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Vacuum Balloon

by Scubadude

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© Copyright 2002 - Scubadude - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; bagged; catsuit; breathplay; tease; torment; encased; underwater; mast; climax; cons; X

We had both been working hard all week so we decided that we would spend the whole weekend in rubber. Sarah was feeling pretty hot and couldn't stop playing with a latex surgical glove she had in her hands. She ran it though her fingers then pulled it over her hand, stretching it down to as far as her elbow - then Snap! She let it go and it shot back to her wrist. The glove moulded to her hand like a second skin, coating it in shiny translucent latex. Then she looked up. I've seen that look in her eyes before... and I know I'm in for a treat! I wondered what she had in mind?

"Wait here - I'm just gonna get things ready" said Sarah.

That was strange - normally she would just grab my arm and pull me to the bedroom or swimming pool but this time Sarah had something much more fun planned. Half an hour or so went by and still no sign of her... what on earth was she up to? Finally the bedroom door opened and I could hear the sound of breathing apparatus. Sarah emerged from the room covered head to toe in skin-tight shiny black rubber. The latex followed every curve of her beautiful body, sealing her inside an airtight protective barrier. She was also wearing a gasmask, which was fed by an oxygen cylinder on her back. Each breath she took made the sound of an angry serpent hissing as the oxygen filled the mask and entered her lungs. With one of her latex clad hands she beckoned me to follow her. 

As I entered the room I didn't even recognise it as all the furniture and the floor had been covered in black rubber sheeting - except for the water bed which had all the covers removed and had been replaced with translucent latex sheets and rubber pillow cases. By the side of the bed stood a large oxygen cylinder and from the regulator of the cylinder hung a black re-breather bladder attached to which was a long black ribbed rubber breathing hose with an ominous looking rubber facemask at the end. What I didn't notice was also on the bed lay a large translucent rubber balloon. Sarah moved over to the oxygen cylinder and removed the facemask from its rest and turned on the oxygen. The cylinder started to hiss and the re-breather bag started to swell as it filled with pure oxygen. 

"Take off your clothes" spoke Sarah's slightly muffled voice from inside the gasmask. She handed me a bottle of lubrication gel, "Now rub it all over you" she told me.

As I started to apply the lube to my body, Sarah put down the oxygen mask. The bladder was now full, a large bulging rubber sphere. The regulator had stopped as the bladder had reach pressure. Sarah walked over to me and helped me apply the lubrication making sure that I was completely covered - rubbing me with her rubber-covered hands. She also gave me a black latex bathing cap to wear and as I raised my hands over my head she ran her rubber-gloved hand down my chest and stomach towards my now bulging hard-on. I shuddered as her hand gripped my shaft, sending a pulse of energy through my body. Her rubber-coated hand stoked my penis and I groaned with ever stroke.

"Not yet" she said as she let go and took my hand and walked me over to the bed. Sarah picked up the balloon. It was about 5 feet in length and about a foot in width, "you're going inside, but first you'll need to be able to breathe". I was glad she realised that! I was handed the oxygen mask. The mask had an inflatable rubber skirt that made a perfect airtight seal around my nose and mouth. She adjusted the straps around my head to make sure that the mask was secure and there weren't any leaks.

I took my first breath from the mask drawing the oxygen into my lungs and the re-breather bag sank as my lungs started to empty it, but as I did the regulator opened and quickly replenished it causing the bag to swell again. At first the mask made my feel like I was suffocating but the oxygen soon calmed me with its smell - so clean and fresh, making me feel light and full of energy. Each breath I took was so visual as the bladder collapsed and swelled with the hiss of the regulator causing my hard-on to swell even harder as I moaned into the mask. Sarah then took hold of my shaft and started to stoke it sending my breathing rate through the roof. The regulator was constantly working now but was keeping up; she then picked up the balloon and helped me slip it over my head. The balloon was very tight but I managed to slide in with ease due to the amount of lube I had used. I squeezed my arms inside and at this point Sarah had to take over.

The feeling of the balloon against my face was amazing and I could only just see as everything was blurred by the latex. The balloon was down to my penis now so Sarah took hold and slipped it inside causing me to shudder with excitement as she drew the balloon down to my ankles. "You'll have to lie down now," she said, helping me to the bed. As I flopped back a wave of water sloshed beneath me, swaying me to and fro. She then drew the balloon over my feet and clamped it shut around the rubber breathing hose. I was now completely enveloped by the rubber balloon and the only way I was able to breathe was with the oxygen mask attached to my face. 

Sarah then climbed onto the bed straddling me and began to rub her crotch against my penis - it was as if the rubber was denying us sex but at the same time masturbating us both. She began to massage me. It felt like she had a thousand hands touching and feeling every part of my body as the balloon slipped 'n' squeezed against my skin. My aching penis strained against the rubber wall of the balloon, helplessly trapped inside and building now to an almighty orgasm, but Sarah stopped and climbed off before I could climax and stood by the side of the oxygen cylinder. I lay there gasping for breath, feeling frustrated - wanting to cum and wondering what she was up to. I could just make out through the rubber pressed tight against my face that see was turning off the oxygen! 

As she did the regulator stopped replenishing the reservoir of oxygen in the black rubber bladder and now each breath I took caused the bag to collapse more and more until I couldn't get any at all. As I tried to breathe the facemask sucked hard against my face smothering me. I began to panic as I couldn't breathe. My lungs started to burn - I needed air! I managed to move my arms up to my face and pulled off the facemask - each movement was causing my erection to pulsate almost to the brink of orgasm but at last I was able to breathe. I soon realised that I was now re-breathing the air that was trapped inside the balloon but it was already staring to get thin. 

I looked at Sarah - she had removed the hose from the regulator and walked out of the room only to return dragging what looked like the vacuum cleaner. She then attached the rubber hose to the vacuum and started it up. The mask that had once supplied me with life giving oxygen was now reclaiming it, sucking all the air from the balloon, vacuum-packing me to the point where I was totally immobilised. I managed to get one last breath before all the air was removed and held on to it. Sarah then unhooked the hose, quickly sealing the end of it with her rubber-gloved hand and then turned off the vacuum. At this point I let my breath go and began panting - every time I exhaled, I inflated the balloon slightly but each time I breathed in, the balloon sucked hard against me and I could feel myself fading. I erupted as a massive orgasm shot though my suffocating body, my penis almost exploding as I writhed against the impenetrable rubber wall of the balloon. Sarah reconnected the hose to the cylinder and turned it back on, blasting oxygen back into the balloon. I replaced the mask over my face and just lay there sucking on the mask, gasping. Sarah leaned over me and said "did you like that?" 

Pool Play

Next day I decided to go for a swim - we had a nice pool, lovely and warm and 7 feet deep. As I turned from completing a length, Sarah entered the room wearing a beautiful black rubber bathing costume, bathing cap and goggles. She poised herself on the side of the deep end of the pool then gracefully dived in, swam towards me underwater and surfaced in front of me. As she broke the surface, the water ran down the latex that was covering her hair and down her face. 

"I thought we were going to spend the whole weekend in rubber or have you had enough?" she said sarcastically,.

"No" I quickly replied, "I just felt like a swim that's all".

Sarah looked down at my swimming trunks, "tut tut, those will have to come off - they're not made of rubber".

She sank beneath the surface and started tugging at my trunks and soon had them off. She surfaced with them and threw them on the side. I made a grab for her but she just screamed and quickly swam back out of reach and then again disappeared under the water. She started to swim around me; I could feel her eyes looking at me underwater. I felt at a disadvantage because of the fact she could see clearly as she had goggles on, plus I was now naked! 

After about a minute Sarah surfaced and smiled, "you look good underwater, but you'd look better all wrapped up in rubber!"

The thought of this made me wonder what she had in mind as I watched her swim to the poolside and climb out. The water ran down her gorgeous sleek figure causing it to glisten, the rubber swimsuit moulded to her fantastically sexy rump. "Time for a dive" she said, turning round to me. On the bench there were two scuba sets with full-face masks. I swam over to the poolside and climbed out to check them making sure that they were both full and in good order. Sarah walked over to the lockers and removed her favourite rubber catsuit. It was black and had attached gloves, feet and a hood. The suit had a zip across the shoulders in the style of a diving drysuit and once she had on her scuba gear the only way to her body was through a hole placed perfectly over her sex. Sarah went to get changed as I checked the scuba sets. 

I turned on the gas and watched the gauge needles move up to full then picked up the mask and placed it over my face. The rubber skirt of the mask made a perfect airtight seal over my face and as I inhaled, the regulator responded by hissing as it released the air into the mask. I loved the sound of my breathing and breathed in deeply as the aroma of rubber filled my nostrils. Sarah returned covered head to toe in skin-tight shiny black rubber. The white of her beautiful face peered out though a perfectly round hole in the front of her hood. Her breasts looked as if they had been painted with shiny black gloss, her nipples erect as she was obviously aroused by the latex that covered her body. In her hand she was carrying a large black rubber sack and held it up in front of me. I noticed that there weren't any zip - just a small hole at the top and a loop at the bottom with a hook at the end. 

"You're going inside," she said again, "but this time you're going underwater".

I was instantly hard at the thought of this but wondered how on earth she was going to manage it. One of the scuba sets had a long hose feeding the facemask that would allow you to wear it without having to wear the cylinder on your back. Sarah helped me squeeze into the rubber body bag. I slipped my arms inside the sack as she pulled the bag up and over my shoulders then sealed it around my neck leaving only my head exposed. At this point she revealed a black rubber hood for me to wear and began to pull it over my head. As the neck part of the hood reached my face she noticed that it was smothering me and decided to keep it there for a while. I tried to breathe but only inhaled the rubber tight against my face. I tried to move my arms so I could remove the hood to allow me to breathe, but to my surprise was unable to as the rubber sack held me firm.

Sarah finally pulled the hood down allowing me to take a breath and I gasped - she just smiled and looked at me in a way that I knew I was in for it. Sarah slipped into her scuba gear and placed the mask over her face, sealing it with the straps and then moved the other set over to the poolside where she had placed a pair of soft black rubber fins. She then helped me shuffle to the poolside and sat me down. I was now precariously balanced on the deep end of the pool, which made me quite nervous, as I knew I wouldn't be able to swim should I fall in. I was soon relieved from this as Sarah slipped the mask over my face and sealed it with the straps - now I would at least be able to breathe! 

Just breathing from the mask made my penis hard and Sarah could see it pressing against the rubber wall of the bag as she pulled on her fins and entered the pool. Each breath she took hissed as the air filled her mask protecting her face from the water. She moved over to me and helped me slide in as well. As I entered the pool, the air from inside the bag rushed up the back of my neck with the pressure of the water, squeezing me as I sank to chin level. I gasped as the water took hold of me; my penis was pressed hard against my stomach now and I was totally unable to move.

"Going down" said Sarah from inside the mask and she disappeared beneath the surface in a flurry of bubbles. A few seconds later I could feel her tugging on the bottom of the sack and I was soon pulled beneath the surface, sending me into a panic as I gasped for air - I thought I was going to drown and was unable to control my breathing. Bubbles were everywhere as each time I exhaled, bubbles burst from the front of my mask. I was pulled to the bottom of the pool, helplessly trapped inside the rubber body bag, which Sarah had hooked to the grid on the floor of the pool. I knew I wasn't going anywhere and managed to regain control of my breathing. As I watched, Sarah was swimming around in front of me and each time she breathed out, bubbles burst from her mask towards the surface.

She then lay on the bottom of the pool in front of me with her legs spread so I could see her exposed sex and with her rubber gloved fingers started to masturbate in front of me. This was amazing - GOD! - I wanted to slide my own finger inside her and as I moaned into my mask, I wished I could get my hand to my shaft, but it was useless - I couldn't move. My penis strained against the rubber, which was now starting to get slippery. I couldn't take my eyes off her as she was getting closer to orgasm - bubbles were constantly flowing from her mask and I could hear her moaning as she came. Her whole body arched and shuddered with pure ecstasy. 

Sarah sank back down on the floor, gasping as she rested from her climax. She didn't take long and swam over to me. Her eyes smiled at me and with a quick flick of her fins, she wrapped her rubber-clad legs around my head, pressing her sex against the visor of my mask. She arched her back and started to rub her pussy to and fro - almost dislodging my mask from my face. The sight of this sent me into a frenzy and I was now thrusting my arse back and forth, rubbing my acing shaft against the by now very slippery inside of the rubber body bag. Sarah released me and moved down to my penis, pressing her sex against my swollen hard on, Oh god! I wished I could bury my hard shaft into her. 

Just as I was about to cum, Sarah released me again and swam to the surface leaving me frustrated. She quickly returned carrying my air cylinder and placed it on the bottom. Her eyes met mine as she started to turn off my air! First she turned it off just enough to restrict the flow, making it hard to breathe. She could see me struggling with each breath but this wasn't enough for her and she turned it off completely. I tried to breathe in but the mask just collapsed against my face, as there wasn't any air. Sarah watched me suffocating inside my rubber prison on the bottom of the pool and each time I breathed in, the mask sucked more against my face and my penis swelled harder and harder. 

To my relief, Sarah turned my air back on and at last again I could breathe - I gasped for breath. Once she knew I had recovered, she again turned off the cylinder cutting off my air supply. She then quickly swam over to me and wrapped her rubber thighs around my body, pressing her exposed pussy against my aching shaft. My lungs were burning in desperate need of oxygen; Sarah pressed her mask against mine - her eyes stared into mine as she watched me slowly suffocating; my eyes begged for air. I started to cum and my whole body seized and convulsed with each powerful pulse of orgasm that shot through my body. 

I was at the point of passing out when Sarah quickly released me and turned my air back on. I took a huge lungful of air. What a relief it was to be finally able to breathe again and I just flopped gasping for air. After a couple of minutes, I had fully recovered from my ordeal and looked around. Sarah was nowhere to be seen. I could just see the gauge on my air cylinder and it was reading almost empty! Was she going to leave me here!?!?! 



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