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Voyage of Submission

by Edruber

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Storycodes: M/m; D/s; boat; enslave; latex; clothing; catsuit; toys; insert; bond; bdsm; mc; oral; anal; climax; cons/reluct; X

I was 24 years old, with a 2 year failed marriage because of premature ejaculation. A friend’s yacht turned me into a latex gay submissive.

Chapter 1

After my divorce, I was very skeptical of having sex with woman, because I was afraid of not being able to perform properly and be shamed into acquiring a reputation of sexual inadequate. I spent the next 2 years alone, masturbating, going to xx book stores and putting a front to friends but, when it came to going to bed with someone, I always found an excuse to cancel. I needed release of some kind and started going to video booths with the glory holes for such. For some reason the idea of putting a dick in my mouth and sucking it, started to appeal to me and I also started playing with my nipples and imagining being penetrated analy. But my principals did not permit such deviations from my born gender. It had to stay as my private secret. I was a dental technician and enjoyed having a couple of beers at a local lounge near my apartment complex. One Friday night, the lounge was busier than usual and a guy in his fifties started a very friendly conversation and for some reason we became very friendly quickly. I bought a few rounds, and then he insisted in buying for the rest of the night.

He had introduced himself as William Farrington and insisted I called him Bill and I insisted he call me Ed since my Name is Edward. During our conversation he told me that he lived on his yacht, and he would have to look for a hotel for tonight because his yacht was in dry dock having the bottom repainted and some additional equipment installed. I felt so good about him as a sincere friend, that insisted and would not take no for an answer that he stay at my place for as long as his boat was being fixed. After the usual “I don’t want to impose” etc. He accepted and around 2 a.m. we drove to my place. He slept in my guest room and around 10.30 a.m, we met in the kitchen where I made us coffee, scramble eggs bacon and toast.

Then as we were eating I had a chance to look at Bill in the day light. He was about 6’2’’, 180 lbs, in perfect physical condition with a face that exuded friendliness and strong take charge personality. He asked me if I would like to go with him to the ship yard to check on the progress of his boat and of course I jumped to the chance since I love boats, ships and anything to do with the ocean. Getting there in his rental car, I was flabbergasted with the size and beauty of his boat. It should not be called boat; it was a ship, 72 feet long, 3 levels high of pure state of the art luxury. Unfortunately no one was allowed to go on board while the vessel was on stilts in dry dock.

I looked at Bill in a laughing manner commented; "Bill, You ARE RICH!!!"

He looked back and in a very down to earth manner replied: "Let’s just say that money is no object".

After being informed that the vessel would be back in the water Tuesday we got in the car and returned home. On the way, Bill asked me if I had a girl or ever been married, and for some incredible reason I did something that I had never done before, I told him the absolute truth about my failures as a husband and man, at which point he asked me if I was gay, my answer was again truthful when I admitted the fantasies and tendencies that I had been tempted but, was able to controlled it. He then told me that he was very impressed with my sincerity and considered me a very close friend. I thanked him and said likewise. He then asked me if I had any fetishes.

And I again being very honest, ( I really did not know what was making me be so open with my intimate personal thoughts ) responded yes, rubber, latex, just saying the words turns me incredibly on. He started laughing and told me how much we had in common and how happy he was that I was open with him. In his authoritarian friendly manner said: "I am going to make plans to convince you to join me so that we can be together. I only have 3 crew members and they are all rubberiest when at sea we enjoy our fetish to the fullest. I have a large assortment of rubber wear you are going to love. I respect your profession but, I will pay you double what you make and you no longer will have any expenses like, rent, light, water, food, insurance, car, everything will be provided to you, your salary can go directly to your retirement fund or, whatever you want to do with it. What do you say?"

I was totally taken and in disbelief that this could actually happen, my head was spinning. The idea of living on that fantastic beautiful ship and dress in rubber. I answered I have to have a little time to sort out what to do with my things. "I can’t do it all by next Tuesday".

He said, "All you have to do is agree I will help you do what’s needed and remember I don’t have any schedule to get under way. Consider yourself part of the family, tomorrow we will start your transition into all your fantasies".

Without saying a word, I pondered on the weight of his statement, all your fantasies, I confessed quite a few to him. In five days everything I owned was sold furniture, TV. auto. Once on board, I was assigned to a cabin with a large king bed with rubber sheets and rubber pillow, a closet with a variety of rubber wear . My clothes, suits, shirts, socks, underwear, most of it was put into the ship’s storage with the exception of 3 sports outfits that I would need when we docked somewhere.

Bill conducted classes with me for days to familiarize me with all instruments on the bridge. Only Bill and the Captain ran the bridge while at sea, and now with me we split the time in shorter duties for all 3 of us. I asked Bill if I could have the grave yard shift. He in a very firm now suddenly bossy manner responded; "No the captain will have the night shift you and I will have to be together at night".

The big day came and all lines where released from land and we were off to the high seas. We lost sight of land and Bill told me in a very stern voice, "Get below and there is an outfit on your bed, put it on and return here to the bridge, I am going to inform you of what’s expected of you from now on".

His demeanor had changed completely and I started to worry. I did obey and at the cabin there was a pair of rubber shorts with a rubber t-shirt on the bed and as I put the shorts on I noticed that it had an opening in my rectal area about 6 inches long. I started getting the idea but was having trouble believing it, after all now if I decided I didn’t want to comply, there was no place I could go. I was stuck.

I got dressed as ordered including a pair of rubber slippers and returned to the bridge and was startled to see Bill in a same type of outfit as mine the only difference that his shorts had a removable flap in front holding in an impressive large amount of genitals, and he did not have an opening in the rear. There was no doubt in my mind what this was leading to and I started perspiring, trembling and apprehensively wondering how this was going to start and how ashamed I would be facing Bill even though he would be the domineering partner.

Chapter 2

Now then he said, "You will be absolutely free to do whatever you wish when not on duty on the bridge, and when I need you as my personal sex slave, at times which you will do as I command without question or any talking. I have to admit that in the short time that I know you I became in love with you and now you are mine to love, fuck your mouth and your ass whenever I have the need to".

He sat in a lounge chair against the back wall and told me to sit on his lap. I had not said a word up to now and when I was about to say it he interrupted and told me not to open my mouth unless ordered until my training period was over. "For now sit on my lap as ordered and listen".

I obeyed and as I sat I felt his hard on pushing against my rubber covered ass. "Jack is going to prepare you by giving you several enemas in a special cabin I just had installed because of you then he is going to start dilating your sphincter so that when I fuck you will feel nothing but pleasure and orgasms. And I don’t want to have to be interrupted because of your pain. So get going and I will be taking you in my cabin sometime tomorrow. So remember all other times as we work and relax together, we are the best of friends. Only at sex time you will submit as I tell you and need you understand?"

I answered, "Yes Sir".

He handed me a rubber head cover that left only my eyes and nose open and told me to keep it on until the sections with Jack were over and he left the room. As I followed Jack my mind was in complete disarray. There was no other way to look at my situation, I was now a slave to perform as a woman maybe more so, and no longer would have the possibility of having a normal male life. What good was all the luxury if it only served to enslave me?

Jack opened a door that was locked since I came aboard and inside was a room filled with a contraption in the center like a rubber padded table, with a hole in the center for my belly and another for my face. Next to the table was a metal stand with a large rubber enema bag, at least 3 gallon bag and a toilet next to it. I decided that I had no choice but submit out in the middle of the ocean, but, at the first port we came to I was deserting ship and going back home. With the sale of all my stuff my car and my savings I had $34.000.00 in the bank enough to start again and maybe get therapy to become normal again and overcome my premature ejaculation and the effects of what this experience where going to be.

Jack laid me down on the table and gave me about 5 large enemas. When he finished I took a nice long shower after which Jack took me to another cabin completely covered in rubber walls, ceiling and soft padded flooring with a rubber bed in the center with a pillow lump in the middle and sleeves for arms and legs.

I was laid in the center doggy style, my arms and legs were shoved inside the sleeves, after which I heard a swichh sound and the sleeves inflated tying me to the bed in a vulnerable position with my ass in the air ready for the taking.

Jack went out and returned within a few minutes with a rubber gag which he stuffed in my mouth and tied around my head then inflated to almost dislocating my jaw. Then he lubricated a dildo about half inch in diameter and 7 inches long which had straps, a rubber tubing and a inflating rubber bulb. He opened my ass cheeks and placed the tip of the dildo against my anus. Even though I knew this was going to hurt and it was unnatural I have to confess that the menacing tip now pressuring against my entrance was making me tremble with anticipation and excitement. After some manipulating and movement around a bit the tip went in with a lot of pain.

He stopped and waited for a while until the pain was plausible then shoved the rest all the way in and strapped it in place to avoid me pushing it out. He deflated the sleeves holding my arms only to cuff my wrists to the top of the table. He then deflated the pillow under my belly and likewise cuffed my ankles to the corners of the table then left closed the door and I was left alone in the darkness tied to the table with the dildo in my ass which now was no longer hurting but was giving me a heck of a hard on.

I eventually fell asleep waking up with Jack coming in and pumping up the dildo to a larger diameter. It was a little painful for a short period of time after which I fell asleep again. During the night or day, I could not tell, he came again and inflated to a much larger diameter. Unfortunately I was beginning to enjoy and get off having that large thing inside my ass and being dressed in rubber as I was. Every movement I made felt like many fingers were massaging my body. Being tied to that table in that fashion, even though sexually exciting, was against my principles and demeanor. Part of me wanted and enjoyed the fulfillment of my fantasies but, but the other side was ashamed and afraid of this transition that might be irreversible.

I made my mind that as soon I was freed again and had a chance to speak freely with Bill, I was going to tell him that I’ve decided to terminate our agreement of employment and would be leaving at the first port of call. While I was deep in thought, Jack removed deflated the dildo inside my rear and removed it, and released me from the table. I was dressed in my rubber outfit with a funny empty feeling in my rear having to walk slow and carefully, not knowing how this enlargement compromised my physical control of my sphincter muscle.

I found Bill sitting on a deck lounger outside having a drink. As soon as he saw me he broke into a smile and indicated for me to sit next to him and offered me a drink in his old usual manner. I politely declined, and said, "Bill we have to have a very honest heart to heart talk".

He changing expression replied, "What about?"

I continued, "I had a lot of time last night to think while incarcerated below, and decided that when we come to the next port of call, I am leaving the ship and going back to my life and I ask you that until then I be left on my own without being subjected to any sexual pursuits. I really enjoyed our friendship putting outside the sex, and wherever I will be, I hope that when on land you come visit".

He changed his expression completely, picket up his tablet and pressed something on it, then said, "I was hoping you would have preferred to make your transition easy without having to be forcefully indoctrinated. I offered you a good free life except for times when playing sex games but I want you to understand, you are now my property, You do not make decisions, you will never leave me unless I decide that I don’t want you anymore".

As he was speaking Jack holding several items in his hands, and the cook, which I had not seen until now a large athletic type, came to us and stood waiting for orders. Bill continued, "I can no longer thrust you so you will be on slave strict training from now on. You will be fitted with a head piece of a new technology I manufacture, which controls the part of your brain that commands all body motion. All I will have to do is tap a letter in my control and you will be completely paralyzed until I press another command that will able your commands again. You will be in rubber from head to toe from now on all the time except when you sleep, which will be in the rubber closet and there you will be naked to oxygenate your skin. Every time you disobey an order or infringe the rules I give you, you will be punished in the presence of the entire crew".

The cook grabbed me from the lounger as if I was made of feathers he turned me and held me from behind with my arms firmly held in place to my sides while Jack placed a gadget that had a very small rubber round button connected to another one just like it by a very thin steel wire. The buttons where fitted on my mastoid bone just behind the ear. Once they were in place, Jack squeezed a tight rubber hood over my head with holes at the mouth, nose and eyes. The cook let go of me and I was stunned, standing there not sure of what to do or say. I was definitely not running away being that we were out at sea. I started to walk away thinking of going bellow to assess what would be the best strategy but I went down to the deck like a sack of potatoes.

"You were not dismissed or given any order, now, since you are clean inside and been dilated, the boys are going to take you below, and I am going to come down and fuck you nice and hard, then you will be brought back up here for punishment because of your insolence".

The cook picked me up and carried me below to Bill’s cabin which was built for his sexual fetishes and pursuits. He just dumped me on the rubber bed and left. I was alone but completely paralyzed, could not move a finger, could not talk and even started dribbling saliva, thank god I was able to blink my eyes. After a while Bill came in and striped the rubber cover over his groin exposing a large 8 inch dick with large balls under it, it was semi erect. He moved me over a rubber pillow like belly down with my ass up and vulnerable, cuffed my wrists to the sides of the top of the bed, then likewise with my ankles. At this point he got his tablet and pressed his finger on a digit, and all my feelings and movements returned, and I was able to slightly move my limbs although I was not going anyware.

As Bill was playing with his now hard tool, placing a condom on it and lubricating it, he said; "This time you will be fucked tied but, next time I am going to order you to come to me and press your ass on my dick, or I will order you to lay there with your ass ready or I will order you to take my dick in you mouth and suck until I come. I was going to be the only one to ever use you but, during you training period, you will service all of us on this vessel whenever given the order, and you will do it without questioning or hesitation".

He mounted me and I felt the pressure of his gargantuan organ against my anus that with all the dilation was not prepared for this monster, it was not going in, too big and suddenly, the pain was immense and he stopped and did not move for a while I squirmed and recovered from the pain, which eventually I did and he started to push in until I felt his balls hitting my ass. He was totally inside now and as his member was pressuring against my prostate, I was in a sexual pinnacle. The feeling was ecstatic and sensational. All my fantasies came through but a lot more, I was coming inside in waves that just would keep going on and on and on. I never could imagine that a person could feel so much pleasure with sex. He started pumping and all that incredible pleasure doubled. Every time he pulled back out a few inches, I instinctively clenched my ass muscles to prevent him from exiting and terminating this fantastic feeling.

After 15 or 20 minutes, he got larger inside me and started to bang hard and fast eventually stopping and just laying on top of me breathing hard. I felt him getting soft inside me, and he pulled it out of my hole with a plop. He was lying next to me resting and I was glad that my arms where restricted, otherwise I would have done something stupid like hugging him or even worse, kiss him. I was emotionally totally destroyed. With all my principals and instincts shattered, I was considering the eventuality of becoming a dedicated sexual bitch for the rest of my life. My best option at the moment was just to let a little time pass and the fevers of the moment subside before manifesting any opinion.

Eventually Bill got up, pickets the intercom phone and said. "Come down here and take him on deck for his whipping".

On deck I was cuffed to a metal post with my rubber shorts lowered to my ankles. Bill was in front of me holding a menacing rubber handle with a bunch of rubber strands sprouting from it, but before starting the punishment, he said to the crew there present; "I have decided that he will be available to all of us for sexual pleasure with the exception of his ass. His ass is going to be only mine. Whenever you guys want to get a blow job, make him do it but never his ass, Clear?"

They all moaned yes. I was now confronted with this whipping that could be very painful, but, also the fact that I never had a dick in my mouth. I had no idea of how to give someone a blow job. Bill disappeared behind me and I heard the whistling of the whip and it took a few seconds before the tremendous pain reached my brain. Being gagged all I could do was loudly "UUUUMMMPHHH OHHH UMMM". But another followed and another, I was crying and wwwummmfing all over the place when Bill said, "...and last one twelve". One of them raised my shorts back over my red hot ass, and released me from the post.

As I was able to turn and see them all standing there, I noticed that all of them had a hardon showing through their rubber shorts. Jack grabbed me by the arm and shoved me towards the gangway. At the enema cabin, he locked me in it for a few minutes then came back in with a rubber outfit folded in his arms. He ordered me to take my shorts and T-shirt off after I complied, I was about to go to the hood when he stopped me and said NO.

He shoved me out of the enema cabin into the shower and closed the door. I took a nice long shower letting the water run for a while over my red sore ass. He finally opened the shower door and told me to dry myself then pushed me back in the enema room where he used baby powder all over my body then helped me into a full rubber catsuit with gloves and feet attached, and a opening in the area of my ass hole. He deflated my gag and ordered me to get to my knees, then said; "Get a condom from that compartment and roll it over my dick".

I obeyed and he said; "Now open your mouth suck my dick and remember no teeth! If you should bite anyone of us, we will throw you overboard whether the boss like’s it or not". I opened my mouth and took a dick in it for the first time in my life. At first I played with my tongue over the head, and then started moving my head up and down on it until it came to the back of my throat and I started gagging. He pulled back a little and commented, "You will learn to swallow dick", he continued the in and out motion until finally he started jerking and coming in the condom.

This experience was sexually pleasant but nothing close to the anal one. I was led back upstairs and being the new toy on board, was forced to give everybody a blow job including a second for Jack. Night came I was taken back to Bill’s cabin and vigorously fucked again and it was even better than the first time. Afterwards I was taken by Jack back to the enema room where he helped me out of all of the rubber including the head hood and the brain controller . He walked me down the hallway and made me stop in front of a plain wall, where he taped his pad, and a hidden door opened showing a small area of 7 feet by 4 feet totally rubberized with the bottom being a rubber air mattress.

On top on the right corner it had a very small light and air vents in the back and front of the ceiling. I was pushed in and the door closed. I tried to finally say something just to get my vocal cords going again and noticed that my voice was muffled indicating that this room was sound proof. After a good night sleep, I was taken back to the enema room and it all started again. When we hit our first port, I was placed in the night room before we came close to land and was only let out after we were back out at sea. Once in a while, I was taken on deck and placed bent over a padded bench, then while Bill fucked my ass, I would have to suck one of their dicks and masturbate the other two with my free hands.

With time life for me became a lot more relaxed, I was allowed to wear the rubber shorts and t-shirt again and walk freely but, I continue to provide dick relief to the crew, although a lot less frequently and of course 4 times a week, I am vigorously and happily fucked by Bill. That is my function as a crew member.


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