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The Treatment

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2013 - Unknown - Used by permission

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Liz and Sam sat on opposite sides of the waiting room couch. They had frequently been together like this, but they rarely spoke to each other. Now it was nearly seven. Dr Perkins had been extremely busy that day and had to change their appointments to this evening. Liz wasn't happy about it. She was still trying to quit smoking and although Dr Perkins had made a lot of progress, she still had this urge to light up. To keep that from happening, she began to chew her nails.

Sam had the same feeling. His problem was that he quit smoking, but now he had this urge to eat. It seemed odd that he would start substituting candy bars for a cigarette. Dr Perkins' guaranteed that this would not happen was looking worthless.

The door opened and one of Dr Perkins's assistants motioned for them to enter. Liz and Sam looked at each other trying to figure out who she wanted to come in. The girl motioned for them both to some in. Awkwardly, Sam offered to let Liz go first. She was surprised that men still did this, but she wasn't going to argue.

They were taken to an office near the back of Dr Perkins' suite. It was one that neither one recalled being in before. It was windowless, the only light coming through a skylight. They were directed to sit in the chairs in front of the doctor's desk. As they settled in, Liz felt the material of the chair. It wasn't fabric, or leather or vinyl. It did feel familiar, but she just couldn't place it.

Dr Perkins soon entered the office. He shook both Liz and Sam's hands and took his place behind the desk.

"I'm sure you are both wondering why I had you come here now rather than your usual time," he said.

"This is not a good time. I had other plans I had to cancel." Liz replied, although it was a lie.

"Same with me." Sam added.

Dr Perkins smiled. "Yes... Well it seems that you two are part of the very small percentage that have had trouble with my non-smoking treatments."

Liz spoke up "Trouble? Yeah, you could say that. I can't stop biting my nails now."

"And I polished off a box of Snickers yesterday. I thought you said this wouldn't happen." Sam said.

"Yes. I am quite sorry that you had this setback. Although my program is 99 percent effective, the both of you are in that 1 percent that substitutes other things. I can stop these habits..."

"How much? " Interrupted Sam.

"Why nothing of course. I gave you both a guarantee and I always keep my word. What I will intend to do is to introduce something else that will take the place of your oral fixations."

"Say what?" Liz countered

"Oral fixation... the urge to place something in your mouth, like gum, candy or in your case; fingernails. With your consent, I'd like to start tonight."

"Both of us? Now?" Sam asked.

"Yes. The first treatment will take approximately three hours..."

"Three hours! I can't stay here that long!" Liz exclaimed.

"You did say you cancelled your plans, and if I recall, both of you live alone so there is no one to go home to right now. Am I mistaken?"

Both Liz and Sam nodded their heads. Neither one wanted to admit that they were pretty much alone; especially on a Friday. Liz was planning on seeing a movie by herself, while Sam was going to go to a local bar to see if he could try his luck there.

Dr Perkins pressed a button on his desk. Soon his two assistants entered and led Liz and Sam to separate rooms of the suite. "Please undress completely." said each assistant to both patients.

"Why?" asked Liz. "I didn't have to before. What kind of treatment did Perkins have in mind?"

"Dr Perkins wants you to step into the whirlpool so that you may relax."

Liz had been in the whirlpool before. It had helped relax her during the treatment sessions. But never totally nude. "Get me a suit and I'll do it."

"Certainly" replied the assistant, who then left Liz in the room.

Liz undressed and slipped on a robe that was hanging on a nearby hook. The assistant soon returned, carrying a swimsuit. She gave it to Liz who examined it closely. She felt the material. It was the same as on the chairs. She looked at the assistant. The suit was made of rubber.

Sam sat naked in the other room. He felt a bit uncomfortable as he felt the rubber-padded table he was sitting on. Soon the assistant came in with a large bundle under her arm.

"Please follow me sir."

Sam followed, ever mindful of his nakedness. He didn't have anything to cover himself with. As soon as they entered the whirlpool room, the assistant laid out the bundle on the floor. Sam could see that it was a large rubber bag.

"Please get in Sam." It was Dr Perkins. Sam stepped into the bag. Dr Perkins and his assistant pulled the bag up Sam's body until it reached his neck. It was laced tightly closed. Then Dr Perkins took a thick rubber collar and placed it around Sam's neck; covering the laces; preventing them from being reached by anyone.

Sam was now helped into the whirlpool. He felt the jets of very warm water hitting the bag. As he closed his eyes, Dr Perkins and his assistant produced four wide rubber straps and began to cinch them around the bag.

"What the hell are you doing?" Sam exclaimed as the first strap went around his chest. He began to struggle, but the assistant climbed into the whirlpool and sat on him as Dr Perkins cinched the strap tighter.

"Let me go damn you! Let me... MMMM." Sam soon had a rubber mask strapped around his face. A sweet-smelling gas entered his nostrils and placed him into a state of semi-consciousness. He lost control of his voluntary muscles, and all he could do was to feel Dr Perkins binding him with the remaining three straps.

Liz was waiting for an explanation. What the hell was Perkins up to with giving her a rubber swimsuit? She tried to leave the room, but the assistant blocked her way. Furious, she grabbed the assistant and pushed her away from the door. The assistant countered with a roundhouse kick that stunned Liz and knocked her to the floor. The second assistant and Dr Perkins arrived to place Liz into a second rubber bag. She was strapped up, and placed next to Sam in the whirlpool.

Now Sam and Liz were breathing the strange gas. They couldn't move a muscle, and only half aware of what was happening around them.

Dr Perkins increased the jets' power and increased the water temperature. He had the assistants place tubes into each patient's mouth. These were attached to containers that held a mixture of water and a mind-expanding drug. The mixture dripped out of the tubes ever so slightly. As they needed liquids, they would automatically suck on the tubes, bringing fluids and more of the drug into their systems. Dr Perkins would not need to periodically inject the drug into them; as they took in fluids they would drug themselves.

Dr Perkins and his assistants took each bagged patient and opened a zipper in the back of the bag. He then took large, remote-controlled vibrators and secured them in each of Liz and Sam's rears. He closed the zippers in the backs and opened up the ones in the front of the bag. Liz received a similar vibrator into her pussy, while Sam had a cock and ball stimulator strapped to him.

Dr Perkins now took rubber adhesive and taking Liz and Sam's eyelids, temporarily glued them open. Headphones were strapped over their ears. This was essential in the treatment. They were both positioned so that they were staring at a screen directly in front of them.

As Liz and Sam sat impassively, Dr Perkins activated his equipment. On the screen appeared pictures of men and women dressed in rubber. The pictures would change every few seconds. In the headphones a voice whispered "I Love Rubber... I Love Rubber." At the same time the vibrators would come to life, giving Liz and Sam sexual stimulation every time a picture with rubber covered men and women appeared.

If a picture of a cigarette, or a candy bar appeared, the pleasurable sensations were replaced by painful shocks. This was Dr Perkins' way of having Liz and Sam reroute their fixations... By giving them another, far more interesting one.

Although Dr Perkins had said that the treatment would take three hours, that was not true. Liz and Sam sat in the whirlpool in their rubber bags for forty-eight hours until Sunday night. Dr Perkins increased the potency of the drug, while making the sexual stimulation and punishment more and more intense. The pictures and videos became more and more kinky. Liz and Sam were becoming more and more turned on by the sight of rubber and bondage.

When the first treatment was over, Liz and Sam were dressed and taken to their apartments. The drug still made them passive and easily influenced. The previous days' events had been totally wiped from their memories, but they could only recall a dull, uneventful weekend.

To ensure that Liz and Sam were becoming fixated on rubber, Dr Perkins sent them packages each containing a rubber thong. On their next treatment session, it was discovered that both of them were not only wearing the thongs, but had bought other rubber items and were wearing these as well.

At work, they wore rubber catsuits under their dull business attire. They were becoming regular customers at the local fetishwear shops. They were spending hours on their home computers, looking at every rubber and rubber bondage website they could find.

Dr Perkins increased the stimulation and soon had them repeating out loud "I Love Rubber... I Love Rubber. I love to wear rubber all the time... I can't get enough rubber. Please give me more rubber. I'll do anything for more rubber."

By the tenth session, Dr Perkins had successfully converted Liz and Sam from an oral fixation, to a rubber one. They were become completely addicted to wearing rubber. They would not be able to keep themselves from wearing it all the time. They would be ready for their biggest test: a trip to Dr Perkins' favourite fetish club, where they would be put on display for everyone to see.

The evening of the test soon arrived. Dr Perkins had Sam encapsulated in a head to toe rubber suit. He was placed on all fours and a collar locked around his neck. A thick rubber strap was attached to the collar on one end, and secured to his ankles. The strap was pulled underneath his body. This kept him from standing up. A rubber bit was pushed into his mouth and a matching bridle was buckled tightly around his head. A butt plug with a horse's tail was shoved up his asshole. His hands and feet were placed into gloves and boots that took the shape of horse feet including the hooves.

Finally, a rubber saddle was fitted on his back and the strap pulled so tight around him that he nearly fainted. His cock and balls were harnessed and another rubber strap was attached to the saddle.

Liz was also dressed head to toe. But in addition, her arms were pulled behind her back and placed in a binder that rendered them totally useless. Her breasts were pulled through two openings in the red rubber catsuit and were left exposed with the exception of a pair of nipple rings that Dr Perkins' assistants had placed in her. Liz also wore a pair of crotchless black rubber jodhpurs and a matching riding helmet. Thigh-high rubber boots with seven-inch stiletto heels went over her legs. The boots had a pair of spurs that had razor-sharp rowels. It was impossible for her to walk in them, but Dr Perkins didn't intend to her to do much walking.

The saddle was what Dr Perkins was most proud of. It was moulded in one piece with two large phalluses. Of course, it was made for a woman to sit in. Liz specifically. She was positioned over the saddle and without any hesitation, she impaled herself on the twin intruders. A strap went from the armbinder to the rear of the saddle, and was pulled taut.

Dr Perkins placed Sam's reins in her mouth and gave him a slap on the rear. Sam began to crawl with Liz riding him enthusiastically. The twin rubber cocks bringing her quickly to orgasm. Sam's butt plug moved inside him, giving him intense sexual pleasure as well.

For the rest of the evening Liz rode the rubber pony. She pulled the rubber reins in her teeth to get him to turn. If Sam balked or was too slow to respond to her commands, she took the spurs and drove them into his asscheeks. By the end of the evening, Dr Perkins had two new rubberslaves to add to his collection. They were totally and hopelessly hooked on rubber, bondage and S & M. Totally obedient and submissive.

And of course, they stopped smoking.



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