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Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; toys; cons; X

Erosboutique & Grometsplaza Latex story competition 2004

The things I do for the company. I was in the lady's room, standing on a toilet in order to get close to a heat vent. In the men's room Cliff, our VP, was working out the details for skimming company profits. Catching him was going to be tricky. As far as I could tell, he hadn't done anything yet. There would be a narrow window of opportunity between when he actually did something and when he fled. If I had enough details I could arrange for his arrest then. If he actually managed to get away with the money the company would be out of business in a week.

Through the vent I heard "It's too public here. Let's talk at tonight's rubber party."

Damn! Our company provides web services for fetish related web sites and a lot of the employees are into various fetishes themselves but I was not one of them.

Let's see... who in the company was into rubber?  I decided to try the receptionist.

"Kate, what can you tell me about a rubber party tonight?"

"Why, you want to come?"

"Yes, but I've never been to one before."

"The entry requirements are simple - rubber or skin. Nothing else allowed. Do you have any rubber?"


"I don't have much that I can loan you. I only have one real outfit. Maybe you should wait for the next party. You can get your own stuff by then."

"Please - it's really important," I went into some detail.

"Ok," she agreed, "If the company depends on it then I can scrape something together for you. I warn you though, it's mainly going to be bondage equipment that can pass for clothing."

"Whatever it takes," I told her.

A few hours later I was at her apartment door. She was already dressed in a hobble skirt and a jacket, both rubber. The jacket didn't close in front. Instead straps held it tight to her body, showing a lot of cleavage.

She led me into the bedroom where she had set out the rest of her collection. Following her was interesting. The tight skirt gave her an unusual shuffle.

I looked over the equipment I had to work with. There was only one top, a crossover one that exposed as much as it covered.

I groaned at my other choices. There were two pairs of panties. One had an anal dildo and a clit stimulator. The other had two dildos. I was in for a distracting evening no matter what. I almost decided to do without.

The problem was what I would be using for a skirt. It was a leg binder. If I didn't buckle the bottom belt, left the lacing loose, and only zipped it part way down it would pass for a skirt but I would be showing too much skin that way to go without underwear.

I decided on the one with double dildos. I thought that it might not be as distracting. I lubed it up and eased it on. Kate surprised me by peeling off her skirt and pulling on the second pair. She gave me an embarrassed smile and said, "It makes dancing a lot more fun."

"You'll need a disguise," Kate pointed out, offering me a hood. It covered my entire head except for my eyes. I had to admit that no one would recognize me in it.

Unfortunately, the mask had a built-in inflatable gag. From a disguise viewpoint, this was good. It would muffle my voice so that no one would recognize it. Of course, no one would know what I was saying, either.

Kate buckled a collar on me. It had some D-rings that jingled nicely.

"Hold out you hands," she told me. I did and she slipped some gloves on. Except they were fist mitts. My hands were now useless.

"Our cover is that you are my new slave," Kate informed me. "When we get in I will find some excuse to tether you near Cliff and you can eavesdrop. No one pays attention to slaves. Everyone forgets that they are regular people the rest of the time."

I had never worn rubber before but I had sub'ed at some parties so I was ok with this.

Kate only had one pair of acceptable shoes and she was wearing them. Looking at the height of the heels I was glad. I would wear my regular shoes and go barefoot once we got to the party. She helped me with my coat and we went outside to find a cab.

Surprisingly the cabbie didn't say a word about how we were dressed. Kate helped me into the cab and I settled myself for the ride.

Now that I had a chance to relax I got the full effect of my outfit. With my head totally encased, all I could smell or taste was rubber. I was very aware of the rubber against my legs and hands and the contrast with my bare skin above the waist.

If I thought it was possible I would have suspected that Kate had chosen the cab with the worst shocks possible. Every bump moved the plugs inside me. I had been going along with things but it was beginning to turn me on. I began to understand why Kate dressed like this for fun.

The cab ride ended all too soon.

The party was in sort of a rave-style warehouse. There was a place for us to check our outerwear. Kate had me stand still while she fastened up my leg binder. I hadn't planned on that. The thing was hard enough to walk in when it was partly unfastened but once it was fully zipped up, laced tight, and the ankle strap tightened I could hardly move. Kate also clipped my mitts to the D-rings at my waist. This went with my roll as her slave but meant that I couldn't catch myself if I fell. I tried to complain but she gave a couple of squeezes to the bulb hanging from my mask, inflating the gag. I got the message. No talking.

I caught sight of myself in a mirror. I had to admit that it was a striking look. Except for my bra, I was bare skin between my waist and neck emphasizing the contrast of pale skin and shiny black rubber. The bra was a size too small and my nipples were pressed against the thin layer of latex. The bra didn't give much support, either so every time I moved I bounced. The way my legs were restrained, I did a lot of bouncing. The mask looked molded on in a way that leather never achieved

In fact there were only two ways of moving. I could sort of shuffle on my tip toes or I could hop. Shuffling took forever. Hopping made everything bounce and could be bad if I fell.

Kate attached a leash to my collar and led me into the party. She was moving pretty fast so I had to hop and trust her to catch me if I fell. The plugs in my underwear kept reminding me that they were there and I worried about having an orgasm and falling down.

One of my fantasies involves public orgasms. The fact that I might actually lose control and have just made me hotter.

We stopped and I didn't even notice why at first.

"Cliff," Kate called out. "Maybe you can help me. I want to go dancing but my slave can barely move. Can you watch her for me?"

Oh Jeez, I almost came in front of Cliff!

He was wearing a tight black shirt and some sort of tight black leggings with a built-in sheath for his penis (all made of latex, of course). The rest of him had never impressed me but, I was suddenly sorry that we never got to know each other better.

He smiled at me and asked, "Why not unfasten the leg binder?"

She pointed at a small padlock in the buckles, "I didn't bring the key. She's locked in until I get her home."

When did she lock the buckles? The mitts were locked, too. Did she leave the keys at her place or was this a bluff? She lived on a third story walk-up. That was going to be a long trip in this binder.

I knew that she was probably bluffing but I started worrying. Just how far was she going to take this slave thing?

Cliff was sitting near a post. Kate leaned me against it, wrapped my leash around the pole a couple of times, and fastened it to one of the clips holding my hands to my belt. With my fingers curled up in the mitt, I couldn't unfasten myself.

I started to realize just how helpless I was when Cliff stood up and moved closer to me. Here I was, gagged, bound hand and foot and at the mercy of a man I wanted to see in jail. If he removed my mask I was in real trouble.

My eyes widened as he reached for my mask. Instead of removing it, he gave the gag a couple more squeezes. I made an outraged sound and he pumped it up a couple more times. My mouth was really full now.

He reached down and ran a finger between my breasts. I shivered, I'm not sure why. It was nothing for him to pop my breasts out. Now instead of covering my breasts, the bra pushed them up and together for the world to see.

I had an awful thought. What if Kate was in on it with Cliff? What if she had delivered me to him, bound and gagged to be his plaything? Would they take me with them out of the country? Was I about to become a real slave?

No, that only happened in bad fiction. They'd never get me past airport security. More likely they would shove me in a closet where I would stay for days until someone finally found me by accident.

But Cliff wasn't paying any attention to my face. My breasts were enough for him. He hit them a few times with a small rubber flogger, just enough to make them turn pink. Then he sat back down.

I got my panic under control and realized that Cliff was sitting by himself. Where was his partner? The guy from the men's room?

Ok, Cliff was ignoring me. I think he forgot that I was here after a few minutes. I relaxed. Everything was going according to plan.

The first rule of bondage is to be sure you trust someone before you let him tie you up. I thought that I could trust Kate but I didn't know her that well. I sure didn't trust Cliff and I was at his mercy. Under those circumstances, my imagination kept running away.

Other than an occasional flash of paranoia I was doing fine. I even enjoyed watching the party. I saw Kate dancing. In her tight skirt that meant gyrating her hips a lot. I thought of what her underwear must be doing to her. I wished I was out there with her.

The crowd was the most colorful I could remember. Lots of people wore black latex but there was a lot of red and yellow mixed in. Some people just went for the head-to-toe, covered in rubber look. Others had costumes made from latex - things like naughty nurses, nuns, and police. Some people had translucent outfits and almost looked naked. Maybe half were wearing masks of some kind and a few others had the tell-tail pump bulb of an inflatable gag. Many people had some sort of bondage although only a few were as trussed up as I was.

The mood of the crowd got to me and I started rocking my hips. I almost made myself come before I realized what I was doing.

Cliff didn't notice, thankfully. He was watching at the dance floor.

But he was looking for a specific individual. The guy from the men's room. Jim something.

They finally spotted each other and Jim came over to Cliff's table. Neither paid any attention to me. Kate was right about slaves.

"Everything ready?" Cliff asked.

"Yah. I've got the tickets. The accounts are ready. We can do it as soon as you want."

They got up and left!

That was the last thing I expected. They were going to transfer the money tonight. There was still time to stop them. If I could get to a phone I could get an emergency order to trace any transactions.

But I was tied up and tethered to a stupid pole.

I tried pulling my hands lose but the rubber was too strong. I couldn't get my hands lose. I couldn't unfasten the stupid leash. I yelled for all I was worth but, between the gag and the music no one heard me. I was helpless and the bad guys were getting away.

And damned if that didn't turn me on even more. I finally came and damned if it wasn't a memorable orgasm. My knees gave out and I fell over backwards. The leash kept me from falling over. I hung from it and slowly slid to the ground (it was pulling on the front of my throat so I didn't choke).

And wouldn't you know, that's what finally got someone's attention. A half dozen guys were came to my rescue. The leash was detached, the collar removed, the gag deflated (thank God) and the hood pulled off.

I managed to describe Kate to them well enough that someone fetched her.

"Quick, get me out of this outfit," I told her.

Her face fell, "I can't."


"I really did leave the keys a home. I figured that it would be fun - you trapped like that and at my mercy. I was going to keep you tied up until morning."

"Great. You know you should have asked first?"

"I figured that you owed me for bringing you here. I didn't know that Cliff would make his move tonight."

"Neither did I. Get me a phone.

"And fix my boobs."

Smiling sheepishly, she put me back in my bra.

Someone produced a wireless phone. I told Kate what number to call and she held it up to my face. It took a couple of more calls but I got the right person. He wanted us to meet him right away.

"But I need to change first."

"No time. Don't worry, I've seen women in their nighties before."

"But it's not my..." he'd hung up.


And Kate's apartment was in the wrong direction.

Damn. Damn.

With Kate's help I hopped back out to the coat check. I couldn't get the mitts off but at least they weren't fastened to my waist any longer. That made hopping easier.

There was a short flight of stairs that we had to go down. I sat down and took them one at a time. Each one reminded me that those dildos were still in place.

A quick (but bumpy) cab ride later and I was hopping to meet my SEC connection. His eyebrows went up. Even with my coat on he got an idea of what we were wearing.

"I was spying on Cliff. I had to dress like this in order to get in," I told him coldly.

He shook his head, "I thought I was dedicated."

It turned out that I would have had enough time to change. Cliff had no intention of leaving the country dressed in rubber. We spent 45 minutes waiting for him. I kept fidgeting. I hope the SEC guy didn't realize what I was wearing underneath the leg binder.

Sure enough, eventually we saw a few million dollars transferred out of the company. We put a hold on the transaction and notified the police to pick up Cliff at the airline.

It turns out that getting co-workers arrested is another of my turn-ons. Who knew?

A three story walk-up (hop-up?) when you are plugged and excited is an interesting experience. Kate helped me up and caught me when I stopped to orgasm. After the first time she put the helmet back on me and inflated the gag.

"I don't want to attract the neighbors," she explained.

By the time we made it into her place I was beat. I flopped on the couch. I was even too tired to object when Kate blindfolded me and fastened my hands behind my back or when she made me sit up so that she could wrap my torso with more rubber. I felt secure in the warm stretchy embrace.

If rubber was this much fun when I was so distracted imagine what it must be like if I had time to enjoy it.

I would have to get myself some of this stuff. Or maybe I would just keep borrowing Kate's and paying her back.

Note – this story is a work of fiction. All of the characters and events are fictional and any similarity with real events is coincidental.
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