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A Visit to the Rubber Clinic

by Rubberking

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Barbara's story.

Barbara More sat in the outer office of the clinic, watching the strange people come and go. Ushered in and out of the door by the latex clad nurse and wondered (not for the first time.) what she was doing here. Her husband-to-be Ralph Steadmore was a strange one too, he loved her, she was sure of that. But, he always seemed preoccupied with any woman who walked by them, wearing the weird latex clothing that seemed to catch his eye and she knew that he sweated more and his pants tented with a large erection for a long time afterwards.

She knew she was a good looking woman, trim of body and full of hip with a large enough set of tits that most men had been more than willing to follow her lead in conversation or at least her body with their eyes, that she knew that she had more than enough of what they wanted that she could have any man she chose.

She wore her bright red hair short and her facial features branded her as beautiful.

Still that didn't seem to be enough for Ralph. He wanted a woman that loved to wear the smooth, shiny rubber that claimed his heart as well as his body's attentions.

And she wanted Ralph, the scion of eastern monied families since she had seen him that rainy august day, walking in his rubber suit and raincoat along the streets of Boston. So she thought, she had better develop an affinity for his brand of perversion, and quick!

She had talked to him, long and in depth about it and he had given her a card, embossed with gold and black ink. He made this appointment and here she was.

The people who sat with her in the waiting room ran the gambit of people in any waiting room. Save that quite a few of them wore various styles and types of rubber or latex wear. Beside her sat a man, maybe twenty-five years old. Dressed in what looked like a regular fashionably cut suit of clothes, save that it was glossy and made of finely made latex rubber. He was handsome and articulate, just like Ralph was.

Across from them sat a young woman, in a regular skirt and pants suit, she chewed on her short fingernails and seemed nervous. She talked staccato voice to the man sitting beside Barb about his clothed and other things as they waited.

"What is it about this trashy stuff that you men like? My Sam came home a few months ago and announced that if I wouldn't wear this crap that he was going to divorce me! I had been fighting with him about this perverse shit since we got married! Why is it that he would rather have me wear this stuff and just run his sweaty hands over my body, than have me hot and naked and on the floor without it? Can you tell me that? Please!" said the woman, a frightened look in her eyes. Barb watched the both of them, wondering what the young man would say to the girls impassioned plea.

"Well, Marcie, is it? The thing is that I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that your Sam has had this fetish for as long as he's been sexually active. He suppressed it when you two married for your sake and after all this time, he hasn't gotten you around to his way of thinking. You're obviously repulsed by his needs and selfishly decline when he wants to share his love of rubber with you, making both of you one complete and happy couple. Which is why you're here, isn't it? I thought so. Something you have to realize Marcie, is that he loves you with all his heart and that all he wants in life is someone to share his love of rubber clothing with. You like clothes, right? You're not allergic to them are you? Then why in god's name won't you wear what it is that turns your guy on more then all the lace teddies in the whole world? think about it, rubber is long wearing, makes you impervious to the weather outside and looks like it was painted on such a fabulous body as yours. It makes him randier than a goat to see you in it, right? So wear it for Christ's sake! Think of how many women out there never find a good man at all. And here you have one that loves you very much, enough to pay the outrageous fees that the clinic here charges to help you overcome your aversion to the rubber that makes him hard as a rock for you. Doesn't that speak volumes? And I'll tell you this, if you don't take this and him in hand, and soon, he'll find another woman that will. Don't you love him enough to make his dreams come true, Marcie? I'll wager that you do?" he said, pulling a chrome cigarette case from his rubber jacket and lit up in spite of the blatant "no smoking" signs.

"I just don't get it though! What is it about rubber that excites you? Is it the funny smell it makes when you start sweating it? Is it that it covers up our ugly bodies that he doesn't seem to want to see when I stand before him naked as a jaybird? Doesn't he love me enough to quit this obsession? Why can't I make him love me on my terms for a change? Why rubber?" she cried, tears falling down her cheeks as she buried her face in her hands.

He got off his seat, kneeling before her and taking her hands in his. "Marcie, you said it yourself right then. You only want him on your terms, you're selfish dear and you want to be in control, right? Well, by wearing rubber you can be. Wearing rubber, you can dominate him in any way you want, you can make kneel before you, servicing your own needs in any way you want. You simply have to wear rubber to do it. Of course he loves to see you naked before him. It's just that the nature of his fetish compels him to desire you more in rubber, can't you accommodate him. Since you love him so much, why don't you make him take you shopping for some rubber that appeals to your fashion sense and wear it, just to make him happy? I guarantee that not only will he do anything you ask, he'll love you more for caring enough to make him happy. And trust me, it's not that he thinks you're ugly in any way. It's just that to him, you're even more beautiful in the rubber and that makes him want you even more. That's why your here, right? The doctors and nurses here will instruct you and help you see that. It'll be OK, trust me. He loves you so much that, rather then just dump you and find another woman, he sent you here to learn about how to please him. Now, that's commitment! Isn't it? Just go with the nurse and everything will be all right. That's a good girl." He said handing her a handkerchief.

Marcie dried her eyes and said. "Thank you, you've been very kind. I just hope your right, I'd hate to lose him. He's been so very nice and kind to me that I consented to come here and learn some more about it. I just hope I can make him as happy as he's made me for the last two years. I..."

The latex nurse came out then and cocked her finger in Marcie's direction, she smiled and the man and handed him back his hankie and walked away with her through the stainless steel doorway. Barbara hoped that she would find the way to make her man happy, she seemed like a nice girl.

The man pulled another smoke from his case and lit it. Turning to Barbara and said. "She'll be fine, she just wants to have her cake and eat it too. She's a lucky woman and I think that he's got to be a lucky guy, since she had enough patience to come here to try to save their marriage. My names Bob Stuart, by the way." They shook hands.

"I'm Barbara, that was very nice of you, helping her out like that. Are all you rubber guys like that, nice guy's. I mean. My Ralph's like that and I want, more than anything to make him happy. That's why I'm here. I'm not adverse to rubber or anything, I just wanted to learn more about why it seems to have such an effect on him. I love your suit, by the way. Where did you get it? It looks custom made?" she asked, running her fingertips over the smooth material.

"It is. I had it made in England when I was over there last. My own wife has had some problem adjusting to my "special needs" and I'm here to pick her up after her treatment today. Then I promised I'd take her shopping for some clothes of her own as well, it's all about negation you know, I want something from her and to get it, I'll gladly do something for her. You seem like a bright woman. On the other hand, Marcie seems like a bit of a dim bulb and she's going to have to learn the hard way that in order to keep her man, she's going to have to make some concessions to him for the sake of their marriage. It's only fair." He said, smiling at Barbara as they talked and crossing his rubber covered legs. She saw that he wore rubber wingtips shoes to match his strange suit. Oddly, it fit him and made him look very handsome and worldly as he sat there in the waiting room in it.

"Ralph says that he developed this need to wear rubber when he was very young, has this been your experience also? And what about what I've found on such places as the net and in books, that rubberism used to be considered a form of mental illness."

He winced and his face took on a pinched look. "Yes, it was thought of like that, long ago. Now, there's been more research into it and the medical community has come to see it for what it really is, a harmless fetish that make the people that have it want to share their love of rubber with the ones they love and desire. How can that be a bad thing in this day of so many divorces, rubberists are by far the most stable marriages there are, if the partner accommodates their loves needs. I, my self. Came to rubber later in life, when I was just out of collage I met and fell in love with a lovely young woman that loved rubber and having fun in it and she gently guided me into her world, she died in a car wreak about five years ago and I've just recently found another woman to take her place in my life. She was rather frightened when I explained about my fetish and thought at first that I wanted the rubber more than her, it isn't true. More than anything, I want her. And I want her in rubber. She's a smart girl and realized that she needed to know more about it, so I brought her here. She should be out soon and then you can meet her, her name is Nancy. It sounds like you've got yourself a fine catch there, Barbara and I hope you can see your way clear to adapting yourself to his needs. I'm sure he loves you very much and he would hate to lose you. Hold on to him, we rubberists are fine men, all of us that I've met anyway. Ah, here she is." He said as a tall blonde walked out of the door, coming over and taking his offered hand and standing beside him as they talked.

"Oh Bob. I never knew it could be like that. Just you wait until I get you home you bad boy! Mommy will spank!" the woman Nancy laughed as Bob kissed her hand.

They got up and Bob and Nancy said their good-byes. As they went out through the main doors, Nancy grabbed a handful of Bob's asscheek and gave it a playful squeeze, laughing and smooching like newlyweds as they left.

Barbara smiled to herself, maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all. She picked up one of the magazine's on the coffee table, as she had expected, they were all about rubber and rubberism. She read for a while about the men and surprisingly the women he had mentioned. They all seemed to find rubber very sexually stimulating and she wondered to herself what she had to look forward too. She guessed that she would find out soon.

Sure enough, a scant five minutes later, the green and white rubber clad nurse stuck her head out and said. "Ms. More, the doctor will see you now. Please follow me."

She got up and went with the young lady, noticing that not only did she wear a rubber version of a nurse's white cap and green dress, her apron tied neatly behind her. She also wore white rubber stockings and platform rubber-soled shoes as well.

The nurse led her along the clean halls to a door and held it open as she entered. The office was well appointed and she sat as indicated. Then the lady said. "Please wait here, Dr Kratchette will be with you shortly. He's still with a patient in the ER and he'll be here in just a few moments. Thank you." The nurse turned and exited, pulling the door shut behind her.

On the walls were the usual certificates of merit and several expensive prints of woman and men in rubber that ranged from simple shorts and tops to elaborate suits that covered the wearers from head to toe leaving no bit of skin exposed. Some wore gasmasks and respirators of varying kinds.

A tall man entered the door behind her and came to stand by her. He wore a white rubber catsuit under a doctors apron and his hands were gloved in white rubber as he held out his hand for her to shake. He had dark hair and his face was covered by an operating mask, under it she could tell that he too, was rather handsome. "Hello. Miss More. It is Miss, correct? I heard you and Ralph had been seeing a lot of each other. I think that's just wonderful. He's been lonely for such a long time now and I'm glad you brought such happiness into his life. Well, I imagine that your wondering what you're doing here and what it is about rubber and latex that makes Ralph and so many others so enamored with it. The truth is, no one knows. We doctors have our theories. But, everyone is different and comes to love rubber and rubberism for different reasons. I'm sure that Ralph explained that he developed his attraction to it in his youth and needs it to bring more "Oomph" into his sex life and that he wants to share his love of rubber with you".

"You see rubber fetishism encompasses many different and diverse forms of sexual and non-sexual play. In rubber, you can be dominant or submissive, straight, gay, bisexual and trans-gender. Transvestitism and asexualism and non-sexualism all exist along side each other. The fantasy's of the mind and body are strong and complex. We have just in the last twenty years begun studying them. Some people just need a little variety in their lives and rubber serves that purpose, others go with one or more forms of D/S or S/M play to spice up their lives. Others want forms of sensory depravation in order to relax and let go of the daily stresses in our hectic lives. There are so many different forms of rubberism that we are discovering more and more each week and sometimes day to day. Are you totally lost yet? Simply put, Ralph wants to have us introduce you to some of the kinds of play and recreation that rubber can provide. Are you up to it?" he said as he took his place behind his desk and pulled up a file.

Barbara sat, digesting all of this for awhile. Then asked. "Dr. I have heard some women say that they feel that their men seem to love the sight of them in rubber more than the sight of them naked, by themselves. is this true? I want my Ralph to love me for myself more than he does just dressed up in a rubber suit, what can you tell me about that? Also, I must admit I am very curious about this whole attraction some men and women feel towards rubber in the first place, how can I find out more about it? I've read several books about it and read about it on the net. But, I've never seemed to be able to answer why people seem to love rubber so much. Is it simply the anonymous nature of covering up the human body with a "second Skin" as I've read in some places or is it that some people simply like to feel the tactile pleasure of the feel of smooth rubber clothing? Can you really "Make Love" in rubber without actually having sexual penetration at all? And how is this accomplished? I must admit that I like the feel and smell of latex. But, I'm a little frightened by the inhuman nature of some of the things I've read. I'm not sure I could come to see rubber as more necessary then sexual congress itself. Can you help me doctor? Am I a lost cause?" she added laughingly.

"Well. I certainly see that you've done some homework, young lady. To answer your last question first. No, certainly no one is ever a lost cause, that you have decided to come here to learn more about Ralph's needs indicates to me that you are firmly committed to seeing both him and you insured in your happiness. And as to liking the rubber more than you, yourself. No, let me say emphatically that given a rubber suit or the choice of you in it, he would most certainly want you more than it. But, for his own well being and sexual desire, he would prefer for you to be wearing it. The sight and smell of you and your natural odur, and I mean by that the combination of your own natural body smell and the smell of rubber. They drive him wild. And isn't that what all women want? Given a choice, he would ask you to wear rubber all the time. You, being in charge of the situation, have all the cards in your favor. He would gladly do anything your heart desires to see and smell and feel you in it. How much more power can any woman have over her man?"

"As to what people see in rubber, for many it is the autonomy the having another layer over the skin produces. An armor, if you will. But, one that complements and accentuates the human form. Rubber molds both the body and is molded by the body that wears it. If you have skin problems or are slightly overweight, rubber tightens you up, acting like the body molding clothing of old. It adds an aura of sexual tension just by the wearing of it. If you are unappealing, it levels the playing field, allowing pretty women and less attractive women, both to find husbands that before would have been out of their reach. Rubber can be the great equalizer. In many way, rubber is the twenty-first centuries answer to débutante socializing."

"As to the "inhuman" way that some in rubber appear, they usually chose to look like that because wearing rubber all over the body adds to the sensations associated with the sexual aspect of it. For some, wearing masks makes them feel like they could be anybody they choose, a dominatrix, a slave, a teacher, anything they wish to be but are not. Rubber can be a kind of adult "Dress Up" for those that play that way. Rubber, for many, many people is their primary way of reliving stress and reclaiming their childhood ability to laugh and have fun! To play like children again, with the added aspect of sex thrown in for good measure. For others, rubber and isolation are the way to get rid of all the tensions and responsibilities of adult life for a period of time, a mini-vacation if you will, with out having to leave the confines and safety of home. All these things and many more are why growing numbers of people are finding rubber and playing with it, adding it they're lives and sex play, in order to make better person's of themselves. And sharing this thing that they've found with the one's they love. In some cases, families have found that their interests are the same, teens are wearing rubber in large numbers now. And when they find their parents like wearing it also, a bond is reformed, bringing the parents and the children together for the first time in some cases."

"Here, we learn by doing. And I will gladly give you study material to take home with you if you wish. But, I think that many of your questions can be answered just by participating in some of our exercises. Why don't you come with me and we'll get started. If you have more questions later, I'll be glad to answer them. this way please." He said, rising and leading her to the door.

He led her down the hall to another door and escorted her inside. The room was filled with racks and racks of rubber and latex clothing in every size and color. Her head swam with all the different kinds and styles. He took a card he had made of her sizes and pulled a few things from the racks, the rubber flowing like liquid in his gloved hands.

"We will start you out with some non-sexual items first. Then, when you are ready, we will add some devices that will add to your pleasure, building you up as we go along. You can disrobe behind that screen there, we will use talcum powder at first until you feel ready to use some lubricant to make getting in and out of the clothes easier. Here you are." He said handing her a bottle of talc and the clothes. "I'll wait outside until you are dressed, then we're off for some exercises. Just some aerobics that I find help you get more aquatinted with wearing rubber clothing. Then we can have costume changes as we go along." He left her alone in the room with the slippery clothes and walked out.

She went behind the screen and began taking off her pantsuit and underwear. Once nude, she applied the talc to her body and examined the clothes he had pulled out for her to wear.

First was a pair of thin latex thong panties and a latex bra that had little knobs in the cups where she would place her nipples in them. she slipped the panties on, feeling the sensual way that they adhered to her shaven mons and molded themselves to her ass, the thong tight over her nether regions. The bra was just as sexy and she gasped a little as she fitted her breasts into the cups, her nipples growing hard from the gentle stimulation.

The next item was a pair of pink rubber tights, they held her in a soft, smooth embrace as she pulled them up and over her rear end. As she moved in them, they massaged her legs and sent little thrills of warmth and pleasure as she held up the next item. It was a long sleeved shirt with gloves attached to the wrists. She struggled a bit getting her hands into the fingers of the gloves and was impressed by the way that it hugged her frame as she pulled it down over her head and down to sit atop the waistband of the tights. Except for her head, she was now covered in rubber.

A knock sounded at the door and the doctor reentered. "I brought you some shoes to go with the outfit, I think I have the right size, I hope they fit? If they don't, we have many more." He handed a pair of low heeled rubber rainshoes to her. They matched the pink of her outer clothes and fit very comfortably on her small feet. She walked around a bit, feeling the sensual caresses of the rubber molding tightly to her body.

"This feels very nice, doctor. Does all rubber feel this good? And it seems to make me kind of excited, you know. Is the part of the allure of this fabric?" she asked as he led her out of the room and back down the hall.

"Yes, yes it is and it does mainly. It stimulates and massages the body at the same time it accentuates the body itself. It's supposed to feel good, once you sweat in it a bit, it might seem a bit sticky and itchy. But, it's supposed to feel that way too. as you exercise, the rubber will pull the sweat out of you body at three times the normal rate, that way you can get a full two hours exercise in just thirty minutes time. At the same time, the massaging of the suit will work the muscles and the skin underneath it, making it firmer and toning it better than any Grecian spa. This way, you can carry your own sauna around with you." He said. Laughingly.

She and the doctor entered a room in which many ladies and some men were doing aerobics, all dressed in rubber. Some wore masks. But, everyone wore rubber suits of various colors and styles. A woman in an all over white rubber suit led the huffing and puffing people, putting them through their paces and calling the movements to the class. She had gloves and high-heeled boots on as well as a mask that her long dark hair shot out of, from a short tube in the back of the mask. She finished up the class as the music ended and hustled the people off out of the room, shaking their hands and hugging others as they left.

"That's Anita our aerobics instructor, she came to stay here with us after her husband left her upon finding out about her fetish, poor dear. She does a wonderful job for us though and she's fun to boot. I think you'll like her and I'll leave you in her tender care." He said sending Barbara towards the white clad woman and leaving the room.

The woman lifted a water bottle from a side table and drank deeply from it. She wiped some sweat from her masked face as Barbara approached.

The woman turned to her and said. "Hi, you must be Barbara. Welcome to my little area of hell. Ha Ha! No, not really. It's a pleasure to meet you. I see the doc has started you off with a bang! He likes to do that to newbies, I think you look great! The rest of the beginners class will be here in a moment. Then, we can get started. I'm a hard taskmistress so try to keep up OK?"

Barb liked the woman's brashness and she smiled back as more rubber clad people came into the room and took their places on the floor.

Anita showed her to a place at the end of the little line and started some music.

She led then through some stretching exercises first and then started pushing them harder. In only a few minutes, sweat was streaming down the inside of Barbara's suit. Although she was sloshing a bit as they worked out, she began to feel the rubber gripping her breasts and tightening up around her crotch. As the music reached it's crescendo, a strong orgasm gripped her and she was glad it was over. Feeling a little weak in the knee's.

Anita came back over to her as the class filed out. "liked the feeling, did you? It's quite common here for me to have twenty cums a day as I lead people through their workouts. I can't imagine why my Ex was so against rubber, too bad for him. Here's nurse Wick and she'll take you to get washed up. Have fun and please hurry back. It was a pleasure to meet you." She said, drinking from the water bottle.

Barbara gladly followed the nurse. She was wrung out as the woman led her to a shower room and assisted her with getting out of the soggy clothes and into a hot tub. She felt much better as she scrubbed herself with a washcloth and then got out for a quick shower.

The woman led her to another dressing room. Dr. More was there waiting on her as she entered, wearing a towel wrapped around her chest.

"Hello again Barbara. How was the workout? We have some more restrictive gear for you to wear this time. We have ready a suit, much like my own. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Here you are, you can dress behind that screen, the nurse will assist you." He said, handing her a large red bundle this time.

She stepped behind the screen indicated and shook it out. It was indeed a one-piece all over catsuit, with a mask, gloves and socks built into it. It had zippers running from the hips in the front all the way around the back of the suit and up the back to the crown of the head in the mask. She sat down on a rubber covered chair and used the lube that the nurse dolloped in her palm. The nurse showed her how to spread it all over her except for the soles of her feet, as she pulled the suit onto her legs and feet, she was amazed at how much easier it was to get into this time. It slid on, gripping her legs and torso in a tighter embrace than the two piece outfit had and covered her entire body. True to their discussion, she felt rather powerful and protected in the suit as the nurse finished zipping her up the back. She smoothed the rubber on her body, making sure no wrinkles showed. And was gripped by the need to fondle her breasts in the cups of the strange suit, they seemed to have the same little knobs in the ends of the cups and her gentle massaging of them made her groan aloud as she came around the screen. "Uh, wow. This suit seems to feel much better than the last things you gave me. Why is that?" she asked as the nurse handed her some stiletto heeled knee-high boots that laced up the sides.

She sat as the doctor replied. "That's one of the things we don't really know. Everyone seems to have a preference for different kinds of clothing. Some like only a piece or two and many more like more all-over coverage. If you like it I'll make a notation. All done? Good, on to the next thing. I'll bet you like this too." he said as she finished drawing tight the last lace and tying it off. The heels added to the aura of power as she towered over the smaller doctor, her heels clicking on the tiles as she followed him along the corridor again.

She caught a glimpse of herself in a hall mirror and paused. The refection showed a woman. No, a goddess, in red gleaming rubber and ultra-high heels, standing tall and proud, ready to dole out punishments to bad boy's everywhere. The doc smiled as she looked at herself approvingly. Then strode off down and pushed open another door.

She entered behind him, taking in a room out of Betty Page's dream catalog. The walls were festooned with bondage equipment and shelves held many bundles of black rubber that she could only guess as to what they were. A long tube on a pedestal was parked in a corner and a woman and two men, all in rubber were clustered on the far side of the room.

Her and the doctor strode over and looked down upon the assembled group. On the padded floor beneath them was a figure in what looked like a rubber sack. It had a tube sticking out where the mouth should be. The woman and one of the men had their arms and hands in holes that led to the interior of the sack, except for the breathing tube it could have been one of those heavy exposure sleeping bags that her father had for mountain camping.

"What we are doing here is accustoming a young lady, such as yourself. To wearing rubber for long periods. At the same time, with the help of Mistress Sarah here. She is being comforted and massaged inside the sleeping sack. She has asked to do this for three hours and her time is about up. I thought that you might benefit from her experience, since I know you value the opinions of others so highly." He said as Barbara looked on, fascinated. Mistress Sarah looked up at the doctor and at Barbara, smiled broadly and spoke. "Well hello. She has about five minutes to go, Sir. Perhaps you would care to have a go in the sleep sack? It's really fun. I use it myself at night and when someone is too scared to try it outright for themselves. I hop in the bag and let them take care of me for a change." The woman said, running her hands slowly over the body inside the sack.

"May I?" asked Barbara. "Certainly. Please do." the woman replied. "There are gloves in these tubes, so you have to slide your hands into them before you start massaging her. Speak to her if you like, she can't hear you clearly. But, she can understand what you are saying. Go on, try it." The woman said as Barbara squatted and Sarah pulled her hands out, the tubes pulling inside out exposing the gloves within. Barbara prodded the fingers of the glove back into their proper positions and fed first one, then the other hand inside. She laid her hands on the concealed body beneath, leaving them there for a moment to let the person inside get used to her touch. Then begin kneading the woman's thighs and letting her hands roam freely, touching the woman's breasts and working on the mound and cleft between her thighs. The figure shuddered several times and shook beneath her touch. Barbara felt new wetness coating her own loins and as a last shock struck the prisoner beneath her hands, she experienced a tightening and erupted in a sympathetic orgasm along with the woman in the sleep sack.

Sarah now came over and motioned both Barbara and the man to withdraw their hands from the gloves and then they rolled the supine body over, exposing the zipper underneath. Sarah tugged it down to reveal a female figure in a white rubber suit, just like Barbara's own. The woman was heavy-lidded with fatigue, her blue eyes clamped onto Barbara like she was a goddess and before she prevent her doing so, the woman was hugging Barbara and thanking her as she sobbed like along-lost friend.

Mistress Sarah took the young woman by the shoulder. "She's very vulnerable right now. Would you help me take her to the cooling down room? She and I would both appreciate it." Said the Mistress. "Yes. Please, you must. If only for a second, I'd be ever so grateful. Thank youthank you." The woman sobbed into the rubber of Barbara's suit covered breast's.

The women rose, taking the white clad woman between them and leaving the man behind to clean up, they took the still overcome woman thru a door further up the hall and laid her on a velvet covered couch, the first non-rubber covered furnishing in the place that she had seen.

Mistress Sarah handed the young lady a tissue and Barbara sat down beside her. "Are you all right now? Can I get you a drink?" Barbara asked as she watched her gloved hand shoot out and began smoothing the young woman's forehead through her own white rubber suit. "No. no nothing. Thank you again. You've been very kind. My name is Alex and I was a little overwrought back there. I guess they told you that I had been in there for some time. My fantasy's were getting the better of me, I guess."

"Oh, what were you fantasizing about in there?" Barbara asked with a grin on her face and a flush of pleasure at being the object of another woman's desire's.

"I eh, nothing really. I was I'm a little uncomfortable about it now. Maybe I'll tell you again, sometime. OK?" Alex said struggling to sit up.

"OK." Said Barbara. "but, please. Tell me when you're ready.

She looked at the wall clock and saw that it was already six o'clock. Her time today was up twenty minutes ago.

Sure enough. Dr. Kratchette poked his head around the corner. "Barbara, can I see you please." He said.

Barbara stood and said goodbye, she would be seeing them again tomorrow. Alex smiled at her and Mistress Sarah shook her hand. She followed the doctor back to his office.

Entering, they sat down. "Well, what did you think of your first day?" the doctor asked casually.

"It was fun, actually. I really liked helping Alex out there at the last. And the workout has me worn out. I'm ready to go home, I think. But, I'm glad I'll be coming back. What happens then?" she said, crossing her rubber covered legs and clasping them with her hands as she sat there.

"We'll get you going on what Alex was doing today and teach you some more about bondage and discipline. There's much to choose from, whichever way you want to go from here. I have some reading material for you." He said patting a large stack of files. "Why don't you pick out some rubber clothing from the racks and take it home with you. There's info about use and cleaning in the files and you can bring it back or add to it if you wish. Also, I think Ralph has some new things at home for you to play with if you wish. Please, help yourself. And we will see you again tomorrow morning." He said, rising and leading her out. "Simply let the exit nurse check off anything you leave with. It's all registered that way. Have a wonderful night's sleep Barbara." He went back inside and closed the door, leaving her to wander the halls and she took off straight away to the dressing room.

She found one of the black catsuits with sheaths and removable dildo's, it also had custom fitted breast cups that held the outline of a set of nipples molded into them. She found a set of pull-on crotch high, high heeled boots and changed back into her regular street clothes. A nurse came in to make sure she had the right sizes and took away the slightly worn suit she had, had on. She took her suit to the front and found that the doctor had left the pile of documents for her on her way out. They scanned the item's. (a barcode was invisibly etched into the neck of the suit) placed them wrapped in black tissue, put them in a shopping style bag and they helped her out to her car.

She was deliriously happy for some odd reason. She found herself darting her hand into the bag and feeling the smooth contents. It gave her a relaxed and strangely tranquil feeling to do so. She felt that she had discovered something, something primal, something deeply rooted within her being as she drove home.

She opened the door to their large house and walked in carrying the stack of paperwork and the bag and set the papers on the side table.

Ralph came out of his study, dressed in a smoking jacket and slippers. "Are you all right my dear?" he asked, a curious look of hope and dread on his handsome face. "Was you first day at the clinic a good one? How about a drink? Dinner will be ready in about an hour. So come in my study and tell me about your day."

She crossed the room in only a few strides and threw her arms around his neck. She kissed him deeply and passionately, a new heat rising in her as she fussed and showed him what she had in the bag.

He flushed and she watched with growing excitement as he took her arm and said. "This is lovely, dear. I have some more things in the study for you, if you want them that is." Barbara saw that as he turned to enter the doorway, that he had a rigid erection. She went in behind him and pulled the sliding doors shut.

Sure enough, he had, had many different made just for her. They were sitting in little and not so little boxes on his desk. She pulled him around to face her. "Ralph, darling. Why don't you dismiss the servants this evening. Marcy the cook is party to your little secret, right? So she can help us if she wants too and after they're out of the house, I want to see you in your rubber, cover yourself in it. Will you do this for me? I had a good dose of it today. But, I didn't have you to play with. So, go, do this for me. OK? That's a love." She kissed him deeply again and shooed him out of the doors and closed them. then she turned to the table and her new clothes.

It was all there, just like at the clinic. She pulled out dresses and set them back inside their boxes. She wanted a tighter fit. She found a suit with feet and gloves and the most wonderful multi-colored mask attached to it. Several corsets, she set one to the side and kept at it. Shoes and boot sat in a series of large boxes. But, none like the one's she had brought home with her. Most of this would be for later, she thought to herself. Then, in the last box, she found an black, glossy alien looking full head gasmask with a neck bib and rings that would make it tighter still going up the back of the neck. She felt herself get wet just from holding it.

She gathered these things and found a rubber sheet to spread out and sit on, then she disrobed and used some more lubricant from a bottle that she had found in one of the boxes and smeared herself with it.

She felt the tightness as soon as she pulled the legs of the suit up, fitting the sheathed dildo's into her oozing holes and sliding her arms into the sleeves of the gloves. She used a lanyard to pull up the zipper to her shoulder blades and stopping for a moment. She loosened the neck of the gasmask and pulled it on over her short hair, her breathing took on a new dimension as she exhaled and it popped as she inhaled. She quickly tucked the bib into the neck of the suit and fastened the neckstraps, sealing her inside the thing. She pulled the zipper at her back all the way up and was totally sealed in rubber. She gazed out of the wide-set eyepiece's and ran her hands around, looking for wrinkles, she found a few and smoothed them out. She drew on a tight, wide belt filled with pouches. Heat suffused her being, a lusty heat driven by the power she now felt at her disposal. She cupped her breasts in their cups and pulled at the molded nipples that fit her own perfectly and shuddered in a thick, heavy, long-winded orgasm as she reached out to the arm of the couch for support. Thoughts of what she had seen today in the clinic came to her mind and she rubbed at the covered area of her crotch. Frustrated for the moment, yet filled with the twin cocks, she drew on the rubber boots.

She felt commanding and powerful as she stood and pulled the tops up and aligned them with her crotch, making straight lines to her womanly core as she heard a rap at the doors. "come in." she said, before realizing that whoever was on the other side couldn't hear her because of the gasmask.

She crossed to the door and hauled back on it. Marcy drew in a breath as she took in the sight of her mistress in such an ensemble and quick curtsied and entered as Barbara closed the door.

"WOW! Mistress Barbara, that's some way you've come in just one day! You look stunning, if I may say so. I came to ask if I may be allowed to dress myself in my own rubber clothes and serve you both this evening. May I? Master Ralph will be so excited seeing you in your suit, that's for sure! I hope you aren't jealous of us for doing what we have for so long, the master has been lonely for so long and had despaired of finding someone that would suit his tastes. I hope I'm not out of line here. But, he will just love you in that outfit. May I go and change? I'll finish my cooking afterwards, I also love wearing my rubber when I cook. May I?" the young woman stammered as she circled her mistress, taking in the severe gasmask along with the sheathed dildo's in her front and rear passages and looking rather flushed as she came back around to stand demurely in front of Barbara. An unspoken bond forming between them as they looked at each other.

"By all means, Marcy." Barbara said, her words muffled by the mask. "Go and get dressed. I shall speak to the master of the house and if he is agreeable, we shall insure that all the members of the staff are of the same bent as we from now on. That way, we can wear as much rubber as we like, all the time! How would you like that?"

Marcy smiled and placed her finger alongside of her jaw, thinking for a moment. Then she said. "Mistress, I would like to be able to wear my normal outfit all the time, except in rubber or latex. If that would be acceptable to you and the master. And I think, if I have a talk with the rest of the staff, that would be agreeable to all of us. Master hasn't lived in a vacuum you know. We all have come to love him in our own way and would hate to part from him. We all can maintain the utmost secrecy and would jump at the chance to wear what, for most of us. We can only wear in our own rooms alone as our usual attire. If you'll excuse me, I must go change. I have a roast in the oven. And thank you, mistress. For making our master so happy." She went out the door before any other words were exchanged.

Barbara twirled around in place, happy and horny as she waited for her husband-to-be to come and claim her. It was a pleasurable experience, twirling. Because it made the dildo's move around inside her wet and clasping insides. Her breath was getting quicker and deeper and if she didn't stop soon, she would cum again just from the exercise. Flushed with excitement, She went and fixed a drink, a scotch and soda and wondered how to drink it with the gasmask in the way. In the bar mirror, she saw that the faceplate had a coiled tube attached to the snout. She pulled at this and was rewarded with a short tube that dangled down and let her sip her drink as she waited. Watching herself intently in the mirror's surface.

The doors banged open, shaking her out of her revelry. She turned and looked at Ralph. He was similarly dressed in a black full body suit with a prominent sheath doing it's damnedest to hold back his straining member that stuck straight out from his groin. He wore thigh-high glossy stocking waders and had tubes coming from out of his nostrils and sweeping back over the ears of his mask.

He stood transfixed as he looked at his bride-to-be, in all her gleaming rubber and the gasmask he had always hoped against hope to see her wear. Her masks valves popping along with her breathing as she stood like some futuristic Viking, calmly sipping a drink thru the straw in the faceplate and wearing what was obviously a pair of removable dildo's in her private places. Places he hoped to go later that night with all his heart.

With a slurp, she finished and set her glass down. She walked over to him and grabbed his raging cock in her rubbered hand and gave it a squeeze as she leaned in to his face and said over the muffled sounds of her breathing. "Am I all you wanted me to be darling? Your rubber doll, your mistress and your queen? Go softly my dearest, I've been talking with the staff and we're going to mutiny and wear rubber around here from now on. Would you like that? I felt that, good. Than we're agreed then. I love this suit I brought from the clinic and want you to hurry and get me one just like it for myself. And this gasmask, wherever did you find such a thing? I LOVE it. I want more of them, is there a catalog? Good. We'll order more of them. do you think that you can stand to sit through dinner with all this lovely rubber on, or do you need some relief now before we sit down. Marcy is changing into her things and it might be too much for you if we were sitting there and you hadn't been "milked" of some of that seed of yours. It builds up you know, maybe if Marcy leans over to serve you some wine..." that was all it took.

She felt him swell in his sleeve and watched as the tip bulged with the pressure of his explosion as he came. She held him upright when he sagged and led him to the couch to sit him down, his knees gone weak from the experience. She continued talking to him. "There now, that wasn't so bad? Now was it? I knew that you had built up a longing for me. And I must admit I am just starting to understand about you and your fetish, I hope you will bear with me as I continue my studies at the clinic. Then we can review when I get home, would that be all right with you? I understand a lot more than I did this morning, I must say. I now see the relationship between sex and rubber and the need to wear this strange, sexy material and I approve. I know you love me for me and rubber just makes it just that much better for you. I must admit also, that I have had quite a few orgasms since this morning and I am randier than a goat because I haven't had you inside of me all day. After dinner maybe Marcy and I can do something about that. Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes. My love, my deepest love. Anything you say, it will be so. You will want for nothing that I can give to you. Please be my rubber queen. You will never have cause to regret it." He said, with his head on her breasts. Then looking deeply into her eyes, he said. "I will start a grant to the clinic, in your name. For any thing you choose. You have made me so very happy and I want to share it with the world. would you..." a soft knock came on the door. A bright and happy female voice called, "Dinner is served. Master and Mistress, in the dining room at your convenience." He smiled at her and he saw the lightening of her eyes that told him that she was smiling too, they rose and walked the distance to the dining room hand in hand thru they're gloves.

Marcy was stunning also in her own full suit with red accents and a pair of matching knee high boots. Her long blond hair shot from a tube on the top of her masked face. She assisted in seating them both and then placed dishes heaped with food in front of the master of the house. She bent down beside Barbara's mask and asked. "Mistress, would you like to remove your gasmask? I'll be glad to assist you if you want me to or I have some good strong broth that's hearty and would do just as well if you'd prefer that so as not to remove it. What is your command, Mistress?"

The food just looked too good to pass up. She nodded and Marcy stepped around behind her and pulled down the zipper that sealed her inside her rubber body and she chilled momentarily as the neckstraps were loosened and the mask pulled slowly up. With a sucking sound that was weirdly sexual in and of itself, it came free, reviling her sweat soaked features and reddened face. "Whoa, that was different!" she said aloud. Both Marcy and Ralph cracked up, they're peals of laughter ringing off the rafters in the small hall. Marcy pulled her zip back up and pecked her on the cheek before taking the mask to be cleaned before it would be used again. Hopefully this evening. Barbara thought to herself as she dug in, grinning like a lioness that had sighted its prey at poor Ralph across the long table.

For his part, Ralph looked just as hungrily back at Barbara.

The dinner was a grand success. Marcy served differentially with insight throughout the meal. She was top notch all the way. After the dessert, slice's of three layer "Death by Chocolate" cake with added icing and freshly opened cherries. Marcy asked to be excused to eat her own supper in the quarter's in back. Ralph was rewarded with a short kiss as she left the room.

"Sorry, I don't know what came over that girl, my dear. Most insolent that, have to speak to her about" he stammered. Embarrassed at the forward move, then brought up short by Barbara.

"Shut up, Ralph." Barbara said, flatly. "She and I had a talk earlier. About you. Do you know all your servants love you. Do you know how rare that is? Do you? Do you know what it takes to inspire that kind of trust and loyalty nowadays? They would rather wear rubber and live here than, even if this isn't their particular fetish than go somewhere else for any amount of money. And I know about you and Marcy. I knew anyway from the first time I came in. and I have no real problem with that if you don't rub it in too much. OK? I've found some feelings I didn't know I had and I'd like to explore them if that's all right with you, Ralph. So don't act sanctimonious with me. OK? We'll see Marcy later, believe me. Now what else do you have to play with?" she asked with a lop-eared smile.

Ralph stood up tall and proud from his chair, then came around the long table between them. it took a minute. Then with a grin that would have split a watermelon in two. He grasped her hand and led her from the room. Up the stairs and along a corridor she could never remember having been down before. In an unused part of the house. All lined with paintings in gilded frames showing past portraits of his familial line. He took her to a set of gilded doors.

She stood before a very symbolic thing here, these doors. She thought to herself. This is a literal doorway into his very soul. And he is letting me in here in hope that I may find him pleasing. I could crush him if I made the wrong move.

He took out a key on a ribbon, with a great flourish and unlocked the vault that led to his treasure trove.

The door swung back, allowing access to a room from inside a genie's bottle, softly light filtered thru dyed linen it led to another doorway, this one glistening in the off-set light. It was rubber that covered this door. Black shiny yielding rubber.

Ralph slid the key in, she hadn't seen where the keyhole was placed and turned. A soft click and the door slid open. It was black as pitch in there and she was a little frightened as she reached for a switch to light up the room. A nub was all she found, she pushed it.

The room lit up, showing gleaming chrome and twin racks of shiny clothes along both walls. In the center of the room was an inflated mat with inflated walls, a cap sat by the side to seal the victim inside. A ball sat away from that, a tube at the top disclosed that it was an isolation ball, ready to go at any time. The room itself was futuristic in that it seemed to be a node of something from outer-space. There were no sharp angles anywhere in the room as she wandered about, mesmerized by the toys he had in here, and the racks and racks of clothes. That was amazing enough in itself. She knew that this stuff wasn't cheap even off the rack. So there had to be hundred's and thousands of dollars worth here.

She turned to him and all she could say was "WOW!" and clasped her hands like a little girl let loose in a toystore.

Ralph was ecstatic with joy! She liked it! She liked him! He suffused with pride and he went to sit as she looked around some more.

Marcy came in about that time. Wandering in with a familiarity that showed her long knowledge about this place and she stood smiling as Barbara picked through the racks and shelves and drawers, exclaiming occasionally as she found something especially pleasing or that she wanted to examine more closely.

Marcy had brought back the cleaned hooded gasmask with her and she turned it over and looked closely at it as she waited for her mistress.

Barbara had found a whole section designed just for her sizes and was head-deep in the pile that she carried back and set down at Ralph's and Marcy's feet. There had to be fifteen full suits there and many other things too, in that pile.

Seeing Marcy, Barbara straightened and smiled at her. She indicated the mask. "Neat huh? I found two more almost like it in the drawers over there, want to try one on?" she asked Marcy.

"I couldn't mistress, it wouldn't be decent. I couldn't, Could I?" she said, as though by rote and stammering over the last words.

"Are you contradicting your Mistress? Maybe you should be placed under more direct discipline Marcy. Now get that gasmask and get it on. If you need help, ask the Master. And give him one also, while you're at it. Are you sheathed under your suit?" Barbara yelled. Marcy nodded affirmatively and ran to do her mistress's bidding.

Ralph listened intently to this exchange, Barbara was changing before his eyes and he approved wholeheartedly.

"Well darling." Barbara said, standing in front of Ralph and motioning Marcy to hurry up and join her there. "Why don't we take a tumble in your moonwalker? Isn't that what they call those inflated rooms where you bounce up and down in it? And us ladies will take off our boots so that we don't punch holes in anything, all right? So come on then, let's play!" Marcy handed Ralph a gasmask hood like theirs except that it used an Israeli gasmask as the faceplate for it and then bent to remove her own boots. Barbara sat down and rolled down the legs of her boottops until she could remove her boots and set them aside. Fishing thru the pile she had brought over, she found two pair of rubber slippers and handed Marcy a pair to cover her stocking feet with.

Then, the trio started undoing the neckstraps of their gasmask hoods and drew them on.

The room sank into a silence that nonetheless was charged with sexual tension as they felt to make sure that the masks fit securely and tucked their bibs inside their suits if possible. Ralph was hard again as he stood up, his cock swelling in it's rubber prison. Barbara took charge, pulling a rubber armsleeve from the pile and fitting it around Ralph's arms and tightening across his chest so that it wouldn't come off. He was cut off in the gasmask and now restrained by the armbinder, he was Barbara's plaything.

Marcy grabbed hold of Ralph's arms and held him upright as Barbara knelt before him. She opened a pouch at her waist and pulled out two thick, blue rubber bands, the kind used to hold together broccoli in supermarkets. She took one and pulled it over the top of her rubber covered fingers and slipped her hand and the band down to the root of Ralph's penis and used her other hand to slide his ballsack into the palm of her hand. She allowed the band to come forward past her fingertips, clamping tightly to the base of his cock and under his balls. His cock wagged impotently about as he struggled. She did the same with the next band in that she fitted it over her fingertips and used it to clamp off his swollen nutsack. He was going for the ride of a lifetime and Barbara didn't want him blowing his load too soon.

The women led him to the inflated room and tossed him inside. They climbed in and sealed the doors. In a fit of peak, they jumped up and down for a few minutes, bouncing Ralph about as the women clasped arms and danced about in a circle.

Soon, the bouncing stopped and the two women began hugging each other and fondling the one another through their rubber coverings. Their moans were barely audible from under the popping and wheezing sounds of their breathing coming thru the gasmasks.

Barbara pulled Marcy down to her knees on the padding, then she pulled her head forward towards her crotch and pointed at the dildo inside of her. Marcy unsnapped the restraining snaps and removed it slowly as Barbara's head went back and she clutched at her rubber covered tit's. As it cleared the last inch and popped out of Barbara's vagina, she fell over trembling in orgasm, still clutching at herself as she bounced lightly.

In the meantime, Marcy pulled something from her own pouch. A belted dildo was soon strapped to Ralph's thigh and she was stroking both him and the dildo in preparation for herself and her Mistress's needs.

Barbara bounded up to her hands and knees like a deranged woman. She pushed Marcy aside and threw herself on top of Ralph's turgid prick, impaling herself on it in one merciless thrust and throwing her hips up and down in a mad dance that said volumes about her unrequited lusts as she ran her hands over Ralph's masked countenance and rubbered body. She pulled Marcy over and sat her down on the thigh mounted dildo and swiveled around to face her as she continued to pound away on Ralph's dick. Her hips moving in a slamming motion that left no quarter for anyone save herself , she rode Ralph as she worked her hands around both Marcy's and Ralph's nipples and squeezed their asses and worked her hands into their forbidden area's.

Long after Marcy was worn out and lay sleeping on the edge of the room, Barbara rode Ralph. She decided that he had done well and deserved a reward, she reached down and used a thread cutter that she pulled from her belt to cut the blue bands away from him and continued riding his still rigid member like a bucking bronco.

He pitched about, realizing that he was freed of his cock bondage and was more than ready to shoot his seed. She came for what had to have been the thirtieth time and clamped down with her vaginal muscles with everything she had left. It was enough, he felt like a vise had hold of his prick and he shot off into the rubber sleeve. Her cunt milked the last of him as she lay on his chest and undid the straps holding on the armbinder. They were warm in the room and so it wasn't long before sleep claimed both her and Ralph as it had Marcy, they all curled up in one corner of the inflated room and fell asleep intertwined together, still wearing their gasmasks.

Barbara awoke with a start. She pulled free from between the rubber covered forms of her lovers and unsealed the door to the moonwalker and pulled herself out. She found a clock above the back of the golden doors and saw it was seven o'clock in the morning. She had to be at the clinic in one hour! Screw it! She decided, pulling back on her crotch high rubber boots. I'll go like this. It hadn't been too warm last night and she hadn't worked up much of a sweat inside her suit last night so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. She went to the kitchen and made some coffee and sipped it thru the straw in the gasmasks faceplate, then she hopped in the car and drove out to the clinic.

She sat in the waiting room almost anxiously, waiting for the new nurse to call her. She was all alone today, there being no one in the waiting room with her. Her breathing through the gasmask was even and it was even pleasant wearing the suit she had checked out yesterday. She hadn't changed and the light air conditioning kept sweat to a minimum. She rubbed her thighs with her gloved hands for the hundredth time and tried to keep from cricketing as she sat. She was now very self-conscious that she had not replaced the front dildo and so her sheathed vagina sat partially opened if she opened her legs or stood up. It took all of her resolve to keep from masturbating as she sat there.

Finally, the white suited and uniformed with red trim nurse poked her head out and motioned to her to get her attention. She stood and walked up to her and the woman leaned over and spoke into her ear. "The doctor will see you now. Please come this way."

Barbara walked down the long hall with her to the doctors office and was ushered in.

Dr. Kratchette stood as she entered, taking in the outfit with a broad smile and a slight tenting at his waist under the OR apron Barbara observed.

"Oh, I like the new look. The suit is one of our own, isn't it? And the boots also? Yes, I thought so. Please my dear, sit down. Have you been in the suit and mask since yesterday?" he asked, grinning from ear to ear. She nodded in the affirmative and he went on. "I've seen the gasmask also somewhere. Well never mind, today you don't need to talk at all if you don't wish to. Today, I'll simply let you roam the clinic and try out any and everything that takes your fancy. There are no heavy Sado-Masochist's here today so you needn't worry about painful encounters. Have you read your assignments yet?" This time she shook her head no to his question.

"You need to have the basis for comparison and the reference to differentiate the aspects of the fetish's you will see. I can understand your getting swept up last night though, especially looking like that, very appealing Ms. More, very appealing indeed. Well off you go now, have fun and return here before you leave please. Angela!" he called out as he watched her rise. The white and red trimmed nurse stuck her head around the doorframe. "get Ms. More a No. 346D vibrator for her suit will you? Might as well have the poor woman stimulated as she explores today, don't you think? See you later Barbara. " he added and winked at her as she followed the nurse out.

The nurse led her back to the dressing room and went to a set of filing cabinets and extracted a replacement dildo for her in a zip lock baggie and asked with a gleam in her eye. "Would you like some help inserting it Ms. More? I'll be glad to be of assistance." Barbara went and sat down on the dressing stool and crocked her finger at the smiling nurse who knelt between her thighs and took out the dildo. It was larger than the one from before and had a pair of dials on the outside of the base that could change the settings when used. It had knobs along the shaft and a thick bulbous head and both women looked at it hungrily as the nurse ran it around her rubber covered body, pausing to suck lightly on Barbara's breasts and nipples thru the suit. Barbara was hot now and stroked the rubber suit and thighs of the nurse that attended her. The woman brought the dildo down and teased the outer parts of her vaginal sheath, paying attention to her clitoris with a thumb as she spread her open with her forefingers before placing it in the cuntal passage and giving it a shove. Barbara's moan of bliss was heard throughout the room as she arched her back and came for the first time that day and the thing wasn't even inside her all the way yet.

The nurse worked the dildo in and out several times, pushing it in deeper as she went until at last Barbara felt and heard the snaps being attached. She was shaking all over from the pleasurable assault and had to sit there a bit more as the nurse stimulated her with her hands and fingers until Barbara was unsure if she could stand alone or not. The dildo filled her up and along with the anal one, it was all she could do to maintain control of herself as the nurse helped her stand up on her booted feet.

The nurse kissed her on the cheek by her faceplate and said. "I see you liked that as much as I did, good. I like to have satisfied customers. Here you go." She said reaching down and flicking one of the dials on. The dildo started churning around inside Barbara's pussy, driving her to new hights. "You're on your own now, sweetie. The other dial operates the vibrator. Have fun! And practice safe sex!" the woman said and walked out, looking over her shoulder at Barbara's condition as she left with a huge, evil grin on her masked face.

Barbara stood holding onto the doorframe as she shook through several strong orgasms, walking was now a tormenting experience as she shuffled down the hallway, cumming every ten feet or so and having to hold onto the wall for support as she staggered on to the next set of doors.

Barbara entered a room with a recessed floor in it. The concavity held a group of maybe ten people in various colors of rubber full body suits with gasmask hoods that ran air-hoses upwards to vents in the ceiling, allowing them air as they slipped and slid amongst each other in the slippery hollow of the floor. They were fucking wildly, going from one to another's holes not caring if the receiver was male or female, riding on both dildo's and the men's hard cocks as they capered about. Not a sound except for softly muffled moans and gasps of pleasure escaped from under their masked features and Barbara was intrigued as she sat down on a pylon to observe.

She reached down and ran her finger over one of the dials, causing it to increase it's churning inside of her cunt. She slid the finger over and ran down the second dial, making it burst to life within her, waves of vibratory stimulus lifting her up as she clutched at her breasts again and cried out in her mask, cumming strongly and continuing to go higher still as she watched the orgy going on in front of her. She might as well had been alone as she was trapped in her rubber world as she came and came again, mauling herself with her hands as the group played oblivious to her passion's overwhelming her.

She was lost in a world of cum and cuming. She longed to crawl into the pit in front of her. She slipped to the floor as she was overcome by more and more orgasms, coming in waves and waves as she screamed into the mask. Finally, ripping at the dildo in her rear end and pulling it out to another cum, she unsnapped the thick dildo in her cunt and worked it out of her milking pussy. Then, frustrated by the loss of her stimulation, she pitched herself over the side and slid down into the pit.

In an instant, the rubber bodies accommodated the new member and filled her front and rear with hard, unyielding cocks and started fucking her in long, hard strokes. She gripped cocks and sunk her hands into pussies and worked her fingers into rubber sleeved asses as she gave herself over to pleasure undreamed of in her old, tired world.

This was her world now. One filled with hard cocks and clutching cunts and asses and hands that roamed her body, leaving not one inch unstroked as she thrust her hips back and forth in a dance of pure, unadulterated lust. The oldest dance in the world, it seemed she instinctively knew all the steps, or at least her body did as she rocked happily in her rubber never-never land, cumming and continuing to rise ever higher as she did so.

Time held no meaning for her any longer, she hallucinated as she came and was filled with cum. She dreamt that she was a staid woman, having little or no desire for sex and spending her days knitting or some such thing as she waited for a prince that would never come. She dreamt that she had never met Ralph, much less wanted to find out more about his little quirks and become a career woman, driven by the need to acquire monies and power. In her heart, she knew she wanted none of those things, she had found what she needed right here and at home with her Ralph and Marcy.

She was numb and still she came and came. Then, hands gripped her under the arms and pulled her out to sit beside the other people that had been in the pit with her. Even through all the rubber they had on, they looked like they were tired and worn out. But happy, nonetheless. The nurse's led the group to the shower rooms and helped everyone out of their suits and masks and shoes if they still had them on and set them down in warm baths to relax and compose themselves.

Barbara was flanked on the right and left by a man with dark hair and a mustache whose name was Bob and by a woman named Becky. Whose shaven head gleamed in the soft lights, her body was full and soft, she had larger breasts than Barbara and seemed happy and content as the three of them shared their experience's in the pit together.

Afterwards, the nurses came back with cleaned suits for them to wear home if they wished and Barbara was the last to climb out of the tub and after drying off, smear lube on herself prior to getting into the wonderful suit. The nurse's had fitted new dildo's in the sheaths, the ones like she had had earlier in her pussy and she gasped anew as she felt them penetrate her orifices. She had taken the time to relieve herself this time and had an enema to get rid of the facial matter in her colon and knew she was ready to go home for the night. They helped her into her boots and the nurse that had started off her day led her to the doctor's office door, her gasmask hood in her hands.

"Come in Barbara." The doctor said as the nurse led her in and sat her down. The doctor noted her weakened condition. "Would you like me to call Ralph to come pick you up? You look like the cat who ate the cream and then wallowed in it for the rest of the day. Glad to see you found someone to keep you occupied today, although you found yourself in the advanced class anyway. What are your impressions by the way?" he asked concerned for her mental state.

"My God! Doctor. It was intense! I floated away from myself and was lost to the primal urges of my own body in that pit. I came so many times that I didn't know where one ended and another began. And yet, though I'm so tired that I can't think straight, I want more! Is that normal? I became an orgasmic being in there and I know now that there's no going back for me anymore. I'm elated, and yet depressed at the loss of my old way of thinking about the world. I feel like sobbing in grief for my lost innocence and crying out in joy at the pleasures I've found. I'm... I'm overwhelmed." She sat with her head down and grinning an unknowing grin on her face.

The doctor came around the table and pulled up a chair beside her. "Barbara, I want you to know that these feelings are normal and natural when you been in Sensory depravation, all right? Now I want to give you a hug and then I'll call Ralph and he'll send someone by to pick you up. I don't want you driving in your condition. Spend tonight reading and studying what I have given you to read, OK? Good. You might find it beneficial to not wear rubber tonight and the clinic is closed tomorrow. Here is my home number if you want to talk or anything comes into your head. You're a lovely girl and I don't want you getting burnt out your first week here. So, get some rest, some real rest, all right? You're a lovely woman and I thing you'll go far here at the clinic. Here you go" he leaned over and placed his strong arms around her and hugged her for a long time, after the first shock of his nonsexual touch she returned his gesture willingly and heartily. They both smiled at each other as the doctor broke the contact between them.

"Doctor." She said. " I don't even know your first name and here I am hugging you. Not like it matters much since I've been with a small horde of rubberists fucking all day long. although I'd like to know who's hugging me if you don't mind."

"My name is Steven, actually. I'm divorced and I'm an Aries if you really want to know. You and Ralph and whoever else you want to bring are invited to the end of the year bash if you want to come. I'll call Ralph now. He knows about it if you want to attend. I'll send invitations around to you at home. He really wants to talk to me about something anyway, let me call him now." He went back around to the back of his desk and talked into the phone for a few minutes. he seemed quite happy as he hung up.

"Well, Ralph's told me of your plans to endow the clinic and I wholeheartedly approve. Why don't we unveil that at the party, eh? Let me take you to a quiet room so that you can rest until he arrives, that way you can think things over a bit before he gets here to pick you up. Come along Barbara, let's let you lie down." He said, taking her by the arm and leading her to another room down the hall. This room was bare except for a rubber upholstered chrome frame single bed and he helped her to lie down upon it. Setting her mask on her stomach as she drifted off to sleep. "Goodnight Barbara, I'll bring Ralph along when he gets here, OK?" he said, cutting off the track lights. "Alll rightt, Doccc." She mumbled, already succumbing to the darkness as the door closed softly behind him.

All she remembered about getting home was strong arms picking her up and carrying her out to the car and placing her inside and then doing the same and placing her in a soft bed and taking her suit off. A warm, damp cloth soothed her body as it cleaned her up before pulling the comforter up to her neck and she was soon back asleep. Dreams of rubber and hot sex and cumming filling her minds eye as she snored softly in slumber, felling greatly loved and wanted for the first time ever.

Barbara awoke to the morning sunshine shining in thru the windows above her bed. She her skin felt very sensitive as she rolled over and found that someone had brought the files up and placed them on her bedside table. With a yawn and a stretch she sat up and pulled over the top file to read. Soon, she was embroiled in research notes and conclusions that she found both plausible and startling. One theory stipulated that all of mankind had some form of fetish and it was determining what it was that could help cure people of their anxiety's and phobia's. Another said that more women than had first been supposed had fetishes but that women were better than men at channeling their fetishes into more common types of behaviors, like gushing over male or female leads in movies or getting all worked up about rock stars. Whereas men simply either embraced their fetishes or lived unhappy lives denying themselves that which they most desired.

More and more she saw a correlation between fetishism and mental and physical health. The types of these that were embraced by society, like desire for money or power, were condoned and encouraged. Ones like sexual orientation or fetishism were branded as "sick" and were discouraged or persecuted until they went away or the media got tired of harping about the scandal.

Her own idea went like this. That men and women both had the innate potential for pleasure and sex. It was how they thought about sex or pleasure that governed whether or not that thinking developed into fetishism or became mental illness. The more she thought about it, the more she was sure also that more women than men probably were fetishizeing persons or objects then men actually were. Therefore, that explained why more men than women seemed to be attracted to rubber and latex and in different degrees. Since women sat around surrounded by the objects of their fetishes all day long, while men that were into rubber and latex were separated during the day from the objects of their desire and therefore were unhappy because of separation anxiety.

Moreover, like the old observation went about where the women go, so go the men. Likewise women were catching onto rubber and latex as a fashion statement and as a lure for both men and women alike. Men, on the other hand had hoped for this day since Charles Goodyear first came up with the idea of the sanitary suit made from rubber around 1920. It just took the ladies longer to come around to their way of thinking.

They were finding new ground between the sexes by removing the stigma from playing sex games in rubber that the men had found out about years ago. Such ideas as isolation play and intense stimulation and sensory deprivation had come from both mysticism and from ancient techniques of torture to being used to heighten awareness. Rubber played a role in that for the first time these techniques could be applied to a second skin placed over the bodies most sensitive organ, the skin itself. Amplifying the sensations many-fold.

Barbara jotted notes as she read deeper into the pile and hardly noticed that Marcy brought a tray of food and set it down next to the files on the table. She smiled at her mistress, Barbara had that look in her eye. Marcy made sure that her mistress's suit was laid out should she care to wear it and quietly left the room, closing the door behind her.

Ralph was kind of lonely. It seemed like a long time since he had carried Barbara up and placed her on the bed yesterday evening. Marcy and he had taken her suit off of her as she slept deeper than he had ever seen her do so before and now here it was nine at night and still no Barbara. Marcy had taken her another plate of sandwiches and iced tea and brought out the bare tray from earlier, she had assured him that Barbara was all right, only studying very hard. He scoffed at that, though he knew she was a brilliant scientist in her own right and given to lock herself up with her research at times. He was horny now, damn it! She had given him a dream come true night before last and he was burning for more, didn't she know that? He sat in his suit, a catsuit this time with hands, feet and a sheath for his equipment. Wearing also a pair of short Wellington boots to keep the feet from tearing on anything as he walked around.

Finally, he rose and walked up the flight of stairs and simply walked to her room. Knocking, he entered to find her in the nude, deep into reading papers and writing notes on a large notepad. He saw that she was dead to the world at the moment, totally lost in her mind and in the letters on the printed page, oblivious to his presence. He sat down in a wing chair and watched her as she made her mind do flips and twists that would astound lesser mortals. He saw the suit lying unworn over the other wing chair and remembered what the doctor said about her needing to go without for a day or so.

With a deep sigh, he got up and leaned over and pecked her on the forehead and left the room without her having noticed him at all. He knew that she would come out of it sooner or later. He just wished that the time was now.

Marcy stood by the railingshead at the foot of the stairs. Beside her stood Andrew the Butler and Marilyn the Groundskeeper, all were dressed in rubber body suits and hooded gasmasks. The Mistress had started a trend. Only Edward the head Butler had decided that he could not stay in Mr. Steadmore's employ, his old fashioned values wouldn't allow it even though he was the most ardent rubberist among them.

"The Mistress will be indisposed this evening." Said Ralph. "would one of you please see to it that she has something more to eat?" Marilyn nodded thru her mask and turned to go fix a tray.

"Please enjoy the evening in my playroom, all of you. I'll come in later." Ralph said and went to sit in his study and fix a drink. Marcy and Andrew watched him go, silent in their gasmasks.

As Marilyn opened the door to her Mistress's room, she heard peals of laughter. The Mistress was seated cross-legged on her bed with a notepad in her arms, her head back and laughing to beat the band.

Differentially, Marilyn placed the tray on the side table, replacing the one put there previously and turned to go. Barbara reached out and took the girl by the arm and dragged her down to sit opposite her on the bed. "Hello Marilyn, have I been cruel to Master Ralph tonight? I'm sorry if I have been. I've come up with some wonderful ideas though, want to see?" again the lady Groundskeeper nodded in her mask and leaned in closer to see what the Mistress had developed during her self-imposed imprisonment.

Soon, both heads were craning back, laughs coming from under Marilyn's mask also. Barbara put her sketches aside, wiping her eyes to clear away the tears. "Would you help me dress now Marilyn?" the lady asked her servant.

Marilyn helped her into her suit, eliciting several small cums from Barbara as the dildo's were inserted into her orifices and she was zipped up. Barbara stroked the other woman's masked face as she adjusted her new stiletto knee boots and took the gasmask the woman offered her. "Thank you Marilyn, you may go join the others in the playroom. The Master let you all in I trust? Good." She said to the wordless acknowledgment from the Groundskeeper.

The two parted at the bottom of the stairs and Barbara went into Ralph's study to let him in on what she had come up with for the party. Ralph was just pleased to have her to himself again it seemed, he threw a grand screw into her as she explained her idea. He laughed so hard that he throbbed as he came inside her ass, juicing her as well.

It was Monday morning now, the servants were back at their duties. Dressed in their versions of their uniforms and Ralph had gone off to meet with several high placed investors in order to secure some deals that his company wanted.

She and Ralph had contacted the designers this morning early and faxed her diagrams and specifications off so that they could see what would work out and what wouldn't and get back to her as to when it could be delivered for use. Hopefully in time for the party if all went well.

She had received the order from Ralph's clothing maker and thrilled to the new custom made suit that she wore. It was exactly like the one from the clinic except that this fit her even tighter and was an exact copy of her own breasts and nipples, right down to the little wrinkles around the aureole's. It also incorporated a new ziplock style of closure that allowed more freedom of movement. The sheaths were exact copies of her own anus cleft and cuntal lips and mons, showing and actuating her enlarged clitoris through the specially made latex rubber compound. She had to shave herself this morning just so it would fit her right. She would see about more permanent hair removal at a later date.

Now though, she was off to the clinic again, more fun to be had there. there was to be a round table discussion about Ralph's and Barbara's endowment today. She felt hot in her suit, the round table party would be in the pit after the discussions were over. She picked up her gasmask and walked out to have Andrew drive her to the clinic.

Ralph came through the front door to find his bride-to-be standing before him in the entranceway. He grinned and walked up and planted a kiss on the snout of her gasmask and gave her a squeeze hello. She took his jacket from him and hung it in the door closet and hooked her arm in his and took him up to get dressed. His suit had come also, he didn't know about that until she started helping him into it.

It had the new closure system and his sheath would aid him by maintaining his hardness even after he came into the sheath. It also held an internal collection system to pull away his semen to a small receiver bag below his sheathed balls, that way he wouldn't get sticky or itch from the backwash afterwards.

The suit was also a submission suit. The hands were curled into balls inside the rubber mittens and had "D" rings for securing his hands in various positions. The gasmask was integral in this suit also, being built-in to the mask itself. Ralph wondered what was going on in his Mistress's head but went along willingly as she pulled the gasmask over his face and sealed him in. The gasmask had other attachments as well. This one had twin re-breather bags and several in and outlets for things, he knew not what.

Barbara helped him into some tight flat soled stocking boots and wrapped a thick corset belt around his waist. She pulled his arms behind him and affixed them to rings set in it. Barbara also had added a thick rubber longline corset to her outfit that held several pouches and a long multi-tailed tawse whip. She put her arm around his and pulled him along to the stairs. The night was young and the servants awaited them in the playroom.

Being led into the room at the end of the hall and into the black and chrome playroom was tormenting, his cock had swelled to fill the sheath tightly and Barbara motioned Marcy and Marilyn to take Ralph to a chrome steel frame. He was attached at the waist and arms to a series of suspension bars by bungy cords and hoisted up to be level with the door of the moonwalker playroom. Soft music came over the sound system and the small rubber tribe entered on either side of their master, the women giving Ralph an intimate squeeze to his now throbbing member as they came inside.

Ralph hung there helpless as the women and Andrew began fondling each other through their rubber and stroking Andrew's stiffening penis to erection. Strap on dildo's were produced and affixed to waists for use where Andrew wasn't and the sex began before his lust filled eyes. Marilyn stood behind Marcy and slid her dildo up Marcy's sleeved asshole. The woman quaked a bit, even as she did the same to her Mistress's ass, Andrew's cock slid into Barbara's prominent rubberized cunt and they sank together to the bouncing floor, their hips beginning to move in unison.

It seemed to go on forever. As Barbara was seized in an extra powerful orgasm, Ralph shot off in his suit from watching the action before him.

Whereas Andrew tired now and then and sat along the edge watching, the ladies just kept at it. Orifices were plunged and plugged and soft cries that must have been screams of pure bliss filtered out to enter the men's ears even through their gasmask hoods. Ralph was rigid again in his suit's sheath, he had only wilted a small amount after he had cum and was thinking that the sheath had to have a cock ring built-into it when the women parted and stood on their knees and slinked towards him. They began fondling his raging prick and running their hands over his rubbered thighs and body, driving him wild with the sensations his heightened sense's brought him.

Although they could not fellate him, they masturbated him and tickled his testes through the rubber sheath. It was maddening! He shot come several time from their incessant ministrations and flung himself around in his harness trying to get free so that he could rut amongst them, driving his cock into each of them until they screamed for mercy. It wasn't to be though. They kept him there, driving him mad with their hands, not giving him what he wanted all night. Finally, he sagged in the harness after a particularly hard cum and fell asleep hanging there as they brought him off again.

He came to thinking he was on an ocean, bouncing to and fro.

He opened his eyes in the gasmask and saw a wonder. His Barbara was riding him and he could feel the clutching of her cuntal muscles and she came around his stiff prick again and again. They had laid him out in the moonwalker and hands were roaming his sensitive body as she milked him for all she was worth, and hers was a price beyond rubies to be sure. She rode him, slamming down her groin into his pelvis and continued the orgasmic undulating squeezing of her vagina around his rampant cock, fucking him with a will as she rode out her own cums one after another on top of him.

At last, she tired. She kept slapping her buttocks up and down on him though and shuddered in a last climax as he swelled and shot his seed into his sheath one last time as she collapsed on top of his thighs, her masked face between his feet.

They woke in the morning to a soft chime of an alarm and rose to begin the daytime activities.

Barbara took Ralph to change and shower and clear his bowels and empty his bladder bag. Washed and dried by his rubber covered wife-to-be, she helped him get dressed in regular clothes, the cotton further stimulating his sensitive skin as she adjusted his tie and walked him to the doorway. He kissed her rubbered cheek and walked out to work with a huge smile of contentment on his face. Barbara waved goodbye to him as he drove off, her rubber glistening in the morning sunlight.

The week passed with many little rubber adventures of this sort and before they knew it. The time came for the clinic's party. It was on a Saturday night just as spring was fully come to the area where they lived. The night was cool and pleasant as Dr. Kratchette began welcoming guests to the hall he had rented for the evening. Many came in fabulous dresses in every possible shade of latex and rubber, some came in plain rubber outfits and others still came in elaborate and complex rubber and latex bondage gear some even came in suits and outfits borrowed from the clinic itself.

There were Masters and Mistress's, slaves and submissives. Animal based characters of every description. There were pony girls and boys, there were rubber doctors and nurses, lawyers, schoolteachers and headmistress's and principal's. there were rubber nuns and priests, even a rubber pope. Anything and every kind of design and theme was represented. The hall filled quickly and the drinks flowed with alarming speed.

Security in rubber police outfits roamed the rooms to make sure no one was hurt seriously in any of the B/D or S/M play going on, the culprits being ejected or turned over to the crowd for punishment or auctioned off for the rest of the night.

In the hall was a stage hidden by a curtain. In front of the curtain the master of ceremonies introduced the people and their acts for the evening various skits were performed and auctions took place, all leading up to the final event of the evening and it was behind that curtain. Everything was ready, the props were in place. All that was needed was for Barbara to don her outfit and prepare herself.

Ralph was ready in his latex tux and tails, a rubber top hat on his head. Marilyn and Marcy were dressed as magicians assistants in cross-hatched black rubber body stockings and red latex leotards, their hair done in Grecian style and standing in five inch heeled knee boots.

Andrew was dressed all in black rubber. A mime-like behind the scenes person totally devoid of flesh, not an inch of skin showed anywhere on him.

The last number was on. A group of rubber nuns were being given communion by a rubber garbed priest, shiny wafers being placed on their tongues before their being used for more intimate service's. One nun opening her habit to display weighted tassels swung from her nipple piercings that she made swing in circular motions to the beat of the music. The final bit would take place only a few minutes later, then it would be their turn.

As the priest gave the nuns final absolution with a rubber scourge and drove them off the side of the stage to the back to whistles and applause the music died down.

It was replaced by a soft dirge as Ralph came out to center stage.

As the room went quiet, he began. "Ladies and Gentleman. Here tonight we have seen many kinds of rubber fun and games, we have seen play of every description. The one thing we haven't seen is SD! Sensory Deprivation! That's right. Although we have quite a few ISO-rubberists here and you know who you are." He waited for the chuckling to subside. "My bride to be, Barbara has found that she likes SD and wants to endow the clinic with a special grant for more study into it's effects and use's. But, tonight. Ladies and Gents, she wants to share her isolation with you."

The music swelled and the curtain parted to reveal a clear fifteen foot circular sphere mounted on a ring to keep it still. In the center of the ball, a black rubber covered Barbara hung suspended by thick rubber cords from her wrists and ankles. Tubes ran air to her masked face and removed exhaust to the surface as she squirmed upon two dildo's set into a steel pole running up from the base of the sphere impaling Barbara's cunt and ass with the rubber fake cocks. Small pumps kept air bubbles floating up from below, adding to the scene.

Marcy and Marilyn came out pushing a cart with a long extension arm attached to a keyboard. They eased the arm out and lowered it to the front of the stage where the patrons could use it. They positioned a monitor in front of that.

"And here, Ladies and Gents. Is the control panel. The program is rather simple, punch in what you would like the attachments to do and the computer will take it from there. Two things only, no more than ten minutes of any one device and only once per patron, Please! For the rest of the evening, my soon-to-be wife is YOURS!" he said with a flourish and stepped away so that the people could see and Marcy and Marilyn could flank the bowl on either side as the first people stepped up and looked the program over.

It was peaceful and quiet, only the sounds of her breathing and the gurgling of the air pumps breaking the silence as she floated in the water. Surrounded by coolness and unable to see a thing since there were no eye-pieces in the all-in-one full body, masked suit she wore. She felt the dildo's as they were slid into her sleeved holes and felt them plug in the sensors and stimulators at various points around her body, before lowering her into the giant fishbowl and strapping her in. She wore the crotch high boots she had brought home that first day from the clinic although she floated in water all around her. She thought that funny for some reason and tried to laugh. Just then a buzzing sounded in her ear and a voice came over the internal radio. "Hello Ms. More. You don't know me, but I am in charge of your control console for the next few minutes. I found the send/receive program and decided to let you know that your in good hands, so to speak. CIO"

A terrible itch began in her groin, it spread slowly up to her clit and once there her first orgasm hit her with a bang! Her cums was almost ripped from her as she squirmed around in her bonds, trying vainly to free herself from the itch and the dildo's that had come to life. Sliding in and out of her tight ass and pussy as they expanded and contracted, grew bumps and became smooth or veined as they plunged her to her depths.

She screamed in her gasmask, to absolutely no avail. She was underwater. There would be no way for the sound to carry itself to someone's ears. She was alone and tormentedand she loved every minute of it. She pitched herself down on the fake cocks and tried to stuff as much of them as she could inside herself. But the mean people out there would see her trying to do so and make the dildo's retract until only the heads remained in her hot holes. Her nipples burned from the stimulators attentions and shots of electricity smacked into her sensitive clit and other erogenous zones until she thought she would die of the pleasure. Actually, she did pass out once or twice as the monitor indicated.

Ralph and Andrew were tempted to call the whole idea off and rescue her from the watery prison she had placed herself in. But, she had left strict instructions that if she did not bite down on her panic button, she was not to be released for any reason until the ball was over. Then they could do whatever they wanted with her.

Ralph watched his bride-to-be as she thrashed around in the fishbowl, trying to get more fake cock up inside of her and jerking as she was shocked by the stimulators, her back arching when she orgasmed until he thought she would break her spine in two. His heart filled with love for her, for her courage and for willing to embrace his fetish and make it her own to such an extent.

The party ended about three o'clock and he watched as she hung there limp in her bonds as the last patron's commands ended and she was free of stimulus. The monitors slowly fell back to normal relaxed readings and then brainwave activities switched down to Bata waves, indicating sleep.

"That's a real pearl you have there Ralph." Said Steven K. as he stood beside Ralph and Andrew, watching Barbara as she slept floating upright in the water. "You're telling me. I can't wait to marry her. Not anymore, not after this." Ralph said with an amazed grin on his features. "You'd be a fool if you didn't, ask her in the morning, my boy. Ask her in the morning." The doctor added. "wow." Was all Andrew could find to say.

Barbara felt hands lifting her out of her blissful world, she fought them weakly as they drew her out of the water and onto a hard surface and she was being carried off. She tried to get they're attention, to tell them to put her back. That she wasn't through yet, she had to have more. But, they wouldn't listen. She felt hands rubbing her rubbery skin, drying her off. She was too weak to fight anymore as she felt her rear ziplock closure being opened and her skin chilled to the air passing over it. She felt light come in, bringing pain to her eyes and felt the last of the suit being drawn off of her. She was naked as a new born and just as weak.

Warm arms gathered her up and held her, giving her comfort and peace and love. She felt great love for the person attached to those arms, those hands. She cracked open her eyes a smidgen, blocking out the pain and saw Ralph's shining, handsome face smiling down at her. She brought her arms up and wrapped them around the neck of the man she loved.

"Kiss me darling, Kiss me." She said. he did just that.

"With this ring, I do thee wed. to have and to hold, from this day forward. For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. For as long as we both shall live. With this token, of our eternal love, made of gold to simulate your heart. This is my pledge to you, Barbara." Said Ralph with tears running down both of his cheeks.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you. Man and Wife. You may now kiss the Bride." Said the priest. "I now present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Steadmore."

"Oh, Ralph." Barbara said after he kissed her deeply and long.

There wasn't a dry eye in the party. Even Dr. Kratchette had streaks running down his face. Marcy and Marilyn did their best to soothe him, and that was a lot. All the people she had met in the clinic came. Marcie, Anita and Mistress Susan acted as her bridesmaids. Bob, Andrew and Steven acted as Ralph's Groomsmen. The reception was wild, champagne flew everywhere and a food fight broke out. It was a good thing the entire wedding party wore Latex and Rubber.

Barbara pushed a final piece of cake into Ralph's mouth and led him out to the Limo, they had a plane to catch.



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