it", L replied, "but if you want to give me back my money that’s your decision, but I think you are an arrogant fool".

"Do you accept this 2nd wager?" I asked.

"Yes" L replied.

"Good, in that case you will not inflict any further training or punishment on O, and I will be with you in 2 days time", I replied, thinking to myself: and you Mistress will live to regret that insult.

The solution to the O Dilemma

I arrived at Mistress L’s and P’s house at about 10:00 after making an unpleasantly early start from home. As I enjoy a leisurely start to my days, this had not improved my temper, or that of my 2 companions. "Well", I said after P had show us into L’s main living room, "lets see her". L nods to P who leaves the room. A few moments later he returns with O who is strapped firmly into a wheelchair.

O is dress in a black catsuit with a calf length red dress over it. Her head is not covered. She looks pale and had lost a lot of weight, but does not look excessively starved. "Hello", I said, "remember me?" O looks at me and her eyes although puffy and slightly red have a look of recognition in them.

"I know you from the town", she says quietly, her voice sounding slightly sore, "you run that xxxx company".

"Yes", I tell her, "and I also know people who know you and we all sad and very disappointed that you have not agreed to join us; I would really like you to sign your slave contract now and stop all this silly resistance".

"Who do you know?" O replied

I clicked my fingers and Ralph, O’s former partner before Tom enters the room. "Hi" he said to O, "and I always though you had it in you, but perhaps I’m wrong this time which I don’t like. O why do you think we split, you liked the suggestions, but never had the courage to really get into the game".

O stared at him in surprise and shock, after a few moments she composed herself and replies her teeth clenched together in pent up fury, "‘cos your pervy suggestions worried me, and now I know why. That’s why I rejected all of this stuff; I found a decent man, one who would never consider this sort of thing as fun. He won’t take his pleasure like this, and I will stay loyal to his standards not to your sick parody of pleasure; so I won’t sign no matter what you do to me. You sick perverts may have my body but you can’t take my mind, that belongs to Tom and people like him; not you!" At this point she twisted as much as her straps would allow and glares at L who looked satisfied with a slight smirk on her face.

Slave O’s Thoughts

Ralph is one of them as well, how many of them have I known and not realised? They beat me, they starve me, they suffocate me, they bind my body so I can’t move or see or speak me and now my body just betrays me time after time after fucking time. Why am I reacting like this? Why do I want the liquid orgasm of release that this abuse now triggers in me; why do I want it so much? It is now so powerful in me, this need, but I don’t want it, I want to remember the gentle love I used to think I craved. These bastards have twisted me so I can’t control my own sex anymore, but I will again, I will hold on, I won’t sign their bit of paper. Remember Tom Ola; he was the one that understood, he was not another Ralph or the other sick shits I always seemed to attract, he wanted me to be normal like him. So Mr .......... you can take my sick ex partner and fuck off back to.......... Let the bitch Mistress keep me, I will die soon at her hands the way things are going; and the way I am now, all twisted in my desires it will be for the best.

I said ‘come in’ and I find I have the sound of sadness in my voice, and this is true, I am in a strange way sad for O and for what is about to happen to her. And so my other companion walks into the room. O looks up at him and is absolutely silent, and then she starts to sob. It is a sob that tears at the soul of anyone who hears it, even L looks shocked. Tom walks over to O and wheels her chair over to the table, he undoes the restraints around her upper body with great care and tenderness, and he then kissed her damp lips and cheeks and asks for her love and understanding of his true needs.

She nods blankly at this question, so Tom produced the slave contract from the pocket of his coat; he holds out the pen for O "Please Ola sign this for us so we can be together again" O looks up at Tom and then whispers so I could only just hear ‘is there no escape from this? Tom shakes his head and offers O the pen once more, she looks back round the room, and I could see in her expression that we have won that she has found herself. O takes the pen, and signs her life away.

O Understands

O knows that the hunger she has always denied in herself can now be satisfied; she has been made free by her willing captivity. Now she will have the love she has always truly wanted, but, like so many she has been trapped in the vanilla world by the bonds of convention and the lack of courage to embrace her true pleasures. I knew this because Ralph, who I have known for many years, had told me all about her. Tom who is a friend of Ralph’s was desperately seeking a new slave after a very distressing breakup with his former partner. So we had started to engineer O initiation into our world.

L really did have a good chance to turn Ola, as in truth she was already one of us, but she forgot the vital ingredient, she forgot to find and understand the mind of her captive. The biggest psychosexual organ in the human body is the brain; understand the submissive mind and you can then seek out her true hidden motivations and drives. L ignored this vital fact because she was too focused on the equipment and the physical responses in O’s training, and because of that she lost the wager.

O looks at Tom as he speaks words of love and dominance and she nods acceptance. "Master will finish your training", Tom tells her nodding in my direction, "and then we will be together again if you are able to accept the level of discipline that is required, are you ready to accept this training?" O looks at me and then back to Tom, "Yes" she replies in a voice that is now not one of defeat but is one of self realisation; "yes I would be very honoured to receive Masters training".

Authors Note

This is a work of fiction if you think you recognise anyone in this story you are wrong. The only true part is the discussion about whether it is possible to convert a vanilla to the BDSM fetish side. My opinion is the same as the story tellers.

All activities in the scene must be SSC if it’s not consensual then don’t do it. You should never knowingly break the law of the country you live in. In just about all countries abduction and slavery are illegal. So I hope you enjoyed the conversion of O, if in fact it was a conversion; but do not copy any of the methods used. Have fun and play safe.

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