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The Ultimate Selfbondage Vacuum Bed

by VacDreamer

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© Copyright 2009 - VacDreamer - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; bagged; vacbed; stuck; caught; F/m; cons; X

At the age of 18 I discover the vacuum bed when I see it on the internet. I already have discovered my latex fetish and the wonderful feeling of being bound. The images and videos of this mighty device with its shiny surface following the beautiful curves of the woman inside immediately turns me on. My little cock swells to gigantic proportions and I caress myself while thinking about being bound inside such an apparatus.

While rubbing myself I daydream that I’m inside and cannot move and cannot see anything. Suddenly I feel someone touching my latex covered body. The feeling starts on the inside of my upper legs and slowly goes up towards my crotch. It is tingling a little bit and I try to move, but the suction of the bed keeps me in place. I’m wondering if the feeling will reach my balls, and right at that moment they are being massaged slowly and with care. The thought and the act happen at the same time and I moan through my breathing hole.

I increase my rubbing speed and every time my hand touches the sensitive part of my cock I’m getting closer to orgasm. The sensation through the latex is now almost over my entire body. The person on the outside must be laying on top of me while still massaging my crotch. Unexpectedly a tongue is entering my mouth. It is warm and moist while spinning around slowly. Our tongues dance with each other, but I’m getting out of air. This makes me even more horny and I further increase my rubbing speed. I’m so close to orgasm, our tongues make love intensively. The lack of air multiplies the sensation, I cannot move, cannot breath, the feeling and tingling doesn’t stop. I explode in an enormous orgasm while the tongue disappears and I gasp for air. Waking up from my daydream, being covered in my own sperm, I notify myself that I want to have my own vacuum bed.

Being 18 years old I have no money for a real vacuum bed, so the next day I go to the supermarket and buy myself some large garbage bags. In another shop I buy duct tape. At home I take three bags and cut the bottom out of two of them. I slide the three bags into each other and tape them together with the duct tape creating one long bag. At the place where my mouth will be I create a small hole for breathing. After grabbing the vacuum cleaner and wiring it to the electricity outlet in the wall, I place the bag on top of my bed. I switch on the vacuum cleaner, take the hose with me, and climb inside the bag. Already some air is being sucked out of the bag, but I leave the entrance open while I position myself inside. Once in position, I close the bag behind me by folding them between my bed and mattress. Sooner than I expect the air is being sucked out, although not completely. The suction is strong and I feel the plastic becoming one with my naked skin, except for my feet area. It is a tremendous experience and I get aroused by it.

After a couple of minutes of experimenting I open the bag and remove the hose. I climb out of the bag and consider my design. Why doesn’t the feet get vacuumed? Suddenly I remember the frame with the holes that I have seen in the pictures on the internet. Of course, these are for spreading the suction around the bag, because without it the suction near the hose will close the bag and leave air behind the closure.

I go shopping again a couple of weeks later and buy some plastic tubing to create my frame. After drilling the holes and putting the frame together, I slowly drag the bag around it. In the bottom of the bag I create a small hole for the T-piece of the frame and connect the vacuum cleaner to it with some duct tape.

The same ritual starts again. I switch on the vacuum cleaner and work myself inside the bag. This time I don’t have to hold the hose in my hands so it goes a lot easier. When in the right position, I close the bag the same way as before and without the hose it creates a much better seal. Before I know it, the suction grabs my whole body and it feels like I’m floating above my bed. Whow, this is such a great experience! While being bound I can move a little bit and the movement stimulates my cock. It grows again to great proportion even under vacuum condition. I can move slightly insight the bag and some premature moisture is leaking from my cock. The moisture is making the inside of the bag around my cock very slippery. A daydream about being fucked while laying inside the vacuum bed makes me very horny. The slippery condition increase my stimulation and after a while I climax with an overwhelming explosion of sperm. I’m heavily breathing and when it becomes normal again I open the bag and get out.

Over the years during my student period, I improve my own home made vacuum bed. I replace the garbage bags for zip-lock bags that are made out of heavier plastic and the zip-lock for an airtight seal. However, due to other areas with small air leaks and having no one-way valve, the vacuum bed cannot maintain its vacuum without the continuous running of the vacuum cleaner. I can switch on the vacuum cleaner by remote control and a timer as backup safety measure although I’m always aware of the risks I take with solo vacuum bed play.

As a student I have also become to know my current wife. Luckily for me she has excepted my latex fetish and to some degree my desire of being bound. Sometimes she even puts me inside my home made vacuum bed for a short session. She stimulates me and every so often fucks me while I am vacuumed. However, she doesn’t like the vacuum bed because she finds it scary when I’m inside. The only reason she does it is to please my desires. But, she warns me all the time that if I would ever do self bondage inside a vacuum bed again, she will punish me for that stupid decision.

My desire to be trapped inside the vacuum bed without having the vacuum cleaner to run continuously increases after each vacuum bed session. However, this desire is causing many problems that need to be solved before my dream becomes reality. As all of you know, self bondage in a vacuum bed is strongly discouraged because of the risk of injury or even death. Nevertheless most of you who tried this wonderful experience before will probably agree with me that the fantasy of forever being trapped inside makes you very horny. I am really desperate to make this fantasy a reality by creating a new vacuum bed design that is save for self bondage.

With my current background as a space engineer I grab some papers and pencils and start drafting my design of the ultimate self bondage vacuum bed. While I am brainstorming about the design I drift away in a daydream where I am trapped inside a truly airtight latex bag, which can stay airtight for years before I will notice the slightest release of pressure. This is achieved by applying high tech vacuum technology being used in spacecrafts. Especially the seal to enter the latex bag is making this possible, which is not an airtight zipper, closure bar or zip-lock system. Instead it is just two layers of latex containing billions of nano particles that are activated by an extremely low electrical current, which fuses the two layers of latex forming a perfect airtight sealing system. A useful safety advantage of this system is that it will defuse the latex when the electrical current stops. The fun part is that the remaining part of the latex bag is also full of those nano particles, although they are connected to a separate electrical circuit. After the sealing system is activated and the vacuum cleaner has removed all the air from the bag, the other electrical circuit is switched on and both layers of the latex bag fuse together as long as electricity is supplied. Now I’m actually sealed in one solid piece of latex and I am slowly getting aroused.

After a while the thought of being eternally vacuumed makes me very horny, but I panic a little bit and gasp for air. Luckily I can still breath even though the vacuum bed is airtight and slowly my fear disappears, allowing me to breath the fresh air coming in via the state of the art air supply system. This system consists out of an internal latex mask, which is connected to two separate reinforced tubing systems integrated in the latex bag. Both tubing systems spread out from the mask through the bag, with holes everywhere on the outside providing an adult human twice the necessary amount of oxygen. I will only be in danger when both tubing systems fail, so on top of this double tubing system the mask is equipped with sensors to measure the oxygen, carbon oxide and humidity levels within the air supply system to minimize that risk. As long a the measures stay within healthy ranges the bed stays vacuumed, otherwise the airtight seal will be broken by switching off the electricity.

Another safety measure are sensors inside the bag measuring chest movement and blood circulation.

I feel safe inside my ultimate self bondage vacuum bed and home alone, I’m floating away in my latex prison. Having no idea of time sometime fight against the friction of the latex which is holding me in its firm grip. Faintly I hear some noise, which sounds like a door and I’m getting horny. That must be my wife entering the house. The door of our bedroom is opening and I hear my wife: “So, my bad rubber boy has sealed himself forever! What shall I do with you bad boy?”

I hear no sounds anymore and wonder if she is watching my latex covered masculine body. My cock is growing inside its penis gasket. Out of the blue she is sucking my prick all the way down the shaft. I moan inside my breathing system while she continuous her expert movements. She really knows how to suck my cock for maximum stimulation. In the mean time she is caressing my whole body. Oh, I’m so horny and slippery inside my latex prison. Than she suddenly takes my cock completely into her warm mouth and it is way too much for me. I shock inside my latex confinements while the orgasm trembles along for a minute.

I wake up from my daydream and what a dream it has been! I write down the complete design of the vacuum bed. Over the next couple of weeks I go to the shops to buy the materials and let the technical section at the space agency build my latex bag with nano- and sensor technology. In the mean time I write the computer software and develop the hardware for my new toy. Two months later my ultimate self bondage vacuum bed is ready for its first official use.

I setup the whole setting inside our bedroom and put lube inside the bed for easier entry and extra stimulation. My wife will not be back from work before four o’clock in the afternoon, so I set the software timer for the electricity switch to two o’clock leaving me some time to clean up after my first test. The vacuum will start within ten minutes so I need to move quickly. I enter the latex bag and put myself into the right position. My mouth and nose are properly aligned with the breathing system. My heart is pounding inside my body while I am waiting for the exciting moment of being sealed inside. After what seamed like an hour I hear the sealing system sealing the bag. A couple of seconds later the vacuum cleaner switched on and within seconds I’m sealed extremely tight inside my latex prison. Then I can feel the latex fusing together and the vacuum cleaner switches off. Just as during the tests the bed is functioning perfectly. I float away in my dark and latex smelling confinement.

Abruptly I’m awake because my wife enters our bedroom. Than I realize that I’m still trapped inside my vacuum bed. I wonder what time it is and question myself if my wife came home earlier. I hear her shouting: “You stupid idiot, I have warned you about never doing self bondage with your vacuum bed while I am your wife! Probably you are wondering why you are still vacuumed inside, don’t you? As soon as you started with building this device I had the feeling that once finished you would use it on your own. So, I put a rubber adhesive inside your lube bucket that is activated by electricity once and after that will never let go. As soon as the electricity ran through your vacuum bed and the latex fused together, the adhesive started to work. Thus, my rubber boy is now stuck forever in his latex prison. How does it feel?”

I was still considering every word my wife just said. I am stuck inside the vacuum bed forever even with all the precautions I made. Technology is one thing, but the human factor is unpredictable. Suddenly a massive orgasm goes through my body. The thought and realization of my entrapment makes me horny. Will she ever let me come out of this wonderful world? I hope not…


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