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Under the Spell

by Sealsmooth

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© Copyright 2008 - Sealsmooth - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/mf; D/s; latex; bond; breathplay; oral; toys; cons/reluct; X

Chapter 1

Stretching languidly under the red latex sheets, bare arms starkly white against the background, the rubber caressed the cheeks of her bottom. She was wearing a black rubber helmet with a deep collar, which zipped down the back of the head. This complete exclusion from the world filled her nostrils with the smell of warm, damp latex. The lock into which the zip clipped was closed and a penis gag, inflated to fill her mouth, prevented all but the slightest sounds  Her eyes could only see out of small holes punched in the blindfold. Despite this, she was relaxed although unhappy to be restrained in such a positive way. Bright sunshine streamed into the room, falling onto the red sheets and heating the occupant lying with her legs open underneath.

She moved her hips against the rubber, feeling a fold rise slowly between her legs. With increased urgency she slipped a rubber-gloved hand down, gently inserting it between her warm and moist lips. A muffled moan escaped her lips as she gently teased the sensitive area, feeling the outer lips swell with her passion.

A thin steel chain rested between the lips and travelled further, passing over her anus. Inserted in this opening was a black rubber dildo, 6" in length and 2" in girth. Above its base a small rubber flange, once inserted, kept the anal muscles from forcing the dildo out. A further steel plate stopped the rubber penis from being drawn inside the body and becoming lost. Clipped onto the plate, a chain traced the crease of her buttocks up to her waist, where it ended on a skin-tight black rubber upper-body suit.

The suit covered the area between the neck and waist. Cut-outs showed off the erect nipples as her breasts fell gently to either side. As with the back, two chains started their journey at a thick rubber collar on the base of the suit, tracing their way downwards either side of the mass of dark pubic hair. From her wrists and ankles, further chains attached to heavy rubber straps ended in bolts on the wall and floor. Skin-tight red latex stockings encased her legs and short black ankle-length boots enveloped her feet.

Zipped tightly at the side and clipping into small locks, the boots held the floor chains in place. The ballet boots had stiletto heels some 5" high. Against this background of bondage, the heat of the sun and the enforced restriction in latex made the ache in her loins grow steadily. Her fingers massaged her clitoris and lips, feeling the rubber gloves and sheets grow slippery. Slowly she moved the hardness of a roll-shaped, latex pillow between her open legs. Struggling to move the gag, she only succeeded in drawing it further into her mouth. As she breathed deeply, the rubber helmet drew tightly against her face, her nose filled with hot latex. She began to move her pelvis against the hardness of the rubber pillow, while her fingers stroked the sensitive bud of flesh. Her position caused the rubber sheets to slowly draw down, exposing the whiteness of her bottom. In this raised position, the dildo could be seen clearly.

The muscles in her anus contracted in a vain attempt to force the artificial penis out. Despite her best efforts, the plug remained securely in place. Her passion rising and body warmed, the rubber stuck to her skin everywhere it touched her. The pelvic motion became more urgent, the action of her fingers more rapid as orgasm approached. Then as so many times before, her body pumped into uncontrollable action. Her legs ground against the pillow, hand pushed hard against clitoris and vagina, trying to fill it to satisfaction. Slowly and sadly, the moment passed, leaving her feeling strangely detached. She could feel the coolness of the rubber were it touched her breasts and stomach, it always felt cool and clinging and caressed her skin. The sensation made her nipples swell anew, but the discomfort in her bottom remained.

A burning pain caused by the dildo was a continuing ache in her bottom. The tightness of the stockings and boots, when her body was so hot, made her feel like a balloon trapped inside a bottle. A mixture of smells filled her nose, saliva, female arousal, warm rubber, as the helmet shrouded her involvement with the world outside. Her jaw ached because the rubber gag held her mouth open and again she had to clamp down on a reaction to choke.

Tickling her as they passed down and under her body, the chains from her body suit reminded her of the job they did. All of this she was aware of and yet not part of, as the afterglow of orgasm dissipated. After a while she fell into a light doze. The growing heat under the rubber woke her up, her mood changed and different. The day was passing and she wanted to escape her confinement. In rising, the heel of a boot caught in the rubber sheets, tumbling her back. Irritated, she impatiently brushed off the sheets and swung her legs onto the floor. In her attempt she misjudged the length of the chains, finding herself standing awkwardly. In this position, the restraints were reasserted, she lost her balance and fell forwards onto one knee. The ankle bonds were just long enough to allow her to balance awkwardly by bed, but not to move away from it. Remembering this for the thousandth time, she tried to improve her vision by removing the helmet. Reaching up to the lock and trying to prise it open she failed to move the hasp, her fingers restricted by the latex mittens. Frustrated, she turned her attention to the stockings and boots, but the thick straps holding stocking up and the ankle chains on the boots were immovable.

She stood now, and bent forwards, working the wrist chains into a position where she could just feel her bottom with mittened hands. The plate attached to the rubber plug sat between her cheeks and might move if she could get her mitten under the chain. Groping around there seemed to be sufficient freedom in the chain to slip a mitten under it. A first strong pull began to draw the plug out. However, as she pulled, the chains at the front and rear tightened, cutting deeply between her outer lips and cutting into her clitoris. With an increased urgency she pulled hard and the dildo drew out enough to partly expose the flange at its base. Even memory of the pain at its insertion was not enough to stop her removal attempt; it was sufficient that she thought that relief was possible. The pain from the front chain was now enough to make her hunch forward slightly to ease the effect. In moving, the ankle chain threw her off balance, making her stand up. Instantly, the mitten slipped out from under the chain and the dildo slid back fully into place. She opened her mouth wide to cry out, deeply drawing in the penis gag and moaning as the tortured muscles protested. Tears of frustration and pain gathered in her eyes, she stumbled, arms failing and sat down suddenly on the bed, the thick rubber plug driven up hard into her bottom.

Resting on the bed, she again felt around the catch of the rubber helmet. After endless fiddling she suddenly felt the catch move and a second later it sprang open. With immense relief, she pawed at the neck collar and gradually felt it loosen and the hood fell forwards, hanging from her lips by the inflated gag. Grabbing the slippery, sweat streaked hood between her mittens she pulled hard at the gag, her protesting jaw muscles stretched wide apart. Pulling the gag free, she threw the wet hood across the room and stood squinting in the bright sunshine.

With increasing confidence, she turned her attention to the body-suit. It was soon apparent that while she could now see, talk and hear without restriction, most of the remaining bonds could not be removed apart from the mittens. Putting the cuff catches between her lips she in turn released each cramped hand, tossing each mitten on the bed. Still restrained, the extent of her bondage remained nevertheless, forcibly evident.

At this point a need to go to the toilet made itself felt. Trying to move away from the bed she balanced carefully on the high heels. This caused her pelvis to push forward, arch her back and clench her bottom, making the tightness of the body-suit, dildo and boots more keenly felt. The feeling in her bladder grew and the need to escape the chains became more compelling. After an hour of increasing desperation, she realised that she would be unable to make it to the bathroom. She lunged forward in a final attempt and fell back onto the red latex sheets of the bed. The pressure inside her bladder was too much to bear this fall. To her abiding horror, a stream of warm, golden liquid trickled out between her legs. Before she could stop, the trickle became a flood and she buried her face in the red latex sheets as her body took over. Afterwards she attempted to dry herself, but the rubber merely rustled and swished, moving the liquid around the bed. She watched in appalled fascination as the liquid ran off the bed onto the floor. Somewhere in the back of her mind she was grateful that the floor was covered in PVC. As what remained of the liquid on the bed cooled, collecting on the rubber and her skin, she felt the utter humiliation of her position completely and her anger grew apace.

She reflected on how she had got herself into this position in the first place. Her appetite for arousing men and women to a point where their ability to reason was left behind, had attracted her too many people. She enjoyed sex in many forms. Presently, she was in the middle of a steady relationship, which had grown out of a chance meeting. Aware of the effect rubber had on people, she had bought a shiny black latex mackintosh. This had seemed a sufficient addition to her wardrobe, until her partner had introduced her to a wider world of rubber. Rubber love opened her eyes far beyond her previous experience of sex in leather and mild bondage. Her appetite and wardrobe bore out these new-found pleasures. It amazed her that although he was a quiet person who seemed full of inhibitions on the surface, but could be assured of creating fantastic and prolonged rubber games. These games usually ended in frantic sex with both fulfilling their own urgent needs. Rubber and bondage teased and delayed their orgasms to the last possible second. Before long, their appetite for sex extended outside and both took to dressing in latex or leather street fashion. Under these, they would taunt and tease through suitable cut-outs, until sex took place anywhere a moment's privacy could be found.

She particularly enjoyed wearing a tight black PVC blouse, short red latex miniskirt, black latex thong, black sheer stockings and shiny ankle boots. The effect on people's faces when she sat, making the skirt ride up, or bend over exposing her bottom cheeks made her feel good. It was not always men who made the first move. Many times when she wore clinging, skin-tight rubber clothes like the short, shiny red latex dress with only the thong underneath, women would sidle up to her and ask her if the dress was really made of rubber. She would then seek to edge the inquirer into a corner, standing closely, so the smell the latex would fill the space between them.

Becoming aroused, they would often tentatively reach and touch, or stroke the rubber. Gently, she took their fingers and brushed them against her latex covered breasts or bottom. If the hand was not withdrawn, she would suggest a visit to the bathroom. This proved too much for some to take and matters ended there. But, if the latex had entranced and trapped, a slow trip was made, deliberately flaunting her body to a spellbound follower. Once in the bathroom, she would seem to make an attempt to refresh her makeup, carelessly dropping something. This allowed her the luxurious moment when she could bend down, exposing her bare bottom. The thin black rubber band of the thong stretched around her thighs, disappearing between the cheeks of her bottom would be in full view.

Watching the reaction as the scene was taken in, she would slowly stand up in a way that brought her close to the other. By now any resolve would have weakened enough for her to continue her exhibition in an extreme fashion. The result would tell her whether her quarry had swallowed the bait in full. After remaining close for a few moments, she would move away and quickly remove the dress, turning nakedly to face the other. She made a point of holding their gaze by looking straight into their eyes as the dress came off. Proffering the dress for the other to hold, she sat, opened her legs and went to toilet. The rubber thong was small enough that its removal was unnecessary. Also because she made no move to remove it, the spell remained unbroken. Eyes would open wide as it became obvious was happening and then becoming embarrassed, but unable to look away as she held their gaze without wavering. Calmly standing up, she offered the toilet to the other.

At this point they would be so confused that the game was over. With this knowledge she would ask if they would like to try on the dress. Dumbly, they would begin undressing. She made sure that she caressed them until they stood before her. She would initiate removal of their underwear, saying that to wear rubber clothing meant being naked underneath. Then the final conquest would come, they would put on the warm rubber and be amazed at the feel. By now, passion would be running almost out of control and she would take them in her arms, caressing and talking softly. If she could control it, she would make them fall to their knees and she would stand before them.

Now, she knew that she was master. Seating herself, drawing their heads slowly between her legs, experiencing the mixture of musky, aroused female and the sharpness of urine, most would resist what was coming next. Pushing aside their weak objections as insignificant, the slave now ended on the floor. With them lying under her, looking up between her thighs, where the thong barely covered the glistening open lips, she would place their heads tightly between her thighs and press down until the wet rubber covered their faces. She forced their total submission by demanding to be licked. After struggling to resist her thighs, the smell of warm, wet latex and her juices pervaded the air with its sharpness. Pressing down more forcibly, she pushed the rubber over the mouth and nose. To stimulate them she would caress their sex, bringing their lust to a climax.

Unsure at first, they would lick, taking in the exciting smells and mastery, the domination gave them. When she could no longer hold back she would slowly arch her back and push her head between their legs too. As she licked their sex, orgasm for both would approach swiftly. She had known both men and women who were unable to resist the charms of her rubber clothes. Feeling a hard penis through the folds of her rubber skirt made her feel immortal, the ultimate master of the moment, until she took him into her mouth and then their passion and pleasure would be equal. Afterwards she always gently declined full intercourse, if it were a male admirer. This was for her pleasure mainly. Full sex was for her partner only as they had agreed at the outset. Again dressed to kill in latex, she would leave a naked and dazed lover to return to the party.

Recently, she had met a man at a party who had aroused her to the point where she wanted to strip and tease his body there and then. Unusually, they had left quietly on their own and returned to her flat. Once inside the door, she touched the bulge in his jeans, sliding the zip slowly down. His penis was hard, the top a deep purple with the veins standing out. Just as she slid his hardness into her mouth, taking him deep into the back of her throat, the flat door opened and her partner walked in the door. The result was to be expected, except her lover from the party was too far gone to be able to hold back and he came into her mouth. As he ejaculated, he held her head closely to his groin, moaning as his knees began to give way. Throughout the orgasm her partner watched silently. After the orgasm had passed, he suggested quietly that the other should leave now. Her newest lover collected himself as best he could, smiled apologetically and left with all the dignity he could muster with a wet stain in his jeans.

Her partner looked at her in silence. She had expected an immediate reaction, but was unable to predict this outcome. After a while irritation forced her to break the silence, asking him whether he was a man or a mouse. Still, he did not reply. This impassive response goaded her, she sarcastically asked him whether he was enough of a man to punish her. This time his eyes looked deeply into hers and held her gaze, but his silence remained. His teasing had increased her desire and she was conscious that her vagina was getting wetter. There was a growing ache in her stomach and her breasts jutted out, nipples more erect than she could remember before. In exasperation she slowly stripped, leaving her ankle boots on and stood naked before him, hips pushed forward.

For a while she caressed and flaunted herself in front of him, until the needs of her clitoris took over. Bending over so that her bottom and lips were clearly exposed, in an exaggerated attempt to pick something off of the floor, she felt an urgent need to masturbate in front of him. Almost without thinking, she let her hand drift through the hair between her legs, feeling for the soft fold of skin that so urgently demanded attention. At this point he reacted swiftly and purposefully. His hand gripped hers, moving it away from her sex. She tried to resist, but he held her arms away from her body entirely. He explained. Would she submit to his punishment?  Would she admit that what she had done was unfair? 

After so much silence she told him to go to hell, that she was able to do what she liked and when she liked, with whom she liked. Despite her boldness, underneath she wanted him to caress her and to master her. He lifted her bodily off the ground and took her into the bedroom. Turning and locking the door, he put the key into his pocket.

Thinking that fantastic sex was to follow, she stood on the far side of the room, wondering what was to follow. The situation made her passion grow so much that she could feel the wetness spreading around the top of her legs and back towards her bottom. He put red rubber sheets onto the bed and lifted a series of latex items out of a drawer. The first was a helmet, with straps and rings at the side, a thick, deep collar also with rings and a zip with a small lock. She did not recognise these items and the heightened bondage they would create suddenly worried her. Put it on, he told her. Her apprehension growing as he approached, he pulled the rubber over the back of her head and down over her face. The rubber was cold and clammy as he forced the zip down over her head, drawing the helmet tightly against her skin. He put the zip into the lock on the deep collar and pushed it shut. She could still see and breathe, but thick padding around her ears muffled any sound. A thick neck collar also made turning her head and speaking more difficult. The collar closed with a clip at the back.

Then he gave her long rubber stockings and mittens to put on. Again the rubber was cold and clammy, but the helmet was beginning to warm up as she struggled to pull the other items on. The aroma of warm latex began to fill her nostrils and so dressed she embraced her partner, guilt and desire making her submissive to his needs. He took her into his arms and kissed her deeply, placing his hands behind her head, while his tongue searched for hers. Hands roamed over each other's bodies, searching for the exciting and intimate places. She lifted open legs and draped it around his waist, rubbing her pelvis against his hip. He reached down, feeling inside her vagina, stroking her clitoris. He held her bottom cheeks, stroked the cleft in the buttocks, his mouth taking her nipple, to suck and tease gently between his teeth. She arched her back and moaned out loud, crying out for him to fuck her. A split second later he pushed her away, ordering her to still still while he put on the ankle-length boots with high heels. She sat on the side of the bed, feeling him pull the boots on, wondering what was coming next.

Next he passed her a strange body suit in black latex which she did not recall having seen before. He began to help her into the suit. It had short arms and ended around the tummy button, but was skin tight. Around the bottom was a thicker band of rubber which pressed into her stomach. She saw that the band had two small steel rings fixed to it above the tummy button and could see another at the back. Wondering what sort of bondage these would be for, she stood up and faced her partner. His erection bulged in his trousers and his face was flushed more than usual. The body suit had cut-outs for her breasts, although the rubber gave some support underneath. Again she kissed him, placing a rubber gloved mitten on the bulge in his trousers. He backed away and without warning spun her around. She lost her balance on the high heels and fell against him, ending kneeling in front of him, with her head almost in his groin. The similarity of the situation to that earlier in the night was not lost on her and she began fellatio. As she took his penis into her mouth, he again put his hands behind her head. She could feel him attaching something to the back of the rubber helmet. It was a blindfold, with two small holes to see out of. Suddenly her world was reduced to what she could smell and see, her hearing already muffled by the thickness of the rubber padding.

He lifted her up, caressing gently her nipples. She moaned, pressing her hips against his. He pushed her down onto the bed and spoke quietly. Tied to the bed by her arms and legs and she would be made to suffer extreme sexual desire. This would continue for as long as he thought necessary. The end would not come until she felt the same humiliation that he had felt upon entering the door and seeing her with another man's penis in her mouth.

She felt him attach the wrist and ankle straps, connecting the chains. Her freedom was restricted to the bed, as he pulled the chains. Her legs and arms were now spread-eagled as she saw him sit by the side of her. She expected him to caress her body, but his hands seemed full of something. He showed her an inflatable rubber penis gag, attached to a half-face mask saying that she would wear from now on. She shook her head and told him bluntly that there was no way that she would submit to him in this way. Nevertheless, he held her head firmly and began to attach the mask, struggling as she wrestled with him. By closing her nose she was forced to open her mouth to breathe and he muffled her fury by forcing the deflated gag between her lips. Shutting her mouth firmly on the limp rubber, feeling a latex pad cover the lower half of her face, she could not spit out the rubber in her mouth. Furious with him for his greater strength, she glared at him through the blindfold. There was no way in which she would allow the gag into her mouth and he could not force her to.

She felt a touch on the body, around her stomach. It was a tickle, a light touch and it slowly worked its way down between her legs. She was powerless to stop the feeling going wherever it liked. The lust that was built up exploded through her body and a moan was forced from her mouth. Then she remembered the gag and shut her lips, although the need to cry out became stronger by the second. She could feel orgasm approaching when the feeling stopped. A while later it began again. The ache in her stomach began to change into a pain and she wanted to fill her vagina with a hard penis which would ram into her again and again.

She forgot all about the reason for being tied down in rubber and began to taste the rubber penis that was attached to the gag. It tasted funny and she sucked it into her mouth, the feeling surprisingly adding to her passion. As the gag grew in size she licked and sucked upon the penis in every way she knew how, forgetting that it was a substitute for the real thing. Too late she realised that the penis was over-large, forcing the tip against the back of her throat. By now her mouth was forced wide apart, the gag pressing her tongue down onto the base of her mouth. She tried to cry out, but the gag only allowed her to huff and puff. For the first time panic set in as she saw a smile appear on his face. This is the first part of the punishment he told her. If you like sucking a penis so much, then you shall suck on one for as long as is necessary to teach you a lesson. She was furious with the trick and wriggled frantically on the bed, trying to free herself of her bonds. He patiently explained that the gag was fixed to the helmet lock. Anger took over as she fought to free herself. How dare he treat her as though she was his possession and slave!

Then he showed her the second part of her punishment. It was a small black rubber dildo, with a steel base plate and two chains attached. In her anger, she rejected him, thinking that at least the dildo would satisfy her in some way. Though she was puzzled as to the strange shape, their usual dildos were much thicker and longer. She felt him attach the first chain above her tummy button and pass down between her legs. The possibilities of this situation made her relax, although she would repay him for the gag, she could put up with the dildo. He made her roll over by swapping the chains over, so that she was now on her face. He put his hands between her legs and slowly inserted them into her vagina.

By now, some two or three hours after the original incident, her juices had run out of her vagina and made the whole area of her buttocks wet and slippery. She could feel the softness of the rubber sheets beneath her and the wetness where her bottom had been a moment ago. She could not remember feeling so much in the mood, or being so wet! Thinking that the wetness was uncomfortable and not very nice, she decided the entertainment was worth it. The front chain was pulled between her outer lips and she raised her bottom slightly so that the dildo would slip into place. Her anus and vagina were now fully exposed, as her partner placed a rubber pillow beneath her hips. She wriggled expectantly and to her complete surprise felt something being inserted into her anus!  The dildo was being pushed into place, it was wet and slippery with her vaginal secretions so that in seconds it was nearly in. She grunted and struggled with a panic that she had never felt before.

In the past, anal sex had happened by allowing matters to get out of hand and never had bondage been applied in this way. She had helped her partner gain anal pleasure, but only by helping him insert a dildo, usually attached to a pair of rubber pants. The plugs he used were small and stimulated by causing discomfort. This however was terribly different. The thickness stretched the tender muscle wide, making it burn like fire. He told her that what she was feeling was only part of the full punishment, he explained that a flange on the dildo would stop her rejecting it. She strained and began to move the dildo out. She felt him reapply inward pressure, suddenly her anus was being stretched wide open. The pain made her scream against the gag, although only a choking cough emerged. Then it was over, the slick rubber flange forced her anus wide open, slid in and dildo was fully in place. She panted and fought to remove the intrusion, scrabbling with her hands and kicking against the bonds. She felt the chains tighten as the rear chain was fixed to the rubber body suit. He turned her over again and released her from the bed chains. She was free to move around the flat, but was bound in a state of oral and anal punishment. The mittens ensured that the bonds could not be removed until he was ready to remove them.

She sprang up, clawing at her bottom, when she realised that removal without his help was impossible, she turned on him, slapping, hitting, even punching to demand immediate release. He sat impassive to her attack, all the time watching her buttock muscles clench as the dildo began its punishment. She felt a burning pain and deeper penetration with every movement. She found that the only relief that she could gain was by squatting, as though going to toilet. As he watched her punishment, she could see his satisfaction. In an attempt to beg with him, tears of anger and pain ran down her cheeks under the rubber hood, but no words could be heard. No matter what excuses or promises that she could have tried, the gag made her silent. Instinctively, when she saw that he had no intention of releasing her, she stumbled to the bathroom, locking the door. Once inside she groped frantically at her bonds, her hands made useless by the mittens, particularly attempting to remove the dildo, trying to find a release. She expected him to come and look for her, to try and prevent her releasing herself, but he made no move to do so. After an hour's futile attempts she sat on the toilet and reflected upon her predicament. She was in this mess purely because of a desire for sex, to suck a particular man's penis, to drive him wild with desire and make him come. Now she was stuck with the consequences of her actions with no obvious way out and her partner knew it.

Her hand stole down between her legs and she stroked her lips with a gloved hand. Quickly orgasm grew and within minutes she was writhing on the seat as her passion exploded throughout her body. All of a sudden, the restriction of her position made her a complete slave to her feelings. She was his slave and a randy one at that!  Needing sex, she wanted him badly. As this realisation dawned on her, she decided to make the best of matters, until the situation changed. She left the bathroom and went into the kitchen where her partner was preparing a late supper. Suddenly, despite her new found acceptance, she realised that he had no intentions of removing the gag so that she could eat or drink. Turning to look at her, his rubber slave, tottering on the high heel of the boots, which forced her hips forward, he smiled and turned back to his supper.

Angry, she turned to walk into the lounge and found herself having to slow so as not to fall over. She sensed that he was enjoying seeing her struggle, so she made a supreme effort to walk slowly. She caught sight of herself on the long mirror in the lounge. She saw a woman, partly dressed in red and black rubber, her breasts standing out white against the black rubber body suit. Her long legs were exaggerated by the high heels and the red latex stockings. The front chains drew obvious attention to the area between her legs and the shine of the glossy latex helmet made her anonymous, a sex object. Without a face she was no longer herself, a person, but a walking vagina, as every other opening was now filled. The dildo made her keep her bottom slightly apart, serving to enhance her availability. The mittened hands completed the image of capture and domination. She saw immediately the punishment that had been given to her and her taunting had formed the basis of her bondage.

Trying to sit on the sofa, the pain in her bottom made her stand up again. She realised that she was being watched from the door. He told her to sit and gently pushed her down into a seat. The discomfort will subside she was told, you will have to get used to it. Reluctantly she watched him eat his light supper, continually moving her bottom from side to side to ease the intense feelings. When he had finished, he rose and explained that he would not be staying the night, as she had expected. He also explained that he would not be having sex before he left. The quiet and neutral tone frightened her. She would be returned to her bedroom where he would leave her until he felt that the punishment was complete. She wondered about that, he had said that she would be humiliated. Feeling that now, she was unable to see how much more could be felt.

He stood up and led her back to the bedroom. She went with him, unable to explain why she acted so submissively when part of her was raging against the treatment. He locked the chains to the wrist and ankle straps and turned around. Sitting on the side of the bed, now definitely a prisoner in her rubber bonds. He said that he would release her when she could explain what humiliation felt like and turned to leave. True, blinding panic swept through her, she made to get up and was held back by the chains, when would he return?  She cried out at him. The only sound in the room was panting as she tried to shift the gag. He left and she heard the front door close quietly. Reluctantly, she accepted that she was to stay in this position until he changed his mind and she had no idea how long that would be. Vainly she checked her bonds for some chance of freedom, but was unsuccessful again. She rolled under the latex sheets and tried to settle down in a position of relative comfort to await the end of her punishment. She did not sleep until the early hours of the morning.

When she awoke, the sun was streaming through the window. Her reflection complete, she looked down at the wet sheets and accepted that she felt disgusted with herself for allowing to be in such a position of helplessness. She felt the humiliation keenly and knew her partner fully expected this. A natural resilience overcame the humiliation of her punishment leaving a growing need. Her partner would experience revenge for this, the pain acting as a potent reminder as it receded. Despite this natural reaction, the constant ache now filled a new role, becoming part of her. Being submissive to the dildo's forced insertion gave way to a growing need. This was her partner's aim she realised. He wanted her to be revolted but similarly attracted at the same time. This was what he meant by feeling the same as he. He probably felt identical emotions as he watched her avidly suck until her lover from the party ejaculated in her face. Her anger grew as she realised that her individual, personal strength had been assaulted. He must know that her lust for sex would drive her into participating in any act asked of her. She had accepted his needs and helped him to achieve personal satisfaction, but had remained apart from some acts. Now this balance had been irrevocably changed. She also knew that she would want him to satisfy her newer needs too.

There was no going back, change had been made. Her anger faded to a hazy determination not to give in so easily. Towards lunchtime, the front door opened and her partner came in. She heard him move around for a while, before the door to the bedroom opened. He entered, looking sheepish and concerned. A wave of guilt and sorrow washed through her and she stood, holding her arms out for him to embrace her. Rushing to each other, he took her into his arms, explaining he was sorry. She echoed his apologies and rested her head in his shoulder, until they both were calmer. The words coming in a jumble, she explained how the idea of a dildo had revolted and disgusted her. How the penis gag and helmet had removed her identity and lastly, how urinating on the bed had appalled her, when she was unable to escape lying in her own liquid.

He smoothed her damp hair and looked into her eyes as she spoke. The punishment is over she asked, searching his face for the answer. He nodded and motioned for her to bend over so that the dildo could be removed. She bit her lip as he pulled the flange out, expecting to feel relief, but to her surprise, the pain seemed to feel worse. She rolled over on the latex sheets and looked at him, moaning as the muscles tried to contract back to their original shape. She saw him unlock the dildo and remove it from the chains. Then he handed her a pair of black, skin-tight rubber shorts. These will protect you until you can control your bottom again he advised her, now go and wash yourself. She made to remove the rest of the rubber clothes, but he indicated that she should remain so dressed, until the rubber had been washed. In the shower, she washed herself all over, so that she and the rubber were perfectly clean. Then stripping off the bondage suit, gloves, stockings and boots, she left them to dry.

He was relaxed in the lounge, half watching television. She sat by him, her rubber covered thighs pressing close to his. He had chosen these shorts on purpose, she knew, because of the small rubber stimulator panel at the front which was already making her wet again. She laid a hand on his trouser zip and slowly drew it down, watching the bulge grow. He turned to meet her lips and her tongue flicked around his. She pressed him down under her as her weight counterbalanced his and began to undress him. She exposed his chest and lying on top, licked around his nipples, taking the small lump of skin between her teeth and gently nipping. He moaned and thrust his hips upwards as he tongue slowly traced a meandering path down to his tummy button.

Discarding his trousers, she pushed both hands under his body, searching for his bottom. His face flushed as she gripped his cheeks, as she motioned him to down over onto his stomach. She teased his pants down, tickling his back, legs and feet, she let her tongue drift to the crest in his buttocks and he lifted his bottom to meet her. Feeling between his raised hips, she caressed the erection beneath, slowly pulling the foreskin back over the swollen gland. Her pace increased as she masturbated him. When he was about to come, she stopped and turned him over. She looked at the man below her and desired his submission to her sex. Moving her hips over his face, she pressed the rubber into his face, holding his head in the way other lovers submitted to her. He fought to breathe, but her thighs held him firm. She stroked the head of his penis, running her nail around under the head, teasing the most sensitive area. Her other hand reached down below his testes, stimulating the area before his anus.

The need was too much and slowly she settled her rubber covered vagina over his mouth and nose. Rocking back and forth, she locked her ankles under his head and rested her full body weight through her outstretched arms on his chest. He was hers now, until she moved. His movements became more frantic as he sought air. She pumped her crutch slowly, the saliva covered latex forming a seal over his face. Lick me, she demanded as she bent down, taking the full length of his penis, deep into her mouth. She felt it pulse, as she closed her lips over the shaft. She moved to place her head, deep within his groin, taking the penis to the back of her mouth. Placing her hands around his bottom, she locked into the position. By sucking hard and moving up and down the stem of the penis she fellated him, drawing her teeth under the head and pulling at the tender skin. Her tongue searched for the opening at the top and licked the slippery moisture away. Then the waiting could be held back no further, he ejaculated, pumping salty semen. She swallowed and arched frantically upwards as her own orgasm raged through her loins.

She held his head in place, as his struggles to gain air increased. She smiled as he flailed his arms and legs uselessly, the latex suffocation draining his strength. Squashing her vagina into his face, she felt his breathing become more shallow until it almost ceased. No longer was his mouth caressing her vagina, but making a little sucking feeling which grew less and less. Before his life could slip away entirely, she rose, stripped off the rubber and stood over him, caressing his flaccid penis. She watched him gulp the air back into his lungs, the colour of his face turning white from blue. As soon as his penis was sufficiently erect, she inserted it into her and sank down hard into his groin. He was dizzy from a lack of air and confused by the growing passion. Recovering slowly, he saw the smile on her face as she looked down at him. As soon as he recovered sufficiently to participate, he gave himself up to the feeling in his groin. She gyrated her hips up and down, until his movement took over. He pushed her back onto the sofa, and knelt on the floor, bringing hips level with hers. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he rammed his penis in hard against her pelvis. She moaned and cried out as he took her in such a positive way. She felt him bruise, bite her neck and breasts, scratch her bottom, even touch her anus, but did not care. Together they worked through their passion, until weak, fulfilled and breathless they collapsed in each others arms.

As they lay together, she examined upon her needs. She liked to dominate, but also be dominated, so long as she was in control. Confused by the feelings of punishment, the ache in her bottom reminding of the bondage, she tried to make sense of it. Lastly, she had not intended to smother her lover in such a direct way, but she felt determined to make him submit. This feeling of submission, even to the point of smothering someone she cared for, puzzled and scared her. All of a sudden she was a different person, harder and stronger with bizarre desires  She decided that this taste for extremes should remain undisclosed for the meantime, until she understood its meaning more fully.

Later, when they had recovered enough, conversation between them was somehow stilted. They seemed distant from each other, as though some invisible barrier had been crossed and both felt incapable of sharing the experience. Her partner left, after a series of attempts at talk. They held each other inside the front door, unwilling to let go, as if it was a final admission. Eventually, she could hold him no longer and drawing back she kissed him tenderly on the cheek. Not looking into her face, her turned and left the flat. She knew then it was over for them. Rather than an expected sense of loss, she felt almost elated, able to do as she wanted. The freedom to explore her needs to the full. This made her elated and in control, however, her lips started to moisten.

Turning from the door, she walked thoughtfully into the flat, wondering what the future would bring. The following morning, she started looking for a new job which would match her new direction. Some weeks later, she obtained a new position in the fashion industry, dealing with the more bizarre and way-out end of the market. Partly satisfied she started dressing openly in latex and leather while at work. Her choice of clothes caused an initial reaction, but this faded quickly against the colourful background of the other staff. Wearing rubber in the street more openly and encouraging reactions from passers-by filled her days with endless possibilities. However, she did not foresee where this might lead…



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