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A Visit from a Rubber Friend

by Rubberking

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© Copyright 2006 - Rubberking - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM; latex; true; cons; XX

This is a true story about a rubber friend i met on the internet and who has become a regular friend on line.

I was hunting around the internet one night for someone to talk to, so i logged into the "RubberZone" site and searched in Melbourne where there were 79 names who were into the rubber scene like me and found a fellow we will name"Paul". I contacted him by message and he replied that he was very interested in visiting me but could not accommodate me at his place because he lived with his daughter and family. He said that he had a large range of rubber clothes and would bring it with him and would get back and arrange a day.

The visit would be late afternoon arriving here at about 6.00pm. I offered him a bed for the night but he decided he would return home and did not mind driving at night. We talked about our lives and how we became interested in the rubber scene and if we had any other rubber friends. He was a kiwi like myself and did a lot of tramping.

It was Sunday today and it was arranged that he would come here on Friday and would arrive as planned at about 6.00pm unless i heard from him otherwise. This was exciting news and he seemed to be a very nice chap and quite outgoing. It was only 5 days to Friday which was not long to our meeting one another.

Friday soon came and i organised an early tea for myself as Paul did not want tea on arrival. While my tea was cooking  i decided i would sort out some rubber gear for tonight. I decided on my rubber hood, tee shirt, rubber long stockings, boots, black shoulder length gloves, bermuda shorts and cock and ball sheath. I had a rubber doll dressed in red and red rubber stockings which i got out and thought we might enjoy.
I had my tea about 4.45pm and cleaned up, preparing for Pauls arrival not knowing what to really expect for the evening

Paul arrived on time in a nice modern car and we intruduced ourselves and immediately felt quite at home with one another. He brought in his rather large travel bag and we sat down and chatted for a while about our rubber lives of which none of our families knew about. Paul had been into rubber for many years had a few friends,  but like me was a bit of a loner in this field.

After about a 1/4 hour we decided to have a look at his rubber collection so he put his bag on the table and started unpacking it. All his gear was neatly folded and each garment was powdered inside.

First of all was a body suit complete with feet and hood, then another body suit with sheath attached, next some penis pants followed by a pair of briefs. This was all top grade rubber and beautifully kept. He continued unpacking next came two pair of short rubber gloves, then a gasmask, a couple of hoods and a long flowing cape with a hood attached, plus a pair of rubber full length waders. A pretty good collection.

He put some of it back and then asked me would i like to wear one of his body suits which is something i have always wanted, so i grabbed the opportunity and accepted. It was complete with hood, feet and sheath and from here we decided to get dressed up in black rubber of his.

The suit was all powdered inside and i started sliding my legs and feet into the bottom half. Oh what a lovely feeling and smell as the rubber slid slowly on to my body until the legs and feet were tightly enclosed in rubber followed by the insertion of my cock into the waiting sheath. I then pulled the body part up sliding my arms into the sleeves and then pulling the rest of the suit up and zipping it closed. The hood slid over my head and all was a perfect fit as though it was hand made for me. It felt and looked exciting, my cock enlarging to the feel of the rubber around it.

In the meantime Paul had encased himself in a similar suit and his cock was also enlarged and hard and standing up in front of him. We each chose a pair of medium gauge rubber gloves, put them on then stood there looking at each other fully attired in rubber. He approached me rubbing his hands over my suit and then slid his rubber gloved hand down to my cock, grabbed it and started rubbing it with a back and forward motion along the hard stiff sheath. it felt so good and he asked me to do the same to his erect cock which i did, slowly rubbing my rubber gloved hand back and forward along his hard stiff sheath.

I could slowly feel myself precumming inside the sheath as no doubt Paul did also, so we dececided to stop as we did not want to ejaculate yet but the excitement was building inside us.

Paul decided at this stage that he would like to fuck my red rubbered  doll which was on the bed in readiness for what ever. He climbed onto the bed mounted "Suzie", stuck his big cock into her pussie and fucked her hard for 10 minutes. while this was going on and i was watching i continued stroking away on my sheath which was getting quite wet and slippery inside and it moved up and down smoothly arousing my cock to its fullest state.Paul pulled out of suzie with a smile of satisfaction on his face but not having arrived at a stage of climaxing.

At this stage i decided i would like to enter his back passage which he agreed upon so he undid the back zip of his rubber suit and exposed his backside to me on the bed. I put some lube on his arse hole and my rubber glove and slowly and gently pushed my rubbered finger into his arse.

"Ooh that is nice," Paul said as i worked it around inside touching all walls of his inner body and pulling my finger in and out at times  and then he said "fuck me" so i put some lube on my rubber sheath and gently worked it round his hole until i was able to enter him. Slowly i entered him with my now very hard and stiff cock, moving it in and out as i went until i fully entered my  sheath covered cock fully into his inner body.

Paul was loving it and i rested with it fully inside, hard and erect as it could possibly be then started  moving my rubbered cock around inside him touching all walls and rubbing it against them.

"This is so nice," he said and started moving his arse against me in and out. "Keep going," he said " but i do not want to cum yet this is too enjoyable", nor did i. I continued on eventually withdrawing my rubbered cock and inserted an 8" inflatable vibrating dildo in its place which paul had brought with him. I pushed it in the whole 8" and slowly started pumping it up to half it's size again and started working it in and out of his back passage.

"You are the greatest and it feels so real " he said as he continued with his sighing and oohing and ahhing. I continued moving it in all directions up a down, sideways, in and out, until i felt it was time to stop and then deflated it and withdrew it. He turned over and exclaimed, "it is now your turn" and got off the bed. I must say i enjoyed that part of the journey as much as he did and my cock was still hard and stiff.

Paul went to his bag and got out the beutiful black rubber cape with hood which almost made me cum looking at it. "Put that on " he said. The crinkling and crackling as i put it on was overwhelming and i precumed more into my sheath as i pulled the hood over my head and there i was fully clad in rubber and feeling so good as he came towards me telling me to get up on the bed.

I lay there while with his rubber gloved hand he gently rubbed my covered cock up and down until it was standing up straight, stiff and hard as it possibly could be. Paul then said, "roll over on your stomach" which i did, he climbed up on the bed pulled my cape up, undid the zipper down the back of my suit and started fingering my arse hole.

He rubbed it a little then put some lube on his glove and my hole and slowly pushed his gloved finger inside moving it in and out until it was fully extended inside. He pulled out and inserted two fingers and moved them inside as i precumed some more. Again he pulled out and then i felt the tip of his rubber sheathed cock pushing at my entry as he mounted me.

Slowly it slipped inside my body a little bit at a time until he was full length inside my inner body. It was a wonderful feeling as he then moved in and out staying inside twisting and turning it, touching all sides of my inner body. He was moving freely inside me having lubed his rubber sheath well before entering me and i was enjoying it immensly. After about 10 minutes he pulled out his very stiff cock slowly and got off the bed. I felt so good now and quite stimulated.

Again Paul went to his bag and got out a red rubber cape and two gasmasks plus a pair of all black rubber thigh boots something i have always wanted. He gave me a mask to put on as he put on his red cape and mask, then slid his legs into his rubber thigh boots and pulled them up. There we were once again fully dressed in wonderful rubber and both feeling very, very sexy as we admired one another.

He came towards me and pushed himself against me, rubber to rubber closely embrassing one another our rubber covered cocks sticking into each other. Pauls hand moved down to my cock, held it and slowly started moving it up and down as i stated feeling the precum entering my sheath again and my excitement increasing. I likewise holding him tight had slid my rubber covered hand down to his cock and pulling on it extended it as far as it would stretch. He started to move his body around and his red cape began to russle  and crackle as he moved around as did mine too.

Our movements grew faster and we could both feel ourselves entering that world of stimulation, excitement, pleasure and ejection. Paul said" i am ready lets go" to which i replied "wow ! lets" and with faster movements we both rubbered hard and fast and then we were there both ejecting large quantities of cum into our rubber sheaths as we continued and our cocks slipped and slid smoothly inside our sheaths.

I stayed hard and stiff and it looked like Paul had too. "do you want to go again"  he said and excitedly i said "yes sure do ".

So we moved off to the bedroom again and i laid him across the bed not on it. His cock was now standing erect straight up, i got hold of it in my rubbered hand and stroked it gently straight up and down pulling the slippery sheath as it it slid on his cock and at the same time rubbing his balls around with my other rubber gloved hand. He began to move his body around in all directions as he once again reached that moment of climaxation. "keep going" he said as i moved faster and faster caressing his balls harder until after a while he yelled out "Ah mmmmm it is so wonderful, great, yes, yes as he spurted cum into his sheath again and then he relaxed, his cock slowly getting soft and reducing in size.

"Now you" he said and laid me across the bed opening my cape as my cock reached for the sky. Paul rubbed my cock for a while then lent over my body, took it in his mouth sucked it and moved his lips up and down my shaft while he sucked hard. I was getting fully aroused, precuming and nearly ready to climax as i too entered into that state of being in another world. Yes it was time, i exploded into my sheath as i yelled out "yes, yes, this is so wonderful mmmmmmmmm, ah, ooh and then i relaxed.

We were both exhausted as our hearts returned to normal beating and our cocks became deflated, both of us just resting for a few minutes and not talking. "Well," said Paul "I guess it is time for us to get out of this rubber."

So we headed for the shower knowing that the easiest way to get out of rubber clothes is under the shower as it slips off easily. This having been done we dried his rubber ware which took a while and packed it in his bag ready for home.
We relaxed for a while had a cup of coffee, some sandwiches and he left for his home

I do not know and Paul agreed, when we have had such a lovely time in rubber and do not know if it will ever happen again but we still keep in touch on line and he says he will come again.

                                         THE END



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