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A View of the Mountains

by Catsuitguy

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She hung there motionless, like an insect trapped in amber. She stood there in total darkness and near total silence, broken only by the faint whisper of her breathing. Unable to move even the slightest, her only sensations reduced to taste and smell and touch. As she woke from her slumber, she became aware again of the wonderful, insistent pressure all over her body, like a thousand hands caressing her.

As she returned to full consciousness, she felt the presence of the dildo that filled her vagina, the butt plug that was nestled comfortably in her rectum. Raised nodules rubbed against her clitoris and encircled her sensitive nipples. She squirmed against these intruders and shuddered as she drove herself to another climax. Had her mouth not been filled with a gag, she would have cried out in pleasure. As the orgasm subsided and her breathing returned to normal, she hung there satisfied and relaxed, enjoying the after glow of her exertions.

In response to her increased breathing rate and elevated body temperature, the automated systems reacted by increasing the oxygen level in her air supply and providing additional body cooling water. The holes surrounding her gag released some cold water into her mouth and she drank gratefully, as the icy fluid soothed her parched throat. Deep in her belly, the feeding tube pumped the warm liquid nourishment she needed to sustain her. With food and water inside her and her body back to its normal temperature, she felt comfortable and calm, at total peace with the world. She felt anew contentment she had never known in her old life - a life, which seemed so distant now.

As she hung there, her mind wandered back to the time, over two years before, when this whole thing had started...

The Package

Kristen stood at her breakfast bar and gulped down the remnants of her coffee. She looked at her watch and swore to herself. She was running late. Not really late, but she liked to be the first to work in the morning. She hurriedly grabbed her coat and purse and headed for the door. As she slammed the door shut behind her, she heard the faint chime of the elevator down the hall. I'm in luck this morning, she thought to herself and sprinted down the hall, just in time to catch it before the doors closed. She rode the elevator alone down to the parking garage. Her ageing (and none too reliable) Subaru was parked about 10 stalls away. Praying for more good luck, the car started on the third try and she backed out of her assigned space and headed for the exit.

The library was about 5 miles from her condo and that early in the morning, traffic was light. Despite the persistent drizzle (this was the Puget Sound after all), she made the trip to work in under 10 minutes. She drove around to the employee's lot in the back and parked in her assigned spot. Good, she thought as she surveyed the empty lot, I'm the first one here. She locked her car (not that anyone would want to steal it) and ran the few feet to the rear entrance of the library. There was a pile of periodicals, papers and mail sitting on the step. She unlocked the door and stepped into the darkened hallway.

Switching on the overhead lights, she went back to the door and picked up the pile and carried them back to her office.

The library was a branch of the main public library, but was modern and inviting. Her office was adjacent to the main counter of the library. It was small and cluttered, with a fairly modern wooden desk, upon which sat a PC. She dumped the pile of newspapers on the corner of her desk, ready for sorting later. The library was quiet and she liked the solitude. All too soon the place would start to fill up with her fellow employees and later, the public. But for a few minutes she had the library to herself.

Kristen turned on her computer and waited for the couple of minutes it took to boot up. It was loaded with software specific to the libraries needs, in addition to the usual word processing, database and Internet applications. Eventually her familiar desktop appeared, with it's friendly greeting message. She checked her e-mail - there was about 15 messages waiting in her in-box. A quick scan showed her that only a couple needed immediate attention - the rest could wait till later.

One of her "duties" as the first arrival was to start the coffee maker, so she went around the corner to the staff break room and loaded the big automatic coffee machine with coffee and water. Soon the smell of freshly brewing coffee started to fill the room. She heard the sound of the back door opening, so the rest of the staff was beginning to get to work. In about 15 minutes she would be opening the main doors and the public would be coming in. There were some regulars who already waiting outside in the rain - the library was a second home for them.

She went back to her office and picked up the pile of mail on the end of her desk. She started to sort into various groups - personal, periodicals, inter-library loan requests etc. This took her about 10 minutes. She looked at her watch - it was nearly 8:30 - so she headed for the main entrance and switched on the overhead room lights. The big fluorescent lights flooded the room with light, as she turned locks on the heavy doors. As she expected there were several familiar faces waiting for her to open up and they greeted her with smiles as they filtered in, most heading for their favourite corner of the library.

And so passed another day at the library. It went pretty smoothly apart from a minor problem with one of the microfiche readers. The day passed quickly and before Kristen realised it was quitting time. As she was the first in, Kristen was not required to help with the closing preparations. She grabbed her coat from her office and headed for her car. It was still raining, so she dashed for her car, wishing that it had remote door locks.

The drive back to her condo took her nearly twice as long as the drive in, but she was back in the parking garage before six. She took the elevator to the lobby and went over to her mailbox. Her mail was the usual mix of bills, magazines, catalogues and junk mail, but she was surprised to find a brown padded package, about 8 by 5 and an inch thick. I don't remember ordering anything, Kristen said to herself, maybe it's a sample of something. The package was hand addressed with no return address on it, which was a little unusual.

Inside her condo, Kristen switched on the kitchen lights, hung her coat up on the hat rack and turned to sort her mail. The latest issue of Vogue, the Pottery Barn and Sharper Image catalogues she would read later. The bills went into the pending pile and the junk mail would be headed for recycle. Finally she got around to the mystery package. She pulled open the end of the envelope and dumped the contents on the kitchen table.

Inside was a black plastic bag to which was attached a note. Kristen pulled the note of the bag and read the few lines of the neat handwriting:

Dear Kristen,

I hope you like the contents of this package. I know you may be surprised at first, but I hope you will come to appreciate them and will use them regularly. You might find that you will enjoy them more if you shave yourself.

Your friend

The last sentence was the strangest and further intrigued Kristen. She tipped the contents of the bag on to the kitchen table. Kristen picked up the strange looking item and inspected it. Whatever it was, was soft and pliable, flesh coloured and semi-transparent. Kristen held it up in front of her - it was a pair of panties. But like no other panties she had ever seen before. Inside the panties were two attached members - one was phallic shaped, about seven inches in length, maybe an inch and a half in diameter and anatomically correct. The other member was smaller and slimmer without any real features. Kristen realised with shock that the panties were made of rubber.

Kristen dropped the panties on the table with a look of horror and disgust on her face. "Who would send me such a perverted thing?” she said aloud." I can't believe I got something like this in the mail. I going to call the Post Office in the morning and complain."

She gingerly gathered up the panties and stuffed them back into their bag, then opened the door to the cupboard under the sink and tossed the bag into the trash. The experience of handling those wretched panties left her feeling a little flustered, so she decided to fix herself a drink before making dinner. She took a good swig of her Scotch and felt a little calmer as the warm liquid hit her stomach. She set about making dinner though she had a hard time concentrating on the preparations - she realised she was still shaking.

After dinner, she went into the living room, put some music on the stereo and settled back to read her magazines and catalogues. But she couldn't concentrate on the reading matter - her mind kept drifting back to those disgusting panties. Was someone at work playing a practical joke on her? She tried to imagine which of her co-workers could be responsible. Finally, she just had to get up and take another look at them. She went back to the kitchen and retrieved the bag from the trash. She pulled the panties out of the bag again and studied them in more detail. In addition to the two dildo's, she noticed that directly above the larger one were a number of small conical protrusions or nodules arranged in a circular area about an inch in diameter. They were obviously intended to stimulate the clitoris. That's intriguing thought Kristen, with the first signs of interest stirring in her head. The big one goes up front and the smaller one goes in my ass.

Despite her initial revulsion, Kristen felt an increasing urge to try the panties on. She walked from the kitchen through her bedroom into the bathroom. Hunting around under the sink she found a bottle of K-Y jelly that had been there at least a couple of years. She took the K-Y back into the bedroom and set it down on the nightstand next to her bed. She undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor, and then she removed her cotton knickers. She shivered slightly as the cool air hit her exposed skin.

She sat down on the side of the bed and picked up the panties, turning them inside out so that the two dildos were exposed. She squirted a small amount of the jelly into her hand then smeared the stuff liberally over the shafts of the two members. She sniffed the panties - the rubber smell was very faint and actually kind of pleasant in a peculiar way.

She stood up and stepped into the panties, pulling them up over her calves and thighs, trying to avoid getting the K-Y jelly on her legs. Finally the panties were up high enough so that the front phallus was touching the lips of her labia. With a deep breath she pushed the dildo deep into her vagina. Kristen let out a long sigh as it penetrated her and she moaned in pleasure as the stiff member contacted her cervix. She realised that it had been so long since she had any sexual activity and that she was as horny as hell. She hadn't even masturbated in months and this intruder was making her want to come. The little rubber cones on the inside of the panties were perfectly placed to rub against her clitoris and Kristen knew that within seconds she would start to get damp.

The second smaller dildo - the butt-plug - was still nestled against her butt cheeks. Kristen had never really experimented with anal stimulation before. Steve had on occasion poked a finger into her anus, but he had never been very enthusiastic about it. Kristen tensed her sphincter muscles and pushed the butt-plug into her arse-hole. It was little painful at first, but as she got used to its presence she found it to be quite pleasant and stimulating. Hmmm, I could get used to this, she thought to herself. She looked down at herself. The panties lay snugly around her waist and cradled her buttocks in a nice tight embrace. As she moved the two dildos inside her started to rub against her in a very erotic manner and the little rubber cones in contact with her clitoris began to work their magic. Now Kristen understood the significance of the statement in the note about shaving - a clean-shaven pussy would be even more sensitive to the rubber nodules.

She lay down on the bed and raised her knees and spread her legs. Her right hand found it's way down to her crotch and before she knew it she was rubbing herself vigorously. She used her left hand to grab the end of the dildo and thrust it in and out of her and the right hand was rubbing the rubber cones deep into clitoris. She was so turned on by all this that within seconds she was close to climaxing. As the orgasm hit her, she screamed "Yes, yes, yes" over and over again She had three orgasms in quick succession and she slumped back on the bed, sweaty and exhausted but very satisfied.

"Oh boy", Kristen whispered, "I needed that. Thank you my mystery friend - that was just what the doctor ordered". She lay there quietly for a couple of minutes to let her breathing return to normal. She could feel her heart beating wildly and the adrenaline was flowing through her body. Eventually she felt calm enough to get up off the bed and walk over to the bathroom. She carefully pulled her panties down enjoying the sensation of the two dildos as they slowly slid out her body. She placed the damp panties in the sink and ran some warm water in to the basin, deciding to let them soak for a few minutes while she dressed in her sweats. After dressing she returned to the bathroom, pulled the rubber underwear from the sink and shook the excess water from them.

Kristen hung the panties from the faucet in the bath, the rubber phalluses sticking out obscenely. Having satisfied her carnal lusts, Kristen felt a whole lot more relaxed and was able to get back to her reading. After about thirty minutes, her mind started to wander back to the panties, who might have sent them and what to do with them next. Having experienced their erotic possibilities once she knew she would be trying them again - and soon. Perhaps she could try wearing them to work tomorrow?

It was getting late - at least for an early riser like Kristen - so she made her way to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth, flossed for a couple of minutes and brushed her hair - it was a little greasy from the sweat of the evening’s activities. She noticed that the panties had almost dried already - one of the advantages of rubber. She went back to the bedroom, pulled off her sweats and underwear and got into bed naked. Her hands strayed down to her crotch again and as she gently rubbed herself, she thought back to earlier in the evening and how much fun it had been. She could hardly believe she had orgasmed three times in quick succession. Within minutes she was fast asleep.

Dressing for Pleasure

The next morning after a deep sleep, Kristen was up before the alarm. She had decided to give herself a few extra minutes of prep time, so that she could give herself a shave. She hadn't shaved down there in years, so she wasn't quite sure of the best way to do it. Her pubic hair, which matched the jet black of her head hair, was fairly long and extensive. She grabbed a pair of small scissors from her grooming kit and sat down on the toilet seat, spreading her legs wide to expose her crotch. A little gingerly at first, she started cutting, the black hair falling into the toilet bowl. With growing confidence, she soon clipped her pubic hair to a short stubble, the pink lips of her clitoris showing through the dark stubble provocatively. She leant over and picked up the safety razor she used to shave her legs. It had a new blade and was good and sharp. She spread some shaving cream over her crotch and started shaving herself, taking particular care around her sensitive parts. Within five minutes she was finished and she wiped the remaining shaving cream away with a damp face cloth. Her sex lay exposed in all its naked glory - she looked like a young girl again.

After a good long shower, Kristen took the rubber panties off the faucet, turned them the right way round and slipped them on again. She walked back into the bedroom with them around her thighs to get the lubricating jelly. With the dildo's coated in K-Y, she inserted them into herself again, enjoying once more their presence deep inside her. The rubber cones nestled comfortably against her freshly shaved skin with even more stimulation than the night before. Kristen had decided to wear regular panties over the rubber ones as a precaution and to wear pants instead of a skirt. The library had a fairly relaxed dress code, so she chose a pair of tight blue jeans and a red turtleneck sweater. The tight jeans helped keep the dildos firmly planted deep inside her.

After a breakfast of cereal and toast, washed down by some instant coffee, Kristen grabbed her raincoat and headed for work. She was excited at the prospect of spending the whole day wearing her new rubber underwear, particularly because no one could tell what she had on under her street clothes. There was something deliciously wicked about wearing something as naughty as those panties and going about your everyday business as if nothing was different. She just hoped nobody at work could tell.

The drive to work was uneventful, other than the nice sensations she got from sitting down and squirming a little in her seat. As usual she was the first to arrive at the library and she went into her regular morning routine. As she moved around the library, the motion of walking drove the dildos in and out of her openings and the raised nodules rubbed against her shaven pussy. By mid-morning she had to excuse herself and go to the bathroom. Choosing the stall farthest from the door and being particularly careful to be quiet, she masturbated herself to a very satisfying climax.

She sat on the toilet for several minutes to calm down, then replaced her cotton knickers over the latex ones and pulled up her jeans. She felt a lot better and ready to get back to work. She checked herself in the mirror, smoothed some stray hairs back into place and headed back to face the world. Later in that day she had to repeat her mornings activities - the urge to masturbate just got too strong. I can't wear these everyday, thought Kristen, I'll tire myself out with all these orgasms. Besides you can have too much of a good thing.

So Kristen avoided wearing the latex knickers for several days, but eventually temptation got the better of her and she donned them again. Over the next couple of weeks, she alternated days with and without them, though really she would have liked to wear them on a daily basis. As far as she could tell, no one at he library had even the slightest idea that she had been wearing rubber panties all this time and that she had been whacking off regularly in the bathroom. They probably did notice that she seemed in a particularly good mood recently and that she had a faint smile on her face most of the day.

Almost three weeks to the day after Kristen got the first package; she found a second, nearly identical parcel waiting for her in her mailbox. The handwriting on the package matched the first one. Kristen hurried up to her condo to see what he (?) had sent her this time. She ignored the rest of the mail, and tore open the brown wrapping without hesitation. Inside was the familiar black plastic bag and the hand-written note taped to it. The note read:

My dear Kristen

So glad you're enjoying my first gift - I knew you would overcome your initial revulsion and get to like them. I've sent you something else, which should compliment those panties nicely. Have fun with them.

Best wishes
Your friend

Eagerly, Kristen emptied the contents of the bag out on to the counter. The item this time was little bulkier than the panties had been. It was made of the same semi-transparent flesh coloured rubber as before. Holding the rubber bundle in front of her, she saw that this was a rubber corset with moulded breast cups and thin rubber straps. It was long and designed to reach down to her hips. It was, as the note said, a perfect match for the rubber panties she was wearing. More careful examination of the inside of the corset revealed that there were more of the small rubber conical protrusions arranged around where her nipples would be in the breast cups. The thought of those little rubber cones in contact with her nipples was very appealing to Kristen.

She hurriedly removed her coat, strode into the bedroom and pulled off her sweater. She reached around her back to unhook her bra and she let it fall on to the bed. She picked up the corset and put it over her head. It was tight and a little difficult to pull down over her breasts. Soon, however, she had it on with her breasts snugly nestled into the cups of the corset. She rolled down the top couple of inches of the panties, smoothed the corset down over her stomach, then rolled the top of the panties back into place. There was a smooth line from her bust down to her crotch. The rubber nodules were massaging her nipples nicely and she grabbed a breast with each hand and played with her nipples until she started to feel damp again. So now she had matching panties and corset and they felt wonderful against her bare skin. She had already decided that she would wear the corset tomorrow under a nice tight sweater - a thick one so that her erect nipples wouldn't be visible.

Over the next few weeks she wore the rubber corset/panties combination to work on alternate days and everyday over the weekends. She masturbated frequently, something she hadn't done since the break-up of her marriage. Her whole life seemed a little better; a little more exciting since the rubber underwear had arrived out of the blue. She actually looked forward to her daily routine now and she went about her work with renewed vigour.

The Dress

She arrived back a little late - traffic was bad again -and she hurried from her car to the lobby, then to her mailbox. Turning the key, she pulled out the usual assortment of bills, magazines and junk mail. No packages. She was a little disappointed, but not surprised. She headed for the elevator and scanned the mail while she waited. Within a few seconds the lift arrived and she rode it alone to the third floor, feeling a little guilty that she didn't walk the stairs and get some exercise. As she rounded the corner to her condo, she spotted something lying against her door. Her pulse quickened a little - could it be a parcel?

As she reached her door, she saw it was indeed a package. On top of it was a yellow Post-it note'; it was from her neighbour. It read:

Kristen. The UPS guy came by with this but you were out. I figured you'd want this so I offered to take it for you. Have a good one.


I'll have to thank her, she thought to herself, as she picked up the package. It was considerably larger and heavier than the other two had been, and this piqued her interest even more. She unlocked her condo, stepped through the door and switched on the kitchen lights. She tossed the mail on the counter - it could wait no later. She wanted to open that package right away and see what he had sent her.

She tore open the outer brown wrapping, to reveal a cardboard box. Lifting the lid, she found three black plastic bags, two small - about the same size as the other two had been - and one large. On top of them was a letter - she recognized the familiar handwriting immediately. She quickly scanned the letter:

Dear Kristen

I'm so glad you enjoyed my other gifts and you certainly seem to be making good use of them. I hope you like what I've sent you this time - I know you'll look fantastic in them. I think I got your size right.

Anyway, I'd like to meet you for dinner, possibly this Saturday. I'm sure you must be intrigued to find out who your mysterious benefactor is! I have made reservations for two at 'La Pigalle' for 8PM . I really hope you can make it and will wear everything that I have sent you. Don't worry, the restaurant is very discrete and has some nice dark booths. In case, you’re a little self-conscious. I know you have a great long leather coat, which will cover everything up. Oh, and could I suggest you wear those red leather pumps of yours.

By the way. I've included a bottle of latex polish for you to shine everything up and get rid of any excess powder.

Hope to see you Saturday.

Your friend

She read the note twice. So many questions sprung to mind - what did he want her to wear, how did he know about the coat and shoes, why had he asked her out, who the hell was he anyway? She knew of 'La Pigalle" - it was one of the finest restaurants in town, very expensive and almost impossible to get a reservation. This guy must have money and connections, she thought to herself, So my benefactor is both wealthy and influential. Sounds like my kind of guy. Has somewhat odd tastes in clothing though.

She put the letter down on the counter next to the mail and picked up one of the smaller bags. It was heavy and solid. She pulled the contents out of the bag - it was a bottle of some faintly blue milky fluid. The label read "Latex, Leather and PVC polish - Use sparingly. Apply with a damp cloth and buff dry". She undid the cap and smelt the contents - a mildly perfumed aroma, quite pleasant actually. She replaced the lid and put the bottle down on the counter, then turned her attention to the second of the smaller bags. Pulling open the bag, she tipped it out on to the counter. Whatever they were was made of rubber. She unfolded the neatly bundled article and to her surprise found herself holding latex tights.

Closer inspection of the tights revealed that they were a little different from regular tights (apart from being rubber that is). The panty part of the tights were deeply scalloped front, back and sides so they resembled stockings with built-in suspenders. I think they call these things 'suspender-tights', she thought They were obviously designed to fit over panties and not make two layers of latex. Clever, thought Kristen, what will they think of next? The stockings were made of semi-transparent rubber, a kind of smoky grey colour with a dark seam running up the back. Can't wait to try these babies on, Kristen told herself, bet they look and feel fabulous.

Finally, she turned her attention to the large bag. What she pulled from the bag surprised her no end. "Wow!’ she exclaimed out loud; her heart started to race a little and she could feel her pulse pounding in her ears. It was a bright red latex dress, beautifully made and incredibly sexy. She went to the bathroom and held the dress up against her body, studying it in the mirror. It was about knee-length, long sleeved, with a high neck and zippered up the back. The shoulders were cut away, so that from the front, it looked like it was sleeveless with attached shoulder-length gloves. There was a triangular patch cut out of the front so as to reveal her cleavage. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever imagined owning or wearing something like this. She felt herself becoming damp just thinking about wearing this dress.

Kristen had done some research on the Web, after the first package had arrived. Typing in 'latex rubber clothing' in the search engine had revealed a surprising number of sites, far more than she would have guessed. Latex clothing was big business, she discovered. She had visited a number of vendor sites and was astonished by the depth and variety of items they had for sale. She also found out that quality rubber was very expensive. That dress must easily have cost hundreds of dollars. She thought, Still, if he can afford 'La Pigalle", I guess he can afford a dress like that. Nevertheless, it was still a very generous gift, and certainly way more than she could afford on her librarian's salary.

She noted that both the dress and stockings were lightly powdered on the inside, and from her research she knew that powder was needed to help get tight fitting latex on without tearing. Hence the rubber polish - any excess powder that got on the outside of the rubber could be polished off. She couldn't wait any longer - she had to try all this stuff on.

She decided to take a quick shower before she changed. She got a spare hanger from the closet and hung the dress up, so that some of the wrinkles would have a chance to straighten themselves out. The stockings she laid out on the side of the bed; she fetched the rubber pants and corset from their drawer and placed them next to the stockings. A complete rubber outfit.

The shower felt good and she luxuriated in the hot water for ten minutes. As she showered, she kept imagining herself wearing that dress. Her pussy started to dampen again and she rubbed her clitoris softly, moaning to herself a little. Finally she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, grabbing the towel off the peg. She quickly dried herself, then applied some anti-perspirant to her under-arms, anticipating that things could get a little warm later on. Her excitement began to rise again as she stepped out of the bathroom and viewed all the rubber lying there on her bed.

First the rubber panties. As she had so many times before, she coated the dildo and butt-plug with a little K-Y jelly. Sitting on the side of the bed, she eased the panties over her feet, up her legs until the tip of the dildo was just touching her labia. She pushed the dildo into her vagina, grunting with pleasure as the shaft entered her. Finally it was buried deep inside her and it felt wonderful. Then she turned her attention to the butt-plug. She tightened her sphincter muscles and gave the slim rubber rod a firm shove and it slipped easily into her ass. She pulled the panties all the way over her buttocks and the tension in the rubber held both members firmly in place and forced the rubber nodules to rub against her clitoris.

Next came the corset. She pulled the limp latex over her legs, up over the panties and up her chest. She put her arms through the straps and adjusted the bra cups so that her breasts were nestled properly in position. The raised rubber nodules started to make her nipples stiffen. She folded down the top inch of her panties, smoothed the corset over her stomach, then rolled the panties back over the edge of corset to make a smooth seam.

Now for those stockings. They went on remarkably easily, despite their tightness - the powder certainly helped a lot. They felt cool on her skin as she pulled them over her calves and thighs. She loved the way they hugged her legs with uniform pressure, like hands massaging her. The scalloped upper section of the tights fitted comfortably over her panties, giving her legs a very sexy stocking-and-suspenders look. Wow, I look great in these, she mused. I should buy stockings more often. The toes and heels were reinforced with a thicker layer of rubber - a sensible precaution considering that they would see a lot of wear and tear.

Finally she took the dress of its' hanger. At first she couldn't decide if it would be easier to put the dress on over her head or from the bottom. She decided to try the latter. She pulled down the back zipper most of the way, then stepped into the dress. With the zipper open. It was a relatively simple matter to draw the dress up over her hips. The top half of the dress hang down from the waist. She pushed her left arm into the sleeve and thrust her hand out of the wrist hole. It gripped her arm tightly, but again the powder made things go smoothly. The right arm went on as easily as the left. She positioned her breasts so that matched the cups of the dress, the exposed area of the upper revealing an agreeable mount of cleavage. She noticed that her erect nipples were poking through the rubber, which was stretched taught across her breasts.

With everything in place, she started to close the zipper. With a woman's practised skill, she pushed the zipper as far up the back as she could reach with her hand behind her back. Then she reached up over her shoulder and felt for the tab. With a little stretching and twisting, she was able to grab it and pull it to the top of her neck. Finally, the dress was on and fully closed. She smoothed the sleeves and the body of the dress, working the wrinkles out of it. The effort of getting it on had made her a little sweaty and she was glad that she used the anti-perspirant. Looking down at her legs she noticed that some powder had got on to her stockings. She hurried to the kitchen, got out a cloth from under the sink, moistened it and applied some of the polish to the rag. As promised the polish soon eradicated the powder, and she continued to apply it to her legs. The damp rag felt cool against her skin, so she added some more polish and buffed up her dress and gave it a deep lustrous shine. She replaced the bottle back on the counter, then headed back to the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror again.

The exposed shoulders showed off her bare skin nicely and the contrast between the deep red of the dress and the creamy white of her skin looked great. She appreciated the coolness that the bare shoulders afforded her. She loved the way her partially exposed breasts looked too - her tits had never looked better! All in all I look amazing in this dress, she thought, and he was spot on about my size. Though the dress was tight and hugged every curve, it was comfortable and of course, felt wonderful - like a full body massage. As she walked, the dildo and butt-plug worked their magic and once again she felt herself becoming aroused. With the added thrill of the rubber hose and dress. She couldn't believe this was really happening. If someone had told her six weeks ago that she would be walking around her condo dressed only in rubber, with rubber dildos in her cunt and ass, she would have called them crazy. But here was doing just that and loving it. It was strange old world!

Well, whoever this guy is, I have a lot to thank him for, she said to herself. He's certainly put some excitement back in my life. She was already starting to think about her dinner date with this mystery man on Saturday. Could she really wear this stuff out in public? She knew one thing for sure, she'd be wearing that leather coat all right - there was no way she was going out dressed like this! Today was Wednesday, so she had three days to get herself ready for the big night. She already decided to get her hair done -it was looking decidedly ratty and certainly not up to 'La Pigalle' standards. Besides she wanted to look her best for this guy - he deserved it.

The whole process of getting her rubber clothing on had taken about 45 minutes and she realised she was getting hungry. She didn't have time to cook something from scratch, so she pulled a one-person lasagne from the freezer and popped it in the microwave, setting it for about 12 minutes on high. She decided to celebrate with a glass of wine. There was a half-empty bottle of Chianti in the fridge and she took it out to let it warm up a little. As the pasta was heating she set herself a place setting at the table. A couple of minutes she heard the microwave chime and she took out the hot dish and carried it over to the dining table. As she ate her meal, she thought to herself, The meal on Saturday will be a little nicer than this stuff - I hope.

After dinner she piled the few dishes in to the dishwasher - they could wait until the morning. Now for the hard decision - to keep her rubber clothing on for a while longer or get undressed again. It was really no contest - she was enjoying herself too much to take things off right away. She decided she would give herself a couple of hours of pleasure before bedtime. But she didn't want to damage the latex before her date on Saturday - that was another thing her research had told her, rubber could be easily damaged without due care. So she took her glass of wine over to the couch and placed it on the coffee table. She scanned the TV guide - the usual crap on the box. There was a movie on HBO that she vaguely heard of that seemed fairly interesting, so she flipped channels till she found it, already started.

Whether it was the wine, food, the long day or maybe the excitement of the previous couple of hours she wasn't sure, but Kristen found herself nodding off in front of the TV. She woke with a start, finding that she had missed about thirty minutes of the movie. Time for bed I think, she decided, and it's going to take me a while to get undressed again. She had read somewhere that the easiest and quickest way to take rubber off was in the shower, so she headed for the bathroom and turned on the water. Fairly soon the water was at the right temperature and she stepped into the stall. It felt strange to have the hot water running over her body yet not be getting wet! Slowly she peeled off all the wet rubber and let it fall to the floor. She missed the tactile pleasure of the tight latex caressing her body and she looked forward to wearing it again soon.

She towelled herself try, then fetched a long tee shirt from the closet and a couple of hangers. Still naked, she went back to the shower and arranged the soggy rubber garments on the hangers. They should drip dry by the morning, she thought, then I can powder them again and they'll be ready for the next time. She pulled the tee shirt over her head and brushed her teeth. As she climbed into her bed, she thought back over the evening’s events and smiled a little. And a good time was had by all! Within minutes she was soundly asleep.

Dinner for Two

The days before her dinner date seemed to drag by with agonising slowness. To Kristen it seemed as though time had slowed to a crawl. She deliberately refrained from wearing any of her rubber items, so as to increase her excitement level on the big day. She started to fantasise about this man - who could he be, how did he know so much about her, what did he look like? Finally, Saturday arrived. She had a made an appointment at the beauty salon for a styling and a manicure. She took a brief shower, figuring that she'd have a long bath later in the day.

The beauty salon was in a local strip mall, about 5 minutes from her condo. The weather, for a change, was dry and bright - a welcome break from the dreary drizzle that the Puget Sound was famous for. As she drove to the salon, Kristen thought about her upcoming date. La Pigalle was downtown - about a thirty-minute drive, provided the bridges were clear. She was little worried about the valet parking - her tired old Subaru would look a little out of its element at such a fancy restaurant. Oh what the fuck, she thought, I'll smile nicely at the valet and he won't care.

The salon was busy and she had to wait for her appointment. Her stylist was in a chatty mood, but Kristen was too wrapped up in her thoughts to really pay much attention. She had her hair washed, cut and styled and was very pleased with the results. Her jet-black hair was trimmed into a slightly retro looking bob and shone with a lustre that she hadn't seen in weeks. She moved from the haircutting area to the manicurist’s chair and had her nails done with a colour that she figured was nearly a perfect match with her dress.

It took nearly an hour and a half to finish her appointment and as Kristen headed home, she tried to figure out what to that afternoon. It was such a nice day that she decided that, after lunch, she'd head for the park and take a walk. The fall colours would be at their peak she reckoned and the exercise would do her good. Her job didn't give her much chance for regular exercise and any time she could get some fresh air was welcome. There was a deli near the park and she stopped in for a bowl of soup and a sandwich. The park was crowded with folks taking advantage of the rare sunshine - walking their dogs, playing Frisbee, couples strolling together holding hands. As she walked, Kristen thought back to the days when she and her Steve had done the same thing - it had seemed so good then.

She arrived back at her condo around 3:30 , feeling refreshed and invigorated by the brisk walk. She had planned on leaving for dinner at 7:15 , which meant that she would start her preparations around five. She read the newspaper and skimmed a few magazines for a while, then went to the bedroom to lay out her clothes. She hung the dress up on the back of the door, the panties, corset and stockings she placed on the bed. She found the red shoes he had asked her to wear and saw that they indeed were a very good match for the dress. She was still mystified by how he knew so much about her - had he been spying on her? Anyway all would be revealed tonight.

She went to the bathroom and started her bath, adding some scented bath oils to the tub. Soon the bath was full and she undressed, throwing her clothes into the laundry hamper. Kristen stepped into the tub and settled down into the hot, fragrant water. The heat was very relaxing and soon she was dozing lightly, daydreaming about the upcoming night. As she thought about what she would be wearing in a short while, her excitement grew and she started getting aroused all over again. Stop it, she said to herself, wait 'til tonight. You'll have plenty of time to get all worked up.

As the bath started to cool she stood up and grabbed the big fluffy bath towel off the rail and wrapped herself in it. Her skin felt soft and smooth as she towelled herself dry. Once again she applied a generous layer of lightly scented anti-perspirant to her body. She brushed her teeth for a couple of minutes, then gargled with mouthwash, enjoying the minty after-taste in her mouth. She stepped out of the bathroom into the bedroom and picked up the rubber panties. Once well lubricated, she slipped the phallus and butt-plug into place and pulled the panties tight over her buttocks. Then came the corset, the lower portion smoothed over her stomach and neatly tucked under the top of the panties. As usual, the stimulation of the bra and panties started to arouse her and she felt her nipples harden.

Next came the rubber stockings, well powdered, and they slid up her legs with ease. The sculpted upper section fit comfortably over her panties and she straightened the rear seams. With her undergarments on and nicely fitted with no wrinkles, she took the dress off its hanger. Just like the first time she tried it on, she was able to get into it without any problems and within a few minutes it was zipped up. She smoothed out the wrinkles, straightened the sleeves and made some minor adjustments to the bust line. Kristen went over to the dresser, trying to decide what jewellery to wear with her outfit. She tried on several necklaces before deciding on a faux pearl choker with 4 strands of medium size pearls. Finally she slipped her feet into the red leather high-heeled pumps, to see how they looked; she was going to drive to the restaurant in sneakers, then change into her dress shoes when she got there.

Kristen went back to the bathroom and pulled the latex polish out from under the sink. Using a damp cloth and a little polish she buffed up her dress to a deep shine and cleaned up the remnants of powder on her stockings. She massaged her breasts with the cool cloth and her nipples responded. The final step was to apply some make-up - eye shadow, mascara and lipstick, a deep lustrous red that complimented her dress and shoes. A quick check in the mirror to see the results of her work - she smiled at the reflection in the glass. She was pleased with what she saw; I think he'll be happy with the way I look, she thought. She checked her watch - it was a little before 7PM . Right on time.

She strode back into the living room, picking up her shoes from the bedroom as she passed. Her long leather coat was hanging from the hat rack in the hallway. It felt cool against her rubber dress as she put it on. With the coat buttoned up, it was nearly impossible to tell what she was wearing underneath it. Closer inspection of her legs might reveal that her stockings were not the usual nylon, but from a distance and in the dark no one would be the wiser.

She stepped out of her condo, pulled the door shut and headed for the elevators. The hall was quiet and deserted while she waited for the lift to arrive. She rode the elevator down to the parking garage and walked to her car, once again wishing that she could afford a nicer vehicle. Well at least it's paid for, she thought, and reasonably reliable. She had bought it mainly for the all-wheel drive feature, which came in handy on the few snowy days and if she wanted to go into the mountains. She backed out of her stall, turned on the headlights and headed for the exit. The evening was still dry and clear, the sky full of stars under a bright moon - all in all a very pleasant evening to be going downtown. She drove the well-lit back streets to the ramp that let to the bridge. The floating bridge, one of two that connected the city to its eastern suburbs was busy but moving at freeway speeds and she had no trouble in merging into traffic.

On Friday, Kristen had downloaded a map of the restaurant's location from the Web. She had studied it before leaving and was confident that she would have no trouble finding it. The traffic slowed as the highway merged with the freeway that ran north-south through the city, and she started to move across to the right lane to exit. The city looked beautiful under the clear night sky, the Space Needle glowing like a beacon. As she made her way off the freeway and on to the city streets, she saw that the city was still fairly quiet for a Saturday evening.

She arrived at La Pigalle at ten minutes to eight and as she had guessed, the restaurant had valets outside the entrance waiting to park her car. She pulled up to the curb and lowered the passenger window. As the valet approached the car, she lent over and told him to hold on for a minute while she changed shoes. He nodded and went around to the driver’s side, ready to open the door for her when she was done. She slipped off the sneakers, threw them on to the floor on the passenger side and picked her dress shoes off the seat next to her.

The valet opened the door for her and as she got out of her she gave him a big smile, which had the desired effect. The young man blushed a little as he handed her the claim ticket.

"Enjoy your meal, ma'am, and welcome to La Pigalle", he said

"Thanks, and I will", Kristen answered.

As she walked under the long blue canopy into the restaurant, Kristen started getting a little nervous. I don't even know this guy’s name. What if people can see what I'm wearing? Oh well, too late now, she thought. The restaurant was crowded and a number of people were waiting for their tables, mostly dressed fairly formally, which was unusual for the normally casual Seattlites. Men in suits and tuxedos, women in formal gowns and evening wear. As she approached the maitre d'hotel's station, she felt even more uncomfortable about her clothing. The maitre'd smiled at her as she neared his desk.

"Ah bonjour, Madamoiselle Spencer, and welcome to La Pigalle. Your dinner guest is waiting for you at his table. May I take your coat?"

Kristen was a little surprised that he knew her name, but her date must have described her in some detail. "No, I think I'll keep it with me", she replied, praying to herself that the table would be in a secluded part of the room

He led her through the bustling restaurant to the rear of the room; all the way Kristen was sure all eyes were on her. She was enormously relieved to see that they had a darkened booth - the other diners would be able to see a very pretty woman dressed in a striking red dress, but should be unable to tell she was dressed from head to foot in rubber. Finally she would get to meet her blind date.

The man sitting in the shadows got up out of his seat and extended his hand in greeting.

"Hi, I'm Richard", he said giving her hand a firm and confident shake. "Thanks so much for coming."

"Hello Richard, I'm Kristen", realising as she said it that of course he already knew her name. "Thanks for inviting me."

In the few seconds of their greeting, Kristen was able to make a quick assessment of her date. He was a little over six feet tall, slim - maybe 185 to 190 pounds - wavy light brown hair, somewhere in his mid-thirties. He had a rugged outdoorsy look to him, fairly athletic, she guessed, not particularly handsome, but certainly not unattractive. He smiled broadly at her.

" I see your wearing the coat and shoes I recommended. Would you like to take that coat off - you must be getting a little warm by now?"

She replied a little hesitantly "I'm not sure I'm ready. I feel very self-conscious in this dress. Could you give me a couple of minutes?"

"Of course, I understand. But really there's nothing to worry about. Nobody will be able to tell what you’re wearing in this light, as if they really would care anyway. Take your time."

As he spoke, she thought she detected a slight accent - British maybe. She felt a little awkward standing there next to their table. The other guests around them were deep in conversation or busy eating, not noticing them at all. "OK then, here goes nothing", she said nervously.

She unbuttoned her coat and he stepped behind her to help her with it. As the coat slid off her shoulders, she suddenly felt much cooler. She felt his gaze upon her and his smile widened.

"You look absolutely stunning, Kristen, as I knew you would. Please take a seat."

"Thanks, Richard", she replied as she slid into the leather-seated booth, "I guess I have a lot to thank you for."

He took his seat across the table from her and there was a few seconds of awkward silence. "Can I order you a cocktail?” he said finally.

"Sure, that would be nice. A gin and tonic on the rocks please."

He motioned to the waiter and ordered two gin and tonics over ice. "I'm sure you must have a thousand questions to ask me", he said as the waiter left with their order.

"You bet I do. I want to know who you are, how you know so much about me and why you're sending me all that rubber stuff, which I love by the way."

"Okay, a brief personal history. My name is Richard Palmer. I was originally born in London , but my parents emigrated to the States when I was five, so I've spent nearly all my life here - first in L.A. , then in Seattle . I'm in software - well actually I have my own software company, we make educational games for kids."

"So did you work for Microsoft at some time - were you one of the Borg?"

He smiled at her reference. "Yes, I was one of Bill's minions for a while. Then I cashed in my stock options and started my own company."

So, I was right about the money, she thought, He's probably worth several million. I may just grow to like this guy. Their drinks arrived and they clinked glasses. She took a long sip of her cocktail and settled back against her seat.

"OK, you're an ex-Brit. with a lot of spare cash. But how do you know so much about me - and why all the rubber gear?” she asked.

"Good questions and they deserve good answers. First off, let me assure you I'm not some weirdo creep who's been spying on you. I actually don't know all that much about you. I do know that your name is Kristen Spencer, that you work at the library and that you've been divorced about two years now. I got your address from the phone book."

"But I've never met you before - how do you know where I work?” she asked.

"Well actually, we have met several times - at the library in fact. I bought a new house in the area recently and I came in to get a library card. Since then I've been in many times - not that you helped me every time."

As she studied him, she realised that indeed he did seem a little familiar. But in her job she saw hundreds of people every day and it was hard to remember all those faces. The headwaiter came over to their table and asked if they were ready to order. Neither had even picked up the menu yet, so Richard asked for ten minutes grace.

"So what made you think I'd even be even remotely interested in wearing rubber clothing, net alone something as wicked as those panties you sent me?"

Richard blushed. "Well it's kind of a long story. You see when I first saw you I was struck by the remarkable resemblance you had to my wife - my ex-wife I should say."

"Are you divorced?” she interrupted.

"No, my wife died in a car accident about three years ago," he said wistfully, "Some drunken bastard - excuse me - ran a red light and smashed into her. At least it was quick. He didn't even get a scratch."

She stretched out her hand to hold his across the table. "I'm so sorry Richard. You must have been devastated."

"Thank you. Yes, I was. I was a wreck for a year. I just threw myself into my business - you know working 12, 14 hours a day, like my early days at Microsoft. It helped a little and of course my company flourished. Eventually I was able to cut back to an easier pace and relax a little. I still miss her."

"Richard, do you have a picture of your wife - I'd like to see it if you don't mind", Kristen asked, feeling a little forward asking for such a personal thing. But she wanted to make sure he wasn't feeding her a line just to get in her pants.

"Sure. Let me find it", he replied, fishing for his wallet in the inside pocket of his jacket. "Here, this is one taken at our five year wedding anniversary, shortly before she died."

He handed her a photograph protected by a clear plastic sleeve. It showed Richard and his wife clinking champagne glasses at a restaurant, smiling broadly at the camera. The woman did look very much like her - hair a little lighter maybe - but a very close resemblance indeed.

"What was your wife's name - she was very pretty", Kristen said after studying the picture for a few seconds.

" Sharon . And yes she was - and so are you. Have I told you just how stunning you look in that dress?"

Kristen smiled at the compliment. "Talking of the dress, you haven't explained the rubber gifts."

The waiter interrupted them again and they finally got down to studying the menu. Kristen gasped at the prices on the menu, but she figured a multi-millionaire would have no problem picking up the tab. She eventually settled on steak Diane with a tossed green salad to start. Richard went with rack of lamb with steamed mussels as an appetiser. He ordered a bottle of vintage claret. After they had given their orders to the waiter, they settled back in their seats and looked at each other for several seconds. I'm really starting to like this guy, she thought. I hope he likes me. Which really was a stupid question - he had invited her out, hadn't he?

Richard broke the silence. "All right let me try to explain the rubber thing. My wife developed a strong attraction for latex early in our marriage. Later as our income increased she was able to build up quite a collection. She just loved wearing the stuff and of course - as any red-bloodied male would - I loved seeing her in it. I started to enjoy wearing it myself and soon we were spending a lot of our free time all dressed up in it - a happy rubber couple you might say. After her death I couldn't bear to wear it any more - it seemed so empty without her there to share it with me."

He paused for a sip of his drink. "Then I saw you at the library about six months ago and was blown away by how much you looked like Sharon . Then I started picturing you wearing some of her outfits. So I took a gamble and sent you those panties. I knew it was long shot, but the worst that would happen is that you throw them in the trash in disgust. You would never know who sent them, so I was safe. Of course I always hoped you try them on and enjoy them. I know my wife loved them."

Kristen smiled, "Well, at first they did go in the trash - I was disgusted by them. But then curiosity got the better of me and I fished them out of the garbage and tried them on. I had never really had anything up my butt before and that took some getting used to. But as you know, I ended up liking them, then loving them and I wore them nearly every day to work. It made me feel so naughty, wearing those panties under my everyday clothes and nobody could tell."

"But I could tell", Richard laughed quietly, "There was a change about you - you looked a little happier or something - it was a look I saw a lot on my wife when she wore them. So after a few weeks I thought I'd try again and sent you the corset. You seemed to adopt that with no problems."

"Hey, by then I was hooked. I started doing some research on the computer to see where I could buy some more. But latex is so damn expensive and with my pitiful librarian's salary, I just couldn't afford anything nice. Then this dress arrived along with your invitation and I couldn't resist. Your so generous, Richard, thank you"

"Just seeing you in that dress is all the thanks I need. I can afford it. I may not be in Bill's league, but I'm still a wealthy man and I can spend my money on things that give me pleasure. And believe me, seeing you happy is very pleasurable to me."

"I still don't understand ". Kristen replied. "Yes, I do remind you of your wife I admit, you have a lot of money and apparently you’re a very generous man. But why all this special attention on me? There must be any number of lovely women who would go out with you?"

They were interrupted by the arrival of their starters. Richard's bowl of mussels smelled wonderful and Kristen was impressed by the variety of greens in her salad. Her first bite of her salad confirmed what her eyes had told her - the dressing was sublime. Richard was also obviously enjoying his steamed shellfish. Both sat and ate in silence for a few minutes, relishing their respective meals.

Richard eventually put down his fork and swallowed a mouthful of mussels. "Yes, I suppose I could have dated any one of many women, but there was something about you - not just the similarity to my wife - that attracted me. You were so pretty, yet sad and somewhat lonely, sort of just going through the motions at the library. Besides my dating skills had lapsed over the years and I'm basically a fairly shy person - the British reserve and all that. So I decided to see if I could help cheer you up a bit and maybe get a date at the same time. I hope you don't mind?"

Kristen considered what he had said for a few seconds as she wiped her mouth with her napkin. "It's true - I have been in a sort of funk since my marriage broke up. I was very down on myself, thinking I was at fault for the divorce. But I didn't realise it was that obvious to other people. I actually thought I was covering up pretty well. I enjoy my job at the library and I like meeting people; but you're right, I could use a little excitement in my life now and then. Hey, and you've certainly done that for me, with bells on!"

Richard smiled warmly, "We only serve to please. Seriously though, I don't want you to think that just because I've bought you these expensive gifts that you are in any way indebted to me for anything. If after tonight, you decide you never want to see me again, then fine. I admit I'll be sorely disappointed, but I'll live with your decision. I may have to change libraries again, but that's a minor inconvenience. So after tonight is over, the next step is yours."

Kristen smiled in return, "I don't think you need to worry on that score. I'd love for us to go out again - but maybe something less formal, like a movie and a burger afterwards. Wearing all this rubber is fun, but a girl needs to relax once in a while. I'm even scared to go the ladies room here. What if someone in the john sees me in this dress?'

"Look if you need to take a leak, I know the Maitre'd pretty well. There's an executive bathroom that you can use which is totally private and no one will see you in that dress. Just say the word and I'll call him over."

"Oh, I'm okay for now, but an hour from now with a few glasses of wine in me could be a different story. I make well take you up on that offer. You must dine here a lot to be so well in with the management."

"Actually I do eat here pretty regularly and they usually try and keep this booth for me. One of the advantages of money I suppose."

The waiter reappeared to clear away their plates and several minutes later another waiter arrived with their main courses. The steak Diane was prepared on a little cart next to the table and Kristen admired the skill of the waiter as he prepared the flaming sauce. The wine steward came over with the vintage claret and showed the bottle to Richard, who peered at the label, nodded his approval and waited for the waiter to uncork it. He poured a small taster into the wineglass and Richard swilled it, sniffed and drank down the maroon liquid. He smiled in pleasure, nodded to the wine captain who poured two glasses.

"Cheers," said Richard, raising his glass, "To a long and rewarding relationship."

"Cheers", Kristen echoed and she took a large mouthful of wine, relishing its smooth mellow taste. Richard knew his wines, evidently.

They talked animatedly throughout their meal over a wide range of subjects, including the local sports teams (they discovered they were both basketball fans), movies, politics and of course, the weather. Eventually the conversation came around to work.

"Tell me more about your software firm, Richard, maybe I've heard of them. We do carry some kid's software in the library."

"Well we make educational software for children, from about 3 to 16 years old. We have a number of learning games with characters like 'Tommy the Turtle', ...

"What's the company called?” Kristen asked

"Xetal Inc" Spelled X E T A L. It was a name my wife and I came up with - a sort of inside joke between us."

It took Kristen a couple of seconds to figure out what he meant. "Oh clever", she said eventually. "I get it - latex spelt backwards."

Richard grinned "Yeah, I know it's corny but you have to call your company something. We have a good bunch of people - very loyal and talented. It helps that I pay them well. We're a private company, so their are no stock options, but I compensate them in other ways. We had gross sales of nearly 20 million dollars last year. Were small enough not to attract the attention of the big guys, especially Microsoft, who could kill us if we got too successful."

Kristen nodded in agreement; "I know what you mean. Microsoft will absorb anything that threatens them - just like the Borg."

Their conversation continued through dessert (Creme Brule for Kristen and Baked Alaska for Richard which they ended up sharing anyway) and coffee. Kristen stole a quick look at her watch - she was surprised to see it was already after eleven. Finally the headwaiter arrived with the check. Richard laid his credit card down on top of the leather pouch without even looking at the bill. Kristen did some quick math in her head. That meal must have cost over two hundred dollars, she figured, but it's like pocket change to him. The waiter left with the card an returned quickly with the credit card slip for Richard to sign. He signed the receipt and Kristen noticed he added a generous tip. No wonder they like him here, she thought.

As Kristen slid out of the booth (her dress sticking a little to the leather seat), Richard got out before her and collected her coat. He stepped behind her and helped her get the coat on. He donned his own coat and together they walked to the restaurant entrance. Richard exchanged a few words with the maitre d'hotel, who smiled and wished them a good evening. As they exited the lobby, Richard held Kristen's hand and squeezed it lightly. He took Kristen's valet ticket and handed it along with his and a ten-dollar bill to the valet.

"Are you going to be alright driving home, Kristen?” he asked. "I can call you a cab and have your car driven over tomorrow morning if you like."

"No' I'll be fine. I started drinking coffee about an hour ago and my head is clear. Plus it's a nice dry night for driving for a change."

Richard was quiet for a couple of seconds. "Look Kristen, I had a great time tonight - probably the best night I've had since my wife died. I'd really like to see you again. I have some business meetings out of town next week, but I'll be back by the weekend. Maybe we could go see a movie together?"

Kristen agreed almost immediately. "Yes, it was a lot of fun for me to. Why don't you give me a call when you get back to town to finalise times etc? But Saturday night is good for me too. Actually any night is good for me - I don't have much of a social life anyway."

"OK, Saturday it is. I'll call you on Friday evening."

The two cars arrived, a study in contrasts. Kristen's rather beat-up Subaru and Richard's brand-new looking Lexus SUV. Richard escorted her around to the driver's door of her and opened it for her. As they stood by the open door, Richard leant over and kissed her on the lips - more than a quick peck, but not a full-blown deep kiss either. Kristen responded by kissing him back with a little more passion.

"Thank you for a great evening, Richard", she said breathlessly as she broke their embrace, "and thank you again for all the wonderful gifts."

"My pleasure, Kristen, and enjoy them while I'm away", he replied as he helped her into the car. She slid into the seat and reached over for her sneakers, taking of her dress shoes before she shut the door. As she drove away from the restaurant, she gave him a big smile and a wave. He waved back as he slid into the seat of his car. She saw him pull away from the curb in her rear-view mirror. What a night, she thought, maybe we're on to something special here.

She drove home without incident, the floating bridges being fairly quiet at that time of night. It took her only twenty minutes to reach her parking garage. As she stepped into her condo, she reflected on the evening’s events and smiled to her self. How was she going to wait until next Saturday before seeing him again?

Dating a Millionaire

Kristen stood excitedly in the lobby waiting for Richard to arrive. He had called her the night before to set up their date. She'd had a long and anxious week waiting for his call, but true to his word he had phoned as soon as he got home from his business trip. They had talked briefly about their respective weeks of work. Richard's trip had gone well and was confident new business would be coming to XETAL Inc in the near future. Kristen had spent most of the week thinking about him and looking forward to their date.

"Okay, what do you want to do tomorrow?” Richard had asked.

"Well, I was thinking we could go to an early movie, then get some dinner. I wouldn't mind seeing that new Steve Martin picture, "Bowfinger' - it got some good reviews.” Kristen replied. She had got into the habit of watching movies in the afternoon, as they were cheaper and less crowded. "It’s playing at the Galleria at 5:15 ."

"Okay, I'll pick you up around 4:30 ."

Now as she stood looking out of the lobby windows waiting for Richard to arrive, her excitement grew. She had dressed in black stretch pants; a thick white ribbed wool turtleneck and a brown leather jacket. Under her clothes she was wearing her rubber panties and corset and they felt great against her skin. She looked at her watch - it was a couple of minutes before he was due. Just then she spotted his silver Lexus entering the parking lot and she stepped out of the lobby to meet him. He waved to her and pulled the car over to the curb. He reached over and opened the door for her, smiling at her as she slid into the leather seats.

"Wow, you're a sight for sore eyes - you look wonderful", Richard exclaimed. "I missed you this week and all through those long boring meetings all I could think about was you."

"And I was thinking about you too, Richard. That week at the library was a very long one. You don't look too bad yourself."

Richard was wearing black Levi's, a black turtleneck sweater and a grey sports jacket in what looked like cashmere. She leant over to kiss him and they embraced for a long passionate kiss. Richard pulled the car away from the curb and entered the traffic, heading south towards the movie theatre. As he drove, Kristen looked around the car, admiring it's luxurious and stylish interior.

"Nice car, Richard - certainly puts my old heap to shame. I wish I could afford something better than my Subaru."

"Yes I like it - it's very comfortable, safe and versatile. I rarely drive my old Jag anymore."

Kristen was surprised he had another car, especially one like that. "You have a Jaguar as well?"

"Yes. It was one of the first things I bought when I cashed in my stock. As a kid I'd always promised myself I'd get one when I got rich. So I bought an XJS."

Kristen was unfamiliar with that model, but nevertheless was impressed. She was silent for a few minutes, deep in thought.

"Richard, I need to ask you something - about our last date."

"Go ahead - ask away", he answered.

"I was wondering if that night you were wearing any rubber under your suit? After all I was dressed from head to toe in the stuff."

Richard laughed. "As a matter of fact I was. I had on a pair of rubber briefs with attached cock-and-ball sheath and a butt-plug. I'm telling you it was all I could do keep my erection under control seeing you in that dress."

"And are you wearing any today?', Kristen asked.

Richard grinned. "That's for you to find out", he said conspiratorially.

Kristen blushed a little at the compliment and his candour. They were approaching the movie theatre, which formed part of three-level shopping centre. Richard parked in the underground parking and they rode the escalator up to the third floor. They were only a few couples waiting in line and they took their seats with about fifteen minutes before the movie started. They were seated near the back, off to one side, well away from other patrons. Kristen removed her jacket and laid it on the seat next to her. The theatre started to fill up a little bit but nobody sat near them. Finally the lights dimmed and the previews started. Richard put his hand on Kristen's leg and squeezed her thigh and she enjoyed the warmth of his hand. She let it rest there for several minutes, then moved his hand to lie on her crotch. Richard looked over and smiled; he took her hand and placed over his groin. Kristen could already feel his member starting to stiffen under her fingers. He started rubbing her mound, pushing the dildo deeper into her moist vagina. She squirmed in her seat a little forcing the butt-plug deeper into her anus. Her hand strayed to Richard's fly - very slowly she pulled the zipper down and pushed her hand inside. As she had guessed he was wearing rubber briefs and his now rapidly stiffening penis was sheathed in thin latex.

As the movie started, they kept at their mutual masturbation, trying to concentrate on the movie and not make any noise. As she neared a climax, Kristen found it very difficult to stay silent. Richard too was breathing heavily and whispered words of encouragement into her ear. She could hardly believe that she was wanking off in the movie theatre like some horny teenager. Eventually she did climax and a few seconds later she felt Richard spasm and shoot his wad into the rubber sheath. With the mutual lusts temporarily satisfied they were able to get back to watching (and enjoying) the movie, which turned out to be one of Steve Martin's better and funnier movies in a long time. Kristen snuggled closer to Richard and laid her head on his shoulder.

As they exited the theatre, Richard whispered in her ear "Well that was fun, wasn't it? I'll have to rent that to see how the movie started."

Kristen smiled and nodded in agreement. They both needed to visit the restrooms - both to pee and clean up from the sexual activity earlier. After cleaning up they rode the escalator down to the second floor and browsed the book and record store for twenty minutes, then headed down to car. As they approached the car, Richard unlocked the doors with his remote and said to Kristen "Now where to? Fancy some dinner?"

"How about the Keg?", Kristen answered "I'd like a good steak and they have a great salad bar."

Richard drove back towards Kristen's condominium - the restaurant was about halfway between the movie theatre and her place. The parking lot was still less than half full as they pulled in. Richard jumped out and went around to the passenger side to open the door for her. They walked to the restaurant hand in hand. Still being fairly early, they had no wait for a table and the hostess ushered them to a quiet booth near the salad bar. As they slid in opposite each other, they both smiled, enjoying the sensation of their respective butt-plugs as they slid into their seats.

They studied their menus for a couple of minutes, made their selections and sat back, looking at each other. They stared at each other with a mixture of lust and amusement. Richard broke the silence.

"Kristen, why don't you tell me a bit about yourself. How come a gorgeous woman like you is still single?"

"Well, there's not a whole lot to tell. I was born in Minneapolis , but moved here about ten years ago. Both my folks are dead and I have no close family. Seattle seemed like a great place to start over. So here I am. I've worked at the library for about four years now."

"And what about your husband - what happened to your marriage?"

"Steve and I met two years after I moved out here and we dated for about a year. We got married in '94 and the first few years were great. We bought the condo, Steve had good job - he was an engineer - and life seemed great. Then out of the blue he said he wanted a divorce."

"Another woman?"

"Yeah. I had no idea. Some blond bimbo where he worked - younger and prettier than me I guess."

"I find that hard to believe", Richard assured her, "he must have been crazy to lose you. Your so beautiful, classy, smart and funny - what more could a guy want?"

"Thanks, Richard, you’re very sweet. But after we broke up I was really down on myself - blaming myself for the break-up. I just wanted out - I didn't even ask for any alimony. But I did get the condo. - Free and clear. I haven't heard a word from him in over a year. I think he and his new wife have moved out of state."

"I'm sorry your marriage didn't work out, Kristen. Hey, one mans loss is another's gain. I'm so glad we got to meet."

They ordered their meal and ate it leisurely over an hour and a half. They talked spiritedly during the meal and Kristen grew more and more attracted to Richard - he was so easy to talk to and had a great sense of humour. When the time came to leave, Richard helped her with her jacket. As they walked back to the car, Richard stopped, pulled her to him and gave her a great big kiss, with plenty of tongue. Kristen responded by throwing her arms around his shoulders and hugging him tighter.

As they drove back along the lake towards Kristen's condo, Richard seemed preoccupied.

"Something wrong, Richard?", Kristen asked.

"No, I was just getting up enough nerve to ask you over to my place for a drink."

Kristen thought this kind of strange for a man who had bought her all that kinky rubber gear and who had just been in a mutual masturbation session with her, but she realised it was a facet of Richard's innate shyness and lack of recent dating experience.

"Oh Richard, I'd love to have a drink with you and see your place", she said.

He grinned and seemed very relieved that Kristen had taken the lead in extending the relationship. They turned off the street into the parking lot of some expensive looking condominiums on the edge of the lake. Kristen had often driven past them and admired them from afar, knowing how expensive they must be.

They rode the elevator up from the parking lot - each condo had it's own private elevator and two parking stalls. The elevator opened out into a marble-floored lobby with the living rooms arranged around the three sides. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, Kristen could see the lights of the city in the distance across the lake. The living room was large and well-furnished - white Italian leather sofa and matching love seat facing a huge natural stone fireplace. An entertainment centre and big screen TV dominated one wall. Some beautiful prints dotted the walls. All in all tastefully furnished, but obviously a bachelor's home. Richard took her coat and hung it in the closet next to the elevator. He motioned Kristen to sit down on the couch.

"Can I get you a drink?", Richard asked as she took a seat and sunk into the plush leather.

"Thanks. I'll have a brandy please this a lovely place, Richard, and that's a great view."

Richard poured the drinks and they sat on the couch and talked. Richard was in a chatty mood and they talked for hours. Kristen was hoping that he would ask her to stay over. Instead he looked at his watch and frowned.

"It's getting late, Kristen, I had better run you home." Seeing the look of disappointment on her face he added. "I'd like to ask you to stay the night, but I want to plan something special for our first night - to make it memorable."

Encouraged by the thought of a future sexual encounter, Kristen cheered up a little and she got up to collect her things. Richard drove her back to the condominium in less than ten minutes and they shared a passionate embrace in the car before she got out. They arranged to met the next day and go for a walk around Green Lake , weather permitting. Reluctantly, Kristen got out of the car and walked over to her building; she stopped at her door and waved to Richard as he drove off. Wonder what he has in mind for this special evening, she though as she rode the elevator to her floor.

Over that next week, Kristen and Richard went out on several dates including a basketball game and another movie. A couple of times Richard popped into the library during the afternoon to say hi and one time he brought her flowers, much to the delight of her colleagues who then proceeded to make all sort of inquires about her handsome new boyfriend. Kristen didn't reveal that he was a millionaire, she just wanted to keep things simple for the time being.

A Cat and a Bat

Kristen drove into the parking garage at 6.00 and parked in one the visitor stalls. Richard's Jaguar and Lexus were parked in front of his private elevator. She punched in the code for the door ('6969') and rode the elevator to his lobby. Richard was waiting for her as she stepped out. He was dressed in his robe, which surprised her a little bit. They embraced and Richard helped her with her coat. He had specifically asked her not to wear any rubber that evening, so she was wearing tweed skirt and a silk blouse. She could smell something cooking in the kitchen and her mouth started watering a little - she had only a very light lunch.

"Mmmm that smells good - what are you cooking up for me?” she asked.

"Well, let's see. Were starting with crab cakes, then baked halibut with Hollandaise sauce, wild rice and asparagus. Tiramisu for dessert.” Richard replied.

"Wow that's quite a menu. I didn't realise you were such a chef."

Richard blushed. "I must admit I'm not the chef. I ordered it all from one of those gourmet delivery places."

Kristen smiled and walked into the kitchen to take a look. The food was arranged on covered warming dishes and Kristen lifted the lid off one them to see. Richard followed her out of the kitchen and into the lounge. She stood by the windows and stared out at the rapidly darkening horizon.

"Can I get you a drink, darling", Richard asked.

"Yeah. Get me a vodka-gimlet, would you, Richard. Thanks. How come you didn't want me to wear any rubber tonight? Usually you love me to wear it."

"Normally I do, but tonight I have something special planned. Why don't you look in the spare bedroom while I make you a drink."

Intrigued now, Kristen went into the adjoining room. Laid out on the bed was what Kristen immediately recognized from her Web browsing as a black rubber catsuit. Kristen felt her excitement level go up a notch. So that's what he had in mind, she thought. She picked up the suit off the bed, noticing it was already powdered, and studied it. The suit had attached feet, gloves and hood and zippered up the back with a zip that ran from the crotch in front up to the top of the head. The hood had attached cat 'ears' and Kristen realised she was holding a Catwoman costume. All it lacked was the white stitching and the claws. Kristen had seen the Batman movies, had liked the way Michelle Pfeiffer had looked in it, but thought the white stitching ruined the look of the very sleek outfit.

Richard joined her in the bedroom, her drink in his hand. "So what do you think of the suit?” he asked as he handed it to her.

She took a sip and smiled at him. "This suit is fantastic. You really want me to wear this tonight?"

"Of course I do - you're going to look wonderful in it. Start getting undressed and I'll help you get it on."

Kristen started removing her clothes, feeling a little self-conscious standing there naked in front of Richard for the first time. Richard, meanwhile, was enjoying the sight of her, admiring her firm breasts and shaven pubic region. He picked up the catsuit and pulled the zipper about two-thirds the way down the back, then handed it to Kristen. She sat down on the end of the bed and pulled the legs over her feet. Slowly she worked the skin-tight latex up over her thighs until her feet were neatly in place in the socks of the suit.

"Be careful with your nails as you pull it up", Richard warned her. "It’s really easy to tear."

Finally Kristen had the suit pulled up to her waist, all the wrinkles in her legs smoothed out and her buttocks tightly covered in the shiny black rubber. The wonderful sensation she was getting from the tight latex hugging her legs was making her wet. She slipped one arm into the sleeve and pushed her hand down until was nestled neatly in the attached glove. The left arm was followed by the right and she was able to draw the rest of the suit over her chest, so that her breasts filled the cups. Her nipples stood erect through the taut rubber and the hood hung down over her chest. She slipped her head through the opening at the back of her hood and positioned it correctly over her face. The hood covered her head but left the mouth and nose exposed and it had oversize eyeholes, just like in the movie. As she worked to get herself into this all-enveloping outfit, Richard stood and watched with a mixture of admiration and lust, ready to help her if she needed it.

Kristen stood up and Richard pulled the back zipper all the way to the neck. The zipper on the hood was pulled down to meet it and Richard joined the tabs of the two zippers with a small brass padlock. He picked up a studded rubber and leather collar from the dresser and fastened it around Kristen's neck. He stood back and admired the beautiful catsuited woman standing before him - the very sight of her was making him horny. He collected a bottle of latex polish from the bathroom and spent a couple of minutes buffing the suit to a deep lustrous shine. Kristen enjoyed the soft caressing of the cool cloth as he rubbed it over her body.

"How does the suit feel - is it comfortable? You look bloody incredible."

"Fits like a glove, thanks and it feels wonderful. This is the most exciting thing I've ever worn in my life - even better than that dress. Now I can understand why your wife liked these things so much."

"Okay now you're suited up I'm going to get changed. Why don't you give me a hand? My suit's in my bedroom."

Richard led her out of the room across the hall and into the master bedroom. There hanging from the closet door was another black rubber catsuit. This one, however, was a copy of the Batman suit; complete with moulded chest piece, cowl and cape. Richard removed his robe to reveal a tanned, lean and muscular body. He was wearing black rubber briefs with a reinforced hole, through which his semi-rigid penis protruded. He removed the cape from the suit and proceeded to get himself in it. Having worn it many times before he was able to get into the suit quite rapidly and within a few minutes, Kristen was zipping him up. She helped him with the cape and soon she found herself face-to-face with Batman. The whole thing was getting kind of surreal. She couldn't believe that she was standing in a millionaire's lakeside condominium dressed as Catwoman and about to sit down to dinner with Batman!

"Shall we start dinner", Richard said, breaking her concentration.

"Sure - I'm starving."

They walked together to the dining room and Richard helped her into her seat. It felt odd to be sitting at the table completely dressed in rubber, and she wondered if eating with gloves on might be difficult. Richard went into the kitchen and returned with a trolley loaded with their food. Before serving the starters, he opened a bottle of champagne that had been chilling in a silver ice bucket. He poured a couple of glasses into champagne flutes then placed the crab cakes in front of Kristen and took his seat opposite her. He raised his glass to make a toast.

"To a long, happy and rewarding relationship. Cheers."

"Cheers.” Kristen echoed, "To the Bat and the Cat."

They clinked glasses and took long swigs of the champagne. Kristen, though no connoisseur of champagne knew this was no bottle of Cold Duck they were drinking. She smiled at Richard and his eyes gleamed beneath his cowl. The crab cakes were delicious - full of Dungeness crab and nicely spiced. Richard collected the empty plates then dished out the main course. Like the starter, the halibut was perfectly cooked and nicely complimented by the cheesy Hollandaise sauce. The asparagus was still firm and very tender. They chatted at length throughout the meal, Richard explaining more about his software and where they were heading. Richard cleared the dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher, while Kristen sat and finished her champagne.

"Why don't you go into the lounge and I'll bring dessert and coffee through", he called from the kitchen.

Kristen got up and moved over to the living room, sitting down on the love seat. She enjoyed the feeling of walking around in her skin-tight catsuit and she ran her hands over her body, relishing the smoothness of her rubber skin. Richard returned from the kitchen with a tray with two small plates of Tiramisu, coffee, cream and a bowl of brown sugar. He poured two cups and handed one to Kristen - she added cream and sugar. He sat down next to her on the love seat and settled back into the deep leather, his rubber suit squeaking as he did so. He picked up a small remote from the side table next to him and switched on the stereo. Soft classical music filled the room. With the same remote he lowered the lights and turned on the gas fireplace, which burst into flames with an audible whoosh. With the low light, the ambience of the fire, and the closeness of their bodies, Kristen felt in a very romantic mood. They drank their coffee, enjoying the music and each other's company.

"Well this is nice, isn't it?" Richard said finally, "a nice meal, beautiful music and a incredibly sexy woman in a rubber catsuit sitting next to me - it's perfect. I feel happier than have in years - ever since Sharon died."

Kristen murmured her agreement, feeling nicely intoxicated - champagne always did that too her. She finished her dessert and downed the rest of the coffee, then put the plate and cup on the table next to her. She snuggled up closer to him and put her gloved hand atop his groin. Richard, still drinking his coffee, finished it in hurry, took her head in his hands and kissed her, and they played some tonsil hockey for a while. Richard was getting more and more erect as they kissed and Kristen could feel him hardening under her hand. She gently unzipped the crotch zipper and immediately his rigid penis sprung out, pushing through the hole in the front of his briefs. She lowered her head to take his member in her mouth and he moaned in pleasure as her ruby red lips engulfed his shaft.

"Let's move to the floor where we can both have fun" Richard said and carefully lowered himself to the floor with Kristen still sucking his cock. They moved in unison closer to the fire and Richard adroitly rolled Kristen on her back. He reversed position so that he was astride her with his head facing her feet in the classic '69' position. He gently unzipped her crotch and the pink hairless pudenda spilled out. He lowered his head and started to suck, bite and kiss her clitoris. She was already very moist and she thrust herself at his lips and tongue. The fellatio and cuniliingus went on for some minutes, neither wanting to break the passion of the moment.

Richard finally pulled his head from her crotch, licked his forefinger and pushed it gently into her anus. Kristen stiffened for a second as the digit slid in, but soon relaxed and continued giving him head. Emboldened by her reaction he slid a second finger into her rectum and was soon thrusting the fingers in and out of her ass. Kristen was enjoying the anal stimulation so much she eventually stopped her oral activities and lay back on the carpet for a breather.

"Oh God, that feels so fucking good, Richard. I want you to fuck me in the ass - I want a real good butt fucking. Oh please, let Batman ream me out real hard. I want to feel your prick in my ass so bad."

Richard was a little surprised and amused by her language - she was a prim and proper librarian after all, wasn't she? - But he needed no further encouragement. He disengaged himself from her, pulled his fingers from her rectum and stood up.

"Okay, roll over on your knees and stick that lovely butt of yours in the air will you", he said. As she did so he knelt down behind her and pressed the tip of his penis against her ass-hole. "Now as I push in, tighten your sphincter muscles as if you were taking a dump."

She did so and he pushed his rigid member into her anus with an ease and speed that took them both by surprise - she was really wet and he was really hard by now. She sighed in pleasure as he sunk his shaft as far as it would go. Likewise, the tightness of her anus gripping his penis made him feel wonderful and he knew that he wouldn't be able to prevent himself from coming for long. - She looked and felt that good. He started to thrust his hips back and forward, slowly thrusting his penis in and out of her rectum Richard reached around her body with his right hand and massaged her clitoris with his thumb and inserted a finger into her vagina. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at him.

"Oh that's it, Richard. Oh shit that feels so fucking good. Come on fuck my ass. Fuck me harder. Come on ream me out you butt-fucker", she said in a lusty whisper. She kept up the tirade of profanity as Richard increased the ferocity of his thrusting, until his thighs were banging against the buttocks. Finally he could hold back no longer and with some last violent thrusts he came explosively into her anus. When had finished he slumped against her, spent, but he kept up the finger action on her cunt. Finally she let out a long satisfied moan and came with a violent orgasm that seemed to last for minutes. Exhausted, she lowered herself to the floor and lay still, panting and writhing in pleasure. Eventually they were able to calm down and speak.

"Oh man that was fantastic, Richard. One of the best I've ever had. I never knew being taken in the ass could feel so good. My husband never wanted to do anything like the - he was so conventional when it came to sex."

"Thank you, Kristen - that was real special for me too. I never knew you had such a mouth on you though. Listening to you swearing really got me pumped up."

Kristen smiled, a little embarrassed. "I think I was little drunk - I'm not normally as raunchy as that." She laughed, "You know if someone had told me a couple a months ago that I'd be lying here, dressed as Catwoman being screwed in the ass by a millionaire in a Batman outfit, I would have told them they were fucking crazy. Hey but here I am, doing just that."

Richard nodded in agreement. "Well it is a funny old world isn't it. Want to get back on the couch and get a brandy or something?"

They both stood up and zipped themselves closed. Kristen sat back on the love seat, feeling a little sweaty and tired, but very satisfied. Richard went over to the cocktail cabinet and poured two glasses of brandy from a crystal decanter. He handed one to Kristen and sat down next to her. Kristen relished the warm glow as the brandy entered her stomach; she lent back against the sofa and stared at the fire. Richard, too, was deep in thought and he swilled his drink around in its glass. Eventually he spoke.

"I was thinking. I have a cabin in the San Juan's - would you like to go up there next weekend? It's really beautiful and peaceful up there - and we good have a long weekend to get to know each other a little better."

"Mmmmm. That sounds wonderful - I love the islands. They always seem so relaxing and sort of removed from the busy world on the mainland", she answered.

She lent over and kissed him, her hand straying down to his crotch again. She rubbed the heel of her hand over his flaccid member and was rewarded by the faint stirrings under the rubber. Richard smiled at her and moved his hand to her groin. Despite his recent ejaculation, he felt himself ready to indulge in another bout of sexual activity and it was obvious that Kristen was ready and eager to join him. She unzipped herself, then carefully lowered the zipper on his suit and pulled the semi-rigid penis through the opening. A little tongue action got Richard fully erect and she lay on her back, feeling a little cramped in the confines of the love seat. Richard mounted her, missionary style and soon they were moving together like a pair of familiar lovers. Richard, having already ejaculated, was able to keep things going a lot longer this time and he managed to bring Kristen to climax before coming himself. As they lay there on the couch, Richard's penis still inside her, Kristen stroked his rubber-covered head with her glove and whispered her thanks into his ear.

Finally they disengaged themselves from each other and sat up. Richard looked across at Kristen, who was looking very pleased with herself.

"Thank you, Richard, I've been dreaming about the two of us doing that since our first date. You make me feel so good."

"Me too; ever since I saw you in the library I've thought about the two of us together" He paused, "You are going to stay the night aren't you? Maybe will try again in the morning. I'm feeling a little tired - want to go to bed."

"Yes and yes -I'd love to stay over. I really don't want to take this catsuit off though - can we keep them on a bit longer. I just love the way this thing makes me feel and look. It's so sleek and flattering."

"Hey, we can go bed wearing them if you like, but I warn you we probably won't get a lot of sleep tonight", Richard cautioned her.

"Well if things do get too rough, I'll take it off later", she replied and stood up.

She led Richard by he hand to the master bedroom. The covers on the king-size bed were already turned down. She sat down on the right side of the bed as Richard's things were on the nightstand on the left side. She slid into the bed and pulled the duvet over her; Richard slipped in beside her and they cuddled for a while. The combination of the champagne and brandy was making her sleepy and she kissed Richard before rolling over on her side. Richard moved over next to her and soon the two were asleep, spooning together.

Despite Richard's warning Kristen had little trouble falling and staying asleep. Richard on the other hand slept lightly and woke up several times. He lay there looking at he beautiful woman in rubber sleeping next to him and smiled. I'm a very lucky man, he thought, how many men are lucky enough to have met and loved one woman who was into rubber, let alone two? He lay there half asleep watching her and stroking her head; she stirred, still sleeping and rolled over to face him. He could hear her gentle snoring. Eventually he drifted back to sleep and dreamt of Kristen.

They woke up around nine o'clock with the sun streaming through a crack in the drapes. Richard moved over and nuzzled her cheek as Kristen stretched her arms in a big yawn.

"Sleep well did you, love. You were even snoring for a while", Richard whispered in her ear.

"Like a log, thanks, darling How about you?"

"Oh, on and off. I guess I was just too aroused to sleep properly."

"I hope you're rested enough for a little more nooky."

"No problem there, honey. I'm always already ready for that."

Richard pulled the covers down and leant over Kristen's body and started to suckle on her tits, sucking the nipple through the taut latex covering her breasts. After a couple of minutes of that, Kristen had woken up completely and was getting damp. She pressed her knee into Richard's groin and rubbed it vigorously. Richard started to get stiff again. He stopped sucking on her tits and rolled Kristen on to her stomach; Kristen, guessing what he wanted, got up unto her knees and stuck her butt in the air with her head resting on the pillow. Richard reached around under her stomach and pulled the crotch zipper down and around to about six inches past her anus. He had a dildo in one hand and he slipped the lubricated butt-plug into position. 

The cool air on her skin and the unexpected anal intruder made Kristen gasp. With the butt-plug in her anus as far as it would go and Richard now fully erect once more, he slid his penis into Kristen's moist vagina with a satisfying grunt. Kristen was impressed by his stamina - he seemed to be able to bang away for a long time. He reached around her body with one hand to fondle her breasts while the other massaged her clitoris. The combination of the simultaneous stimulation of breasts, vagina, clit and rectum brought Kristen to a rapid orgasm and he kept at work until she climaxed again five minutes later. He came seconds later and she could feel his hot semen spurting into her Just as well I'm on the pill, she thought.

Both of them were hot and sweaty by now, having been in their rubber suits for over fifteen hours. Richard unlocked the padlock at Kristen's neck and she removed the collar. She rolled off the bed and stood up with slightly shaky legs. She followed Richard into the bathroom and he turned on the water in the walk-in shower. They entered the shower together and stood under the steaming spray. The water felt really good against her rubber-covered skin as they helped each other get undressed. Soon there was a pile of soggy rubber at their feet and Richard picked up the two suits and hung over the wall of the shower so as not to get any soap on the latex.

They soaped each other down and rinsed themselves off. Richard dropped to his knees and started eating her out again, with water cascading over his head. Kristen stood under the hot water with her eyes closed, enjoying his tongue lapping at her pussy. She hugged him to her, his face buried in her crotch, as she climaxed again. God damn, four times in one day, she thought, all right! Richard stood up and turned off the water. He stepped out of the stall and picked two thick bath towels off the rail and handed one to Kristen.

After drying themselves, they changed into some casual clothes (Kristen had brought some jeans and a sweatshirt with her). Richard had tickets to the Sonics game that afternoon - he had season tickets down at court level and on one occasion she had even talked to some of the players. They had decided to go out for brunch before the game (which was at one o'clock). They rode the elevator down to the basement and got into the Lexus. Within minutes they were on the floating bridge heading for Seattle.

The Cabin

As they drove the narrow winding country road towards the north shore of the island, Kristen was taking in the beautiful scenery. The islands, an short ferry ride from Seattle , were heavily wooded and sparsely populated. Lately they had become a favourite retirement spot for wealthy Californians escaping from LA. It wasn't uncommon to see local bumper stickers proclaiming "No more Californicators" Richard slowed and turned on to a single lane gravel road, marked by a mailbox which simply said 'Palmer'. They drove for a few seconds until the road opened up into a large circular driveway. Before her she could see a large log house, set a few feet down below the level of the driveway. In the distance behind the house was the sea.

Richard got out of the car, went around to the driver’s door and helped Kristen out. She stood for a minute enjoying the beauty of the scene and admiring the house. Richard collected the overnight backs from the trunk and together they went down the half dozen steps to the front door, which looked massive and solid. Richard unlocked it, stepped inside and disarmed the security system and Kristen followed him in. Richard put the two bags down in the entrance foyer and took the two steps down into the sunken living room.

"Wow, this place is fantastic Richard. When you said you had a cabin on the island I was thinking of some little one-room shack. This house is huge."

Richard smiled. "Yes it is great isn't it. Sharon and I bought it a while ago - it was in quite a mess when we got it. But a lot of money and about a year of work got her back to her former glory. We put in a new roof, kitchen, master bathroom, fireplace, we wired it for a computer network and cable, added a back-up generator. Then we replaced the deck, put in a hot tub and redecorated the whole place. It even has a wine cellar and beach access. Sharon and I intended to live here full-time and I'd keep an apartment in town. But of course all our plans went to hell when she died. I still come out here on weekends though.

"Can I take a look around? Kristen asked him.

"Sure, let me give you the guided tour."

Richard took her elbow and they moved to the huge floor-to-ceiling windows that dominated the end of the main room. From there they could see the water past the large deck. To her right was a massive stone fireplace running the full height of the room. Off to one side was the dining area with a beautiful cherry table and four high back chairs. A pass-through hatch opened into the kitchen. The kitchen was very modern with a gleaming steel six-burner gas stove in a central island and a matching refrigerator. A breakfast nook occupied a corner near some French doors. Next to the kitchen was a small powder room and beyond that was Richard's study/library/computer room. Floor to ceiling bookshelves covered two walls. A large cherry wood desk dominated the room and on it sat the largest flat-screen monitor Kristen had ever seen. Behind the desk was a large cream leather rocker-recliner.

Back in the living room a hallway led off to the left. On one side of the hall were some sundry small rooms - storage, laundry etc. On the other were the two main bedrooms. The first bedroom, which Richard referred to as the spare, was a large rectangular room with more of the picture windows facing the water. It had a queen-size bed and along one wall were matching closets. The bedroom had it's own en-suite bathroom with marble tub and shower.

Richard led her into the master bedroom, which had a huge king-size four poster bed facing the water. From the bed one could look out at the sea just tens of yards away. It had a large walk-in closet and the bathroom, which Kristen immediately fell in love with, had a large octagonal black Jacuzzi tub and a walk-in shower for two. It even had a bidet, which Kristen had never actually seen in the flesh before.

"Well what do you think, love?” Richard asked Kristen as they went back into the living room. "Think you could get to like this place as much as I do?"

"Like it? I love this house - it's spectacular", she replied, looking out of the windows at the sea and mountains on the horizon.

Richard collected the bags and placed them in the master bedroom while Kristen went into the kitchen to make some coffee. A big silver and black Krups coffee maker stood near the fridge on the polished concrete counter. She filled the pitcher with some ice water and added the freshly ground beans to the hopper. Within a minute the machine was starting to drip coffee. She went back into the bedroom where Richard was unpacking his bag. He had told her she didn't need to bring much - just some toiletries, cosmetics, one change of clothes. This weekend was intended to be a rubber vacation and everything she needed was already here. The weather forecast was predicting some stormy weather for the next few days - perfect for staying indoors, all rubbered up and enjoying each other's company.

"Kristen, why don't you go into the other room and pick out something from Sharon 's collection - that's where she used to keep everything. I'll be with you in a minute", he said as he put her empty bag into the closet.

Intrigued, Kristen hurried next door and threw open the closet. She stood back in amazement. There before her eyes was the largest collection of rubber gear she had ever seen. Hanging from the rod must have been at least a dozen catsuits of varying colours and designs. She examined them more closely. There was five or six black ones - including the Catwoman suit she had worn the previous weekend. They ranged from a simple suit with feet, but no gloves or hood (no doubt to be worn under street clothes), to all-enveloping suits with gloves, hoods and other extras. One even had a pump-up gag with attached inflator in the mouth, similar bulbs at the crotch and no eyeholes. There were catsuits in red, (with and without hoods, including one with contrasting. black breast cups), white, a lovely pewter grey colour, silver and a gorgeous cobalt blue. Talk about spoilt for choice, she thought as she touched each one in turn, how am I going decide which one to wear. Shit, you could outfit a store with all this stuff.

In addition to all the catsuits, there were a large number of dresses, short and long in various colours. There were also a couple of uniforms - a French maid and a nurse - hanging with them. Kristen saw some corsets in with them - half-Basque and full. Opening the drawers in the closet revealed a whole range of undergarments – bras, briefs, stockings - and a another drawer contained a variety of hoods and masks, collars in rubber, leather and steel. She heard Richard enter the room behind her and he stood with her looking at the closet full of rubber clothing. He smiled at her recognising her surprise and delight.

"Quite a collection isn't it? My wife just loved coming up here and spending as much time as possible wearing nothing but rubber. Sometimes when I was away on business she spend a whole week up here all rubbered up" 

"This is amazing, Richard - I've never seen anything like it. This lot must have cost a fortune."

"I guess there's about twenty thousand pounds - over thirty thousand dollars - worth in there. I say pounds because they all come from England . We went over there a few years ago and had them all custom made. They actually made a body cast for her and moulded them to her exact shape."

"Body cast - what do you mean?” Kristen asked curiously.

"Well they cover the body in a plaster cast, cut it down the back and make a wax mould out of it, so it's an exact copy of the original. Then they dip into some solvent for a few minutes to remove a thin layer all over, so that it'll be a size or two smaller for a real skin-tight fit. They put into a bath of special liquid latex and out comes the suit. They add zippers and extras afterwards. They also made a separate cast of the head for making masks and hoods. Luckily you and Sharon are very close in size and shape, so you should be able to fit into everything just fine. We may need to get another head cast made though."

"Just how did your wife get to be interested in rubber in the first place, Richard? It's kind of unusual for women to be into latex?” Kristen asked.

"Well, Sharon was shopping at one of the downtown sex shops for a gag gift for me - you know, edible panties or something - when she came across the clothing section upstairs. On a whim she tried on a rubber dress and liked the look and feel of it so she bought it on the spot. After that she bought other stuff off the shelf but they never fit perfectly and were kind of cheaply made, so we started getting things made to measure through mail order."

Kristen was amazed at the amount of work and attention Richard's former wife had devoted to her 'hobby'. She had no idea that her rubber fetish ran so deep or involved such complicated planning.

"If you look closer at one of those catsuits, you'll notice there are none of the usual seams you get on glued suits, except where they attached the hood to the suit.” Richard continued, "that makes the suits stronger and look better. As moulded latex is usually intrinsically weaker than sheet latex, they used a special reinforcing compound - actually graphite microfibres, which strengthen the rubber but still allow it to stretch. That's why the suits cost nearly a thousand dollars each”. Kristen pulled on of the catsuits off its hanger and examined it closely. It did indeed have only one seam at the neck, almost invisible. The suit was certainly very well made and she couldn't wait try one on.

"Richard, Id like to get changed - is that okay?” she asked "I just dying to try one of these suits on. They look so yummy. Did your wife keep any dildoes around the house? That'll keep me busy until tonight."

"Go ahead, I'll join you soon. There should be some toys and lubricant in the bedside table over there. All the suits are powdered, so just choose any one."

Kristen had a hard time deciding which one to try on first. Then she realised that she could try them all over time - they were hers to use. Eventually it came down to a choice between the blue one and the pewter one, both new colours for her. The grey today, she decided, and the blue tomorrow. There, that was easy.

While Richard was busy showering in the master bathroom, Kristen stepped out of her jeans and sweater. She was wearing the rubber corset and panties underneath and reluctantly she removed those too. The shaft of the front dildo was slick with her juices - all that rubber in the closet had got her going. She rinsed out the panties and hung them up to dry. Back in the bedroom she got herself into the pewter grey catsuit, which had attached feet, fingerless gloves and an open-faced hood. She had it most of the way on when Richard entered the room, still naked and drying himself. He helped her zip the suit up and locked the zippers together. She smoothed out all the wrinkles then took a studded rubber and leather collar from the drawer and fastened it around her neck. As Richard had hoped it was perfect fit - the two women could have been twins - and Kristen looked stunning in the dark grey outfit, always one of his favourites. With Kristen in her suit, he went back to the other bedroom and changed himself into a black catsuit of similar design to Kristen's except that it had full gloves.

Meanwhile Kristen had discovered the dildoes in the drawer of the bedside table. She selected a medium size vaginal dildo and a long slim butt-plug; she opened up the zipper over her crotch and slipped the members in. She was so wet by now she needed no lubricant -or lubri'cunt' as she jokingly called it. With them comfortably in place and feeling really good, she rejoined Richard just in time to help zip up.

The weekend turned out to be the most fun she'd ever spent. They fucked (a lot), slept, read and ate in rubber. They walked the beach, protected against the rain in rubber. She tried on five suits over the next couple of days. They even went out to dinner one night with rubber catsuits under their street clothes and both could hardly contain their amusement when the other diners starting sniffing the air at the sweet aroma of warm latex that emanated from their table. All too soon the weekend came to an end and it was back to the mainland, reality and work.

A True Rubberist

Over the next few moths, Kristen grew more and more addicted to rubber. She realised she was hooked on the stuff and had become a true rubber fetishist. She could hardly bear not to wear it everyday and each day at the library without it was torture. Nearly every weekend she would spend with Richard, usually at the cabin, and several nights during the week. Eventually, after three months of dating Richard asked her to move in with him. It was, as he pointed out, silly to hang on to the condo when she spent so much time with him. She agreed after some thought, but decided to keep the condominium for a while before selling it and leased it out to a friend.

After six months, Richard suggested she leave the library and come and join him at XETAL. She handed in her two weeks notice with some regret; she had made a lot of friends - both co-workers and amongst the public. They were sorry to see her go and they had a leaving luncheon and a card for her before she left. At the software company, she started work on their Web site, then moved onto writing some of the software manuals and doing voice-overs for their products. She found herself really enjoying her new career and of course it gave her more opportunities to wear her beloved rubber.

Nearly fourteen months after their initial date, Richard surprised her one evening by going down on bended knees and proposing to her. She accepted in a flash and they hugged and cried together; Richard pulled out a huge and beautiful diamond solitaire ring -at least two carats, Kristen guessed - and slipped it on her finger. They were married a month later in a simple civil ceremony with no guests and just the witnesses from the registrar's office. Kristen wore a white catsuit under her dress and Richard's tuxedo concealed a black suit. They honeymooned on Kauai , staying two weeks at the luxurious Princeville hotel overlooking Hanalei bay and Bali Hi. Naturally they couldn't wear rubber outdoors in the hot sun, but inside in the air-conditioned privacy of the bridal suite, they indulged their passion to the fullest extent, even bringing rubber sheets with them to sleep on.

During all this, XETAL Inc continued to grow steadily. Richard added another half-dozen employees and landed a number of good-sized contracts with companies in Silicon Valley . One of their products, a reading game for first graders, was voted best in its category by an influential computer magazine and orders jumped. Richard still needed to go out of town on occasion, but less frequently than before as he had hired a marketing manager.

For Kristen it was the best time of her life. She had a lifestyle she loved, a wonderful new husband, money, a beautiful house on the water and a brand new Lexus GS400 sitting in the garage to replace the ageing old Subaru. Life was good and she felt happier than ever before. She could hardly believe her good fortune - she had certainly landed on her feet this time. She felt sure that this relationship was going to last a good long time. Richard too was finally truly happy again and could put the terrible memories of Sharon 's untimely death behind him. Kristen had filled a huge and lonely void in his life.

Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow

Kristen walked out of the doctor's office, still a little stunned. The dermatologist had confirmed her suspicions - she was going bald. Over the last month or so, she had noticed a lot more hair in the shower. She had always found a few hairs in the drain, but she was beginning to find clumps of her dark hair clogging the shower. The doctor had examined her scalp under magnification and came back with his diagnosis.

"Alopecia, Mrs. Palmer", he said bluntly, "it may be Alopecia Areata, which means patchy hair loss, or Alopecia Totalis, which as you might guess, means total hair loss. At he moment I can't tell, which one it is but my guess is that you may lose all your body hair. I'm very sorry."

The dermatologist explained that there was no known cause for the disease or any known cure. Sometime it cured itself and the hair grew back; other times the victim was left totally bald.

Though shocked, Kristen was not too upset. As she thought about it she began to realise losing all her wouldn't be all that bad. It would mean she'd never have to shave her legs or armpits again; she loved her shaven pubic area and the rubber she wore so often would feel even better against her bare scalp. Her main worry was telling Richard - she wasn't sure how he would take the news. He adored her hair and was always stroking it, kissing it and playing with it. She decided not tell him right away -she had to come up with the right approach.

She thought about her problem all week and finally came up with a plan. She was spending the whole of next week out at the cabin while Richard was out of town on business - he would join her the following weekend. On Friday she left work at lunchtime and went home to pack (the few things she needed for the weekend) and to get an early start on the ferries. After she had thrown a few things into a bag, she called Richard at work. He was away from his desk so she left him a message on voice-mail.

"HI darling. Just wanted to wish you 'bon voyage' and have a good trip. I'm going to miss you and I can't wait 'til next weekend. I'm going to have a big surprise waiting for you when you get here. Oh and don't forget to bring the keys with you to the cabin. Love you."

On the way to the ferry she stopped to pick up some supplies - groceries (perishables like milk, fruit and vegetables) and the equipment she would need for the upcoming week. The ferry line was fairly empty and she made the next boat. Thirty minutes later she was driving off at the other end and heading north away from the dock. She arrived at the cabin forty minutes later and dumped her supplies on the kitchen counter, quickly stowing the groceries in the fridge.

She took the other two bags into the master bathroom and emptied them out on to the counter. She lined up the things in front of her. There was electric clippers that looked like something the marines might use, a triple-bladed safety razor, a can of shaving cream, a bottle of 'Nair', a hairdresser's plastic cape and last but not least, a wig that closely resembled her own hair. With everything unpacked, she went back into the bedroom and undressed. Back in the bathroom she stood in front of the mirror and tied the cape around her shoulders, making sure none of her hair was trapped underneath. She picked up the clippers and switched them on; they sprang to life with a loud buzz that startled her. Leaning over the sink, she closed her eyes and said to herself well here goes nothing, goodbye lovely hair.

She put the blade of the clippers to her forehead and with a determined thrust pushed the buzzing clippers over her crown and down the back of her head. The clippers almost stalled on her thick mane, but finally she was able to push it all the way through. She squinted nervously at herself in the mirror; barely able to look at what she had done to herself Running down the middle of her head was a two-inch wide swathe of stubble, with her pink scalp showing through. She bushed it with her finger - it felt very strange and rough to the touch. For the next five minutes she continued clipping the hair off and the pile of her black hair grew in the sink. 

Finally she was finished with the clippers and she had a uniform quarter-inch buzz cut all over. She let out a big sigh of relief - the worst part was over. She moved over to the other sink and ran some hot water into the basin. She squirted a large palm full of shaving cream into one hand then spread it liberally over her shorn scalp. Then she proceeded to shave herself, methodically dragging the razor up and down and side to side. It took her about fifteen minutes and a second layer of cream until she was satisfied with the results. No visible hair was left on her head and after she washed off the remains of the shaving cream, her pink scalp gleamed under the bright bathroom lights. She picked up the bottle of "Nair" and rubbed some into her scalp then continued to spread the liquid over her legs. With her shaven pussy and bare head, the only hair left on her body were her eyebrows and eyelashes. Mmmmm, I like pretty damn good bald, she thought to herself as she rubbed her hand over her freshly shaved head, I hope Richard likes this look.

She decided to quickly try the wig on before showering. It was a fairly expensive wig and was as close a match to her own hair, as she had been able to find. It wouldn't fool a close friend, but from a distance it looked fairly convincing - certainly good enough to wear outdoors on occasion. The wig came with it's own special double-side adhesive pads that would keep it in place.

She removed the wig and sat it down on the counter. She collected the long hair out of the sink and put into a plastic bag. She went over to the shower and punched in the water temperature on the keypad and waited until the green light winked on to indicate it was at the correct temperature. She took a very long and relaxing shower, as it would be the last for more than a week. The hot water pounding directly on her head felt a little strange at first, but soon she began to enjoy it. Finally she turned off the water and left the shower; she picked a large fluffy towel off the heated towel rack and wrapped herself in it, enjoying its comforting heat. 

With no hair to dry it took her little time to finish drying and she moved into the spare bedroom with the towel still around her shoulders for warmth. She threw open the closet doors and ran her hand over the rubber garments hanging there. It took her a little while to pick an outfit - after all she was going to wear it for over a week so it needed to be the right one. Eventually she picked the white catsuit with open-faced hood and gloves. She took it down of the hanger and laid it on the bed. She pulled a red half-Basque corset off the rail and put that down next to the suit. From the drawer she took out a matching red neck corset and an anatomical hood. These lay on the bed next to the other items. From the dresser she collected three small brass padlocks, their hasps open.

The towel dropped to the floor and she sat naked on the bed next to the catsuit. With practised skill she eased the taut rubber over her ankles and drew it up over her thighs. Within five minutes her body was completely covered in shimmering white latex. Before pulling the attached hood over her head she slipped the anatomical hood into place, relishing the feel of the cool rubber tight against her bare scalp. Finally she pulled the open-faced hood over her head, straightened everything out and pulled the zippers closed. 

She grabbed one of the open padlocks and passed the hook through the tabs of the two zippers and locked it. She picked the corset off the bed and slipped it around her waist so that her breasts were supported by the top edge, which was sculpted to match the curve of her bosom. She hauled on the laces until it was comfortably tight, then locked it with the second padlock. The neck corset, a deep rubber collar that matched her corset, went on next and that too was locked to her neck, A wide rubber strap hung down from the collar and she inserted that into a buckle on her corset that sat between and below her breasts.

She stood in front of the floor-length mirror and admired herself. She swathed from head to foot in gleaming white rubber accented by the brilliant red corset, collar and mask. She thrust her lips through black rimmed mouth hole and pouted at herself. Over a week wearing this wonderful outfit - it's going to be great she mused. Over at the nightstand she retrieved her favourite dildo and butt-plug and inserted them, then zipped herself back up. Now that feels a lot better, she thought. A strap hung down from the back of her corset and she pulled that through between her legs and buckled at the front at her navel. The tight rubber strap pushed the dildoes deeper into their holes.

She stripped the white rubber sheets off the bed and replaced them with black ones, which would contrast, nicely with her white catsuit. In addition she would be sleeping in her rubber sleeping bag with attached hood, but that was for later. It was late afternoon by now and she wanted to relax out on the deck and read. She made herself a strawberry daiquiri and went out on to the deck with her book and laid out on the sun-lounger. The day was warm and sunny and the white suit would help keep her a little cooler than her black ones.

Kristen spent a very relaxing week at the cabin, doing a lot of reading, sleeping in late. She found that after eighteen months of wearing latex to bed she had no difficulty getting to sleep and sleeping well. In fact she had more trouble with sleeping when she wasn't wearing rubber. She took a daily walk on the beach, donning black, thigh-high lace-up rubber boots over her catsuit to protect the rubber on her feet. She saw no one on these solitary walks, just birds and the occasional seal.

She spent quite a lot of time on the computer browsing the web. Richard had a high-speed DSL connection on his machine and combined with the powerful processor and huge screen made surfing a very pleasant experience. During her browsing she came upon very many fetishes far stranger then her own - some that aroused and some that downright disgusted her. The world was full of very strange phobias and fetishes and hers seemed almost normal by comparison. There were sites for sadists and masochists, people who liked to eat excrement (her stomach heaved at that one), golden shower lovers and the really sick ones with children and animals. There sure were a lot of sickos in the world she concluded.

As she cruised around the Web and landed on rubber oriented sites at random she came across one site that seemed to contain mostly stories. She started reading a few of them, mostly poorly written of the 'Wham-bam, thank you Ma'am' variety, obviously written by poor writers. However she came across one that caught her interest and as she read the short story, she started to get more intrigued and aroused. Eventually she decided to print the story off and show it to Richard when he arrived. It was called "The Story of Sarah', by an unnamed author and it had planted the germ of an idea in her head. The six or seven pages were soon printed off and she stapled them together and read them a second time.

That night as she lay in the darkness and warmth of her rubber sleeping bag she couldn't stop thinking of the story and her idea for her future. She would have to sell the plan to Richard and she wasn't sure he'd go along with it. She started piecing together in her mind the things she needed to accomplish it and trying to spot the flaws in her plan. By the time the weekend rolled around she had mapped out in quite a lot of detail what she needed to do. There were things that Richard could advise and help her with, some technical problems that needed to be overcome, but the basic concept was laid out.

She looked at the clock - a large handsome grandfather clock that stood nearly six feet tall. It was nearly five and Richard would be here soon if he made the 3:45 ferry. She knew he would be tired, having driven straight from the airport to catch the boat. So she started a pot of Starbuck's coffee and set about preparing dinner - pork chops, sautéed potatoes and fresh garden peas, which she had been lucky enough to find at the grocery store. She peeled the potatoes and placed them in a pot to boil. She heard the crunching of tires on the gravel, ran out of the kitchen and opened the front door. There was Richard at last, hauling his bag out of the car. She ran up to him and hugged him from behind. He turned and he smiled broadly to see his gorgeous wife in her skin-tight white and red rubber outfit. They kissed passionately and hugged each other close.

"God it's so good to see you - I missed you so much. How was your trip", she asked him as they walked towards the open door.

"Long, tiring and not altogether successful', he said with a sigh, 'but I feel a whole lot better for seeing you. How as your week - have fun?"

"I had great week thanks very much. Lots of sleeping, reading, walking on the beach and of course masses of lovely rubber wanking."

"Not all rubbered out are you, I hope. I'm ready for some rubber games myself. What was the big surprise you have waiting for me?"

"Well unlock these padlocks and I'll show you", she said with a sly grin.

He took a set of small keys from his jacket pocket and Kristen turned her back to him. He unlocked the collar first then the padlock joining the two zippers, leaving the corset still locked for the time being. She reached up and pulled the open-faced hood backward off her head, leaving the other mask still in place. He helped her remove the hood and as it came off her head, Richard's jaw dropped open in surprise. He just wasn't ready to see his lovely wife with a shaved head and the sight momentarily stunned him.

"But why?’ he stuttered "You know I love your hair - that was one of the first things that attracted me to you. Why shave it off?

Kristen explained to him about the visit to the dermatologist and the diagnosis of Alopecia. She said she thought it better to do it cleanly all at once rather than let it fall out in ugly patches. He hugged her close to him and ran his hand across her bare scalp.

"Does feel kind of sexy actually - I guess I could used to the look. I presume you have a wig for outdoor use?"

She nodded and explained further that the lack of hair made life a lot simpler in many ways and certainly made wearing rubber even more fun. He agreed and smiled at her.

"Will you unlock the corset now love, I want to change into a fresh outfit for the weekend. I'll get dinner going while you shower and change."

Richard unlocked the third and final padlock and helped her untie the corset. It fell to the floor and Kristen let out a sigh of relief - she'd been wearing that tight corset for over a week now and it felt good to have it off. Richard went off to the master bedroom to undress and shower; Kristen went to the kitchen and put the potatoes on to boil then went into the spare bedroom to remove her catsuit. With catsuit off and naked she quickly returned to the kitchen to turn down the potatoes and start the pork chops under the grill. She needed a quick shower and a change of clothes. She emerged from the shower ten minutes later wearing a red catsuit with contrasting black breast cups, open faced hood and red and black collar. Richard walked out from the master bedroom clad in his black catsuit, the skin-tight rubber clearly delineating his pectorals and abdomen. Kristen went up to him and brushed his torso with her hand and smiled at her up at her husband.

"I think we have time for a quick blow-job before dinner's ready", she said seductively.

"Yes, I could use one and I like your choice of outfit, but do me a favour and lower your hood so I can see your lovely bald head."

She pushed the hood off her face as Richard unzipped himself. She dropped to her knees and he stood before with his legs slightly apart; hungrily she lowered her head to his crotch and took his semi-rigid member in her mouth. She cradled his heavy testicles in one hand and with the other she slipped a finger into his rectum. Almost immediately Richard's penis stiffened in response to the anal stimulation; he stared down at her bald crown in pleasure watching her head bob in out and out as she suckled on his prick. He ran his hand over her scalp enjoying the smooth skin beneath his fingers. Her red lips engulfed his member and her left hand was squeezing his bollocks. After a few minutes he could start to feel himself getting close to climaxing; suddenly he could hold back no longer and he came violently into her mouth with a rush. Kristen eagerly swallowed his salty cum and licked his shaft clean. She removed her finger from his anus and he zipped himself back up with a very satisfied smile.

"Thanks, darling, I needed that. I'll do you later if you want. Now how about some dinner - I'm starved", he said as Kristen went to the kitchen to wipe her hands.

"Just a few more minutes, honey, the peas need to finish cooking. Go sit down and I'll bring things through.

They sat and ate dinner together and Richard talked about his trip; Kristen told him all about her week and finally she brought up the subject of her Web browsing. She explained that she had found an interesting story on-line and that it had given her an idea. She hurried into the study and fetched the printout of the story and gave it Richard to read. He read the short story silently for a few minutes, then put the pages on the table and looked at her.

"A well written story and sort of interesting. What's your idea?” he asked her.

Kristen blurted out her reply. "I want to do it - I want to try out what they did to Sarah. I have been thinking about it ever since I read that story. You will help me won't you Richard?"

Richard replied a little hesitantly, "You really want me to do that do you? I'm not sure I can - or if it's even possible."

"I know you can, sweetheart. You're a clever, wealthy man - you'll find a way. Please say you'll try?"

"Okay, I'll think about it", he said, trying to placate Kristen, "but there are an awful lot of technical problems to overcome - food, water etc. What about bodily wastes - you've got to handle those somehow. And what about keeping your body cool - you'd overheat without some form of air-conditioning. This is going to take several months of planning and building and setting up to do."

"Yes I know there a lot of issues to be resolved, Richard, but I think we can do it."

"Besides the physical problems, what about the mental ones. Do you think you could tolerate being trussed up like that for so long, completely isolated without going insane? Just how long do you intend to spend like that?"

"I don't know - days, weeks months - but I want to try. Please say you'll help me?” she pleaded.

"Of course I'll help you - you're my wife after all and I'd do anything for you. Just give me some time."

So it was settled. Richard would help design and purchase the equipment they would need for her experiment. Over the next few months, Richard grew more enthusiastic about the whole idea and was soon hard at work making preparations. One evening he laid a sketch out in front of Kristen for to look out. Richard seemed quite excited.

"I think I've solved the problem of solid waste. See here what I've drawn up" and he proceeded to explain the details of his idea. Kristen was pleased - she knew that he would come through for her in the end. "All I have to do now is find someone to make it for me."

Gradually the pieces started to come together and Kristen grew more excited as the various parts began to arrive. To busy her time, she spent a lot of time on the computer doing research on sensory deprivation, physical and mental isolation and bondage. During her meanderings across the Web, she came across a whole sub-culture dedicated to body decoration - tattooing and body piercing - that fascinated her and after finding a design she really liked, printed out a copy for herself. A week later she made an appointment at a tattoo parlour in downtown Seattle and a few days after that she found herself sitting in a barber’s chair surrounded by stainless steel equipment. She showed her picture to the tattooist and she told her it would take about four visits to complete her work. Before she removed the wig from Kristen's head, she drew a wax line around her hairline, so none of the tattoo would show past her hairpiece. Kristen felt the tickling and pricking on her scalp as the tattooist's needle went to work, but less painful then she expected.

Five visits later and Kristen had a fully tattooed scalp - a non-traditional design with intricate geometric patterns - and matching wrist, ankle, thigh, bicep and neck bands about two inches wide. The body markings had been somewhat more painful than the head one had been and Kristen was glad to have them over and done with. All in all she was very pleased with her new look and Richard was very enthusiastic about them too. She decided to go one step further and have some piercings inserted - a small gold ring in her nasal septum (that was Richard's idea) and rings through her nipples. They had given her a local injection for those but once that had worn off her nipples were sore for days and she wouldn't let Richard near them. Finally they healed up and Kristen loved the feel of the cold metal in contact with her sensitive nipples and Richard loved to suck on them. They had to cut tiny hole in all her suits for the nipples to protrude through, but with the reinforced rubber that was little danger of the latex tearing.

Anyone seeing Kristen now would barely recognise her. Instead of the black-haired beauty who worked demurely at the library, there was now the 'rubberfuckslut' - as Kristen jokingly called herself - a bald, tattooed and pierced rubber loving sex fiend. But underneath her unconventional exterior the old Kristen still existed - loving, tender, caring and vulnerable. Richard adored her and loved her new look. With the wig on, the nose ring out and wearing conventional clothes she looked no different - except prettier - from any other woman on the street. But in the privacy of the cabin, with a skin-tight rubber suit, gold nipple rings flashing in the light, she was the very epitome of sexiness and animal lust.

By late summer, Richard announced that all the equipment, including the special suit was ready and installed. He had spent the last few days up at the cabin supervising the installation of the tanks and pumps and was satisfied all was in good working order. They would be going up to the cabin to start her experiment that weekend! Kristen was beside herself with excitement and hardly slept a wink for the next three nights.

Final Preparations

Richard and Kristen barely made the ferry - in fact they were the last car on board. As they ship cruised the calm waters of the Puget Sound , they stood at the bow watching the seagulls wheeling overhead. It was a lovely late summer day and the sea was a deep azure blue. As the ferry neared the dock, they went down below to their car and waited for the ship to come to a stop. The drive to the cabin took about forty minutes and soon they were pulling into their driveway. Kristen went ahead and unlocked the door, disarming the security system. Richard followed carrying the bags of groceries they had picked up from Larry's Market, an upscale grocery store near home.

While Kristen busied herself in the kitchen preparing dinner, Richard went down into the cellar to check all the equipment. He switched on the big overhead florescent lights and surveyed the gleaming hardware before him. In one corner was the powerful emergency generator with its 100-gallon fuel tank. Along one wall was a row of shiny new cylindrical tanks with pumps attached and hoses that snaked towards a central fitting in the ceiling. Richard switched on the pumps and was pleased to see the various liquids flow up towards the ceiling. Tomorrow when the hoses from her suit were connected to the valves in the floor above the fluids would continue flowing upwards.

Satisfied that all was working correctly, Richard went back up the stairs to rejoin Kristen in the kitchen. She was busy preparing their last dinner together. The lobster tails were sitting in a colander and the steaks were lying on a cutting board, while she trimmed away the small amount of fat. Asparagus sat in the steamer ready to be cooked. Richard came up behind her and hugged her round the waist. Kristen turned her head and kissed him deeply.

"Why don't you put on some music - dinner will be about twenty minutes", said Kristen as she broke their embrace."

Richard strode into the living room and opened up the entertainment centre. He leafed through the CD's eventually settling on an album by Enya, which he figured would suit the mood perfectly. In a few seconds the music started to fill the room. Richard could smell the steaks cooking and he went over to the dining table and laid out two place settings. As it was a special occasion he got out their finest china and two crystal champagne flutes. A couple of tall candles would complete the effect; so he turned down the light in the overhead chandelier and lit them.

Back in the kitchen Kristen was busy finishing the food. She turned on the vegetable steamer and the asparagus started to steam. The lobster tails were drained and dried, the melted garlic butter in a small pan. The steaks had nearly finished sautéing, so she warmed a couple of serving dishes in the microwave. As she assembled their plates, she hummed to herself, enjoying the music coming in from the other room. It'll be along time before I hear music again, she thought.

As they sat at the dining table enjoying their last dinner together, they looked out of the big picture windows, which gave them a panoramic view of the water, the islands and the mountains beyond. The sun was just starting to set and the sky was coloured with deep orange glow. Kristen was beginning to feel the effects of the couple of glasses of champagne (a very nice Dom Perignon).

"Well, we have a very big day ahead of us tomorrow, Kristen", Richard sad softly. "All that planning and preparing comes together in the morning. I'm going to miss you."

"Yes I know", Kristen replied wistfully, "but any time you want to see me I'll be right there for you. You know how excited I've been about this - I just can't wait for it all to start."

They were silent for a while, enjoying each other's company and the increasingly beautiful sunset. Finally Kristen got up to clear the dishes and took the plates into the kitchen. Richard followed with the remainder of the dirty dishes and helped her load the dishwasher.

Kristen turned to Richard and whispered in his ear. "As it's our last night together let's go to bed early and make love real nice and slow."

Richard needed no further persuading and they moved into the master bedroom. Within seconds they were undressed and laying in each other arms. They kissed deeply and passionately, Richard enjoying the smoothness of Kristen' hairless body. As they made love, Richard was particularly forceful and they climaxed in unison. They fell asleep entwined in each other's arms.

Preparation started in earnest that next morning. Kristen and Richard awoke to a glorious sunrise - a fitting way to start the last day of her old life. They showered and strolled into the kitchen in their bathrobes. The coffee maker was percolating away as Richard prepared Kristen's last real breakfast for the foreseeable future. A bowl of sliced cantaloupe - beautifully ripe and sweet - followed by a ham, cheese and mushroom omelette with orange juice. As they sat at the kitchen table and savoured their meal, Richard leant over and held Kristen's hands in his own.

"Well, Kristen, today's the big day -are you ready for this. You know you can back out now - it's not too late."

"No, Richard, I really want to do this. It's all I've been thinking about for weeks. I'm so excited I can barely keep still. What time is the nurse arriving?"

Richard looked at his watch. "In about an hour. We'll need to get all the equipment ready for her before she gets here."

Between them they cleared the dishes and stacked them in the dishwasher. Kristen took a look around the kitchen for the last time, envisioning Richard sitting alone at the table. After today she would no longer need solid food. They walked together to the spare bedroom, and looked at all the equipment sitting there --the special suit laid out on the table, the big plastic cylinder in the corner. Everything they had dreamed and planned and built ready now for use. Kristen moved over to the big cylinder and ran her hands over its smooth surface. Within hours that cylinder would be her new home.

They stood by the big picture windows and stared out at the scene before them. The mountains on the horizon rising above the water, the heavily wooded islands dotting the sea in the distance.

"I will miss this view -it's so beautiful", Kristen sighed.

"Hold this view in your mind's eye, darling, and you'll have it with you for ever" Richard said tenderly, squeezing her hand. "I'll have the cylinder moved by this window so you'll always have this view of the mountains. If you really want we can have the hood with eye holes in it."

"Now Richard, we've discussed this at length before - it has to be total enclosure or not at all. I need to be completely cut off from the outside world for this to work.

Richard nodded in agreement. He took Kristen in his arms and kissed her deeply. Kristen responded enthusiastically and her hand strayed down to Richards's groin where she could feel his member stiffen through his gown. Richard pulled her robe off her shoulders exposing her breasts; he lowered his mouth to her nipple and felt the cold metal of her nipple ring against his tongue. His other hand went up to her head and he ran his fingers over her smooth patterned scalp.

"Do we have time for one last fuck - I really need to feel you in me before I go under", Kristen said breathlessly.

"Yes I think so - the nurse should be another 45 minutes or so."

They moved to the bed in the master bedroom. Naked, they lay together on the king size bed, looking deeply into each other's eyes. Richard's penis stood erect and as large as Kristen had ever seen it. She wanted him so badly and she wanted it to be the best ever - it would be a very long time before she would feel him inside her again. She rolled on to her stomach and got up on her knees - she knew Richard was particularly fond of taking her doggie style. Richard got up on his knees behind her, moved close to her and thrust his rigid member deep into her, grabbing her breasts as he did so. She grunted in pleasure as he entered her and he trust deeper into her. Soon they were moving in unison with the practised rhythm of familiar lovers.

"Oh Richard yes, yes. Come on - fuck me, fuck me. Harder, harder", Kristen implored as she started to near orgasm. Richard responded by thrusting with even more force, his thighs banging against her buttocks with loud slaps.

"I'm getting close - I'm getting close!” Richard screamed.

"Just a few seconds longer -just hold on lover."

They came together in a violent orgasm, Richard pumping away for what seemed an eternity. As the climax subsided, they slumped together down on the bed, Richard's flaccid penis still inside her.

"Just stay like that for a while longer," Kristen pleaded, "I want to remember this moment for a long time."

They lay together for a few minutes enjoying each other's warmth. Richard kissed Kristen on top of her bald head, relishing the smooth scalp.

"We had better start getting ready. You need to clean out your bowels then take another shower", Richard whispered to Kristen, reluctantly disengaging himself from her.

Kristen murmured a brief "Sure", then rolled off the bed and headed for the bathroom, where she prepared for her enema. She filled a large rubber bag with warm water and vinegar and attached the hose to it. Then she inserted the other end of the tube into her rectum and held the bag up at head height until all the fluid had drained into her. She let it sit there for a few minutes, went over to the toilet and sat down. She pulled the tube out of her anus and a gush of warm brown enema fluid flooded out of her. She wiped herself clean and turned on the shower.

Richard heard the shower starting and the door closing. While Kristen showered, he got dressed - pulling on jeans and a sweatshirt over an old tee shirt. It as going to be a busy day, with quite a lot of physical activity ahead. As he completed dressing, Richard heard the shower turn off - with no hair to wash, showers took very little time. Kristen came back into the bedroom in her robe still drying herself. She looked so lovely and vulnerable standing there - bald and beautiful he used to say - that Richard just wanted to go over to her and give her a big hug. Just then they heard the front door bell. Richard left Kristen standing in the bedroom and hurried through the living room to open the front door. Kristen heard him open the heavy wooden door and greet their visitor.

"Good morning, Mr. Palmer, I'm Kathy Curtiss the IV nurse. I hope I'm not late. I had a little trouble finding the house - you are kind of off the beaten track."

"Not at all, Ms Curtiss, your timing is great. Please come in - everything is ready for you", Richard replied as he ushered the nurse into the room. "My wife is just getting herself ready for you. Can I take your coat?"

"Thank you - and please call me Kathy. "She took off her long coat and gave it to Richard "This is sort of unusual - what you want me to do I mean. I've never done this outside a hospital setting before."

Richard hung her coat in the closet near the door. He had hired the nurse based on the personal recommendation of a friend who vouched for skill and discretion. Also, he was paying her a lot of money - five thousand dollars for a couple of hours work - so she was an eager, if somewhat confused participant.

"Its all part of an experiment in sensory deprivation that my wife is conducting for her doctoral thesis", Richard explained, "It involves long term confinement and requires the use of some sophisticated equipment. Why don't we go into the spare bedroom and get things started."

Richard led the nurse into the bedroom and introduced her to Kristen. The nurse was a little surprised by Kristen's appearance - the shaved and tattooed head, the nipple and nose piercings - but as a nurse of some fifteen years experience, not a lot shocked her anymore. The two shook hands and Kristen sat down on the bed. In one corner of the bedroom. Richard had set-up a video camera on a tripod aimed at the bed and he started recording with the remote control. He would be able to play back the events of this morning whenever he wanted.

"First I'm going to put the IV line in the chest. This will go in the big vein near the shoulder, which leads directly to the heart. This can stay in for an indefinite time and can handle large quantities of fluids. I'll give you a local first so that you won't feel it going in - but you will need to lie very still.” Kathy explained. Kristen nodded and lay back down on the bed. The nurse drew up a syringe of Lidocaine from the adjustable hospital table next to the bed and injected into Kristen's shoulder just below the shoulder bone.

"That'll take a few minutes to work, Kristen", Kathy said. While they waited she busied herself by preparing the IV. She pulled the long tube from its hermetically sealed bag and laid it down on a sterilised pad. She thoroughly cleaned Kristen's shoulder with Betadyne and alcohol pads. Eventually all was ready to start inserting the IV into Kristen's shoulder. She pulled the protective cap off the needle - a needle that looked frighteningly large to Kristen - and pressed it against the skin, feeling for the vein. With considerable panache, Kathy pushed the IV needle under the skin and started to thread the long tube into the vein. Kristen felt some slight pressure and a little discomfort, but no pain. She tried to control her breathing and keep her movements to a minimum. Richard held her hand to help calm her and watched the nurse with rapt attention, admiring her skill and patience. After ten minutes, Kathy looked up and smiled.

"Well it's in and well seated. I just need to flush it out with saline, tape it up and this part is done. You did a great job of keeping still, Kristen." She drew a large syringe full of saline solution and injected into the open end of the IV. Then she took a sterile cap out of its wrapper and screwed it on to the fitting at the end of the IV. "I'm going to put a couple of small stitches though the skin to hold it in place."

With that she expertly threaded a suture needle and stitched the end of the IV to Kristen's shoulder. Kristen looked over at her shoulder - it was strange to see that rubber tube sticking out of her skin like that and it made her realise that her long held dream was really happening. There was no going back now.

Richard broke the silence. "Thank you, Kathy, that was really nicely done. Now we have the feeding tube to go in, then the catheters."

"Kristen, I'm going to give you something to relax you - you may even doze off. It'll make getting the feeding tube in a lot easier. When you wake up all the tubes will be in. You may feel a little discomfort with the feeding tube at first but you'll get used to it."

With that, Kathy injected a small amount of a clear liquid through the cap of the IV. As it flowed into her body, Kristen felt gentle warmth radiate out into her chest. Fairly soon she began to feel a little light headed and sleepy. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the nurse busily preparing the feeding tube - a long clear rubber tube with a threaded metal fitting on one end. The nurse picked up the tube in her gloved hand and moved over to Kristen's head. Grasping her mouth in one hand, she inserted the tube into her throat. Kristen felt the tube rub against the back of her throat and for a second thought she might start to gag. The urge passed fairly quickly and she could feel the tube being slowly fed down into her stomach.

Kathy looked down at Kristen and turned to Richard. "Look, she's starting to doze off now. Should be really easy to get that catheter in her."

Richard stared at the sleeping woman in front of him and smiled. The nurse took the Foley catheter out of its sterile bag and pushed the end of it into Kristen's urethra, a job made a little simpler by the lack of pubic hair. She felt it pass into the bladder so she inflated the little balloon at the tip to prevent it from coming out on it's own. Immediately, Kristen's bladder started to drain into the attached bag which hung down on the floor beside the bed. "Let her sleep a little longer, Kathy", Richard said, "I need some time to get the suit ready."

Suiting Up

The suit lay on a table near the bed. It was in three pieces, which eventually would be joined to form a completely enveloping catsuit, but without any zippers. It had been made in England and was very special. Sandwiched between two thin layers of rubber was a series of tiny rubber cooling tubes that covered the whole body. In this way, cooling water could be circulated around the body to keep it a comfortable temperature. This was particularly important around the head where excessive heat could lead to fatal heat stroke. The technology for this had been developed for the space program, but was now available to the general public - at a price. This suit had cost nearly six thousand dollars, far more than a regular rubber catsuit would cost. Richard picked up the lower half of the suit. The rubber was a little thicker than most of Kristen's other catsuits, but as it was not intended for regular removal or for moving in, this would not be a problem.

The other two pieces of the suit - the torso and hood - were constructed in the same way. The cooling tubes in the hood would be connected to the torso and the torso to the legs. In this way the cooling water would flow around the entire body and keep it at a constant and uniform temperature. It was a very clever design and required superb craftsmanship to make - hence the cost. The last couple of inches on each piece of the suit - at the neck and waist - were only a single layer of rubber thick and with no cooling tubes. When joined together the joint would be the same thickness as the rest of this suit and virtually undetectable.

Kristen started to stir and Richard turned back to her. "How do you feel? The Foley's in and the suit is ready to go on, if you're ready."

Kristen found it a little awkward to talk with the feeding tube in her gullet. "I feel a little drowsy still, but okay. I can't wait to get the suit on."

"Kathy, can you give me a hand to get the suit on her?" Richard asked.

The nurse nodded and Richard went over to the table and picked up a large bottle of lubricant. He poured a generous portion into his left hand and smeared the stuff liberally all over Kristen's legs and thighs. Kristen flinched as the cool liquid touched her skin, but she enjoyed Richard's caressing. Between the nurse and Richard they pulled the suit legs over Kristen's feet and slowly worked the skin-tight latex up over her calves and thighs, stopping short of her crotch.

"Okay, Kristen we're going to insert the dildoes. We'll put the vaginal one in first."

Richard picked up the penis shaped dildo from the table. It was made of steel and covered in rubber with dozens of small protrusions all over its surface. The dildo was a exact copy of his own penis and the making of it had been an interesting experience for him. First he had injected himself near the base of his shaft with a drug given to men with impotence to engender an erection. If given in large enough quantities it could sustain an erection for hours. With his penis fully erect, they had coated his shaft and balls with petroleum jelly then covered them with plaster of Paris. When the cast had solidified they pulled it off his cock and made a wax mould of it. From that mould they could make a rubber copy of his genitalia.

A couple of thin electrical wires connected to electrodes trailed out of the back of it. Richard coated the shaft with a little lubricant and inserted the dildo deep into Kristen's vagina. She gasped as the large rubber and metal cock entered her body, but soon she was accustomed to its girth and she smiled contentedly. Next he placed small metallic disc, also connected to electrical wires, directly over her clitoris. The wires were colour-coded - red for the vaginal dildo and blue for clitoris. When connected to the computer, they could be made to vibrate and pulsate.

Richard rolled Kristen on to her stomach and inserted a well-lubricated finger into her anus. She moaned in pleasure as his finger rubbed against her prostate. The anal dildo was also of unusual design. It consisted of two concentric cylinders; one nestled inside the other to form a double walled tube. The end of the tube was connected to a hose; once inserted and connected; warm water would flow down the outer tube into the bowel. After a few minutes, vacuum would be applied to the hose and the enema fluid would be sucked up the inner tube and flushed out. As Kristen would be fed only a liquid diet from now on, the amount of solid matter accumulating in her bowels would be small, so the enema treatment would be needed only once a week. Like the vaginal dildo, this one was designed to vibrate under computer control - the brown leads snaked out of the back through a rubber sleeve.

Kristen had adapted do this extra large butt-plug over the previous several months by using an inflatable anal plug on a daily basis and gradually increasing the diameter. By now her sphincter muscles could accommodate a very large dildo without discomfort. Richard coated the tube with a generous amount of lubricant and pushed it firmly but slowly into Kristen's arse-hole She grimaced as the tube entered, but quickly grew accustomed to its size.

Richard looked quizzically at Kristen. "They feel comfortable? If you’re ready we'll pull the rest of the suit up over your waist."

Kristen smiled. "Yes, they feel wonderful, thanks. Lets get that suit on - I can't wait."

Richard threaded the electrical wires from the vaginal dildo and clitoral disk and the catheter (having first disconnected the urine bag and capping the tube) through a small reinforced hole in the crotch of the suit, forming a tight seal around the tube. Later he would seal the hole completely with some liquid latex. In a similar way he threaded the butt-plug wires and evacuation tube through a hole in the rear of the suit. With that done, he was able to pull the suit up to its full extent and the thin rubber hem lay around Kristen's waist, just below her navel.

Richard helped Kristen sit up on the bed, then stopped for a second. "We need to remove those nipple rings for now", he said, "we'll put them back when the suit's on."

With that he reached over and carefully opened the nipple rings and pulled them from their piercings. The suit torso had a couple of small holes, through which the nipples could be pulled and the rings reinserted. Kristen had large and firm nipples, so teasing them through the suit would not be difficult. He smeared more of the lubricant over Kristen's body - as it dried it would tend to stick the rubber to the skin.

Richard picked up the torso half of the suit and pulled it over Kristen's head. She raised her arms and pushed them into the sleeves of the suit until her hands were firmly placed in the attached gloves. The gloves had individual fingers, but each finger was joined to the adjacent ones to prevent her from wiggling her fingers. Before he pulled the suit down to her waist, Richard placed a pair of metal disks, similar to the one over her clitoris except with a hole in the middle for the nipple to protrude though, over her nipples. He also glued a number of smaller disks at points on her chest - these would be used to monitor bodily functions, heart rate, breathing, body temperature etc. The wires for all these disks would exit the suit under the armpit. He carefully pushed the wires and IV through the small holes in the suit, then pulled the suit down to the waist, being careful not to dislodge any of the metal discs. He smoothed all the wrinkles out of the suit until the two halves overlapped properly.

The two halves of the suit were now on top to each other. Richard rolled back the bottom two inches of the torso half and found the connector for the cooling tube. He inserted that into the mating piece on the leg half; making sure there was a good seal between them. The external connector for the cooling system were valves located in the small of her back. He attached supply and return hoses to them Then he took a jar of the rubber adhesive from the table and with a small brush coated the last two inches of the two halves of the suit with it. He let it get tacky for a few seconds, then rolled the hem of the torso half down. He smoothed the join with firm pressure and soon the two halves were bonded together. With the two halves of the suit joined, he retrieved the nipple rings from the table and threaded them the piercings in Kristen's now erect nipples.

"That glue will actually fuse the rubber in the next couple of hours", he explained to the nurse, "The two halves will eventually become one. We will have to cut her out of the suit when the time comes."

Kristen knew that that time was a long way off, but the nurse didn't need to know that. She smiled to herself, thinking the nurse might be surprised by the length of time Kristen intended to be in this suit.

"Okay Kristen, we're going to insert the nose plugs and gag now."

Kristen nodded in response. Richard picked up the nose plugs from the table and squirted a tiny amount of super glue on the outside of them. The inside of the plugs were threaded to accept a mating connector. A pair of thin rubber tubes would supply the air that Kristen needed to survive - air that would pass over heated rubber blocks so that she would always have the smell of rubber. Richard inserted a plug in each nostril, but before he did so he removed the ring through Kristen's septum, ready for reuse later. The nose plugs would ensure that there would always be a clear passage for the air and they slightly distended her nostrils.

The gag was a large ball of rubber with a central hole through which the feeding tube would pass. In addition there was an inflation valve and a supply line for drinking water that would exit through holes in the base. Richard threaded the feeding tube through the hole in the gag and pushed the flaccid rubber into Kristen's mouth. A few quick pumps on the attached bulb inflator and the gag inflated to fill every part of her mouth, so she could no longer speak. She looked a little like a chipmunk with her cheeks bulging outwards and Richard grinned at her and inflated his own cheeks to let her know what he was thinking. One last item was needed before the hood would go on. Richard pushed plugs into each ear; each plug contained a tiny speaker that Richard could use to talk to Kristen later. They had agreed that Richard would only use this in an emergency - the whole idea of the experiment was complete isolation.

Finally Richard was ready to put on the hood. Once again he smeared a good amount of lubricant on to his hands and rubbed it all over Kristen's gleaming bald scalp. The hood was anatomically correct (having been made from a cast of Kristen's own head) with nostril holes and a small hole at the mouth for the feeding tube and drinking water supply to pass through. The neck of the hood was split to about half way up so that the tight neck would fit over Kristen's head. The split would be glued together once the hood was in place. The hood had no eyeholes - once fitted Kristen would effectively be blind.

Kristen felt Richard pulling the tight rubber over her head and it slid down over her eyes. Before things went completely dark, she had one last glimpse of Richard's smiling face - a vision she would keep with her in the long months ahead. Richard pushed the tubes through the hole in the front of the hood then pulled it down all the way. As before he connected the cooling system and glued the split in the hood at the back of the neck together and joined the hood to the neck of the torso.

Richard took the nose ring and inserted it back through Kristen's septum. Finally the coverage was complete and Kristen looked a vision in the gleaming black rubber that covered her entire body without a blemish. He quickly went over all the holes in the suit with a spray can of liquid latex and made sure all the openings were sealed. Now the only contact Kristen had with the outside air was through the thin breathing tubes. Richard collected the heavy rubber posture collar from the table and fitted it around her neck. It was tight fit and Richard had to strain at the straps to get the buckles to close. A small padlock would prevent the collar from being removed. The collar stretched from her shoulder blades to the under side of her chin and held the head absolutely immobile.

"Everything comfortable, darling? Can you breathe and swallow okay?" Richard asked the black rubber doll lying on the bed in front of him." I'm going to close the zips now."

The earplugs muffled Richard voice, but Kristen understood what he was saying and gave him a thumbs-up to indicate that all was fine. Richard turned his attention to the zippers that ran down between her legs and at her sides. The leg zipper started a couple of inches below her crotch and ran all the way down to her toes on the inside of her legs. Once closed it would keep her legs rigidly together. Likewise a zipper ran from under each armpit down to the wrist and would keep her arms firmly joined to her sides. Richard closed all three zippers and Kristen felt a little thrill course through her body as the first of her bondage began. As a final step before the mummy bag, Richard took a can of latex polish and buffed up the surface of the rubber to a brilliant shiny gloss. The lights sparkled off the ebony skin and Richard felt the start of an erection growing in his groin. He was careful not to let the nurse see the growing bulge in his pants. Throughout the fitting of the suit, Kathy had been staring with rapt attention as the gleaming rubber suit covered Kristen's body. She was starting to get turned on herself. She had never really seen rubber close up, but the sight of this beautiful woman transformed into a living rubber doll was making her rethink her ideas. With the money that Richard was paying her, she could go out and purchase a suit herself.

Richard broke her concentration. "Can you help me with the mummy bag, Kathy?"

Before the mummy bag could be pulled over her body, it was necessary to gather all the various tubes and wires together. The catheter and front wires went back between her legs (through the gap in the zipper) and were bundled with the enema tube and the rear wires to form a thick umbilical. They were threaded through a black rubber sleeve to keep them all together. The tubes coming from the mouth passed over her shoulder and, along with the IV line and the electrical wires from under her armpit, ran down her back. All the tubes and wires came together at the small of her back where they were threaded trough another sleeve.

The mummy bag was a completely transparent, heavy rubber sack that was designed to fit over the body very closely, following the contours of the body with hands and feet joined to the suit. A rigid transparent plastic chest piece was built in to the front of the bag, like a breastpiece to keep the bag away from her chest and allow her to breathe. It was quite a struggle getting this rubber bag over the rubber suit and it took the two of them about twenty minutes to wrestle the bag into position. The umbilical was passed through a small hole in the back of the bag. Kristen could feel the additional pressure of the skin-tight bag around her and her body temperature started to rise; though she was not sweating. The mummy bag was zipped up the back, and then the wide flap covering the zipper was glued in place, making a water tight seal. With the bag in place Kristen was totally immobilised and ready to be inserted into the cylinder that would be her home for the foreseeable future.

The Cylinder

Richard walked over to the big acrylic cylinder that sat in the corner of the room. It was about seven feet tall and three feet in diameter and had a thick black base like a plinth. Built into the underside of the base were 4 small rollers that raised the base about one inch off the ground. Taking hold of the cylinder, he rolled it over to the centre of the room where it stood below a large pulley that hung from the roof. A plastic covered chain ran over the pulley and was connected to a small electric winch. Richard took the hook on the end of the chain and hooked it through the lifting strap that was attached at the head end of the bag. He switched on the winch and slowly the chain started to tighten. As the chain started to pull Kristen off the bed, Richard and Kathy steadied her and manoeuvred her next to the cylinder. Eventually the rubber-clad body was suspended over the open end of the cylinder.

The cylinder had a slot, about one inch wide and three foot long, running down the side from the one end. It ended in a two-inch diameter hole lined with a rubber grommet on its lower half. The exposed edges of the slot were grooved so that the matching plastic piece could slide into the groove and complete the cylinder. Richard rotated the cylinder, so that the slot lined up with the umbilical sleeve at Kristen's back. Reversing the motor on the winch, he slowly lowered Kristen into the cylinder, making sure that the bundle of wires and tubes seated properly in the hole at the base of the slot. Richard inserted the other half of the grommet and popped it into place in the hole; then, using a small step ladder, climbed up and inserted the plastic piece into the slot in the cylinder. Kristen was now suspended in the middle of the cylinder, her feet about six inches off the bottom and she swayed slightly like a giant black rubber pendulum.

Down in the cellar below them, amongst all the other tanks and pumps, was a vat of molten wax. This wax had a fairly low melting point and when solid was completely transparent. A thick flexible pipe came out of the floor with a valve at one end. Kathy passed the hose to Richard while he was on the ladder and he held the end over the open cylinder. He turned the valve and the viscous liquid wax started to flow, slowly filling the cylinder. He watched as the wax inexorably crept up Kristen's body, compressing the layers of rubber even tighter to her body. Finally the level of the wax rose to within an inch of the top of the cylinder and Richard turned off the valve and handed the hose back to Kathy. The wax now completely covered Kristen and rose about six inches above her head.

Kristen, though unable to see what was happening, was fully aware of the progress by the movements of her body and the rising pressure of the fluid around her. Soon, as the wax started to cool, it would solidify to a transparent tube of pure wax, trapping her body inside like a statue. She would be unable to move even in the slightest, apart from the slight heaving of her chest as she breathed.

Richard was able to move the cylinder to its final location by the windows with Kathy's help. He plugged the base of the cylinder into a nearby wall socket. Buried in the base was heating coil and a drain valve - in an emergency the wax could be reheated and the molten wax would flow out of the valve back into the holding tank below the floor. On the floor next to the cylinder was a whole series of connectors for tubes and wires, all colour-coded. Below them in the cellar matching tubes were connected to supply or holding tanks. There were tanks of air, cooling water, drinking water, the liquid nourishment; the catheter and enema tubes were connected to the sewage system and to the vacuum pump and water tank. The electrical wires were linked to the computer in the study. Richard had to work fast to connect everything, as he knew that Kristen would need the cooling water flowing around her body very shortly.

At last all the connection were made and Richard was able to see the fluid flowing up from the floor towards the cylinder. Inside her new home Kristen was could feel the cooling water flow around her and her body temperature started to drop. She would not have to concern herself with the food or water supply as these were completely automated and would respond to her body's needs. What she really wanted was the dildos and other stimulating devices to start working, but first Richard would have to go into the study and check the computer. Plus the wax would have to solidify completely first - she wasn't allowed to have any stimulation until she was totally immobilised.

The wax in the lower portion of the cylinder was beginning to harden. It would take a couple of hours to reach full hardness, but very soon it would be rigid enough to support Kristen's weight. Richard pulled the stepladder over next to the cylinder, climbed up and unhooked the hook from the lifting strap. Kathy handed him the black matching lid and he placed it on top of the cylinder, hiding the top of the wax. Later he would take the pulley down from the ceiling and unbolt the winch. He turned to the nurse who was standing in front of the window admiring the view.

"Thank you, Kathy, for all your help. I don't think I need you any longer and if you hurry you should make the two o'clock ferry. Now I don't need to remind you about being discrete about all this. If word of this experiment got out, there might be some trouble. Not everyone is as understanding and open-minded as you are. But it's all for genuine scientific research and I have a lot of safeguards and back-up systems."

"Yes, Mr. Palmer, I understand. But don't worry, with the kind of money you've paid me I'll take what I've seen here to my grave. I must admit it's been a very interesting and enlightening experience. I do hope your wife will be alright in there", she replied motioning towards the cylinder and the inert figure suspended inside.

"Oh she'll be fine - don't worry. Now let me get your coat and I'll see you to your car."

He led her out of the bedroom and to the front door, where he got her coat from the hall closet. He opened the door for her and together they climbed the few steps to the driveway. He held open the door of her Ford Taurus for her and she climbed in. He waved to her as she pulled out of the driveway and headed down the narrow road to the highway. As she left, Richard turned and went back into the house. He headed straight for the study and sat down at his computer. The special body-monitoring program he had designed was already up and running and Richard could see that all the sensors were working correctly. The computer was tied in to all the pumps and tanks below and could increase or decrease flows as needed. Should Kristen's body temperature rise, for instance, the computer would instruct the cooling water pump to increase the flow rate to her cooling system.

The other primary function of the computer system was to provide Kristen with sexual stimulation. The various dildoes and vibrators could be activated in sequence or randomly. Kristen and Richard had a programmed a number of set sequences into the system and the order of these could be randomly applied. One sequence might start with stimulation of the breasts followed by activation of the anal plug, then the clitoral pad and finally the vaginal dildo. Another might start in her ass and end up at her tits. Kristen would never know which was coming next. In addition to these pre-programmed sequences, Richard could also input his own stimulation either via the computer or by using a hand held device similar to a television remote control. The computer screen could also display a graphical representation of her body temperature based on the readings from the sensors on her body, like a colour thermal plot superimposed on the outline of the body. As her sexual excitement level grew, the local temperature around her genitalia would rise and would show up as bands of colour radiating away for the point of stimulation.

Richard talked into the microphone attached to the computer. "Kristen, Kathy has gone home now and we're alone. In about an hour the wax should be completely solid and we can start the stimulation. But first I need to run a quick check on all the systems."

Using his mouse he was able to activate manually the various life support systems - a function normally done completely automatically by the computer software, He raised the flow rate in the cooling system and saw a small drop in body temperature. The food pump delivered a measured quantity of nutrient and Kristen felt the warm mush flowing into her stomach. A few seconds later she could feel a little cold water released from the base of the gag and she drank it down gratefully. Finally Richard clicked on the 'Enema' icon and the small pump whirred to life, delivering warm water to Kristen's bowels. Deep down in her belly, Kristen felt the warm fluid entering her and her bowels filling. Soon she was comfortably full and Richard let it sit there for a few minutes, then switched on the vacuum pump and she felt the enema being sucked out of her body.

"All the systems seem to be working just fine, Kristen", he informed her. "I'm going to grab a quick shower and get a bite of lunch. Don't go anywhere without me." He laughed softly. "After I finish talking I'm going to switch off the microphone and you should be in total silence from now on. Enjoy yourself in there. I love you, darling."

Inside her rubber and wax cocoon, Kristen listened to every word with bated breath. Could she wait another hour for the stimulation to start? Already she was highly aroused. The total darkness and near total silence combined by her complete immobilisation was really getting to her. She could hardly believe that after all the months of planning and waiting that her dream had finally come true! Her breathing was shallow but regular and her body temperature had settled down to a pleasant 75 degrees. All in all she felt very relaxed and comfortable. Richard could inject her with anything he pleased via the IV in her shoulder - sleeping drugs, hallucinogens, medication or anything. Being sealed inside several layers of rubber and wax and with everything entering her body filtered and sterilised there was very little chance of her getting sick. She would never have to worry about food or drink, she would not have to bother about emptying her bladder or bowels and she would be getting sexual pleasure all over her body as often as she wanted. She was totally encased in rubber and had rubber in all her orifices. What more could any rubber loving woman want? She had passed into a new phase in her life, completely divorced from her old self. She was a living rubber statue, a black rubber doll. Two years ago when this whole thing had started with the arrival or Richard's first gift - those wonderful dildo panties - she couldn't have foreseen where it would have led her.

Richard was feeling a little sweaty and dirty from the morning’s physical activities so he headed for the bathroom and took a very relaxing shower. After he dried himself and changed into fresh clothes, he walked over to the kitchen to fix himself lunch. With a ham and cheese sandwich in one hand and a beer in the other he entered the spare bedroom and stood next to the cylinder, admiring his handiwork. The black figure trapped within the now solidified wax stared at him silently, oblivious to his presence. He put down the beer on a nearby table and pressed his cheek against the warm acrylic, rubbing his hand up and down it's smooth surface. He could feel a slight vibration through the wall of the cylinder - no doubt coming from the pumps below. He was tempted to tap on the side of the cylinder to let Kristen know he was there, but he refrained as they had agreed he was to have as little direct contact with her as possible.

He moved away from the cylinder and went into the study. He clicked on the icon of a catsuited female (an icon made from a picture of Kristen herself) and the stimulation program loaded. From the menu he chose 'Program 4' - one of Kristen's favourites. It was designed to keep her on the edge of orgasm for a long time and would be a nice way to start her confinement. As the program started, he was able to monitor its progress from the readouts from the sensors. As she approached climax he would see the thermal fringes radiating away from her crotch, then recede again as the stimulation backed off.

Inside her rubber prison, the first thing Kristen was aware of was a slight tingling around her nipples. Thank God, she thought, he's started the program. I wonder which one he chose. As the vibration of the breast pads increased, she felt the disc over her clitoris begin to vibrate. Oh good, I think he chose number four, she said to herself, my favourite. Soon both vibrators were buzzing away nicely and she waited for the butt plug to kick in. Sure enough, right on cue, the anal dildo started to pulsate and Kristen felt herself getting damp. Eventually all four erogenous zones were being stimulated simultaneously and Kristen found herself on the brink of an orgasm. But as planned the computer backed off on the stimulation and the climax subsided. This was repeated over and over again until she thought she would scream with frustration.

Finally the computer let her go all way to a full orgasm. And what an orgasm it was. Kristen had never had one like it - it was the most incredible sexual experience of her life and she thought she might faint. With no external way to express her pleasure - unable to scream or move - all the intense feelings were directed inward. It almost literally blew her mind and it took long time to calm herself down. She likened it to the feeling of a near-death experience - moving towards a bright white light and all that. If every orgasm was as good as the first, she would never want to get out of her suit.

Richard could tell from watching his computer screen that Kristen had indeed experienced an amazing orgasm. The sensors were showing markedly increased heart rate, breathing and body temperature. The graphical thermal imaging plot showed a patch of deep red radiating away from her groin going through the rainbow of colours until it reached the deep blue of torso. Similar smaller patches of colour emanated from her nipples. The automatic systems were already working, increasing the oxygen in her air supply and raising the flow rate of her cooling water. As he watched the colours gradually returned to normal and the pumps settled down to their standard settings. Hope you enjoyed that one, my darling, there's a lot more where that came from, he said to himself. Before he left his desk, he returned to the stimulation program and selected 'Automatic - Random' from the menu.

They had decided beforehand that Kristen might need some drugs to help calm her and quell any claustrophobia she might be feeling for the first couple of weeks of isolation. Back in the bedroom, Richard injected 10cc of a mixture of Marinol (a marijuana like drug, legally available on prescription) and Prozac into the IV. It would take a little while for it to start to work, but taken in the vein would be far more effective than taken orally. Kristen was unaware that he had injected her, but soon she would begin to feel the effects of the drugs and calm down. As her body had expended quite a bit o energy in her sexual activities, the computer instructed the food supply pump to send a large amount of the liquid food directly to her stomach. Kristen felt the warm mush filling her belly and the warmth radiated out through her body, making her feel very relaxed.

With no outside stimuli to help her, Kristen's body clock would begin to go awry if she didn't stick to her regular sleeping patterns. So for a while she would receive a sleeping drug at nighttime, automatically delivered by the computer. With the computer monitoring and controlling every part of Kristen's life, there was no need for Richard to even be in the house. All he would need to do was fill the food tank at regular intervals (it could hold a months worth of food). Water came directly from the mains supply and the back-up generator would provide electricity should there be a power cut.

Richard grabbed his video camera and strolled back to the bedroom. He spent several minutes videotaping Kristen suspended in her rubber and wax home. She would be able to view it after when she was released from her confinement, whenever that was. He focused in on her face and her ebony head filled the viewfinder. She was so beautiful, so perfect in her glistening black rubber skin - a picture of loveliness and he missed her already.

A Walk on the Beach

Richard was at a bit of a loss as to what do for the rest of the day. Inspired by Kristen, he decided that a walk on the beach wearing his catsuit might be a good way to spend the afternoon. He walked over to the closet and pulled open the left-hand side. His extensive collection of rubber garments (though not as great as Kristen's) hung from the closet rod. He selected a catsuit in medium weight black latex with attached gloves and open faced hood, along with a pair of cock-and-ball briefs with attached butt-plug. The rubber garments were already powdered and within a few minutes he was dressed and zipping up the back zipper of the catsuit. He locked the tabs of the two zippers together with a small brass padlock, then placed a studded latex and leather collar around his neck. As it was a sunny day he also added some mirrored, high-tech wrap-around sunglasses. He polished everything to a high gloss with a bottle of latex polish and a damp cloth.

His property had it's own private beach access and would lead to several miles of deserted beach that couldn't be viewed by the casual observer. He was confident he could take a long leisurely stroll without being seen or disturbed. From the refrigerator he took a sports bottle of Gatorade and slung the carrying strap over his shoulder. As he moved the butt-plug slid in and out of his anus giving him some very pleasant anal stimulation and he started to get an erection. He armed the security system as he opened the patio door on to the deck. A few steps off the deck led to a gravel path to the beach. It was a warm day and Richard could feel the sun beating down on his back. He knew that by the time his walk was over, he would be drenched in sweat, but that didn't bother him. In fact he liked the feeling of his own bodily fluids sloshing around inside his suit. He walked down to the water and waded in up to his knees. This particular suit was specifically designed for walking in and had built-in feet with heavyweight rubber soles, so he was not concerned with damaging the rubber.

Back at the house, Kristen was oblivious to all this and was dozing contentedly, waiting for the computer to activate the stimuli again. She had no real concept of time. She lived now to orgasm, sleep and dream. All other facets of normal life meant nothing to her anymore. She had seriously considered spending the rest of her life like this, but only Richard's pleas that he would miss her too much changed her mind. About two hours after the initial stimulation, the computer started the program again. This time the anal plug began pulsating first followed by the clitoral pad, the nipple discs and finally the vaginal dildo. She came again with only a slightly less intense orgasm as the first time. The overwhelming satisfaction she got from coming brought tears to her eyes and she sighed mentally to herself. If only other women could experience this, she thought, there would be millions of these cylinders full of very happy women around the world.

As Richard walked along the beach and waded through the surf, his thoughts naturally turned to Kristen and her "experiment" Just how long could the human body tolerate total isolation and confinement? Would the brain eventually turn to mush without some form of sensory input. They were both fully aware of the physical effects of her isolation - the muscle loss, skin problems - and the need for rehabilitation after her release, but no one was really sure of the mental side of things. However, Richard was sure from this point on Kristen could not be happy without very heavy amounts of rubber and bondage and would always associate sex with rubber. Which was fine with him -there was nothing he liked better than seeing the women he loved all dressed up in skin-tight latex.

Eventually he came to the end of the beach and he sat down on a large driftwood log and took a long swig from the bottle. The sweat was running down his chest and thighs and pooling in his feet, making a squishing noise as he moved them. He figured he would lose a pint or two of fluids during his walk, so the Gatorade was important. On the way back, the sun would be in his eyes and he was glad he had brought the sunglasses. As he walked back along the beach he thought he saw an orca breach the water near the horizon. Pods of the huge mammals were fairly common around the islands and he was often able to spot them from the house with binoculars. It made him realise how lucky he was - the money, the house, a beautiful wife who loved rubber as much or more than he did.

Back at the house, Richard did a quick check of the computer, noting that the stimulation program had run once while he was away. The colour plots were all normal so the program must have run a little while ago. It appeared that Kristen was sleeping, judging by her heart rate and breathing patterns. The long walk had taken nearly two hours and Richard badly needed a shower. He decided to use the shower in the bathroom off the spare bedroom. As the warm water flowed over his sticky body, he peeled the rubber away from his skin and let it fall to the floor. He turned the legs, sleeves and hood inside out and thoroughly washed all the white talcum powder off the suit. He hung it over the shower back screen temporarily and pulled his briefs down his legs, relishing the sensation as the butt-plug slid out of his rectum. Then he spent ten minutes washing himself and shampooing his hair. He wished he could shave his head as Kristen had done, but he still needed to speak with clients and he wasn't sure the bald look would go down too well.

After he dried himself, Richard donned a thick terrycloth robe and sat on the side of the bed. He had already decided to sleep in this room, giving Kristen his moral support. This room was slightly smaller than the master bedroom and had a queen-sized bed instead of a king. The view from this room was very similar to the other bedroom, both being on the same side of the house and of course it had the added attraction of a beautiful rubber clad woman trapped inside a cylinder of solid wax. The fitted white rubber sheets were already on the bed, although Richard intended to spend the night in his rubber sleeping bag. He went over to the closet to choose an outfit for the night. This time he chose another black latex catsuit with full-face hood, built-in penis sheath (under a zippered pouch), integral anal plug, gloves and tailored feet. The sheath had a small hole in the tip so that he could urinate when he wished. The hood had D-rings attached to the sides so that later he could add a strap-on gag after he finished eating. Once again he joined the head and back zippers with a padlock and placed the same posture collar around his neck, securing it with another padlock. Then he locked both keys in the safe and set the timer for the next morning. Now he was securely locked into his catsuit and wouldn't be able to extricate himself without cutting the rubber.

He looked at he clock on the bedside table - it was nearly five-thirty. Time to think about making some dinner. He wasn't really in the mood to make something from scratch, so took some leftover spaghetti sauce out of the freezer and stuck it in the microwave to thaw and cook. While the sauce was cooking he filled a saucepan with water, added a little salt and oil to the water and set it down on the range. Within five minutes the water was boiling; Richard lowered the heat and added the pasta.

Richard took his meal and ate it in front of the TV sitting on the couch. He watched the news for a few minutes, then switched to the Sonics game. The team was playing away at Detroit and were challenging the Lakers for the lead in the Pacific division. As the game progressed Richard lay out on the couch drinking his wine. The long walk had made him tired and combined with the wine he found himself nodding off. He decided to make an early night of it. He went into the bathroom off the second bedroom, unzipped his penile pouch and took a long leak through the small hole in the end of the sheath. He took the inflatable gag with the pass-through breathing tube and inserted it into his mouth and attached the straps to the D-rings on the side of his hood. A few pumps on the bulb inflator and the soft rubber ball expanded to fill his mouth. He went over to the bed, pulled back, the duvet and top sheet, to reveal the rubber sleeping bag. He zipped the bag open to the feet, lay on top of the bag and folded the lower half over his legs, then pulled the zipper about two-thirds up his body. Before closing it fully, he took the rubber blindfold off the nightstand and put it on his head, attaching to a second set of D-rings. He felt for the switch to the bedside lamp and clicked it off. In total darkness now he pulled the zipper all the way to his neck, relishing the cool tight rubber enveloping his body. Richard had no trouble in getting to sleep wearing several layers of rubber, having got used to it over many years. Soon he had drifted into a deep contended sleep, his head filled with dreams of Kristen, her new life and all the good times they had together in the last two years.

Inside her rubber cocoon, the days for Kristen turned into weeks and the weeks into months. She had of course little concept of time any more, but the weekly enemas did giver her some idea of the passing weeks. She had settled down into a comfortable life totally isolated from the cares of the outside world. Apart from missing Richard, she was as happy and contended as she had ever been and could envisage realistically spending the rest of her life in her rubber prison.

From the Seattle Times, February 17, 1999 :

Local Software Mogul in Coma

Richard Palmer, 37, founder and president of a local software company is listed in critical condition at Evergreen hospital. Mr. Palmer' car, a Jaguar XJS, apparently skidded on an icy road last night and crashed into a tree. He sustained extensive head injuries and is in a coma. Doctors are not optimistic about his prognosis Mr. Palmer founded his company, XETAL Inc in 1994 and they specialise in educational software for children. Employees at his company were shocked and saddened to hear of the accident.

The whereabouts of Mr. Palmer' wife, Kristen Palmer, 35, are unknown and the police have been unable to contact her at their home in the San Juan Islands ...




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